True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 7 - Cold Grey Light of Dawn - full transcript

With Marnie empowered by spirits of the dead, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia; Luna discovers Sam is not the man she thought he was; Lafayette expands his consciousness; Pam gets a body peel; Andy's date with Holly doesn't go as planned; Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt; Alcide and Debbie join a new pack.

The zombies are coming.
Suck it.
I don't know anything! Help! Murder!
I swear I will eat your heart!
Sheriff, stand down. No one harms the prisoner.
Silver bullets. Don't make me use them.
No, you won't.
What stations are guarding the back of the house?
Gate three, garden three and four.
Send them to the front.
Gate three, garden three, garden four,
proceed to gate one. Await further instructions.
Copy, Miss Pelham.
Katie, do you know the punishment for treason?
Turn right at the stairs. The road is a quarter mile off.
Relay this message to your king:
It is Antonia Gavilán de Logroño.
And I am returned.
I can't decide which of you to kill first.
You like your piece of yellow tail?
I'll start with her, then.
Play fair, now.
Run! Run for the bar!
Shut up.
You wanna die first?
Fine by me.
How does it feel to have your life slippin' outta ya?
Huh? What? What's that?
I can't understand you.
Too bad. I'll never know.
- I knew it. - Told you they were killers.
TMZ's offerin' 10K for a real live vamp-attack video.
Well, you're gonna have to share it with me.
What the hell's the matter with her face?
Hey! Show us your face.
Are you sure she ain't a zombie?
Holy crap. Now there's zombies?
I am not a zombie!
That's exactly what a zombie would say: "I'm not a zombie."
- Look up here! - Hey!
Like she's gonna tell us she's really a zombie.
It may be 10 minutes from now, or ten years.
The moment you think you're safe,
I promise I will hunt down,
and fuckin' shred you like confetti.
- She's fast. - Should we go help her?
I swear to God, I'll burn this fuckin' taco stand to the ground
if you let us up out this motherfucker!
You fuckin' hear me?
I was fucking my wife.
We need to go home.
I'm a grown man, Abuelito.
And I refuse to become what you want me to be.
Now, either you're too stubborn,
or you're too fucking stupid to see that.
You sick fuck. You almost killed him.
Your own son,
Tio Luca, came back to this shithole just to save me.
At least somebody in this family cares whether or not I die.
Luca? How did he get here?
That pendejo's been dead 10 years.
How did he get here?
I'm not a fuckin' idiot!
He's a medium!
Wait, me? But what I don't get
is how you can risk my life just to prove your point!
Don't be so dramatic.
I wouldn't sacrifice you.
You're the last of us left.
Wait, can we go back to how I'm a medium?
He's so smart, let him explain it to you.
What the genius doesn't understand,
is I didn't have to prove nothing to him.
I had to prove it to you.
Well, you could have just fuckin' said so.
Debbie Pelt,
you are our sister.
Alcide Herveaux, you are our brother.
We welcome you unto our land,
and call upon you to defend it with us.
She said she'd be okay.
It's the woods on a full moon, babe.
You know what all's out here.
It ain't right to just leave her alone.
It ain't right to be thinkin' about Sookie
when we just joined a new pack.
You're right.
You're right, baby. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be spoiling this for you.
Come on.
Wait. Hold on.
We can spare 10 minutes to look.
You smell her?
Can't you?
No, I guess I haven't smelled her enough. Shh.
Sheriff Patiño.
Is there something wrong?
I, uh, I've made a terrible mistake.
I need a word, Your Majesty.
Is it our prisoner?
I was sent with a message
from Antonia Gavilán de Logroño.
Logroño? How is that possible?
All things are possible.
What is your business with Antonia?
Where is she? Answer me!
Put on your seatbelt. I can't.
Put it on, and we can go. I can't go with you.
Toni, don't be so... Tara.
I changed my mind. I don't like Tara.
And everything you've shown me
says that you don't really like her either.
Fuck her. Let's go.
We just came within a fingernail
of gettin' eaten by a vampire.
One who swears she's comin' back for more. There ain't no place to go.
Everyone who's ever been with me has ended up dead.
It ain't a long list.
But it's a bad one to be on.
Can I please choose what happens to me?
I can't. Your blood's gonna end up on my hands.
No, it's not. They're gonna get me.
If it ain't this vampire, it's gonna be another one.
If you don't get the fuck up outta here, you're dyin' with me.
I'm barely hangin' on to my own life.
I do not want to be responsible for yours, too.
I'm asking to stay because I care about you.
Tell me that doesn't count for anything.
Not enough.
You know you're gonna regret this.
I already do. Now fuckin' drive.
Oh, shit.
Stay calm. Don't do nothin'.
Listen, you gotta...
Hey, bubba. What's up?
Oh, just checkin' in on you.
You weren't answering your phone.
Uh, yeah. Must have left it.
Jess ain't with you?
Uh, Vampire Bill needed her for somethin', she says.
So, uh, she's stayin' there tonight.
Huh. Okay.
That ain't nothin' for you to worry about.
You can trust her.
Yeah, everyone says that. Totally trust her.
It's you I'm worried about.
Why? What?
What'd I do? Jay,
you were raped.
Yeah, and maybe turned into a werewolf panther.
Uh, it's just a werepanther.
And I'm not.
It was full moon. Nothin' happened,
so I'm pretty sure I'm fine.
Well, it must be a relief at least, right?
Yep. I'm cool. Don't you even think
about me.
Yeah, I'm glad you're good.
So you two ain't
fixed things up yet, huh?
She's slippin' away from me. I know it.
Hey, you hungry? I could... I could make us sloppy joes.
Sure. I mean, is it... It's not too much trouble?
No trouble at all.
I mean, I'd rather be cookin' than talkin', anyhow.
I'm a good cook. Jason?
I can't lose her. It'll kill me if I lose her.
Right. Two comin' up.
Who the hell is Antonia Gavilán de Logroño?
She was the only human ever known to wield power over vampires.
She died 400 years ago.
During the Spanish Inquisition, vampires exploited the chaos
by satiating their appetites for blood and for lust.
And one of their victims was Antonia.
But she was a powerful necromancer.
She could control the dead.
And as she burnt upon the stake,
she cast a spell that drew all of the vampires of Legroño
out into the sun.
Holy fuck.
For real?
I thought she was lost to the past,
a cautionary lesson from our history.
But I could see her influence on Luis.
I felt it.
She's returned.
You mean, like a ghost?
There's a witch that we've been keeping an eye on.
She's harmless on her own, but somehow,
Antonia has inhabited Marnie's body.
And now that Antonia has a human host, well,
you can see the result.
Well, why would Antonia wanna kill you?
It's not just me.
Luis promised resurrection.
I believe that she wants to make all vampires meet the sun,
finish what she started in 1610.
But that... That's insane.
There are millions of vampires.
Since when has any fanatic been held back
by the improbability of their righteous mission?
Well, I sure as hell don't wanna fry in the sun.
What do we do?
alert every vampire in your area.
Instruct them to leave the state.
I will handle areas three and five myself.
Those who choose to stay, they will do as we do:
Bind ourselves with silver to keep us in our coffins.
You want us to willfully silver ourselves?
I shall not abandon this kingdom, and neither will you.
The suffering will be great.
But it is our only chance to survive the day.
Physical strength is our greatest asset,
and you wish us to surrender it?
My decision is final.
I will not expose my subjects
to another massacre like Legroño.
So tonight we go to ground in silver.
And then what?
We brace
for the resurrection.
We left our clothes in the woods.
You want me to go get them?
Don't you dare move.
You still there?
I'm listening to your heart beat.
I can feel it. Every pulse.
Through your skin, into mine.
If I lay still and think about nothing else,
it feels like my own heart is beating.
I feel like mine's still racing.
At least there's some things you haven't forgot.
do you want me to remember again?
Stop it. Of course I do.
I mean, I wouldn't want you to change any, but,
I do want you to get your memories back.
Yeah, but that would change me.
Once I know who I am,
everything I've done,
I... I couldn't possibly be the same.
Would you still want me then?
I don't know.
You did a lot of terrible things to me, and
people I love.
But then
there's the you who's so good, and
kind, and sweet.
I could never have let the old you into my bed.
God knows you tried.
Sookie, would you still want me?
I hope I would.
I... I hope I will.
that day's gonna come, and
I wanna be still feeling this, now.
I want to so, so bad.
That's all I need to hear.
And time.
This'll sting a bit.
You fucking cunt!
I'm gonna shove my fist up your ass and use you a hand warmer!
Shush! You're not helping.
Please shut the fuck up and fix me.
Oh, I can't fix ya, honey. I'm not a witch.
I can't undo curses.
Best I can do is remove the outside rot.
You're still decomposing on the inside.
Then what the hell am I paying you for?
I can make you look pretty again.
Or at least what you looked like before,
whatever you call that.
This'll speed the healing.
One in each buttock, one in each arm, one in each temple.
Six shots, four times a day.
For how long?
For... Forever?
I can get you a bulk discount on the shots.
Your brother had some nasty food poisoning.
His fever's down from 105, but it's still quite high,
so I'd like to admit him for observation.
I'm fine. I'm just normally hotter.
Will you tell her?
Uh, yeah, it's true. Our family, we're naturally warm.
Huh. That's strange.
See? I don't feel flush or nothin'.
So whatever it was, I must have threw it all up.
Can I... Can I just go home, please?
Get changed. I'll grab the discharge instructions.
Hey, Tommy, are you sure you're okay?
I got no insurance. I can't stay another day.
Tommy, that's not a reason. I'm fine, I swear.
I'm good.
You looked like you were two steps from death's door.
What the hell happened to you?
I don't know, I... I figured you'd be home late,
so I just took the full moon run on my own.
I must have eaten somethin' I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry. Christ, I'm sorry I was...
I was still at the apartments, or what's left of 'em.
I shoulda gotten home sooner.
Don't blame yourself. It wasn't you.
Oh. Hey.
Your Majesty.
I don't know why you let Eric go.
I'm not sure I wanna know, but
I'm glad you did.
It appears the reunion was, uh, a happy one?
Yes. Very much so.
Eric, shush.
Thank you.
What's in the bag?
I can't believe a witch could make vampires do that.
Well, I believe it.
Of course it would be safest if Eric were to come with me, but
the choice is his.
I'm not leaving.
I thought not.
I'll leave you with this, then.
Are you kidding me?
If we do not chain ourselves, then will all meet the sun together.
I am going home, where Jessica and I will do the very same thing.
If you care anything for him, you will do this,
or it'll be his last day on Earth.
Get off the road!
I hear you!
Get your ass out here, you prune-faced bitch.
I ain't scared of you.
You want me, come and get me!
Hush, dear.
You'll wake even the dead.
Oh, hell, no. You're the second-to-the-last person I wanna see.
Now, don't be too hard on Marnie.
Marnie's spirit is pure.
And Tara ain't so crazy about
Marnie's new way of talkin' about herself.
Marnie is no longer here.
She's allowed me to reside within her
for the sacred work I've come to do.
You may call me Antonia.
Why should I call you anything?
Because we are alike.
Because we have both suffered at the hands of vampires.
They have raped us.
Fed on us.
Am I right?
How do you know that?
It's written all over you.
It's in your face.
It's in your rage.
It's in mine, too.
Feel it. Let go of me!
Feel it!
- Bruja! - Say nothing.
Imagine our suffering multiplied,
spread over this entire earth.
We are two among a sea of thousands,
millions who have been savaged by vampires over the centuries.
I know you want to fight.
I got no way of fightin' back.
I do.
I can avenge our torment,
and the torment of every human
who has felt the stab of a vampire's fangs.
But I cannot do it alone. I need you.
Together, we can exact retribution.
Say I help you.
What do I have to do?
Make sure everything's light tight.
Copy that.
Gently, please.
I'm sorry we must do this.
I used to have a whole box of silver earrings and necklaces.
My mom gave 'em to me when I was 13.
She said she never wore 'em, but maybe one day I could.
Oh, I hope Eden's got 'em now.
Bucky. Gimme the gloves.
You stand down. I'll finish this.
Ain't gonna be nothin' left for you to save if you keep at it.
I feel like I'm dyin'.
You will heal. I promise.
That's good enough.
Twice that on me.
Last one.
Fuck me!
I must be pretty strong.
You're the strongest vampire I know.
It's like I've... I've been
I know.
I'm sorry.
I've lost too many people in my life.
I can't lose you, too.
I understand. Okay.
It'll be dawn soon.
I hope... No, I'm sure this is enough.
Will you... Will you stay with me?
I remember another one, a girl in Agua Nueva.
She was, uh...
She was in labor and losing a lot of blood.
The doctors wanted to cut the baby out of her, but
that might kill the mother, too.
The abuela called for Tio Luca.
And my tio, he came,
and he put his hand on her belly,
said a prayer to Santa Margarita,
and they both lived.
Tio Luca said that every life he saved
cost him a little bit of his own.
I thought he was gone.
But he came back for his Jesusito.
Old Luca could have warned me.
I felt like a giant-ass puppet for your ghost uncle.
Don't you see how rare this is?
You and Marnie are the only people that I've ever met
who can connect with the dead.
Being a medium is a serious calling.
I wish I didn't always have to answer.
You don't have a choice.
You are the answer.
Oh, hell.
Hey, beautiful. It's Sam.
What's goin' on?
Hold on a second.
Are you serious?
Dead serious.
In fact, uh, beautiful may be an understatement.
Okay. How can I say this
in a way you won't misinterpret?
Fuck you.
Are they in?
Yeah. Plus a few others.
The bigger we can make the circle,
the better we can protect ourselves.
Tara, honey, I got no home.
Okay, three pieces of furniture and two sons.
They're gonna live with their good-for-nothin' daddy
if I don't get back on my feet.
I shouldn't be gettin' involved.
We can fight back.
Marnie's gettin' strong.
Really strong.
And she needs us.
Now, I can run away and hide.
Or I can hold my ground, and stand up for myself.
You remember who taught me that?
Well, if we're gonna go down,
might as well go down swingin'.
But we're not goin' down.
We better not.
You on board? In the boat.
- I knew it. - Well, thank God,
'cause I wasn't gonna do it without you.
We can't stop now. We each need to bring in at least one more.
Well, I can ask my boyfriend.
He's got great, spiritual energy when he's not stoned.
My ex-sister-in-law's town. She never liked vampires.
I don't know any other people.
The more, the better.
If we can make the circle strong enough,
we'll be safe from vampires for good.
All perimeters secure.
Copy that.
What's it gonna feel like?
Do you know?
We won't be able to control our bodies.
Whether our minds will be conscious,
I do not know.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I've caused you so much suffering in your human life,
and now in this one.
I don't want you to ever be sorry.
I've lived more with you than
I ever would have with my human parents.
I never thanked you for that.
We will survive this.
Think of the life that you'll go back to.
Think of Hoyt.
I don't know if I can go back to him.
He loves me.
Bill, he loves me so much,
it hurts to even think about it.
But I don't love him the same.
I think if I was still human, I would.
I know that I... I would.
But I
don't have a human heart anymore.
Yes, you do.
If you've fallen out of love with him,
it doesn't mean that you've lost your humanity.
We are,
at our core, human.
It's a human's fault we're burnin' like bacon.
And she was driven to it by the acts of vampires.
All these years, we indulged our
murderous impulses.
Called it our nature.
How could we not expect reprisal?
Who cares who started it?
She's hell-bent on killin' us.
We have to kill her first.
Answerin' killin' with killin'
is what led us to this.
I have had
175 years on this earth.
And I've accomplished so little good.
If we survive...
we survive the day,
I will put a stop to it.
But you have done good.
You made me.
And when we survive the day,
I am going to eat that fuckin' witch,
startin' with her face.
What time is it?
It must be past noon by now.
The spell hasn't come.
It may not come at all.
Maybe not.
remove the silver.
I can't take that chance.
There's still half a day of sunlight left.
If I let you meet the sun,
I'd never forgive myself.
King Bill said the witch is very powerful.
So who knows?
I may meet the sun anyway.
I'd rather you didn't remember me like this.
There was one other time I saw you under silver.
You were in a church full of people who hated vampires.
You said you'd give yourself up
in exchange for Godric, and for me.
Didn't sink in at the time, but even then,
you were willing to die for me.
And still, you didn't love me.
There was all that other stuff that
kinda blotted it out for me.
I'd rather not think about it.
Sookie, I don't want my memory back.
Why not?
If you can overlook the things I've done,
and forgive me for them,
I don't want to remember.
I'm perfectly happy as I am with you.
Me, too.
But I'm still not letting you out of the silver.
If we hadn't just laid off all our security people,
I'd have you thrown out.
Whoa. I'm not here to start a fight.
Why are you pickin' one with me?
Uh, is this that, uh,
that intimacy problem you were talking about?
You know what my problem is?
I am a terrible judge of character.
I let people into my life too easily, and then I pay for it.
Thank you for reminding me. I thought we had a great time together.
Have you been drinking? Hard drugs?
No. Why would you even...
Do you remember the last 24 hours at all?
Do you remember sleeping with me?
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't forget that.
Do you remember kicking me out of your trailer?
What? No. When was that?
Like 8:30.
Yeah, I was over at the apartments.
There was no one in my trailer.
Unless my brother let himself in.
And he's not your twin brother, right?
No, he looks nothin'...
Oh, fuckin' hell.
Oh fuck.
Luna, that time you skinwalked and got incredibly sick,
tell me again what happened.
I ran a super high fever. Fever.
And I threw up, like, everything. Yeah.
And I started vomiting blood. Was your brother vomiting blood?
Yeah, he was.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Jesus Christ. Now I feel sick.
Uh, Hol, honey?
Why is Andy Bellefleur asking for you
with a dozen Winn-Dixie roses in his hand?
Oh, Christmas mornin', I completely forgot!
How do I look?
Better than he deserves.
Have you been seeing Andy?
So? What if I was?
Well, me, Mikey, and Terry
are crammed up in his bedroom for the time being.
So if you're fixin' to get lucky,
might have to share the couch.
I wasn't even thinking about that.
Look, between you and me... Mmm-hmm.
...their grandmama's a lush.
And that house is fallin' apart, girl.
Marryin' into the Bellefleur family
ain't as glamorous as everyone says.
Except for Terry. He's a prince.
I ain't marryin' anyone.
We haven't even had one date yet.
Hey, have Lafayette fry up his usual for me.
Don't you be watchin' me.
Well, aren't you handsome all cleaned up?
Thanks. Just bought the tie.
These are for you.
Oh, you didn't have to.
They were on sale.
Should we grab a booth?
So, uh,
where'd you end up stayin' the night?
The La Crescenta Motel out on Jefferson Highway.
Just till I find a rental.
Aw, that's nice.
Oh, no. It's a dump.
Right. Course it is. I stayed there when I...
I've stayed there.
Ooh, that place.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to be nervous.
You see me practically every day.
It's just, I haven't had any
food today.
I'm kinda off my game when I haven't eaten.
Well, the chef is already at work on your favorite.
I saw to that.
I should be the one making you feel better,
what with the...
I feel fine.
You don't have to worry about me.
Are you okay?
I'm just not feelin' so...
I don't know why I'm...
You know what?
This was a bad idea.
Hey, little booger.
What the...
Get outta my kitchen.
Maman will pass for you.
Lady, quit it. You hear me?
Good Lord! Lafayette!
You scared the stuffin' outta me.
You okay?
You wanna slow down?
Keep goin'.
No, wait.
Scoot off.
Baby, hold on.
What's the matter?
I'm sorry.
I'm tryin'.
Why you even gotta try?
I guess...
I keep thinking about last night,
what we walked in on.
What? Sookie and that vamp?
Are you in love with her?
What? You kiddin' me?
We're seriously having this conversation? Now?
You asked. I'm telling you.
Baby, this is crazy. You're imagining things.
Then why am I feeling this way?
All right, all right. Hey.
Look at me.
I worry for her. I do.
That's as far as it goes.
There's only one girl that I love.
Only one girl that I dream about.
I don't know why you're thinking the things you are,
but all's I can say
is that I'm here, and I'm yours.
What's goin' on?
My name
is Antonia.
I died at the hands of vampires
in the year 1610.
Our brave and loyal friend Marnie
has summoned me from across the centuries,
for we are once again at war.
But we are capable of defending ourselves.
I can show you.
If you do not wish to join me, go now.
I seek only the assistance of the willing.
Hey, where you goin'?
Let them go if they cannot stand with us.
This group had a traitor once.
She betrayed our names to the vampires.
She has paid for it.
We are no longer hidden.
If we do nothing and wait,
we shall be tortured,
murdered, eaten.
But understand this:
Vampires are not immortal.
They're only harder to kill.
And that is where our humanity is our great advantage,
for our human spirits are immortal.
I stand before you as living proof of this very fact.
I have matched my human spirit
against their emptiness,
and I have won.
Now I require your support, so we may do so again.
Let us show these vampires
the fury and power of the human spirit.
We have waited 400 years for this.
Who of you will join me?
I will.
Me, too. I'm in.
What the hell?
I needed to see if you had any conscience left.
I figure I deserve that.
Uh, I got no idea what you're talking about.
Tell me, was I next?
I mean, there's no way to keep it up with both of us around.
The only thing to do would be to kill me.
Then you'd have the money, the bar, the girl, everything.
Whoa, whoa. No, no, no.
You got it all wrong. Let me... Let me explain.
I can tell you how it all happened.
I don't care how it happened!
It fucking happened!
You have made a fool of me for the last time.
I didn't mean to do any of it. I...
It's the truth, I swear.
I didn't mean to.
Please stop.
I didn't mean...
I'm goin' outside. Ten minutes.
When I get back, I want you gone forever.
Sam. Sam, please.
Please remember how sorry I am.
I wish I could forget every fuckin' thing about you.
You fucking idiot.
Hey. I'm a little busy. What's up?
I was gonna come and tell you the good news
that I didn't turn into a werepanther after all.
Yeah, actually, I asked.
It doesn't work like that, but it must be a relief.
Uh, it is.
But what the hell's with the blood?
It's kinda complicated. Eric's under silver,
and I got a little bit of him on me.
Sook? What's goin' on?
There's a witch spell comin'.
It's supposed to make all the vampires walk out into the sun.
What, are you serious?
I gotta go. Wait!
If he's out of control, I don't want you down there.
He saved my life, Jason. I owe it to him.
I have to go.
He's not gonna make it without somebody there for him.
Go on! I'll be fine!
Not gonna make it?
Oh, Jesus.
Let me out!
I'm begging you! Please! Let me out!
Oh, the sun!
The sun!
Oh, the sun!
The sun!
To the sun. The sun.
Sun! No!
Eric, please, hold on!
Take off the chains! Take 'em off!
Listen to me! You'll die if you go out there!
I don't care!
I don't care!
Beulah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that hay.
I knew it.
The sun!
Bucky! Bucky, I need you!
Hey, get back on the bed!
Help me.
Bucky, no! It hurts!
Let go of the bars.
The silver is meltin' my hand!
Don't help her!
Jessica, no!
Jessica, listen to me!
As your maker, I command you!
Unchain me!
Hang on, Jess!
Hang on.
Stop! Stop!
I need to get Jessica.
The sun!