The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 13 - Fall from Grace - full transcript

Hickok has a fight with Teaspoon and agrees to go to work in a brothel where the madam, Grace Rollins, has taken a fancy to Jimmy. But deceptions abound: Grace has her eye on a secret Army cache of weapons she plans to sell on the black market, and Jimmy has his eye on her illegal schemes.

We've put on a little
weight since Texas.

I prefer to think of it

as havin' grown
more substantial.

You mean fat.


25 years hasn't dulled
that tongue of yours.

25 years.

Last spring,
hard to believe,
ain't it?

Travis, Crockett, bowie,
all of 'em gone.

But not forgotten.

You remember that time
you pulled

that toothpick knife
of yours on bowie?

And he sliced the shirt
right off your back.

But not before I cut him

a necessity flap
in his britches.

Ah, you was wild.

I never thought
you were gonna
live long enough

to get grey hair.

I never thought
I'd grow so many.

So Lucius,

I know you don't
hold town life
in the highest regard.

What brings you to Sweetwater?

Well, a man can't pass through
and say hello to an old friend

without bein' asked why?

Old prairie dog like you,
not a chance.

Wouldn't have
nothin' to do with 'em
map makin' the army

had me and the boys do
a couple months back,
would it?

but my business in town
is what they call,

"military secret."

You wouldn't want to go
get me shot, now would you?

There was a time.

But as the years go by,

friends becomes
a dwindlin' commodity.

You was right about me
and towns, though.

They do satisfy 2 of man's
basic appetites.

And food is only one of 'em.

It was good seein' you,

Good seein' you, prairie dog.

Stay out of trouble.

Might as well ask
a horse to fly.

Hurry, he'll be back any minute.

Well, I heard about you,
you know.

Well, you ain't seen
nothin' yet.

Who the hell are you?

No! Stop! Please! No!

Don't hurt him!
Please, stop!

Don't hurt him, please.

Now that you have
taken all the lovemakin'
out of me,

what is your game?

I'm waitin', son.

No, Jonas, don't!
Please, no!

Shut up. Just shut up!

It wasn't me, grace.
I swear, I swear.

Just get a hold of yourself,
do you hear me?

I would have done it different...

I want you to go downstairs
and you get Bo.

Do you understand? Now go.

Is this what you're lookin' for?

Looks like a river.

What are we gonna do with him?

Put that away.

I'm running a brothel here,
not a funeral parlor.

It's me, grace, Bo.

Want I should come in?

Take him out of here
and lose him in some alley.

I guess Amy was
too much for him, huh?

He's dead, grace. He's dead.

Dead drunk.

And that's the way
I want you to make it look
when you both carry him out.

Go on.

I'm sorry that
I dropped him, grace.

I'm really sorry.

That's all right, Bo.
He didn't feel a thing.

You boys got to learn
to quit that.

Quit what?

Hankerin' after things.

It'll be the ruination of you.

What are you
talkin' about, teaspoon?

Ask and ye shall hear.

And hear and hear and hear.

I'm talkin'
about "things."

Most people never get enough
no matter how much they got.

You boys got everything
you could possibly need

and here you are
gawkin' and slaverin'
over more.

I tell you, it's like a disease.

Pretty soon your life
ain't about livin'
and people.

It's about things.

Then after a while
your things
ain't enough for you,

so sure as I'm standin' here,

you'll hunger after
somebody else's things.

And that

is what causes war.

We was just admirin'
the saddle, teaspoon.

That is a pretty
nice lookin' saddle,
isn't it?

Help, please.

Oh, no, you don't.

Stop, please.
No, stop.
You're hurting me.

Hey, now look here.


I paid my money,

you got no right.



It's my pleasure.

What's the trouble here?

There's no trouble, grace.
My new friend here...

Uh, Jimmy.

Jimmy just took care of it.

Where the hell
have you been, Bo?

Oh, i... i was just gettin'
somethin' to eat.

You're always gettin'
somethin' to eat.

It looks like I could use
more professional help
around here.

What do you say, handsome?
Want a job?

The pay is not bad and
there are... Certain benefits.

The offer's temptin', ma'am.
But I already got a job.

Too bad. If you ever
change your mind,

the offer stands.

Jimmy, we're waitin'.

You know how boys are,
always findin' trouble.

Well, I got to go.

Come back soon.
You're welcome anytime.


I think she likes you.

Of course, she does.
It's her job.

For the right price,
she'll like you even more.

What was I supposed to do?
Let that guy beat on her?

Well, sometimes it comes
with the territory.

It still don't make it right.
She is a lady, you know.

Of the night.

I know that, Emma.

And like you always say,
"folks is folks."

Never mind what I say.

Besides, we don't pay you enough

to fancy a woman like that.

Well, I've been savin' up.

Howdy, Sam.

What brings you out here?

I got business
with teaspoon, Emma.

Will you excuse us, please?


What's the matter, Sam?

Lucius corcoran was
found dead yesterday.

He'd been stabbed.



Sorry, marshal.
We go back a long way.

His, uh...

His dyin' wouldn't have
anything to do with

that map makin' we was doin'
on the Pawnee river, would it?

More than likely.

Now, teaspoon,
what I'm about to tell you

has to be kept
in the strictest confidence.

Sounds like army talk.
What the hell's goin' on?

Well, I guess you know

the plains Indians
have been actin' up
some lately.

Well, the army's worried
about what could happen
if the tribes united

and went on the warpath.

So, they buried
a cache of guns,
powder and artillery

in a secret
underground location
not far from here.

Knowin' that location is
what got Lucius killed, huh?

Washington says
he didn't know
anything about it.

But they think a map
he was carryin'

might have fallen
into the wrong hands.

And whose hands would those be?

Oh, a woman by the name
of grace rollins.

She runs the new cathouse
on the edge of town.

Grace rollins?

You know her?

Uh, not personally.
I know of her.

You wanna tell me
what in the name of god
a woman like that

wants with heavy artillery?

Oh, that arsenal's worth
a fortune, teaspoon.

So peddlin' flesh ain't
her true callin'.
Is that it?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Now I know this ain't easy,
teaspoon, but,

when was the last time
you saw Lucius corcoran?

In town, a couple of days ago.

Did he have any, uh, business
at grace rollins' place?


Huh? Well,

knowin' Lucius,
it wouldn't surprise me none.

Well, did he tell you
anything that might help us
track his killers?

Nothin' I can recall.
We was mostly talkin'
about old times, is all.

Well, your riders cover
a lot of ground.

If they come across
anything unusual,

like prospectors
in an unlikely place
or a large group of wagons,

anything like that,
you let me know right away.

Be glad to, Sam.


Uh, teaspoon, I'm real sorry
about your friend.

So am I.

Bye, prairie dog.

Ain't too many of us left.

I think I'm finally
getting somewhere.

Very well, thank you.

You matched it?

Our information was accurate.

The arsenal is buried
on the bed
of the Pawnee river

about, oh,

20 miles from here.

Grace, if it's, uh,

buried under the river then,

um, how... how are you
gonna get at it?

Don't worry, sweetheart.

The river's been dry for years.

Hardesty, Otis, you take these
and ride out there.

Don't touch anything.

If the arsenal's there,
we'll take wagons
and clear it out tomorrow.

Our biggest haul yet.

Be back in a minute.

And why not?

Last time a friend of mine
went in there,

he'd come out dead.

Probably because he was
too old to handle it.

He was stabbed to death.


No more than me.

Let's go.

I'll catch up with you
in a minute.

You hear what I said?
I don't want you
goin' in there.

I heard you.
But I'm on my own time.

When you signed on
with the express

you agreed not to
discredit the company.

I ain't gonna
discredit the company,

I'm just gonna say hello
to a friend...

Hobnobbing with trash like that

is a discredit to the company.

Son, I'm just
tryin' to help you.

Then give me some room.

All right.

Comin' or not?

What's eatin' him?

You know Jimmy.

Oh, yeah.

Well, what brings you here?

Oh, just visiting.

Job's still open,
if you're interested.

You never know.
I may need it.


Violet's good company.
You be real nice
to the gentleman, honey.

Don't you wanna know
what the job is, wild bill?

I asked around about you.

They say you're good with a gun.

Well, they say a lot of things.

They also say you're a hothead.

This don't look
like Sunday school.

Don't get me wrong,

I'm a bit
on the wild side myself.

So anyway when this dam pops

more leaks than
he's got fingers,

this here Dutch boy's
got himself
a hell of a predicament.

Anyone want to hear
how he gets out of it?

Where's the meat?

Where you been, Jimmy?

I've been around.

You all right?

Never better.

You know I didn't appreciate
your attitude back in town.

Like I said before,

long as I do my work,
what I do in my spare time
and how I feel about it

ain't none of your business.

What the hell's gotten into you?

Nothin'. Just wakin' up
is all.

You got no call talkin'
to teaspoon like that.

Oh, golly,
that's what I'd expect
comin' from you, kid.

What's that supposed to mean?

No, really, I wanna know.

All right.

It ain't just you.
It's all of you.

Look at yourselves.

Riskin' your lives everyday.
Bustin' your butts, for what?

The pay?

You know as well as I do,
what that amounts to.

He treats us like children

and wants us
to thank him for it.

Well, I'm sorry.

'Cause I ain't gonna do it.

And if any of you
had any backbone,
you wouldn't either.

I don't know
what's come over you

but I don't believe
you mean that.

What's the matter, kid?
The truth hurt?


For god's sakes,
look around you.

We're your family.
Doesn't that mean anything?

That's a laugh.

All I see is a bunch of sheep.

Damn it, that's enough!

What's the matter, Cody?
Wanna come after me?

Is that what you wanna do?

Come on.

I'm waitin'.

Settle down!
Settle down!

Ah, forget it.

I don't know
what the hell's
the matter with you,

but I don't like it.

Maybe all this
wild bill stuff's gone
to your head. I don't know.

But it's pretty clear,
you don't belong here no more.

What are you sayin', teaspoon?

I'm sayin' you're fired.

Now, get out.

I said, get out.


If he's gonna come back,
it's gonna be the way he was

or not at all.

How you doin', Freddie?



All red.

Too bad,

I win.

I'm sorry, mister.
But you lose.

Sonny, where I come from

a full house beats a flush.

Last time I looked,

there was only

one king of spades to a deck.

Deal him out.

My pleasure.

It ain't the cheatin'
I mind so much.

He just wasn't any good at it.

Oh, Jimmy, you and I
are gonna get along
just fine.


Uh, excuse me.

There's plenty more
from where that came from.

Hello, Lou.

Fancy duds.

Well, thank you.

Uh, ain't you out
past your bedtime?

When you walked out last night
you stepped on a few toes.

And you came
all the way over here
just to tell me that?

I came to

ask you to think about
what you're doin'.

May not be too late.

I suppose teaspoon
feels the same as you?

I didn't think so.

If we all talk to him,
he'll change his mind.

No, I'm done talkin'.

You don't belong here.

Lou, I don't belong anywhere.

This is good a job as any.

And it does have
some advantages.

Jimmy, please come back.

Come back to what?

Hard bunk?

Eatin' dust for wages?
Never a "thank you"?

Well, thank you.
But this is more my style.


this is a place of business.

Either have a drink,
take a hand of cards
or get out.

When I'm finished.

Bo, show the boy out.

Put him down.

I'll kill him, grace.


Tell him, not to point
that gun no more at me.

Leave it alone, Bo.

Better keep him away from me.

Don't worry about Bo.
He does what I tell him.

It's me you have to worry about.

Are you sure
we got the right place?

Well, it sure looks like it.

Well, then this map
must be wrong.

Well, either that
or it's deeper.

50 Cannon,

1,000 carbines,
500 kegs of powder.

And where the hell is it?

Well, it's got to be
here someplace.

You want to double back?
Maybe there's another spot

down the wash
that looks like this.

I wouldn't want to tell grace
it weren't here,

unless we were sure
we was right.

Hey, there, old-timer.

Hey, you been out here long?

Long enough.

Did you find
anything interestin'?

Depends on what you
call interestin'.

That canteen there,
where'd you get that?

Come on, Zack.

The man asked you
a question, mister.

Jimmy, you shouldn't have
bought this for me.

Why not? It's my money.

Grace would be mad if she knew.

I think she likes you.

Well, you know,

there's somethin'
I've been meanin'
to ask you.

What's that?

Your name.

You know, it's sparrow.

I'm sorry, but I just
can't call you that.

It's the name grace gave me
when I first came
to work for her.

It just doesn't suit you,
you know.

Well, what is it?

It's Amy.

It's nice to meet you, Amy.

Look, Millie,
it's one of them there.

Must not be much sin
in the world

'cause there sure are
a lot of stones being cast.

Jimmy, you've got
to get away from grace,

while you still can.

Why, Amy?

Listen to me.
I know what I'm talking about.

It's too late for me,
but you've still got a chance.

You don't know grace.

The things she's done
and the things
she's capable of.

Please get away.

Whoa, whoa.

Well, look who it is.
Hold this.

Forget it, Cody.
He's not the Jimmy
we knew.


I'd like to talk to you, alone.

Whatever you got to say,
she can hear it.

All right.

I don't wanna sound
high and mighty,

but the simple truth is,
you acted like an ass
last night.

For the life of me
I can't figure out why.

That's what
you wanted to tell me?


and if me and the others
did somethin'
to cause a grudge,

well, we sure would
like to know about it, Jimmy.

Go home, Cody.

Come on, darlin',
let's get out of here.


This is a waste of time.
He didn't know nothin'.

Well, he had that army canteen.


Well, that mule of his
couldn't travel
more than 10 miles a day.

If he picked this up
this morning like he said,

then it can't be too far.

Well, I just about
given up on the 2 of you.

Grace, we were just
taking a walk.

I don't pay you
to walk, sparrow.

I'm sorry.


remember what I said.

You shouldn't
waste your time
on that sort.

On what sort should I
waste my time on?

You have to know
where your interests lie.

I have big plans for you.
For both of us,

if you play your cards right.

What's the matter, Cody?

The meal ain't been invented
you didn't hunger for.

You know what the matter is.


We've been
all over that subject.

No use in rehashing it again.

Maybe not, teaspoon.

But I think you're talkin'
out of both sides
of your mouth.

Now, William,
we all care about Jimmy.

But I want you...

It seems we got a pot
on the stove,

best we take the lid off
before it boils over.

Now you were sayin'?

I just don't see why,

if I get Jimmy to apologize,
you still won't take him back?

Cody, you're a good friend.

And I know what you're feelin'.

Fact is, I got some of them
same feelings myself
toward the boy.

Ike says since
you're always talkin' about
things like forgiveness,

how come you can't
bring yourself to do it?

Well, it ain't
as cut and dried
as it looks, ike.

Jimmy got himself in
with some bad company.

And he done it out of choice.

Thing is, I was hopin' my boys
would grow up straight.

That you'd all make
the right choices.

I also feared that maybe
one or two of you would fall
by the wayside.

Seems like that's
what's happened here.

I knew he was wild.

Guess he's got
a little bit of me in him.

I thought I was
teachin' him control.

Guess I was wrong.

You know what gets me
about you, teaspoon?

Even when you're wrong,

you're right.

Come in.

You wanted to see me, grace?

Come here, Jimmy.

Is there somethin'
you wanna talk about?

Your future.

Oh, I usually don't think
that far ahead.

Maybe it's time that you did.

Tell me something, Jimmy.

Do you like working for me?

I don't have
any complaints so far.


I've been waiting a long time
for someone like you.

You don't have to always
be a hired hand.

We're a lot alike, Jimmy.

You're tough, and you're smart.

You're a bit inexperienced.

We could be very good together.


Otis and hardesty
are back, grace.

Uh, remember
you asked me to tell you?

Remember, marshal,
it's imperative

that corcoran's map
not fall into
the wrong hands.

Well, do you want my deputy
to continue watchin'
the rollins woman?

No, I'll... I'll take it
from here.

The army appreciates
your cooperation, marshal.

It's my pleasure, colonel brown.

Mr. Brown,
please, marshal.

Right, Mr. Brown.

Ok, good night, then.

Good night.

Uh, sorry miss rollins,

we, uh, searched 10 miles
up that wash, but, uh...

There's a lot of good
hiding places up there.

There were very few
markings on that map.

I wonder if it was complete.

Gracie, the army sent
someone after corcoran.

He's been pokin' around town
asking questions.

Who is he?

Name's brown. He's a colonel,
but he's out of uniform.

How do you know he's army?

I saw him 'bout a year ago.
He was in uniform then,

all spit and Polish.
Career man.

That kind never leaves.

You and Bo go talk to him.

Part of the map is missing,
he may have it.

Bo, let's go have some fun.

There is one other possibility.

That older gentleman
that runs the pony express,
what's his name?

Teaspoon hunter.

He was a good friend
of corcoran's.

My source in Washington
tells me that sometimes

the army uses the pony express

to scout out locations
for the depots.

Jimmy, were you
ever a part
of anything like that?

Yeah, we did some map makin'
out on the Pawnee,
but nothin' real scientific.

I want you to go
to the pony express station.
Take the boys with you.

Get Mr. Hunter
to trust you again
and bring him back here.

Is that all right?

Hell, I don't owe him anything.

Come on, boys.

Uh, grace,

he did save my life once.

He doesn't have to get hurt,
does he?

Don't worry.
All I want is information.

Then it's yours.

What's the matter?

My horse picked up a stone.

I hope you ain't too, uh,
partial to that
teaspoon fella.

What are you talkin' about?

When grace wants information
from somebody,

she usually has Bo talk to 'em.

And when Bo's finished...

Your mount looks
all right. Let's go.

Why don't you boys get down?

What do you mean?

Well, you ain't goin' nowhere.
And don't do anything stupid.

What happened to you?

Those fools you sent me with
nearly got me killed.

And your friend?

I just about had teaspoon
talked into comin'

when hardesty got antsy
and forced a fight.

Look, I'm lucky to be alive.

There were 4 express riders

and obviously those boys
handled themselves quite well.

Otis and hardesty?


Look grace,
I barely got out myself.

Well, thanks, Jimmy.

You better go
and get that cleaned up.

Well, I guess we're lucky
we sent him.




Jimmy, you in there?

I hate this.


Get all our men
and every wagon
you can find.

We're gonna take that arsenal.

What if the colonel was lyin'?


And your boy, hickok?

Let me take care of him.

I'm sure you will.


Uh, thank you, ma'am.

But I got a previous engagement.

By any chance, could you tell me

which room Jimmy hickok's in?

Last one on the right.

Thank you.

There's no accountin' for taste.

Jimmy, it's me.

Cody, what the heck
are you doin' here?

I came for you.

You got to get out of here.

I know you're wild
and I respect that and all.

But you don't belong here.
Now get your stuff
and let's go.

And what if I don't want to?

Then we'll have
to slug it out, I guess.

Oh, I don't know
how to explain this, Cody.

You see I wasn't really fired.

It was all kind of an act.
You know what I mean?

An act? Why?

So I could get hired on here.

Wouldn't have anything
to do with something called
"the arsenal," would it?

Who told you about that?

I heard the rollins woman
talkin' about it outside.

Now what's goin' on, Jimmy?

What'd she say?

This is important, Cody.

I don't know.

Somethin' about a colonel
and how they're gonna get

a bunch of wagons
and empty it out
before sun up.

Now what's goin' on?

Did you hear
where they're headed?


All right. Let's go.

Jimmy, where are we goin'?


Give me a hand.

You wanna tell me
what the heck's goin' on?

Who's he?

Must be colonel brown.
He's an army investigator.

Looks like a grizzly got at him.

Next thing to it.

It's ok.
I ain't one of 'em.

I know about Lucius corcoran
and I'm tryin' to help.

This here's one of my friends.
Hold on, colonel.

We'll get help.

Tell marshal.


Got to s-stop her.

Colonel, where?

Where on Pawnee flats?

Base of medicine rock.

Medicine rock.

Let me guess,
that's the grizzly.

Stay there.

If I were you,
I'd do like he says.

Kind of worries me
when a pointed gun
don't bother a man.

This one goes between the eyes.

What are you lookin' for
under there?

Cody, watch out!

Oh, no.

All right, that's it.

I'm comin' Cody.

Hickok, he's squeezin'
the life out of me.

Too bad, Jimmy, I liked you.

We could've worked
well together.

It's a pity
it has to come to this.

Jimmy, you'd better hurry,
simkins has a group of wagons

heading toward the Pawnee river.

Cody, go get the sheriff.

You gonna be all right?

I'll be fine.

It's you I'll worry about.

You're a good woman, Amy.

Don't ever let anybody else
tell you any different.


You boys look like
you painted yourselves
with honey

and went into a bear's den.

Somethin' like that.

Sam, Jonas simkins is headin'
toward the Pawnee river
to dig up that army arsenal.

You sure about that?

What about grace rollins?

So is colonel brown.

Do you know where it is?

Medicine rock.
But we'll need some help.

We'll get the boys.

If they're still talkin' to me.

Somebody wanna tell me
what the heck's
goin' on here?

All right, let's get some help
on this Cannon over here.

Easy with that powder.

Y'all be careful
with that gun powder,
you hear?

Let's move those rifles.

Hurry up, boys,
get those cannons loaded.

Yes, sir.

You heard the man,
let's get 'em loaded.

Come on, come on!

All right, let's make sure

those powder kegs
are tied to that wagon.

They're loadin' up.

I was hopin' there wasn't
going to be this many.

I don't wanna get you kids
in this kind of mess.

Not much else
you could have done, Sam.

2 days ride
to the nearest army post.

What the hell?
Let's get 'em loaded.


see that powder keg
in front of
the lead wagon?

Think you can hit it
with that hawken of yours?

On my worst day.

All right, do it.

Bulls eye.

In the name of
the United States government

I'm orderin' you
to lay down your weapons.

I think we made 'em mad, Sam.

Everybody down!


They're reloading.


Ain't no fair to fight
with a gun like that.


Better do somethin' quick,
Sam, they got the range.


How far do you think
that field piece is?

35o, 400 yards.

We got nothin' to lose
by tryin'.

More powder!

Lay down your weapons,

or the next one will hit
the powder magazine.

I can't believe you,
Mr. Spoon.

You and Jimmy workin'
for the army all along.

Why didn't you tell us?

Well, I'm sorry, but there
was too much at stake.

One slip from any of you,

and Jimmy could
have been killed.

People like this,
best to keep everybody
in the dark.

Yeah, so why on earth
did you pick this hothead?

Grace offered me a job,

It was a chance
we couldn't pass up.

So, all that stuff you said
about teaspoon and us
was just an act?

Well, maybe not all of it.

I knew he was bluffin'
all along.

Right, Cody.

I don't know
whether you boys have heard,

but the army may give
Mr. Hickok here and, uh,

yours truly,

a medal.

That's pretty crazy.

Oh, shoot, teaspoon.

Excuse me.

Yeah, I'll see you soon,
prairie dog.

I'll see you soon.

Don't hold your breath.