True Blood (2008–2014): Season 1, Episode 9 - Plaisir d'amour - full transcript

After Sookie identifies the vampire bartender Longshadow responsible for stealing from Fangtasia, Bill steps in to protect her. In doing so however, he breaks a vampire taboo and must now face the consequences from Eric and his clan for killing one of their own. Knowing he will be away, he asks Sam Merlotte to keep an eye on Sookie. Meanwhile, Jason and Amy take their vampire captive, Eddie, to Jason's house and confine him to the basement. They draw his blood and Jason undergoes an odd transformation. With Amy now working at Merlotte's, Jason spends his spare time just talking to Eddie and they develop a rapport. Elsewhere, Tara visits her mother's exorcist, but decides she can't afford the $800 cost for her own exorcism. Sam agrees to lend Tara the money needed, while he also deals with Detective Andy Bellefleur who becomes suspicious about his past. With Bill away, Sookie chooses to spend the night at Bill's house but wakes up the next morning with a naked man on her bed...

- Ginger, enough.
- Thank you.


Honestly, Bill, I don't know
what you see in them.

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How did I end up with you people?


Mother Mary in heaven.

I'm so sorry, Mama.
I'm so sorry.

When Ginger is finished,
glamour her for me.

Are you sure? She's been glamoured one
too many times already.

Who knows how much of her is left.

It's either that or turn her.

You want her?

Please, I'm not that desperate.

- Glamour it is.
- Excellent.

I'll buy you a Blood.

- Thank you.
- How do you stomach that stuff?

Don't you find it metallic and vile?

I don't think about it.
It's sustenance, that's all.


If you're their poster boy,

the mainstreaming movement
is in very deep trouble.

Tru Blood.
It keeps you alive,

but it will bore you to death.

- Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
- You killed a vampire, Bill.

For a human.

- What are we gonna do about this?
- What do you have in mind?

- I'll take the girl.
- No.

You can have anyone you want.
Why do you want her?

Why do you want her?

You're not in love
with her, are you?

- Sookie must be protected.
- Now, that sounds like an edict.

But it couldn't be,
because I would know about that.

Admit it.

You love her.

If I hadn't done what I did,

would you have let
his disloyalty stand?

Whatever I did to Longshadow, I wouldn't
have done in front of witnesses.

Especially not vampire witnesses.

Not smart, Bill.

Not smart at all.

All I'm saying is, Lafayette
didn't have to kidnap him.

And I'm pretty sure
he left with some V.

Hey. If you wanna make
the same arrangement

with Eddie Lafayette's got,
then have at it.

This is the only thing I could think of
to get you out of blowing a vampire.

You done this before, haven't you?

- Done what?
- This.

Kidnapping vampires.

Jesus. I should have known
something wasn't right

the second you walked into my life
carrying that big bag of crazy.

'Cause any woman with a purse that big
is bound to have something in it

- I don't wanna know about.
- Jason.

Baby, you're sweet,
but you've gotta mellow out.

What the fuck is this hippie music?

Put these on.

Thank you, but I'm fine, really.

I'm just gonna dry out
my hair and be on my way.

You're not going anywhere.
Eric and your boyfriend

aren't nearly done talking just yet.


- Bill in some kind of trouble?
- That's for the boys to figure out.

Right now, what you need to do
is change out of your clothes.

There's vampire in your cleavage.

Allow me.

Thank you.

I'm beginning to understand
the fuss everyone's making over you.

Hey there, Pam.

Who's your new friend?

Nice to meet you, Sookie.

Right. Nice to meet you too.

You don't have to be so scared.

They're really very nice here.


- You got him?
- Yeah.

Tape the windows shut. Here.

Clear this out. We gotta clear
all this shit out.

- Lift his legs.
- I got it.

- Ready?
- How's this one go?

Tie his arm there.


I guess I got a little
paranoid after 9/11.

No, 'cause after New York and D.C.,

terrorists were gonna
come straight to Bon Temps.

- And I said I was paranoid.
- Get his feet.

What are you gonna do to me?

I was kind of wondering that myself.

We're gonna drink from him.

And then what?

Dude, I got this.
What's the plan?

Jason, can you please
try to live in the now with me.

I do live in the now.

In fact, I've gone entire months
without thinking about shit.

But the truth is, right now,
the now kind of sucks.

And if we both can't admit that,
then we are 100 percent fucked.

- Who wants the first taste?
- Well, I ain't doing it. Not like this.

- Thank you.
- I said, stop talking to me.

Come with me, baby.

- Don't let your fear get in your way.
- Look, it ain't fear, all right?

It's just...

He's looking me right in the eye.

It ain't right.

Look at him.

- Fine. I'll see you when I get back.
- Wait, wait, wait.

Ain't you supposed to
cut it with aspirin?

No, there's no risk of clotting
when the V's this fresh.

My God.

You look...

really happy.

Come on, baby.

Come with me.

Don't. Don't do it.

I said, don't talk to me.

What exactly did you do to my mama?

You were here.
You saw it.

Yeah, but I wanna know exactly
how and why it worked.

'Cause I'm already taking
a monster leap of faith

even considering this demon crap.

Fine, then.

It's like this.

Your mind, your...

Your body, it's just a physical
manifestation of your soul.

And your soul is sick.

My soul don't wanna get ripped off.

- How's your mama doing?
- She's doing great.

But she believes in
shit like this. I don't.

If you don't believe

then why'd you come
all the way out here tonight?

How much it'll cost me?

- 799,95.
- What?


Cup of rum's on the house.

My mama paid less than half that.

What I do takes varying
amounts of energy,

and involves varying
amounts of risk.

Now, what you got inside you

is much more powerful
than what your mama had.

Much more dangerous too.

I'm worse than her?

I once found that woman on
the ground, eating her own vomit

'cause she didn't wanna waste
the alcohol she lost bringing it all up.

Think about it.

But not for too long.

You can't afford
to keep pushing people away.

Your loneliness is spreading
to your eyes.

It's becoming a part of who you are.

You're one hell
of a saleswoman, aren't you?

Next time you're alone

stand in the mirror
and count backwards from 10.

If you can get all
the way down to zero,

then I'm wrong.

But if you can't stand your own
company for 10 seconds,

how you gonna expect to do it
for the rest of your life?

So you're not in any trouble?

A simple slap on the wrist,
that's all.

You swear? Because Pam
made it sound like...

Pam was turned almost 100 years ago,

and yet somehow still behaves
as though every day were Halloween.

She's all drama and theatrics.

I assure you,

everything's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna take a shower. I still feel
like there's blood all over me.

Don't look up.

Wait, wait, wait.


we have to thank the vampire

for the gifts
that he's bestowed upon us.

- We are grateful...
- Fuck you.

...for your gift to us.

Ignore him.

Can you see it?

Where are we?




Aren't you tired?

Every time I close my eyes,
I see her face.

Your cat?


But now that you mention it,
Tina's in there too.

You do know that I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you?

That I am here for you,

to protect you?

And what if I don't wanna
need to be protected?

What if wanting to be
protected makes me feel

like the helpless little girl
I used to be all over again?

All of the things that
you need to be protected from,

all of the trouble you're in,

you're in because of me.


you needing to be protected
has nothing to do with you

or who you are.

All of it is my fault.

So why don't you just go to sleep,

and let me be the one
to worry about it?

All the trouble I'm in.

It's mine. I chose it.

- I chose it when I chose you.
- Yes, but...

Don't you think I wanna
blame somebody else?

But what happened to my gran,

and now to poor Tina,

it's my fault. And it's sweet of you
to try to take it on for me,

but if I let you, I'd be so mad at you,
I'd never be able to look at you again.

And right now your face

is just about the only thing
getting me by.

So why don't we just
leave it on me, okay?

Very well.

Night, Bill.

- You're a fucking dead woman.
- Oh, my God!

Honestly, you are like a little boy.

Did I scare you?

Come here, lie down.
I wanna show you something.

- What we looking at?
- The trees.

But we're not just looking,
we're listening too.

Listening to trees?

Can you hear that?

It's like the leaves are talking.

They're laughing.

Because they're ticklish.

That's right.

We still high?

Because I don't normally
talk like this.


I'm feeling kind of lightheaded too.

You're talking like this because
your mind is starting to open up.

And you're lightheaded because you
haven't eaten anything. So here.

Have an almond,

they're raw.

Oh, my God.

These crazy good.

That's why we gotta change the way
you eat. Raw foods. Nothing processed.

Because the cleaner the body,
the cleaner the soul,

the cleaner the experience.

Cleaner than last night?

Much cleaner.

He'll stop.

He'll stop.

Ain't you worried
somebody's gonna hear him?

We live in the middle of nowhere
of the middle of nowhere.

- Yeah, I guess, but...
- He isn't a person, Jason.

Did I say he was?

All I'm saying is...

My truck, for example.
It ain't a person either.

But I still fill it with gas
and give it oil from time to time.

- You're saying we should feed him now?
- Ain't he gonna die if we don't?

Who cares?

I just... I still think we should
have a plan, that's all.

I do have one.

And here it is.

Everything's gonna work out,
because it has to.

That ain't a plan.

Because when I am with you,

what I feel...

I've never felt that
with anybody else ever before.

And I'm a person that...

That a lot of bad stuff has
happened to in the past.

And so I deserve this.

I love you.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I mean, why is it
that we all need to be loved,

but then when somebody
finally says, "I love you,"

people just run scared.

I love you,

whether you like it or not.

I'm not afraid to admit it.

Know what?

You're right.

Fuck it.

I love you too.

Say it again.

- I...
- Come on.

You get it once, that's all.




Don't you knock? What if
I was doing something private?

I taught you that was a sin against God.
So if I walk in on you doing it,

it's your problem, not mine.
What do you want?

- Sam's here to see you.
- You ain't sleeping with him, are you?

What makes you jump
to that conclusion?

He brung flowers.
Men only bring flowers

if they already slept
with you and looking to again.

That especially goes for white men,
as black men are less prone to grovel.

What do you want?

To apologize for anything
I said that hurt your feelings

- and sort things out between us.
- That's a load. It's sex he wants.

- She drinking again?
- Nope.

That's her, stone-cold sober.

- Look, you should go.
- Why?

Because I'm just
too fucked up for this.

I hate to break it to you,
you're not the most

fucked up person in this house,
much less this town.

What do you think
this is between us anyway?

We were clear from the beginning
it was just gonna be us fucking.

It's too late for that.

- What are you, a masochist?
- No, I'm not at all.

But I've spent my life
running away from people

or pinning my hopes on somebody
I can't have. I'm done with that.

Like it or not, you've reminded
me that I'm a social animal.

I'd rather deal with your
fucked up shit than be alone.

Here's some fucked up shit
for you to deal with.

Do you know that right now,

I'm thinking
I have a demon inside me?

And the solution is have

some crazy ass lady who lives
in a bus out in a swamp

perform a $800 exorcism on me that there
is no way in hell I can afford?

So go ahead.

Now try and tell me you still
want something more with me.

Not if it's gonna be like this.
But I'd like it if we could have...

We can't, all right?

Look, just go, okay? Get out of here
and save us both a lot of misery.

All right, I'll see you at work.

Oh, my God, it's beautiful.

I know, right?

So you guys having
an engagement party or what?

We'd like to, but I don't know
where we'd throw it.

You know, our place
isn't big enough.

You could have it here, if you like.

Oh, thanks. But I wouldn't wanna
put you out like that.

You wouldn't be putting me out.
It'd be like any night, except I'd

close the place to the public
for you and your nearest and dearest.

That would be amazing.

Except I was thinking could we maybe
do it in the warehouse next door?

Or even outside? 'Cause if we did it
in here, it'd feel like work, you know?

You were thinking, huh?

About the party I only just now
offered to throw for you?

You are a spectacular man.

And you are one hell of a conniving
suck-up when you need to be.

I'll cover the catering
and the band.

Alcohol and all the other
incidentals are on you.

Got it.

And I may be conniving,
but I still mean it.

You are gonna make some woman
extremely happy one day.

Maybe I'll meet a woman who's willing
to take that chance with me.

- Morning, Sookie.
- Ain't nothing good about this morning.

"Secret Sauce"?

Who you fucking kidding?
Since when is it right to call

mayonnaise a fucking secret?

I don't know.

I kind of like it, though.

You can like it all you want to.

It's still mayonnaise.

What are you thinking?

Thinking fucking roots should
learn where to grow, them.




The fuck, man?

Shut it down!

Get the fuck off me!


What the fuck is wrong with you?
You got a screw loose?

- You could've killed me, you know?
- I'm sorry, I know.

But this ain't just some root
growing up out of nowhere.

It's connected to that tree.

Everything we see, man, it's all...

- It's all connected...
- The fuck are you talking about?

You some kind of tree hugger now?

You gonna kill
your best buddy to save a tree?

Chill, son.

I could give a fuck if you're sorry!

I'm about to get married.
There are people that count on me!

Okay, come on.
Let's go get you cleaned up.


Is everything all right?

Tell me, Hoyt,
were you on the football team?

- Were you on the football team?
- No, I wasn't.

Then you do not call me Jay.
You got that?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

Goddamn it, Jay.

Goddamn it.

- What can I get for you today?
- Your boss around?

Tell him you're looking for him.
What can I get you?

Don't know, I haven't decided yet.

And while you make up your mind,

how about I tell you what you
can get for me?

I'd love to have whoever's killing off
my family's head on a platter.

Think you could arrange that for me?

I don't appreciate your tone,
Miss Stackhouse.

And I don't appreciate my officers
of the law enjoying casual lunches

while there's a killer out there
trying to hunt me down.

Did you know he got into
my house again last night?

- He did?
- Yes, and he killed my cat.

He cut her head off
and took it with him.

Jesus. How come you
didn't call the station?

Because they would've send you.

And if I had called,
you'd still be here right now

acting like you don't know
what you're gonna order

even though you always
have the cheeseburger.

Hey there, Detective,
I'll take your order.

- No, it's my table.
- I got it.

Just take a break.
It'll do you some good.

What can I get for you?

Go with the goddamn
cheeseburger and fries.

Listen, you all right?

Sometimes I wish I smoked, you know?

So you could sneak outside without
anybody knowing there's something wrong.

I'm really sorry about your cat.

Maybe I shouldn't have
come in today.

Yeah, I was gonna say, why did you?

I don't know.

Maybe because lately it seems like

if I called in sick
every time somebody I loved

got murdered I'd never make it
in for a single day of work.

Don't you think
Sam would understand?

I guess. But if I went home,
what would you do?

Me? What's it got to do with me?

Well, with Arlene doing nothing
but showing off her ring

to anybody who will look at it,
you'd be the only one waiting tables.

Yeah, she is gonna be
a handful, that one.

Can you imagine what she was like
the first time she got married?

What about you?

You ever been married?

Is this the part where the sister

as what the girl's intentions
are with her brother?

Because right now,
I am all about protecting Jason.

He misses you, Sookie.

- Right.
- No, he does.

I mean, between your grandma passing

and then what happened
afterwards with you...

- He told you about that?
- Yeah, he couldn't not.

- I mean, he's a mess about it.
- Well, you wouldn't know it.

I know what you must think of him.

And I get why
you're mad at him, I do.

But he loves you.

You still got people around you
who love you.

And all I can hope
is that maybe one day,

I can be counted in
among those people.

You are way too good for him.
You know that, right?

Of course, I know that.

I'm not stupid.

You can call me all the names you want,
but I am confident in my position

that when the day comes
that I meet my maker,

it is I who will be allowed

to pass through the gates
into the glory of eternity.

Thank you, Reverend. Miss Flanagan,
would you like to turn the conversation

back to the VRA?

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

After the massacre of three of our kind
in Louisiana earlier this week

I think the world should take notice
of the fact that we have not retaliated.

And we will not.

Which leaves us with the question
of exactly who is hunting whom

- out there in America tonight?
- I applaud your rhetoric.

That was very impressive.

Shut the fuck up!

Thank you.
Thank you. Please, I...

What is it?
I need you to move me.

Too much pain. This chair
is digging into my skin.

Thought y'all couldn't feel pain.

When you don't drink,

your body... Your whole body
aches more than anything

I ever felt when I was alive.


- Well, if I move you, will you shut up?
- I promise.

- This better not be a trick.
- It's not.

And don't you fucking bite me.

I don't even have the energy.
Just, please?


For a vampire,
you sure are a doughy fuck.

I'm sorry.

There. That any better?

I think so, yeah.

Yeah, good,
'cause now I'm all fucked up.

What the hell?

I found an envelope
full of cash in my cubby.

- You know anything about it?
- We'll talk after work.

- You know I can't...
- I said, after work, all right?

Anyone needs me,
I'll be in my office.

Yes, he's done it again.
Another lovely shot.

A hole in one.

- Nice to meet you.
- Chow is Longshadow's replacement.

I take it by your being here,
there was no way around it, then?

I can't really say.
Didn't exactly look into it.

Tell me,

do you enjoy it, living halfway up
his backside the way you do?

Yes, it's nice.
You should try it.

We're gonna have to stop by the bar
where Sookie works first.

She needs to know that I'll be gone.

Don't forget how this started.

She came to Fangtasia to help you.


Go to the bar.

Might be smart
to check out the competition.

Yes, indeed.

What's your game?

Excuse me?

You were playing Wii.
What's your game?


What's your best score
on Pebble Beach?

- Seven under.
- Mine's 11 under.

I liked Longshadow better.

It still hurts?

That went right away.

I guess that's a perk of me doing V.

But this...

This stretching just feels
so goddamn fucking good.

Another perk.

Then what's with the weight, dude?
I thought all you vampires

were supposed to be in shape.

We are what we were
when we were turned.

I led a very sedentary life.

- What's sedentary?
- Desk job. I was an accountant.

Sat around a lot,
ate a lot of junk food.

How's someone go
from being an accountant

to being a vampire?

It wasn't the straightest line.

I always had this sense
that it wasn't

really my life I was leading.

But I convinced myself
it was the life I wanted.

Then one day,

about a year ago,

I came home from work
to find my wife crying

like her whole family had just died.

Turns out my son
had had a fist fight at school.

So one of the kids suggested to him
that I might be a fucking faggot.

Kids are morons.

That's precisely the reaction
my wife wanted me to have.

And when I didn't...

- What, she never even had a clue?
- How could she, when even I didn't?

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.

Comes a point in life when you realize
everything you know about yourself,

it's all just conditioning.

It's the rare man
who truly knows who he is.

At least I accomplished that.

I guess it helps
that you don't look all that gay.

Most of the gays I've come across,

- they look like...
- You.

You're what we're supposed
to look like.

Anyway, after she left me
and took my kid,

I went to a gay bar,
hit on a couple of men.

Got laughed at.

Or pitied.

Then I saw this one guy.

He was even less
of a looker than me,

and he had beautiful
young men all over him.

Somebody told me he was a vampire.

I guess I just thought:

"That's for me. "

After that,
it was just a matter of time

before I found someone
willing to turn me.

That's crazy.

I told you it wasn't
the straightest of lines.


how did it work out for you?
With the guys and everything?

You tell me.

- I'd like that on the side, please too.
- Okay, coming right up.

- What's going on?
- His place is even more depressing

than I thought it'd be.

- What are they doing here?
- Give me a minute

and then we'll talk. Where's Sam?

- I don't know. Why?
- He's in his office.

- Try to behave yourself.
- Don't I always?

It's Bill Compton.

I need a minute of your time,
if that's all right.

It's open.

- Who's this?
- His name's Chow.

- He need to be in my office too?
- Yes.

I have very little time,
so I'll be brief.

I've been called away.

And I need you to watch over Sookie,
protect her while I'm gone.

That's just priceless.

Don't expect her to be
too keen on the idea.

Sookie hates feeling
like she doesn't have her independence.

I'm really starting to get fed up
with you telling me who Sookie is.

I know.

And I also know
how you feel about her,

and I don't like it.

But I'm asking you
because you're the only one I can ask.

You're the only person I know of
who can protect her in my absence.

Will you do it?

Of course I will.

But I'll be doing it for her,
not for you.

Thank you.

So simply present this card at the door
when you get to Fangtasia,

and the first round is on me.

Also, Thursdays are ladies nights,
so be sure to bring a date.

That is, if you can get one.

She got you.

- Thanks, ma'am.
- Not him.

- He doesn't get one.
- What gives, bro?

What'd you do to your arm there...


- I take it your business here is done?
- I came to talk to Sookie.

I'll give you three minutes.
We have a tribunal to get to.


Come with me.

Before I go, a word of advice:

We know when a human has wronged us.
We can smell it.

Do not make the mistake of letting the
pretty blond vampire lady on television

make you feel too comfortable.

We may not have retaliated...


We know who you are.

Have a nice night.

- I have no choice, I have to go.
- Why?

- Because I killed a vampire.
- I know that, I was there, remember?

He was gonna kill me.
You were defending me.

If one of you killed another one of you
defending one of us, you don't think

- there would be a trial?
- I'll come with you then.

I can and I'm going to.
I wanna testify for you.

Damn it, Sookie, you can't.
You can't come.

And you can't testify.

You will not be welcome there.

You lied to me.

You said that everything
was gonna be okay,

but it's not, is it?

I honestly don't know.

Just look after yourself, all right?

I've asked Sam to watch over you.

I wish you hadn't have done that.

Be smart, Sookie, and just let him.

There's still somebody out there
who wants to kill you.


I will.

- Thank you.
- And time.

If I had any feelings,

- I'd have the chills right about now.
- Not me.


You all right?

Look, I'm sorry about...

Right now I don't even remember what
it is I'm supposed to be mad at you for,

so why don't we both
just forget it, okay?

That's good by me.

- It was in the flood.
- A flood?

Oh, my.

It was the shits.

But you gotta play the hand
you're dealt, I guess.

And when you say you...

were living at your grandmother's,
I take it to mean your grandfather was

already gone?

I'm so sorry.

Why? It wasn't your fault.

It's that a boy needs a man in his life
to teach him what it means to be a man.


That's the hardest part
of all this for me.

My boy.

He's got nothing but women
around him now.

He needs me. I'm not there.

I'm sure he'll be all right.

I mean, look at me.

Don't you try to glimmer me.

Amy warned me about that.

I'm too depleted to glamour you.

That's something
I haven't quite mastered yet, anyway.

You can't just do it?

Learning to be a vampire
doesn't happen overnight

any more than learning
to be a man does.

You gonna marry her?

Who, Amy?

I don't know.

We haven't been together that long.


just between you and me?

- I could really see her being the one.
- She's not.

- What?
- Don't do it. Don't marry her.

- Ain't none of your business.
- She's a psychopath.

- Fuck you, Eddie.
- She is.

She is far more dangerous
than I could ever be.

That's enough.

Look, I gotta go out
and get some more beer.

But while I'm gone,
keep your fucking howling to a minimum.

Can we talk about it now?


That's not talking about it.

I can't take it.

- I appreciate it, I do. But...
- You're keeping it.

- You can't tell me I'm keeping it.
- It's my money, so, yes, I can.

- You're a stubborn son of a bitch.
- That makes two of us.

You really believe
you have a demon in you?

I think I got something
inside me that is...


and pissed off...

and mean...

And fucked up.

Think it's stupid, don't you?

Look, two years ago nobody even knew
there was such a thing as vampires.

Now we gotta deal with them
every goddamn day.

And who knows
what else is out there?

Eight hundred bucks? That's...

That's a lot of money.

People in this town drink a lot.

I'm doing okay.

So I guess I'm having an exorcism.

You're welcome.

I don't know how to ever thank...

Interesting night, huh, Sook?

I guess.

Maybe a little too interesting.

Shit, ain't no such a thing
as too interesting,

only too dull.

How big is your dick?

You know what? There is such a thing
as too interesting.

- Where's Arlene?
- She just left.

Of course she did.
Listen, I have to get out of here.

Would you mind covering
the rest of my side work for me?

Sure, but is that really
the best idea,

- you going home by yourself?
- I'm not going home.

I'm going to stay at Bill's.
No one'll come looking for me there.

- Okay, then.
- Thanks, I owe you one.

No worries.

While I got you alone

I wanted to say thanks for
everything you've been doing.

You're fitting in great around here.

I should be the one thanking you.
Lord knows I really needed this job.

But you are welcome.

So, where are the others?

Arlene had to get back to her kids,
Sookie took off a couple of minutes ago.

- What?
- I know, I tried to stop her, but...

- She say where she was headed?
- She was going to Bill's.

Goddamn it.

Hey there, Sam.

Turns out that little story
you told me the other day

about growing up in a nudist colony
didn't exactly check out.

We need to talk.

Sure, just...

You know, I forgot something in the bar,
but I'll be right back.


Hey, dog.

Screw you too.

My God. Didn't anyone ever tell you
not to sneak up on people like that?

What are you doing
so far away from home?

Tell you what, why don't you
come spend the night with me

and I'll take you back
to Merlotte's tomorrow, okay?

Come on.

It's night-night time.

Come on.

You know, if we're gonna be
sleeping together,

we're gonna need a name
to call you by.

What do you think of "Dean"?

- I like it too.
- Dean. Dean the dog.

Look at you, looking away.
What a gentleman.

Here, would it make you more comfortable
if I got under the covers?

Come on.

Hop up in bed with me.

You can't sleep on the floor all night.
You're gonna catch a draft.


hop up here.

Good boy, Dean.

Sweet dreams.

Wake up.

Wake up.


You brought me Tru Blood?

Just drink.

You're on my feet.