True Blood (2008–2014): Season 2, Episode 1 - Nothing But the Blood - full transcript

Detective Andy and the Merlotte's waitresses find the body of Miss Jeanette without her heart in a parked car. Lafayette is still missing; actually he is chained in the basement of a house with two other guys. Sookie visits Bill and meets Jessica; Bill explains that he is teaching the young woman to be a vampire, but the jealous Sookie questions why he had not told her before. Sam recalls his past with Maryann when he was a seventeen year-old teenager. Tara flirts with Egg, who also lives in Maryann's manor. Jason joins the church Fellowship of the Sun and schedules a seminar with the followers.

Would you two shut up? I can't think.

Andy, what the hell did you do?
There's someone inside.

- Christ, what happened?
- You step back. I got it.

- Andy's got it.
- I got it, I got it. Don't touch anything.

- We were out trying to find Andy's car.
- Because someone fucking moved it.

- Suddenly, there's this person in there.
- We need an ambulance.

- Sam, call the cops.
- What? I am the cops.

Oh, my God.
Please tell me it's not Lafayette, please.

Check for a pulse.

- Forget it. There ain't no pulse.
- What? Why?

Because there ain't no heart. Sick fuck.

It's not him. It's not Lafayette.

Who the heck is that?

- Demon.
- Hey.

World's gone to shit. Nobody's got
no respect for authority no more.

Wonder if she even knows.
Poor, sorry girl. What a train wreck.

Jesus Christ, Miss Jeanette.
They're gonna find out I knew her.

Find out I went to her, find out everything.
Fuck, I pushed her. I cussed her out.

Now look at her. Shit, what's Mama
gonna say when she finds out?

- There something else you ain't telling me?
- No. I've never seen that woman before.

Can't believe we used to be friends.
I'm gonna have to tell her everything.
- There something else you ain't telling me?
- No. I've never seen that woman before.

- There something else you ain't telling me?
- No. I've never seen that woman before.

Careful there, son.

Her leg will break off like a chicken wing,
you hold her like that.

- Only adds to my expense.
Her leg will break off like a chicken wing,
you hold her like that.

What sick fuck would dump a body
in a detective's car?

Shit, I just got it detailed too.

She knows I'm lying.
I see it in her face.

Just keep it cool, Tara.
Don't blink, don't blink.


Over here.

Body's in full rigor mortis, Bud.

Which is consistent with the vic
being killed elsewhere...

...then brought here to the scene
some time in the past four hours...

...since that's when I drove over here.


Andy, why don't you call it a night?
Your sister's waiting on you.

Now? We've got a murder investigation.
You need your best detective on this.

I know, Andy, but you clocked in at 8 a.m.
You're overworked.

You're also drunk.


I am not overworked.

I don't know about you...

...but I think I've seen
enough dead bodies to last me a lifetime.

- You got enough light down there?
- Except this one, I just don't get.

With everyone Rene killed,
you could see his rage.

But this?
Cutting out that poor woman's heart?

Someone just wanted to see her suffer.

Every time I think I know what's what,
it turns out...

...I don't know anything.


I'm good to close up and go home
if you are.

Sweetie, how did you know
the woman that got killed?

Sookie, I told you, don't ev...

That was...

That was the woman
who gave me and my mama the exorcism.

I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

You have to tell the police
about it. You know that.


I'll probably have to spend all night
answering questions.

My mama's gonna fall to pieces
when she finds out.

Listen, you go home.
Sookie and I will close up.

Kenya, I remembered something.

Your bedtime will be at 4 a.m.
And not a minute later.

- Whatever.
- And whilst you are under my roof...

...hunting is completely forbidden.

Like I'd know where to find people
in this bum-fuck town.

- Are we even in a town?
- We also recycle in this house.

Tru Blood and other glass items
go in the blue container...

...and paper products
go in the white container.

- Can I have one of those?
- No.

- Hello?
- It's me.

I'm gonna be a little late.
Something real awful happened out here.

- I'll tell you all about it when I see you.
- Do you need me? I can meet you.

I always need you.

But you just stay there.
It'll give me something to look forward to.

- Take your time.
- Okay.

Jessica, I'm gonna have a guest
coming over shortly.

- Can we eat her?
- You may not.

Well, who is she?

- Is she your girlfriend?
- Yes.

- Is she a vampire?
- No.

Well, do I have to be nice to her?

I need you to go upstairs
and get cleaned up.

Remove your makeup,
make yourself presentable.

- I will not have you looking like a slattern.
- A what?

A lady of the evening.


"In the Acts of the Apostles,
chapter 26, verse 18...

...Jesus informed Paul of his purpose:

To open people's eyes,
turn them from darkness to light...

...and from the power of Satan
unto God.

If God is light, then Satan is darkness.

If we human beings
are the children of God...

...then creatures of darkness
are undoubtedly...

...the children of Satan."

An exorcism?

Last time it was a pig
in the middle of the road.

Crazy-ass motherfucking Paul Bunyan pig,
if memory serves.

- Plus, a naked woman.
- What the fuck?

- Andy.
- That's what I saw.

You know, you got quite an imagination.

As far as we know,
her name's Nancy Levoir.

And she's been a cashier
at De Soto's pharmacy over in Keachi...

...for almost 20 years.

The woman's got a voodoo bus
out in the woods.

Any particular place in the woods?

- Or just the middle of the woods in general?
- Andy, sit down.

Help us out, Tara.
You're the only one here who knows her.

- She ended up dead outside your workplace.
- In your car.

While you were there keeping me inside,
pouring me drink after drink after drink.

What was it you didn't want me to see?

Andy, a word with you in private.

Don't go nowhere.
I know you're pulling something.

- Okay, you're done for the night.
- I know what I'm doing.

I got it under control.

At best,
you're a material witness to a homicide.

At worst, you could be a suspect.

That is bullshit.

- Either way, you can't stick your nose...
- Lord in heaven, sheriff.

What did they do to Miss Jeanette?
Tell me!

What did they do to her?

I told you not to call her.

- It's a murder investigation.
- Tara, baby. Is it true?

Is it Miss Jeanette?

She saved my life.

Mama, there was no Miss Jeanette.

She was some woman
who worked in a pharmacy.

All that stuff on the bus, it wasn't real.

- Don't you lie.
- She told me so herself.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

She's just saying all this
because she's still angry with me.

No. I mean, yes, but no, it's true.

She gave me ipecac and peyote,
made me think I was killing my demon.

No. No.

It is a sin to speak ill of the dead like that.
She was a good woman.

No, Mama, it was a scam.

She stole from you and from me.
I'm so sorry.

But she cured me.

She cured me.

I'm all right now, ain't I?

Ain't I still right?


Please. Please. I didn't do anything.

I don't know anything. I swear.

Please, don't kill me.

No. No. No!

What do you want from me? Tell me.

What the fuck?

Hey, where the hell are you going?


Holy shit.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I wish I knew.

Where the hell are we?

Who are these people?

Hey. Hey, what the fuck is going on?

Will you shut your mouth,
you fucking inbreed?

Where...? Where are they taking that guy?

I don't know.

But sometimes there are screams.

Jesus fucking Christ.

How long have you been here?

I ain't got no idea.

They tore out that poor woman's heart.

I've never seen so much fear
on someone's face.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

I couldn't keep the voices out.
I was in too much shock to resist.

There's just so...

So much noise.

This is the first quiet I've had all night.


I need to tell you something.


Please, just shut up.

Kiss me. Just make it go away
for just a little while.

Well, hi there.

You must be Sookie.

Oh, Bill...

...I love your shower.

Mama, I'm sorry.

I didn't wanna have to tell you
all that stuff.

Because in spite of everything
you've done, there's some sick...

Sick part of me
that can't bear to see you suffer.

I thought if you found out
Miss Jeanette was a fraud...

No, girl. There wasn't no fraud.

I am living, breathing, thriving proof
there wasn't no fraud.

I'm still healed.
Healed stronger than ever.

- You are?
- The good Lord tested our faith... taking Miss Jeanette away from us.
I stayed true.

I wish I could say the same
about you, baby.

- I'll pray for you.
- Don't.

I'm actually doing better than I have
in a long time.

Well, let's pray for Miss Jeanette then.

There's something evil out there
and it wanted her soul.

You're not careful,
it's gonna come for yours too.


I came as soon as I heard.

- Are you all right, sweetheart?
- Yeah.

That's my mother.

Ms. Thornton. Maryann Forrester.

I've heard all about you.
What a rare opportunity this is.

I've always wondered
what it would be like... gaze into the eyes of someone
so devoid of human compassion...

...that she would abandon her own child
when she needed you most.


Just as I thought. Emptiness.

Nothing inside.
It's always something out there...

...that gets the blame or the credit,
whether it's Jesus or gin.

- Who are you?
- What I can't believe... that your daughter still manages
to feel any love for you at all...

...since you've abused, neglected,
betrayed and forsaken her love...

...since the moment she could feel.
That's extraordinary.

She's a hell of a girl.

Come on. Let's get you home.

- You killed her?
- Not entirely, no.

Well, you obviously did something
to this... This...

- Now, how old are you?
- Seventeen.

Oh, my God. Where are your parents?

- Is she always like this?
- So, what then, you...

...bit her?


- You drained her?
- Yes.

Did you have sex with her?

- No.
- Old.

Jessica was brought to me
as a condition of my punishment.

I had to create a vampire as reparation
for the one I destroyed to save you.

So this is all your fault.

Jessica, I need you to retire
for the morning.

My sleeping quarters
are beneath the stairs.

And you may stay there
until we make other arrangements.

- But I'm not tired.
- Go.

Compared to Fangtasia, this blows.

We can't turn her out. Not yet.
She's a very young vampire.

At her age, with her impulses,
she could be quite dangerous.

Where has she been tonight?

Here with me.
Before that, with Eric and Pam.

There's no way she could have anything to
do with the woman with her heart missing?


Probably not.

Two weeks and you never said anything.

I've laid in bed for hours
talking about my life, your life...

...the weather, rules of football...

...and not once did you mention
that you slept with and killed...

- I did not.
...a 17-year-old girl.


...for a century and a half,
I never turned a human...

...because I couldn't bear to inflict
the suffering I felt when I was turned.

The pain of that
is not an easy thing to share.

If I'm with you, and she's with you,
then she's with me.

And I'm sure as heck sharing in that.

If I withheld anything,
it was only to protect you.

If she'd stayed with Eric
I still wouldn't know, would I?

That's not protecting me,
that's lying to me.

How am I supposed to ever trust you
if you keep something like that from me?

What else are you keeping from me?


I can't stay.

Not tonight.


I've shared every dark,
horrible corner of my life with you.

What made you think
I couldn't handle every bit of yours?

I'm a lot stronger than you think.

The vampires have cheated death.

When death has no meaning,
life has no meaning.

And when life has no meaning,
it is very, very easy to kill.

Not true, Reverend Newlin.
Life has great meaning for us.

We've all known the joy
of human life.

And as several of your kind
demonstrated in Louisiana...

...we most certainly can die.

Your assertion is little more
than veiled incitement...

...for your supporters to come kill us.

No amount of political grandstanding...

...can hide the fact that you know
who killed my family.

- Their blood is on your hands.
- That's an outrageous accusation.

Can you back that up?

My father's death was an assassination,
pure and simple.

A killing meticulously planned,
ruthlessly executed.

From there, all you have to ask is,
"Who stands the most to gain?"

We're running out of time.
Miss Flanagan?

Reverend Newlin's grief
over the loss of his father...

...hasn't hindered him
from some political grandstanding himself.

It's a beautiful, sunny morning in America,
Miss Flanagan. I wish you were here.

Give me 12 hours, Reverend.
I'll be right there.

All right, thank you.
Nan Flanagan and Reverend Steve Newlin.

May his holy light
shine upon you, Sharon.

Coming up at the top of the hour...

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

You're so handsome.
You're getting good at this.

Getting better. Got a long way to go.
Any notes?

Well, sometimes you can sound
a little too much like a preacher.


I'm just thinking ahead, darling.

You could be governor of Texas
if you play your cards right.

You know, you had her cornered.

I thought those fangs
were gonna come out any second.

I wish they would. That'd be a sight.
Let the world see what she really is.

Morning, everybody. How'd I do?
Thanks so much.

- You were great.
- Can you get some pineapple out here?

Hey, how are you doing?
I wish my daddy was here to see you.

Thank you so much, Reverend.

Have a good time.

Orry Dawson, you son of a gun,
come here.

Oh, Reverend.

Mrs. Newlin.

I have someone I'd like you to meet.

This here is Jason Stackhouse
from down the road a piece in Bon Temps.

Wow, you're, like,
the most famous person I ever met.

- We're all equals here.
- Wait, Bon Temps.

Weren't you that poor soul they were
accusing of all those terrible murders?

Yeah, I was.

But I was saved,
just like Orry said I would be.

And for the first time in my life,
I feel like God has a purpose for me.

Well, he does. He does for us all.

This here's God's purpose for me.

Oh, I've been reading your father's book,
and it's really making me...

...think about things.

Well, then you realize
his true message is love.

Despite of what all those
liberal wing nuts say about him.

It's like he says in the book.
I'm coming from the darkness into the light.

Jason's a newcomer to our flock...

...but he's been most enthusiastic
about the message.

- He's got great potential.
- That's high praise coming from Orry.

He was one of my father's
closest advisors.

You know, I think Jason
would make a fine candidate...

...for the Light of Day Institute.

Steve and Sarah
run a leadership conference in Texas...

...where they train the best and brightest
to spread our gospel.

Think of it as a springboard
for fulfilling your destiny.

- A leadership conference?
- It is a terrific program, Jason.

Now, if you have the time and money,
it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How much is it gonna cost me?

- Well, I don't handle the money myself...
- Twelve hundred dollars.

We cover room, board and transportation
and you just pay for your class fees.

I don't know if I can afford that.

I know it's a hardship,
but there's no price for salvation.

Why don't you pray on it?
God'll give you a sign.

Okay. I'll pray on it.

God'll give me a sign.

May his holy light shine upon you.

She was expecting you last night.

Yeah, there was a bit of a...
A murder in my parking lot.

We heard.

I'll see if Maryann is available.

How did you get in here?

If you'd broken it, I'd be really angry.

I'll just go.

In this weather?

Where are your clothes?

I don't know.

You are very interesting.

- How old are you?
- Seventeen.

It's a beauty, isn't it?

Mycenaean, I'm told.

Maryann's still asleep.
Is there a message I may pass along?

Just tell her I have something for her.


- Have a seat, Mr. Lancaster.
- Thank you.

Is there a problem
with my grandmother's papers?

I know you asked for a copy
of the deed to the house.

Oh, no, no, that's all okay.

I have some terrible news, I'm afraid.

Your great-uncle Bartlett has passed on.

I know it's so soon after your grandmother.
This must be quite a shock.

Tell me what happened.


...the Lincoln Parish Fire Department
found him a few miles south of Simsboro.

He'd washed up on the shore.

How'd he get all the way down there?

The Walnut Creek runs behind his house.

Sheriff's guessing
he got too close and fell in.

They're calling it an accident officially.

There's no sign of burglary
or forced entry at the house...

...and he was such a sweet old man.

There'd be no reason to hurt him anyway.

There were no marks or anything
on his body?

Well, there's gators and fish in the water,
and he'd been there for a few weeks... there's not much
of a body to speak of.

Oh, my God.

I can't tell you how sorry I am.
He was truly a kind, giving man.

I was proud to call him my friend.

Oh, no, no, no.

The one consolation, Sookie... that your great-uncle Bartlett
cared for you very deeply.

He stated in his will that he wished
for you to inherit all his financial assets.

It's not much.
Eleven thousand, thereabouts.

But it's a token
of how special you were to him.

Go ahead, take it.

It's yours.

Stunning, isn't it?

It's the god Pan and his human lover.

And she doesn't have a name?

She could be any of us, couldn't she?

The Greeks knew
there was the flimsiest veil...

...between us and the divine.

They didn't see the gods as being
inaccessible the way everyone does today.

Except for my mama.

She thinks she's got
a direct line to Jesus.

You have an uncanny talent for connecting
everything back to your mother.

Don't get me wrong. She deserved
everything you gave her, but still...

If you took care of yourself for once
instead of protecting her...

...she'd still be your mother,
you'd just be happier.

I could use some more papaya.

Doesn't it seem like she's got
an endless supply of tropical fruit?

- And pot.
- Now, that I didn't notice.

I've been smoking pot since I was 10.
My first kumquat, three months ago.

I thought I was bad,
sneaking cigarettes when I was 12.

Well, girl, if you think that's bad...

...I don't even wanna tell you
the other shit I've done.

Have you ever?

With Maryann?

You must be high.

I mean, she's so far beyond me,
it's like she's on another plane.

I'm starting to get her more every day,
but I think the main idea is...

...we're all luckier than we can imagine.

Maybe you are. You didn't just see
your first dead body last night.

Well...'re lucky you made it this far
before seeing one.

Trust me, I've seen more than I care to.

And you're okay with that?

Sure. It's lucky I wasn't one of them.

And I'm also lucky
you haven't moved my hand yet.

Fresh towels.

They're Egyptian.


I should...

I should really get changed for work.


Nobody needed towels.

Yeah, I guess I do miss
that son of a bitch.

He was my best friend.

Yeah, mine too.

But then I think:

"How can that be the same fuck who...?"

Because we never knew
who Rene really was.

All those innocent people he killed.

You know what I can't believe?

That God would let them die
for no reason.

You know, when l... When I was in jail...

...the Fellowship of the Sun,
they came to visit me.

The vampire haters?

No, it turns out they're about a lot more
than just vampires.

I tell you, if I'm ever gonna find answers,
that's where it's gonna be.

Yeah, but why does it gotta be with them?
I mean, we got a church right here.

And what does our
back-ass church give you?

Well, they teach me to be a Christian,
for one, and not hate vampires...

...or hate anybody else.

See, you're hung up on the hating.
The Fellowship, it's bigger than that.

When I'm there,
I feel like I'm meant to be a part of it... I got a calling from Jesus.

Or from Steve Newlin himself.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, Sookie, I heard about the...

At Merlotte's. I'm sorry.

Thanks, Hoyt, that's sweet of you.

- Jason.
- Yeah?

Sid Matt Lancaster came by a bit ago.

He had some... Some bad news.

Uncle Bartlett passed away.

- Well, what happened?
- They're saying it was an accident.

He fell into the Walnut Creek
behind his house.

- No, no.
- There's something else.

He... He left us an inheritance.

Well, he left me the inheritance,
but I don't want it. Here.

Wait. Why...? Why did he leave it to you?

- I used to mow his lawn every Sunday.
- I don't know. He was old.

- Just... It's yours now.
- Come on, now. Maybe we should split it.

Jason, I do not want it.


I gotta get to work.

It's good to see you, Hoyt.

Thank you.

Is this what you imagined
it would feel like?


You stay with me
and we will do things...

...that you cannot possibly imagine.

- What's wrong?
- Don't stop. Don't stop.

What are you?

Baby boy, you're not the only one
who's special in this world.

Hey, Sam. I don't know when you're
planning on hiring another waitress...

...but me and Sookie are fixing to drop dead
from exhaustion. Lookie here.

Nine out of 10 broken.


I'm sorry.
I've been meaning to put an ad out.

Well, that's why Daphne's here.
She came in looking for work...

...and I think you owe it to yourself
to at least give her an interview.

I used to work at the Cracker Barrel
in Alexandria.

- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure. Come on in.
- Thank you.

Oh, Sam. Can I start parking
over near your trailer?

Instead of, you know, where the...?

Yeah. Yeah, you go ahead.

I love you. Nine out of 10.

Hey. Hey, Sam Merlotte.

- Hey.
- Hey. Daphne, right? I like the name.

I think it's French.
My mama's half Cajun.

So Cracker Barrel, huh?

- Some people think I'm an asshole.
- No.

It's true.

Picked fights with strangers,
I've cussed out old ladies.

I even pissed in my boss' coffee once.

- You do not need to be telling me this shit.
- What else is there to do down here?

- I mean, don't you talk to the others?
- No.

Mostly I just keep to my fucking self.

- And think.
- Like about how to get out of here?

More about why I'm here to begin with.

All the shit I've done in my life.

The drugs, the sex, the website.

I did it so my life wouldn't be a dead end,
and this is where I end up.

- Now, what kind of punchline is that?
- Well, see, that's why we gotta talk.

We gotta tell each other
all the shit we've done.

That way if one of us gets out,
he can tell the world about both of us.

I just hope it's me.

Whatever. If it make you feel
any better, keep talking.

All right then.

When I was 20, my cousin Rufus,
he was going out with this girl...

...who claimed she could crush a beer can
with her tits.

And one night when we were alone,
I asked her to show me.

One beer can led to another,
and before you knew it...

...she was crushing my head...

...with her tits.

Rufus came home, and he was so mad,
he threw me out the window.

My hip shattered into a million pieces
and they replaced it with metal.

My ass is magnetic now.

I pray to God you ain't
the last motherfucker I meet before I die.

Come on, come on.

What about you? You must have done
all kinds of shit you regret.

Well, I got in trouble
with my boss once...

...for punching out
three stupid rednecks at the bar.

- You regret that?
- Hell, no. You fucking deserved it.


Hey, I'm sorry I hassled you
for being gay.

I was an asshole about it.

Well, at least I got through to you.

If it makes you feel any better...

...when I was 15 at Safety Patrol Camp...

...I let my bunk mate blow me.



Name Nancy Levoir ring a ding?

- How about Miss Jeanette?
- No.

- Pitcher of Abita Light.
- Not their usual Dixie draft?

Jason's not drinking and Hoyt says
his mama wants him to watch his weight.

Please. She's one to talk.

That woman's got more chins
than a Chinese phone book.

- Come on, have a drink with me.
- I don't drink no more.

I don't do nothing that can screw me up.
Them days are over.

Well, you don't gotta be drunk
to bang my brains out, do you?

I appreciate the offer, darling...

...but I'm happy
hanging with my buddy tonight.

- Oh, are you two, like, gay together?
- No. Just turning over a new leaf.

Your loss, baby.

How about you? You wanna party?

Never mind. Time's up. I don't teach.

I absorb.

Hey, bubba. I gotta stay pure
for that leadership conference...

...but if you wanna hit that, man,
I'm cool.

No. No, I'm not much of a hitter,
you know?

I like them nicer than that.

DuraStrong 40-gallon trash liners.

Found one at the scene.
They sell them at club stores.

You know anybody
who uses them, call me.

All right.

I was just out back,
and you can smell the blood out there.

What kind of sick animal
would keep a poor woman's heart?

Well, you know Rene Lenier,
or Marshall whatever-his-name-was?

I heard that the American Vampire League,
they wanted to teach him a lesson.

So they dug him up
and they turned him into one of their own.

So he could have killed that woman.

Better be careful.
Rene Marshall might still get you.

Don't you people have any shame?
His name was Drew Marshall.

And he's dead, and he's buried,
and he ain't never coming back.

That's for your drinks.
Now, y'all need to leave.

Up. Shake a leg. Out! Go!

- Come on. Let's get out of here.
- Keep walking. Don't eyeball me.

He's such a nut ball.

You didn't have to do that.

Leadership conference, huh?
What church?

Marlboro. Baptist.

In Baton Rouge.

It's only for a week.

Just give me a chance
to get away from everything.

I wish I could take a week off.

I finally started cleaning out
Gran's room today.

I couldn't even bear
to pack away a single thing.

Yeah, I know. I miss her too.

And I'm hoping maybe God'll tell me
why he had to take good people away.

- Like Gran and Amy.
- Jason, Amy was a V addict.

Yeah, that don't mean
she deserved to die.

I can't help it, Sook, I loved her.

And when you love someone,
you gotta love it all.

Otherwise it ain't love.

There you are, Stackhouse.
Got a couple of questions for you.

Humor him, he's toasted.
Have a good time at church camp.


Hey, y'all.

- We won.
- We won, we won.

There you go.
Come on, darling. One more time.

- Hey, girl. You know where Sam is?
- Out back. He's been a little weird tonight.

I heard about your uncle Bartlett.
I'm sorry.

Thanks. I think I'll be fine.

I wish people would stop dying
around here though.

Try the A-negative.

Less like ass than the A-positive,
but more like ass than the B-negative.

You have to keep your strength.

Two thirds of new vampires
never survive the first year.

Well, I can't help it if I don't like it.

You know, Eric let me feed on a guy
with tattoos and nipple piercings.

- I am not Eric.
- Oh, you are so not Eric.

Hey. Hardly seen you all night.

Well, haven't had the best day.

The woman in the parking lot,
or something else?

Well, don't feel much like talking.


It's slowing down pretty good in there,
so I was...

- You wanna cut out and go see Bill?
- I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

We had a fight,
and there's some things...

I don't need to hear
every last detail of your life.

I guess I've owed you an apology
for a while now.

I never meant to hurt you, Sam.
You know how much I care about...

Don't it seem like you're always
either apologizing or yelling at me?

- Don't you get sick of it?
- Sam.

Because I sure do.
I can't be whatever you want...

...whenever you want anymore.

I'm tired of charring my ass
on your back burner.

I'm gonna need you in early
to make up for lost hours.

In Keachi.

You ever get a prescription
filled out there? Don't lie to me.

You sure about that?

- Now there.
- What? I'm working.

Clearing my name
since I'm a suspect, allegedly.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'll just do-si-do round here.


You're embarrassing yourself.
I'm taking you off the case.

For your own sake.


I'm a good cop.

I can close a case.
Let me show people that, please.

Can't you go do something else?

I don't do anything else. This is it.

I'm sorry, Andy.

You have something of mine.

Karl said you stopped by with a gift.

I do love presents.

I don't know how you found me,
but I assume this is what you came for.

I'm sorry.
I was young and scared at the time.

I remember.


Oh, you sweet thing.

It's not your money I want.

Listen, if you think you can
get back at me by luring Tara...

Get back at you?

How in the world
did you get the impression...

...that this was about you?

What? Maryann said she was coming down,
and I just wanted to see you.

Still? You're either dumber than I thought
or way too good for me.

Cut it out. I just wanted to see
where you work. Is that so bad?

Well, you are a lucky man.

And since the bartender likes you,
drinks are on the house. What'll it be?

Give me something sweet.

Well, I can make you a rum and Coke,
margarita, or a White Russ...

That's more like it.

All right, I guess that's not so gross.

Two parts O-negative
to one part B-positive.

Remember that.

I need to talk to you.

- Alone.
- I don't know if we can, with...

Jess, I feel like we got off to a bad start,
and it's totally my fault.

I never got a chance
to hear your side of things...

...find out what you're like, none of that.
Can you forgive me?

- You really wanna get to know me?
- Of course I do. You deserve that.

And frankly, I'm curious about you.
I've just got one huge favor to ask.

Give me tonight with my boyfriend...

...and we'll have all night tomorrow
to ourselves.

Just us girls.

Sure. I mean, I guess I got
nothing but time now, right?

Good night.

I must say I'm impressed.

It's almost like you glamoured her...

Did you have anything to do
with Uncle Bartlett's death?

He hurt you.

Oh, my God.

Is it that easy for you to kill?

Does human life mean so little
you can just kill on command?

Toss someone in the water?

I cannot have people dying
every time I confide in you.

I never felt more inhuman than when
I had to kill Rene. It still haunts me.

And now you've made me feel
like I killed another person.

I feel sick.

I always thought,
as different as we are...

...somehow we could still be together.

And... And now I don't know.

I don't know anything.


...say something, Bill.


I cannot, and I will not lose you.

For all the ways I have dismayed,
aggrieved, or failed you...

...I swear I will atone.

But I am not sorry.

I refuse to apologize
for what you have awakened in me.


You are my miracle, Sookie.

For the first time in 140 years,
I felt something...

...I thought had been lost to me forever.

I love you.

And for that, I shall never feel sorry.

Oh, damn you, Bill Compton.

I love you.

- I got a plan. I'm busting us out.
- Don't be an idiot.

- I'll come back for you. I promise.
- Shut up.

You know, shushing won't do any good,

We hear everything.

Well, since you made me come down here,
I ought to take out some of the garbage.

Royce Allen Williams.

We have a few questions for you...

...with regard to a fire
which claimed three of our kind.

No fucking way, man.
I don't know anything.

Crimes against vampires are on the rise.
We lost a sheriffjust days ago.

- And we seek answers.
- No. No.


Die, you dead fucker!