The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 6, Episode 1 - N.S.F. Thurmont - full transcript

Josh maintains a vigil beside Donna's bed in hospital, and needles Colin over his background and relationship with Donna. President Bartlet is determined to reject the unanimous demands of Congress, the American public, and his entire staff to retaliate for the roadside bombing. Leo tries to find a way to talk the President around while Kate tries various long-shot attempts at getting the Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate at Camp David.

Previously on The West Wing:

You're going on a CODEL
to the Middle East.

No presidential handholding.

See what's going on,
brief me and Toby.

- And Donna?
- She was in the car.

Three dead so far, sir.

Congressmen DeSantos and Korb.

And we just got word.
Admiral Fitzwallace.

The people responsible will be found
and brought to justice.

It's time to focus on the terrorist
elements who've declared war on us.

What are my other options?

- There's the Palestinian Authority.
- Chairman Farad?

He's asked for the opportunity to
arrest suspects identified by the FBI.

He won't treat us like Israelis.
We can bring him to the table.

Sir. The country wants action.

Chairman Farad. He's on TV.

He's thanking us for inviting him
to a summit with the Israelis.

- We didn't invite him!
- He's publicly accepted...

...our invitation to Camp David.

I think you're gun-shy, sir.

The most important moment of your
presidency and you'll blow it...

...for being human.

I'm the guy in the office, Leo.
I'll be the one who's judged.




Center. Face.

We can't let the chairman bully us
into hosting summits, sir.

- Who will know?
- The people at State know.

- At the Pentagon.
- And the Israelis know.

If forced to host a summit,
they'll leak it.

That so bad? The chairman wants
a peace summit. Isn't it a start?

He invited himself to Camp David.
What next?

Raid the Council on Foreign Relations?

Sir, we need to focus
on military action.

Retaliation for the deaths
of our people in Gaza.

I've got a guy who wants to come
to a peace table, and I've got a table.

Tell Farad he can have his summit
if it doubles as his retirement party.

- I'll buy the watch.
- What do I need from him... get the Israelis to Camp David?

He'd have to arrest
the leaders of Hamas...

...put Palestinian security
under Mukarat and the moderates.

Adopt a new PLO charter
to give up that portion...

...of historical Palestine
he's gonna recognize as Israel.

Plus the watch?

Mr. President, this way, please.


I feel as if my counsel was largely
responsible for this mess.

I get lots of counsel, Ms. Harper.

What I choose to do with it
is my responsibility.

Ted Harbert called from 60 Minutes.

He has a congressional widow
on camera demanding the president...

- ...avenge her husband's death.
- Which one?

Tom Korb's. They're hoping the
president will go on camera to respond.

To defend his tie-dye, hippie,

...peacenik pipe dream while the
grieving widow rends her garments?

Want me to get you
in the Oval right away?

The president won't be back
in the building till this afternoon. desire to restart negotiations
with the Israelis.

The Israelis won't get in a room
with Farad again.

I'm surprised the Prime Minister
hasn't said so in 3 different languages.

- The president asked him not to.
- He won't deal.

Last time, Israel offered up Gaza,
96 percent of the West Bank...

...half of Jerusalem, Temple Mount,
and the lead role... the Temple Beth el Purim Play.
Farad walked away.

- What do you need, Will?
- A president to respond to the murder...

...of two congressmen.

- The vice president can't support him.
- He plans to say so publicly?

He speaks at the Israel Policy Forum
Gala on Friday. It may come up.

He can't be convinced
to come down with the flu?

He's a pretty healthy guy.

The president knows?
You're telling him?

- Knows what?
- There is no viable alternative.

He's going to
have to bomb Palestinians.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are they which are persecuted
for righteousness' sake...

...for theirs will be
the kingdom of heaven.

And blessed are the peacemakers...

...for they shall be called...

...the children of God.

- We have no choice but to retaliate.
- Khalil Nasan is still in Gaza?

Yes. We've linked Nasan's bombing
of our congressional delegation... the Khanjari Martyrs.

And the martyrs are using the
Ein Hawa camp near Damascus...

- their base of operation.
- In Syria?

E- mails and cellular communications
indicate they supplied the munitions...

- ...and technical support for Nasan.
- What are you proposing?

Syria and Iran are the primary
supporters of the martyrs.

The Lincoln Battle Group
is in strike range.

We can use SLAM-ER missiles
against the camp...

...and the two terrorist training camps
in Northern Iran, east of Birjand.

- And forget the summit.
- What summit?

- The Israelis won't meet with Farad.
- The region is a powder keg.

Name once in the last 20 centuries
when it wasn't.

Egypt, Jordan and the Saudis will
help us craft a deal with Farad...

...but it falls apart if we
start bombing Syria and Iran.

The way to stop attacks
against Americans abroad... to show we're willing
to respond when provoked.

Bombing Syria and Iran sends
a powerful message, Mr. President.

Do we have any evidence
linking Iran to Nasan?

If we take this opportunity to strike
Iranian terrorist camps, believe me...

...we'll find a way to link attacks
on our people back to them.

We use the attack on our
congressional delegation... a pretext to attack another country
we don't know to be responsible?

- I'm not suggesting that...
- Then what the hell are you suggesting?

- There's intelligence...
- I won't use Admiral Fitzwallace's...

...death and of our congressmen
as a pretext to attack...

- ...another country we don't like.
- The ambassador is here.

I wanna see what we have linking
Nasan to the martyrs in Syria.

If you find any credible, verifiable
evidence dragging Iran into this...

...I'll take a look at that too.

Thank you, sir.

I'm not bombing half the Middle East
so it would make us all feel better.

- They're on your side.
- Really?

It was hard believing
that a few minutes ago.

Sir, you can't delay any longer.
There are no rabbits left in this hat.

- I'm not prepared to accept that.
- You're going to have to, sir.

The ambassador's waiting.

Looks like your boy's
got himself in trouble.

- My boy?
- Bartlet.

He's been President Bartlet for six
years. Hasn't been "boy" for about 50.

Israel is never gonna meet with Farad.

Why should they? They have him
surrounded in the West Bank.

What does Bartlet think they'll do?
Knock on the door, say:

"I'm so sorry about all the tanks
and stuff, but...

...want to come to America,
have a chat and sort this out?"

- Where are you from?
- Belfast.

You guys are the model of how
to work things out over there.

- We are, actually.
- The Israelis have a right...

- protect themselves.
- They oppress people for self-rule.

They're soldiers trying to keep
their sisters from getting blown up.

- You Jewish?
- You anti-Semitic?

Thinking the Palestinians
have a point is anti-Semitic.

Anyone who thinks the Jews don't
after being chased and exiled...

...and persecuted for centuries is either
an idiot or a fool. Probably both.

Madame Ambassador.

- Mr. McGarry.
- Pleasure. Good to see you.

- Thank you.
- Please.

Admiral Fitzwallace was a great man.

- All Israelis mourn his loss.
- Thank you.

Israel cannot agree to attend
a summit with Chairman Farad...

...while our citizens are being
brutally murdered every day.

Whether we like it or not,
Farad is in charge.

The U.S. has sought regime change
in dictatorships around the world.

Is Israel to be held
to a higher standard?

Israel was created to be a land free
from oppression.

Whether the land is rightly Palestinian,
Israeli, Jordanian or Judean...

...the people who live in the territories
are oppressed.

By their leadership, by the neglect
of Arab neighbors, and yes, by Israel.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.

Chairman Farad is interested
in only one thing: murdering Israelis.

And apparently he's decided it's now
time to start murdering Americans too.

We won't participate in any discussions
which include Chairman Farad.

If you'll excuse me, sir.

C.J.! C.J.!


Republicans are going to the White
House to meet with the president.

- What will they say?
- They'll do what they always do.

Express unanimous and unqualified
support of the president's policies.

It's not just the Republicans.

Democrats don't understand
why the president is...

...wringing his hands
when the Israelis send tanks.

We're working with leaders
of both parties.

They know the president
will act. Chris.

No, they don't, C.J.
Neither do the American people.

Gallup is saying 82 percent support
military action in response to Gaza.

The president doesn't make security
decisions based on opinion polls. Chris.

Will the Israelis participate in a summit
with the Palestinians?

Israeli officials are saying
they won't if Farad is invited.

We're discussing the specifics
of any possible talks with members...

...of the Palestinian authority
and the Israeli government.

- C.J.!
- How's she doing?

Okay, considering she's human chum.

- Anything from Josh?
- Yeah.

Donna's back in surgery. Something
about a pulmonary embolism.

- Margaret.
-60 Minutes is gonna run an interview...

- ...with Christine Korb.
- Yeah. C.J. told me this morning.

- See if you can reach Josh.
- We need to get to Alicia DeSantos.

The president doesn't want us
hauling out a widow...

- a political lawn ornament.
- I can call.

- You don't have to let him know...
- Not today.

- I got enough problems.
- What's the president doing, Leo?

A summit? He's already got a Nobel
Prize. What's he need a second one for?

- Bookends?
- The speaker's here.

Let the president's office know.
Then show him in.

He brought half of Congress with him.
Don't think they'll all fit.

Mr. Speaker. Nice to see you.
Richard, David, Leslie.

Sheila, surprised to see you
running with this crowd.

- It's not a partisan issue.
- A show of unity would be...

- ...helpful to the White House.
- The president is in the Oval.

- He'll be right with us.
- Have you listened to the radio?

- I've been a little busy.
- Have you been listening to the radio?

- Oldies? Traffic?
- The nation's taking...

...these peace talks badly. People
believe you sent congressmen...

- ...into harm's way.
- The same right-wing turkey basters...

...who said I faked MS to get the
sympathy vote in the last election?

Nice to see you. Please sit down.

Members of Congress were killed,
Mr. President. Instead of seeking justice...'re inviting them to play
dodgeball at Camp David.

You're ignoring the sacrifice
they made for their country.

- I'm trying to honor it.
- You're appeasing terrorists... rewarding them
with a peace summit.

If the issue here is congressional
consultation, we can assure you that...

Mr. President... have to go on national
television, admit your mistake...

...and retract those invitations. You've
insulted these men and their memories.

You have to put this summit back
into the cereal box it came in.

I didn't come here to play games.

I am trying to find a way
to make peace.

And when I do, you can go on TV
and explain why you're against it.

Israeli sources indicate that Prime
Minister Zahavy remains reluctant... meet with Palestinian Chairman
Farad. The Israeli Defense Minister...

Ms. Moss was experiencing shortness
of breath and chest pain.

Her chest CT revealed a blood clot
in her right lung.

She asked if she could see you
before we put her under.

- Me?
- No. Mr. Lyman.

I just talked to the doctor.
They said it's no big deal.

Yeah, it's stylish, huh?

He tell you what they were gonna do?

It's gonna be a snap.


Don't be.

You're gonna be fine, okay?

Okay, Donna. Here we go.

The strike force can launch
in six hours.

It's two hours to the targets in Syria,
same to Gaza.

Air-to-ground smart munitions against
both. Back on the deck in four hours.

Intel still has Khalil Nasan
at the same location in Gaza?

Yes. We have to hope he stays
there till mid morning.


- You'll talk to him?
- Yeah.

We lose track of Nasan now, who
knows when we pick him up again?

Thank you, general.

...President Bartlet, in particular,
his approval rating is slipping... light of his support
of peace talks...

- Leo? Do you have a moment?
- Sure.

I encouraged the president
to pursue a meeting with Mukarat.

I should have anticipated
Chairman Farad...

Did you bury a mortar shell on a
roadside in Gaza two days ago?

- No. I feel in hindsight...
- The president heard...

...what he wanted to hear, and went
where he wanted to go. He's over 21.

Don't flatter yourself. You're not
changing the course of history.

I won't take up any more
of your time.

He doesn't like chaos.

We bomb some apartment building
in Gaza or a camp in Syria...

...there'll be consequences, and we
can't tell him what they're going to be.

Will we get drawn into a war
in the Middle East?

Will suicide bombers be climbing
onto buses in Passaic, New Jersey...

...instead of Tel Aviv and Haifa?

Excuse me, Leo. The president's asking
for you and Ms. Harper in the Oval.

The president's looking for answers,
and we don't have them.

No idea is too stupid or outrageous.

Party clowns, pi?atas. I'd build
a mosque out of Jell-O if I thought....

I need ideas, new ideas. Come on.

Just throw things out, and we'll see
if anything comes of it.

I think we need to shift the
conversation back to the military...

Come on. Who else?

- Is the FBI any closer to...?
- I'm serious. Farad and the Israelis.

How to get them
in the same room together.

Previous peace plans focused on getting
Chairman Farad to crack down on...

- ...Hamas and terrorist groups.
- That's not powerful.

- He picks a fight with Hamas....
- No idea is too stupid or outrageous.

- We let Farad come to Camp David....
- No, no. Be realistic.

- Realistic or suicidal?
- No one cares to end the violence.

What if we can add
credibility to the summit?

Something the Palestinians
and the Israelis could buy into?

- Really stupid ideas?
- Yes. Absolutely.

We ignore everything that's
happened in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, Farad was cooperating
with us, planning to arrest Nasan...

...and other perpetrators.
Then Israelis surrounded...

...his compound in the West Bank.
His people in Gaza refused...

- arrest Nasan, right?
- Yeah? So?

So we hold Farad
to his earlier promise.

Tell him if he wants a summit,
he has to arrest Nasan.

Show that he's serious
about punishing terrorists.

How's he supposed to do that...

...when his compound is surrounded
by Israeli tanks?

Farad was never gonna do it himself.
The Palestinian Authority was...

- ...waiting to proceed.
- Israelis turned off his power and cell.

Get him a new one. They won't stop the
American consulate from giving him one.

- They might.
- A cell phone.

He can use mine if he wants.

- You're right. It's a stupid idea.
- Why?

Who cares if he has a phone?
He's not gonna punish Nasan.

He's rounded up terrorists before.

He walks them past
Al Jazeera for show.

Puts them on house arrest
in a palace...

...with a squash court
and high-speed Internet.

- Tell him he must turn Nasan over.
- He won't do it.

- How do you know?
- His followers think Nasan's a hero...

...for blowing up Americans.
He turns the guy to Satan?

If he says no or equivocates,
we go public, say we wanted Farad...

...for a summit, we identified the killer,
but he refused to turn him over.

We look reasonable, measured.
He has no one to blame but himself.

If he does turn over Nasan, we go
to the Israelis and say, "Hey, look.

He's serious this time. "

Can it work?

- No.
- No.

- Maybe.
- Maybe.

Somebody get the man a cell phone,
and tell him to expect a call...

...from the president.
Thanks, everyone.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Leo. You're okay with...?
- Coordinate with State.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Congress is drafting a resolution
demanding that you take military action.


Sir. The Lincoln Battle Group will be
in position sometime tonight.

They're awaiting your go order to
strike Nasan and the Syrian camps.

- What?
- We can't wait for Farad.

The risk of losing
Khalil Nasan is too great.

We have intel linking Iran to the
martyrs. It's sketchy in spots.

It's a compelling case. I recommend
you include Iran in the attacks.

General Alexander went ahead
with plans for these bombings?

- At your request.
- I said I'd consider it when the time...

...was appropriate. I didn't ask...

He was trying to anticipate
your eventual needs, sir.

At my urging.

Mr. President, please.

Congress, the Joint Chiefs,
the American public, your own staff...

...everyone disagrees with your
assessment of the situation.

Killing Palestinians isn't going
to make us feel safer.

They'll kill more,
then we'll have to kill more.

- It's Russian roulette with a loaded gun.
- We can't allow terrorists to murder...

- ...our citizens without...
- Why would Palestinians murder...

...American government officials?
They never have before.

They're deliberately provoking us, Leo.

They know that we'll retaliate.
They've studied us.

- They want us to overreact.
- This isn't overreacting.

- It's the appropriate, balanced...
- Tell me how this ends, Leo!

Start something that may have
repercussions on American...

...foreign policy for decades,
but you don't know how it ends!

We don't always know how it ends!

The Lincoln will be in position in a
few hours, and then you are going... have to give the go-ahead
for the bombings.

Or what?

Let me know when Chairman Farad
calls. I'll be in the residence.

Thank you, Mr. President.

It's late.

I'm sorry. Did I wake you?


Still nothing?

Maybe I'm wrong.

- Maybe.
- You think so?

- Am I that predictable now?
- You were always that predictable.

I could do what they want, make
everyone feel better for a few days.

Some nice aerial shots of things blowing
up on CNN, a few charred bodies.

- It would be a hell of a lot easier.
- You want easier?

I want Fitz to walk through
my door tomorrow...

...and give me a hard time
about the Celtics.

You think they got a chance this year?

- Who?
- Celtics.

They still need a big man
and a reliable point guard, but...

- ...they might make a run for it.
- For a moment there, I was worried.


I got the last two packages of peanut
butter crackers out of the machine.

It was that
or an old egg salad sandwich.

- Thought you went home.
- Pass up the 16th Street smorgasbord?

I wouldn't have been able
to sleep anyway.

I'm catching up on some work.

You're gonna need some water.
Maybe a fire hose.

Or a local reservoir.

How the hell do we always get
dragged into these things?

Why can't I sit on my patio, barbecue
chicken and drink a Diet Dr. Pepper?

- You gonna finish those?
- Be my guest.

You ever think:

"If we're in charge, this country's
in a hell of a lot of trouble"?

- Till I spend time with the other guys.
- Got a phone to Farad.

- The president's talking to him now.
- I'm afraid that's unacceptable.

If your security forces were
to capture Nasan, we want him...

- ...turned over to us.
- The crime was committed...

- ... in the Palestinian territories.
- Territories aren't a state.

Trying Nasan in an American court
shows there are other means...

...of seeking justice
than Israeli missile strikes.

This point can also be made
in Palestinian court.

What Palestinian court? It's three men
with loaded pistols and a Magic 8 ball.

Mr. Chairman, capturing Nasan
and turning him over to us...

...would demonstrate to the Israelis
and the world you're tough on terror.

You fight for the Palestinian cause
and don't randomly attack Americans.

It would demonstrate that
the Palestinians are incapable...

- ... of administrating justice themselves.
- Americans were killed, chairman.

This falls under our jurisdiction.

Even if you were to detain Nasan,
we would ask that you extradite him.

Mr. Chairman.

These are difficult questions.

Perhaps they should be a topic of
discussion of our talks at Camp David.

There won't be any talks if Khalil Nasan
isn't delivered into U.S. custody.

Mr. President, that makes
things very difficult.

- Perhaps, then, Mr. President...
- Sorry.

...we will not be able to meet.

Mr. Chairman, if your security forces
were to detain Nasan...

...and then turn him over
to us secretly...

...we'd be happy to say that he was
apprehended by the FBI.

Mr. Chairman?

I will discuss it with members
of my government.

- And you'll seriously consider it?
- I will discuss it.

- Thank you for your time, Mr. Chairman.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

- Was that a yes or a no?
- "Members of my government"?

He was talking about two
sock puppets and a Beanie Baby.

- He won't do it.
- He was considering it.

He was distracted, looking up Nasan's
number to warn him to get out of Gaza.

There's no evidence
linking Nasan to Farad.

- We haven't interrogated him yet.
- Now all Palestinians are terrorists?

- If the kaffiyeh fits.
- That's enough.

Thank you, everybody.
Go home. Try to get some sleep.

Thank you, Mr. President.

- Now what?
- We wait.

- The Lincoln Battle Group is almost...
- We wait, Leo.

So you fly halfway around the world
on a moment's notice... rush to a woman's bedside
when the White House is facing off...

...a Biblical apocalypse.

- We work together.
- Past dalliance gone bad...

...or tragically unconsummated love
kept at arm's length by...

...Puritanical American
workplace ethics?

What the hell are you talking about?

There was this girl when I was 16,
no, 17.

This when you were a bagman
for the IRA?

She was mad about me.
Worshipped me, really.

And I liked her.

But I was off to university in Dublin,
and she was gonna stay in Belfast...

- ...working in her dad's shop.
- This is taking too long.

- Isn't this taking too long?
- But she wrote to me...

...every single day.
And she called on the weekends...

...and she was always there.

And I took her for granted, you know?

Mr. Lyman.

- How's she doing?
- We encountered a few difficulties...

...during the procedure.
She lost a lot of blood.

We had to transfuse and call in
a vascular surgeon to repair it.

- Is she gonna be all right?
- She's still unconscious.

When she's stable
we'll send her for an MRI.

Between the anemia
and low blood pressure...

...she may have suffered
hypoxic brain injury.

Decreased oxygen delivery
can result in brain damage.

They had to do some sort of operation,
and there were complications.

I spoke to Josh. He's pretty upset.

- Can you get me Donna's parents?
- Yes, sir.

We've heard nothing from
Chairman Farad in over seven hours.

General Alexander's waiting
in the Sit Room.

The Lincoln Carrier Group is in place.

- Excuse me, Mr. President.
- What do you need, George?

Our FBI team in Gaza was contacted
by the Palestinian security forces.

They have Khalil Nasan in custody,
and they'd like to turn him over to us.

- Did it pass?
- House was 317 to 116.

Senate 62 to 37.

"Whereas acts of treacherous,
unprovoked violence have been...

- ...committed against U.S. citizens... "
- Skip to the parts that will piss me off.

That's gonna be all of it.

"Whereas inaction further threatens the
national security of these United States...

...and there can be no peace in the
Middle East if such acts are...

...sanctioned and committed. Whereas
the president has both the authority...

...and the imperative to address and
prevent acts of terror against the U.S. "

The president has the authority
and the imperative?

- That doesn't sound bad.
- The Oxford Debating Society's way...

...of telling the president to get off his
ass, do something, you feckless wimp.

- Is she here?
- Yes. The prime minister's waiting...

- Tel Aviv.
- It passed?

- Yes, sir.
- How many Democrats against us?

- Too many.
- But we swept the Vermont delegation.

- Right?
- Actually, no.

- "The authority and the imperative"?
- Yes, sir.

They want peace, but I have
to blow something up?

They're willing to haggle
on the peace part.

That usually worked in the past.
How's my tie?

- I would've worn the blue.
- Get the prime minister on the phone.

Ms. Harper, head on in
and look unhappy.

Toby, I want you to call every Democrat
that supported this resolution and say...

...if they ever want
White House support...

...for another rubber-chicken

...they'd better start singing a rousing
chorus of "Hail to the Chief. "

Leo, head down to the Sit Room and
tell the generals to keep their pistols... their pockets for the time being.

You don't believe in this, Leo,
and they're not gonna wanna do it.

I can't have them picking up any
signals from you that we disagree.

No, sir.

So Fields voted for it?

Yeah, and Blinken,
Worthington, Goffman.

- Wow, Goffman?
- Sue Bordan's on here too.

She's in a tough race...

...with a knuckle-dragging D A
from Lake Forest.

- Donna any better?
- You on with Josh?

They can't tell if there's neurological
damage for a couple days.

- How is she?
- They won't know for a couple days.


Oh, God, really? I don't have
a pacemaker or anything.

- Turn it off now, sir.
- Okay, sure, lieutenant.

- Who are you talking to?
- Nurse Ratched. I gotta go.

I'll call back in a couple hours.

The Palestinian Authority
has detained Khalil Nasan...

...and is prepared to turn him
over to our FBI.

Farad's promised to turn over
terrorists before.

It's a show of good faith
on Chairman Farad's part.

An example of his renewed willingness
to address the peace process.

Mr. Prime Minister...

...the territories are undermining your
legitimacy as a modern democracy...

...and sapping your moral authority
in the eyes of the world.

Farad is beholden to the very forces
that wish to push us back into the sea.

It's not a negotiating point for him.

It's a religious and moral imperative
to take back all of Israel for Palestine.

Sir, you cannot hold yourself out
as the Promised Land...

...while occupying the territories
and oppressing other peoples.

Our Arab citizens enjoy
the most freedoms of any Arabs... the Middle East.
The Palestinians are oppressed... opposed to whom?
We don't stone women who refuse...

- ... to wear headscarves in Tel Aviv.
- Sir, Chairman Farad's seen...'re almost done building
the fence in the West Bank...

...he'll lose half the Jordan Valley
to settlement.

If you agree to come to a summit
with Farad...

...and he still refuses
to reach an agreement...

...the United States is willing
to publicly support Israeli actions... secure your homeland.
Including the building of the fence.

Eli, why not sit down and talk again?

If Farad turns over
this terrorist to you...

...I will take the offer to my cabinet.

- Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.
- Good afternoon, Mr. President.

- Madame Ambassador.
- Mr. President.

I think we got ourselves a ball game.

Have you ever been
to NSF Thurmont before?

Camp David? No. No, I haven't.

- Ever been on Marine One?
- No. No, I haven't.

- Like helicopters?
- No, not really. I get airsick.

Okay. You can sit with Will.

I want you to stay here, hold down the
fort. I'll call you when things heat up.

Of course, Mr. President.

- You still think this is a mistake.
- Yes, sir. I do.

As soon as the Palestinian delegation
is on the ground at Andrews...

- ...give Alexander the go.
- Sir?

Tell the general to hit the Ein Hawa
camp near Damascus.

- What about Iran?
- I've looked at the intel file.

I'm still not convinced.
You get something more...

- it to me and we'll discuss it.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

- Will Bailey.
- You guys do s 'mores...

- ... and strategic planning last night?
- Missiles and marshmallows.

President loves a campfire.
I should warn you, his horror stories...

- ...are about the Crusades.
- Well, so is the morning paper.

The Palestinians are wheels up.

- They do s 'mores?
- Great way to stop the summit...

...before it starts. Food with the
consistency of industrial sealant.

- Leo's looking for you.
- Get him up at Camp David.

He's not at Camp David.
He's in his office.

I thought you went with the president.

Couple of loose ends. We want
the press corps down here.

Not the Cozy Inn?

He doesn't want
either side negotiating in print.

- Walk them through a daily schedule.
- No pool spread?

They go to Camp David, all they're
gonna see are tinted windows...

...and enough furrowed brows
to start a Yiddish theater group.

They're ready for you.

We'll have an announcement
in a couple of hours.

- What announcement?
- I'll find you when it's time.

- How far?
- I only have lungs for five miles.

Buy you a carton of Luckys.
You can stay in bed next time.

So much for permanent press.

Prep group's about to start up
on the lower porch.

Mr. President.

They're on their way.

Did you come to a consensus?

Toby would give half his salary
for a piece of asphalt he could use...

- pummel the State Department.
- Give me that.

- What's the sticking point?
- What isn't? If we can't agree...

- do we expect them to?
- The Israelis just cleared our air space.


Ten hut.

Go get them, Cassius.

- Mr. Prime Minister, welcome.
- Mr. President.

- Maya, good to see you again.
- Mr. President.

Madame Galit.

- Defense Minister Mazar.
- Where are we, general?

Special Forces are in place to paint
the target. The planes are on the deck.

TVD are in place. Tomcat 215,
you are good to go.

Roger, Tomcat 215.

- Speed wind.
- Copy that.

First wave includes radar jamming
Prowlers, a Hawkeye...

- refueling and an S3 Viking.
- How long to the targets?

They're at mach 1.7. They'll be
dropping ordinance in 90 minutes.

- Round two.
- Ten hut.

Prime Minister Mukarat.
Thank you so much for coming.

- My pleasure.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

- Chairman Farad, welcome.
- Mr. President.

- Chairman.
- Please join us here.

They're 30 minutes out, sir.
Do we have the go?

That's a go.
You going up to Camp David later?

Maybe tomorrow.

Sir, I hope the president knows
how lucky he is to have you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming.

Fleeing his headquarters in Khan
Unis, Nasan was apprehended... FBI agents working
with Israel defense forces... he attempted to cross
into Israel yesterday.

He's the suspect in the terrorist
bombings of four U.S. citizens...

...including two congressmen and the
retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Nasan is a long-time supporter
of Hamas, the Khanjari Martyrs...

...and its military splinter wing,
"Light of Abudaka. "

Nasan, a. k.a. Uzma Khalil,
and Shahab Khalil...

Josh. wanted for a 2002 car bombing
in Nazarene, and a 1999 bombing.




You're awake.

Your mom is here.

Colin took her downstairs for some...

...I don't know, for some
schnitzel or something.

You're still here.


I'm still here.