True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - I Don't Wanna Know - full transcript

When Sookie finds Sam asleep without clothes at her bed, he reveals his own secret to her that he happens to be a shape shifter, plus his pet dog seen around the bar is really him in disguise. Sam also recalls important events in his life. Arlene and Rene have their engagement party at Sam's bar and Sookie, already freaked out by Sam's revelation, is attacked by an unseen person in the darkened kitchen. Meanwhile, Tara decides to undergo the exorcism, but later discovers something about the exorcist Miss Jeanette. Jason decides it's time to do something about the captive Eddie, while Amy thinks differently. Elsewhere, Bill has to face the music and appears before a vampire tribunal over his self-defense killing of Longshadow. The normal sentence would be to spend five years in a silver-wrapped coffin but the Magister has a better idea... to make Bill turn a human into a vampire.

What the hell are you doing here?

Nothing. Sleeping.

Did you touch me?
Hell no, I swear.

Sookie, listen. Bill asked me to look
after you while he was away.

Did he ask you to do it buck-naked?

- I want you out of here. Now.
- Listen, Sookie.

I need to tell you something about me,
something I've never told.

Oh, my God, it's you.

- You're the murderer.
- No, no, Sookie...

Oh, my God, you killed
my grandmother.

I'm not the killer, I swear.

I'm a shape-shifter.

Shut the fuck up.

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What's that for?

- Give me your hand.
- Why?

"Why, why, why. Why's it have to
be in the woods?

"Why's it have to be before dawn?

"Why 799.95?

Why, why, why. "

You think knowing the answers
will save you?

Shut up and give me your hand.

Oh, you nasty bitch.

That's cleaner than anything
you've ever touched.

Hold it over the fire.
Keep it there.

Angelica root and spit.

A lot stronger than holy water.

You got poison
oozing out your pores.

You live near a highway?

Cook with a microwave
or talk on a cell phone?

- Who doesn't?
- I don't.

All that pollution and technology,
that's how demons travel.

That's why I stay away
out here in the woods,

away from civilization.

- Rub it on your face.
- Are you serious?

You make sure to get
around your eyes.

That's the demon's doorways.


- Jesus, what the hell is it?
- Snake juice.

- It's made from snakes?
- No. It snakes down in you,

coils around that evil
and rips it out.

All of it.

Every last drop.

If I were you,
I'd get my filthy mind off of him.

What was it that you vampires say?

"Jason is mine. "

It's not like that.

He's a good person.

- Are you implying that I'm not?
- Well...

Jason isn't planning to kill me

after I'm no longer any use to him.

Sophomore year of college, I walked away
from an academic scholarship

so I could go
to this Guatemalan village,

help them build their very first
irrigation system

so they could have fresh water,
crops that didn't give them dysentery.

So don't you dare
get morally superior on me.

I am an organic vegan,

and my carbon footprint
is miniscule.

'Cause I know that, ultimately,

we're all just
a single living being.

But you are not.

- What the hell?
- You got a clot forming.


Okay, I need tape to keep it
at that angle.

I was half-dead.
He only tried to help.

He should've told me about this.
Why wouldn't he tell me about this?

I won't tell him if you won't.

Withholding is tantamount to lying,

and I can't have
that in our relationship.

This is so beneath us.

Jason loves you.

He never cared about anyone before.

He even thinks
that you might be the one.

You talk about me with him?

And he said that? He said that he
thinks that I might be the one?

If I die here,
Jason will never forgive you,

even if he wanted to.

He's not as evolved as you are.

I know.

A shape-shifter?

Most of us refer to ourselves
simply as shifters.

Well, how many of you are there?

Thousands, tens of thousands, maybe.
We don't exactly have a newsletter.

Do you come from, like,
a family of shifters or something?

It's hereditary, so yeah, I suppose.


I was adopted.

And the family that took me in...

We just never talked about it.

Can you turn into anything,
like cats, birds?

Cats, sure.

Yeah, I can do bird,
but flying's hard.

Dog's the easiest for me.

People like dogs.

Most other animals leave you alone.

I used to scratch your belly
in the parking lot at the bar.

That wasn't me, that was a real dog.

Yeah, I need a live animal
in order to...

To shift.
You know, as a model.

Kind of like an imprint.

Can you turn into another person?

Humans are too complex.

Despite what you might see
at the bar.

Can you do it any time, or...?
Or what?

Yeah, but it wears off
if I fall asleep.

And on a full moon,
I can't stop the shift.

- Like a werewolf.
- We're not werewolves.

Hey, werewolves are dangerous,
nasty creatures.

Do not call me a werewolf.

Werewolves exist too?

What else is there?

More than you can imagine.

I can't...

Life is just getting too weird
too fast.

Could a werewolf have killed Gran?

I suppose it's possible.

Oh, my God. Bill's been
dragged off by vampires,

and now I find out you're something
I never even knew existed.


I thought you of all people
would understand.

Because I'm dating a vampire?

You live with a secret.

I don't hide who I am.

I wanted to tell you for years!

I kissed you!

And I know
you wanted to do more than that.

Were you gonna tell me
before or after?




Cleanse the body.

Cleanse the soul.





Bring it to the light.

The light.


- My stomach.
- It's angry.

It's digging its claws
so it can hold on.

Don't you fight back.

Let your body be the battleground.

You let that demon destroy itself.

I feel sick.
Let it go, let it go.

Let it go, let it go.

Let it go.

Let go of all that sickness,

all that rage,

all that anger, all that hate,

all that self-pity.

It's just fuel for the demon
inside of you.


Come forth, demon.
Leave this child in peace.

Come into the light.

Show yourself.

That ain't real.

What's there?

Tell me what you see.

It's me standing right over there.

It's me.

The demon will take on any form
to stay alive.

It knows your weaknesses.
It preys on your fears.

Only you can destroy it.

Don't let it fool you, Tara Mae.

You stand up to that demon.

No, Mama, please,

- don't hurt me.
- One of you must die.

Good girl.

Good girl, good girl.

It's all over now.

That demon is gone forever.

You spend more time your hair
than any man I've ever met.

The trick is to make it look
like you didn't do nothing.

It's harder than it might seem.

I don't think you need any help
looking good, you know it.

I think I might have had
one too many beers last night.

I feel like I been shot at
and missed, shit at and hit.

We need to talk about Eddie.

Well, I've been thinking.

The way we've been treating him,
it's just really uncivilized, you know?

Yeah. I do know.

We can't let him go, of course,

but we can try to make things
a little bit more comfortable for him.

Do you know what
Stockholm syndrome is?

It's a disease.

Not exactly. It's something that happens
to people who are kidnapped.

It's like, over time,

they start to get closer
to their kidnappers.

It's kind of like being
part of a family.


All we need to do
is make Eddie love us.

And he already loves you.

And then eventually, we wouldn't
have to keep him locked up.

He could just be in the house
with us, like he's...

Like a pet.

And we could travel with him.

We could sell his blood,
when we need money.

And just live out of backpacks
and see the whole world.

We just need boots and a map.

I ain't never seen snow.


We can climb the Himalayas.
We can visit the Dalai Lama.

And snowboard naked.

Right, I gotta go to the store.
I wanna get Eddie some Tru Bloods.


I love you.

- I love you too.
- I love you more.

Oh, my God.

You are even better looking
than you were yesterday.

Mama, wake up.

Baby, where you been?
I've been so worried.

I had the exorcism.

Tara, are you...?

It worked, Mama.

It worked.

Jesus answered my prayers.

We're saved.

Both of us, saved.

You did a brave thing, Tara Mae.

I am so proud of you, my baby.

My whole life, I thought
you didn't...

I thought...

I forgive you.

Get dressed.

I'm taking you out to celebrate.

Anywhere you wanna go.

How about Mamaw's Mudbugs
over in Keachi?

- That too far to drive to?
- Are you kidding?

I'd drive anywhere for you.

Sookie, could you reach me up
another box of paper lanterns?

I'm kind of busy right now
setting up your bar.

Thank you, Terry.
You are so sweet and reliable.

I always know what to expect
from you. No nasty surprises.

That's just because
you don't know me very well.

These lanterns are just precious.

But they ought to alternate colors.
Like boy-girl seating.

But they're already in place.

- It won't take a minute to change.
- All right.

Don't you think they should
hang in little scallops,

like a gingerbread house?

It'll be more romantic that way,
not like some hick barn dance.

- What do you want it to look like?
- A debutante ball.

Hug your neck. You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

I'll be right back. Thank you, Sam.

How did you know what she wanted?

My cousin Portia was a deb
in Shreveport when she turned 18.

Every Bellefleur woman's
been doing it

since they started having them
before the Revolutionary War.

It must be nice
to come from such an old family.

All families are old, Sam.
Some just keep better records.

Sam, hush that dog up.

What are you doing
to get him so riled up?

Mitch, there's
something wrong with Sam.

Lord in heaven.

Don't put the red ones next to
the green ones. This ain't Christmas.

Get that dog out of here.

Don't shut me out, please.


your replacement just showed up.

"Thought you said you were
gonna get rid of her quick. "

"Bitch, I love you,
you scandalous whore. "

Take your man. Take his ass.

I'm company.

Shut up. Shut up
and get back upstairs.

You better walk down them stairs

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Georgia.
I saw the picture...

Well, this an unexpected pleasure.

I can't stay long.

Boyfriend, I can make you stay longer
than you ever thought you could.

Actually, I had something else
in mind.

- What?
- A little, uh, V-juice?

Sold out.


Ain't nothing I can do.
My supplier only comes out after dark,

if you know what I mean.

Damn it.

I have a speech tonight.

You got stage fright?

I could help you with that.

You know I can.

I can't mess up my clothes.

I love how Mamaw's Mudbugs
is exactly the same

as when we used to go there
when I was little. Remember?

Until I lost my license.

First thing in the morning,
I'm going down to DMV.

- What's wrong?
- Maybe one bucket was enough.

I told you not to suck the heads.

Good Lord in heaven.

Hold on.

I'll find us a drugstore,
get you some Pepto.

Excuse me. What aisle's
the Pepto-Bismol on?

Aisle 7. Right over there.

I know you.

No, I'm sure you've mistaken me
for someone else.

Miss Jeanette.

No. I'm needed up front, ma'am.

No. No, I know your face.
Don't run away from me.

Don't touch me.

Don't touch you? I ought to kill you,
you fake, lying bitch.

- I will call the police.
- Go ahead.

Tell 'em how you charged me $800
to spit in my face and poison me.

- You know what? I'll call them myself.
- Wait, wait.

What was in that shit you
gave me, that snake juice?

Ipecac syrup and a small amount
of peyote.

- It's perfectly safe.
- I puked my guts out.

I hallucinated stabbing
a little girl.

- What the fuck kind of person are you?
- Look.

I got a son in prison,
another one in Iraq.

I got a daughter with diabetes,
and 3 grandbabies I gotta take care of.

I do what I have to for my family.

Same as you.

I actually believed you had
fixed me.

Oh, my God,
I am such a fucking dumb-ass.


Just because Miss Jeanette ain't real
doesn't mean she can't help people.

You saw how it worked for your mama.

She still sober?

Once she finds out about you,
she'll be drinking again.

Maybe she don't have to find out.

Faith's a powerful thing.


fuck, fuck.

- You get something for me?
- They're out.

I'd ask you to dance,
but I don't dance.

Thanks anyhow, Terry.

crowds makes me feel guilty

for not having fun
like everyone else.

And then I feel guilty
for feeling guilty.

Guilt is a useless emotion.

Or so I've heard.

I just wish Bill was here.

There's some dead people
I wish was still around too.

Idiot. You fed on a human
that belonged to another.

Three months of starving
till your fangs grow back

will teach you better manners.

Brothers and sisters
of the tribunal,

is this fair? Is this just?

Now, Luisa, the other one, please.

From the root.



and executed.

The trial is concluded.
Best of luck.

Moving on.

This looks interesting.

Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 5.

- Magister.
- Well, then.

Bring me your murderer.

It's nice not to have to sneak
it to you no more, ain't it?

- Yeah, it is surprising.
- See? I told you Amy wasn't a psycho.

The more time you spend with us,
you'll see she's an amazing woman.

What made her change her mind?

She wants you to live with us,

like part of the family.

I do too.


tell you about finding
the Tru Bloods you brought me?

You're lying.

What did she say?

She said that withholding
was tantamount to lying

and that your relationship
was better than that.


God, that even sounds like her.

She's playing you, Jason.

No, she is not.

Ain't nobody plays Jason Stackhouse.

If you don't let me go,
she's going to kill me.

She would never do that.

- She's a...
- Psychopath?

Jason, we're late.

I'm coming.

Bye-bye, Eddie.
We'll see you in a few hours.

I was thinking, we could
bring one of the TVs down here.

Does that sound good?

Come on.

You're wrong about her.

Eddie, where you at? I'm at your
crib. The door was wide open.

This is fucked up as fuck.

Call me when you get
this message, bitch.

Jason fucking Stackhouse,
you bigmouth motherfucker.

Honey, let me set a spell.
I'm sweating all over this dress.

What, you won't dance with me?

What aine thing
at your own fais do-do.

Go ask Sookie to dance.
The poor thing's got nobody here.

Everyone's afraid of her.

Go on.

Y'all having a good time?

You look lonely as a cloud.
Ain't right.

Why, thank you, Rene.

Arlene is a lucky lady.

Not everybody likes
a coon-ass like me.

I do.

So does Bill.

I don't have nothing
against vampires, you know that.

But you're a good girl.

I think you deserve better.

Mind if I cut in?

Okay, truce?

It's not fair you being mad
about something I can't help.

I'm mad that you didn't
trust me enough to tell me.

You hid the most important
thing about yourself.

So what?

- You're with Bill now.
- Yeah, and you're with Tara.

Another thing you didn't tell me.

'Cause there's nothing to tell.
Oh, does she know that?

Or the fact that you can
turn into a dog?

It's none of her business.

And you know what, I didn't tell you

because I knew
this is how you'd react.

But you're right.
I didn't trust you.

I trusted my instincts,
and they were dead-on.

I think I'll get another beer.

- Do you guys... you want one?
- Oh, no.

- You want one, babe?
- Oh, no. I'm fine.

You know, I think she's
my favorite girl you ever dated.

- Where'd you meet her at?
- It's kind of embarrassing.


- What? The fuck you doing there?
- Vampire bar?

The only reason I went there

was 'cause there was
this band playing that I like.

You one brave motherfucker
going there to see them play.

It's just a bunch of losers
wearing black.

Amy and I could tell
just by looking at each other

we didn't really belong there.
Then one thing sort of led to another.

Never did see the band.

Oh, God, I wanna be you.

So is this it? She the one gonna take
Jason Stackhouse

off the market for good?

I don't know.

Now, what you waiting for?

Life is short.

You find a good one, you keep her.

You're right.

I never felt this way
about any girl before.

I think that's maybe why...

I think I lost the upper hand
in the relationship, you know?

That sucks.

What sucks?

- You take it back.
- Take it back?

Take it back.

You just say,
"Woman, this is what I want.

This is the way it's gonna be. "

And if she even don't like it,
she'll respect you.

She can't help it.
It's in her DNA. Fact.

Well, well, now I wanna be you.

Fuck you.

And if she don't respect you? She
ain't someone that you wanna be with.

- He's right.
- I've been keeping an eye on you, Hoyt.

That is your third beer,
and that is two too many.

You set that down. Right now.

You know, I plan on having
about six more beers.


enough tequila to drown
a Mexican sea captain, woman.

Excuse me.

Longshadow was choking the girl
and would have killed her.

So you murdered a higher life form

for the sake of your pet.

You broke an ancient
and fundamental law.

You decreased our numbers
at a critical time in our history.

Very bad.

Very, very bad.


Longshadow broke the law first.

She was mine and he knew it. He
would have killed her and fed from her.

Hello, human.

Happens every day.

He was stealing from Eric.


Yes, Magister, it's true.

Longshadow was a thief and a liar.

He was hurting my business.

The business part,

that is a serious offense.

And it was the human
who exposed Longshadow.

Would you tell him, Eric?

The only reason the girl was there

was because I called her.

To protect your wealth.

To protect my wealth, yes.

Magister, she is...


Humans exist to serve us.
That is their only value.

There are those among us
who think differently.

Do you question my authority?

I am the magister.

I was trained in the Inquisition,

and I am the adjudicator

for every vampire territory
in North America.

As the humans say,

the humans you love
more than your own kind,

back your shit down.

Well, you haven't bored me.

That works in your favor.

And you seem to be
obedient to your sheriff.

For the most part.

When it matters,

yes, he is.

The usual sentence

is five years
in a coffin chained with silver.

During which time your body
will waste

to leather and sticks.

You'll probably go insane.


I'm feeling a bit...


You know what I love most
about Rene?

Aside from his fine little
Cajun butt.

He's good to the kids.

You know, he's good to me.

All the rest were fixer-uppers.

But Rene, he's...

He's solid
all the way to the foundation.

I can count on him.

And I've never had that

in all my life.

Well, I know what you mean.

I never knew I could have something
like what I have with Jason.

I'm not about to let
anything destroy that.

I don't know anyone
can trust anybody these days.

They're always keeping things
from you.

And you don't even know
who people are or what they are.

You know what I love about Jason?

Everything is right on the surface.

You never have to wonder
what he's thinking.

Yeah, 'cause he ain't thinking.

Hey, girlfriends, what's up?

Tara, you look... You look great.

Prom night, 2000.
I ain't wore it since.

Well, it still fits you.

Tara, come here.

I've never seen you like this.
Is this because of Sam?

I saw you. In his office.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- It's none of your business.

I'm just not sure that dating Sam
is such a good idea.

At least he doesn't drink my blood.

- You want a beer?
- I don't drink.

Had me a very interesting

with a man at the naked
community over in Beaumont.

That's right, I already told you.
Last night.

Before you ran off
to avoid talking to me.

What's your story, Merlotte?

Who's your people?

I was adopted.

That's the truth.

At 15, I was on my own.


Where'd you go?

Who took you in?

I need to know what your life was
before you bought up property here

and women started getting killed.


Where the hell did you come from?

I come from exactly the same place
everybody else comes from, Andy.

I been checking up on you.

You got no records before you
moved here. Nothing.

No taxes, no social security,

no credit card bills,

no previous address.

- Jesus fuck, Andy.
- Shit.

Don't you ever get tired
of being in everybody's way?

I'm gonna have to pay
for dry-cleaning.

Look at you.


I have a situation.

A very serious situation.

And I need your help with it
right now.

I'm here
on official police business,

and we're in the middle
of a conversation.

Well, let me wrap it up for you.

He don't know anything.
He didn't do anything.

And he doesn't give a shit.

Come on, Sam.

How much have you had to drink?

Quit acting like my damn boss
and just fuck me, please.

- did you have that exorcism?
- Can't you just be a normal guy

- and go with it?
- Because I'm not a normal guy.

- Who the fuck cares?
- Damn it, Tara.

I'm a person. I'm not
a fucking prop for you to use

every time you need to feel better.

- Sam, please. I'm not right.
- You're not the only one with demons.

What the fuck do you want from me?

I don't want a goddamn thing
from you.

I don't want nothing from nobody!

Motherfucker, I told you to
keep your goddamn mouth shut.

This is my good shirt.

- And yeah, I kept my mouth shut.
- My supplier, he gone.

He fucking missing.

If other vampires
find out I've been selling,

the same shit is... You understand it?
The same shit is gonna happen to me.

You got nothing to worry about.


you think life
is just this one fucking game

that you always win
no matter how many dead folk

are piling up around you.

Maudette. Dawn. Your grandma.

I ain't gonna be next, bitch.

On my mama grave, motherfucker.
I ain't gonna be next.


You have no nest.

You prefer to consort with humans.

You seem to have lost
all sense of our priorities.

William Compton, you owe us...

a life.

Oh, precious Jesus,

God, save me, save me.

Make it all a dream.

Put me in the coffin, magister.

I will go willingly.

Please, it's the first time
I ever snuck out.

I just wanted to go
to Ashley's party.

I only ever get to go to
youth choir and prayer group.

If you take me home, I won't say a word
to Mama and Daddy or anybody.

Please, please, just please help me.

There's no help for you, child.

Meet your Maker.

Please don't let them kill me.

Please. I don't wanna die.

Honey, you seen Sam?
We're out of ice.

I'll get it.

I could use a break
from all this anyhow.

Well, thanks for having such
a great time at my party.

That's not funny.

Sookie, it's me.

- He's in here. He almost...
- What, hey?

Please, please don't leave me.
Don't leave me. Please don't leave me.

- I won't. I won't. I promise.
- Don't leave me.

What the fuck?

Look, if you wanted to feed him,
we should've talked about it first.

I don't need
your fucking permission.

If we don't trust each other,
how is he 6ever gonna trust us?

This ain't a game, woman.
I don't want him ending up dead.

God, Jason, come on.
He's gonna kill us.

He won't.

I'm gonna let him go, and don't
even try to fucking stop me.

- Please, don't.
- Get out of here! Goddamn.

- Please, hurry.
- I'm coming. I'm coming.

Don't tell me what I can...


If you wanna torture anyone,
torture me.

Torture? This?

I don't think so.

I could show you torture,

if you like.

- I was... I was wrong to speak.
- You can quit stalling.

What you see in this...

cow, Mr. Compton,
is merely a response to stimuli.

Humans are quite...


incapable of feeling pain
as we do. But...

you know that.


"The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want... "

I can't remember what's next.

According to our records,

you've never been a Maker,
is that right?

But you know the procedure?

Then proceed.

Are you a Christian?

I was.

I'm a good girl.

Jesus will take me home to heaven.

What's your name?


Look at me, Jessica.

You're safe now.

Look in my eyes.

Everything will be fine.

I hate to interrupt,

but glamour is not permitted.

- She's just a girl.
- You are boring me.

Shut up and do as you're told.

- It's all right. It's all right.
- Let go.

- Let go of me! No!
- It's all right.

Stop it! Stop!

Forgive me.