True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 9 - I Will Rise Up - full transcript

Vampires and humans clean up in the aftermath of the explosion. Eric tricks Sookie into drinking some of his blood, much to Bill's dismay. As a result of the lapse in security, Godric's leadership falls under review but his response surprises everyone, especially Eric, who begs him not to go through with his plan. In Bon Temps, Maryann is out to find Sam Merlotte and complete the ritual sacrifice. She casts a spell on everyone in Sam's bar to get them to look for him. Lafayette and Tara's mother forcibly remove her from Sookie's house. Hoyt and Jessica get used to their situation and Hoyt decides it's time to introduce his true love to his vampire-hating mother.

Stay away from this house.

Got nothing to say to you.
Man, what the hell you--?

Just go.

Excuse me, everyone...

if I could have
your attention please.

It doesn't matter
if we ever meet again.

You may be immortal, Lorena,
but you are dead to me.

I wish you hadn't said that.

And I have a message for you all
from Reverend Steve Newlin.




I've covered her,
she's only stunned.

Get the humans.

Get in, get in. Come on.
Let's go.

Go! Go. Come on.

Get in. Come on. Go.

Go. Go.

We didn't think
he'd really do it.

Too late.


I can't breathe,
you weigh a ton.



Yeah, okay.


Had to shield you.

Well, hurry and heal yourself,
what are you waiting for.

Can't. Silver.

I'll go get Godric.

No time.

Suck it out.

Eric, I can't, it's too gross
and it's you.

I-- Dying--.

Oh, son of a mother.

Got it.

The other one.

You're kidding me.


Oh, God, oh, God.

that a vampire showed mercy
where they had none.


Who's dead?

Stan, Paolo, Catherine,
two human companions.

Well, it looks like
it wasn't a very good bomb.

What are you doing?

I sucked silver out of Eric's
chest and saved his life,

even though I really
didn't want to.

She was superb.

Eric was in no danger.

He-- What?

A tiny falsehood.

He was already healing.

The bullets would
have pushed themselves out.

This way, he's forced you
to drink his blood.


No, no.

You're connected.

He'll be able
to sense your emotions.

You big lying A-hole.

Bill, you're right, I believe
I can sense her emotions.


I'll never do anything
for you again.


It's not your fault.

I think I'm gonna cry.

Everyone, please.


Y'all listen up.

They may come back.

Go to the Hotel Carmilla,
they've been alerted,

security is in place.

Help me.

Almost there...

I could kick myself.

I'm so stupid,
I wasn't thinking.

He did take bullets for you.

At least we both came out alive.

I know better
than to believe one word

out of that man's mouth.

I sucked his chest.

What is wrong with me?

Eric has had a thousand years
practicing deceit.

He lied to prove
his power to me.

He counted on your goodness,

there's no shame in that.

But his blood, Bill.

I tried to spit
it all out, really,

but some of it
must have gone down.

It only takes a drop or two.

He'll always know where
I am and how I feel, always.

That's the worst of all.

No, not the worst.

What do you mean?

Don't be surprised if

you feel some attraction to him.


To Eric?.

That's impossible,
I-I can't stand him.

It is possible.

It's another consequence
of the blood.

It would have happened
sooner or later.

He was determined to form
this bond with you.

I could kill him.

I concur.

Maybe I'll get used to it.

Or maybe there's an operation.

I can't be
the only vampire virgin.

You know, intercourse isn't
the only way to have sex.

Hmm, but I want
to have intercourse.

Well, sure.

We could do everything,
when we figure out how.

You should break up with me.

Hell, no.

That thing that grows back,
it's just a thing.

I ain't perfect either.

I'm a guy that people laugh at.

Even my friends,
but you never have.

I don't ever wanna hear you
talk about breaking up.

I won't, I promise.

In fact, you mean so much to me,

I want you to meet my mama.

You mean it?

Oh, Hoyt.

Hoyt, nobody ever wants
me to meet anybody.

No, don't get too excited.

Look, she hates vampires

and she's gonna ask you all kind
of personal questions

or she may not talk
to you at all,

which then you'd be lucky.

Well, I don't care
what she does.

You're introducing
me to your family,

I never even hoped for that.

I'm proud that you're my girl.


Ohh, the sun's coming up.

I guess it's time
for that damn cubby hole.

I'll go in with you.

No, please, it's--
It's not very comfortable.

I'll have to build us
a tricked-out doublewide.

That is so romantic.

But, ah, for now, I'll sit right
here till you fall asleep.

You are the sweetest boy
in the world.

And you're too good to me.

There ain't no such thing.

Good night.

Good night.

I'll sing to you
so you know I'm--

Know I'm right here.

♪ My sweet vampire

Oh, my goodness, how much
did you drink this time?

Nothing, as far as I recall.

Same for me.

You must've dropped a little
acid, it was floating around.


That's not funny.

It's embarrassing,
is what it is.

I will never understand that.

Why be embarrassed about
pleasure and laughter?

Why be ashamed of letting go?

Because I've never been
this out of control.

Ugh. Control.

Control is just a cage this
stupid culture uses to lock up

who we really are.

We need to be out of control.
We crave it.

But there's gotta
be some kind of control

or things would be chaos.

Sounds good.

I-- I do like a little chaos.

Of course you do.

Everybody does.
They just can't admit it.

I don't wanna be blacking out.

Is that what you think it is?

Because I have a little theory
about blacking out.

Maybe you rose to a higher state
of consciousness.

We're all bashed up.

There's nothing higher
about that

except for we must of been high.

My mama blacked
out for months at a time,

I'm a blackout expert.

Are you?

What about the saints of India?

What about the mystics
of every religion?

What about them?

They would black out.

Run and dance
through the streets,

levitate, act like monkeys,
run around naked.

Everybody thought
they were crazy.

They were crazy.

No, Tara.

They were ecstatic.

All that fake civilization
bullshit just fell away

so they could dissolve
into the infinite,

so they could lose themselves
and unite with their god.


Look at you.

A few bumps and bruises.

That's a small price
to pay for bliss.

Bloody Mary, anyone?

Come on now, Bud. Cut us loose.

All I did was lose my pants,
there's no law against that.

I only got your word for it
I was mating with a pine tree.

None of us did anything.
Let us out of here.

You got no evidence, Bud.

You got no right
to keep me locked up.


I can't sleep.

Join the club.

Well, they made me think
I was worth something.

You were a star in Bon Temps.

I was the throwaway.

Everybody always
thought you hung the moon.

No, that ain't true.

Well, they like my athletics

and my good looks,
my sex abilities,

but they don't like me for me.

And Steve and Sarah, well,

they acted like they did,

before they tried to kill me.

They stopped my mind
from going around and around

thinking about--

Well, other stuff.

What other stuff?


But Soldiers of the Sun?

My Lord.

Didn't you for one second think
what Gran would say?

Guns and suicide bombers--

Don't-- Don't talk about Gran.

I won't talk about her.

I can't.


Because I don't--

Because I don't wanna
feel anything.

But we have to talk about her.

We can't stop remembering her

or loving her because
it hurts too much.

She'd never stop
loving us, would she?


We'll keep her alive
in our hearts

and our prayers

and that's the way
it's gotta be.

And Mama and Daddy.

That's right.

Mama and Daddy and Gran.

Our whole family's gone, Sook.

Everybody who counts.

We're all alone.

We're all that's left.

So you know what we gotta do?

We gotta grow up,

we gotta stick together

and we gotta be good
to each other

or we're letting them down.



So, Sook,

I'm sorry about, ah, everything

I ever done to you.

I'm a dumbass fuck-up.

Yeah, but you wouldn't be if you
used your brain instead of

just letting it take
up space in your skull.

That's not dumb, that's lazy.

You think so?

Well, I-I could try, I guess.

I'm sorry too.

I always love you, Jason,

even when I wanna stick
your head in a bucket

and kick it around the yard.

And I love you,

even though I wish
you'd cook for me more

and you were normal
with a normal boyfriend.

I didn't have any say
about being normal.

We were born the way we are.



I'm all wore out now.

Me too.

May his holy light
shine upon you...

Can you believe,
they're on already.

You kidnapped a prominent
member of our community.

He volunteered.
Did he?

I didn't even know he was there.

...that's no crime.
He came to us.

Because everybody wants
to be burned at the stake.

You use your tax-exempt
religious institution

as an anti-vampire
terrorist enclave.

The Constitution gives us
the right to defend ourselves.

You attacked us.

You murdered my father.

That's an allegation.

This is a fact - you and your
church armed a suicide bomber

that killed vampires
and humans.

We are fighting for God's green
earth and daytime

and Christmas and Easter eggs
and all that's sacred and good.

We are fighting for--

Human rights. Human rights.

May I finish my thought?
What, you were done.

If he's not the center
of attention,

he just flips out.

They are cuckoo.

How can you have a dialogue
with these people?

You need to read you
some Saint Paul, missy.

I hate your hair.

There's a witch
and a son of a bitch.

Fuck you, Newlins.


Now can we see the freezer?


Where they found that woman

with her heart cut out.

It was the walk-in refrigerator
and you are one sick buzzard.

Go find some roadkill,
because you ain't eating here.


What do you want?

A knife, a fork and a spoon,

if that's not too much trouble.

They're in the back,
go get them yourself.

I could use some help out here.

Merlotte's, hurry up.

Lisa, lunch is your job,
you got a microwave,

that's all you need.

Oh, come on, Coby'll eat cat
food if you put mayo on it.

Mama's gotta work.

Whoo, I'll tell you what,
I am shit scared.

Daphne, oh, my God.

She was clumsy, stupid and mean,

but I wouldn't wish that kind of
death on a possum.

Plus that poor soul
out in the parking lot?


What if there's a curse
flying around out there?

I'll look out for you
if you look out for me.

When's it gonna stop?

Order up,

I think.



please quit being so much more
peculiar than you usually are.

Please talk to me.

If what we did
was so terrible--

No, no, Arlene, don't cry.

I didn't mean
to be peculiar at you.

I just don't know what we did.

Well, we had sex.

Didn't we?

Did we?

Y-You can't remember?

Don't take this
the wrong way but nope.

Oh. Oh, baby, me, neither.

I mean, not for sure.

Is that good?

Oh, I don't know
and I don't care

as long as you're not mad at me.

Well, to tell you the truth,

I can't remember the last time
I had sex with anybody.


Gimme some sugar?

Where's my corn? Come on now,
the wait's forever.


See you later.
I want my damn corn.

I got it.


I know, I'm late.


Go ahead, order lunch on me.

All right, baby.


What the fuck is this?

He didn't do it.

I don't know what happened.

What you mean you don't know
what the happened?

Don't gimme that bullshit.
What'd you do to her?

Don't accuse me.
I don't hurt women.

It was an accident.

You put your hands
on my cousin?

I'm gonna show you how it feels
to get your ass beat.

You might take those eyelashes
out first.

You been kicked and punched

then you go and get
with this motherfucker.

He's poison. He ain't never
gonna change.

And he may wind up killing you.

Fuck that, you motherfucker--



I ought to beat your--

- Please, do so.
- Let's go.

Do it!
Eggs, enough!

Way to go, son.

What the fuck you all looking
at, you ugly-ass necks.


My Hoyt would never have run off
to Dallas without a word

with murders all over the place.

My Hoyt would never have
left me worried sick

thinking he was dead.

Or worse.

With a vampire.

Go ahead, speak your mind.

See what I mean?
All of a sudden,

you're a different person.

Well, I sure do wanna be.

What do you think
your daddy would say?

I have no idea, because the only
time you ever mention him

is when you're trying to make me
do something I don't wanna do.

So while we're at it,
let's talk about that.

I want my sweet child back.

I haven't done anything
to deserve this.

What are you doing
with vampires anyway?

They are wrong, wrong, wrong.

They are devils.

Why do you have
so much hate in you?

I don't.

That's a flat lie.

Who do you think
you're talking to?

My mama.

Who hates Methodists.

I got my reasons.

And Catholics.

Just priests and nuns.


Hush, that's a secret.

People who don't take care
of their gardens.

People who park their trucks
up on their lawn.

Ladies who wear red shoes.

It looks cheap.

Families with lots of kids.

And checkered curtains and cats

and dogs, and bait,

every girl that I ever liked.

And the more that I like them,
the more that you hate them.

I simply object to a girlfriend
who will kill you and eat you.

I think that's reasonable.

You don't even know her.

Full of hate.

I see you now.

Well, it's not my fault,

it's the way I was raised up.

Jessica may be a vampire,

but she's the one for me.

You don't have any say over it.

You are breaking my heart.

You know,

I've let you run me around

because I didn't wanna
hurt your feelings,

but those days are over.

Now, I want you to meet her,

but if you can't be nice,

then I will leave this house
and never come back,

And don't think I won't.

Hoyt, please, you're my one son.

I'm not yours, Mama, I'm mine.

You're my baby boy.

I'm not a baby,

I'm a grown-ass man.

Finish your sentence.

What was I saying?

You were telling me why you'd
be a terrible vampire

and I was disagreeing.

Well, I don't feel
right without a tan.

It's true.

And I'd rather
be alive than undead

and then y'all
are always killing.

You've killed a man.

But that was for self-defense,
not for lunch.

Oh, you'd adapt, like we all do.

Trade the sun
for moon and stars.


Not me. I want them all.

Oh, greedy.

Yeah, I am.

I love it.

You have the right temperament
for a vampire.

What, I'm high-maintenance,
bloodthirsty and old as dirt?

Ah, bloodthirsty, yes.

I am not.

Everybody thinks you're
a darling, don't they.

I am a darling.

Yeah, but you're ruthless

when it comes
to people you love.

You'll do anything for them.

Your brother, your friends.




Where's Bill?

What do you care?

You've already abandoned him.

I have not.

I love Bill.

I used to think you had
no sense of humor.

I used to think you were made
of cold hard stone,

and empty inside.

And now?

You're a big faker.

You're deep.

You feel.

There's love in you.

Only for Sookie.

You don't want Bill.

He means nothing to you.


This is the beginning.


Hey, there she is.

She's come to get us out.

That she is.


We had a good time, didn't we?

Oh, yeah, we did.

Hello. Sheriff Dearborne?

None of y'all is going anywhere
till you simmer down.

Don't make me tell you again.

Sheriff Bud Dearborne?

Is that Maryann?


Hey, the party's back here.

Sure is.

Sit down and shut up.

Come on, Bud.

It stinks in here.

- Now, Bud, come on.
- Come on, Bud.

There's coffee if you want.

Sheriff, you look exhausted.

What's going on around here?

Hell if I know.

Seems every person in Bon Temps

is getting arrested, but they
don't know what they done.

Kenya's out in the wagon
collecting some more.

We been up all night.

A major crime wave.

Misdemeanors, crazy things
I never saw in over 40 years.

Ah, misdemeanors,
that's not so bad.

Maybe you could
let a few of them go,

save yourself the work.
I'm about ready to,

but they're all riled up,
might still do some damage.


Let me help,
I'll talk them down.

It's my best thing.

I'd be grateful, can't hardly
keep my eyes open.


Now, what can I do for you?

I heard Sam Merlotte is here,

I couldn't believe it.

A fine upstanding businessman.

I have a lot of respect for him

and I'd like to help him out.

Well, I'm not prepared
to let him go, he's a suspect

in a homicide.

That can't be.

But I'll show you where he's at.

I-I know the way. Sit.

Have a little rest.


Well, hey, Maryann.

Can we come over
to your house and play?

I want Sam Merlotte.

He's right there.

Now I am really irritated.


I never thought you'd
be so pretty, Ms. Fortenberry.

And I can't tell you how
grateful I am that you came.

Even if you were
20 minutes late.

I couldn't decide what to wear.

Yeah, I know what that's like.

Sure. You try this on,
or try that on,

You know, is it the black shoes
or the red shoes

or the--

Then there were people
in the road.

They wouldn't budge till
I practically ran over them.

I could have been killed.

Well, them, too, huh.

Let's get you some dinner, Mama.

I'm not hungry.

You want some more sweet tea?

I'm not thirsty.

Hoyt is a very, very,
very good boy.


You don't need to tell me that.

You're as good as I am.

Better. No.
No, you are.

You are.

I surely wish
I could meet your people,

see what your family's like.


Somebody made me a vampire
against my will,

Ms. Fortenberry.

I don't have a family any more,

except your wonderful son.

I'm sorry for you.

That wasn't fair.

But Hoyt has a bright
future ahead of him.

And by bright,
I mean in the sun.

If you think I'm gonna
let him wander around

all hours of the night

for the rest of his life
with an orphan vampire,

you got another think coming.

I believe that's up to Hoyt.

Y'all don't.

Well, I'll fight
for what's best for my boy.

So will I.

And I can give him
everything a human could.

Not hardly.
Like what?




Well, now you did it.

You happy?

You'll thank me one day.

Not today.

When are you coming home?


I gonna need another
one of these.

All right, let's
do this motherfuck.


You can't do that.

That's against
the rules. Come on.

Hey, we play by my rules,
that means no rules.




Come in, it's open.

Deal. Deal.

Deal what?


Well, lookie here. Aliens.

Oh, who's that?

- Lafayette.
- Lafayette.

Ooh, Lafayette.

Ms. Thornton, welcome, join us.

No, we good.

We're taking my daughter
away from you.

- Is that right?
- That's right.

Tara, listen to me this one time
for your own good.

Don't be ridiculous,
take a load off,

we're in the middle of a game.

Yeah, strip poker.

Strip Poker.

Ms. Thornton, what's your drink?

Vodka. Whiskey.

Hairspray. Antifreeze.

What the fuck is wrong with you?
Are you even in there?

All yours.

Look, the bottle's sweating.

Icy cold, thick, pours like oil.

I don't know what you is,

but I feeling you
and you're a soulless bitch.


That almost hurt.


I am clean and sober,
as you well know.

I'll never take nothing
from you except my girl.

Tara, let's go.
Fuck off.

She's my girlfriend,
why don't you talk to me?

Tara Mae.
Because you ain't a boyfriend,

you're a domestically violent sick mother

Now, Tara, get up, I't
playing. Let's go.

She's not going anywhere.
Oh, she's not?

I'm begging you, don't let them
do you this way.

We'll keep you safe.

Well, it would be the first
fucking time.

Your eyes. What'd you do to her?
Jesus Christ.

Throw a bible at me now.

Pull my hair, scratch my face,
break my head with a bottle.

Hit me back.

I won't hit you back.

Go ahead and kill me,
I'll never strike you again.

Leave him alone.

- No.
- No.

Move, move.

Hurry up.

Don't bother.

Go on, run, you fools.

Go. Go. Go.

She'll come back and she'll
bring them with her.

Come on.

Do you have any fucking
idea of the PR mess you've made?

And who fucking has
to clean that shit up?

Me. Not you, me.

I should drain every one
of you bastards.

Stan went after
the church on his own.

None of us knew
anything about it.

Oh, really. Because everyone who
met Stan in the last 300 years

knew he had a kink about
slaughtering humans.

But you, his nest mates,
his Sheriff, had no clue.

And how were we supposed to know
that this time he meant it?

Not my problem.


Don't talk to him that way.

Don't talk to me that way.

Let's get to the point.

How did they manage
to abduct you?

They would have taken
one of us sooner or later.

I offered myself.

Why not?

They wanted you to meet the sun.
And you were willing.

What do you think?

I think you're out of your mind.

And then I hear about a traitor.


Only a rumor,
I'll take full responsibility.

You bet you will.

You cold bitch.

Listen, this is a national
vampire disaster

and nobody at the top has
any sympathy for any of you.

Sheriff, you fucked up.
You're fired.

I agree, of course.

Isabel should take over.

She had no part in my disgrace.

Godric, fight back.

What are you saying?
She's a bureaucrat,

you don't have to take
shit from her.

You wanna lose your area?

You don't have
that kind of power.

Hey, I'm on TV.

Try me.

I'm to blame.

I should have contained Stan
the second Godric went missing.


I remove myself from all
positions of authority.

Works for me.

Sookie, Sookie.

I owe him.

Ms. Flanagan,

Godric rescued me
from a really large rapist

who probably
would've killed me too.

That's nice. Moving on.
No, listen--

And then he rescued humans
in that church

plus a whole
lot of vampires.

You think it's a PR mess now,
it could have been a hundred,

a million times worse.

You should thank him.

For getting kidnapped?

For attracting a suicide bomber?

For piss-poor judgment?
I think not.


it doesn't matter.

Tell me about
the bombing, please.

Every single detail.

A boy walked in the lair.

I thought he was
someone's human companion.

I sacrificed everything

for that child
without a thought for myself.

He doesn't notice.
He doesn't care.

He isn't grateful.

He's running wild now,

he's headed straight for hell.

The God Who Comes
demands his sacrifice.

Where is Sam Merlotte?.

He ain't been here all day.

Well, find him
and bring him to me.

A while back
he was planning to leave.

Bring him to me. him, grab him,
oh, he almost got you, Mike.

He almost got you.

I mean, come on.
It's the 21st century.

There's gotta be a way-- Crap.

That is one nutty ostrich.

Hey, come on, Mike, come on,
now, grab his hand...

I heard you were here.

What a fucking fiasco.

You're lucky I don't send
you all to the Magister.

Godric, come to my suite
to fill out the forms.


First I have something to say.

I'm sorry.

I apologize for all
the harm I've caused,

for all our lost ones,

human and vampire.

I will make amends, I swear it.

Take it easy, it's just
a few signatures.


Look in my heart.

You have to listen me.
There's nothing to say.

There is.

On the roof.

We have a score to settle.

Not now.

Yes, now.

Have I made my point?

It's done.

I'm part of her now.

Get out of the way.

I'm going to find Godric.

None of this has anything
to do with us.

Godric is not your concern.

If it weren't for him,

I wouldn't be standing here.

He's in pain,

he's suffering.
I gotta do something.

Don't you think we've done
enough for Dallas.

You of all people should
understand how he feels.

What if it were you, Bill?

What if in 1800 years,
you were Godric?

All right, but
I'm coming with you.

I wish you could, but it'll be
dawn in a little while.

If we don't stay long,
I'll heal.

I will not let
you take the chance.

With Godric there, you don't
have to worry about me.

You are so tender-hearted,

you feel obligated,
I can see that.

But, Sookie, in all honesty,

what can you do for him?

I don't know.

I just gotta be there.

It doesn't make sense but

you understand?

I do.

Two thousand years is enough.

I can't accept this,
it's insanity.

Our existence is insanity.

We don't belong here.

But we are here.

It's not right.

We're not right.

You taught me there
is no right and wrong.

only survival or death.

I told a lie, as it turns out.

I will keep you alive by force.

Even if you could,

why would you be so cruel?

Let me go.

I won't let you die alone.

Yes, you will.

As your Maker I command you.

I'll stay with him.

As long as it takes.

It won't take long.

Not at my age.

You know, it wasn't very smart.

The Fellowship of the Sun part.

I know.

I thought it might fix
everything somehow.

But I don't think
like a vampire any more.

Do you believe in God?


If you're right,

how will he punish me?

God doesn't punish,
God forgives.

I don't deserve it.

But I hope for it.

We all do.

You'll care for him?


I'm not sure,
you know how he is.

I can take the blame
for that too.

Maybe not.

Eric's pretty much himself.

Are you very afraid?


No, I'm full of joy.

But the pain--

I want to burn.

Well, I'm afraid for you.

A human with me at the end,

and human tears.

Two thousand years,

and I can still be surprised.

In this, I see God.

Goodbye, Godric.