The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 12 - The Keepsake - full transcript

A card sharp conwoman and her partner convince Teaspoon that she is his long-lost daughter, offering him proof in the form of a silver hair comb that matches one he still owns. The hair comb promises riches for the false heiress, but does she think her partner's designs on Teaspoon's life have gone too far?

10, no help.

6 of clubs.

Possible flush.

Diamond lady.
No help
with the straight.

Jacks bet.


I'm out.


5, is it?

Wake up, Perkins, you in or not?

Last card, gents.

Hold it!

What the hell you doin'?

They's cheatin',

him and the woman.

I seen 'em.

Is that any way
to talk about a lady?

Luck ran against you,
that's all.

Why don't you put down the gun
and I'll buy you a drink?

After I see the last card
you dealt him.

See if he fills his flush.

I believe that Jacks bet.

Come on, see if he's all right.

Get him patched up.

Sorry, gents.

Why'd the doctor leave?

He was called away
to deliver a baby.

But he said there was
nothing he could...

Get him. Right now,
you hear me?

It's all right, Elizabeth.

The letter.


The letter I told you about.

Your mother's letter?


Promise me you'll get it to him.

Shh. We'll talk
about it tomorrow.

What are you doing?
Stop it, Lucas.
Those are her things.

She's not gonna
need 'em any more.

Don't you dare open that.


It's all right, Elizabeth.

Know anybody named, uh,
teaspoon hunter?



'Cause he's gonna
make us very rich.



You're interruptin' the flow.

What flow?

Water corpuscles,

percolatin' up
through the ground.

Them's what sets
the stick a wigglin'.


Here we go.

There she is, boys.

There's a good stream
about 20 foot under.

Careful you don't drown.

That's a lot of diggin'
if you ain't right.

My kinfolk been witchin'
for 6 generations.

Never dug a dry hole.


Welcome to Sweetwater, ma'am.

Thank you, sir.
Excuse me,

do you know where
I can find
the pony express station?

It's solid rock, teaspoon.

Yep. That's
a rock all right.

I know it's rock.

What's it doin' here?
You said there'd be water.

You gotta get under it.

Under it?

You crazy.
That rock probably goes
clear through to China.

We can't dig a well here.

Knew this was hogwash.

You did, huh?

Well, get out of there.

Give me that pick.

I don't know how
you boys hope
to advance yourselves

if you let
a little rock
discourage you.

Nothin' in this life comes easy.

Man's gotta claw and scrape

just to keep his head up.

That's the trouble
with you young'uns today,

you've got it too soft.

What'd I tell you?
Ain't so big.

Lend me a hand, boys.

Hey, you guys,
it works every time.

Well, you've done
a good day's work

and we got ourselves
a genuine artesian well.

First one of those I ever hit.

Well, my, oh, my!

Can I help you, miss?

I'm looking for teaspoon hunter.

You found him.

Uh, sorry,
we was diggin' a well.
You caught us.

I've come a long way
to see you, Mr. Hunter.

My name is Elizabeth Kelly.


I believe you knew my mother,



Yeah, um, uh, uh,
I knew a Beatrice once.

About 4 years ago,

my mother took ill
with pneumonia.

She recovered,
but she never did
get her strength back,

not like it was.

She passed on in June.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Your, uh...

Your mother was
a wonderful woman.

I think she knew
it was coming,
but she never complained.

I was with her at the end.

Was your pa?


Did you know him,
Mr. Spoon?


Yeah. We was, uh...
We was partners for a time.

She told me about that,

how he cheated you.

I know it weighed on her.

What happened
between me and Cyrus

had nothin' to do
with your mother.

She gave me this
the morning she died.

It was real important to her
that you get it.

I promised to deliver it
to you myself.

The newspapers
are full of stories
about the pony express.

Everyone thinks you're heroes.

Well, I don't know about that.

Well, you are.

It sounds awfully dangerous.

Oh, look. He's so cute,

what's his name?

Come here, Samson.

He sure loves you.

Ike says it's only
because he feeds him.

I know sign.

Wait, wait.

I had an Indian friend.

Wait, wait, wait,
it's been a long time
since I've done this.

He said there's
a wild herd nearby
if you'd like to go see 'em.

Where are your manners, ike?

The lady has had a long trip,

maybe she'd like to rest.

Pleasure to meet you,
miss Kelly.

Name's William Cody.


Maybe she don't feel like
chasin' donkeys around, ike?

I would like to see
some of the country.

I know just the place.

Pretty little pond
surrounded by willows.

Be my honor.

Don't you boys have work to do?

I'll take care of Elizabeth.

Church ain't
till Sunday,

Don't sass me, boy.

I was just talkin' to her.
What are you so riled about?

What's eatin' him?

He likes her.

You'd best go easy on him.

"I was devastated
when Cyrus told me

"you were killed in Texas.

"That's when I agreed
to marry him.

"Years later
he told me the truth

"and bragged how he had
cheated you out of
your rightful share.

"You placed your trust
in him just as I did.

"How mistaken we both were.

"I know that money can
never repay what you are owed,

"but doin' this has eased
the burden on my heart.

I pray you accept it."

Accept what?

Well, it seems
your mother opened
a bank account for me

in St. Louis when
Cyrus struck it rich.

Says here i'm

worth over $10,000.

That's wonderful, you're rich.

Well, I can't keep it.

This money should be yours.

No, don't worry about that.

I was born with
a silver spoon in my mouth.

Mother saw to it that
I had more than enough.

But, how will the people
at the bank know that
you're really teaspoon hunter?

Well, she took care
of that, too.

Before I left for Texas
she made me take a keepsake
to remember her by.

It was one of a pair.
Then she left the other with
the bank manager.

When I show him the keepsake,
he'll give me the money.

What is it?

Somethin' she knew
I'd never part with.

A keepsake from my mother.

I'd love to see it.


would you walk with me?


sometimes things
ain't always what
they appear.

Nature can fool you,

mirages and such.

Follow me?

this letter explains
somethin' like that.

Somethin' I never
even knew myself.

Knew what?

Elizabeth, your mother
and me, we was, uh...

Well, we were... we were...

Well, we...

Well, before she married
Cyrus, of course.

Oh, dear!

We kind of...

You loved each other?


She was pretty like an angel.

She was beautiful,



We loved each other a whole lot.

The thing is,

she says here that

you're the livin' proof of that.

You mean...

I'm sorry,

but Cyrus ain't your pa.

Don't be sorry.

Bring 'em around back.

Ain't you comin'?

Yeah, I'll be along directly.

Stack 'em in the back here.


What can I do for you?

Name's Lucas Malone.
I expect you've heard of me.

I expect I have.
None of it good.

Well, rumors fly, truth walks.

A man with your reputation
should know that, Cain.


What's on your mind?

Just came by
to introduce myself.

I'm an ordinary businessman,
just like anybody else.

I run an honest game.

Take what I win
and pay when I lose.

If trouble comes my way,
it won't be my doin'.

Fair enough, Malone.

You play it that way,
you won't have any
problems with me.


Buy you a drink?

Didn't say I'd drink with you.

When are they leavin'
for St. Louis?

Well, Mr. Spoon
hasn't decided yet.

I know one thing,

if he goes,
he ain't comin' back.

Sure he will.

I don't think so, Lou.

Why not?

Would you if you had
$10,000 waitin' for you?

That don't mean
he's stayin' there.

He's got Elizabeth
to look after now.

A lady like that
ain't gonna be content
livin' in Sweetwater.

But he's got a job here,

we need him.
He can't just walk out.

What do you think, Emma?

Well, Mr. Spoon's
worked hard all his life.

Now he has a chance
for some comfort.

And if he doesn't come back
I'll miss him terrible,

but I will understand.

Well, I won't.

Horace, good day.

Teaspoon. Howdy, miss.

Well, miss Barnes,
good day to you.

Good day Mr. Hunter.

Yes, this is Clarissa.

Would you like a lollipop?

Thank you, sir.

Afternoon, teaspoon.

it's my honor to introduce
to you miss Elizabeth Kelly,

from St. Louis.

Well, my pleasure, miss Kelly.

Elizabeth is my daughter.


Well, ain't that somethin'.

Well, teaspoon's gonna
get a lot more respect
'round here

once folks see you, ma'am.

Well, I'll be...

Hanson, come look it here.

That's Amanda O'Connell.

She's one fine woman,
if you got the price.

This town may not
be so bad after all.

Think I'm gonna
go pay my respects.

You must be mistaken.

That's a respectable lady.

My... my mistake, mister. I...

And I'll kill you.

You understand?

Now you sure you
don't want nothin' else?

It's perfect.
You didn't have to do this.

Well, I'm just tryin' to make up

for all the birthdays
and christmases that I missed.

You truly are a kind man.

You know him?

No, never saw him before.

This country was settled
by schemers and fools.

Don't let nobody
tell you different.

Hell, I've been chasin' dreams
most of my life.

There's even one time
I was gonna get rich.

That's what me
and your pa, uh...

Me and Cyrus

was partnered up for,


I got more gold in my teeth
than I ever found in a mine.

I don't think I've
ever known anyone
like you, teaspoon.

Well that's cause
I broke the mold
when I come out.

It's a shame.

The world could
use more romantics.

So you think I'm a romantic,

Why else would a man
hold on to a keepsake
for over 20 years.

It's the only thing
of hers I had,

till now.

I'm curious.

You never did
tell me what it was.

A silver hair comb.

I had a pair of them made
special for her.

The silver come from
a strike me and Cyrus worked
in the Santa Rita mountains.

She cried when
I gave 'em to her.

Then when I went to Texas,
she made me take one
as a keepsake.

And I've had it
with me ever since.

If you loved her so much,

why didn't you ever go back?

I did.

When I got there
I heard they was married

and you was born.

Hell, I just
turned around and left.

Hang on, Cody.

Nice try, Billy.

Fool animal will never be broke.

Maybe ike can.

It's no use, ike,
I'm tellin' you.

Suit yourself.

You ready?

Hey, ike!

Hey, ike!

Go, ike!


It was easy after
I tired him out.

Poor horse was
beggin' for some rest.

He's good, Billy, admit it.

Stop it, ike! Ike, stop it!

You crazy?

What the hell's wrong with you?

He says you're tryin'
to make him look bad
in front of her.

I wasn't doin'
anythin' of the kind.

It was an accident.

I wasn't tryin'
to make fun of you, ike.

Not so fast, son.

You gotta leave
your gun at the door.

Them's the rules.

You wanna go in, hand it over.

Have a good time.

How's it feel to be
naked in public.

My, my!

I think I've died
and gone to heaven.

Ike's still sore at me?

He knows you
didn't mean anything.
He'll get over it.

I wish he'd hurry.

It's bad enough when
somebody won't talk to you,

with him it's downright spooky.

Where'd he learn that?

I don't know.

He's good though, isn't he?

Come on, Lou.

Let's get some fresh air.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Is it true you've scalped
lots of people?

Just one.


May I have the pleasure
of this dance?

You may.

Oh, that was nice.


Good dancin', teaspoon.

Uh, um, uh...

I think I better go.


Do you wanna dance?


He doesn't know how to dance.

Well, I can't think
of a better time
than now to learn.

1, 2, 3.1, 2, 3.
1, 2... uh-huh.

Well, I know when
I've been whipped.

Excuse me.

I told you,
he hasn't decided yet.

Well, make him decide.

Tell him you have
to get back to St. Louis.
We're wasting time here.

All right,
I'll think of something.

We'll wait till you're
a day's ride outside
of Sweetwater,

then we'll kill him
and get the comb.

Well, smile, darlin'.

That keepsake's gonna
make you a rich woman.

I'd better get back.



Have a piece of miss devlin's
plum cake, Sam.
Your mouth will thank you.

I need to have a word with you.

Want some?

What's your trouble?

There's a fella come to town,
gambler by the name
of Lucas Malone.

You ever heard of him?

No, can't say that I have.

Elizabeth's never mentioned him?

What's on your mind?

Well, I saw 'em
talkin' outside
a few minutes ago.

Well, she's a pretty girl.
She attracts all sorts of men.

They appeared
mighty friendly, teaspoon.

Now it ain't
none of my business,

but you ought to
warn her about Malone.

He ain't nothin' but trouble.

Is he still here?

Yeah, he's the one
over there talkin'
to tompkins' wife.

I can't remember
the last time
I had such fun.

That's more dancin'
than I've done
in my whole life.

Goodnight, Mr. Spoon.

Could we, uh,

talk a spell?
You too tired?

'Course not.


I ain't too good
at this here fatherin'.

I don't pretend
to know much about it.

You're doing just fine.

Um, I suppose the last thing
you need is some stranger

tellin' you how
to live your life.

You're not a stranger,
you're my father.

the greatest treasure
a person has

is their self respect.

You don't have that,
you don't have nothin'.

You follow me?



'Cause there ain't
no self respect in hangin' out

with the likes of Lucas Malone.


Marshal Cain saw you
with him at the dance.

It's possible.

I spoke to a lot of men tonight.

He's the same man
you was lookin' at
in town the other day.

What if he was?
I... i don't know
what you're driving at.

I ain't judging you,
I got no right to do that.

But there's somethin' wrong,
you ain't tellin' me.

All right,

I'm sorry.

You're right,
i... i do know Malone.

I lied because I was scared.

I was afraid
if I told you the truth,
you'd turn me away.

I'd never do that.

What happened?


I mean, Cyrus,

used to come into
my room at night

when my mother was sleeping.

He'd do things to me.

I tried to make him stop,
but he was
so much stronger than I was.

I wanted to tell
my mother the truth,
but I felt ashamed,

I felt dirty.

I thought she wouldn't
even believe me,
so i... i ran away.

How'd you get tied in
with Malone?

I was 16. He took me in.

He fed me,
he bought me pretty clothes.

You mean he kept you.


I'm not proud of it,
but I had nowhere else
to turn.

You sure weren't there.

How could I be? I...

What do you know about my life,

what I went through,
how I had to live?

You're a man just
like all the others.

You use a woman
and then you judge her
by your own rules.

Elizabeth, that... that... that's...

Just calm down.

All I want now
is to settle someplace
and start a new life.

I'll pack in the morning.

No, you won't.

Beatrice and I was fools
to part in the first place,
and you suffered for it.

But now you're here with me

and it's gonna stay that way.

That's the way it's gonna be,

just like she wanted it.

So long, Lou.

Howdy, Emma.
Whoo! I'm starved.

I've fixed you some hotcakes.

Where's teaspoon?

Deliverin' supplies
to the next station.
What's the matter?

I don't understand
this letter he wrote.

It says he doesn't
want the money.

He's giving it to me, all of it.

We're leaving for
St. Louis tomorrow.

It sounds like Mr. Spoon.

What don't you understand?

He couldn't mean it.

Nobody gives away $10,000.

Why would he do
a thing like that?

You're his daughter.
That's all he needs to know.

Teaspoon's not like anyone
I've ever known.

It's confusing me.

Can I borrow your wagon?

I need to get off
by myself to think.

I'll see it's hitched up.

What's wrong?

I've got great news, Lucas.

Well, you shouldn't
have come here.
Somebody might've seen you.

Don't worry, I was careful.

What is it?

That fool is going
to give me the money,

all of it.

Look at this letter he wrote.

Do you realize
how easy that makes it?

All we have to do
is let teaspoon
go to the bank himself.

He gets the money,
gives it to me,
I give it to you.

Do you believe this?

He'll never do it.

Nobody gives up a fortune.

He will. I know him.

That's the kind of man he is.

Well then,
you're a bigger fool
than he is.

Listen to me, Lucas.

I know men, it's my business.

I know how they act.

Teaspoon'll give me the money,
you don't have to kill him.

You goin' soft, Amanda?

You all of a sudden
developing a conscience?

I'd say it's a little late
for salvation.

Call it what you want.

He's a good man.

Go ahead and Rob him.
I just don't want him killed.

Well, I ain't leavin' him
to bring the law
down on me, so...

Then I'll give you my share.

What are you up to?

That old fool told you
somethin', didn't he?


There's more money
and you're holdin' out on me.

Now you ain't playin' with
some tinhorn gambler here.

You're workin' for me.

You could do
exactly like I planned,

or you ain't gonna live
to see that precious daddy
of yours.


What are you doin'?

Nothing, Emma.
I... i was just tidying up.

Don't lie to me, I saw you.

It's not what you think.

What kind of person are you?

Why would you do this
to Mr. Spoon?

Why would you
wanna hurt him that way?

I'm not trying to hurt him.
I'm trying to save him.

Save me from what?

Elizabeth was
already ill by the time
she reached the hotel.

She was too sick to go on
but she wouldn't listen.

She was set on finding you.

It's a miracle she made it
to fort kearney.

Her room was next to mine.

I took to caring for her.

We used to spend hours talking.

That's how I knew about Cyrus.

Elizabeth and I lived
the same kind of life.

I guess that's
why I took to her.

I never knew my own father,

but the men my mother
lived with weren't
much different than Cyrus.

I've told you
a lot of lies, teaspoon,

but I'm not lying about this.

Elizabeth was a fine woman

and I was proud
to be her friend.

I tried the best I could
to help her.

I'm so sorry.

Are you gonna turn Amanda
over to the marshal?

I don't bear no grudge.

Even though she
tried to cheat you?

And they would've
killed you, too.

That's right,
and she coulda let 'em.

Instead she tried
to steal the comb
so they wouldn't.

I know it don't make sense,

but I've grown fond of Amanda.

Facts don't change that.

She cared for Elizabeth,
and then she prayed over her.

I feel as I owe her.

The only score I got to settle
is with Malone.

I don't know why we just can't
take on Malone directly.

'Cause he ain't stupid,
'cause he's got 2 hired guns

and the law on his side,
and 'cause you'd
be either dead or in jail.

We gotta force his hand,
make him come to us
so as we can deal with him.

What's your plan?

Oh, the only way
I know to get
a snake out of his hole,

give him what he wants.

Jacks over 9s.


It's about damn time.

You lookin' for somebody?

Ain't lookin' no more, Malone.

What can I do for you?

I come to play.

You got a stake, old man?

Get a round on me, boys.

What's your pleasure?

5 card draw. One hand.

All or nothin',
I like your style.

You win,
you get the comb, the money,

and no trouble from me.

If I don't?

You ride out of Sweetwater.

Either way, Amanda's out of it.

Playin' for
the lady's honor, huh?

Well, now, appears I owe you
an apology, darlin'.

But, that's what
the man wants, let's do it.

She's got the best hands
in the territory.

Aces over 10s.


Must be beginner's luck.

No, no.

A deal's a deal.

We best be packin' up.

I look forward
to seein' you again,

real soon.

Drinks on me!

They're headed back
to Emma's like you said.

Good. Keep an eye on Amanda.

I'm going with you.

No, you ain't.

Teaspoon, you're not my daddy.

I wish you were, but you're not.

Now, I've got my own score
to settle with Malone.

I'll get the buckboard.

I don't know, teaspoon.
You sure you two
ain't related?

I know a good one.

Get out of the way all of you.

I don't talk to dead men.

And you, I'm gonna
make you pay for this.

You can bet on it.

Get the comb.

I can make him suffer,
or I can make it quick.

Your call.

You won't be needin' that.

Just toss it aside
nice and easy.

Wouldn't shoot me
in the back, would you?

I'm tempted,

but I wouldn't want you
to miss out on 10 years
of bustin' rock.


I appreciate your kindness.

I was hopin' you
wouldn't disappoint me.

I'll write you
when I get to St. Louis.

And you better write back.

The damn spellin' gets me.

Well, then you're
just gonna have to learn.

Loadin' up, folks!

Thank you.

You take care now.

I want all of you boys
to look after yourselves now.

Save me a dance.

I want you
to take this with you.

I can't.

I'll be writin'
the bank manager in St. Louis
to give you the money.

No, it...

It's not right.
I... i won't.

I don't want no argument.
My mind is set.

That money's there
to help somebody.

Ain't gonna do me no good
I got everythin'
I need right here.

If you take it
to begin a fresh life,

I'd consider it well spent.

I'll take it,

but only if we're partners.

Partners? Partners in what?

I've always wanted
to own a fancy saloon,

something with class.

$10,000 should buy us
a pretty nice place.

It'll be an even split.

What do you think of that boys?

Well, I never could say
no to a good saloon
or a pretty lady.

I'll write you, teaspoon.

Something to remember me by.

Get up here.