Treehouse Detectives (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Case of the Invisible Owl; The Case of the Flying Pig - full transcript

Wow! Look at that!

That was so cool!

I can't wait to see
what everyone found!

Oh, boy, that was fun!

I love our treasure hunts.

I found something super amazing.

Wow! I've never seen
something that incredible!

That is so neat!

It's time for the best part.

We get to turn the
treasures into gifts.

Here, Millie.
I'd like you to have

this amazing piece
of quartz I found.

Thanks, Teri!

It's beautiful.

And this is for you, Bean.

Wow! I love it! Thanks, Millie.

Here. I found this pinwheel
for you, Teri.

Thank you, Rumy!

It's beautiful.

I knew you'd like it.

Jay, I got this blue rock
for my blue friend.

Really, for me?!

It's so cool!

It's the nicest blue rock
I've ever seen.

I love it. Thanks, Bean.

And this is for you, Rumy.

It's a bottle cap.

Look at all
the different colors.

I bet it's a hundred years old.

Wow! I'm going to put it
someplace super safe.

Oh, hmm.


This one's for you.

Thank you so much.

What's wrong, Rumy?

Something took my bottle cap!

But you just had it.

I know, but something
just went zoom...

and now it's gone.

Toby, I'm sorry.

It's okay, Rumy.
It's not your fault.

I saw you put it right here.

Ah, thanks, Toby.

Will you guys
help me get it back?

Don't worry, Rumy.
We'll find your bottle cap.

That's a promise.

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

Rumy really misses
his bottle cap.

He'll be heartbroken
if we don't get it back.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

So Rumy saw a flash,

and just like that,
the bottle cap was gone.


And didn't leave
any footprints.

We can share my piece of quartz
if you want,

you know, until Toby and Teri
find your bottle cap.

-Of course.

I have it right here,
where I keep important stuff,

so I know nobody could--

It's gone!

How could it be gone?

Oh, no.
Your quartz is gone, too?

But how? How did that happen?

Whoa! Hey!

My blue rock,
now it's gone, too!

Something just flew by,
and whoosh!

Did you say, "Flew"?

Of course. That's why
there are no footprints.

Whatever is
stealing our treasures...

Is a bird!

I'm glad I still--

My ribbon! Oh, no.

Jay, quick! Follow that bird!

Yes, sir! I mean ma'am.
I mean Teri.

I'll do it. I'm on it.

Oh! Excuse me, branch!

Sorry, tree. Pardon me.

Oh! Wait! Stop!


Whoa. Whoop. Whoa!

Where'd he go?

He must be up there somewhere.

How do you know?

Jay followed him to this tree.

And trees are where birds live.

Isn't that right, Jay?!

Right. Every bird I know
lives in a tree.

So where's this one?

I don't know.
He just disappeared.

We don't know where he's hiding,
but what do we know?

If we follow the facts,

we know he loves
our little treasures.

So if he thinks
he can get another,

maybe he'll come out of hiding.

But this time, we'll be ready.

It's him.

Toby, go.

Let's do this.

No way!

Stop him!


Jay! He's coming!

Okay, I'm on it.

Halt, in the name of, um...

...Acorn Springs
and Toby and Teri!



Huh? Huh? Where did he go?

Where did he go?

He flew right by me,

and then I turned around,
and he was gone!

Teri, the bird, it's an owl.

During the day?
I don't believe it.

It is!

But he's tiny.
I thought owls were big.

I thought
they only come out at night.

I thought those things, too,

but there he is, a tiny owl
who's awake during the day.

So all the time we thought
we were following the facts.

But facts we were following
weren't facts.

Like how we thought
owls only come out at night.

Exactly, and how we thought
that all birds live in trees.

But where else could he be?

There's nothing else out here
but that tree and...

-the ground.
-We know he's not in the tree.

And there he is!

Its him, the one I saw!

He lives in a gopher hole?

I don't believe it!

And look!
He's got all our stuff!

Our friend is a burrowing owl.

They only come out
during the day

and live in holes that they
decorate with little objects.

Why would he do that?

So his friends know
where to find him. See?

Wow, what a cool spinning thing!

Where'd you get it?
It's awesome!

Aww. The guy kinda needs our
little treasures, doesn't he?

But Toby gave me
that bottle cap.

We told you we'd get it back,
so we will.

But what about the little owl?

We found all those amazing
things on our treasure hunt.

We'll just go find more.

-Another treasure hunt?
-That's right.

If we find more great treasures,
we can give them to the owl.

Then he'll
give us back our stuff!

Ah. Ah.



Uh, Rumy,
I thinks that's a little big.

And isn't that
from the treehouse?

I'll put it back.

Don't worry.
Just give him this instead.

Now let's go make a friend.

Pretty nice little treasures,
don't you think?

They are, really nice.

We collected them just for you.

You did? I'm sorry
I didn't talk to you earlier.

It's just I'm a little shy.

It's okay, but you know all
those little treasures you used

to decorate your burrow?
They belong to us.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Yeah, and that bottle cap
was mine.

Then you should have it back.


-Would it be all right

if everyone took back
their treasures?

And you can have these!

Of course!

Can we stay
and help you decorate?

Sure! I'd love that.


Say, "Treasure"!


I thought owls
only came out at night.

I thought birds
all lived in trees.

That little owl
taught us a thing or two.

He did.
Before you follow the facts...

Make sure they're really facts.

Time to close this case.

The Case of the Invisible Owl

is officially closed!

Careful of the tree.

Don't worry.
I'm an expert kite flyer.

Hey, Toby. Hey, Teri.
What you doing?

We're investigating the clouds.

And I think we've figured out

that that one
looks like a bunny!

A bunny in the sky?
Where? Where?

Hello? Bunny?

I wish I was a cloud.
Then I could fly,

like a beautiful,
fluffy sailboat

in a sea of sky.

Bean's kite can fly.
Jay can fly.

But what about me?
Why can't I fly?

Huh? Oh, oops.

Oh, so sorry. Hold on!

My kite!


I'm sorry, Bean.

I'll help you get it down.

But-- But...

But what, Rumy? What's wrong?

It's just--

Watching your kite
and the clouds

makes me wish I could fly, too.

So fly! It's not hard.

Come on. We can find
that bunny cloud together!

Go on, Rumy. Give it a try!

Okay! Here goes!

That was great! Really.

I mean, for a first try.

I'll never fly!


What's wrong?

Rumy really wants to fly.

More than anything else
in the world.

Don't worry, Rumy.

Toby and Teri will have you
flying in no time!

You can make Rumy fly,
can't you?


Sure we can!

Birds like Jay fly all the time,

and so do airplanes and clouds
and even Bean's kite.

Except when it's stuck
in a tree.

We need to know what makes
those things fly.

When we do, we'll have you
soaring like an eagle.


That's amazing.



Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

So we gotta find
a way to make Rumy fly.

We have to. Rumy's really
got his heart set on it.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

Let's start at the beginning.

Birds like Jay fly all the time.
So do all sorts of things.

What are you going to do?

We're gonna get you
up in the air.

Everybody grab a corner
of the blanket,

and get ready to pull.
We're gonna make Rumy fly!

We're on it!

We're ready!

One, two...

Ha ha ho ho ho! Here I go!


Look at you! You're flying.

Oop. No, you're not. Bye.

Whoa! What do I do?

Flap your arms.

Pretend you're a bird.


But I'm a pig!

You know,

Rumy could use some feathers.

I think these really help.

Jay's right. Rumy needs
to look more like a bird.



Mm-hmm. That's...

it. He's perfect!

Our flying pig is ready.

You look so birdy.

I mean, you may be
the birdiest-looking pig ever.

Ha ha.
I really feel good about this.

Okay, on one...

two, three!

Now flap!

It should have worked.

He looked exactly like a bird,
pretty much.

What we need to do
is follow the facts.

Look at airplanes.

They fly, and they
don't have beaks or feathers.

They do all have wings.

I'm not sure
these make the best wings.

But even that's a clue.

How are wings different
from tennis racquets?

Let's see. Jay's wings
have a special shape,

thicker in the front
and thinner in the back.

Let's see you fly, Jay.

When Jay flaps his wings,
he moves the air.

It's like wind.

And the air
goes right through these.

No wonder they don't work.

Rumy needs some real wings.

One set of wings coming up.

Now those are definitely wings.

Beautiful wings, amazing.

You're really going to soar now.

So what do I do?

Just flap like crazy, like Jay!

Just get the air moving,
and you'll fly!

You might want to run.

Large birds
sometimes flap their wings

and run to help them
get off the ground.

Okay. Here I go.

You got it! Come on, Rumy.

That's it! Push the air.

Okay. Almost got it.

Are you okay?

Yeah, sure.

I just need to rest a second.

He's just not strong enough
to push the air.

-Bean's kite!
-Which is still up in the tree.

I know,
and that's because it flew

without flapping its wings.

It doesn't have wings.

The wind just lifts it
into the air.

Just like
it's going to lift Rumy.


Hmm. I can't flap
my wings any more.

You won't have to. Like a kite,
we'll let the wind do the work.

Wait! Just to be safe...

Make sure he doesn't get away.

We know Jay flies,
because he has wings.

Wings and a love of adventure.

Like Bean's kite,
the wind will pick up Rumy

-and take him into the air!
-That's right.

Except my kite's
stuck in a tree.

Could we maybe get it down soon?


What do I do?!

You're doing it!

It's working! Whoa!

Look at me!

Rumy, you're flying!



Hey, everybody, hello?

I'm out of rope!


I got you!


No. Fun's not so high up.

Don't worry, Rumy.

-Bean can get you down.
-I can?

Rumy's flying
just like a kite...

Whoa! Ohh!

and you're an expert kite flyer.

You can do it!

You're right.

Good luck.

Hold on, Rumy.

I can fly you just like my kite.

Ohh! But your kite
got stuck in a tree!

Oops! I forgot that part.

Wow! That was amazing!

Ho ho. Nice flying, Bean.

Hey! Your kite.

Thanks, Rumy.
You're a good friend.

Aww, so are you.
You got me down.

You should have seen it.

You were soaring
like-- like an eagle!

With eagles,
there's a lot less screaming.

But, yeah, like an eagle.

And you know
what the best part is?

-I never, ever

have to do that again, ever!

I love being a pig.

All right!

Say, "Whee!"


I'm not flying.

I guess pigs
weren't designed to fly.

But with a big enough wing
that's the right shape...

And enough wind to lift
that wing off the ground...

Even pigs can fly.

Or they can decide
they're just happier being pigs.

Time to close this case.

The Case of the Flying Pig

is officially closed.