The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 11 - Blind Love - full transcript

Hickok falls hard for a young woman named Sarah who, unbeknownst to him, is married. When her husband is shot dead, Jimmy is imprisoned and tried for murder. But what is it Sarah's deceptive nature and a lying cattle wrangler that feels all wrong? Sam and the Riders work together to solve the mystery before Jimmy hangs.

Do you have something
against trees?


I said, do you have
something against trees?

No, ma'am. I, uh...

I... i was just practicing.

You never know
when one of those mean trees

is gonna sneak up on you
from behind.

Are you as good on a horse
as you are with a gun?

Just the prettiest girl
I've ever seen.

Sounds like you made

a heck of an impression

One close look at you,

she headed for the next county.

Ike says most time
they got to get a whiff of you

before they scare 'em off
that fast.

That's right, Jimmy.

All I know is
I just want to
see her again.

Well, as fast as
she was travelin',

you might try, uh, California.

I don't see what you guys
are so jealous of.

What do you mean, jealous?

I mean it doesn't hurt seein'
one of you takin' a fancy

to someone besides yourselves.

Takin' a fancy?
What are you talkin' about?

What I'm talkin' about
is you got feelings
stirrin' up inside,

and you're tryin' to
do something about it.

There's nothin' wrong
with takin' it slow

and being careful.

He doesn't even know
that much about her.

Wait too long
and sometimes the right time
passes you by.


Uh, sorry,
I didn't mean to frighten you.

Don't shoot,
I swear I'm not a tree.

Well, if you are a tree,

you're the prettiest one
I've ever seen, ma'am.

My name's Sarah.
Sarah downs.

Oh, i'm... I'm Jimmy hickok.

Nice to meet you, Jimmy hickok.

So you ride
all the way out here
just to block my path?

Oh, no, ma'am, uh,
to be truthful,

I ain't exactly quite sure
why I rode out here.

You got yourself
a beautiful animal here.

Sometimes I think he knows me
better than I know myself.

Well, then,
maybe I should ask him

what brought you
all the way out here.

Do you want to tell me
why a handsome young man
like this

rode all the way out here
to see me?

What did he say?

I'm a lady.

It wouldn't be proper for me
to repeat words like that.

Hey, oh, where are you going?

It's gettin' late.

Can I see you again?

I'll have to talk
to your horse first.

But I got to tell you
what he said so far
doesn't sound half-bad.

Shut up.

I wonder what she's doin'
right now.

What do you think?

I don't know.

But whatever it is,
I wish you were doin' it
with her.

What's eatin' you?

It's just you're drivin' us
all crazy with all this
mysterious woman talk.

Would you button it up, please?

You mean I ought to
handle things more like you.

What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, that ain't the look
of a brother watching
his sister

when you stare at Lou,
now, is it?

One girl ropes you in,
all of a sudden,

you're an expert
on man-woman stuff.

I ain't no expert
on man-woman stuff,

it's just I got the guts
to do somethin' about it.

Ain't love grand?

What I like most
is the way it keeps
us all together.

Nice and friendly like.

Leave Lou out of this.

You know,
I'm gettin' tired of
you telling me what to do.

Maybe if you did more listenin',

you wouldn't need
so much tellin'.

What's goin' on?

No, she wasn't talkin'
about you and her,

she's talkin' about you and me.

Why do you keep doggin' him?

Me? What are you
gettin' on me for?

Nobody ever died
of a broken heart, kid.

Ah, pretty sight, ain't it?

You ever wonder if
you'll make somethin'
so beautiful?

You mean a foal?

No, silly, a family.

Hell, I don't know.

Lately, I've been thinkin'
all kinds of crazy things.

Jimmy, if you got
these feelings inside,

don't deny 'em.

Don't let those boys get to you.

Maybe they're right.

Maybe I am thinkin'
about her too much.

They ain't right.

I think I'll just
let things sit for awhile.


Come on in,
get somethin' to drink.

I'll be done in a second.

Can I help you?

Uh, my name is Lou McCloud.

I'm a friend of Jimmy hickok's.

Sarah downs, my pleasure.

We're, uh, having
a little picnic tomorrow,

at noon, up near briar's lake.

We hoped you might make it.

I'll certainly try.

Sorry, I only brought one glass.

That's ok, I ain't thirsty.

Anyway, it was nice meetin' you.

Ah, you, too.

Thanks for stoppin' by, Lou.

Well, hello there.


I was supposed to meet Lou.

Me, too.
He invited me to

a picnic.

I have a feeling
it's been cancelled.

I'm sorry.

You are?

I'm not.

You gonna sit up there all day?

Oh, no.

It's such a pretty day.


Then my mama used to tuck me in

and cry herself to sleep.

Watchin' your mama
get beat like that
must have been painful.

I still carry the nightmares.

Oh, I wanted to kill him.

You were just a boy.

The thing I'll never understand

is why she just didn't
pick up and go.

Sometimes things
get so complicated,
you can't escape.

Just means you know
how to treat a woman
when the time comes.

I hope so.

God, it's so beautiful here.

I wish we never had to go back.


I'm sorry,
you're just nice
to look at.

You know, uh,

I meet a lot of women
that think
I'm something I ain't.

You mean a gunfighter?


Well, I never took pride
in takin' another man's life.

Have you ever been
in love before?

Oh, I thought so.

But we turned out to be
better friends.

They say
that the greatest love
grows out of friendship.

What is it about you
that makes me
want to tell you

every secret
goin' on inside my head?

Probably the same thing
that makes me want to know
all of them.

Jimmy, there's something
I gotta tell you.

All that can wait.
This can't.


I don't know. I...

Beautiful day, isn't it?


Oh, how'd that get there?

It's between you and me, right?


I'd want a cameo
with a beautiful gold chain.

It must be hard on you.

What's that?

Not be able to wear
a woman's things.

Not bein' able to be
who you are.

Sometimes. But that's not
what makes you a woman.

Now, let's go get this thing
for her and get out of here.

That's Sarah's father.

Are you sure?

Met him out at the ranch.

You ought to go
introduce yourself.

Mr. Downs?

Uh, have we met?

Uh, no, sir, not really.

But, uh, I'm hoping
we get to know each other
a lot better.

Well, that's nice, son,
but right now
I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Uh, I'm Jimmy hickok.

I don't suppose
Sarah's mentioned my name,
has she?

No, no, she hasn't.

Well, we just kind of met,
but I've taken a real liking
to her, sir.

You have, have you?

Yes, and I think
she feels the same way
about me, too.

Well, uh,
what I was wonderin' was...

Could I have your permission
to court your daughter?

My daughter?

You don't understand, son.

I don't have a daughter.

Mr. Hickok,
Sarah is my wife.

I don't know what to say.

Looks like she made fools
of the both of us.

The most important thing, son,

is you understandin' your place.

I'm truly sorry, mister,
I swear, if I would've known...


Just keep away from her.

You hear?


Jimmy, slow down a second.

I don't think,
I'll be askin' for or needin'
anymore of your advice.

I didn't know.
You've got to believe me.

It's all your fault.
And I'm a damn fool
for listenin' to you.

I'm sorry.

I just need to be
left to myself.

You all right,
Mr. Downs?

He won't be a problem again.

What if he is?

Then we'll take care of it.

Any sign of him yet?

No. You think
I ought to
go look for him?

No, about the time he wants
to be found,

he'll show up.

I don't know.

I've never seen him that upset.

Lou, I'm lookin' for Jimmy.
Has he been here?

Don't you think
you caused him enough hurt?

I can only imagine
what you must think of me,

but you don't understand...

You lied and broke
a boy's heart.

And I don't think
you should be here.

I'm askin' you, please,
leave now.

I was worried about you.

You don't have to talk
but please listen.

I tried to tell you.

You didn't try hard enough.

Maybe because
I didn't want to believe it.

What'd you think
was gonna happen?

The truth was
just gonna disappear?

It did,

when we were together
and it was wonderful.

I don't think
we should be
seein' each other.

It's best you leave now.

I'll leave when you've heard
why I did what I did.

There ain't nothing you can say

that's gonna make me
change my mind.

Randall had the deed
to our farm.

He said he'd forget
my daddy's debts.

Don't you understand?

He would have taken away
everything we had.


I said, look!

He did that to you?


If anyone should know
what hell I'm living in,
it's you.

I never wanted Randall.

I never wanted his money.

I never wanted
anybody in this world

until I met you.

You're comin' with me.

You don't understand.

He will hunt me down
and kill me.

He'll have to get past me first.

You all right?

Go back to sleep.

Where are you goin'?

Don't concern you.

What's goin' on?

I'm leaving.

Are you crazy?
I could've killed you.

Runnin' from Sarah ain't gonna
make the hurt go away.

I ain't runnin' from her,
I'm runnin' to her.

think about this a second.
You're making a big mistake.

My mistake to be made.

Where you gonna go?

Don't do this.

Kid, you got all the answers.

Problem is
they ain't to my questions.

You're ruinin' your life.

I'm tellin' you
she ain't worth it.

You sure got a funny way
of sayin' goodbye

to folks you've grown close to.

I didn't want it this way.

Well, maybe you ought to
try and do it right.

If the feelings you got
for this girl are real,

they should still be there

It ain't that simple.
She's in trouble.

Well, I ain't about to
tell you your business,

I just hope you're doing
what you're doing
for the right reason.

I love her, teaspoon.

Well, there ain't
no better reason than that.

Thank you.

For what?


Watch your back, son.




Sarah? You all right?



Long night, Sam?

Ah, miss Ruby's got
some new girls in.

They're leavin'
as soon as they sober up.

You the marshal?

Well, as long as
you ain't coming
from miss Ruby's.

I want to report a murder.

That's Randall downs
and that's the man
who killed him.

Stay back.

He was shootin' at me.

I'm tellin' you, Sam,
I was defendin' myself.

I only heard one shot, marshal.

Either he's deaf
or he's lyin', Sam,

'cause I swear,
I wasn't lookin'
for no trouble.

Shootin' a man in cold blood.

I had every right to kill you
right then and there.

There you go,
that explains it.
He ain't deaf.

Jimmy, what the hell
were you doin' out there
at that time of night?

I was comin' for Sarah.


Mrs. Downs.

Wife of the man that was killed?

That's right.

Well, that's wonderful.

It ain't like it seems, Sam.

Downs beat her.
He would've killed her.

I don't know where he got
that idea from, marshal.

Randall downs was the kindest,
most peaceable man
I ever knew.

He couldn't even stand
brandin' a calf
for god's sake.

He loved that girl
more than life itself,

although I always had
a funny feelin' about her.

Look, you don't know
what you're talkin' about.


Sam, I was gonna
take care of her.

Her husband know about
your plans to
run off together?


That ain't true, marshal.

I heard 'em arguin'
earlier at dinner.

Mrs. Downs was threatenin'
to leave

and the old man begged her stay.

A little while later
they were just sittin' there
all quiet like,

sayin' how sorry they both was.

She was worried
what your boy here
might do to her

when she told him
that she'd changed her mind,

Mr. Downs said he could
take care of himself.

Guess he was wrong.


Like I said,
it was quiet when I got there.

I was walkin' towards the house,

hopin' there wouldn't be
no trouble,

when somebody shot at me.

A couple of times.

So I drew and fired back.

You believe me, don't you, Sam?

There weren't but
one shot fired, marshal.

If there was
any other gunplay,
I'd have heard it.


what are you gonna do, Sam?

That's downs' gun.

Chamber's full.

This gun hasn't been shot.

Jimmy, I hate to do this,

but I'm gonna have to
lock you up.

But I'm gonna have to
lock you up.

Jimmy, what the hell happened
last night?

I killed her husband.

This wrangler's sayin'
it was in cold blood.

Jimmy, those things
that I said last night,

I didn't mean 'em, I'm sorry.

I know.

Kid, I think
they want some privacy.

Oh, yeah.

Why, Jimmy?

He shot first, Sarah.

And you didn't show up
at the lake.

I've never been
scared like that before.

All I could think was
that I'd never forgive myself

if somethin' happened to you.

Where were you?

I... i rode around for awhile.

I wasn't sure what to do.

Then I went to miss Shannon's.

They told me what happened.

I was afraid for us, Jimmy,

for both of us.

I thought maybe
we could've kept things
the way they'd been.


I'd rather take my chances
on the run.

I can't live like that.

I'm not like you.

It ain't your fault.

I should have never let myself
fall in love with you.

I wish we'd never met.

Don't say that.

Come on.

Come here.

Everything's gonna be ok.

You'll see.

I know you're behind this.

Damn it, Sam.
Downs shot first.

Why don't no one believe me?

Easy, Jimmy.

Why are you lying?

I wish I was, ma'am,
for your sake.

Marshal, if you don't need me
for anythin' else,

I got a ranch to look after.

No, go on, get out of here.

See you later,
Mrs. Downs?

Sam, could I talk to you
a minute?


Circuit judge is due
day after tomorrow.

He'll have to stand trial.

The boy's in bad trouble,
isn't he?

You don't really believe
Jimmy would do
somethin' like that?

What I believe has got
nothin' to do with it, Lou.

If Jimmy's found guilty,
you ain't gonna hang him,
are you?

Are you?

I'll pretend
I didn't hear you
say that, kid.

Now get out of here.

Go on.

Teaspoon, will you try
and talk some sense
into him?

I'd be glad to, Sam,

if I knew what sense was
in this particular instance.

Do you?

I'm truly sorry
for all of this, marshal.

Yeah, you and me, both.

Um, Mrs. Downs,

is there anything
you can tell me
that might help Jimmy out?

Not that I can think of.

I only wish I had killed him,

then Jimmy wouldn't have to
go through this.

My husband
was not a bad man, marshal.

But he was capable
of tremendous cruelty.

When Jimmy saw what he had done,

he swore he'd kill him
if he ever hurt me again.



What do you want?

I couldn't help
but notice your predicament.

Oh, leave me alone.

Oh, you may find this hard
to believe,

but I was once
a man of the cloth.

A Shepherd to 500
of the finest Christian souls
in fort laramie,

before succumbing
to the temptations
of the flesh.

A redhead she was.

The Deacon's wife.

As delicious as Eve

and infinitely more insatiable.

What are you gettin' at, mister?

Well, gazing at
that wretched soul

who refers to himself
as "gentry,"

I had the strangest sense
of recognition.

But... but try as I might,
I couldn't recall from whence,

until the fair Sarah arrived

to supplicate you
in your hour of need.

And then it came to me.

A lovely June day in laramie

when I betrothed
just such a couple as they.

The very same couple in fact.

Get out of here.
You're crazy.

I'm worse than that.

But I never forget a face.

I don't understand, Sam.

Why don't you
just have the prisoner
take the stand?

They wouldn't believe him,
that's why.

He's a double-dealin' gambler
who pretends he's a preacher.

Now, if they ain't who
they say they are,
we need proof.

Fort laramie's 2 days ride,
so you better push it.

Can't you delay the trial?

I'll try,
but I can't promise anything.

Let's go, come on.

The court finds you,
James Butler hickok,

guilty of murder.

You are to hang
by the neck until dead,

at dawn, the day after tomorrow.

Well, what about Sarah?

Damn it, Jimmy,
listen to reason.

How much hurt you gonna let
that girl cause?

Is she worth dyin' for?

If you're saying
she don't really love me,
you can just leave,

'cause I know she does.

And I don't care
what nobody says.

Blessed are the ignorant.

Oh, come on, Jimmy.

You know gentry's lyin',

about not hearin' any shots,
don't you?


Well, if he ain't on the level,

then how can you be sure
about her?

Especially if
there's somethin'
goin' on between them.

I don't want to hear
this kind of talk.
Now leave me alone!

If I wanted to kill my husband,

I sure wouldn't make
the man I love pay the price.

What do you want from me anyway?

An apology?

All right. I'm sorry.

More than you know.

I'm not perfect,

I never claimed to be,

but I thought
you were his friends.

Come here, Sarah.

Come on.

You don't know.

You don't know
what they're sayin' about me.

Oh, I think I do.

We'll be back later, Jimmy.

Suit yourself.

Be right out, boys.


Jimmy might be a fool,
but that's not
a hangin' offense.

What do you want me to do, Emma?

Well, let's just hope
that Lou and the kid
find somethin'

and they get back here in time.

And what if they don't?

This might be somethin'.

"Sarah r. McKittrick,
age 19,

married to..."

Looks like, uh,
"Carter t. Hale,

"age 61,

in September of '59."

He died last march.

A terrible thing.

Lifelong fisherman drownin'
in his own lake.

Hired hand said
he couldn't swim out
to save him.

I didn't believe that
for a minute.

Are these the two
you're lookin' for?

Jimmy's not gonna like this.

Beats hangin'. Let's go.

I warned Mr. Hale
about that girl.

Next time, knock.

You used to like it
when I'd come into
your room late at night.

Maybe I'm changin'.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Let go of me, you're hurtin' me.

You never minded it before.

For a minute there,
I thought you'd gone sweet
on that boy.

After all
that we've been through?

What's goin' on in there,

The prisoner's supposed to
hang at dawn.

I don't want to die, Sam,

especially for somethin'
I didn't do.

I know, Jimmy, I know.

Let's get this done with.

Come on.

The kid and Lou
should've been back by now.

Unless there ain't
nothin' to find.

What are we gonna do,
just stand here and
watch Jimmy hang?

Come on, Jimmy.

Over here, Jimmy.

If you've got any last words,
now is the time.

No one likes to take
the life of the young,

but we all must pay
for our mistakes.

Justice must be served.

Good for you, boys.

Oh, get out of the way.

You boys know what you're doin'?

Sorry it had to go down
like this, Sam.

It looks like you didn't have
much choice.

What took you guys so long?

Because every time we voted,
it came out a tie.

I hope you boys realize
the consequences
of your actions.

We sure do. Let's ride.

Riders comin' in!

Now, hold on.

You can put your guns
away, boys.

There ain't gonna be
no hangin' today.

That's the way, boys.

Gentry's gone.


Is it over?

They're on to us.
We've got to
get out of here, now.


By now they probably
figured out that we
killed downs and not hickok.

Now let's go.

Get your horse, damn it.

No, no! No, no!


Help, help, Jimmy!

No. Jimmy!

Whoa. Whoa!



You should have let me die.



can I talk to her a minute,


Sure, Jimmy.

I got nothin' to say to you.


What do you mean?
It was just business.

Don't think it was
anything more.

No, you're lyin'.

But I loved you.

Then you're a bigger fool
than I thought.

Marshal, let's go.

Hey, giddyap, giddyap.

You all right?

I'll be ok.