The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 7 - The Initiation - full transcript

Hickok brings in Frank James after a bank robbery and Frank sees it as an opportunity to get Jesse to join as part of his gang. Teaspoon appeals to Jesse to stay with friends instead of choosing family and their criminal ways.


Deputy. Ma'am.

You don't happen to have
a quiet room available,
do you?

Nobody move!

Fill it up.

- Is that it?
- Uh-huh.

Now, don't you worry none,
this money's for a good cause.

Yeah. Us.

Come on, let's go!
Now, move it!

Stop them, they robbed the bank!


Take cover!

Come on, this way!


Rock creek!

Hurry up, marsh. Open up!

Rock creek!

When it's not being invaded
by Indians, it's being
stampeded by buffalo.

The men die young.

The women die lonely.

- It's one of the roughest
towns in the west.
- Mister,

you're in Nebraska
territory now.

You sure you're not thinking
about some different
rock creek?

Of course.

Well, buffalo ain't exactly
been a problem around here


you see before you three of
the most successful
businessmen in New York City.

- New York City?
- Yes.

On the surface, these three
appear to have little
in common,

but they share a dream.

All their lives they've wanted
to see the wide open spaces
of the west.

And now, thanks to their
hard work and yours truly,
they can.

Benjamin marsh at your service.

William f. Cody.

Charmed. Tell me, Mr. Cody,
what do you do for a living?

I ride for the pony express.


What do you say you and I
have a little chat?


Let's get out of here, huh.

We're better off alone
than with the kind of company
this place has to offer...

All right, who's over there?

Who are you?


Put it down.

Boy, for company you sure
don't talk much.

Maybe that ghost town spooked
you, too, huh?

Well, if you didn't like it
so much, what the hell
were you doing there?





I'm hungry.

I don't see any reason for
a condemned man to eat,
do you?

What are you talking about?

In case you forgot,

you killed a man back there
in Fairfield.

No, you killed a boy
back there in Fairfield.

No, I ain't the one
who killed him.

Well, he's dead.

And I don't see a man
robbing banks at being
much better.

Yeah, well, I had my reasons
for that.

Yeah, I'll bet.

I did. Good ones, too.

But not good enough for that
deputy, and definitely not
good enough for me.

So, you're taking me back
to Fairfield?

No, I'm taking you to
rock creek.

Rock creek?

And here I thought I'd run
into a string of bad luck.

Hey, what'd you boys think
of that?

Perhaps we could take a ride?

- Sure. Sure.
- No, no, no.

I don't think that would be
a very good idea.

Really, Mr. Marsh,
it could be quite enjoyable.

No, no. These pony express
horses are high-strung animals
requiring a professional hand.

Isn't there anything you could
show them that would be
a little less... Hazardous?

That's four for four.

Very impressive, Mr. Cody.

Maybe we could take a few shots?

I used to be fairly handy
with a squirrel gun.

Mr. Quimby,

we've had this conversation
about guns before.

What can we see that's
less dangerous?

How do you spell saddle?


You know, uh, yesterday when
yous talking about writing
them letters and all,

I said something that wasn't
quite the truth.

What's that?

Uh, well, I said I didn't have
no family, and I don't,

but, fact is, I...

I think of Rachel and Lou
and the boys as family.

And who knows, as time goes by,

you might start feeling
the same way.

It ain't the same thing.


He's sure fun to watch.

That looks like fun!

Could I give it a try?

No, no, no. Absolutely not.

Let me guess, less strenuous?

Look, I don't understand
what's so harmful

about letting these gentlemen
enjoy themselves.

Enjoy themselves?

Since this trip began
these men have met Indians,
shot buffalo, roped steer...

Why, they're having the time
of their lives.

Then how come they never smile?

These men have paid me
a sizeable sum to show them
the west.

Half up front, and half
when I get back to New York.

- So?
- So, I need the money.

And I'm not gonna lessen my
chances of getting it

by letting them do something
foolish like shooting guns.

I don't think I understand.


I just want to keep these
men safe

and let them think
they're enjoying themselves.

That just doesn't seem right.

Let's go.

The Indians wore suits,

the steer had utters,

and the buffalo were stuffed.

If anyone deserves to
be stuffed, it's our
Mr. Marsh.

Teaspoon, Jimmy just rode up.
He's got a prisoner with him.

A prisoner?

Come on, get down.

Who you got there, Jimmy?



That's my brother.

How'd you find me?

I didn't know where to send
word to you to tell you
where I was saying.

It's good to see you, Jesse.

Hickok told me what
you done, son.

If I was you I'd make myself

You're gonna be here
for a while.

What are they talking
about, frank?
What'd you do?

Got into a little scrape is all.

Jesse, don't listen to him.

You know me, little brother.
Just doing what I had to do.


Brother's gonna be with us
for a couple of days

till Noah can get word to
Fairfield and they send
someone back to pick him up.

Now, I'm not saying
don't talk to him,

just don't do anything
you're gonna regret.

I won't.


I just want to tell you
I appreciate you
taking care of Jesse,

giving him a place to
stay and all.

Well, he kind of growed on us.

It's a pleasure taking care
of him.

Well, you won't have to worry
about that no more.

Now that his family's here.

I'll be back shortly.

Let's go, Jimmy.

What were you doing
in Fairfield?

What do you think?

I was working for the cause,
the south, Jesse.

Somebody got hurt?

Somebody always gets hurt.

You can't let that stop you
from doing what
you gotta do.

Damn. You haven't even
asked me about ma yet.

She's all right, ain't she?

Last time I saw her.

Things ain't settling down
at home, though.

She's still trying to find
a place where we'd be safe.

Meanwhile, I thought you'd
come along with me.

- Really? You mean it?
- Sure.

I was planning on coming
as soon as I could.

War's coming, Jesse.

We gotta stand with our people.

I want you to ride with me.

But now? How?


it's just time for you to do
what you gotta do.

Here he comes, boys.

Found him.

Boy was always talking about
rock creek

and I'll be damned if that
wasn't where he was.

- Did he have our money?
- Didn't look like it.

But I reckon we could make him
tell us where it is.

Frank pretty much ducked out
when the shooting began.

People were pretty much
looking out for themselves.

Jimmy, how's Jesse taking
seeing his brother in jail?

He's taking it a lot better
than he will when he sees him
at the end of a rope.

I'm sorry, Jesse.

No, you ain't.

- You don't care about
my brother.
- Now, that's not true.

You don't know a thing
about my brother.

I know what I saw in Fairfield.

My brother believes in things.

He fights for what he thinks
is right.

- Your brother robs banks!
- Hey!

Take that back!

- Don't you talk about
my brother!
- Hold on!

Get off, Jesse!

Somebody get him off me!

Jesse, get off! Come on!

That's enough!
I don't allow fighting
around here

and I'm not about
to start now,
do you understand?

I understand I should be
with my family.

Jesse, hold up.

Do you think there's any truth
to what Jesse said about
frank believing in things?

Oh, I don't know.
It makes no difference to me.

Well, it does to Jesse.

Seems like sometimes
you got to accept the bad in
order to hold onto the good.

- I know how you feel.
- No, you don't.

Yes, I do. I had a brother who
claimed he was helping
the south, too,

but he was breaking the law.

Did you ever think that maybe
he knew better than you?

That he was right,
and you should've helped
him no matter what.

I wish I could've helped him.

He was wrong.

Yeah. And he probably thought
the same about you.

Ride safe, Jimmy.

Don't let Jesse get himself
into too much trouble, okay?

There you go!


-How does that feel?
You comfortable?
-Oh, this is wonderful.

For the first time
I feel like I'm really
out west.

This is very nice.

Now, just hold on tight
and give him a little kick.

I still say that this is
a bad idea.

Relax, Mr. Marsh.
Nothing's going to happen.

Now, don't forget
your hats.
Like this.


Hold on with both hands!

I said, both hands!

Don't do that, Mr. Marsh.
You're gonna spook the horses.

All right, that's enough.
That's enough!

You all right?

You get away from him!

Come on, Mr. Quimby.
Let's get you back
to the coach.

Really, I'm all right.

It's not you I'm concerned
about, Mr. Quimby.

Just think how devastated
your wife and children
would be

if anything should
happen to you.

I don't have a wife
and children.

- I do.
- Everyone back in
the coach. Come on.


Come on, let's go.
Off your horses.

Let's go! Move! Move! Move!

Let's go.

Say goodbye to the west,

Your trip just officially ended.

Let's go! Come on.

I'm sorry about that.
I was just trying to help.

Well, stop trying.

Thanks for your
kindness, Mr. Cody.

Thank you, Mr. Cody.

You best go get something
to eat.

Yeah, well. About time.

Be right back.

You're here to help me out,
aren't you, little brother?

Ain't quite sure.

Yeah, you are.
I can see it in your eyes.

Well, then maybe you better
take another look.

'Cause that's what I'm doing
with you.

What are you talking about?

Why'd you Rob that bank?

I told you before.
It's for the cause.

How do you figure?

These people, they train
and organize men like me
and we fight where we can.

Keep the south strong.

- I took the money for them.
- And the gang?

We were all working together

till I found out inside
the bank that they was gonna
keep the money

instead of giving it to us.

So I had to take it from 'em.

That's why we gotta take it
back home.

I ain't quite sure, frank.

You've changed.

- I ain't the one
who's changed.
- Yeah, you are.

You've been here so long
making friends, you forgot
where you come from.

Maybe I made a mistake
coming here.

Now, you know that
ain't so, frank.

Then get me out of here!

Found 'em!

The letters.

Hurry up.

None of 'em work!

You looking for these?


I thought you and me
had an agreement.

Stand easy, marshal!

It ain't you I'm interested in.

Watch him, jp.

I'll take those.

I want you, and the money
you stole from me.

You lied to me.

That money is for people
a lot more deserving than you.

Shut up. I ain't got time
for your speeches.
Open up that door, boy.

If I open it,
they'll kill you, frank.

If you don't,
they'll kill us all.

Jesse, run!


Jesse, come on, let's go!



We done good.

No sign of the gang.

Doesn't look like
the type to quit.

Oh, they're after us, all right,

but they won't be riding
as fast seeing as we got
two of their horses.

Don't worry, little brother,
you ain't never gonna have
to see their faces again.

- We heading back home now?
- Directly.

Right after we get the money.

Well, they might catch us.

Jesse, I risked my life
to get that money
'cause the south needs it.

Our people in Missouri need it.

I ain't gonna forget about it
just 'cause we got a couple
turncoats on our tail.

Besides, running from them's
what makes it fun.

You're the one who's changed,

Yeah, well, I guess I have
at that.

You'll change, too.

I don't know if I want to.

There's no turning back,
Jesse. You passed
a test today.

Ma's gonna be real proud of you.

I can't stop worrying about

Yeah, well, you might as well,

'cause he's somebody else
you ain't never gonna see

Let's get out of here.

Fella was just a farmer.

Probably wasn't even armed.

Gang killed him for his horse.
They're all riding single now.

Gonna be moving faster.

How many of 'em are there?


- That's a lot of trouble.
- You got any idea where
they're headed?

Frank and Jesse are
doubling back trying
to lose the others.

It's not working.

I'd say they got an hour's lead.

What about us?

Well, with having to wait for
daylight in rock creek,

I'd say we're half a day behind.

I don't know where
Jesse and frank are going,

but the gang's gonna meet
them there a whole lot sooner.

I thought you and I had
an agreement.

You would do what
the doctor said.

Well, it shouldn't surprise you.

Nobody seems to be living up
to their word around here

Think how confused
Jesse was, teaspoon.

An older brother
can be mighty persuasive.
And one like frank...

Sound like you're taking
his side.

No, I'm not defending him.

But I can feel for him
and so should you.


Because you care for him.

'Cause he's a 14 year old
boy a long way from home

who was missing his family
before his brother showed up.

And now...

Now he may not even be sure
who his family really is.

Rachel, how'd you come
to get so smart?

Teaspoon, I heard about
what happened.

- Who done it to you?
- One of frank's friends.

They ain't too happy with him,

- Why not?
- Well, seems frank took
the stolen money.

They want it back.

- Can you ride?
- No.

Don't need to.

I already got buck, Lou
and the kid out tracking them.

There's no reason to track
'em because I know where
frank and Jesse are going.

You do?

Teaspoon, you can't.

I got to.

You're the one who convinced me.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

- You got to stop them!
- Who?

They attacked me.

- They stole my coach.
- Who?

They'll kill themselves.

Who are you talking about?

Just go find them!

Come on, baby!
Come on! Faster!

Nice work, quimby!



Come on! Come on!

That's a boy! Come on!


Hang on, boys,
we're going on faster!



Woe! Woe!

What the hell is wrong
with you fellas?

What, are you crazy?

- You could've got yourselves
- That's just the point.

What? You don't want to live?

We do want to live.

This is living.

Coming out to the west
has been a dream of ours
for years and years.

Each of us spent a sizeable
portion of our savings just
to come here, too.

We felt it's worth it!

After all, when you've spent
your whole life looking
at pictures,

the real thing is worth
almost any price.

It seems to me Mr. Marsh
was showing it to you
pretty good.

That's just it. He wants to
show it to us.

He wants us to experience
the west through the window
of a coach.

Now, how is that any different
than looking at pictures
in a book?

I guess you got a point.

I'm gonna go see Mr. Marsh
and tell him you fellas
are all right.

And I want you to
come back and see me.
But only when you're ready.

Oh. Do me a favor?

Don't try another stunt
like this again, please.

You remember that.

Don't seem right,
us just stopping here.

You can't track at night, kid.

Kid, what's the matter with you?

Seems like your mind's
been on something other than
what we've been doing all day.

It's something Jesse said.

- About you?
- About my brother.

He said that

maybe I should have been
helping him instead of trying
to convince him

that what he was doing
was wrong.

That ain't so, kid.

- Your brother was wrong.
- I know that.

Just got me thinking.

About what?

About everything I left behind
to come out west.


family, what's left of 'em...

The land itself.

For a long time I thought

that it was the last time
I'd see 'em. I thought
they'd be just memories.

Ain't so sure anymore.

Lou, if this war starts,
when it starts,

those folks try to take
away my memories,

I'm going back home.
You hear me?

You gonna leave rock creek?

Leaving you... Leaving you
would be the hardest
thing that I ever had to do.

But staying would be harder.

- Rider coming!
- Easy, big fella.

You just want to get
yourself right there.

- I see it. I see it. I see it.
- All right.

Woe, steady, old man.

There you go, quimby.


That's the way.

I'll have to talk to Russell,
majors and waddell about
signing you on, Mr. Quimby.

Yes, sir, a real express rider.

Nice shot, Mr. Quimby!

Mr. Quimby?

Did I hit something?

I have to admit,
you have quite a flair
for this

entertaining the public,
Mr. Cody.

I'd ask you to come and work
for me if I weren't
giving it up.

Giving it up?

Why? They look like
they're having fun.

Oh, yes, they're fine.

But I think I've discovered
I'm not exactly cut out
for the country.

All right.

But what about instead of
bringing people to the west,

bringing the west
back to your people
in the east?

I don't quite follow you.

Now, I've been thinking
about this, Mr. Marsh,
ever since I met you boys.

Now, imagine this.

If you got yourself
together a couple of
real fancy shooters

and couple of dozen horses

and maybe some wild
animals or something
like that, like buffalo,

put that all together,

bring it back to New York
and you started to put on
some shows.

You know...

No, it would never work.

Well, you're probably right.
But it was just a thought.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Marsh.
- A pleasure.

You gentlemen take care now.

You, too!

Yah! Yah!


Look at that, Jesse.

Never thought you'd see
this many bank notes in your
whole life, did you?


Well, don't it make you
feel good?

We're gonna be heroes
when we bring this back.

How many more people
are gonna die along the way?

I told you before,
somebody always
gets in the way.

What if next time it's us?

You scared, ain't you?

Ain't you?

Not anymore.

Sometimes people gotta die
for what they believe in.

And I'm ready.

I don't know, frank.

Well, you better
make up your mind,

'cause if you ain't ready
for what's coming,
you ain't gonna survive.

Well, what's gonna happen?

Things a lot worse than
I've ever seen and
you can imagine.

That and a whole lot
more's coming down the road
at us, little brother.

And you gotta be ready.

'Cause if you ain't,
it's gonna roll right on
over you.

How's your leg holding out?

Oh, don't worry about me.

You really think Jesse and
frank are in that old
ghost town?

I gotta figure that's where
frank was hiding the money
there when I caught him.

You done good, Jimmy.

I guess that frank
is a real burr under
your saddle.

Well, I didn't do it for
frank, teaspoon,
I did it for Jesse.

I guess Rachel's been
talking to you too, huh?

Somebody's gotta look after him.

Let's hold up for a minute.

I've seen worse than Jesse.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

There's one young fellow,
he was so used
to looking for trouble

I had to hide it from
him just to keep things

But I kept forgetting
that he's so young.

I guess I forgot that
about Jesse, too.

So, what ever happened
to this young fella?

Well, much to my surprise,
he growed up.

And you know what?


You turned into
one hell of a man.



Come on.
Let's get this over with.

Let 'em go.

If you kill 'em now,
we'll just give ourselves
away to frank.

He'd hear that shot for sure.


I always liked surprises.

I don't like this place, frank.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

What was that?


Wait here.

Is this who you're looking for?

- I thought...
- You thought wrong.

Drop it.

Better wrong than dead.

Jimmy, you okay?


You're pretty smart, hickok.

Yeah, well, you better
hope so, 'cause there's six
more where he came from.

So, we can take 'em.


You're crazy.
You need my gun.

Well, I already got your gun.

Look, I know these fellas.
They ain't gonna stop
until we're all dead.

Now, you two want
to face that alone?

Give me a gun, teaspoon.

You take care of your brother,

we'll take care of the rest.

You're bleeding and you ain't
even started yet.

Teaspoon, your leg's bleeding
pretty bad.

I know.

Six to two?

A betting man sure wouldn't
like these odds.

I was hoping you had
a couple cards up
your sleeve.

We'll see.

Be careful, son.

Jesse, let me go.

Come on. Now's our chance
to ride out of here
free and clear.

What about teaspoon and hickok?

Ain't you figured out yet

that what we've been
doing is more important
than either of them?


I guess I ain't figured
that out yet.

Maybe the others will quit?


Maybe not.

I got the guy on the left.

I got the guy on the right.

Who's taking the one
on the roof?


My leg.


Got my damn shoulder.

What are you doing?
The same thing
I always planned on doing.

Going home with the money.

If you know what's good
for you, you'll come with me.

I thought we was history
until I got the last one.

- You mean the guy on the roof?
- Yeah.

I got the guy on the roof.


Hold it, frank.

What are you doing, Jesse?

Putting a stop to this
right now.

All right, marshal,
you can keep the money.
All I want is Jesse.

No deals, frank.

I'm taking you in.

You tell him.

I ain't ready.


I mean, I ain't going with you.

I guess you know better than me.

Give these to ma.

Frank, I...

I know.

Down off that horse, frank.

Jesse ain't ready to go,
but I ain't ready to stay.

I'll be back.

I know.



Teaspoon, that's my brother.

What happened here?

I think Jesse's finding out
who his family is.