Treehouse Detectives (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Case of the Missing Explorer; The Case of the Orphaned Egg - full transcript

That's him! He's coming!

Commodore Barry! The greatest
living bear explorer

and our good friend.

Welcome back to...


Oh, sorry.

We thought you were our friend.

Would you like a cookie?

Oh, thanks, but I'm all set.


Should we be worried?

No! If Commodore Barry said
he'll be here, he'll be here.

Like when he climbed
the glacier.


The Commodore climbed
a mile of ice in a blizzard,

and he made it
to the top on time.

And then there was the time

he paddled 4,345 miles
up the Amazon

and arrived
just in time for tea.

And look! Commodore Barry
came all the way from Kathmandu

just to have breakfast with us.

And he showed up
right when he said he would.

Wow! He's gigantic!

When the Commodore
says he'll be somewhere,

he will always arrive
exactly when he said he would.

-And now he's an hour late.

-He must be in trouble.

You're right.

Is he lost?

But he's the world's
greatest explorer.

If the world's greatest explorer
is lost, who finds him?

-We do, Jay.

We have to.

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

The Commodore could be anywhere.

We're going to have to be
more than just detectives.

We need to be explorers.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

I got some of Commodore Barry's
explorer books from the library.

You think
they'll help find him?


There's Climbing the Cliffs
of the Karakorum,

Spelunking the Caverns
of Hang Son Doong,

and Bushwhacking
in the Hindu Kush.

We'll start with this one.

Then let's get bushwhacking.


What does that mean?

Spread out, move slowly,

and look for something
that looks

like it belongs
to a great big bear.

Look! An acorn!

I don't think Commodore Barry
left that there.

Neither do I.

It just looks so yummy.

Toby! Teri!

We found something!

Is it the Commodore's?

Yeah! It's from his jacket.

Then Commodore Barry
came this way.

Where did you find
the patch, Jay?

Over here.

I should take a picture.

But where do we go now?

Commodore Barry
loves adventure.

Like-- Like spelunking in
the caverns of Hang Son Doong?

We're right near a cavern.

Then I bet that's where he went.
Come on!


And look how big!

No one in Acorn Springs
wears boots that large.

Except our friend
Commodore Barry.

So if we follow the facts...

He must have gone that way.

-Then so will we.
-Let me take a picture first.

We might want it later.

Where are we?

Really far from home.

I hope we don't get lost.

We won't, because I'm going
to drop pieces of this cookie

as we head down the trail.

So when it's time to go home,
we'll just follow the crumbs.


Mmm. Yum.

Uh, it doesn't really work
if you eat the crumbs I drop.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. There's another way.

Here you go, Rumy.

Oh. Oh, thanks.


Commodore Barry taught me
an old bear trick.

When bears move
through the forest,

they mark trees
along the way.

That way, they always know
where they've been.

Big bears use their claws,

but I'm gonna use
a piece of chalk.

Good thinking, Toby

And now we have a trail
for when we head home

that's not so yummy.

He could have gone
any of these directions.

What do we do?

We follow the facts.

Let's use the clues we've got.

The Commodore
lost that patch in the tree,

and he left footprints
in the cavern.

-What else is there?
-Wait! Look!

There are lines in this picture.

Let me see that.

Remember when I said
the Commodore

makes marks on the trees?
That's them!

Toby's right. Look.

Bears in the forest
do it all the time.

The marks look just like
the ones in our pictures.

But if he's leaving a trail,
where is it?

I don't see any scratches
like that around here.

That's because we're
not looking high enough.

Commodore Barry is big.

So we need to look...

up there!

Great job, Toby.

Ahoy there!


I must be getting hungry.

I don't think
your stomach talks.

It's the Commodore. Come on!

Commodore Barry, are you okay?

Oh, I'm fine, just stuck.

I was picking thimbleberries
to bring to the party.

I leaned on this old tree.
It came down...

on me!

Don't worry. We'll get you out.

On three. Ready?

One, two, three!

Well done.

I knew you two
were great detectives.

It seems you're
great explorers, too.

You all are!

But in all the excitement,

it seems
I've gotten turned around,

and I've broken my compass.

That's okay.
I left marks on the trees

just like you showed me.

Quite the explorers, indeed.

My best adventure?
Well, that's easy.

It wasn't when I
discovered something.

It was the time
when I got lost.

Oh, no! What did you do?

What could I do?

My foot was stuck! I was alone.

Luckily a brave band
of explorers

used the clues and found me!

Hey! That was us!

You bet it was!

Everybody say, "Explorers"!


I'm really glad we were
able to help our hero.

Me, too!
We followed the clues

and used Commodore Barry's
trick of marking trees

to get home safely.

Following clues
is what detectives...

and explorers do.

Time to close this case.

The Case
of the Missing Explorer

is officially closed.

I got it! I got it!

Running and kicking are easy,

so why's catching
gotta be so hard?

It just takes practice.

Try again.

Keep your eye on the ball.

You're doing great!

I missed it again.

Oh, that's okay.
You'll get it next time.

Look at this!

It's an egg.

Where'd it come from?

It must be lost.

Oh, poor thing,
out here all by itself.

Ha! Now don't you worry.

Everything is gonna be okay.
Right, Bean?

Yeah, it will,

but we'd better go talk
to Toby and Teri.

Nothing beats a nice,
neat stack of closed cases.

It looks like it's time
to open a new one.



Toby! Teri! Help!


So whose egg is it?

Uh, we don't know.

It's lost, and it's all alone

with only me
to take care of it!

We need to find its mom.

Right. That's what I meant.

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

We have no idea
where that egg came from.

We're gonna have to find
its mother before it hatches.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

So how's our egg doing?

Rumy's calling it Chelsea.

Every egg deserves a name.

All right. What do we know...

about Chelsea?

It's an egg.

Ha! Chelsea's
so much more than that.

Birds lay eggs.

Oh! Jay's a bird!

Jay, is it yours?

No! And lots of animals
lay eggs, not just birds.

Snakes lay eggs,
and so do lizards.

Sea turtles lay eggs, too,

and there was one on the beach
this morning.

Then let's go talk
to that turtle.


Good morning.

Our friends found an egg.

We thought it might be yours.

Would you mind
taking a look at it?

Not at all.

Your eggs are perfectly round,

and our egg is more of an oval.

And the shells are soft.

I'm sorry,
but that's not a turtle egg.

Thank you very much.

I hope you find its mother!

And be sure to keep it warm!

Thanks! We will!

So it's not a turtle egg.

And lizards' eggs
are even smaller,

so Chelsea
doesn't belong to a lizard.

So we're back to birds.

Jay, would you mind
checking to see

if any birds around here
know anything?

You got it! I'll talk
to anyone with feathers.

Is that one of your hats?

Yeah. I brought it for Chelsea.

Here! Catch!

I'll never get that right.

That's okay. I got it.

Ha. That's better.
Isn't it, Chelsea?

Oops. Uh-oh!

Hold on!

I got you!

Hey, guys,
look who I found!

You won't believe it!
Remember the killdeer bird?

She said she could help.


Now let's get a look
at this mystery egg.

It's down there with Rumy.

That thing is enormous.

Is it yours?

No. That, I would
definitely remember.

That egg belongs to a big bird,

a fabulously big bird.

"Fabulously big." Thanks!

I hope you find its Mom,
and soon.

That thing's about to hatch.

But we still don't know
who the egg belongs to.

So what do we do?

We go back to the beginning.

Where exactly did you find...


Down there,
where I just came from.

Well, if we're gonna
follow the facts,

that's where we have to start.

There, there.

Don't worry. Just relax.

We'll find your mama.
I promise.

So what do we see?

There's a ball down here.

Rumy and I were playing catch.

So is this
where you found the egg?


Look. You can still see
where the egg was sitting.

See here?

It's a trail...

and look!

It goes all the way
up the mountain.

You're right, Bean.

Let's take a look.


There's a bird up there,
and it's gigantic.

A condor. Of course!

The killdeer said
a big bird laid that egg.

Condors are some of
the biggest birds in the world

and the rarest.

They only lay one egg at a time.

Looks like you're going home.

Now let's get climbing.

Guys... you go ahead!

I'll catch up with you!

Hi. I think we have
something of yours.

My egg!

I was so worried.

I've been looking everywhere.

Here you are, ma'am.


My baby!

Somebody help!

Don't worry! I got it!

You can do it. Just keep
your eye on the egg, and...


I did it!

I caught Chelsea!

Rumy, did you see?!

Of course I did!

You were awesome!

Go, Bean!


Thank you so much.

Thank you all.

Everybody say, "Great catch"!

Great ca--

It feels good to get
that bird back to his mother.

And nice that she invited Rumy

to baby-condor-sit
any time he wanted.

Time to close this case.

The Case of the Orphaned Egg

is officially closed.