True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 8 - Timebomb - full transcript

Having saved Sookie, Godric orders Eric to leave the premises with her - and to do so peacefully. Unfortunately, Steve Newlin and his followers are waiting for them in the Church and he ...

Godric, it's me.

You should not have come.



I'm here, my child.

Down here.


You were a fool
for sending humans after me.

I had no other choice.

These savages, they--

They seek to destroy you.

I'm aware of what
they have planned.

This one betrayed you.

He's with the Fellowship.

They set a trap for us.

How long since you've fed?

I require very little blood

Save the human.

Go on.
I am not leaving your side

- until you are--
- I can take care of myself.

Come on, we have to go.

Spill no blood
on your way out.


I'm alive.

Holy shit.

God saved me.

I'm saved.

Oh, for heaven's sake,
grow a brain cell!



You crazy bitch.

I let you into my house,
into my bed

and into my heart.

All I stood for,

all I believed in,

I violated
to be with you!


I gave you everything
for a lie.

You're worse than Judas.

What did he do to you?

Oh, sweet Jesus!

I'm sorry, okay?

Just tell me what you want me
to say. Don't shoot me again.

You came to prey on me,
to ruin the sacred vow

I made to my husband,
then like a coward, you ran!

No, I didn't r--

Okay, I ran,

but it wasn't from you.

It was from your husband
and his crazy weapon collection.

Why'd you have to go
and tell him?

Tell him?

I didn't tell him anything.
He's the one who told me.

Wait, wait, wait.


Told you what?

There are wolves
in our henhouse.

We must defend
our flock.

Well, what's that
got to do with--?

We have your sister.

Sookie's in the church?

She came in yesterday spouting
the same lies you told.

You listen to me. She's got
nothing to do with this.

You Stackhouses.

You're nothing but a bunch

of heartless, two-faced

vampire fuckers.

Don't you ever talk about
my sister like that.

And if I find out any of you
so much as touched her,

I'm gonna come back here...

...and it won't be
with no fucking paint gun!

Brothers and sisters,

we are on lockdown.

Women with children,

please take them
to our classroom buildings.

Men and
able-bodied women,

security personnel will provide
you with stakes and silver

just outside the chapel.

Our Soldiers of the Sun
are on their way

to protect our church,

but safely evacuate
the building now.

Brothers and sisters,
the hour is upon us.

I could have you out
in seconds.

There's kids out there.

Now, those humans wouldn't
think twice about hurting us.

Why didn't you bring Bill
with you?

His attachment to you
is irrational.

It clouds his judgment.

He would kill every child
in this church to save you.

Why aren't you?

I'm following Godric's orders
and getting you out, that's all.

He's your maker,
isn't he?

Don't use words
you don't understand.

You have a lot of
love for him.

Don't use words
I don't understand.

Let's lock it up!

Keep quiet!
All right, lock it up.

Nobody comes through here.

Eric, no.

Trust me.

Is it locked?

Did you check upstairs?

Oh, hey, y'all.
How's it going?

Steve sent me over to man
the exit here.

Think I can
take it from here.

- By yourself?
- Uh, yeah.

You're big and all, but there's
a vampire on the loose.


Where's your stake?


I forgot.

Maybe I can borrow yours if--
if that's okay.

I can't do that.

Get your own.

I'd very much
like to borrow your stake.

Yeah. Yeah, that'd be okay,
I guess.


You don't have to kill him.

Come on.

Those arrows are wood.

You'll never make it through.

Eric, through the sanctuary.

- Where's the exit?
- Back that way.

There are several exits, actually.

For you, the easiest one
takes you straight to hell.

Let us leave.

Save yourselves.

No one has to die.

The war has begun,
you evil whore of Satan.

You vampires cast the first stone
by killing my family.

The lines have been drawn.

You're either with us
or against us.

We are prepared
for Armageddon.

The vampire you're holding
prisoner got away.

He's a sheriff.

He's bound
to send for help.

I'm not concerned with Godric.

Any vampire will do
for our grand celebration,

and we got one right here.

I'll be fine.

Brothers and sisters,

there will be a holy bonfire
at dawn.

Look, dear.

Room service sent a gift for us.

No. Uh, no.
I don't do any--

Ah, heart's pounding.

So much tastier.

How considerate of you.


That bothersome human.

Just like an alarm clock
you can't switch off.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

And 10 minutes later,


I'll give you first bite.

I am not hungry.

Oh, come now.

As I recall, your appetite
was always insatiable.

This human act you do
for your girlfriend

is charming and all,
but we both know better.

Don't we?

Please. I--
I don't want to die.

Let him go!

I will.



This one's different.

I've never tasted--

What are you?


You okay? You okay?

I'm not hurting you?

No, not anymore.

- Oh, goodness.
- Shut up. Keep going.

Oh, uh I--

Uh, I--I don't know
what you heard,

but those were screams
of pleasure.


Oh, my God.

If you truly care for her,

you will take her to your car
this very moment

and drive her back to Bon Temps
before the Sun comes up.

Uh, now?



Oh shit, hooker.


Isn't the lovers good?

Not for you it ain't.

In this position,
it calls for a sacrifice

in matters of the heart.

You gonna have
to make a choice.

But it might turn out well,

You want to see
your future?

Tara, help me.

I need to talk to you.

Uh, y-yeah, s-sure.

I'm gonna go
and clean a grill or something.

Say something.
You're freaking me out.

- What time is it?
- What?

- What time is it?
- It's-- it's 10 past 12.

We just closed, why?

Look, it happened again.

I-- I've lost
the last couple hours.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

You don't remember anything?

I mean, after I left you,
I got in my car

and, baby,
next thing I know

I'm over past Parish Road
and I'm over by the lake.

And I wake up on the ground.
It's freezing cold.

And I don't even know
how I got there.

Tara, what the hell
is wrong with me?

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm here.

Lafayette, you--
you okay to close up?

Yeah, y'all go on ahead.

Come on,
let's get you home.

Hey, hey.
Who are you?

It's okay.

I'm with the Fellowship.
You gotta let me in.

Sorry, bro.
We're in lockdown.

There's a vamper inside.


That's why
they sent for me.

I'm a cadet
with the light of day institute.

Came strapped.


Dude, honesty.

Come on.
Let's move.

Now, we got the vamper

He's got some F-ing fangbanger
chick with him.

Now, I'm gonna take you
to Steve.

No. I got it.

No, he needs you to--

Hey, is that a paintball gun?


Yeah, it is.

Who is this?


Jesus Christ.

Renard Parish Sheriff's Department.

What's your emergency?

- Sheriff's department.
- Is anyone there?

Anyone in there?

This is the Sheriff's Department.



You see?

Just as our Lord
our savior

was betrayed for 30 pieces
of silver,

a few ounces of silver
can betray a child of Satan

to the world!

That doesn't make
any sense.

How can you people
listen to him?


I offer myself in exchange
for Godric's freedom.

And the girl's as well.

That's noble.

But she's just as culpable
as you are.

She's a traitor to her race.

The human race.

She hardly deserves mercy.

Maybe we should tie her
to you

so you can
meet the Sun together.

Bet the marshmallow
would roast up nicely.


One more step, vampire,
and the girl dies.

If you shoot her,
everyone here will die.

Let her go now.

what do they see in you?

Soldiers, some silver chains
for our friend here.

He's done nothing to you.

Sookie, I will be fine.



Ah! Ah!

Let her go, fuckwad!

Ah! Ow!

Son of a bitch!


Let's go.

Do not kill him!

Kill him!

Kill the motherfucker!

Go ahead.

Murder us.

Murder us before God.

We are willing to die.

Steve Newlin!


You have pushed us too far.

You expect us to sit
on our thumbs

while you round up your men
to come lynch us?

We'll kill you first.

Same way we did your father.

Oh, God, no.


Destroy them.

All of them.

Bill, Eric.
Stop them!

We have to go now!


You came for me,
I assume.


Yeah, Sheriff.

These people
have not harmed me.

You see?

We can coexist.

Mr. Newlin,

I do not wish
to create bloodshed

where none
in called for.

Help me set an example.

If we leave you in peace,
will you do the same?

I will not negotiate
with subhumans.

- Kill me.
- No!

Do it.

Jesus will protect me.

I'm actually older
than your Jesus.

I wish I could have known him,
but I missed it.

Good people, who of you
is willing to die

for this man's madness?

That's what I thought.

Stand down, everyone.

People, go home.

It's over now.

Oh, thank God.

It's all right.
You're safe now.

You're safe.

Please, don't leave me.

I daresay my faith in humankind

is stronger than yours.


Sir, after what these humans
have done to you?

I said come.

Are you sure you're okay?

She's fine.

Go with your maker.


Sookie, come here.

Oh, I'm so sorry.
Will you please forgive me?

What were you doing
with those people?

Are you
out of your mind?

Yeah, I was.

That son of a bitch
sucked out my brain

and planted all his own babies
in there.

You know nothing.

On the final day of reckoning,

we'll see who goes to Heaven
and who goes to Hell.

I reckon I've already
been to heaven.

It was inside your wife.


Jason, come on.

What about that?

Come on.
Take your ring.


Honesty, my ass, shithead.

White-suit motherfucker.

Go home, preacher boy.

Come on, Sam.

We can't tell you that.

That's why it's called
an anonymous tip.

We can't tell you
who phoned it in.

They wanted you
to find me.

Why would I keep a body
in my own refrigerator?

Jeez, was it
a woman's voice?

- Sam.
- There's a rumor

you were having a relationship
with the deceased.

Is that true?


Well, you don't seem
too beat up about it.

Well, we--

I guess
we kind of broke up.

Were you angry?

Bound to be
some hurt feelings.

Listen, y'all have to trust me.

This is bigger and crazier
than you can even imagine.

I'll say.

This is the second time
in two weeks

a woman's been found in your bar
with her heart missing.

And the third time a waitress
of yours has ended up dead.

Oh, come on.
That was Rene Lenier.

You can't use that against me.

Come on, Bud, Kenya.
Listen to yourselves.

You know me.

I'm not sure we do.

You got no birth records,
no social security number.

We can't even find
where you want to high school.

It's hard to explain.

Save it, son. Nothing about
your past ever checks out.

Why don't you just tell us
what happened tonight?

What the--?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.

Bud, you don think it's Sam,
do you?

Let me get him.

Hold on, Kenya.

You're on suspension.

How'd you hear about this?

Still got my radio.

I'm not here as a cop, okay?
I'm a witness.

You got the wrong guy.

- What?
- Sam's not the one you want.

He's a victim.

I saw him nearly get killed
last night.

- By who?
- The bull.

- The what?
- Oh, Andy.

He thinks he saw
some kind of bull.

- With claws. A bull.
- In a dress.

With claws.

Okay, Andy.
You're babbling again.

I can shut him up.
And your vic,

that vic you got in there,
she was part of the whole group

of crazy people
that was trying to get him.

I tried to fight them off,
but war wound.

I'm corroborating here, Sam.

Tell them. Help me.

If I told you
that's what happened,

would you believe me?

Oh, shit.

But you're not
the only one.

I blacked out last night.

Arlene blacked out.

Maybe there's some kind
of gas leak or something.

But, uh, what about
Andy Bellefleur?

He said he saw all of us.

Andy's the only one
we know is out his mind.


I got this sick feeling
I did something real bad.

Knock, knock.

- Hope I'm not interrupting.
- No, just trying

to piece together everything
we been doing past couple days.


Sounds like somebody's been
enjoying himself a bit too much.

Tell you what.

Why don't we ease up on the
partying for a little while, hm?

Take it easy.


Snack's ready.

Hope you're hungry.

Oh, my God.

That looks amazing.
What is it?

Hunter's souffl?.

I didn't know hunters
made souffl?s.

Most don't. Dig in.


What is in there?
Is that the rabbit you caught?

Among other things.


You have got to try this.


Oh, my God.


Mm, mm, mm.


Thank you, sir.

Welcome home, Sheriff.

We are all very relieved.

Well, I just want to say
I'm real sorry

for what the Fellowship
put you through.

You helped save
many lives today, Mr. Stackhouse.

Please know you have friends
in this area whenever you visit.

Thanks, man, but uh,
I don't know

if I'll be wanting to come back
anytime soon.


Hail the conquering hero.

Aw, no.
I'm no hero.

No, you are in this town.

But in my area we know you well
as a buyer and user

of vampire blood.

And that's a very
grave offense.

Yeah, listen.
I-- I don't do that no more.

All things considered,

we'll call it even.

But you won't
be doing it again.



No. Got it.

Good boy. Run along.

Thanks, this is great.

You've avoided being alone
with me all night.

With all the commotion,

there's just
hardly been time.

Bill, I was in that basement
for two days.

You don't even want to know

what almost happened to me
down there.

Where were you?

Sookie, it's--

"It's complicated"
is not an answer.

Every time I've needed you,

you've always come running,
even in broad daylight.

What kept you?

Uh, I was held.

Like kidnapped?

By who?

By Eric?

Mm, heard my name.

I hope you were speaking well
of me?

Why should I? You let me
walk into a trap.

I regret that.

If I had known it was
a possibility--

You did know.

But because it was Godric,
you'd risk anything.

The bond between a vampire
and his maker

is stronger
than you can imagine.

Perhaps one day
you'll find out.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.


What's the matter?

What, you don't like me

No, I just don't think--

Bill might not like us doing
this stuff in his house.

He'll never know.

Come on, you drove so fast,
I know you want to again.

Besides, we got two hours
before dawn.

I can't believe I waited
so long.

We are gonna do it
every single night

whether you want to
or not.

You still want to,
don't you?

Well, sure, yeah.

It's just that Sookie and Bill
might come in any minute.

We got the house
to ourselves.

I promise.

I've never wanted anything
so bad in my life.

Make love to me again.


Do me. Now.

Ow. Wait, stop, stop.

Okay, okay.


What happened?

I don't know.
It just--

I mean,
it's felt like, uh--

Is that blood again?

Oh, my God.


Oh, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

What, Jessica,

It grew back.

It? What?

My-- it fucking grew back.

Oh, jeez.

I should have known.

I mean, everything heals
when you're a goddamn vampire.

Okay, come on. Come on.

It's gonna be beautiful.

Every time will be like
our first time.

It'll hurt like hell.

I'm a fucking
deformity of nature.

I'm gonna be
a virgin forever.

I don't like
being touched.

Well, believe me,
I do not like touching you.

Your contact with Sookie
will cease from this moment.

Oh, that's hardly
your decision.

Calling in my maker because you
couldn't win Sookie for yourself

is feeble and desperate
even for you.

Are you picking
a fight?

I'd like to see you try.

She will never be yours.

And there is
nothing you can do.

In this you are powerless.

Accept it.

Here, this is the one who betrayed us.


He's your human,
is he not?

Yes, he is.

Do you love him?


I thought I did.

It appears
you love him still.

I do.

I'm sorry.

But you are my sheriff.
Do with him as you please.

You are free to go.



The human
is free to go.

And do not return.

I fear it is not safe
for you here.

This is a travesty.

This is my verdict.

Eric, escort them out.

Make sure he leaves unharmed.

Yes, Godric.

Thank you.

Thank you, Sheriff.

What was that about?

Uh, Godric is Sheriff
and he has the authority to--

I mean, with Eric.
Why are you talking to him

if he kidnapped you?

It wasn't Eric.

Then who was it?

Uh, Mr. Compton.

Hey, Sook.

Is there someplace
we can talk in private?

Jason, this really
isn't the time to--

Look, if I don't say this now,
I never will.

Uh, look, please,
it'll only take a minute.

Let's go out back.


Listen, I know everyone says it,

but I'm really not
the guy you want.

If it's like you said,

that there's something out there
that's fixing to get you,

then jail's just about the
safest place to spend the night.

Now, come on.

Hey, Sam.
Join the party.

What the--?

I'd come down and give you
a hug, but I lost my pants.

Yeah, it's been

a hell of a night.

Must be a full moon.

Pretty sure it's not.


What'd they arrest you for?


- What?
- Yeah, they say I, uh--

I sodomized a pine tree.

What'd you do that for?

I don't know.

Must have blacked out,
but it's gotta be true.

My pecker's got all kinds
of scratches on.

Don't worry, Mikey.

It'll heal.

What are you in for?

Worse than me?

Leave him alone, Mike.


What is it?

Uh, I need you
to forgive me.


Uh, you love my sister,
and, uh,

there ain't no reason why
you shouldn't be able to.

All this time,
I let my own

stupid ignorance
stand in the way.

Thank you.

But I am also in your debt
for helping rescue Sookie.

After all I did
to fuck everything up,

that's the least I can do.

I'm-- I'm just sorry it took me
so long to wake up to it.

Well, you did.
Just in time.


Well, was that okay for you?

It was fine.

Hugo's been dispatched.

I told him
not to stop driving

until he reaches
the Mexican border.

I've arranged for
an AB-negative human for you.

Extremely rare.

Thank you.

I'm not hungry.

You have to feed

I doubt the Fellowship
had anything to offer.

Why wouldn't you leave
when I first came for you?

They didn't
treat me badly.

You'd be shocked at how ordinary
most of them are.

They do nothing but fan
the flames of hatred for us.

Let's be honest.

We are frightening.

After thousands of years,
we haven't evolved.

We've only grown
more brutal,

more predatory.

I don't see the danger
in treating humans as equals.

The Fellowship of the Sun
arose because we never did so.

Is that why you wouldn't fight
when they took you?

I could have killed every last
one of them within minutes.

And what would that
have proven?

Oh, my God.

I inhaled that fucker.

You know what?

I didn't think it was possible,

but this is better
than her pie.

Way better.

I gotta learn how to cook.

You know, I feel like
a superhero. I mean--

You look like one.


How about now?

I mean, I feel invincible,
you know?

Like nobody
could even hurt me.


I hate you.

I fucking
hate your guts.

You fucking bitch.
I fucking hate you too.

You're not even trying,
are you?


Is that all you got?
I mean--

Now, that feels so fucking good.


Damn, boy.

Do it again.

Fuck, I want you so bad.



That's great.

Me too.

Hello, there.

I'm Lorena.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Sookie.

Hm. Yes.

You are what all the fuss
is about.

Excuse me?

Aren't you a morsel.

I'm sorry.

Uh, who are you?

Well, we have
a mutual friend.

- Bill?
- That's right.

he never mentioned me.

I practically made him
what he is today.


Oh, hello, darling.

I was just getting to know
your plaything.

You always did like to prey
on the innocent.

Bill, is this your maker?

She released me years ago.

She no longer has any hold
over me.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

We had two marvelous nights
in your hotel room.


Did you know your boyfriend
hit me over the head

with a 52-inch plasma television
earlier tonight?

Everyone says
they're so thin and light,

but let me tell you,
when wielded properly,

it's quite a weapon.

- You did?
- Lorena, you need to leave.

I hope he doesn't pull
the same shenanigans with you.

There's no excuse
for domestic violence.

What she has failed
to mention

Is that she was holding me


We were just catching up
is all.

You must have been
worried sick,

wondering where he was.

I admit it.
It got a bit heated.

But you know how old lovers
can get sometimes.

Do not touch him.

My, we're feisty too.

You're no more
than a blood bag.

You cannot win this.

I've already won.

Bill chose me.

And yet you still
won't give up.

Don't you have any shame?

Sookie, stop.

I'd listen to him.

Run away,
little girl.

William and I
love each other.

You've gone mad.
Now get out now.

Maybe you do love him.
Who am I to guess?

But he doesn't love you.

He never has,
and that we both know.

Take those words back
or they shall be your last.

We're leaving!
Go find someone else,

you fucking bitch!
You've lost this one!


Retract your fangs.


I neither know

nor care who you are.

But in this area

and certainly
in this nest,

I am the authority.

Do you understand?

Yes, Sheriff.

This human
has proven herself

to be a courageous

and loyal friend
to our kind.

And yet you treat her like
a child does a dragonfly,

pulling off wings
for sport.

No wonder they hate us.

She provoked me.

And you provoked me.

You disrupted the peace
in my own home.

I could snap you
like a twig.

Yet I haven't.

Now, why is that?

It's your choice.

Indeed it is.

You're an old vampire.
I can tell.

You've had hundreds of years
to better yourself,

yet you haven't.

You are still a savage,

and I fear for all of us,

humans and vampires,

if this behavior persists.


You seem to know her.

Yes, Sheriff.

Escort her
from the nest.

Go ahead. I'm fine.

I wish you out of my area
before dawn.

I don't know how

it got this way.

I can't help it
that I still love you.

You know I do.

But now it's become nothing

but a constant humiliation.

The pain that you suffer
you've inflicted upon yourself.

When will we see each other


We're immortal.

Our paths are bound
to cross eventually.

I have him by the neck,

But uh, and funny you say that


What the fuck, man?

Stay away from me,

- Got nothing to say to you.
- Man, what the hell you doing?

Just go.

Excuse me, everyone.

If I could have your attention.

My name is Luke McDonald.

I'm a member of
the Fellowship of the Sun.

And I have a message for you all
from Reverend Steve Newlin.