True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 12 - You'll Be the Death of Me - full transcript

With Jason in jail for Amy's murder, he tries to prove his innocence, while Sookie thinks that the killer is someone that they are close with. Meanwhile, Maryann bails Tara out of jail and ...

You know that old leather jacket
I wear sometime?

The brown one?

Well, make sure it goes to Hoyt.

I told him it was lucky.

It ain't.

But he don't know that.

Sookie'll get the house.

My bank account.

But I want you to have my truck.


You've been a good friend, Rene.

Thanks, man.

I'm giving it back though,
soon as they let you go.

They ain't never
letting me go, Rene.

There's something
inside me that's just...

- It's wrong.
- Nah, come on now.

It ain't like you went
and killed a bunch a...

innocent women.

- What?
- They were fangbangers.

If you hadn't have done it,
it was a matter of time.

Wait, are you calling
my grandma a fangbanger?

Don't get your back all up, you...

I'm just sayin', you must've
had your reasons, that's all.

There ain't no good reason
for what I did.

- Suppose you're right.
- You can't go in there.

He's my brother.

He's only allowed
one visitor at a time.

You can either let me by
or throw me in there,

but I'm gonna see my brother.

- I'm sorry, Sookie. I'm so sorry.
- You've have nothing to be sorry for.

I wish I got here sooner, before you
went and confessed to something.

I don't even remember
doing any of it.

I just know I did.

Jason, you need to shut up, okay?

'Cause I'm real close to finding out
who the real killer is.

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His name's Drew Marshall.
He had a sister named Cindy,

and I think he killed her.

Strangled her just like
Maudette and Dawn and Amy.

How come she hasn't gone
to the cops and gotten Jason out.

'Cause I tried that, and so far
the cops have done diddlysquat

to protect me and my family.

I don't have any evidence yet.
I ignore what Drew Marshall looks like.

So you can't really
be sure he's the killer.

I've seen what's inside his head.

They'll never believe that about him,
but it's the truth.

There's all kinds of strangeness
in this world.

I know you wanna help me,

but that's only 'cause
you can't accept the truth.

I'm a murderer.

And I'm going to hell.
Plain and simple.

You aren't hearing me.
I know who the killer is.

And all we gotta do is find him.

Listen to me, don't be stupid.

- What's your problem?
- Make her go away.

Am I your fucking butler?

Please, just get her out of here.

Now, you heard him.

Zoo's closed.

Did you get the fax
from the Bunkie police department

about Drew Marshall, the man
who's probably the real killer?

Never heard of no fax
from no Bunkie P.D., or Drew-whoever.

But I'll tell you one thing.

The real killer is right there,
where he belongs.

You are one hell of a sorry excuse
for a cop and a human being,

Andy, and it's just a matter of time
before everyone knows it.

Hi, I'm Tara.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I thought you might be hungry.

Okay, this isn't food.

This is sculpture.

And this place...

You're not really just a social worker,
are you?

I'm a lot of things.

- Just like you. Coffee?
- Sure.

I mean, you're not just
a drunk-driving bartender, are you?

You're also intelligent,


A survivor.

I don't feel like
any of those things right now.

I didn't just wreck my car,

I totaled my whole life.

All of it.

Well, I suppose
that's one way of looking at it.

Personally, I see your situation
as an opportunity.

I just got a fake exorcism
and a DUl.

I probably lost my job.

All of my friends.

And my mother disowned me.

I'm sorry, but I don't get
how that's an opportunity.

Maybe life has just cleared out
all the things that weren't working.

Now you've got room to rebuild.

Decide exactly what you want
your life to look like.

And make that happen.

What do you want, Tara?

What do you want your life to be?

I don't know.

I guess I never really
let myself want anything.

That breaks my heart.

Yeah, well, there are people
a lot worse off than me. I'm sure.

I should probably let you get
back to helping them.

Instead of watching me cry
all over your nice breakfast.

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

And I promise to pay back the bail
as soon as I can.

Tara, sit down.

You haven't touched your food,
your dress isn't dry,

and I think we both know
you've got nowhere to go.


I know it's hard
for you to trust me,

but I really do just wanna help.

Even if that means giving you a place
to stay until you figure things out.

- Why would you do that?
- 'Cause it's what I do.

It's what I want my life to be:
helping people.

Not because I feel sorry for you,

and not because I want
anything back from you.

- Then why?
- Because you deserve a chance.

And I'm in a position
to give you one.

You wanna end this thing, that's fine.
The least you could do is call me back

and tell me where the fuck
you are so I can stop worrying.

Thanks a lot,
I'll talk to you later, bye.

- What are you doing here?
- I got the lunch shift.

With everything going on with Jason,
I figured you'd take the day off.

I'm not staying home and hiding,
having people think I'm ashamed.

Besides, I'm gonna need all the money
I can get to hire a p. i.

Drew Marshall
is somewhere in this town.

Who knows how many times
he's sat in one of those booths,

looked me in right in the eye
and ordered a burger and fries.

- Yeah, but wouldn't you have heard him?
- Wouldn't you've smelled him?

I ain't a shortwave radio. I spend
most of my time trying not to listen.

- Sorry, I didn't mean...
- It's okay.

I better start my prep.

You can only have
five minutes with him.

Five minutes.

Mr. Stackhouse?

My name is Orry Dawson.

I told 'em I don't need no lawyer.

I'm not a lawyer.

I'm here on behalf
of the Fellowship of the Sun.

That anti-vampire church?

We are a religious organization

dedicated to the preservation
and salvation of the human race.


'Cause I thought
you just hated vampires.

And I used to,

but then I got to know one,
and he was a pretty decent guy.

Until I got him killed.

See, that's where you're wrong.

What you did,

it was a service
to your race and to Jesus.

And you should be proud of that.

Last year there were over 800 reported
vampire-related attacks

in Louisiana alone.

And the law
won't do nothing about it.

They are too busy
respecting those fiends

and their... Their civil rights.

What about our rights?

Our rights to be safe
in our own neighborhoods,

our right to our own blood?

No, I don't know nothing about that.

Look, uh...


the church can't condone
what you did.

You took the lives of four women.

Women who had tainted
themselves and their race,

but still, human women.

But we do recognize

that even though your methods
may have been flawed,

your intentions were pure.

I got no idea
what you're talkin' about.

That's smart.

Don't admit to anything.

The church has started up
a fund for your defense.

In the meantime,

here's something
to help you pass the time.

You are a brave soldier,
Jason Stackhouse.

God loves you.
You... You will be saved.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

I was looking for Maryann.

She'll be right back.

You must be Tara.

Come on in.

I'm Eggs.


It's actually Benedict.

- Benedict Talley, so...
- Eggs Benedict.

Ah, shit, I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have laughed.

- My name's screwed up too.
- Tara's a pretty name.

Suits you.

Maryann did... Didn't
tell me she... She had a...

A boyfriend.


I'm just stayin' here
till I get back on my feet.

Just like you.

So collecting stray black people,
that some kind of hobby of hers?

She was right about you.
You are funny.

- What else she tell you about me?
- She said...

You crashed your car with
a gallon of whiskey in your lap.

It was vodka.

Really cheap vodka.

I'm... I'm not judging you.

Believe me, all right.

When Maryann found me I was...

Let's just say, I was
a hell of a lot worse off than you.

She's a miracle worker.
You'll see.

Yeah, well, I won't be
sticking around that long.

That's too bad.

My mama,

when she thought something
was too good to be true, she'd...

She'd say, "Satan in a Sunday hat".

That's exactly what this is.

You know, it took me a long time
to stop looking over my shoulder too.

But there are
good people in this world.


good shit happens.

He don't remember doin' it.
Like he had amnesia or something.

Holler if y'all need anything, okay?

Now, he's just sitting there,
lookin' like a dog that lost his bone.

And then he says, "I did it.

"I killed those women.

- You were right all along. "
- He didn't exactly say that.

You should've seen the look in his eye.
Ice cold.

Like he was talking about road kill.

Excuse me.

Well, thank God you got him,
Detective Bellefleur.

Can I buy you a beer?

Show my appreciation?

That's all right, Rosie,
I was just doin' my job.

Whole family full
of freaks and killers.

Oughta be ashamed to show her face
after what her brother did.

Sleazy little manslut, Jason Stackhouse,
a goddamned murderer.

I'd pay good money
to watch that boy fry.

He was so cute for a murderer,
wonder why he never hit on me.

What's going on?

You're right, I shouldn't
have come in today.

Why don't you go
to my trailer, lie down?

I need to get out of here.

- It's not safe.
- I'm just gonna drive around.

I'll keep my doors locked.
I won't even get out of the car.

I need some time alone.

I gotta get these
thoughts out of my head.

All right, all right, yeah.
I've got your tables.

Thank you, Sam.

For everything.

Please, Jesus, don't do this to me.

Shoot, darn it!
Son of a mother!


Evything all right?

Just a...

a little car trouble, that's all.

Want me to take a look?

Don't tell anybody,
but I don't know much about cars.


Thanks for trying.


I guess I should call a tow.

Why don't you let me
give you a ride home?

I'll get my buddy Hank at Auto Haven
to take a look on my way back.


can't be alone.

Course you can't.

How'bout I give you a ride home,
stay with you until Sam gets off work?

I couldn't put you out.

Your brother's been real good to me.

Least I could do.

That's so kind of you, Rene.

I just wanna say...

I told Andy, I've known killers,
and Jason ain't one.

- Thank you, Terry.
- Nobody ever listens to me.

But they should.


I can't believe Jason
gave you his truck.

He loves this truck.

I know, right?

I tried talking him out of it.
He wasn't hearing it, though.

Buckle up, now.


It's really true? You can hear
what I'm thinking right now?

What do I think about, think
about, think about nothing,

nothing, think about nothing...

Don't bother.
Thinking about nothing ain't possible.

Trust me, everyone's
tried it around me.

Sooner or later
you'll think about something.

What's kinda funny, is that...
Your thoughts

don't have an accent.

That must be hard on you,
livin' with that.

It is hard.


You have no idea how sick
and twisted some people are.

Lord, I can believe that,
yes, ma'am.

It's one thing when they
think horrible stuff about me,

I mean,

I'm kinda used to it.

when it's about my brother...

He's all I've got left.

I mean, I've lost everyone.


I've lost people too.

It don't ever get any easier.

you find ways to cope.

I thought I told you kids
to take out the garbage.

What the hell are you watching?

Oh, my Lord.

Where'd you get this?


Lisa, you answer me, right now.

It's Rene's.
We found it in the garage.

Go to your room.

It's hotter in here
than hell on a Sunday.

I know, Gran used to leave
the windows open all day,

but I haven't felt safe
doin' that in a while.

Have a seat, I'll fix us
some iced teas.

Sounds good.

These fuckers' palates are
as backwoods as their brains.

- Rene left his vest.
- I'll put it in the lost and found.

Hey, where's Sookie?
Did you see her?

- Where'd she go?
- She left with Rene

about 20, 23 minutes ago.

- Rene, you take it sweet?
- Yes, ma'am.

You scared me.

Did I?

Sorry about that.

Don't think about it...
Blood, blood, so much blood...

She wasn't supposed to be here...
Shut up!

- Rene?
- Sookie ain't here?

You weren't supposed to be here.

You all right?


so jumpy these days.

Let me help you with that.

I'm gonna go get a mop.

What do you think you're doin'?

Stay away!

You're not gonna shoot me.

Told you.

She deserves it,
needs it, wants to die.

That's why she fucks them fangers...


Goddamn it.

Get back here, you fucking bitch!

Dang it.

Nothing that'll cover up
what you done.

You watching me now?

You freak.

You're the freak, Cindy. You're
the damn freak. Fuckin' freak. Fuck!

Spread your legs for a dead man.
Mama'd roll over in her grave...

Get the fuck out of here.

Sookie. I'll teach you, you bitch!

What're you doing?
Get away from me!

Get out!

I can feel you in my head!

I thought you were Jason.

Die, fang fucker!

Stay the fuck out of my head!

Come on, Sookie. Let's be...

Let's be friends.
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

We can be friends.

Sookie. Seriously,
I was just kidding.

Can you fuckin' hear me,
you filthy fucking cunt?

I'm gonna tear out
your throat with my hands

and fuck your dead face.

Shit. Goddamn it.

I must have lost her.
Could be hiding in the woods.

I better go back and check.

vampire-fucking, freak bitch!

You think you're so smart!

You smart now?

What the fuck are you?

You fuckin' freak fuck!

Fuckin' sick fuck.

Die, you fucking freak of nature!


Fucking bitch!

I... am...


No, Bill, please.

We gotta get him out of the light.

You look so pretty.

Like someone turned
a light on under your skin.

Hospital gave her pain meds.

She's... She's a little loopy.

Didn't you listen
when I said I'd lose my shit

if anything ever happened to you?

Don't lose your shit.

I'm fine.

Did Sam tell you

that he saved my life?

He turned into a dog and bit Rene.

No shit. I'm gonna need some of them
drugs they gave you.

You guys, we should let her rest.

You need to let people see

the real you.


you're kind

and brave.

There's nothing there not to love.

Right back at you.

All right then.

DA's dropping the charges.

No. No fucking way.
He confessed.

The marks on Amy Burley's
neck match Rene's belt.

Or Drew Marshall.
Whatever the hell his name is.

He near about put Sookie
in a body bag.

We got no reason to hold Stackhouse.

That's horseshit!

Get ahold of yourself. I don't need
you screwing things up even worse.

So, what?
We're just gonna let him go?

Not "we. "

You brought him in.
You let him go.

Right now, Andy.

Is there some way
I can get a magazine?

This shit's putting me to sleep.

- What're you doin'?
- Get out of here.


You heard me.
Get the fuck out of here.

- Is this some kinda trick or something?
- No, you stupid shit.

It ain't a trick.

It's a fucking miracle!

Oh, sweet Jesus,

please forgive me.

I had no idea, Sookie, I swear.

- Course you didn't.
- I brought him around my kids.

I slept in the bed
with him every night.

And all that time,
it was nothin' but lies.

I mean, his name, his accent.

God, you think you know someone.

How could I not know?

None of us did.

- Don't blame yourself, honey.
- I can't help it.

I told you to stay
out of my thoughts.

Is that why you didn't listen in
on Rene?

It's like he kept

that part of himself...

locked away in some...


corner of his mind.

Oh, God.

I am so sorry.

I want you to promise me
something, okay?


Someday, if I ever find another man.

I want you to look inside his head
and tell me everything that's in there.

it doesn't really work that way.

Just promise me, okay?

'Cause I have
the worst taste in men.

Is Bill gonna be okay?

I don't think so.

Oh, honey.

Oh, sweet baby.

I'm gonna head on over to the bar.

Make sure Terry ain't P-T-S-Ding
all over my clam chowder.

Thanks, Lafayette.
I appreciate you holding down the fort.

No worries, boyfriend. 'Cause
I'm gonna hit your ass up for a raise,

soon as they pull them stitches out
your forehead.

Call me later, T.

Where have you been?

I left you like 5 messages.

I didn't get any messages.


Look, we don't have
to talk about this now.

Sookie almost died.

And she would've,
if you hadn't been there.

I'm glad you were, okay?

I was...

I was worried about you.

I'm sure you were.

You worry about everybody.

But Sookie's right,

you're an amazing guy.

You deserve to get
everything you want.

And so do I.

What does that mean?

Take good care of her.

Wait, Tara...

Maryann, this is my friend Sam.

Sam, this is Maryann.

Sam, it's so nice to meet you.

You ready to go?

What the hell are you doing here?

Did you think
I wasn't gonna find you?

You silly, silly dog.

I should've known.

'Cause there were things
he liked to do...

in bed

that no normal man ever does.

I've never been happier
to see you in my life.

That's nice, but, sweetie, I'm...

black and blue all over
and you're squeezing me.



look what that son of a bitch
did to you.

I can't believe I gave him my truck.

If he was still alive right now,

fuckin' kill him again.

Excuse me.

- Me and my mouth.
- She'll be all right.


You know,
I was sitting in that jail,

and I just kept thinkin' about
all the stupid stuff I'd done.

That must've kept you busy.

And I know it seems like all
I ever think about's myself.

And drinking

and chasing women.

But that's only 'cause I thought
that's all I was good at.

That's not true.

You were

good at football.

Not good enough for a scholarship.

I ain't never been
good enough for anything.

Or anybody.

Well, except maybe Amy.

But she's gone, so...

So I was in there,
waitin' to die too,

and I realized

my life wasn't worth nothing.

I'd never done nothing
worth being proud of.

And all I could think
to do was to end it.

- Jason...
- No, it's okay.

'Cause then,

something happened.

I was saved.

I was given a second chance.

And now I know that all this...
this bad stuff that happened,

it happened for a reason.

What's that?

I ain't sure yet.

But I do know that I'm meant
to do something important

with my life.
And soon as I find out what that is,

- I ain't gonna fuck it up.
- That's good.

- I guess.
- Yeah.

I love you, Sook.


I'm gonna take good care
of you from now on.

I promise.

How about you just take care
of yourself and...

stay out of trouble?

Come on, you don't have
to worry about me no more.

I'm good.

Why is all fucking garbage
on the side of the garbage can?

Nasty motherfuckers.

Got no... Goddamn home training.

Oh, my God!

Daddy. Oh, Daddy.

It is you. I found you.

I found you. They said you were dead.
But I knew you weren't.


Hold me close...

You're alive?

Technically, no.

But I am healed.

I fed.

Would you like to come in?

Without my blood
it'll take weeks for you to heal.

I don't care.

After everything,

I... just need
to feel human right now.

I failed you.

You were willing to sacrifice
yourself to save me.

If I'd just been...

My life is too short for all that.

Yesterday, the Vermont Supreme Court
ruled that limiting marriage

between only human men and women
is unconstitutional,

effectively legalizing
vampire marriage in the state.

Courthouses will be staying open after
dark to accommodate hundreds of couples

from all over America.

Oh, my God,
you know what this means?

- Now you and Bill can get married.
- Stop it, Arlene.

This isn't Vermont.

he hasn't even asked me yet.

And I don't know
what I'd say if he did.

You should marry Bill.

Hell, I'll even throw you a party.

Won't even break the bank, is all you
need is a couple kegs of Tru Blood,

seein' as
how they don't eat or drink.

Bet there's even a vampire band
and vampire wedding decorations.

Put Arlene's party to shame.

You know you're about
as subtle as a flying brick?

Maryann says if you want something,
you don't wait for it to come to you.

- You demand it...
- Do me a favor,

don't quote Maryann to me.

Excuse me for giving a damn.

You heard from your cousin,
by any chance?

'Cause I'm about
to give away his job.

But this one time Lafayette
went to Marthaville for the night.

He ended up go-go dancing
in Palm Beach for like 8 months.



disappear all the time,
but they're never really gone.

The good parts of 'em
always stay put.

I hope you're right about that,


Your hair's like a sunset
after a bomb went off.


And God said,

"Let there be light. "

And there was light.

And even though we stand
in darkness today,

we shall not fear.

For God has given us

the ultimate weapon.

The ultimate


The sun.

And he has placed in front of us

a daunting but righteous task.

We will not falter.

We will not rest.

Until we have brought
God's holy light down on each

and every bloodsucking abomination!

- Amen.
- Praise Jesus!

Time to pack it up, Andy.

My family used to own
this whole damn town.

The land this rat hole
stands on included.

You don't own this rat hole no more,

- so I'm cuttin' you off.
- Join the club.

One minute you're a hero,
the next you can't get a fuckin' drink.

I ain't never seen a bird fly so high
it don't have to come down sometime.

- What's that for?
- It's your pity party.

Only one you're getting from me,
so suck it up.

- Thanks.
- Don't thank me.

It's just easier
for me not to hate you.

Hating takes a lot of energy.
And I'm saving mine up

for all the good shit
that's coming my way.

'Cause I am a good person,
and I deserve good shit in my life.

Yeah, put it on a bumper sticker.

Thank you, Sookie.
Where's Vampire Bill at tonight?

Is he out celebrating?
Some sort of vampire party?

we're celebrating together later.

Just tell him
congratulations from me.

I don't care what nobody says,
if I met a nice vampire girl,

- I'd be proud to have her on my arm.
- I'd love to see your mama's face

- if you brought her home for dinner.
- Yeah, me too.

You know, yeah. I mean,
does Bill know anybody my age?


Hi, Daddy.

What is this?

There are favors and there are...


She is extremely annoying.

You can't do this. We had a deal.

Now the terms have changed.
She's yours.

Unless you wanna give me Sookie?

It's just a suggestion.

Though a few nights with this one
may change your mind.

Good luck.

Who's good to eat around here?

He ain't listening to me.

Good luck.

We're closing.
Give me your keys.

I ain't giving you shit, Stackhouse.

I'm a failure. A pathetic fuckin' loser.
And everybody knows it.

Just like she said they would.
She's real happy with herself.

It don't ever make me happy
to see someone in pain.

I'm gonna call your sister
to come pick you up.

Detective Bellefleur.

- Where's my car?
- Andy Bellefleur, the only thing

you're driving tonight is us crazy.

Portia is on her way to pick you up.
Give me your keys.

I don't have 'em.
Left 'em in the car.

Right here, underneath this light.

- Some son of a bitch stole my car.
- You sure this is where you parked it?

This whole town's gone to shit.

Nobody used to go
murdering each other,

stealin' cars.

That's what happens when
you don't let a good cop do his job.

Ain't that it over there?

That ain't where I parked it.

What the hell?

That ain't mine, I swear.