True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 11 - To Love Is to Bury - full transcript

Jason and Amy have to clean up after Eddie's demise but it pushes Jason to the edge and he isn't sure if he wants to continue his relationship with her. Meanwhile, Sookie caught a glimpse of something during her encounter with the serial killer and she and Sam travel to a diner in an adjoining county to see if they can get more information. What they learn is that the killer may once have struck there as well. Elsewhere, Bill completes the tribune's sentence by turning Jessica into a vampire, but when he tells her what has happened, he doesn't quite get the reaction he was expecting. Tara is arrested for drunk driving and her mother refuses to bail her out. A stranger, named Maryann Forrester, comes to her rescue. Also, the unseen serial killer strikes again by killing Amy and the police arrest Jason after the killer frames him.

Would you leave her alone?

It's your own fault.

You and your insane affection
for stupid cattle.

- Just go away.
- I wouldn't have to be here

if the Magister could trust you.

I fulfilled the conditions
of my sentence.

I murdered this innocent girl.

There was no murder. You drained
her blood and gave her yours.

I've proven my loyalty.

Yes, but you're romantic.
You're sentimental.

You just might do something to keep the
little blood bag from joining our ranks.

I'll follow my orders.

I won't let you stake her
before she goes to ground.

I'm not gonna stake her.

I'm gonna set her free.

You've already set her free.

The same as Eric freed me.

Everyone she's ever known
will recoil from her.

Everything she's ever loved
has been stolen from her.

Oh, please, there's no comparison.

You've given that pathetic lump
of temporary flesh...

- Jessica.
- ... the ultimate gift.

You're a maker.

You're a hero.

I find myself doubting whether
you were ever truly human.

Thank you.

Damn you.

Once she's planted in the earth,
the transformation will begin.

I know.

I'll tuck you in.

Tomorrow night,

your little girl will rise vampire.

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Episode 11 Season 1

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This is Tara, leave a message.

Easy stuff.

Tara, where're you at?

At least let me know you're not drunk
in a ditch somewhere.

I'm sorry, I take it back.
Just call, okay?

Put those clothes in the wash.

Felt like the killer was...
all over me,

watching me, hating me,
itching for a...

A knife or a rope or...

my neck.

You didn't get any sense
of who it was?

Just pictures.

His thoughts were

all red and black and...


- But there was something familiar.
- Like somebody from Bon Temps?

Or somebody from the bar?

No one I could recognize for sure.

- I think we should call the police.
- And what would I say?

"Sheriff Dearborne, Andy Bellefleur,
I saw a woman die,

"I just happened to be
in somebody else's brain at the time"?

Did you get a good look at her?
I mean, what was she like?


pretty, with...

with an apron.


- You mean, like a mom?
- More like a waitress.

Was there a...

name tag?


What'd it say?

I don't know.

I was looking at her eyes.

She was so surprised.

Well, do you want to call Bill?
I mean,

- it might make you feel better.
- No.

He would found how scared I was.
He would've known I was in danger.

If he didn't show up tonight,

he's not coming back.

You hear from Tara?



Good night.

Good night.

A woman?

At 2 in the morning?

Standing there naked,
fucking with my head.

- And she was with a pig?
- A big pig.

Like a, you know... Like a crazy-ass
motherfucking Paul Bunyan pig.

- Tara, tell the truth.
- That is the truth.

Kenya, I am an excellent driver
but you cannot prepare

for a naked lady and a hog
in the middle of the road.

- Now, you know that.
- I know you drunk, that's what I know.

Drunk? I'm not drunk. One beer.

Come from Arlene's party,
didn't you, with an open bottle?

What bottle?

- The one busted in your car.
- That's not my bottle.

Then you wouldn't mind
a sobriety test.

Hell, no. Bring it.

Step away from the vehicle.

Stand with your feet together.

Stand with one foot in front holding
the other one 6 inches off the ground,

parallel to the ground.

- Let's try that again.
- What is the matter with you?

- You're turning into Lettie Mae.
- Fuck you.

I am a sheriff's deputy, now, Tara
Thornton. Don't you go there with me.



the only place I want to go is home.

Sorry. Not tonight.

It's not fair,

- it's not my fault.
- I will cuff you.

But the lady and the pig,
that was real.

Just watch your intoxicated head,

Jesus fucking Christ.

Shit, fuck, Amy, what did you do?

I did what we had to do, now, come on.
Come on, wipe up. Here's the towel.

There's more rags. Come on.

Who the fuck are you?

How can you say that to me?
You know who I am.

- You know better than anybody.
- I thought I knew.

I told you to let him go.

I told you not to talk to him.
He was controlling your mind.

- Bullshit.
- That's what they do.

Not Eddie.
He didn't know how to do that yet.

He trusted me.

- It was gonna be all right.
- God, it was never gonna be all right.

From the minute we took him,
you knew it was gonna end like this,

- you just couldn't face it.
- I didn't think you end like this.

You wanted his blood.


You were with me the whole way,
so do not act like this is my fault.

Now, I said to clean up,
so clean up.

- Yankee bitch.
- Dumb fucking hillbilly.

It's okay. It's gonna be all right.
We just gotta keep our shit together.

We killed a man.

For the last time,
he was already dead.

He was not a man.
He was a predator,

only we got him first.

So don't do this, okay?
Don't let a vampire come between us.

No, I guess not.

Because what we have,

it's beautiful.


- I didn't know you were up.
- Eggs and sausage warm in the oven.

Oh, thanks.

You already eat?

Too busy.

Tara call?

Not yet.

- Probably still sleeping it off.
- I'll tell you what,

I am sick and tired
of waiting around to get strangled.

That's not gonna happen
while I'm here.

You can't spend 24 hours a day
with me for the rest of my life.

Sure, I can.

I want to find that guy
before he finds me.

- Again.
- So you're looking up

killers in the Yellow Pages?


I remembered.

In my sleep,

I remembered.


The girl I saw.

Her clothes, the apron,
it was a uniform.

She was a waitress and there was a tag.
Her name was Cindy.

And the restaurant name
was something about pies.

Party Pies or...

Patty Pies.

- Wait, you mean Big Patty's Pie House?
- Yes.

Yeah, I know Big Patty's.
It's off...

Off I-49, way south, near Bunkie.

You don't have to come with me.

Yeah, I do.

Come on. Eat up, you need fuel.

- I'm not hungry.
- Don't sass me.

You're not the boss of me.

Right. You are.

Hey, you.

Going to work?

Yeah, me too in a second.

Look, I wanted to say
I'm really sorry...

We are done with this shit,
do you hear me?


I want every fucking drop out
of my house and if you don't like it,

you can pack
your goddamn bags and go.

Love you.

We caught up with David Finch

speaking to the Marthaville Order
of Visionary Southern Gentlemen today

as he embarks on his campaign
for the U.S. House of Representatives.

- The MOVSG has announced...
- On his what?

Don't tell me that.

Equal rights for vampires?
I don't think so.

- Many of them are foreign immigrants,
- What the fuck?

taking our jobs and our women.

And their very blood

turns our children into addicts,

drug dealers and homosexuals.

No vampire,

and none of these vampire-loving
deviants deserve any rights at all.

You is a lying-ass motherfucker.

Two-faced ass son of a bitch.

- Did you hear what he just said?
- I can't listen to politicians no more,

- I get a seizure.
- State Senator Finch

will be shaking hands tonight
at the Remington Hotel in Monroe.

That's good to know.

Can we put in on
my home decor program now, please?

Senator Finch has increased
the intensity...

But look,

just by adding shelves...

Oh, darling,

you looking a little used up.

Jason dragging you
into his bullshit?

I have no idea what you mean.

Why is everybody
tellin' me lies today?

I got no idea. Look at that, Lafayette.
Theme shelves.

Oh, that's pretty, baby.

Would you work for me tonight?

No, ma'am, no, sir,
I don't know any Cindy.

But I can recommend
the fried apple pie,

the frozen Hawaiian pie,
the chocolate pecan praline pie,

the chess pie,
the seven-layer Jell-O pie...

They'll have the peanut butter pie

and the Spunky Hollow
honey pineapple pie,

- please, Harley?
- Gotcha, Buster.

We will?

You won't get nothing from her.
She only been here... two weeks.

Come from three generations
as dumb as rocks.

Hell, they named her
after a motorcycle.

That's real interesting, but we...

If you want to know anything
about Cindy Marshall,

I'll talk to you.
And I'll eat that pie too.

Buster Boisseau.

Sookie Stackhouse, Sam Merlotte.

- Can you tell us...?
- First things first.

You knew Cindy?

Little bit.

Let's see,

I met her two years ago.

She moved into town with her brother
a couple months before...

Before what?

I hate to be the one to tell you,

but somebody murdered
that little gal.

Just choked the life
right out of her.

Poor thing.
Did they find who did it?

Nope. It's a mystery.

Where's her brother?
Could we talk to him?

Don't know how.

He was gone by the time
they found her body.

The police thought
maybe he's dead too,

or maybe he killed her,

but there wasn't any evidence
one way or the other.

- What was his name?
- Let me think on that.

Nobody hardly knew him.

Let's see...

D- something.


Drew... No, Drew.
Drew Marshall.

What was Cindy like?

Cute as a button,

a little wild, fun-loving,
always nice to me.

But people talked,

you know.

Talked about what?

"Vampers. "

They say she was carrying on
with the vampers. I didn't believe it.

What kind of woman
would do such a thing?

This is the Texas Special:
Sawdust Pie.

Nobody ordered that.

Well, it's not much.

We got a name.

Mama, please don't cry.

It was only a little accident

and I didn't get hurt much.

Well, no, I... I wasn't drunk,
but they think I was.

Mama, quit yelling, all I need
is bail money and a ride home...

There's no reason to cry.

What do you mean, "no"?

Y'all pussies?
Let's go pound some beers.

Can't. Mama's night-blind.

I gotta take her to a baby shower
in Shreveport.

Night-blind, my ass,

she's got those apron strings
wrapped around your throat, boy.

Cut her loose.

Come party with the men folk.

I wanna go, Jay.

What're you gonna do
at a baby shower?

The food's good, the games are fun.

You know, like Pass the Orange?

And, if the ladies start screaming
like they always do,

I'll just go for a little walk.

Well, that's just plain sad.

Just you and me, brother.

We'll play some pool,
I'll buy you a pool boy.

Sorry. Me and Arlene,
we got a date to dance.

- Well, I'll... I'll come with you.
- No, you won't.

It's a date, I said.
Me and my woman.

All right, fine.

Fuck it.

I'll party on my own.

What do you want with us
when you got Amy?

God, she's good-looking.

I'm gonna tell you something,
but you can't say nothing to nobody.

You got that?

Amy likes V.

Vampire blood?
No, I don't believe that.

- It's not a joke?
- Nope.

Then you gotta help
her stop, that's it.

- Set her straight.
- I'm trying, you know?

But she's hooked or something.

There's only so much I can do.

She sleep with vampires too?

She says she never did,
but these days,

it's hard to find
a woman who ain't been bit.

Do you love her?

Yeah, but I don't like this V shit.

We had a terrible fight.

She might be gone already
and if she's not,

- maybe I ought to dump her.
- Oh, man, don't do that.

She's the kind that you keep.

Look, you... You...

You ain't even tried
to work it out yet.

So tomorrow night, we'll go out,

get drunk,

pass a good time,
we'll figure out what to do.

Yeah, makes sense.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

Hang in there, bro.

All right.

Hey, these things... They got a way
of working out, you know?

I hope you're right.

All right, good night.

Good night.

- Hello?
- Hold your horses.

Can't call it adultery

if a wife won't have sex.

At least Debbie's a Christian.

Give him a second.
He doesn't think so quick.


- Yeah?
- Hello, officer?

Sir, I'm sorry to bother you.

No bother.
No bother at all, I was just...

Are those vampire bites?

With all due respect,
sir, that's none of your business.

Sir, we're looking for information...

Yeah, well, that's what
the library's for.

It's about Cindy Marshall's murder.
What about it?

There've been murders like hers
in Renard Parish.

Bon Temps, to be exact.
Hadn't you heard?

- Can't say.
- She had a brother...

Drew, I was told.

- Could be.
- Do you have a picture of him?

What for?

We don't know he did it.

More likely a vampire.

I don't mean to tell you
your business,

but a vampire wouldn't kill
by strangulation.

Well, I guess you'd know.

Good riddance to white trash,
that's all I got to say.

- You're out of line.
- He can say whatever he wants.

Doesn't bother me a bit.

Just hand me a picture of Drew Marshall
and I'll go away quiet.

Well, that file's in storage.

Gonna take a while to get it.
Probably months.

Come on, Sookie,
he's not gonna do shit for us.

Oh, I think he will.

All right then,
we'll go to the library

and I'll get your home address.

Shouldn't be too hard
to track down your wife.

My wife?

So I can tell her
you're sleeping with Debbie.

- Yeah, Debbie.
- From church?

Who...? You... How did...?

And the Vampire League of America
will want to know about your attitude.

Now, now, hold on a minute, now.

Hold on, now. I...

I can't just give you the photo.

What I might could do

is, um, fax it on down
to the sheriff in Bon Temps.


Yeah. Do my best.

That's all we ask.

Thank you so much
for your cooperation.

Lurlene Butterman.

You know, I cannot wait
to vote for you.

Well, bless your heart, Lurlene.

And you know, I cannot wait
to represent your views in Congress.

- Thanks for coming by.
- You know, I would also like to say...

Move ahead, young woman.
The senator got many...


- Hello.
- Hello.

I am so happy and proud to shake
the hand of someone with your values.

Too often we're governed
by criminals

and hypocrites, don't you agree?

But I can tell
you're a man of virtues.

And I applaud the effort you're making
against the poor and disenfranchised,

especially the vampires
and the gays.

Thank you. Next?

So many things can happen

to bring down a fine personage
such as yourself.

You might want to be careful, you hear?

- Look at the camera.
- No.

Thanks for coming by.

Did you have to work late?

It doesn't matter, I... I just...

Didn't want to come home.

I was afraid

you might've left.

I want to be here.
I want to be with you.

- But you can't stay if...
- I did what you said.

It was all my fault, Jason. I'm
so, so sorry.

Did you make dinner for me?

I'd do anything for you.

Come here.

We'll make it right.

Help me.

Why's the way home always
longer than the way there?

Now that'd be philosophy,
and I'm a simple guy.

What a load of horse pucky.

- Simple is one thing that you are not.
- I disagree.

I may be a shape-shifter
but I want what every man wants.

You know, a good life,

a good woman.

Do you love Tara?

You know, I like her a lot.

I care about her, for sure.

I've been trying to love her,
but, you know, she don't make it easy.

Well, she can't help it.
When you've never had much love...

Oh, I know, I know.
Believe me, I know, but...


It's not working.

You know, we're friends, is all.

And I'm not so easy to love, either.

You're wrong.

I am?

Do you love Bill?

I think I do.


where is he?

If vampire politics are more
important to him than me...

I don't know.

I'm so mad at him I could spit.

I can see where you would be.

I'm sorry
you're having to drive so far.

I don't mind.
I love to ride in the car.

Of course you do.

Go on, hang your head right out
the window, if you feel like it.

I appreciate that
but it's a private pleasure.

One day when all this is over,

I'm gonna save up

and rent a convertible,
take it to the Gulf.

Lie on the beach, bake in the sun...

It's a date.

Do you know any car songs?

Damn, woman.
Where'd you learn to cook like that?

From the maid.
She was French.

If I show you something,

you have to promise
that you're not gonna get mad.

Oh, I'm never getting mad
at you again. Never ever.

Yeah, I promise.

I saved one drop.


Babe, please don't flip.

We both know that we're for real.
That we're gonna have a life together.

So, what are you doing with that?

You're killing me.
I can't trust you for a second.

You can trust me totally,
for always, I swear.

- It's just that I want symmetry.
- Now, what the fuck is that?

Balance. Harmony. Beauty.

- For crying out loud...
- Babe, this vial is our past.

We started with V,
so we should end it with V.

Like closing a circle.

So we can start a new circle,
our new life together.

I'm through with the blood.

It's only a symbol.

But the circle... I mean,
that's what's important to me.

Never mind.

I'll gonna go by myself.

- But this is the last fucking time.
- Last time.

Cheers to our future, baby.

You drank from me.

Your blood was replaced with mine

and then I shared my essence with you
when we slept together in the ground.

No, no, not intercourse.

You just said intercourse.

It's tradition,
it's part of the process, it's magical.

Even we don't fully
understand how it works.

Yeah, well, all I know is,
staying out at night like this?

My daddy is gonna whoop you good.

Mister, you better
get me home right now.

Jessica, stop.


- Why?
- Because we need to talk.

- Why?
- There are things you must learn.

- Why?
- Because you are no longer human.


Because, as I've been
trying to explain to you,

you have been made vampire.


Because you were unlucky.

Because life and death are unfair.

Because of me.

You cannot go home.

That part of your life is over.

No more Mama and Daddy?

No more little sister?

I'm sorry.

No more belts.

No more clarinets.

No more homeschool.

No more rules.

I'm a vampire.

No, no, no, no.
There are rules.

That's what I tried to teach you.

Crap on your rules.
Crap, crap, crap.

I can say anything I want now.

Shit, shit, shit.

Damn, hell, fuck!

"Fuck", that's a bad one.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

What's another cussword
so I can say it?

I'm a damn vampire.

If you calm down, I will teach
you what being a vampire means.

I'm not stupid. I can read.
I know what it means.

Very well, then.
Why don't you tell me?

It means that I don't have
to sit like a lady.

And I can kill anybody I want.

And there is an awful lot
of people I'd like to kill.

No, Jessica, you absolutely
cannot kill anybody you want.

But why?

Why? I want to kill them.

With your new powers
come new responsibilities.

You are gonna mainstream, like I do.

You can live almost exactly
the same life as you did before,

except you'll be awake at night.

I want to kill people.
And I'm so hungry.

And all you do is talk
and I'm starving. And you are so mean.

You're supposed to take care of me.

That's what you said.
And, oh, you suck.

That's funny, because you do suck.


drink this.
It might make you feel more steady.

I hope.

It tastes like shit.

Why are you doing this to me?

It's not bad.
You'll get used to it.

- Try a little more.
- Fuck, no, and you can't force me.

- I will report you.
- Oh, really? To whom?

I'll find a real vampire
and he'll kick your ass.

You won't let me do anything
and I am so hungry.

You are the worst maker ever.

Tara, visitor.


Oh, child.

You looking good, Lettie May.

Whatever you doing, keep it up.

Thank you, Kenya.
That's sweet.

Could you leave us alone
for a minute?

Oh, yes, ma'am.

What are you saying?

Get back here and let me out.

Who the fuck does she think she is,
and what took you so damn long to show?

I called Mabel from church
and she came over to pray with me.

While I'm locked up waiting?

Cut this bullshit.
Y'all can pray after you post my bail.

Honey, I'm not here to bail you out.

Mama, I'm tired.
I hurt all over.

- I want to go home. Don't play with me
- I'm not playing.

Yes, you are. You gotta be.

Seeing you like this?

It breaks my heart.

How many nights have I spent
in this place,

crazy with liquor,

lost to myself and the Lord?

Not many, because I bailed you out.

Maybe you shouldn't have.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You can't come home.

I'm not gonna let you.

You're changing right in front
of my eyes,

and I'm scared for both of us.

I don't believe this.

I am committed to salvation

and you're on the road to hell.

I would save you if I could, baby.

Nobody loves you more.

But you're a danger to my soul

and I can't have you in my house.

I'm the only reason
you have a house.

After all the times
I cleaned you up,

all the times you beat me
and stole my money,

then sent me to school


in dirty clothes,

so people laughed at me
and called me names.

My whole life is shit
because of you!

I know.

I know.

Don't tear me up like this.
I feel so bad.

And the first time I'm in trouble,
you turn your back on the one person

who's always stood by you.

And you call yourself a Christian?

I'm finally doing
right by you, Tara,

like a mother should.

You'll see that
when the clouds roll away.

Fuck you.

You're not my mother.

Get out of my sight you evil bitch.

I love you.

No, you don't.

You never did.



Did you feel...?


Please. No.

911. What's your emergency?

Yeah, this is Jason Stackhouse.

Oh, hey, Jason. It's Rosie.

You all better come out here.

She's your punishment, not mine.

- What am I supposed to do with her?
- Excuse me. I can hear you, Mr. Rude.

I wanna go to the bar.
I wanna be one of those dancers.

- I'm hungry.
- She won't listen to me.

It will take more time than
I have to teach her obedience.

I don't obey anybody.
Those days are over.

Can't handle one little girl, Bill?

Newborns can be like this.

Man up, my friend.
She's not even one night old.

That is not the issue.

You want to stay
with your maker, don't you?

No. He's a dick.

Dick, dick, dick.

You're cute.

Can I sit on your lap?

- No.
- Why?

Nobody let's me having any fun.

Sit down and shut up.

Close the door.

You have to be tough with them,
or they'll walk all over you.

I am well aware of that,
but you can see how she is,

and there are urgent matters
to which I must attend.

Haven't you done enough for her?

If any harm were to come to her
because of my absence, you would be...


Without her helpful skills.

Let me out.
I wanna do something bad.

I would be in your debt.

- I would return the favor.
- Oh, yes, you will.

You most definitely will.

You don't have to yell at me.

How would you like to learn
how a real vampire feeds?

Oh, yes, sir.

Please, sir.


It's really quite easy.

Tara, wake up.

This lady paid your bail.
You're free to go.

Straighten up. I don't want
to see you back in here again.

My shift's over
in five minutes, Ms. Forrester.

There are some papers
for her to sign.

- You know the drill.
- Thank you, Kenya.

Who are you?

Why'd you pay my bail?

My name is Maryann


and I'd like to help you,
if you'll let me.

What are you,
some kind of social worker?

Yeah, that's about right.

Kenya knows me. I'm in and out
of here all the time,

working with people
in your position.

My position.

DUIs, minor assaults,
public drunkenness.

You know, those times when
things go just a little too far.

It can happen to anyone.

And I expect you have your reasons?

I got reasons.

I would be very happy
to give you a ride home.

No, thanks.

Well, they...
They gave me your address.

And you can't walk there.
It's too far.

I... I can...

- I got kicked out.
- You don't have anywhere to go.

No family. No friends.

I don't want them
to see me like this.

It's okay.

I'll think of something.

I'm sure you've barely
slept or eaten.

What if you come to my home?

Just till you get things
figured out.

I... I don't know.

No. There's plenty of room.

I do this all the time.

It's sort of an informal
halfway house.

Doesn't seem right.

I know what you mean,

but you can shower,
you can wash your clothes,

you can let me feed you.

Then you can go on your way
and my conscience will be clear.

You're not a Jesus person, are you?

Nothing against religion,
but not a Jesus person.

Here's my card,

in case you change your mind.

Good luck, Tara.


Holy shit. What the hell
kind of social worker are you?

Actually, it was a gift.
Go on. Climb in.

- What's the matter?
- I'm all dirty.

Don't worry about that.
I get dirty too.

Get that car out of here.
This is an official-vehicle zone.

Read the fucking sign.

Detective Bellefleur, is it?

Move the car.
Jesus Christ, you deaf?

I'm surrounded by assholes
and morons.

It sounds strange
under the circumstances,

but I had a good time today.

It's the company.

Must be.

Hey, that says something for us.

We can enjoy ourselves even
when we're trying to find a murderer.

You are fun.

It's one of the reasons
I'm still working for you.

Well, it's not the tips
or the high-class clientele.

You know,

it was probably the best day
of my life

when you walked in
looking for a job.

- Quit it.
- No, I mean it.

I know you do.

Are you looking in my head?

I'm looking in your heart.

She's from society.
She don't understand us kind of folks.

Claims her ancestors...


Stop fighting, you stupid men!

He had his hands over you.

- She's not your property.
- Shut up. I can speak for myself.

You left me alone
with no promise to come back,

and attack the man who's helping
keep me safe? How dare you?

He's helping because I asked him to.

Get out!

If you knew what I had done
to return to you...

I rescind your invitation.

Sookie, don't.


Can't you see what he's really like?

- How can you think about be with him?
- My living room's wrecked.

I've got a killer, a vampire
and a shape-shifter on my plate.

Right about now, I'm not thinking
about being with anybody.

This is where you live?

Fuck me.

Come on in, Tara.
Make yourself at home.

If you insist.

I insist. Come on.

I knew it was you.

I knew it from the second
we found Maudette.

People said:
"No, not Jason Stackhouse.

"He's too dumb". But I knew.

I said that shifty bastard's
a goddamn psychopath.

I ain't arguing with you, Andy.


- Tell us all about it, son.
- I'll tell you all about it.

I'll tell you exactly what happened.

This piece of shit
lured those poor girls

into his king-size bed and dirty sheets
to fuck them and kill them.

Andy, he called us.
Let the boy confess.

Go ahead, Jason.

How'd it happen?

- I don't know.
- Oh, don't even try that on.

Bud, give me 5 min alone with him.
I'll get you every detail.

What do you mean you don't know?

I don't remember what I done... any of them.

But they keep dying all around me,

so I gotta be the guy, right?

Let's take them one at a time.

Yeah, let's start with Amy Burley.

That ought to be fresh
in your so-called mind.

I took V.

Not with the others, just with her.

- We both did.
- V?

I knew it.

And when I woke up,

Amy was...

Well, like she was.

Dead's the word you're looking for.
Stone-cold dead.

We were alone in the house.

God, I must have done it.

But I don't know why.

And honest to God, I loved her.


You hated Maudette.

- You hated Dawn.
- I didn't hate them.

I mean,
we had some pretty good times.

It was... It was fucking
and fighting, like with any girl.

I just... I don't understand
what would have made me do it.

Your gran knew what you were like.
She guessed, she called you out,

and you grabbed a knife
and went to town.

No, I didn't kill Gran

and you know it.

You better damn well find who did.

This is the worst confession
I ever heard in my life.

Fuck you, Andy, that's all I got!


I don't want to hurt nobody else.

Lock me up.

For Christ's sake, lock me up.

Not before we get some solid facts.

We'll fucking waterboard you
if that's what it takes.

- What?
- Lock him up.

Come on, now.
About time you found the law.

Hey, wake up. I know it's early.

But I gotta tell you...
Wait, somebody's coming.

Girl, guess what?

Jason Stackhouse is the murderer.

Yes, I swear.

He's looking all crazy, in a hot way.
You know him.

But they're throwing him
in a cell right now.

We are so lucky he didn't kill us.

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