Twentysomethings: Austin (2021): Season 1, Episode 1 - Hide Your Sons... And Your Daughters - full transcript

[female voice] So, it's the night before
I finally leave to Austin,Texas,

and I haven't packed.

[gasps] My baby,
I'm gonna miss you so much.

Are you gonna miss Mama
when she's in Austin?

[in baby voice] Yes.

[in normal voice]
I promise I'm not that weird.

[pop song playing]

[singer] You ready?

♪ Give me that feelin'
Give me that [scats] ♪

♪ Hit me with the beatin'
Like boom, boom, boom, boom ♪

♪ Hit the ground running
Let's move ♪

Austin's thriving and it's growing.

I heard Austin
is where the vibes are really at.

If I like Austin, it might be my new home.

Just got to the airport. I'm rushing.

This is the official start
of a brand-new journey.

I just found out last night
that I was headed to Austin this morning.

-[woman] Thank you. Welcome.
-[man] Thank you.

Am I going the right way?

Oh, I was going
the wrong way this whole time.

Hold on, people. I need to take a break.

♪ Ooh come come come on ♪

♪ Come come come on ♪

♪ I need 'em all ♪

I'm moving to Austin to do stand-up.

I want to date and have fun.

I've been itching
to get out of Southern California.

Figure out what I'm doing with my life.

It's time for me to leave the nest.

Hopefully come out of this
with some lifelong friends.

It's time, baby.

Dude over there having a coffee...

I see you.

♪ All my people ♪

♪ Never ever gonna stop ♪

♪ Never never
Never never ♪

-♪ Never never ♪
-♪ Never let the fun stop ♪

I cannot wait.

I'm 110% ready.

[woman] This city is gonna change my life.

Raquel is on the way.

I'm in Austin!

Really get some good footage. [grunts]

Mikey, out.

♪ I wanna go again ♪

[upbeat rock music playing]

Oh, my God... the gravel.

Ow. [grunts]

My name is Natalie Cabo.

I am 26 years old

and I'm from the beautiful Miami, Florida.

[device beeping]

[door bell ringing]

What is this?


Okay, the code isn't working.

[female interviewer]
Why are you 26 living at home?

Oh, God. Cringe.

I'm sweating. I'm so nervous.


I've never really had a chance
to just move out and be on my own.


You know, they say Austin is weird,

and I love that because I'm weird too.

So, Austin, I'm here for you, baby.

I'm ready. Let's do it.

-[Raquel] Oh, my gosh.
-[female chaperone] Here you go.

-Have fun.
-[Raquel] Thank you.

["Queen" by Stella Mwangi playing]

Hi, I'm Natalie.

-Hi, I'm Raquel.
-Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. You're so pretty.

My name is Raquel Daniels.

I'm 25 and I'm from Eatonville, Florida.

I can't get inside.

[Raquel] I got you.

When the pandemic hit,
I'd just graduated from college,

so I decided to come home.

-[Raquel screams]
-You did it?

And there's technically not a curfew...

But there's a curfew, if you get my drift.

[Natalie gasps] Has a little Texas vibe.

Shut the front door.

-[Natalie] This is so cute.
-Oh, my...

-Let me not let any bugs in.
-Oh, yeah.

I do consider myself a happy mushroom.


Where are you from?



I'm from Eatonville, Florida.

-We're Florida girls. That's fun.

Thank you so much.

Let's see how this goes. Come on.

My name is Bruce.

I'm 23 years old

and I'm from Greenville, South Carolina.

Golly, this is sick! [chuckles]



Well, first one here?

Yo, this is sick.

Oh, man.

Come on.

Yo, we got a pool!

I lost my job in 2020 during COVID.

I had to move home.
Back to Greenville from Atlanta.


I've been living with my dad
for the last year

and I started working
for his insurance business.

But I don't feel like
insurance is my calling.


I heard Austin is a young, bustling town,

and being 23, it was something
that I wanted to be a part of.

You lie. [clicks tongue]

I thought there were cookies in there.


You know,
I may front as, like, a meathead,

but I love The Wedding Planner,

I love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,

High School Musical,
is that a romantic comedy? I don't know.



♪ Nice to meet you, nice to see you... ♪


I'm nervous.

[pop song playing]

-Go get 'em.
-I'm excited!

I am Abbey Humphreys.

I'm 26 and I'm from Houston, Texas.


Let's get down to business.

-Let's get it. All right.
-I need some help.

I'm extremely excited to be in Austin.

I feel like this is the most
incredible opportunity.

I just want to live a lot.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

This is so exciting... Oh, wait.

-[Abbey's sister] Did you press pound?

[device beeping]

[Abbey] Oh, my God.


-[Abbey] Oh, my God!

-Oh, my God, this is so exciting!

-[Natalie] I know.

-I'm Abbey's sister.
-My sister.

-Oh, my God. Hi.
-She's dropping me off.

You can be lost in Austin

and no one's judging you,
everyone's relating with you.

-You're a growing chicken.
-You're a growing chicken.

-I love you.
-I love you.

It's just this hub of people
trying to figure things out.

-I love your energy.
-[Raquel] I know.

Me and her were chilling
and now I'm like, "Whoa!"

Bring that and that in.

-Everything in here is so cute.
-It really is.

-You guys are cute.
-That's how I feel.

-When we go out...
-[Abbey] Powerful.

-I'm so excited.

This place is the most fun city,
not kidding.

-[Raquel] Really?
-I've heard that so much.

You can do everything here.

-Let's go.
-Are we single?

-[Raquel] Yes.

I'm so emotionally unavailable.

Please stay away from me.

At least you know where you're at.

I haven't told a lot of people
but I am recently divorced.


Yeah, I got married really young.

Don't recommend.

But dating is fun.

What's your type? Let's move on.

-I have a type, physically.
-You do?

That makes me shallow but I don't care.

[chuckles] You're either a tall,
dark and handsome

-piece of nice man...

...or you're a husky teddy bear.
No in-between.

[line ringing]

-[woman] Hello?
-Hey, Mom. What are you doing?

Hi, Keauno.
I'm in the bathroom at Walmart.

Oh, my gosh, Mom.

I'm about to be at the house
and meet everyone.

I'm super nervous.

-Any advice?
-They're gonna love you.

But remember to think before you speak.

Oh, my gosh, I'm here.

I'm so nervous.

I'm Keauno Perez.

I'm 28 years old
and I'm from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

-Yo! What's up, man?

-Party's here!
-Bro, how are you?

-What's up?
-I'm good.

-Keauno. I'm a hugger.


-Nice to meet you.

Yeah. Where you from?

-I came from Arkansas.
-I'm from South Carolina.

I'm coming to Austin
because Austin is different.

I'm able to be my authentic self.

What do you do in Arkansas?

-I worked at the University of Arkansas.

I work in housing, so I'm at the dorm.

-Supervise the RAs.

My boss called me yesterday.
I thought I was doing a leave of absence.

And he called me, like, "Actually,
unless it's medical, you can't do that."

So he said, "You need to resign."

-That's been home for 5 years.

I was a mess before I drove.
I was bawling.

And, obviously, you're just... You're torn.

Like, "I want to move to Austin so bad,
but I love my job."

-I just want to focus on myself.
-Cheers, dude. Come on.

-Thank you.
-That's why we're here.

To figure it out.

[upbeat music playing]

I have this.

My name is Isha Punja.

I'm 24 years old,
and I'm from Irvine, Orange County.

Oh, God. [laughing]

["This Is Me" by Power-Haus playing]

I'm a triple air sign.

I'm a Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

So I am always in my head.

Is it gonna close?


I went to UC Berkeley for economics
where I would study math and statistics.

I'm guessing I'm gonna go...


I do think I'm intelligent,

but every now and then, um,

I say things
that can come across a little ditzy.

Do I come in through here?

I get confused between Miami and Maine
because they both start with an M.

Because in my head I'm like,
"They sound so similar."

Okay, this is the entrance.

I think that's endearing.


["This Is Me" continues playing]

[girls screaming]

-[Isha] Oh, my gosh!
-She's so pretty!

[Natalie] She's gorgeous!

-Oh, my God!
-You're beautiful.

-Hi, I'm Isha. Nice to meet you.
-Your name is Isha?

-You guys are stunning.
-So are you.

-[Abbey] This is the most beautiful group.


-[Isha] Nice to meet you.
-[Natalie] God!

Okay, I'm literally...

I'm curious to see
what the dating scene is like in Austin

and, um, yeah.

The dating in California...

There's two types of guys.
Influencer or start-up guy.

-Hot surfer.
-Okay, hot surfers.


All right. Home sweet home.

I'm Michael Fractor.

I'm 23, from Los Angeles, California.

[pop song playing]


It's going to be
a good couple months, man.

It's not too shabby.

-What should I write?
-What are you gonna write?

[door beeps]

-[Michael] Oh, my God.

What's up, guys?

I moved to Austin
to pursue stand-up comedy.

-How are you?
-I'm good. How are you?

-Great. Nice to meet you.
-[Michael] Good.

-What's up?
-I'm Keauno. I'm a hugger.

-Michael. Nice to meet you.
-What's up? Bruce.


How's it going?

-What's you name?

Picture what weird and Jewish is.
That's us.

My mom makes me feel guilty
for sneezing. It's insane.

-Welcome to Austin.
-Yeah. This looks great.

We got a puppy right before I came here.

And she tells every time
we talk on the phone

that I ditched the puppy and I was
supposed to help take care of him,

but whatever.

-What part of LA are you from?
-I'm from the Valley.

-[Bruce] Sweet.
-Yeah. Like Valley girls?

I know nothing about it,
but it sounds cool.

I've never been to California.

It's nice. It's no... It's no Austin.

-I'm pumped.
-[Michael] This is great.

[Natalie] We all get our own rooms.

[gasps] A record player, no.

I prefer the third floor.

This is Cinderella's room.

-It has its own bathroom.
-[Isha] No, I like...

-[Natalie] Oh, my God!

You guys can fight over this one.
I don't want it. Make it easier?

-Okay! [chuckles]

But having your own bathroom...
I'm a shy pooper.

-[Raquel] Look at this full-body mirror.


Oh, my gosh.

This is so freaking cute.

[gasps] There's a pool.

Super excited.

[man in distance] Whoo!

Oh, wow.

[Raquel] Guys!

[pop song playing]


-What's up, y'all?
-[Bruce] What's up, bro?

-What's your name?

-I'm Michael.
-Nice to meet you.

Kamari, what's up, man? Bruce.

-Yeah, dawg.

Nice to meet you.

-[Kamari] What's your name?
-I'm Keauno.

-Keauno. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

You're welcome.

I'm Kamari Bonds.

I'm 23, from Greensboro, North Carolina.

So I just saw a really cute guy
getting out of a car outside

when I was on the balcony.


I have decided to friend-zone
every guy here,

I want to go out of the house for dating.


Michael. Keauno.

-People call me Kiki. So, Keauno or Kiki.
-[all] Kiki!

-[Kamari] That's a bet.
-[Keauno] What?

[Kamari] I didn't know that.

I am batshit excited
to be in Austin, Texas.

Um, I've always heard things
about the city.

Uh, it's a lot of opportunity here.

What do you do?

-Um, I model.
-Ooh. Congrats. That's awesome.

There's definitely a stereotype
that goes along with modeling

'cause it's like, "Oh."

And I'm like, "I mean, I have
a college degree. Does that help?"

Have you claimed rooms yet?

-I'm down to see what's up.

[Bruce] I'm down to check it out.

-Let's go.
-Let's do it.

[Kamari] Let's see what's up.

KB, Kamari Bonds school of modeling.

Never show too much white in your eyes
when you do a profile, so...

Don't do that.

-[Kamari] I like this.
-[Keauno] There's neighbors?

-[Kamari] Tough.
-[Bruce] Neighbors.

-[Keauno] I like this one.
-I'm a big fan.

-You're a fan?
-I'm a fan... It's cozy.

Can I have this top room?

I'll play you rock, paper,
scissors for it.

Okay. Oh, my...

-[Kamari] You're driving me crazy.

Two out of three on "shoot"?

-Two out of three?
-On "shoot."

-Dude, you... Okay.
-All right.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

-Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
-They're going too fast.

[all yelling]

I'm handsome!

-Oh... That's great.

You can have this room.
I just wanted to beat you.

[Kamari] Yo!

[pensive music playing]

Oh, man.


[inhales deeply and exhales sharply]


[clicks tongue] Yeah. Okay, confessional.

See? It's messed up.

Well, it's starting to set in
that this is my new reality.

It's pretty weird.

[imitates explosion]

All these girls,

I mean, their bodies are super tight
and skinny and all that,

and I felt a little bit...

Kind of like an outsider 'cause...
I got a little more curves.

Expect the unexpected.

Let's keep it going.

-[Natalie] Guys, be quiet at first.
-[Abbey] Coy, if you will.

-Why am I nervous?
-[Natalie] It's a lot.

No one's even here.

Yo! Kamari! Get up here.

[grunting] Yeah, we're coming!

Okay. You look good, Keauno.

You're not being awkward, right?

-[Natalie] This is cringe.

Can we not be cringe? This is a lot.

-Oh, God!
-Oh, my God.

-[Raquel] He's calling the boys.
-[Isha] Yell.

I want to disappear.

I'm done. I can't. I get so awkward.

-Yo, what's up?

-How are you?
-[Bruce] How are y'all?

I'm Bruce.

-[Bruce] What's up?

-Nice to meet y'all.
-Hi, Bruce.

Nice to meet you.

-Where's the rest of your crew?
-Let me get them. My goodness.

This is a lot.


-[Michael] How's it going?

-Well. Hi.
-[Michael] Hey.

-[Kamari] Roomies.
-What a weird way to meet.

Hi. Wow.

-I'm Michael.
-Hi, Michael.

Wait, you said Bruce...

Bruce, like the shark.

-Like the what?
-Like the shark.

Are you Australian?


-South Carolina.

[Keauno] Oh, my gosh.

-[Keauno] Hi.

-What's your name?
-Keauno. Call me Kiki.


-Kiki, we're matching.
-Like, yellow.

-[Natalie] I love it.

How y'all feeling?

-I feel like I'm set free.

-[Kamari] You're feeling it?

I'm like, "This is my time, baby,"
you know?

[Natalie] We should meet downstairs.

-I wanna hug y'all.
-[Abbey] Yes!

Wanna meet in the back?

-Put on bathing suits, meet in the back?

-All right, well!
-[Abbey] Bye!

-[Kamari] I'll see y'all soon.

-Nice to meet y'all.
-Nice to meet you.

-[Keauno] That was exciting, right?

[Fresh Like Summer
by Meli Malavasi playing]

[Abbey] Ah, this is so cool.

-[Kamari] This is tough.
-[Michael] This is great.

-[Kamari] Dude.
-[Natalie] A barbecue?

-[Abbey] This is so cool.
-[Natalie] Is that a firepit?

[Raquel] Yes.

-The girls!
-[Raquel] Yes.

-[Abbey] Hi!
-[Raquel] Muddy.

[Keauno] I'm a hugger.
I want to hug y'all.

[all speaking indistinctly]

[Natalie] You're my new best friend.

-[Kamari] Abbey.
-What's up?

[Bruce] Abbey, right?

-[Natalie] Oh, my God.
-Look, look, look.

-[Michael] Nice to give you a hug.
-We planned this.

-This... We look freaking fantastic.
-We planned this.

-Like the yellow Power Ranger.
-[Natalie] I know.

[Bruce] Y'all are twinning.

Me and Roxy are getting crazy,
anyone wants to come?

[chuckling] Yeah. You're getting wild.

-You look so cute.
-God. No.

-[Bruce] Kiki...
-You wore the wrong thing.

-If you'd worn white...

How was everyone's journey here?

I moved out here to do stand-up.

-[gasps] Stop!
-Give us some...

-He's funny as hell.
-[Raquel] Stop.

-You don't want that. I'm not very good.
-No, I wanna pay for it.

I didn't do it before.
I moved out here to do it.

-[Raquel] Oh, wow!
-Questionable decision.

I'm horrible at it.

What do you guys do?

[Raquel] I'm in IT.

[Kamari] Ooh.


-I feel like you should be in fashion.
-My gosh.

We love funny guys.

[clicking tongue]

That's a green flag.

-Are you both single?

[Bruce] Single for two years.

There's a point
where you enjoy being single

and then you hit a point
where you're craving

-and wanting a relationship.

Um, I feel like I'm at that point.

In Miami, I have very strict parents,
so I've never had a boyfriend.

I've never... I know.
I love everyone's shock.


I'm just trying to branch out
and live my life

and not feel like I'm in this bubble
of everyone's expectations of me.

-[Natalie] I have a wild side.

I just wanna go on a dance floor
and twerk on all fours.

-Tell me more about Tanzania.
-I'm from LA.

-Did you say "Tanjania"? "Tanjania"?
-[Raquel sputters]

Where'd you get that from?

-You said you're from...
-Guys, I have a rule.

No funny shit while I'm drinking.


-She's... I'm weak.


It's a small... It's like a pocket of LA.

[Kamari chuckles] Are you good?

-That get out of your nose?
-The White Claw...

The claws came out of my nose.

-What about you?
-What about y'all?

-[Abbey] Relationship, single?

-[Natalie] You're in a relationship?
-I'm single.

Happily single?

-I'm like...
-Bitterly single?


I know it's day one and we just got here,

uh, but I moved to Austin for a purpose
because I feel like

my life, I've been living...
Not my authentic self.

-Like, I don't even know how to be gay.

I wish there was a book...

No, listen to me. Listen to me.

I'm bisexual
and I am not very out about it,

so I completely...

I don't know if this is the right time
to drop that bomb, but...

It's a whole-ass struggle

and you don't know how to
operate in those communities.

'Cause I was in a relationship with guy.

You just don't feel like... I'm not
trying to step on your moment.

I'm just telling you
I completely understand.

You have to constantly come out to people
and it's a whole thing.

I'm stoked to have Kiki across the way,

um, him being gay and me being bisexual.

It's like this freedom
and this weight lifted.

Yes! "You're not the only one
dealing with this and figuring it out."

Not the only gay here.

Anything artistic?

Uh, I write.

-I write, too! Poetry?
-That's fucking artistic.

Uh, I have a bit,
but I write screenplays and stuff.

-[gasps] Stop. We have to connect.
-[Kamari] This is dope.

Okay, listen, we're going to have
to go to the grocery store soon.

-Are you game?
-We're doing it.

We're going crazy.

I want to change first.

I'm gonna stay here.

They're going in the pool.
Who wants to go in the pool?

[Isha] I'm down.

-We have to go to the grocery store.
-Grocery store!

-[Kamari] I gotta have food.
-Pool, baby. Let's go!

-So we're going to the store.

[Raquel] I feel a spark with Michael.

It's because he's very mysterious.

I kind of like that.

I want to pull out whatever he's hiding.

Like, "Show me your hand.
Put your cards on the table."

["Slide" by Halo Sol playing]

[Michael] You are about to see
the river for the first time.

-[Raquel] The river?
-[Michael] River.

-Get ready. Here it comes.
-[Raquel] I'm ready.

-Hope it's not anticlimactic.

-No, it's gonna be gorgeous.
-[Kamari] It's a bridge!

-[Natalie] So pretty. "Never give up."
-[Kamari] I like this.

-[Natalie] So beautiful.
-[Raquel] So romantic.

["Slide" continues playing]

[blowing air deeply]

Wanna have a race?

What's the prize? I only work for prizes.

-She's a woman who knows what she wants.
-Bragging rights.


Yeah, you're 100% doing something.

[grunts] Bitch!

That felt good so I'm not mad.

I'm just saying there's more
where that came from.

Isha, right off the bat,
is fun to be around.

I'm into it. I love it.

That's like...
A lot of my friends are like that,

so I'm immediately drawn to that.

-[Keauno] Can you help me?

You're purposely trying to distract us.

-What do you mean?
-I'm watching you.

I fear nothing.

-[Abbey] Come after me.

You don't fear the wrath of Isha?

Right now.

Do it.

It is hot.

Do it. [chuckles]

I need a drink.


Abbey is a natural flirt.

She is very charismatic

and I can see she's starting conversation
easy with Bruce and Isha.

Hopefully, some of her flirting skills
rub off onto me.

["Come & Get It"
by 80AM feat. Janaé E. playing]

-[Michael] How do you feel about apples?
-[Kamari] I like apples.

I need to go to the frozen aisle
to get some ice cream.


-We should get the taco shells.
-Oh, yeah.

-[Raquel] We'll meet you guys in a minute.

-[Michael] Bye.
-[Raquel laughing]

We're in the same place.


[Michael] Is milk and cookies the same
as cookies and cream?

One is super cold.

One is cooler than the other.

Was that funny?

Could I do stand... No?

I didn't get it. [laughing]

At this point, I'm just eyeballing her.

Roxy's definitely out of my league,
but I think she's seeing something in me

that maybe most girls don't?

Not sure.

[Raquel] Michael, you're a trip.

-Why are you like this? [chuckles]
-[Michael] I don't know.

Probably should see a therapist.

[Raquel] I've always wanted
a dry humor friend that wasn't annoying.

-[Michael] I'm gonna get annoying.
-[Raquel] I'm fucking screaming.

I'm horrible at recognizing
when girls are flirting with me.

So, I think there's definitely a really
good chance Roxy's flirting with me.

There's also a great chance she's not.

-Are we flirting right now?
-Are we?

-I fucking hate you so much.

Oh, my God. Why'd we get so much stuff?

[Raquel] I want to know
what Michael thinks about me.

And I'm dropping a couple hints,

trying to suss him out,
you know, feel the vibes.

Try to feel out the situation and...


Who got prunes? Very smart.

[pop song playing]

Do you want subtitles for any video?
-=[ ]=-

-[Raquel] There's ice cream in there.
-Y'all got the ice cream. Look at you!

Thank y'all for getting this.

[pop song playing]

-It feels so good out here.
-Why does it feel so good?

-I'm so excited.
-It's gonna get stuffy really quick.

[Natalie] Oh, my God.

I want the chicken.
I want to go on the chicken.

-[Raquel] Howdy, boys.
-[Kamari] What's good?

-[Isha] You're repping that mentality.
-I love it.

[Keauno] Ooh, I love the look.

-Can I sit by you?
-[Natalie] Yeah, please.

-Yes, Keeks. Cheers.
-I always feel more comfortable with you.

No, I know. Me, too.
I'm like, "Please sit next to me."

I can't get a word in sometimes,

but you always look at me.
I'm like, "She's my girl."

But why is that literally me?
I'm like that too.

They're like the models
and very charismatic...


And I'm awkward, like...

I thought that so much.
I was literally coming in.

I'm like,
"Look at them. They're fucking stunning."

[indistinct chatter]

I'm like, "I'm the only girl here
with fucking... meat."

Like, I feel you so much.

I'm here to change my life.

I'm here to... To surprise myself, okay?

Who says I can't be the hot girl?


I'm sexy.

Yeah, I'm sexy.

Fuck, yeah, I'm sexy.

I'm going to wake up
in the mirror every day,

look myself in the mirror and be like...

"You're..." Hold on. Let me redo it.

Sorry. That was a little awkward.
I can do better.

Where'd y'all go to school?

I went to... I go to
the University of San Diego.

-But I can't go back to San Diego.
-That's facts.

Why not? I live close to San Diego.

-So does my ex.

Isha and I together...
It's definitely like a flirty vibe.

I've talked to Abbey
one time or two times.

You're really slipping.

I feel like I'm getting
major vibes from Kamari,

and I know it's dangerous territory,
but I can't help it.

Missing out on
the most interesting person.

That's what I'm saying. Like, who are you?

I'm maintaining my mystery.


Okay. Okay, yeah.

I'm making you wait for it.

I know. I'm waiting for the drop.
I mean, shit.

You don't really know me.

-We have matching nose piercings.
-You should get a little hoop.

I love the hoop.

I need to actually...

You should get gold.
It would look really good on you.

Ooh, see, I want it, I want it.

-I had a hoop one time.
-We can trade.

[Abbey] Who's gonna be first in?

-[Michael] In.
-[Raquel] Getting in.

-All right. Are we doing this?
-I'll go in, yeah.

All right.

["Party Started" by Black Prez playing]

♪ Turning up no stopping tonight ♪

♪ Hit me up cuz you gotta invite ♪

♪ Grab a bottle cuz we popping it right ♪

[all cheering]

♪ Let's get this party started ♪

♪ Get this party started ♪

♪ We ain't tryna go home
We ain't missing all this ♪

♪ Let's get this party started ♪


[Natalie] Yes! Who's down to club?

-You like your job?
-I do.

I've never had a job that I liked before.

Isn't that the point of a job, to hate it?

[Raquel laughing]

-[Kamari] What you want to know?
-Um, everything.

You're in Austin for work?

I'm here in Austin
to really grow into myself.

-I mean, I just graduated from school.

For me it's just about
making shit happen right now.

-I feel like I know too much to...
-You're being really vague.

-As for like what I want to do?

I want to get signed
to an agency out here and work.


Like, "I'm hot."

-"I might as well capitalize on it."

Abbey's not like anybody I've ever
talked to or been involved with.

She has a very, like...
I don't want to say aggressive,

but she's very assertive.

She has these beautiful blue eyes.

Uh, she got a little swag about herself.
She's cool, she's confident.

-You went to Berkeley, right?

Okay. I worked in Berkeley one summer.

-What summer?
-In 2019.

A Southerner in Berkeley.
Must've been a culture shock.

-A Southerner in Berkeley.

Oh, it was so... I'd literally say,
"Yes, ma'am" and, "No, sir"

to the people I worked with.
They'd be like, "Oh, my God."

Where were you working?

I worked for a start-up company.

It was a CBD-infused beverage company.

So you...

I just think Bruce is really friendly
and easy to talk to

and, oh, my gosh, he's so hot.

So you're at a restaurant.
It's your first date, the bill comes out...

He also doesn't have any...
A single hair on his body. Like...

how does that happen?

-If you and me are on a date.

-And the bill comes out.

You're asking me what I would do?
On a first date...

I think the man should cover it.

No, 'cause I've been on dates
where I offer out of courtesy.

And then they accept it,
and I'm like... [exclaims]

-Hey. No.

-I don't care.
-He's not the guy.

-He's not the guy.
-[Isha] Okay.

I'm seeing some little flirtations.

Um, I think, right off the bat,
Bruce and Isha are flirting a little

and I'm, you know, intrigued.

Don't try to come between us.

-You wish you could.
-Oh! We have a special bond here.

Bruce and Isha may be
not a match made in heaven.

I don't see it working out.

I'm not always right,

um, but in these certain circumstances,
I usually am.

You wanna come with me?

Let's go.

I feel like Isha and I definitely
are very, very similar people.

We quickly had a close connection.

So maybe there's an element
of that is, you know,

kind of seeing my own self amplified.

-[Isha] Why does your butt look so good?
-[Abbey] Does it really?

[Isha] Oh, my God. I'm fucking screaming.



["Influence" by EMERSXN playing]

♪ I don't make ♪

♪ The best decisions ♪

♪ Under your influence ♪

[Natalie] Roxy.

-Hey, hey, hey.
-Hey, babe.

Do you know
what you're going to wear tonight?

[Raquel] No.

Have you ever been to a concert?

No, but especially not in Austin.

-So I'm excited for that.

I'm screaming. I'm so excited.

Live music has always been
like a distant lover of mine

because I've always been too broke
in college to go out

and then super sheltered at home.

Never really had the chance to
before college.

So, I feel like now is my chance.

-You think we'll meet people, right?
-I hope so.

I've... Mm... [clicks tongue]

I feel like I'm still trying
to feel everybody out in the house.

-To gauge if, you know...
-Oh, wait, you like someone in the house?

I don't know. I'm trying
to feel Michael out. He's kinda...

He's sarcastic and he's like witty.

He's so geeky.

He is. It's kind of cute though.

-Yeah, you like that?
-Yeah, it's kinda cute.

But then he pulls back,

and then it's just...
I feel like there's a wall. I don't know.

You guys are really cute,
so just give it a chance.

-I'll talk to him tonight.
-Oh, my God.

I'll figure it out tonight.

I'm hoping to get to know a little bit
more about Michael at the concert

because he's just like a little wall,

and I kind of just want to...

bust it down.

Maybe he has a small penis.

-[Raquel sputters and laughs]

I'm kidding. I don't know.

But there is, like, a secret.
It feels like there's...


[funky music playing]

The next incident happens...

We gotta do something every day with that.

Yeah. I'm gonna put my cock in it.

Stop! [laughing]

It's funny until you see it,
and it just looks like that.

These comments you make got me dead.

Are you guys on the dating apps out here?

I've been using it a lot. Like Hinge.

-[Kamari] For real?
-Yeah. I've gone on a few dates.

Has it been good?

-[Kamari] Oh, really?

The dates I've gone on have gone horribly.

I'm bad at the... physical intimacy.

Am I supposed to touch her?

I never know how to do that. You know?

-But I have another one.
-You have a date?

Oh, shit, that boy said,
"I'm on Hinge with it."

-[Bruce] No way.
-[Kamari] That's crazy.

You should be like,
"Do you have any friends?"

[Kamari] "'My guys want to come hang."


She's older than me, though.

How old is she?

I think she's like 51.

-You're lying.
-[Bruce] Lying.

I swear to God.

-For real?

I wouldn't guess that he would be
taking out a 50-year-old.

I guess that's his type,

or I don't know
if he's just taking her out

because he doesn't have
a lot of experience with women,

so he's just going
for whatever he can get.

[chuckles] Either way, more power to him.

-You have a picture we can see?
-Yeah, I guess.

Thank God.

-[Bruce] I want to see.

[Keauno] Is she like a real housewife?

[Michael] This is her.

-Damn, son.
-[Kamari] Oh, shit.

-She's looks...

-She got a kid!

"The secret to getting to know me
is through shared experiences."

She's trying to have
some experiences with you.

I don't have much to offer
a woman of that stature,

but, um, I got some youthful energy
that maybe an older man wouldn't have.

But other than that, I'm most likely
a lot more poor and lost than them.

And sexually inexperienced.

[pop music playing]

Today, I want to hit everything if we can.

You trying to look good for Isha?

[both laughing]

[Bruce] We did hit it off last night,
though. Straight up.

I was talking to Isha for so long
and we just talked like, you know,

deeper conversations,
like, less superficial.

Bro, I saw it. I saw the sparks,
I saw the sparks.

You know who else saw the sparks?

Abbey, 'cause y'all were in the cut
talking for a minute.

-We were.
-Abbey came up and grabbed her.

Don't know if because
she wanted to tell something

-or she was like, "You talking to my man."
-[Bruce exhales]

-Think she was jealous for real?
-I don't know. I can't really tell yet.

-She kind of has "I don't care" vibes.

But everybody who doesn't care
really cares, so...

Oh, shit.

This weekend's gonna be fun, man.

[Kamari] I'm ready to go see that band
with everybody.

-Last set, best set?
-Last set, best set, baby.

["Elevator Pitch" by Al Wilkinson playing]

So I eat only animal meat,

-but only the vegan version of it.

[Raquel laughing]

I'm definitely here
looking for a relationship.

You know, swiping left,
swiping left, then I was like...

Yo, bro! [laughing]


Bro, check that shit out.

Isha popped up on my Hinge.


[Kamari] Please like her.

Maybe be like,
"Maybe the stars are aligning."

"Are the stars aligning?"

"Are these the stars?"

[both laughing]

"Don't know if butterflies, maybe stars."

"Are these the stars aligning?"

Yes, please say that.

Oh, my fucking God. Shut up.

"Are these stars aligning?"

-[Natalie] Wait, what?


Bruce liked me on Hinge.

-Are you serious?
-He goes, "Are the stars aligning?"

Is that what he means?
Are our stars aligning? Me and him?

-[Abbey] Yeah.
-[Isha] I don't know what to say.

-Put the eggplant.
-Oh, my God, I was going to do a smirk.

How long do you think
it took for him to get to mine?

[Abbey] He was obsessively
swiping until he got to you.

Probably put the "miles away"
like "one mile."


[Raquel] Yeah.

[Abbey] I think they're
attracted to each other

because they're both
really, really beautiful.

Um, and, of course,
that's bound to happen.

But, I just don't...
I think they're very different.

[pop song playing]

I'm scared shitless.

Um... I don't know.
I already don't do well with women my age.

I can't imagine I'll be crushing it
with someone older.

But, uh, you know,
that's why I'm doing it,

to put myself out there
and try new things.

-You'll be sitting right here.

Welcome to Texas, Michael.

-Thank you.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, too.

How are you liking the Texas weather?

-It's honestly kicking my ass a little.
-Is it? Yeah.

-I'm from Los Angeles.

-That's very different.
-We got the heat, but not the humidity.

Can I be honest? I'm not really hungry.

-I ate recently.

-If you want food, we can order.
-I might need to get some snacks.

There's something called "69 scrimps."

-Don't ...
-You have to guess what it is.

Is it shrimp?



I was picturing...
I was picturing shrimps like that.

I'll get olives and nuts.

So you do comedy?

Yeah. So, I just started.

What is your...

if you had to say
what your style of comedy is?

Um... Hmm.

That's a good question.
When people ask, I never know the answer.


Especially when no one's laughing.

-I'm new to it.
-[laughing] You tell me...

If you got any tips, let me know.

You're like, "It's torturous
the whole time I'm up there."

-I'll let you know.
-Pretty much.

I knew it was the right time
to ask Laura to the concert

'cause she was giving me those eyes.

You know when someone
gives you those eyes and it's like,

"Oh, yeah, she wants to
hang out with me more"?

It's relatable, right?

-You look really nice, by the way.
-Thank you.

Are you... Are you doing anything tonight?


["Get It Now"
by Kullah feat. Jessy Covets playing]

♪ ...I look good from every angle ♪

♪ They say I'm too hot to handle ♪

♪ I guess I must be a natural ♪

Oh, oh.

-Let's go.
-[Keauno] He missed.


- ♪ Get it now ♪
-♪ I'ma get it now ♪

♪ I'ma get it now ♪

♪ I'ma get it now ♪

-[Bruce] Yo!

Let's go! [laughing]

Yo! Let's go.

Going to some live music.
Austin, Texas. I'm pumped.

♪ I'ma get it now ♪

[indistinct chatter]

Yo, cheers to new beginnings. Come on.

-All right.
-Let's go.

Love y'all.

Let's go!

[indistinct chatter]

Tell me this.

When you saw the notification,
your heart sped up just a little bit.

[Raquel laughs]

I got a little excited. [laughing]

Looking at Bruce,
I'm very attracted to him.

I am curious to get to know him
a little bit more.

We have really great flirty banter.

I don't know. I feel like Bruce would be

the perfect person
to go on a first date with.

-[Keauno] What was his message?
-Bruce wrote...

"I have a huge crush on you, Isha,
and dying to take you on a date."

You are lying...

-Lie like a rug.
-[Isha] He literally wrote it.

You lie like a rug.

Get out of here.

Bruce and Isha match on Hinge,
which is hilarious.

And I'm like, "Whatever."
But Kamari and I are at the bar,

and I'm starting to feel a little bit
of a flirty vibe between us.

That could be fun.

I'll never understand how y'all can
talk in front of me

-and I wouldn't know y'all talking about.
-'Cause you can't keep up.

-[Isha] Earlier Kamari looked like...
-It's okay.

-[Isha] ...who is she?
-It's okay.

You don't look like you want a drink.

I want something.

Okay, so what you want?

So I could have been quoted as saying,
"Don't shit where you eat."

Um, and I still think that's valid.

Um, but don't use
my words against me because...

[stutters] I... Yeah.

I'm really attracted to Kamari.
I'm not gonna lie.

Well, I'm just establishing my dominance.

You're not. You're trying to.

Mmm. But I feel like
maybe I'm accomplishing that.

You're definitely an alpha male,
but it's like...

Alpha female.

Thank you for the correction.
I greatly appreciate that.

Where's Michael?

I'm having a lot of fun,
but where the hell is Michael?

And why isn't he here?

I've been getting to know
this guy all week

and I want to know more.

So I'm like, "Okay, where are you?"

The soup's getting cold, okay?

Let me get the door for you.

Walking into the concert,
I still feel like me.

So, you know, it's not a ton of confidence
rolling through this body.

I don't trust
the people I live with at all.

Um, I'm scared
they're going to be a little too much.

They're going to be like... Ha!

[Laura] Thank you.

[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[man] How we doing, y'all?

[all cheering]

[man] Love you too.

Let's get this shit going!

[people cheering]

[rock music playing]

[singing indistinctly]

[speaking indistinctly]

-Oh, shit!


[Raquel] Michael walks in with a date.

That's why he's not flirting with me.

I don't like rejection.
I don't take it very well.

You know what I mean?

It is what it is,
and it is what it ain't, I guess.

I don't like wine.

But that's the best-looking
glass of wine I've ever seen.

I know.

[singing indistinctly]

You're fucking scared.


-Who's scared?
-You're scared.


-[Laura] I'm busy with stuff.
-[Michael] Time's money.

Excuse us. Excuse us, excuse us.

So, Laura has to leave early 'cause she's
an actual adult and has stuff to do.

She's not a 23-year-old.

Uh, so, I walk her out
and I'm just thinking the whole time,

"Is this when I'm supposed
to make a kiss?"

'Cause I don't really know
when I'm supposed to make that happen.

[man singing indistinctly]

-Is that your car over there?

I'll see you soon, yeah?

I'm thinking, "Am I supposed
to walk her to her car like a gentleman?"

"Uh, or am I supposed
to walk away like a savage?"

-Have a good night.
-Thank you.

-Yeah. Bye.

♪ I've got a brand new attitude... ♪

I win when I compete, all right?

So do I though. That's the thing.

I'm better in bed, so...

-You're better in what?
-In bed.

In bed? You think so?

Yeah, I know so.

Austin, hide your sons.

And your daughters.

♪ I wanna be bad ♪

♪ Bad, bad ♪ 

♪ 'Cause I've been good for too long ♪

♪ I've been good for too long ♪

-♪ I wanna be ba-a-a-a-d ♪
-♪ Bad, bad ♪ 

♪ 'Cause I've been good for too long ♪

♪ I've been good for too long ♪

-♪ Good for too long ♪
-♪ Ba-a-a-a-a-a-d ♪

-♪ I just wanna be ♪
-♪ Bad ♪

♪ Ba-a-a-a-a-a-d ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪
-♪ Bad ♪

♪ Ba-a-a-a-a-a-d ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪
-♪ Bad ♪

♪ Ba-a-a-a-a-a-d ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪
-♪ Bad ♪