True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 9 - Let's Get Out of Here - full transcript

Convalescing after her latest near-death trauma, Sookie envisions a world where there's room for both Bill and Eric. Jesus tries to purge the restless spirit out of Lafayette; Marcus enlists Alcide to help him deal with the Sam situation; Bill and Nan Flanagan clash over their agendas; Hoyt asks Jason to make a delivery to Jessica; despite Tara and Holly's misgivings, Marnie plots her next move against the vampires, during a "Festival of Tolerance" event at Shreveport.

Come on, Sookie, stay with me. Come on, please!
Sookie? Sookie?
Sookie, drink.
Come on!
I'm so sorry, I should never have let you come tonight.
Then why did you?
Werewolf, I'm gonna need you to shut the fuck up!
Come on, drink.
Don't look like she's takin' it.
That's because she isn't.
Does she even have a pulse?
Barely. Come on.
Well, ain't there anything else we can do?
We can pray.
Werewolf and a vampire. Who's gonna listen?
That, I do not know.
He killed Beverleen!
I silvered the son of a bitch...
She was my favorite ex-sister-in-law.
What in the hell did you bring him back here for?
He is under my control.
Tell them, blond one.
I am yours.
So fuckin' cool!
Wash your face.
Bill offered you an olive branch tonight.
Why didn't you take it?
Everyone join hands.
We must cast a protective spell against the vampires, so we can be safe here.
I said join hands!
Um, I think I speak for everyone here when I say
I don't think this is what any of us signed up for.
Uh, does she speak for everyone?
She sure as hell speaks for me.
Not for me.
I didn't know what I was gettin' into, but I'm pleased as punch that I'm in it.
Good boy, Roy.
Thank you, Antonia.
Anybody else?
I found this stapled to a lamppost out front.
Tomorrow night we are going to go to this,
and we are gonna take the blond one with us,
so the whole world will see what vampires are capable of,
and what we are capable of doing to them.
My name is Antonia!
Jesus Christ.
Please, I'm begging you.
I got kids.
Nobody leaves.
Or what?
Try it, and you'll find out.
You made it.
Where's Eric?
Sookie, you were shot. You can't still...
Where is he?
I already have my men out looking for him.
Now that I know that you're all right,
I'll go and join them and I will search for him myself until...
Am I the only one here who thinks this is batshit crazy?
Sookie, you just came this close to dyin', because of fuckin' fangers. Again!
Every minute that we spend not looking for him...
I'm done here.
I'm done.
Thanks for the blood.
She finally fall asleep?
You should go, Sam. This is not your problem.
Well, what if I want it to be my problem?
Trust me, you do not want Marcus to be your problem.
Is that why Emma couldn't get to sleep?
She's scared he'll come back?
Are you?
I ain't leavin'.
Well, it'll be worse for everyone if he does come back and you're still here.
Well, then let's nobody be here.
No. No, I'm trying to teach Emma not to run from her problems.
Well, who said anything about runnin'?
I'm talkin' about the three of us,
goin' campin',
gettin' back to nature,
and getting back to nature is 100% opposite of running away.
I don't wanna have to wake Emma up.
Just carry her from her bed to the back seat.
She won't know anything till she wakes up to breakfast cooked on a campfire.
If it's sharin' a tent that's stoppin' you, you don't have to worry.
I am a multiple tent owner.
Oh, are you?
Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal.
So then, I go over to Jason's house,
because I thought maybe he might, like, understand what I was going through,
but he just kicked me out also.
And this is just the worst day of my life.
I wish I was dead.
Except I am, and it doesn't even matter.
There have been times, I'll admit,
when it's occurred to me that maybe I should
put my career on hold and become a maker,
but these last several hours here with you have erased those doubts forever.
You are nothing like you are on TV.
Aw, thanks.
I thought it best I go to ground here,
what with the Festival of Tolerance event starting so early tomorrow night.
Saw you on the news, by the way.
You did quite well.
Really got in front of the story.
Speaking of, what is the story, my king?
What have you gone and fucked up now?
I almost hesitate to ask,
but lest there be more surprises,
is there anything else I need to know?
Only that Northman is missing.
What? How?
Last we spoke, you were about to show him the true death.
I changed my mind.
Decisive leader you've turned out to be.
We'll have to cancel tomorrow night.
It's possible that Eric has fallen under Antonia's influence, just as Luis did.
Canceling is not an option.
What is so important about this event
that you are willing to risk your life and mine?
There are factions within...
Factions within what?
The AVL? The Authority? Unless you tell me,
I cannot agree to... Right now crews from CNN, VTV, Fox News
and bloggers from across the country are already outside the hotel, waiting.
What would you have me tell them?
Blame the witches.
America's had no problem doing it in the past.
I didn't think it was possible,
but you actually make me long for Queen Sophie-Anne.
I mean, what the fuck, Bill?
How did you let it come to this?
It was you that let it come to this!
I don't see how I'm responsible...
And there is the problem in a nutshell!
Everybody can see it but you.
Beyond tomorrow's headline, you are a blind person.
I would just love for you to say that to my face when I'm not chained in silver.
It's what I've been saying all along!
Bolster security if you feel it necessary,
but tomorrow's Festival of Tolerance is going forward,
and the cameras had damn well better find
you in a festive and tolerant fucking mood.
Am I understood?
Come on, baby. Ooh, we're home now.
We're home now, baby boy.
Yeah, we home.
Oh, my baby.
Get out of my house.
Get out of my house!
Whoa, man, this ain't your house.
That ain't your baby, either. That's Mikey!
This is my baby! Now get out of my house, you.
What the fuck, Lafayette?
This my baby.
It's his daddy that came and took him, I know it was.
Uh, Arlene...
Ain't that his daddy, standing right there?
Well why are you treating us like criminals?
We didn't abduct our own child!
I'm just trying to get the story straight.
Without it, we got no idea where to look.
You hear that, Terry? We're dealing with amateurs.
Well, I guess we're just gonna have to find him ourselves!
I mean, u know, is he here?
Is he here? Huh?
Oh, y'all need to stop touchin' shit!
Just look everywhere.
This here's crime scene.
Sons of bitches took my gun.
They took my son, cuz.
Deputy Jason Stackhouse.
J, it's me. Uh, Lafayette just walked through my front door,
with Arlene's baby,
a doll, and a gun.
Arlene? Arlene. Hoyt's got the baby.
At his place.
I knew that Fortenberry kid wasn't right.
Stay put, Bubba, we'll be right there.
Anything else I need to know?
Had one just like him in my platoon, just big and wrong.
He says Lafayette nearly took a shot at him.
With my gun?
Lafayette took Mikey?
Hoyt also said he came running out of the house with no pants on,
so we need to get him pants.
What? We don't have time for that!
It won't take but a minute, and I don't wanna see that shit.
Terry! I'm comin' with you.
No, you ain't. Stackhouse!
- They ain't. No. - Terry.
Damn it.
That is my child.
It's our child.
It's daytime.
What are you doing here?
Ask Sookie. It's her dream.
I don't know what he's doing here.
Yes, you do. Tell him.
Tell him you never stopped loving me.
Is this true?
What? Now everyone can hear everyone?
Is it?
Well, yes, but it's not my fault. He gave me his blood.
And he gave u his.
Sookie is mine.
Eric, don't.
Bullshit! She's mine!
Guys, I don't want you two fightin' over me, please!
I'm ten times your age.
And I love her twenty times as much!
Goddamn it, stop!
Thank you.
Now, this is my dream, so both y'all need to shut up and listen to me.
Come on.
Well? What are you waiting for?
Get your butts in the living room. We need to have a little talk.
"Sam, I came to say goodbye, but you wasn't here, so I'm writin' you instead.
"I fucked up."
I'm lookin' for Sam Merlotte. He around?
Who's askin'?
Name's Marcus.
Marcus what?
He knows who I am.
Well, he ain't around, Marcus He-knows-who-I-am.
Who are you?
His brother.
No shit. Shifter got hisself a shifter brother, huh?
All right, then.
You give him this, will you?
I'll be waitin' for him tonight. You tell him to be there,
or else he gonna have a bigger fuckin' problem on his hands than he already got.
I'll be sure and do that.
Our perp still inside?
The son of a bitch.
Y'all bring me any pants? Andy got 'em. Andy!
Oh, I forgot.
You went in the room to get 'em!
Well, indict me for being a little on edge,
why don't you? It's my kin in there!
Stay back.
Lafayette, you in there? Goddamn it.
It's Sheriff Bellefleur, Lafayette.
You sound like a white man, you!
You know damn well I'm a white man!
No chance is I openin' no door for no white man, me.
Open the door, you racist shitbag, or I will open it the fuck up for you!
You hear me?
Hey! Protocol is to defuse the situation.
Fuck that!
This situation became pre-un-defused the minute that she-male broke into my house.
Lafayette Reynolds,
on behalf of Renard Parish, the state of Louisiana,
and Jesus Christ his fuckin' self,
- What are you... - ready or not, here we come!
Don't even think about it, Lafayette.
I ain't gonna let you shoot him. Drop the weapon.
- Hand over the baby. - It's my weapon.
Get out of my house!
Andy, come on!
Oh, Jesus, fuck!
Holy shit!
Y'all all right?
How'd you let him get the drop on you, Stackhouse?
What the hell was I supposed to do, shoot him with the baby in his arms?
- Shit. - Fuck!
What are you doing here?
I told y'all not to me!
Go away, yous! I got plenty more bullets, me!
Why are you doing this, Lafayette?
My name's Mavis.
He's lost it. Mavis?
I'm goin' in. No quarter.
No, no, no, no.
We can't let you do that.
What the hell, cuz?
Let us handle this.
Get the fuck offa me! Let me go!
- You ain't goin' nowhere! - Off my goddamn arms!
You're just jealous 'cause I got a wife and a life and a baby to love,
and you got nothin' and nobody!
How'd you get so fuckin' strong?
C'mere, bunny!
She seems to have forgotten all about last night's drama.
What is it, Sam, do you need to hear me say it?
I'm a weak man, Luna, I kinda do.
You were right.
This was a great idea.
You're the best.
That's what I'm talking about.
At school, we have this regular bunny.
She lets you hold her.
These nature bunnies, all they do is run away.
That's because nature bunnies are smart,
and like to exercise.
School bunnies are fat and lazy.
Uh, we don't say "fat."
Oh, sorry.
It's okay.
I hope I turn out to be a shifter instead of a werewolf.
Where'd that come from, bug?
Because if I'm a shifter, one day I can be
my own bunny and pet myself whenever I want.
Emma, whatever you wind up being is what you're supposed to be,
and you're perfect, understand?
What are you getting all serious for? I just wanna pet a bunny.
Girl wants to pet a bunny.
I'm gonna go catch her that bunny.
Gimme a minute.
One minute.
Come here, little guy.
He's so cute!
Isn't he?
I could be dreaming about anything. I could be swimming with dolphins,
or eating a whole pie without any consequences,
but instead I'm here with the two of you.
Now, that's gotta mean something.
I'm afraid to ask what.
I think,
I think I'm in love with both of you.
You can't be. That's not who you are.
Only because I've always been this self-conscious, good little girl
who's too scared to think outside the box,
especially when it comes to love and sex.
But as of right now, I'm putting that little girl behind me.
What exactly are you proposing?
That I can love both of you.
That I don't have to be yours, or yours.
I'm proposing that the two of you...
be mine.
I'm the king of Louisiana. I do not share.
You have to choose.
Okay, first of all, you guys are vampires.
What's with all the morality?
And second of all, this is such a double standard.
When it's two women and one guy,
everyone's hunky-dory with it, even if they barely know each other.
But when a woman tries to have her way with two men she is
totally and completely in love with,
everyone's hemmin' and hawin'.
I'm sayin' I love you.
Both of you.
And, I'm asking you to love me back.
It's either both of you, or nothin' at all.
Take it or leave it.
One drop at a time, girlfriend, okay? No more.
This shit's a whole other level.
You ever drink V directly from the source?
You ever put your face up against a vampire's cold skin,
and just sucked it right out of him?
Fuck no.
Well, I have, so don't be a cunt!
Just breathe. Breathe.
It's not real. It's the V. It'll pass.
I'm puttin' you in charge of this.
That's the first good decision you made all day.
Jesus, the hell you doin' here?
I called him.
Hey! Get, get down!
Why is he doin' this?
I have no idea.
Hey, come here. Hey, hey. I got a theory.
When you guys, uh, role-play, does Lafayette
ever turn into a woman named Mavis?
I'm gonna forget you just said that, and I'm gonna head on in.
Hey, hey, he's got a gun.
I'm goin' in, Jason.
It's, it's against protocol.
What, you're gonna shoot me?
I'm gonna get your baby back.
I'm goin' with. Echelon formation.
Right now he's defiladed, but if I approach from the flanks...
Terry, I'm a nurse. I'm not even gonna pretend to understand what you just said,
but I think I should go in by myself.
Okay, but what if I...
Baby, no. I do not wanna fight fire with fire.
- Don't worry. I got this. - Stay here.
Let him go in.
Goddamn it.
He's a nurse. He's just a nurse. Oh, fuck.
Just you and me now, you. Lafayette?
Who you with, you? Monsieur Virgil?
What's your name? Is it Mavis?
What you want, you?
I just wanna help.
And I think I can.
I'm a brujo.
A practitioner of magic.
I got all the magic I need, me, right here.
I'm sorry, Mavis, but he is not your baby.
You lie!
No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.
Why you come to take my baby, hmm?
That woman out there who's been crying for hours, she is this baby's mami .
You broke into their house and you took him from her!
I would never take another woman's baby.
I know, I know.
I think something happened to you,
something you never made peace with.
I don't know what, but whatever it was, it killed you.
I no dead.
Now your spirit is looking for a way back,
and since my boyfriend is a medium, you found it by entering his body.
Oh! Oh, no!
How I make the baby with this, me?
You didn't.
My baby. My baby boy.
He dead?
I'm so sorry, Mavis. No!
I am so, so sorry.
I just wanna hold him, just one, just one last time.
You. You got that kind of magic in you?
We can try.
Okay, but if you do find Mr. Northman, please
have King Bill call me, or you call me,
or, I don't know, something.
Hey there, Sookie.
Hope you like flowers.
Come in.
Alcide was the first, the only, man that I ever loved,
if you count out Coot,
which believe me, I really wish I could.
So when I saw Alcide with you, and the way he cared about you, I just...
I understand being jealous,
but you tried to kill me.
That ain't somethin' you can expect someone to forget.
I don't.
That's not why I came. I know you're in trouble,
and I'm wondering if there's anything I could do to help, that's all.
Did Alcide tell you I was in trouble?
He didn't have to.
He came home last night with your blood on him.
If he didn't tell you, how did you know the blood was mine?
Because I remember the smell.
Look, I ain't asking to be best friends.
You know, I'd be crazy if I expected that,
and I ain't crazy.
But can't we try and make things better just a little at a time?
Don't talk. Just let me listen.
- What? - Shh. Alcide, love him so much, there ain't nothin' I wouldn't do for him.
Why can't she just believe me?
I need her to see that I wanna help.
I believe you.
You know, Alcide told me that you think it's a curse,
being what you are.
But I think it'd be nice to know what people are thinkin' every once in a while.
He loves you.
He really does.
Thank you.
you really wanna help?
'Cause I sure as heck could use some.
Please, just let me hold him one last time!
Tell me the last thing you remember.
Him, me was outside fightin'.
"I wanna see my baby."
I tell him I wanna hold him, but he say I couldn't.
He want to get away from me, but I followed him inside the house, me.
Why? Why can't I hold him?
And then he told me,
"Because, Sugar, I already done buried him."
He already buried my...
I don't want to go through this again, you.
I just wanna know where my baby is.
Which is why you have to go through this.
Monsieur Virgil went into the kitchen.
- He was standin' by the sink. - Please...
He wouldn't look at me.
...and look me in the eyes!
So I started tugging on him to make him look!
Look at me!
And then it was inside of me.
What was it?
The knife.
Then I just fell to the floor,
floated up and watched myself die.
What happened next?
He started shoveling. I couldn't take it no more, me, so I left.
Where was he shoveling?
Out there, yonder, under the tree.
Don't shoot!
We're comin' out!
You got the shot, Stackhouse, take him out.
They ain't even got the gun no more, Andy.
- Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. - Hoyt, we need a shovel.
A shovel? What the hell for?
Just get it.
Hi, sweet boy.
Come here, Sweet Pea.
Oh, hey, sweet boy.
I can't say how sorry I am 'bout all this, me.
Don't worry about it. Sometimes these things happen.
We still love you, Lafayette.
My name's Mavis.
My boy. My sweet baby boy. Oh, it's gonna be okay.
Oh, my heart hurts, I love you so much.
What you said,
about me movin' up in the pack?
I want in.
Well, what changed 'tween then and now?
You want honesty or you just want me to kiss the ring?
Well, I'll take honesty every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.
It's important to Debbie.
That's it?
What's important to Debbie's gotta be important to me,
now more than ever.
I mean it. Whatever you need, I'm there.
Well, you know what I call a dude that'll admit there ain't nothin' he won't do
for the woman he loves?
A man.
To Shreveport.
To Shreveport.
Hey, what are you up to the rest of the night?
Wide open.
Well, you might have heard me talk about my wife before.
We're, uh, separated, going through a rough patch.
And now some fuckin' shifter is lookin' to replace me.
Anyways, I got this son of a bitch of hers
stoppin' by a little later on for a talk.
I was hopin' you wouldn't mind stickin' around.
It ain't my style to go beatin' on people I got no beef with.
Now that's, that's not what I'm askin' for,
I swear.
I just need to communicate with him that I
can, and I will, hurt him if I have to.
Since you're about six-six and wider than a door,
he might be more inclined to listen with you standin' behind me.
To communicatin' shit.
To communicatin' shit.
I want you to know how sorry I am, Stackhouse.
And I want you to know how little that
means to me, 'cause I heard it all before,
too many times.
Why don't you do something useful and turn on the lights,
'cause we can't see shit down there.
Think I got somethin'.
What? What down there?
I don't know.
You think it's him, you?
I think it's both of you.
My baby.
It's time.
You found him and you held him,
but now I need my Lafayette back.
Oh, where, where I go?
It's not for us to know.
Holy fuck.
Sweet Jesus, it's a miracle.
Monsieur Lafayette,
thank you for everything.
You got it, bitch.
We are closed for the evening.
I know what you're up against.
I know who you're up against.
I said we're closed.
I represent the Shreveport pack of werewolves.
I come to pledge our allegiance to your cause.
So tell me, young lady,
exactly what are you offering?
We hate vampires every bit as much as you do.
Well, I doubt that.
How so?
What else? Money, drugs.
Got to the point where pretty much my entire pack is...
Hey, come on, let's get you out of here.
You should go.
You're under her spell, aren't you? What is she making you do?
Kill the king.
Kill the king? You mean Bill?
Goddamn it, Sook. How fuckin' stupid can you be?
What little I know about werewolves is that werewolves do not like to be known.
Why are you making yourselves known to me now?
Uh, like, like I said, you know, on account of your cause and all.
Sookie Stackhouse!
The telepath?
Yes, who aids vampires. I brought her to you.
Do not shoot! This one could be of use to us.
Uh, okay.
Oh, Sookie.
Just drop the gun!
Shoot her, shoot her, shoot her!
Fucking chill, Roy!
You always been stupid,
but comin' here has gotta be about the stupidest shit I ever heard of.
Are you even listenin' to me?
We're all being held hostage. Bill's at the Dorcester Hotel.
Keep her here.
Charge me, Sookie. Charge me now!
No, no, no!
I'm really fuckin' sorry, Antonia, but she charged me
Y'all saw it!
Fuckin' werewolf.
You had me worried sick.
Shreveport, Dorcester. Now.
Mr. Northman, it's time to go.
Yes, Antonia.
Uh, Roy, you come with.
The rest of you stay here.
I can't take this anymore, I can't, I mean,
I mean, I don't even think I'm a real Wiccan!
I was just doing this to piss off my parents!
Let's get the fuck outta here!
Are you all right?
Try the front door!
I'm already on it!
Oh, fuck.
I am riskin' life and limb here tonight,
so that all of you across this great country of ours
can witness Shreveport, Louisiana's
pre-Halloween pageantry of vamp bullshit.
So without further ado...
And now, our special guest tonight, Joyce Watney.
I founded the LSU chapter of the Living Dead Alliance
after having a deeply personal experience with a vampire.
My big sister, Julie Watney.
When I was 12 and she was 19, Julie disappeared.
We never saw her again until three years
ago, when vampires came out of the coffin.
Mom, Dad, and I were having Sunday night dinner, and the doorbell rings,
and it's Julie,
wanting to know if she could watch us eat.
Are we the only vampires here?
Other than this one's sister we're about to trot out, yes, we are.
How can you have an event in honor of the
living dead without any living dead?
It's like having a civil rights protest without any black people.
They're called African Americans,
and maybe those protests wouldn't have turned into the bloodbaths they became
if they hadn't been there.
Ever consider that?
...but you know what we say?
We say vampires gave us our Julie back. They gave us a miracle.
So, put your hands together, please, for my big sister, and our family's miracle,
Ms. Julie Watney.
Watch it.
See that?
Place don't look worse for the wear.
Yeah, yeah, no, if you, I mean, if you ignore the frame d, uh, the bullet holes,
and the general fucked-up-ness of everything.
Don't be bitter.
Hoyt, we witnessed a miracle tonight.
Is this yours?
No. No, that goes in the monster box.
The monster box?
Yeah, I packed all her shit up.
Well, she ain't a monster.
Sometimes things just...
don't work out.
Man, I gave her my heart, I gave her my soul, I gave her my life.
Wanna see what I got in return?
It's the only thing I got out of the year we spent together,
so take the monster's CD, and put it in the monster's monster box,
and you take it to her for me, will you?
You want me to take it to her?
She's at vampire Bill's house. Just swing it by on your way home.
The thing is, it ain't...
it ain't my place, getting mixed up in all this,
so, uh...
Man, you're my best friend in the whole world,
so if it ain't your place, whose place is it?
Please? I don't wanna see her, all right? Ever again.
She fall asleep already? Shh.
Can I help you?
My name is Sam Merlotte.
Is Marcus here?
We been expectin' you.
Well, I'm glad you came.
Nate here bet me 50 bucks you wouldn't.
Said you didn't have the balls.
Live and learn, Nate.
Ain't never smart bettin' against me.
I reckon it wasn't.
Why am I here?
Stop fuckin' my wife.
First off, she ain't your wife no more.
Not really.
We're workin' shit out!
And second, you can't stop fuckin' somebody,
when you ain't fuckin' 'em in the first place!
Now, screwin' another man's wife, well, that's one thing,
but lookin 'him in the eye and lyin' about it...
I ain't lyin'.
I ain't even touched her.
Yeah, right. Nice try.
Can't say the same about my brother, though,
'cause he had her every which way.
Told me she was sweet, too.
Don't bet against you, huh?
Goddamn it, Marcus, call 'em off!
Who's the smart money on now?
Hey, Marcus, you gave me your word!
He mouthed off to me!
So the fuck what?
Look at him!
Oh, Jesus.
How'd the hell he do that?
That ain't Merlotte. That's his brother.
Fuck. Get him outta here.
Come on, Debbie. I have to say, for a badass werewolf, you drive like a girl.
Today's media landscape is ratings-driven,
and unfortunately, it's the Russell Edgingtons of the world who drive ratings.
But facts are facts,
even if the fact is that facts are almost never heard.
So let's hear some, shall we?
Fact. From July of last year...
Fact. Human-on-vampire crime was also down almost 20%.
You have cornered me.
I surrender.
This is great!
...and I share your beliefs.
Uh, where's the security?
Bill had an event at some hotel. What are you doing here?
this box is for you.
It's all your stuff.
Hoyt said,
he said he wanted you to have 'em, so.
That how he said it?
I might be parrot-phrasing a little.
Jessie, you all right?
Oh, I'm just fine.
If you ever need to talk...
Would you maybe wanna come in?
You know, I don't think that's such a good idea.
So, I'm...
I'm, I'm gonna go.
Thank you.
Do you want me to come in with you?
No. No need to get into any more trouble on my account.
Go on, go home to Alcide.
And now I'd like to introduce to you one of the most generous benefactors
the state of Louisiana has ever known,
Bon Temps entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. William Compton.
Can you even breathe? 'Cause I can't.
Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
What a wonderful night, for a wonderful cause.
But make no mistake,
there is still much work to be done,
for history teaches us
that war can sound a louder call to action than can peace.
Right. Yeah.
That a message of hate can seduce an impressionable mind far more readily
than a message of love.
Which means we must remain vigilant...
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
They're comin' for you, Bill!