Treehouse Detectives (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Case of the Floating Ghost; The Case of the Wise Eyes - full transcript

Don't move.

Almost done.

I can't finish if he's gone.

Don't worry.

Teri took a picture
with the WhyTab.

Yeah. See?


Perfect. Thanks.

Do you have any more
animal photos I could draw?

You know, why don't you
borrow the WhyTab?

Then you can take
as many pictures as you want.


Thanks, Teri.

I'll take
really good care of it.

I promise.

See you, guys.

- What you doing, Millie?
- Whoa!

Hi, Guys. Terri let me
borrow the WhyTab

so I could take pictures
of animals.


Hey, does it work on shoes?

Rumy's got new shoes.

I grew out of my old ones.

These are bigger.
They fit perfectly.

New shoes are the best.


What is it?

Uh, I don't know.


Look at this. We saw a ghost.

A ghost?

Yeah, a real live ghost!

It's so cool!

There are
no such thing as ghosts.

But Millie's got a picture.

If ghosts aren't real,
what's that?

A ghost.

It has to be a ghost, right?

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

I don't think this is a ghost.

Neither do I.
We need to find out what it is

so no one will be scared.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

Okay, Ghost Chasers!
If we're gonna chase ghosts,

we gotta be ready
for some really spooky stuff.

Wow! Spooky and stuff,
all at one time?

Let's do it. Okay!

Uh, maybe I should stay here.

Uh, I don't want to get
my new shoes dirty.

No need to be nervous, Rumy.

This garlic will keep you safe.

If they get too close,

fill this bucket with water,
and stand in it.

Ghosts hate water.

And these are...

just in case.

Remember, ghosts don't bite...

unless they do.

Let's go find a ghost!


What are you guys doing?

Brave Bean's Ghost Chasing Team,

ready and eager
to find your ghost!

Thank you, Bean. What we need
is a ghost hunter who can fly.

That's Ghost Hunter Jay!

He's our flying specialist.

Right! I'm on it!

What am I on?

Whatever you saw was flying,

so you need to look for it
in the air.

That's why you're asking me!

Now I'm definitely on it.


Oh! Yikes!

No! I've gotta help
Toby and Teri.

Never mind! 'Scuse me!

And-- And then it flew out
of the trees and grabbed me!

So it had hands?

Yes! Little hands
on little arms.

What else?

Little stubby legs
and a long body.

Oh, a-and a long tail!

The ghost had a tail,
like Bean?

No, not so puffy, but long.

Can I see that picture you took?

Of course. Here you go.

Kinda looks like a lizard,

but lizards don't fly.

Neither do leaves,

but these leaves
are flying, too.

Those aren't flying.

They're getting
blown around by the wind,

just like those.

I'll bet that's exactly
what's happening with our ghost!

So it's not flying?

No. I think it's getting
blown around by the wind.

But we can't be sure
until we find it.

Bean's Ghost Chasers
are on the job.

We'll check every
ghostly nook and cranny!

Come on, Ghost Chasers!

Nooks and crannies?

Aren't they kind of dark?


Uh, hold on!

Don't leave me! Wait up!

There it is!


-See ya!


What is this?

So, what do you think?

It's not a ghost.

It's a dried-up lizard skin.

With no lizard inside?!

How is that not a ghost?!

Let me put it another way.

Rumy, why aren't you
wearing your old shoes?

Well, my feet grew too big
for them, so they didn't fit.

And that's what happens
with lizards.

As they grow, they shed
their old skin every few months.


I wonder who it belongs to.

What about him over there?

Hey, is this yours?

It was,
but I got too big for it.

Your new skin
looks really shiny,

and it looks like
it fits perfectly.

Like my shoes!

They're new, too.

Those look great,

and I bet they fit just right,
just like my skin.

Well, I gotta go.

-See you, guys.

-See you later!
-See ya!




Now that I know what that is,

it's really not scary at all.

-I agree!
-I'm not scared anymore.

Me neither!

Say, "Ghost Chasers"!

Ghost Chasers!

That lizard skin
did look kinda like a ghost.

When you don't know
what something is,

it's easy to think
all sorts of things.

That's why we follow the facts.

That's right,
and now that Millie knows

that lizards shed their skin,
she's not scared anymore.

So she can go
back in the forest.

Time to close this case.

The Case of the Floating Ghost

is officially closed.

Thanks, Jay!

You got it!

Oh, thanks, Jay.

You're welcome!

How's it going
filling in for the mailman?

It's fun, but there's
a lot of mail to deliver.

I've still got a bunch
more letters to hand out.

Well, you better hurry,
because it's getting late.

Right. I'm scared to fly
through the forest at night.

You can do it!
You're a great flier!

Sure. Okay, I'll try!

Nope. I'm too scared.

It'll take longer,

but I guess I'm flying
around the outside

of the forest to finish
my deliveries. Gotta go!

I love that coloring books
have neat little lines

to show you exactly
where you're supposed to color.

And I love that it's okay
if you don't follow the lines.

Hey, Jay!
How's delivering the mail going?

You look really tired.

I am tired. There's a lot
of mail to deliver,

and it takes forever
when you have to fly

around the outside
of the forest.

Why are you flying around it?

If you go straight
through the center,

-it would be so much quicker.
-Well, I was at first,

but then it got dark,
and I'm way too scared

to fly through the forest
at night.

I'm not a good flier
in the dark.

Sounds like you just need
some flying at night lessons.

With a teacher,
you'll be flying

through the dark forest
in no time.

We should ask
the great horned owl!

You think he'd help?
If he could show me,

I could get this mail
delivered in no time!

He'd love to help.
We just have to ask.

How are you gonna find him?
No one knows where he lives.

He's gotta be in the forest.

We just have
to figure out where.

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

Jay is such a good flier.

I'm surprised
he has trouble flying at night.

He just needs confidence.

Time with the owl
will help with that.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

Someone's gotta know
how to find the owl.

But there's no one here to ask.

How 'bout me?

We didn't see you there!

You're the exact same color
as the leaves.

Yup! You really couldn't see me,
could you?

That's called camouflage.

Of course!
That's when an animal hides

by looking like something
in the world around it.

Or by disguising themselves
as another animal,

like that butterfly
over there. Look.

It looks just like an owl!

Speaking of owls,

do you know where we could find
the great horned owl?

No. When he's in the trees,
it's like he's invisible.

I hope Toby and Teri
find the owl soon.

It's getting dark.
I need to learn to fly

through the forest at night
so I can deliver this mail.

Jay, look!

Is that him?

Definitely. Look at those eyes.


Hello. I'm Jay, who needs
flying in the dark lessons!

Thank you so much for coming!
What should we do first?

You wanna show me moves?
You can fly. I can watch.

Or you can watch. I can fly.

Did you nod?

I think you
just nodded, right? Okay.

What if I try to fly between
those two branches there?

And you can tell me
how I'm doing, okay?

All right. Here goes nothing.

I can't believe it. I did it!

You almost crashed
into that tree.

If that was wrong,
the owl would have said.

Right, Mr. Amazing
Super Teacher Owl?

I'll try a loop this time.
What do you think?

-I'll take that as a yes!
-Jay, be careful.

It's all right. I've got
the best teacher in the world.

-You sure about that?
-Absolutely! Here I go!


When an animal
is using camouflage,

they're impossible to find.

What else do we know
about great horned owls?

I saw one flying once.
He was as big as me.

As big as you?

If you were a great horned owl
and you were hiding in a tree,

you'd need
a bigger tree than this.

You're right. Where are
the biggest trees in the forest?

The Old Grove!

Whee! I'm doing great,
aren't I, Mr. Owl?

You're not doing great!
You're going to hurt yourself!

Now how 'bout I do
a tumble curve rocket loop?

Why doesn't the owl
say anything?!

If Jay keeps this up,
he's going to hurt himself.

You guys go find Toby and Teri.

I'll stay here,
keep an eye on Jay.

Okay. Come on, Bean! Let's go!

How's it going, guys?

Hey! Rocks don't talk.

Unless they're...


Neat trick, right?

So what are you guys
doing out here so late?

Looking for
the great horned owl.

Have you seen him?

No, and I'd rather
he doesn't see me.

He might want a snack,
and if you hadn't noticed,

I'm snack sized,
so keep it down, okay?

That Owl hears everything.

You so much as sneeze,
and he can hear it.


Oops. Now I've done it.

I better get out of here.
See you guys.

So the owl can hear you sneeze.

Does that help us find him?

No, but it
might help him find us.

Owls must have amazing hearing.

He can hear us now?

Let's find out.

Hello? Mr. Owl?

It's Toby and Teri.

Jay really needs
some lessons from you

to help him fly
through the trees in the dark.


So your friend needs
night flying lessons?

I'd be happy to help.

Toby! Teri!

You guys gotta come quick.

No way! How are you here?!

I just saw you with Jay.

That wasn't me.
I've been right here all day.

If you're not helping Jay,
then who is?

I mean, the teacher
looks just like you.

Whoever is giving him lessons
is just sitting there, watching.

It was okay at first.
Now it's getting dark,

and Jay is taking
too many chances.

Yeah. Millie's worried
that he's gonna hurt himself.

We've gotta stop him. Come on.

I'll go ahead.
You guys follow me!

Okay, now I'm going to try
a divebomb slingshot turn!

Jay, don't.
You're really gonna get hurt!

Okay, here I go!


Whoa! Too fast! Ahh!

Somebody help!
I'm gonna hit that--


Hey, you're
the great horned owl!

Wait. If you're here,
who was just giving me lessons?

So your owl
wasn't an owl at all.

It was the owl butterfly.

Those aren't his eyes.
They're his wings.

That's really cool.

When he didn't say anything,

I thought you were
telling me it was okay.

But I do need some real lessons.

I almost crashed just then.

Oh, I don't know.

I saw that awesome
divebomb slingshot turn you did.

Learning to believe in yourself
is the first lesson in flying

through the forest at night.
You did great with that.

Really? I'm not sure
all those tricks

are gonna get the mail
delivered tonight.

Well, maybe I can
give you some pointers

on flying at night while we
deliver the mail together.

Before you go,

everybody smile,
and say, "Butterfly"!


I'm glad we found
the great horned owl,

but in a funny way,
the butterfly helped, too.

You're right.

He taught Jay
a lesson in self-confidence

by not even saying a word.

Time to close this case.

The Case of the Wise Eyes

is officially closed