The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 8 - Just Like Old Times - full transcript

The Kid meets an old girlfriend and realizes that adult experiences change one's perceptions of youth.

Oh, isn't this beautiful.

Doritha, watch this.

Here, kid, pin this on, please.


Give it back, garth.

Hey, kid.

I got to go.
My brother wants me.

Come on, kid. Up you go.



There you are.

How'd you find me?

Took a while. Jimmy said you
road out bright and early.

Can I sit down?


You and jed?

That was a year ago today
he died, wasn't it?


You still blaming yourself?

I keep thinking there's
something I could have done.

When your brother stole
those rifles for the south,

he made a choice.
And even if he did believe
in what he was doing,

he still killed a man.

I don't know.

You know, I remember something
that teaspoon told me
after my father died.

He said, son...
He still thought I was
a boy back then.

Son, there's only one thing
you can't save a person from

and that's themselves.


our troubles are over.

Go on, take it, it's real.

Oh, where'd you get this?

From a man who's wealth
was most certainly
not derived from a card table.

Go ahead, try it on, it's yours.

This must be worth a fortune.

And there's more.


I told you our luck
would change.

Come on, let me help you.


I'd swear that was made for you.

What's the matter, sugar?

Garth, I've been thinking.
I heard about this
pretty little town

about a hundred
miles west of here
called rock creek.

We could buy us
a little place
and settle down.

Be like a dream come true.

But what about California?

Well, if things don't
work out, we can
always go next year.


I never could say no to you.

Thank you, garth.
Thank you so much.


What the hell is he doing?

I don't know, but I'd hate to
be in his shoes
if those horses split up.

Says here there's going to be
a contest to see who's the
best cowboy in the territory.

Why bother? He's
standing right
in front of you.

His name's William f. Cody.

Excuse me, Cody,
don't you mean to say
James Butler hickok?

Steer roping,
bronco busting,
trick riding,

and bull riding.

Hmm. Look at that.


The prize money down below.

Ten dollars for each event.

Well, if they're giving
away that kind of money,
I'll take it.

Hate to burst your bubble, boys.

Are you thinking about
entering this here contest?

'Cuz if you are,
you're wasting
your time.

Why's that, teaspoon?

Three simple words.
Billy Bob Briggs.

According to this,
he's gonna be in it.

Who's that?

Who's Billy Bob Briggs?


Only the best cowboy
who ever lived.

There ain't a texican alive
who wouldn't give
his best pair of boots

just to shake that man's hand.

You know him, teaspoon?

No, buck, I never had
the pleasure.

But they say one time down
in San antone

he give a steer a hundred foot
headstart and roped and
tied him in twenty seconds.

Come on, teaspoon,
nobody can do that.

We ride every day.

Boys, delivering the mail
and riding like that

is two entirely
different endeavors.

You got to work,
you got to practice.

Well, then, you can help us.

I suppose if I say no
you'll go ahead
and do it anyway, huh?

All right.

Excuse me, sir,

is this the
pony express station?

Yes, ma'am, it is.

I got a letter for
Sacramento and I was...

Oh, my god, I don't believe it!

Is it really you?

I'm sorry.
Have we met?


Why I have never
been so insulted
in all my life.

Chesapeake bay?
Summer of 47?

Wedding rings made
from dogwood bark.

Of course, I wasn't
quite six years old

so I don't suppose it was legal.




I never thought...

Me, neither.

I hate to interrupt, kid,
but shouldn't you be
getting ready to ride?

Rachel, I'd like you to meet
an old friend of mine,
doritha Simmons.

Doritha, this is Rachel dunne.

Pleased to meet you.

Pleasure's mine.

Oh, and the name's Maxwell now.

You and garth?

Three years ago December.

Excuse me.

You look good, doritha.

So do you, kid.

Well, what are you doing here?
Besides sending a letter?

Well, I always wanted to
see what life was like

out west and garth's
doing real good for himself

so I talked him
into buying a ranch.

The mccaskill place.
Do you know it?

Well, he's, um...
He's closing out some
business in St. Joe,

but he's gonna be
real happy to see you.


Nothing. It's just...
It's hard to believe
is all.

Rider up.


I got to go.

Same old kid.
Always running off.

Will you be gone long?

Just a day.

Well, good.
Then I'll expect
you tomorrow, okay?

No excuses, ya'here?

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, kid.

Excuse me.

Here you go.

See you later.




Cale Jensen.

Well, I'll be a flea on a dog.

What brings you
out here to St. Joe?

Well, whatever it is,
Maxwell, it's no
concern of yours.

Oh, I don't know.
See, I think you might
be here for a reason.

Maybe you need some help.

It's too crowded in here.

Let's talk outside.

This is good enough.

Wait, what's going on?

You didn't see us,
you didn't talk to us,

you don't even
know we're here,
you understand?

Whatever you say.

That's it! Hold on
with both hands, Jimmy!


Keep a deep seat, Jimmy!

I think I got him tired out!

Teaspoon, what'd you do
to lollipop to make
him buck like that?

Two parts molasses,
one part coffee,
and one part mystery root.

What's mystery root?

I don't know. I got it off
a comanche chief

who fathered a child
when he was 92.

Get out of the way, Cody!

Rider coming!

Stupid! You had the whole
corral! Why did you
have to fall on me?

- You saw me coming, why didn't
you get out of the way?
- I knew you couldn't break the
horse! I knew you was...

Why don't you get on the horse!


Over here, Lou.

You got back an hour ago.

I was wondering if
something happened?

Just thinking.

About what?


That... that lady who
was here before,

who is she?

Just someone I used to know?

In Virginia?

Were you two, uh,
you know, close?

Well, we grew up together.

That's not what I mean.

Look, Lou, it's late
and I'm tired.

Can we talk about this
some other time?

Sure, kid.

Whatever you want.

It's all here.

Good. Gentlemen,
let's be off.

Drop that gun.


Now, get down.

You know, following us is
gonna turn out to be

the biggest mistake you
ever made, Maxwell.

You're gonna do what I tell you

and you ain't gonna
get hurt, all right?

Now, you two throw
these guns out here

and get out where
I could see you.

I'll be taking that satchel.


Don't make me kill you, Jensen!



What you need is a steady horse,

good rope, quick hands,
and a tough behind.

Let's get started.

Well, we still got one
problem, teaspoon.

Yeah, what's that?

No steers.

You know what you boys lack?

Is imagination.

Learn to rope and tie
one of them beauties,

I promise you, a steer
will be no problem.

Buck, you're first.

As for you two,

just 'cuz you ain't
in the contest,

don't mean you don't
have to pull your
weight around here.

I thought you knew
how to break a horse?

I thought you knew
how to sit on the fence.

She's all yours, buck.
Get him.

Come on, buck, show 'em.

You got to get after him, buck.

Well, almost.

Take your time, buck.

You got him.
Go ahead, buck,
finish him.

A little faster, buck.


What happened?

The damn thing bit me!

I was afraid you'd forgotten me.

Well, I doubt anyone
could forget you.

Why, kid, that's the
nicest thing anyone's
said to me all day.

Well, don't just
stand there like a stranger,

come on up here
where I can get a
better look at you...



I just always knew we'd
see each other again.

You did?

Well, friends like
we were all those years,

that's not something
that just goes
away, you know.

Well, I see you've still
got your miniatures.

Well, garth gets upset
every time we move

because we have to
pack them and...

And handle them
so carefully, but,

oh, they do give me comfort.

It's me, kid.

You gonna spit it out
or keep me guessing?

After I left Virginia,
what happened?

Why talk about that, now?

Those days are over now.

Doritha, tell me, please.

A few months later poppa died

and we ended up
losing everything.

Then garth asked me
to marry him.

I said no at first,
but he finally
wore me down.

Garth's nothing
if not persistent.

I'm sorry.

Whatever for?

You always wanted
to see the world.
I knew that.

I've got some money now.
Let me pay you back.

That's very sweet of you, kid,
but I don't want your money.

Doritha, you don't understand.
If it weren't for you...

I understand just fine.

Now, you hush up.

Besides, you'd have
done the same for me
and you know it.

Now enough of that.

It's so pretty out here
it'd be a sin
not to enjoy ourselves.

Well, are you coming or not?

The doctor was real helpful.

You're right, Maxwell was here
with his wife till last week.

Put her on a westbound
stage heading for
cottonwood and rock creek.

I'll take cottonwood,
you try that other place.

Thank you for a wonderful


Doritha, there's
something I got to know.

Why'd you want to come here?

The truth, now?

I already told you.
I was hoping that we
could finally settle down.

I thought that's
what you wanted, too.

But you knew he was here,
didn't you?

Garth, I swear,
I was just
posting a letter.

I went to the pony
express station
and there he was.

Now, you've had a long ride.

Why don't you freshen up,
get a little rest,

as soon as you're ready,
I'll show you around.

I really think you're
gonna like it here.

I got four bits say
you don't make it
past the fence post.

Are you kidding?
I wouldn't put odds
on a handoff.

Rider up, Cody.

Come on, Cody, get up.

I'm trying, dammit!
Now, hold 'em steady!

What in the name of god?

If Billy Bob whatever his name
is can do it,

then so can William f. Cody.

You're about to see the first
Roman-style exchange

in the history
of the pony express.

And the last. Cody?

Relax, teaspoon.
I'll make it.

Here you go, Cody.


Son, I don't know if you're
planning on walking
that mail to big Sandy,

but if you ain't out of
here in ten seconds,
there ain't gonna be

any Sunday cowboy contest
and that goes for the
rest of you, too.

So, there we were in a
raging river with the rain
just pouring down on us,

holding on for dear life.

Garth was already turning blue

and all of sudden kid
comes diving in shouting
"hold on, I'm coming!"

Saved our lives.

That's kid, all right.

Never told us you
were a genuine,
real-life hero.

It wasn't a river,
it was a creek.

Well, you can call it
whatever you want.

But I all I know is,
I was in over my head.

Sounds like you've had
quite a childhood.

Truth be told, I often wish
we could go back.

Excuse me, I got chores to do.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

Doritha, there's something
we've been dying to know
for a long time, now.

Maybe you can help us out.

He does have a real name,
now, besides the kid?


Of course, he does.
I'm surprised he
didn't tell you. It's...

Do you know it
seems to have
slipped my mind.

That was a wonderful dinner.

Why, thank you.

You know, I just can't
get over what an amazing
coincidence it is

you and kid running
into each other all
the way out here?

It is amazing, isn't it?

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Doritha, look,

whatever you're here
for is your business.

I just don't want to
see him getting hurt.

All right?

Well, you two getting

I was just thanking
Mrs. Dunne for the
wonderful dinner.


I'm sorry garth
couldn't make it.

Are you?

Your friends are nice.

Yeah, I'm pretty lucky, I guess.

If you ask me,
I'd say they're very
lucky to have you.

What about that
girl, um, Louise?

What about her?

Come on, kid,
I know the look you were
giving her.

It wasn't that long ago
you gave me that same look.

Well, here we are.

Well, what do you know.
Look who's here.

Garth. Good to see you.

Doritha, go inside.


What's gotten into you?

I said go inside.
Me and the kid here,

we just got a little
catching up to do, that's all.

She's quite a women, isn't she?

Well, isn't she?

I better go.

You know, I really ought
to be thankin' you,

if you hadn't taken her money
and left when you did
it might have been you who was
there when she needed a friend.

Maybe you'd be rich,
have a fine woman for a wife.

And I'd be the two-bit hero
riding for the pony express.

That's kind of
funny, now,
don't you think?

Good night, garth.

Stay away from her, kid.

She's mine now.


I swear I don't have it.

Well, that's a shame, Maxwell,

because now I'm gonna
have to shoot this
pretty little wife of yours.

For god sakes, garth,
what's he talking about?


Well, I wish I could
help you, kid.

But your friends never
seen him before?

Yeah, I know.

It's a terrible thing
killing a man
and not knowing why,

but you done
what you could, kid.

You got to remember that.

Is there something else
eating at you?

I used to know garth
real well, teaspoon.

And he ain't a bad sort.

It's just, he was always kind
of a take what they want,
you know what I mean?


People change.

Not garth.

You got the feeling
you busted up something
more than a simple robbery?

I don't know.
It could have been.

Want me to go out there
and talk to him again?

No. That's something I
better do myself.

Thanks, teaspoon.

Kid, uh,

you and doritha you was, uh...

A long time ago.

For you maybe.

Be careful, son.

Riding to the rescue?

Kid, even if she is in
trouble, you may not
be able to help out.

I got to try.


Because she needs me.

You sure it's you she needs
or just a way out?

I got to go.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to introduce
a living legend.

The greatest cowboy
that ever strapped
on a pair of spurs.

Let's have a big hand
for the one, the only,
Billy Bob Briggs.

Billy Bob's riding days
are over,

but he'll be happy to
stay with you young
cowpokes after the show.

Give him a big hand!

Now, boys, teaspoon
said he never met the man.

I never could understand
your fascination
with those things.

No, I don't suppose you could.

Just as long as it
makes you happy.

You've been staring out
there with that gun at
your side all morning.

You expecting someone?


It's just that after last
night, I'm a little
on edge, that's all.

Wouldn't happen to have
anything to do with this?

Now, where'd you go
and find that?

You stole that from that
horrible man, didn't you?

Answer me, garth.

What difference does that make?

He won't be bothering us
now no more, will he?

What about my necklace?

And the watch?
You stole them, too?

I told you, I won them
playing cards.

And why all the questions, huh?

You never cared
before where you got
all your fine things.

Well, no one ever
tried killing me
before, neither.

Now, doritha, I know
you had a terrible fright...

You never were a
businessman, were you?

You're nothing
but a lying thief.

What is it you want, doritha?

- Just tell me what you want?
- Don't touch me!

After all these years,
don't tell me you
didn't know?

I said stay away from me!

All right, fine.

What are you
gonna do?
Call the law?

You better make up
your mind might quick

because here comes
your little friend.

And like it or not,
you're in this
as deep as I am.

You might want to remember that.

Good morning, doritha, garth.

Good morning, kid.
I'm glad you came by
this morning.

I want to thank you
again for what you
did last night.

Don't worry about it.

Well, now, that's easy
for you to say.

If you didn't come back
when you did, I might

have lost my one and only love.

You all right, doritha?

Hey, you know, kid,
I don't mean to be

but, as you know,
we've been through
a tremendous shock.

Is there something you needed?

Garth, are you in
some kind of trouble?

Of course not.
Why would you ask?

'Cuz I killed a man last night
and I can't help thinking
he was here for a reason.

Well, I guess that's why
they call it the wild west.

I appreciate your
concern, kid,
but like I said,

I ain't never
seen that man
before in my life.


Go home, kid.

You need anything,
you let me know.

Marshal's a friend of mine.
He can help.



You had me worried there
for a minute, doritha.

Doritha, where the hell
do you think you're going?

I don't know.

You can't!

Goodbye, garth.

Doritha, come back! Please!

How'd it go?

What do you owe her, kid?

My life.

After my ma died,
I needed to leave Virginia.

I needed to make my
way somewhere else.

Doritha gave me the
money to payoff
her debts.

You could always pay her back.

Well, it ain't that simple.

I said I'd send for her.

And you never did?

Why not?

Well, I meant to.
I was fifteen.
Things were rough.

Before I knew it, time passed.
I could hardly remember what
she looked like.

About that time,
her family had lost
everything they had

and she married garth.

You couldn't help that.

Well, I don't know.

If I hadn't left like I did,
things would be different.

She wouldn't be in trouble now.


Lou, I know you're
trying to help,

but leave me alone, all right?

But it ain't your fault.

And you ain't listening.
I told you to leave me alone!

What's wrong, Lou?

Where you going?





Lou, hold up!


Jump it, girl!


Dammit, Jimmy!

What'd you follow me for?

You had me worried
the way you took off
out of there.

Are you all right?

I guess so.

I just don't like
feeling this way.

Like what?
I don't know.

Crowded when I'm with him,

crazy when I'm not.

Why do people need
each other, anyway?

I don't know, Lou.
That's a tough one.

It's open.

Hello, kid.


What's wrong?

It's just amazing how long
you can go on
fooling yourself.

What are you talking about?

Garth's in trouble, isn't he?

Yes. Oh, please take me
away from here, kid.

We can start over again,
just the two of us.
I'll do anything.


Doritha, I... I can't.

I'm sorry, it's too late.

After all I did for you?


Just stay away from me!

Doritha, just tell me
what happened.



Sugar, you here?




What's going to happen
to us, kid?

I don't know.

If garth was telling
the truth and those
other fellas did the robbery,

it may not be too bad.

He'll go to jail, though.

When I find out all
he's done, what if I
can't forgive him?

Well, all you can do is try.

Oh, my god! Oh!

Well, it might have been
one man, it might
have been more.

Whoever it was,
do you suppose they
got what they come for?

It's gone.

I beg your pardon, ma'am?

The money garth stole,
I threw it away.

If I hadn't,
he'd still be alive.

Ma'am, you can never know that.

You got to
ease up on yourself,
miss Maxwell.


whoever shot him
might be coming after her.

I know.

You'll be safe here, doritha.

Somebody will be outside
all the time.

Where are you going?

Well, me and teaspoon
are gonna go ask around,

see if anybody knows anything.

Wait. I... I got
something for you.

Hmm. Remember?


Why do we ever grow up?

Get some rest.
I'll be back soon.


Be careful.

Can we talk?




Do you mind if I ask
you a question?

It's kind of personal.

I know how you
and the kid feel
about each other.

Why aren't you...


We tried it once.
Time wasn't right,
I guess.

There was a time i'd
have given anything
for him to belong to me.

Just tell me one thing,

does he have any idea
how lucky he is having
you for a friend?

You be good to him, Louise.

"Dearest kid,

"I'm very grateful for all
you've done for me,

"but my staying here
puts you and your
friends in danger.

"And that's something
I cannot allow.

"It's a long time
since I left Virginia.

"Perhaps it's time I went home.

"Whatever happens,
please don't forget me.

"I know I'll never forget you.

Thank you, ma'am.

Come on.

Any luck?


I can see why you loved her.



I'm gonna have to ask
you to step down off
that horse, Mrs. Maxwell.


I don't have your money.

Pardon me if I don't
believe you.

Now, toss me that bag.


What have we got here?

You get your filthy
hands off that!

Can't do that. Sorry.

I'll tell you what
I will do, though.

A trade straight up
for the money.

I told you, I don't have it.

Now, give that back, please.

Look, that's close enough!

It's all I got left.

Just give it back.

Drop it, now!




Doritha, you'll be
fine. You'll be fine.

Had a feeling I'd find you here.

You did everything
you could, kid.

Yeah, I know. Don't tell me,
you can't save
people from themselves.

It's true.

I don't know, Lou,

I never felt so alone before.

Even after jed died.

You ain't alone, kid.

You got teaspoon and...

And the boys and Rachel.

And I ain't going anywhere.