True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 8 - Spellbound - full transcript

As Bill and Marnie brace for a dangerous midnight faceoff, Sookie and Eric pledge their allegiance to the King. Jason is torn between friendship and passion, and Jessica is spurned from two...

No! No!
* When you came in the air went out
* And every shadow filled up with doubt
* I don't know who you think you are, but before the night is through
* I want to do bad things with you
* I'm the kind to sit up in his room
* Heartsick and eyes filled up with blue
* I don't know what you've done to me, but I know this much is true
* I want to do bad things with you
* I want to do real bad things with you *
Oh my God.
You just saved my life.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no. Bucky.
I got her.
Thank you.
Did I do that?
You were not yourself.
His family?
They will be well compensated.
All the guards know the dangers inherent in their job.
But I knew his little girl.
Jessica, you were spellbound.
You did not kill Bucky.
The witch Antonia did.
We need to get her back in the cell.
They may have only temporarily broken the
spell in the hope that we drop our guard.
We will not be safe until nightfall.
He's right.
I don't want to die.
I don't want you to die, either.
I gotcha.
I'm so sorry, Jess.
I know it hurts.
Please make sure it is secure.
I clearly underestimated her strength earlier.
Better for a little pain now, than to be able to escape again
if the necromancer resumes her sorcery.
Think good things.
Hot summer days,
Uh, no. Um...
Good things a vampire would think of.
The moon.
Never gettin' cold. Tru-Blood.
We will be indebted to you forever,
but right now Jessica and I need to get some rest,
if only for a few minutes.
We need to regain our strength.
All right.
I realize, as a law enforcement officer,
that you might feel the need to report this,
but vampires killing humans is not something
that I can afford to have documented.
Not to mention...
It's probably for the best,
that I don't report that.
It's also probably for the best
that nobody has to know anything about your boy that I shot outside.
In the shoulder.
You won't want to make any sudden movements when they enter.
- Freeze! - Man down.
Put your hands up where we can see 'em! Now!
Got a man down.
Now, my source didn't know why
the vampires and witches would want a war,
or who started it.
And personally, I don't fuckin' care.
But here's what I think.
Those witches are fuckin' idiots for gettin' mixed up in vampire shit.
Did you tell him?
Of course not.
Because those dead fuckers are hardcore. They will kill you and not blink an eye.
Even we're no match for 'em.
Yo, speak for yourself.
Yo, don't be a fuckin' moron!
Dumb ass.
You don't think a vampire wouldn't rip you to pieces in a heartbeat?
I'd fuckin' put up a fight at least.
No, you wouldn't. You would be dead.
Wouldn't fight nothin'.
It might hurt our pride to admit that,
but it'll save our lives and the lives of this pack,
which is why this pack will stay the fuck out of it.
Unless you want to go it on your own, hot dog.
I'd like to see that.
Luna, it's me.
Which one of you?
The one who just kicked my little brother out of my life for good.
Is that supposed to make me feel better?
It's not supposed to make you feel anything.
I just wanted to let you know.
I wish you would have told me your brother was a skinwalker.
I wish I would have known.
Who did, who did he...
Our mother and father.
I'm not gonna lie to you, they deserved it.
They abused him his whole life.
They fought him in dog fights.
Oh my God.
Yeah. And you want to know something else?
I could forgive him for killing our folks,
but I can't forgive him for what he did to you. I can't.
Hey, Emma.
My Barbie who's a pony likes you, but my Barbie who's a cat doesn't like you.
She doesn't like anybody.
You should hear how Cat Barbie feels about yours truly.
I could use some help makin' dinner.
No. Sam's playing with me.
And by help, I mean playing with Emma.
Nothin' would make me happier.
Hey, Emma.
Let's see if we can get Cat Barbie to like me.
You can try, but she won't.
Yank it off, it's better.
Oh. Well, won't it pull some of you off with it?
Yeah, but that's okay.
It doesn't hurt as much as the silver,
and it heals faster.
Thank, thank you.
But, you said it would heal faster.
I'm just realizing I haven't fed since...
Since my faerie godmother?
You want a Tru-Blood?
Oh, no. Tru-Blood isn't gonna help with this.
Uh, I just need a rest.
You need to feed.
There is no one.
There's me.
Please don't say this if you don't mean it.
I do mean it.
Now, you know my blood's special, like...
Like the Faerie Goddess.
Just a fraction of that, and I'm trusting you not to lose control.
Take something silver, hold it in your hand,
and silver me should I do anything unwanted.
I'm trusting you, Eric.
I won't betray you.
I may remind you of that someday.
But I'm, I'm not injured.
We will be one.
Oh my God.
Where you been? I've been worried sick.
No, I know. I just had to, uh...
I had this uh, strange feelin', like I thought I lost you.
Hey, when was the last time you took a bath, huh?
Hey, hey.
I can't live without you.
Now, I know we've been havin' problems, but I think I got that figured out, too.
Hoyt, I, uh...
I, I want to move out.
You want us to get a new place?
I think that's a great idea, 'cause we'd start over.
No. Uh...
I don't want to live together anymore.
Sorry, I, I'm not, I'm not made for this. I have a...
A hunger in the very center of me,
and this, you, you and me, I can't...
It's not enough.
I wish it was,
because I love you and I don't, I don't want to hurt you, but it's not enough.
It just isn't.
I'm sorry.
You don't mean that.
Hoyt, I do.
I really do. It's over.
You're too good for me.
I was too happy.
I should have known I could never be this happy.
Of course you can be happy. You just...
You aren't gettin' all of me, because of what I am, and you...
You deserve someone better than me.
I don't want someone better than you. I want you!
If I can't have you, I don't want to be alive.
I need to go.
Get out of my way.
I will die without you, I will.
My God, just listen to yourself!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry that I said that your blood is shit. It's not!
It's not, and I, I will drink it every day if you want.
But love me.
Please, please, please love me.
If you don't love me, I will die.
Then die!
you are so fuckin' hot when you got blood all over you.
Stop it.
I want you to bite me and fuck me at the same time.
Right here.
Come to daddy.
I'm Rita. I'm a donor. The King sent me down for you.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Dead vampire.
Should I call the coroner or sanitation?
Bet you it's gonna rain tonight.
I can always feel it where that panther tore my throat open.
What up, Andy?
So you're back on the force now?
Got here as fast as I could. Rosie said there was a vampire suicide?
Wasn't a suicide.
Yeah, I know that.
No evidence. Searched her house, no note.
Yeah, can you believe it? Beulah Carter was a goddamn vampire.
Oh, no.
You serious? You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter?
Off the ground?
You are one sad, sorry freak, bubba. Get a fucking grip!
Jesus, tits, and God America, Jason. What the fuck is happenin' to me?
I'm only good on the V, dude.
It's the only time I ever feel like I'm not watchin' myself
not livin' up to people's expectations,
and hatin' those people for havin' expectations,
and thinkin' about hittin' 'em in the head with a bat.
Uh, sorry, man. I stopped listenin' about halfway through.
So, no one in the neighborhood knew she was a vampire.
I must say I did wonder about her.
She kept to herself, like a vampire would.
Or a serial killer. Ooh.
That's the most famous vampire in town right there.
Wonder if he knew she was one of his own.
Mrs. Fortenberry.
Vampire Bill.
Did you know Beulah Carter was a vampire?
Because all of us vampires know each other?
Uh, are, are vampire suicides common?
Sadly, yes.
Many vampires feel alone and confused,
programmed to despise themselves
by all the hateful and incendiary anti-vampire rhetoric in the media.
Ooh, that's good. Can I get you to say that again?
Of course. I actually have a statement prepared.
Oh, I don't know if I can take a statement.
I am very telegenic.
This will get a lot of play.
It's an excellent opportunity for you to impress your producers
with your eye for great TV.
Lenny, can we get a really good tight shot of him,
and make sure you really play up the eyes.
It's a miracle.
What is?
Your blood.
It's amazing.
So is yours.
It's snowing.
Why is there a bed?
Can we make love in it?
Like maybe never stop.
Why would we ever want to?
Bill, why would a vampire commit suicide?
Well, see uh, I can only guess
that the pervasive anti-vampire hatred that has persisted
since the heinous crime perpetrated by Russell Edgington
had something to do with it. Mmm.
And that hate is a powerful force,
but hate never wins out.
Not in the long run.
And we will never succumb to it.
As Christ himself said,
Here, here. Let me, let me show you.
So that is it?
A single vampire dies four centuries ago!
All vampires within twenty miles burned!
Wait a minute.
You made that vampire go out into the daylight.
We did, Tara. We did.
So we're not just protecting ourselves, we're actually killing vampires.
Killing them is the only way to protect ourselves.
At least in my time, they remained hidden.
Now they walk among us, shameless in their lust, their hunger.
They laugh at the miracle of life.
We must restore the sacred power of creation to this wounded earth.
That is our only hope.
Snuff them out!
Once and for all!
Nothin' would make me happier than to see those dead fucks gone for good.
I can empower you. I can teach you.
MoonGoddess Emporium.
What are you doing there?
What do you want, Bill?
To speak to Antonia Gavilan de Logrono.
She's on.
Lady Antonia.
On behalf of all vampires in Louisiana and throughout the world,
I apologize for what was done to you.
It was a crime of unspeakable magnitude,
for which there can be no forgiveness.
But there can, I believe, be peace between us.
What peace? One of you came here to Marnie's place of worship.
You molested her.
You bit her like an animal.
I know.
I sent him,
and it was a tragic mistake.
One I deeply regret.
It was a mistake borne out of arrogance,
and ignorance of who you were.
It does not matter who I am.
Every soul is entitled to live freely.
You are an affront to God when you deny that.
I can only tell you that there are many of us who believe as you do.
And we wield considerable power among our kind.
Oh, the rulers of vampires, they are my allies?
I understand your doubt.
Let us meet. Just the two of us.
In peace.
And let you bewitch me like you did Marnie?
I can only glamour humans.
You are far beyond that.
I know what I am asking,
for you to trust in the possibility of peace.
I realize how difficult that is after all that you have experienced,
but it's the only way for us to avoid so much useless death, for both our kinds.
The cemetery in Bon Temps.
I am in your debt.
We can go.
Oh, hey there, Miss Fortenberry.
Ma'am, this an official crime scene. I can't let...
Don't you ma'am me, Andy Bellefleur. I taught you in vacation Bible school.
Actin' like you don't even know who I am.
Ready to go?
Not yet.
I like being here.
I think I made some friends tonight.
Couple of really nice bitches.
Feels like I belong.
Well, if you belong, so do I.
I'm glad to see you here.
Glad to be here.
Yeah, I liked what you said tonight.
About stayin' out of anything involving vamps.
Right. It's a no-brainer.
You'd think.
Yeah, I was a little hard on Chuck,
but what good does it do to let him think he can go up against a fanger?
That dumb kid's gonna get his ass kicked enough as it is.
It's a real nice place you got here, Marcus.
Yeah, the backyard's gone to seed since the ex-wife moved out.
Oh, here we go! Boy's got him now.
Oh, fuck!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
He's a fuckin' member of this pack, you asshole,
who puts the needs of his pack above the needs of his own selfish fuckin' ego!
You ain't goin' nowhere, buddy. Not till you let go of that anger.
It's still snowing.
Feels good, doesn't it?
When it melts on your skin.
But there aren't any clouds,
and I can feel the sun on my face.
How could that be possible?
All is possible.
You and me,
Loving you,
Loving you,
loving at all, actually.
I never thought I could after...
But here I am.
All is possible.
You can't just leave him alone like that!
What the hell am I supposed to do, darlin'?
Half the Baptist church choir just came in.
You know how much food those people put away!
Well, Rene's ghost could be anywhere in here.
Do you see this mirror I put up here over the stove, so I can see him in it?
I ain't a complete stranger to keepin' my eye out for trouble, okay?
Okay. You don't have to yell at me.
I'm not yelling. I am stressed out.
Aw, hell.
Fuck this shit.
Paul McClatchy.
You must be Mrs...
Maxine Fortenberry.
Thank you for meetin' me here. You buyin'?
Uh, I can.
'Cause I am starvin'.
Ain't nobody workin' here?
I'll be right with you, Miss Fortenberry!
Service in this place fuckin' sucks, and you know why?
'Cause Sam Merlotte's a fuckin' asshole.
So, remind me what we agreed on.
Twenty per acre for ten years, is that up front?
Twenty? Well, I, I don't remember discussing anything about...
Okay, what can I get y'all tonight?
I'll have two Miller tall boys, with two shots of tequila and some hot sauce.
And some crawfish fritters with ranch dressin'.
And also, some of that private stash of
succotash that Sam keeps hidden for hisself,
'cause he's selfish.
What you want, Paul?
Oh, I'm fine with my iced tea.
And don't go out back to smoke and leave my
food to dry out under the heat lamps, neither.
Yes, ma'am.
So, twenty a year, huh, for ten years? That's two hundred grand.
All up front, right?
Mrs. Fortenberry, I don't know what your son told you,
but my initial offer was up to $10,000 an acre.
No way. You agreed to twelve.
First of all, according to the Reynard Parish Tax Assessor's Office,
your property is only .57 acres,
which means $5,700.
Second, it's on a year-to-year basis, our option to renew.
Third, a neighbor of yours,
a Miss Beulah Carter just died, leaving an unpaid mortgage.
We could pick up her house for not much more than I'm offering you.
Fifty-seven hundred.
Well, ain't there anything I can do to get you to sweeten the deal?
can I get a check tonight?
Yes, ma'am.
What's wrong?
Hoyt, I,
I really love you.
I think we made a mistake moving in together.
I mean,
we were each other's first real relationship,
and I just think we moved too fast,
and maybe we should spend some time apart.
Why don't you just tell me
the thing goin' on inside you you don't want me to know?
There's nothin'.
Why don't you tell me the fuckin' truth?
I am a vampire,
and I'm only just now realizing that maybe I'm not supposed to be
in a monogamous relationship.
After a year of you lettin' me think that we were happy?
We were happy.
I know there's someone else.
Aw, man. You fucked someone else?
You bitch! Goddamn it, you broke my fuckin' heart!
I never meant to hurt you!
This whole time I've been stickin' up for you!
I've been gettin' beat up for you!
And you know what?
You don't deserve me.
And I sure as hell don't deserve you.
Hoyt, I...
I deserve someone who's not gonna be a fuckin' virgin for all of eternity!
I deserve someone I can have a normal life with. With kids.
And daylight.
And someone who's not gonna look...
at all the love that I have to offer and just say, "Sorry, not good enough."
And someone who's not fuckin' dead!
Just get out.
Hoyt, please.
Get the fuck out.
I take back my invitation.
My mom was right all along. Maybe God really does hate fangs.
Hoyt... And you know,
so do I.
You fuckin' vampires!
Fuck! Fuck you! Fuck!
Wish you could stay this way forever.
Then let's run away.
From everything.
And I will be this way forever.
I don't need to know who I am.
We can't just run away, those witches attacked you.
And other vampires I care about.
My king?
Your king, who released you so you could be with me.
He's good, this king.
I understand your love for him.
We have an obligation to stand by his side and fight with him.
No, the obligation is his.
As king, he has no choice.
Let's just leave this place while we still can.
This is my home,
and we cannot just leave Bill to die.
It's not right.
There is no right, or wrong.
These are human notions.
And I am human,
And so were you, and I've never seen you as human
as you've been these past few days.
It's what I've fallen in love with.
But, you're also a warrior, and you don't run from a fight.
You'd never forgive yourself.
I just want to be with you,
only you.
There's no such thing as forever.
Hey. I'm just callin' to give you a heads u
I'm gonna stop by and tuck my baby girl in, okay?
No need to call me back.
You headin' out?
Yeah, I got a foundation to pour first thing in the mornin'.
Well, you two get home safe.
Word is, somethin' big's goin' down tonight with the witches and vampires.
And thanks for helping me wrangle them pups tonight.
Thanks for the hospitality.
You got alpha in you.
You know that.
Strong, but mature.
It's all about keepin' the peace, not control.
It's honorable.
Yup. That's him.
You can move up in this pack.
Oh, I ain't into the whole political thing.
Okay, you got your own path.
I'm just sayin', door's open.
Good night. See you.
I think we're gonna like bein' in this pack.
Yeah, it's too soon to tell.
Oh, come on.
You remember how good things were in Jackson when we were kids?
Everyone looked out for each other.
Bein' in a pack could be a good thing,
you know, for us both.
I need this, Alcide.
It's a miracle I'm not dead,
you know, but I got a second chance,
and I don't want to screw it up.
But you gotta help me.
Of course I'll help you.
You gotta stay away from Sookie.
I told you, you got nothin' to worry about.
You're a member of this pack, now,
and Marcus was crystal clear.
We stay the fuck out of that vampire-witch business.
And Sookie comes with vampires.
That's just part of her baggage.
Can't argue with that.
You promise?
You'll stay away from her?
I promise.
Come on.
Where my sister?
I sent her home.
Just don't go in there.
My baby. I, I want my baby, me.
Mavis, please.
I buy him this doll. I save all my monies.
He's gone.
He's better off.
My baby don't be no better off!
My baby be dead!
And you, the killer of your own flesh and blood!
What kind of devil you are? You...
Mavis, there was no way we could have that...
He was alive!
I carry him.
In me.
We gotta call the preacher man.
No funeral.
Because it's better for everybody if nobody knows he ever existed.
Better for you.
Because I am negresse .
And because I'm a married man,
and I work for my wife's father.
Please, just bring me where he is.
Please! Can't bear it.
Just let me hold him one last...
Just let me hold him!
Oh, fuck no!
Sorry to keep you waitin', and uh,
I don't have much time, so what can I do for you?
We're here to fight with you.
Fight with me?
Against the witches.
Sookie, this is not your battle.
It's yours, and it's Eric's, so it's mine.
She has a warrior's heart, Your Majesty.
She wants to fight for you,
as do I.
I want peace.
But you're prepared for war.
Of course.
But I'm not convinced we will win.
Well, war isn't about whether you think you can win,
it's about being willing to die for something you believe is worth dying for.
Perhaps I'm a little less inclined to gamble with Sookie's life than you are.
That is not our decision.
Thank you, Eric. And now maybe
you can both look at me and allow me to speak for myself.
I can help.
I have powers. Now, granted, I may not be in perfect control of those powers,
but they've saved me and others from some pretty dire circumstances.
Sookie, you could die.
Well, call me crazy,
but I'm willing to die if it means keeping an entire group of people I know and love
from being eradicated in the name of hate.
Thank you.
My liege.
That's cute.
Daddy's mad.
Who's he?
Friend of mine.
Sam Merlotte.
You not get my message I was stoppin' by to tuck Emma in?
I haven't checked my phone since I got home from work.
Been busy makin' dinner.
For some shifter you ain't told me about.
Technically, you're not supposed to stop by unless I agree to it first.
Yeah, well, apparently, you're too busy cookin' for shifter Sam, which,
technically, you're supposed to tell me
about before you invited him here to your house
and introduced him to our daughter.
Hey, I just showed up, and it wasn't planned.
So, he gets to show up uninvited, but me,
the father of your daughter, does not?
I got a problem with that.
Luna, you want me to leave?
You like Mama's new friend, baby girl?
He's nice. He plays Barbies with me.
Yeah, well, I got a feeling he plays Barbies all by himself.
We are gonna get ready for bed.
Okay. Okay.
Do not start anything, Marcus.
It's bad for Emma, it's bad for me, it's bad for you.
'Cause I will personally call your parole officer and tell her all about it.
Hey, I got no beef with you.
If we need to take this outside, let's do it.
You just pissed on the wrong boots, my friend.
Come in.
I broke up with Hoyt.
What the fuck? Hoyt's my best friend in the whole world!
And he has been since the first grade!
Well, I don't love him anymore.
I don't. I mean, I do, but not in the way that I want.
So you just break his heart?
I don't want to hurt him,
but I can't help the way I feel.
No, I don't want any part of this!
Jason, I know you feel the same way.
It's like my blood that's inside you. It talks to me!
You gotta get outta here.
What? Yeah.
I take back whatever invitation you got to come in my house.
But you kissed me back!
I know.
Nobody benefits more from
Steve Newlin's disappearance
than Steve Newlin himself.
That's a typical liberal response.
Blame the victim.
Dere be my boyo.
Lady Antonia?
I am no lady.
I am peasant,
and proud of it.
I come in peace.
Do you?
I know you are not alone.
Nor are you.
A sad testament to our inability to trust each other.
But I still believe that we can achieve a peaceful resolution.
Describe this peaceful resolution to me.
We will never harm you again.
Anyone who has done so has been commanded to desist,
or they will face the true death.
In return, I only ask that you remove the spells from my two subjects here.
You say you are willing to execute those
who have harmed me, but you bring them to me,
and you ask me to remove spells I placed on them in self-defense.
All for a promise that I'll never be harmed again.
I have your word for this?
I swear it.
Bill, she's casting a spell!
You may have dominion over us, but you do not over the living.
Surrender now and no one will be hurt.
I got a stake with your name on it, motherfucker!
You dropped somethin'.
Sookie. Sookie, you in there?
You smell like shit.
I'm not gonna miss you one bit.
I forbid you!
You gotta fuckin' be kiddin' me.
I command you, do not harm her.
Now or ever.
If you do, I will personally execute you!
This is so fucking lame!
Why did you save me?
You know why.
Move! Move!
I'm not a vampire, you idiot!
Thank you.
Take that, fanger!
Yeah, you're scared now!
We meet again.
Oh, fuck.