True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 7 - Release Me - full transcript

Still being held in the basement at the Church, it becomes obvious to Sookie that Steve knew they were coming, but is not sure why. That tells her there is a spy among them. She tries to get a message to Bill, but he is being held prisoner by his maker, who refuses to let him go after the woman he loves. In flashbacks, Bill's conversion to a less violent lifestyle is revealed. When Steve learns Sookie's true identity, he makes the connection with Jason and assumes he's a spy. As they begin to wreak their vengeance, Sookie is saved by someone she has yet to meet. Back at the hotel Jessica and Hoyt decide to sleep together. In Bon Temps, Sam manages to escape, courtesy of a drunken Andy Bellefleur. Any plans he may have had for getting even with Daphne are overtaken by Maryann who has her own plans for her acolyte. The rest of the revelers have no memory of what happened the night before.


Just give in.

It feels so good.

Tara, what's she done to you?

What the--?

Stop, Sam.

I'm here, Sam.
You're gonna be the one.

Hey! Nobody move!

I said don't fuckin' move!


What the hell are you doin'?

Put on some goddamn pants.

What the hell?

Godric! Godric,
can you hear me?

Isabel and Eric sent us.


I know he's down here somewhere.

I heard the awful things
they're plannin' to do to him.

Remember how I said
I was claustrophobic?

I wasn't makin' that part up.

It's bad.

Okay, I can't take elevators,
walk-in closets.

You know, hotels where they tuck
the sheets in all tight?

Just thinkin' about that

makes me want to scream.

Jesus Christ,
Vampire Exterminator?

Silver and Stakes?

Send 'Em Back to Hell?

So sick

teachin' kids
to hate like this.

Sookie, I don't have time
for games right now.

I need to get out of here.
Take a deep breath.

Look at me.

It's gonna be okay.

We're gonna figure
this out, all right?



Okay, I'm okay.

So the Newlins knew who we were
the minute we walked in.

Same way they knew to come
after me at the airport.

to get Godric out of the way?

'Cause he wants to be shiff?

I've heard of ambitious,
but that's just plain crazy.

Well, you've met him.

I mean, he would rip
our throats out

for lookin' at him sideways.

If it's true,

Bill and Eric could
a lot worse to him

when they find out.

Bill had to have sensed
my fear.

He's gonna come storming through
this church any second.

And you don't seem
happy about that because?

These fanatics
are about to barbecue

a 2000-year-old vampire in front
of the entire congregation.

Who knows what else
they're capable of?

Get out of my way!

But we have so much
catchin' up to do.

Move now!

I will not ask again.

You smell like her.


And cheap.

William Compton,

you're still so sensitive.

Some might say it's a weakness,

but I've, I always found it
oddly cute.

We can play this game all night,

but we both know
I am stronger and faster,

so really, what's the point?

What are you doin' here?

I've missed you.

It's been so long.

You're back early.

I loathe musicals.

They're always
so desperately cheerful,

aren't they?

I brought you a present.

this is Alfred.

Alfred, Frances.


Frances is
in this chorus.

She has real talent.

Show him.

Right here?

That will not be necessary.

Don't mind him.

He's in one of his moods.

But I'm sure we can find
a way to...

cheer him up.

I meant what I said.

No more.

You can't starve yourself,

Just taste her.

She smells like...


Remember those?

Leave now.

You are such
a wet blanket.

I don't know why I keep
bothering with you.

Why do you?

I can't stand the sight of you.

So dramatic.

Perhaps we should head
back South.

This town's a cultural desert.

It's no wonder
we are so depressed.

I'm not depressed.

I'm seeing clearly
for the first time in years.

I won't do this any longer.

It's over.

No more innocent lives

and bloody beds
and cruelty for sport.

You are a vampire.
They are food.

That's your nature.

It is your nature.

You have lost your humanity,

and you have stolen mine,

made me into a monster.

I forgot myself,

and I will have to live
with the things we've done

for an eternity.

I sometimes forget
how young you are.

This conscience of yours,

you will outgrow it.

Trust me.

We will get
through this together.

I will never again be
what you want me to be.

If Sookie is hurt
in any way because of you,

I will not stop
until I drive a stake

through whatever semblance
of a heart you have left.

It's true.

You're in love...

with a human.

That's so tragic it's funny.

You have got to be
joking me.

This is the Fellowship
of the Sun?

That's their army?

Scared little boys
with bibles and crossbows.

Don't underestimate them.

Support for their movement
is growing.

Their leadership camps
are overflowing

with self-righteous extremists,

all willing and ready
to die for their cause.


That can be arranged
quite easily.

Not until we know for sure
the Fellowship has Godric.

What about your boy Hugo,

and Sookie?

They've been in there too long.

There's no sign of alarm.

And if Hugo were in
serious danger, I would know it.

I felt something earlier,
but it passed.

He's okay now.

Tell me, what is it

that you find so fulfilling
about human companionship?

They feel much more strongly
than we do.

Everything is urgent,


Maybe because their lives
are so temporary.

Yes, they certainly
don't keep well.

Don't you find the prospect
of him growing old,

sickly, crippled,
somewhat, uh,



I find it curious.

Like a science project.

How does Bill Compton feel

about your interest in Sookie?

I'm not interested in Sookie.

And even less
in how Bill Compton feels.

My only interest
is finding Godric.

Of course.

Don't look at me like that.

Do you really believe
these fools

could overpower a vampire
such as Godric

and hold him for weeks?

Stan is sure of it.

But I have known Godric
a long time.

It's hard to imagine anything
could overpower him.

Not anything human.

Aw, it just don't make sense.

How somethin' wrong
could feel that right.

Hey, ain't that a song?


Don't cry, huh?

It's my fault.

If anyone's goin' to hell,

it's gonna be me.

I wanted this every bit
as much as you did.

And the strange thing is,

I don't even feel
guilty about it.

So you're cryin' 'cause...?

Because I'm so happy.

Oh, Jason.

I thought I loved Steve,

but I never even knew
what love was

until you just showed me.


That's, uh, intense, huh?

I know.

Right now,

here with you,

I feel closer to God
than I ever have.

Come on, we have to go.


Yeah, I gotta get ready
for training.

No, forget trainin'.

We have to go tell Steve.


Vow of honesty, Jason.

Just 'cause I broke my vows
to my husband doesn't mean

I'm ready to throw all
my beliefs out the window.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ho-- Hold on a sec.

We just can't walk in there
and tell him.

No, we have to.

Somehow, someday,

God will forgive us.

It's the only way
we can have a future together.

Let's just think
about this for a second.

A) Steve has guns.

Then there's the lockdown
tomorrow night.

And secondly, we're gonna be
locked in this church

with Steve
and his guns all night.

Oh my Lord, the lock-in.

The morning ceremony.

You're right.

We have to put God's
interests before our own.

That's right.
God comes first.

But I promise you,

when I
am standin' up there

next to Steve,

all I'm gonna be thinking
about is you.

Yup. Yeah, me too.

And the minute it's over,
we'll tell him, right?

I can't wait.

Me either.



There's somethin' I have
to tell you.

I haven't-- I ain't never
told nobody before.

Not even my best friend.

Hell, especially not
my best friend.

I ain't never done it.

With a girl, I mean.

What have you done it with?

Just myself.

Oh, so you're a virgin.



Well, big whoop.
So am I.

You are?

Well, just 'cause I'm a vampire,
you think I'm a slut?

Of course not.

I don't think you
could ever be a slut.

I don't think anybody is,

Some people, they just want
somebody to be with.

Well, I totally
would have been

a slut if I could've
gotten away with it.

Me and my friend Laurie,

we had this bet
since eighth grade

over who'd lose it first.

I mean,
she was like pregnant

before I even got
my first kiss.

Man, my dad was such
a dickhead.


So what's your excuse?

I was gonna wait, you know,

till I met the right one.

Uh, but the right one

just never showed up,

and by then I'd waited
for so long,

I figured I can't just
give it away to anybody.

So now I'm 28.

And most girls probably think
I'm like some kind of

bisexual gay or somethin'.

Not that I got any kind
of problem with them.

But I'm not.

Well, I'm not most girls.

I'm not even a girl,

But if you're okay with that,

I'd be your first.

You would?


No, silly.

No, not tonight.

Um, it's gonna be dawn soon.

I get sick if I don't rest
during the day.

It's no problem.

That's great.

But, uh,

we can cuddle
if you like.

Just don't freak out
if I look a little...


Maybe the little rats
have run off.

Joined the Fellowship

Careful. Hugo is mine.

Oh, please.

If you cared
about him so much,

we'd have been
in that church hours ago.

With no plan, no exit strategy.

That's why you'll never be
sheriff, Stan. You don't think.

And you're too
chicken shit to act.

That's why we been
gettin' Godric's coffee

for the last 40 years.

And you,

Fellowship has your maker
and your telepath,

and still you do nothin'.

Are you questioning
my loyalty, Stan?

Just trying to return Godric
to his rightful position.

Oh, really?

'Cause I think maybe you have
another agenda.

Maybe you think starting
a war with the Fellowship

will distract us
from the truth--

That you're so starved
for power,

you murdered Godric
for his title.

That is a lie.

How dare you accuse me?

Eric, we don't know this.

There's no proof.

Not yet.
But I will find it.

And when I do,

there will be no mercy.

In the meantime,

you two can stand here
and quibble over his position,

or run into that church
and kill them all.

I no longer care.

If Godric is gone,

nothing will bring back
what I have lost.

Eggs, wake up.


Hey, gorgeous.

What are we doing
on the couch?

How'd we get here?

I have no idea.

Last thing I remember was

followin' those Reese's Pieces
clothes into the woods.

I don't even remember coming
back here.

Wow, me neither.

I guess that joint must have
knocked us out cold.

Uh, that's never
happened to me before,

at least not
from smokin' one joint.

It's happened to me
a couple times.

Uh, Maryann's weed
is some serious shit.

Yesterday, that weird place
you took me to

with the blood,
you couldn't remember.

Look, I got no idea
what that is,

but I'm pretty sure
it's got nothin' to do

with us gettin' high
and passin' out, okay?

Well, maybe we been
smokin' too much.

Maybe we need to sober up.

Hey, that's okay.

I'm high enough
just bein' with you.

Oh, listen.

Just because you got
a little too stoned,

that don't make you
your mama.

You're right.

Sometimes it's like
you're Sookie.

Like you can read
my mind or somethin'.

I just get you, that's all.



How did y'all sleep?

They're coming for us,
you know?

Yeah. Well,
that's what I thought.

Figured a pretty girl
like you'd

have a vamp running off
to her rescue.

We were kinda hopin'
for it, weren't we, Gabe?

Yes, sir.
Bring it on.

Yeah, we're ready for 'em.

We've been ready
for a long time.

You're gonna get
yourself killed.

That's not threat,
it's a fact.

Well, they've got you all
twisted up, haven't they,

with their--

With their glamoring
and their empty promises

and their evil blood.

You're the ones who are twisted.

You call yourself Christians?

Jesus would be ashamed of you.

Well, I guess we're
just gonna have to

agree to disagree
on that one.


things got a little out
of hand last night,

and I apologize
for that.

I'm not the monster
that the vampire-lovin' media

makes me out to be.

Yeah, right.

All I want is a couple
of answers,

and then I'll be
happy to feed you

a nice breakfast
and send you on your way.

What do you want to know?
Shut up.

We need
to get out of here.

Just tell them
what they want to know.

Her name is Sookie Stackhouse,

-and I'm Hugo Ayers.
-Hugo, no.

We were sent here
by the vampires

of Area Nine to find
their sheriff.

Sookie Stackhouse?

From Bon Temps?

How do you know
where I'm from?

You're Jason Stackhouse's...


Am I right?

You know Jason?

He's got
nothin' to do with this.

Come on, Gabe.

How do you know my brother?

Nice work.
Hey, we sat down here

all night waiting for
your boyfriend to show up.

You can play damsel
in distress all you want,

but one way or another,
I'm gettin' us out of here.

Hugo, do me a favor, please.
Just shut the fuck up.


Barry, can you hear me?

You've got to help me.

I need you to go to the hotel

and find Bill Compton
and tell him

I'm at Fellowship of the Sun
Church in the basement.

The sheriff is here somewhere
and I'm in big trouble.

Please don't ignore me.

This is a life or death
situation. Please.

We need to rest.

So the minute I shut my eyes,
you can run into the sunlight

and destroy yourself
to save her?

Care about you too much
to allow that.

I may love her,
but I am not suicidal.

I know better than anyone
what you are capable of.

Lorena, this is foolish.

We are getting weaker.
The bleeds have begun.

You may be able
to keep me here awake

for a day,

maybe two,

but not forever.

You're right.

Forever is a long time.

Then again,

I'm very patient.

And who were you gonna call?

If you will not
let me go to her,

at least let me find
someone who will.

I am begging you.

Let me call
and wake up Eric Northman.

He is the reason
that Sookie's in danger.

He is also the reason I'm here.

He wants the girl, William.

Just let him have her.

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Hey, Stackhouse.
How's it goin'? Lookin' good.

Hey, where you off to, Jason?

Oh, uh, heh-heh,
just takin' a walk.

With your suitcase?

Get in the car, Stackhouse.


Get in the fucking car.
Okay, okay.



With a bull mask

and these giant claws.

Claws? Uh-huh.

And the whole town had
these big black-saucer eyes

like zombies.

Good morning.


Maryann, you okay?

Oh, I am fantastic.

I slept outside last night

and I communed
with my animal nature.

No shit.

Mm. This little fella
hopped by,

and I thought,
"Mmm, yummy. Rabbit stew."

Poor bunny.

Feeling sorry for things
is just an excuse

not to celebrate
your own happiness.

Speaking of...

you two look
positively glowy.

What did you
do last night?

Oh, um,

we just crashed out,
I guess.

Uh, did you throw
a party here

while we were gone?

'Cause when we got home,

the place looked like
a frat house.

I had a few people over
for drinks.

That a problem?

It's Sookie's house,

and she can come home anytime.

And when she does,

I'm sure she'll be grateful
that you fixed

that nasty old water heater
and you took care of the place.

You're such a good friend.



She is so fuckin' weird.

I know. Isn't it great?

You know what burns me
the most,

is that I brought you
into my home.

I treated you like family.

I know, and I'm so sorry.

It's just that,
uh, I'm weak.

Yes, you are.

I gave you a chance
at salvation,

a chance to live
in his holy light,

and you chose them?

I know it was wrong.

Wait. Who are "them"?

Oh, please, cut the act.

I know who you are
and who you're workin' for.

The-the road crew?

That's funny.

Oh, boy, I didn't think
that you were

the sharpest tool
in the shed.

Good at takin' orders,
but not too bright.

But boy, was I wrong.

You are snakier than
a snake in the grass.

Steve, buddy.


You're making a mistake, okay?

Uh, you're confusin' me with--

With somebody else or somethin'.

Say a prayer.

You are going to hell.

And you are going there today.


Take care of him.

Yes, sir.

Start walkin',
vampire lover. Come on.


Hello, Sam.

Been lookin' for you.

Figured you would be.

Now, what's that for?

Come any closer,

you'll find out.

You think I'm scared of dyin'?

I know you're scared
of Maryann.

Those scars on your back,

that how she got you
to be her whore?

It ain't whorin'
if you do it for love.

You can stop pretending
you ever gave a shit about me.

Honey, I ain't
talkin' 'bout you.

We had fun, but--
We had fun?

I fucking trusted you!

I shared parts of myself
I never shared with anyone.

How can you do this
to your own kind?

Sam, I used to be scared
and stupid,

full of shame,
just like you.

She could've killed me.

I deserved it.

But she saw something in me,

and she saved me.

Gave me a whole new life.

No fear, no limits, just love.

Killing people,

cuttin' out their hearts,
that ain't love.

You know what you are
next to Maryann?

An ant.

No, a flea.

It's kinda perfect.

If I'm so fucking insignificant,

why is she going through all
this trouble trying to get me?

'Cause you got away
from her once.

She can't control you.

See those funny
big black-eyes folks

we were runnin' around
with actin' all crazy?

That's Maryann's energy
inside of them.

She is drivin' them

like tiny little
remote control airplanes.

But that don't work on us
'cause we're shifters?

All supernaturals,
we got a natural resistance.

And she can force our shifts

and other stuff
with other supes,

but she can't get inside us.

We gotta go to her

on our own free will,

and she just loves a challenge.

I'm not a challenge,

I'm a person.

Well, not exactly.

I'm sweatin' like a pig.


You want to get wet
with me one last time, Sammy?

What is she?

What the fuck is she?

She's God, dumb-dumb.


Hey, I need to use
the bathroom.


Come on, let me out of here!


I'll turn my back.
I don't need that.

I need to get
the hell out of here.

Hugo, this is not helping.

Just sit down.

Look, try to relax.

Praise his light.
Open your hearts.

I'll infiltrate the Fellowship.

-Absolutely not.
-Let her speak.

They're sending
in a spy tomorrow.

I'll be with her.


You're the traitor.

Maryann is not God.

Well, she's as close to God
as we'll ever get.

People call her
all kinds of things.

Kali, Lilith,

Isis, Gaia.

But what she really is,
is a maenad.

What the fuck is that?

According to the Greeks,

maenads were handmaidens
of Dionysus.

But they're really
a lot more than that.

Dionysus, the god of wine?

Maybe if you own a bar
I suppose it makes sense

that you would know that one.

But guess what else
they called him?

The Horned God.

Sound familiar?


Dionysus, Satan.

It's really just
a kind of energy.

Wild energy, like lust,

anger, excess, violence.

Basically, all the fun stuff.

Maryann brings it out in people.

She channels it, controls it.

She's immortal, Sam.

She never wasn't here,

so there ain't no point
in fightin' her.

You see, you'll never win.

I'm not gonna
just let her kill me.

Bein' a part of something divine

is worth dying a thousand times.

You'll see.

If I give myself up,

will she go away,
leave everyone alone?

I wouldn't bet on that.

She's havin' too much fun,

and this town's full
of crazies ripe for the pickin'.

She's like a pyro
in a room full of matches.

Just go to her, Sam.

Play nice.

She might even let you live.

Stay the fuck away from me.

I used to be just like you.

Thought I was
a real emancipated thinker,

especially when Isabel
took me to bed,

and the sex was...


The best I ev--
Well, you know.

It's addictive,
isn't it?

To be desired
by something that powerful.

I'm no addict.

Nah. I guess you
wouldn't know how, uh,

your life changes
to suit them.

You start missin' work,
can't get up in the morning,

can't stand to leave them
after dark.

Before you know it,
you're somebody

you don't even recognize.

So you went
to the Fellowship

because you can't
control yourself?

I begged her to turn me.

It was the only way we could
be together as equals.

But see, they don't want
us to be equals.

No, she's just been using me.

The same way that Bill's
been using you.

You don't know Bill.

I know he and his friends

are having you do
their dirty work.

I mean, a telepath's gotta be
a real trophy for a vampire.

Shut up.
All they care about

is their own kind.

Okay, that's why
I joined the Fellowship.

So if the Newlins care
so much about you,

how come
you're still in here?

Face it, Hugo.

You're nothin' but
a fangbangin' traitor to them.


Gabe, she knows everything.

You can let me out now.

Hey. Anybody.

Come on, let me out!


you're so all-fired
important to them, aren't ya?

Welcome. So glad you're here.

Praise his light.

Cute pajamas.

Simon, Julia.

This is your first
lock-in, right?

We're so excited.
I'm excited too.


Hey, darlin'.
Looking good.

You too.

Well, I told you that suit
was a winner.

I need to talk to you
in private.

It's about Jason Stackhouse.

Of course.

I'm a good soldier for Christ,
and I'm tellin' you, man,

there's been some kind
of mistake here.

You're damn right there's
been a mistake, boy.

And it started the minute
your mama spread her legs

and pushed out you
and your whore of a sister.

Don't ever talk about my sister.

That the best you can do,
sister fucker?


that's the best
I can do, dick brain.

Forget what I said last week.

Live in the now, baby doll.

Oh, I don't know.

'Cause I'm back

and I'm packin' somethin' wild.

I just got out of rehab.
You feel me?

So, yes or no, sweetness?

'Cause this shit is goin' faster

than fritters at a fat farm.

I can do half a vial.

Well, okay.

Eggs, Tara,
y'all seen Sam?

He ain't here.
Blew off the whole day

with little Miss Employee
of the Month.

Thank you, Jesus,
Santa Claus and Hare Krishna.

I need to borrow her a minute.

Wait for me.


Excuse you. It says
"ladies" on that door.

So what you skank ho's
doin' in here?

Watch yourself, bitch.

I am. And I's is gorgeous.

How's your leg?


What? I got
a powerful immune system.

You got powerful death wish
is what you got.

And we're gonna talk
about this later.

Oh, Tara.

Oh, God, I think I might have
done somethin' bad,

somethin' real bad.

Hey, comin' out of your mouth,
that's scary.

So Terry and I,
we've been, you know--


Well, Lord knows I've been
pullin' out all the stops.

My hot oils,
my nasty lingerie, heh,

but every time
we get cozier than first base,

he goes runnin' like somebody
lit a fire in his whiteys.

Okay, cut to the real bad part.

So last night,

I thought I'd try gettin',
uh, a few drinks in him,

loosen him up and, um,

seemed like it was
workin' pretty good.

Till I blacked out.

You blacked out?

Hadn't happened to me
since junior prom.


The thing is...

I think I might of had my way...

with him a little bit,

kinda against his will,

Are you telling me you
date-raped Terry Bellefleur?

How's that even possible?

God, I don't know.
But he was just--

He was acting so weird
when we woke up.

I mean, weirder than usual.

And, um,

there were certain telltale
signs that we'd--

You know?

And you don't remember anything?


Now, see, that just ain't
motherfuckin' fair.

Excuse me?

The first time
in my goddamn life

I ain't chasin' after trouble...

and it just keep walkin'
in my fuckin' door.

Look at you.

Ain't nothin' good can come out
of somethin' so pretty.

You must be Lafayette.

I'm Eggs.

Tara's Eggs?

You know,
that just don't sound right.

Your name's Benedict.

Why don't people call you Ben?

Or Dict.

Satan in a Sunday hat, girl.

I'm tryin' to tell you,

Satan in a beautiful
fuckin' Sunday hat.


Terry Bellefleur.

Get out here.

I'm gonna kick your ass so hard,

you'll be shittin' boots.

Andy, what happened to your arm?

I ain't talkin' to you,
devil worshiper.

I saw you last night.

I saw all of you.

You--? You saw us what?

Aw, go ahead, deny it.

Laugh at the crazy drunk guy,
but I know what I saw.


He ain't here, Andy.

You want me to go call him?

Fuck you, zombie woman.

Fuck all y'all devil zombies.

Turnin' this town into
a orgy from hell.

I'll stop ya.

I will stop ya if it's
the last thing I ever do.

Oh, my God.
Did you smell him?

Wow. At least it never
gets boring around here.

Pick you up later?

Hey, Sam.

Sam. You look like
you just saw a ghost.

Oh, hey.

I was just, uh, decoratin'.

I got these
at the gift store downstairs.

Blood scented.

But to me,
they just smelled like soup.

You like 'em?

They're perfect.

That's what I was goin' for.

'Cause you're perfect,

and I want your first time
to be as perfect as you are.

Hoyt, just...

take off your pants.






Thank God it's you.

Been runnin' for hours.

Steve and Gabe,

they've gone crazy.

They tr--
they tried to kill me.

Oh, Sarah. No.


I've missed you.

Thank you

for your service.


What happened
to your face?

Listen, she knows everything,
which never would have happened

if you hadn't kept me locked
down with a goddamn mind reader.

I hope the reverend knows that
I'm gonna need protection now.

You want protection,
you fangbangin' sack of shit?

How's that for protection, huh?

Here's a little more
protection for ya.

Stop it!

You and your moron brother think

you make an asshole out of me?

That's what you think, huh?

Get your filthy hands off me!

Yeah, what's wrong?

Your own kind not
good enough for you?

How about if I show you
what you've been missin'?

...and a decade or so

in Miami.

The beaches are gorgeous
at night,

and the German tourists
are delicious.

Open that door
and I will end you.

I've given you everything.


And you threw it away
moanin' over what you've lost.

You disgust me.

Then let me go.

I made you, and you are mine.

You know I don't love you.

You have never tried.

I have spent decades tryin'!

I despise myself
for what I did for you.

God help me,
I killed innocent people

to prove to you
that I loved you.

But it was pure nihilism.

I do not,

I cannot,

I will never love you.

Men have readily

laid down their lives

to spend just one night
with me.

What more can I give?

Then what is it
that you want from me?


Let me go.

Without me,

you would be alone forever.

You're the one
that's afraid of that.

You are the saddest, loneliest
creature I have ever known.

How dare you!

You hate me that much?

Let me go.

I cannot live without you.

You'll have to.

No, don't.

As your maker...

I release you.

You released me.

There was nothing left
between us.

What could you possibly have
to gain from this?

You're making a fool
of yourself with that girl.

You have no future with her.

Everyone knows it but you.

Someday, you'll see this
for what it is,

an act of love.


I have a message
for Bill Compton. He there?

I'm sorry,
he's tied up right now.

I'll be happy to pass it along.

Tell him Sookie Stackhouse
is in the basement

of the Fellowship
of the Sun Church.

She said the sheriff's there

and she's in some kind
of trouble.

Sookie, you hear me?

This is the last time
I'm doin' you

and your vampire buddies
a favor, so don't even--

No! No!

Yeah, show me how you scream

for that big fat vampire cock.

Scream for me, baby.