The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 6, Episode 2 - The Birnam Wood - full transcript

Josh returns from Germany in time to voice concerns about Leo; the Israelis and Palenstinians meet at Camp David with little chance of an agreement; the President and Leo's differences over the Middle East crisis reach a breaking point.

Previously on The West Wing:

-You're still here.
-I'm still here.

-We have no choice but to retaliate.
-And blow the summit out of the water.

The president knows, right?
He's going to have to bomb Palestinians.

A guy wants to come to a peace table,
and I've got a table.

Is the president doing a summit? What's
he need a second Nobel Prize for?

Congress, the Joint Chiefs, the
American public, your own staff. . .

. . .everyone disagrees with
your assessment of the situation.

-Tell me how this ends, Leo!
-We don't always know how it ends!

Israel cannot agree to attend
a summit with Chairman Farad.

Chairman Farad. Welcome.

We got ourselves a ball game.

Tell the general to hit the Ein Hawa
camp near Damascus.

Sir, I hope the president knows
how lucky he is to have you.

I can't have them picking up
any signals from you that we disagree.

-No, sir.
-Ladies and gentlemen. . .

. . .thank you for coming.

We will require a resolution
that balances the needs of both. . .

. . .with respect to national identities
and religious beliefs.

But there can be no lasting peace. . .

. . .no regional stability,
without a strong, secure Israel.

And there can be no lasting peace. . .

. . .without a sovereign, viable state
for the Palestinians.

Good morning. Let me give a rundown of
what's happened so far at Camp David.

The Israeli and Palestinian delegations
arrived yesterday evening.

The parties reconvened at 10:20 this
morning. The president will be meeting. . .

. . .with the chairman and
Prime Minister Zahavy at 12.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,
General Alexander. . .

. . .will make a statement, after which
he'll take questions. General?

Moments ago, F/ A-18 Hornets
off the Abraham Lincoln. . .

. . .in the Persian Gulf struck the
Ein Hawa terrorist training camp. . .

. . .32 kilometers southwest of
Damascus in the kingdom of Syria.

Whether you choose to do this
today or 10 years from today. . .

. . .you will face the same geography.

The same neighbors,
the same ancient animosities.

More years of bloodshed and pain
will not change those facts.

The only path to a real and
lasting peace is through negotiation.


The parties have agreed to break
into subgroups this afternoon. . .

. . .after Chairman Farad, Prime Minister
Zahavy and President Bartlet. . .

-. . .meet to agree on topics of discussion.
-Excuse me, Toby, if I may.

. . .and we've launched an attack
on their camp in Syria.

Gentlemen, if you will join me on
the Aspen terrace at noon. Thank you.

-No, no.
-They're not getting Jerusalem.

We say that, Farad's not gonna be here
long enough to unpack his toothbrush.

Go to your opening list again.

Farad gives security guarantees and
takes tangible action against Hamas. . .

-. . .and he ain't getting Jerusalem.
-Enough with Jerusalem! Kate.

Israel allows Palestinians to form
a viable sovereign state.

-We discuss the right of return.
-We won't get a refugee deal.

-They have to go somewhere.
-There's room in Montana.

They can secede from the Union.

Can we go inside? I got flies or gnats.

-We need something on Jerusalem.
-So do we have a draft?


-Israelis aren't gonna give up Jerusalem.
-Palestinians won't deal without it.

We're back where we were last night?

Delegations are on their way.

We punt on Jerusalem this morning,
tackle it later. Agreed?

Mr. Share-Your-Gum-With-Everyone here.


Why isn't Leo up here?

This president has a solemn duty
to help the only true democracy... the Middle East defend itself
against murderers.

Murderers of Israelis, of Americans,
murderers of thousands of people....

Josh lands in an hour.

CNN's got the speaker on an endless
loop like a Pink Floyd concert.

They're punishing us for
cutting access to Camp David.

-Natives restless?
-There may be a mutiny afoot.

I heard a couple of them plotting to
throw our Mr. Coffees into the Potomac.

Speaker's on his way. Doubt he'll miss
the cameras on his way in or out.

-You wanted me?
-We're losing the media war.

I want us on the morning shows,
Crossfire, Dateline.

-Book This Old House if there's an angle.
-Who goes?

You, me, the assistant deputy secretary
for Fishery Exploitation. I don't care.

-We gotta get our message out.
-What is our message?

"Shut up while we're trying to get
them to stop killing each other. "

Mr. President, how are your children?
Your grandchildren?

-Everything's well, I hope?
-All very well. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Please. Annie started high school
last week.

I've ordered tea. Would anyone
like something else?

Tea is fine. Thank you.

We need to agree on the topics
of discussion for the subgroups.

I've come up with a few things
to help us get started.

First, security for Israel after withdrawal
from the Territories.

We will need to maintain military
presence in the Jordan Valley.

What message this sends to my people
about sovereignty?

Please, excuse me. Discussion of
these issues is for the subgroups.

We're only suggesting topics now.
Thank you.

Second, disposition of the settlements
and the land apportioned to them.

-Third, right of return for refugees.
-No, there's not right of return.

It's a claim of return.

Fourth, how the Palestinian Authority
will go about dismantling terrorist groups.

Well, that's four topics. I guess
we can catch a double feature now.

What about Jerusalem?

I thought we'd put off
discussion of Jerusalem--

Israel will not give up
control of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is central to our topics.

Please. Let's begin on these
four issues, see if we can reach--

We should start with Jerusalem.
If we can't resolve that. . .

. . .why spend time on the little things?

Little things? Like denouncing terrorism?
Security of Israel?

-Our capital must be Jerusalem.
-Israel will not give up Jerusalem.

Then why are you here?
Why are any of us here?

For once, Mr. Farad, you are right.
My apologies, Mr. President.

There is no progress to be made here. I
should've never accepted your invitation.

-Sit down, Eli.
-No, we will not negotiate. . .

-. . .sovereignty over the Temple Mount.
-The Dome of the Rock stands. . .

-. . .where Prophet Muhammad--
-Stop it.

Gentlemen, I have staked
my personal credibility. . .

. . .and the credibility of the United States
on suggesting, perhaps foolishly. . .

. . .that Israelis and Palestinians
are reasonable people. . .

. . .who would like to try to resolve
their differences peacefully.

No one is going home
after one hour of talks.

Now then, the subgroups will begin on
these four topics after lunch. Thank you.

Excuse me.

That went well, don't you think?

C.J.? I've got you booked on Meet
the Press, Crossfire and Taylor Reid.

-Taylor Reid?
-Nobody else would do it.

Now that's good staff work.


-How's Donna?
-She threw me out.

Her mother's driving her crazy, and
her IRA boyfriend is plotting sedition.

-Maybe it was seduction. Probably both.
-Dashing photojournalist?

-The professional term is "wanker."
-Listen to you. Too much BBC.

Too much sauerbraten.
So Leo's still down here?

-Yeah, he's in his office.
-Why isn't he up at Camp David?

-So where do you want me?
-How's Donna?

-Better. May be able to fly in a few days.
-Get up to Camp David.

Toby thinks the president's
gonna give away the store.

-When are you coming up?
-Tomorrow maybe. The day after.

Everything okay?

Syrians are blowing enough gaskets
to open a new subcontract. . .

. . .they want a resolution
at the U.N.--

I'll stop by my apartment, pick up
some clothes. I'll drive straight up.


We heard from the president
this morning?

No, sir. You want
me to call Debbie?

No. Thanks.

Good afternoon.

The president, the prime minister and the
chairman met successfully over coffee. . .

. . .at Aspen to finalize the topics
for today's discussions.

Following lunch, the delegations
are breaking into subgroups. . .

. . .for this afternoon's talks on a variety
of mutually agreed-upon subjects.

While it's too early to comment upon
the direction and tenor of the talks. . .

. . .I can tell you the buffet of Maryland
crab cakes, baked New England cod. . .

. . .and Washington state
Apple Brown Betty. . . .

We must have a military presence
in the Jordan Valley. . .

. . .to secure the borders.

And how would that be different
from the current occupation?

How are we a sovereign nation
with IDF units in our streets?

We're gonna have 4 million
Palestinians living next door.

Israel could be cut in two by tanks
and artillery in about 15 minutes.

What tanks? What artillery?

Even if every Palestinian man, woman
and child were given an Uzi. . .

. . .they'd be no match for your military.

-And we won't allow that to change.
-We must be able to defend ourselves.

Defend yourselves? From who?

How about Hamas? How are we to argue
there is no longer a reason to fight. . .

. . .when your army is there
exactly as before?

We cannot support withdrawal
from the Territories. . .

. . .without assurances of our security,
and that means our troops.

A million Palestinians were being
expelled from their homes--

Closer to 700,000.
And they weren't expelled.

They left after being urged
by Arab leaders.

We were terrorized by Zionist troops
who were threatening. . .

. . .to torch every Arab village
in Galilee.

If you'd accepted the partition plan
in '47, not a single Palestinian--

-lf I might interrupt.
-Palestinians were being massacred.

-Even Israeli historians admit this.
-It was war.

Only three years after the Holocaust.

If we'd lost, there would have
been another slaughter of Jews.

Mr. Chairman, Madame Ambassador,
excuse me.

It may be more productive
to turn to current problems. . .

. . .rather than 50-year-old events.

If there is room for a million
Russian Jews in Israel. . .

. . .why isn't there room for Palestinians
who simply wish to go home?

Good afternoon. Let me
give you a rundown. . .

. . .of what's happened at
Camp David this morning.

Delegations continued to discuss issues.

They will begin at 10
and resume after lunch.

They will end early, as it is Friday.

Prime Minister Zahavy has invited
the president and first lady. . .

. . .to join the Israeli delegation for
Shabbat dinner. I'll take questions.

Can you tell us what issues are being
discussed, and is progress being made?

The talks include a range of issues,
and getting Israelis and Palestinians. . .

. . .to sit in a room together without a
combat unit or trial attorney is progress.

Israelis will return the Territories
but want a military presence.

Palestinians don't get how it's their
house if it comes with Israeli tanks.

Have you mentioned Germany?
We've had troops there for 50 years.

They asked how many British
were in Philadelphia. . .

-. . .after the American Revolution.
-Plenty, but they were. . .

-. . .you know, shackled to the wall.
-What about settlements?

The Israelis may abandon
Gaza. . .

. . .but they want 75 percent of
West Bank settlements to remain.

Mukarat might go for it
if he gets land in exchange.

-Sounds promising.
-Only Mukarat wants twice as much. . .

. . .as Israelis say the settlements sit on.

-How's he justifying that?
-Says Israelis took the best land.

-Wants two-for-one in exchange.
-Dismantling terror?

Israelis want Farad to renounce
terrorism. But in Arabic. . .

. . .on Al Jazeera. They want more
than a promise to disarm Hamas.

They want it before they leave.

-What do the Palestinians say?
-That Farad's renounced terrorism.

Is that why he calls for the blood
of a million martyrs in all his speeches?

-Maybe that's an interpretation problem.
-Right of return?

Farad wants the right of return
to apply to all Palestinians.

The Israelis are concerned about
3 million Palestinians moving back in.

Gallup did some polling
in the West Bank.

Found that while refugees wanted
the right to come back, most wouldn't.

Then they won't be disappointed.

Well, look at the bright side.
Nobody shot anybody else the first day.

-Good shot.

We start small.

See if we can get an agreement
on anything.

No matter how inconsequential.
Something we can build on.

I'll continue to sit out
so I can jump in later.

But one small move is all we need
to get things rolling.

-Thanks, guys.
-Thank you, Mr. President.

-Sir, anything I could be doing to help?
-Go with Toby and Will.

I think they need some
positive reinforcement.

Sir, should we be here?

Glad you're back, Josh.

Yes, sir.


Where's Leo?

The Palestinians only became refugees. . .

. . .when our Arab neighbors
refused to accept them.

Eight hundred thousand Jews were
similarly expelled from Arab nations.

Six hundred thousand of them
were resettled in Israel. . .

. . .without compensation
from Arab countries.

You bring up the issue of compensation.
Would Israel be prepared--?

We are not asking for money.
We want the right of return.

We can't allow 3 million refugees
the right to freely reenter.

Of course not.

Since the 19th century,
Zionist leaders have advocated. . .

. . .a transfer of Arabs out of Palestine.

-We can't accept unlimited immigration.
-Perhaps we should take a break.

If the Arab population
hadn't been uprooted. . .

-. . .no Jewish state could've arisen.
-So it was right for Palestine. . .

. . .to be cleansed of its native population
to establish a Jewish state?

We are prepared to sacrifice, but not to
formalize our dispossession. Excuse me.

An abrupt removal of our forces
from the Territories. . .

. . .would create a power vacuum.

How are we to prevent rocket attacks
from Palestinian-controlled areas?

It would be our responsibility
to gain control over our militants.

We've tried that before.

You've never given us time to assert
ourselves before you come rushing back.

It's almost 4, and we had asked
to end early for Kabalat Shabbat.

Right. Why don't we meet back
here tomorrow morning at 10.

-Excuse me.
-Thank you.

They've done everything in their power
to undermine moderate leadership.

Don't they understand that when they
blow up leaders of Hamas with bombs. . .

. . .bulldoze Palestinian homes,
they only make them stronger?

Boys in Gaza, they no longer want
to be doctors, teachers, engineers.

Now they all want to be martyrs.

So there's an opening on
compensation for refugees.

Maybe. But Israel's not gonna agree
to an unlimited right of return.

There might be a pitch for most going
to the new Palestinian state. . .

. . .and Israel agreeing to take a few.
Like the 9 percent who told Gallup. . .

-. . .they might wanna go.
-Work on that. Toby?

Not much on security.

The Israelis won't leave a West Bank
that isn't protected militarily.

And we're still far apart on any kind
of land swap for the settlements.

-Mukarat's sticking to 10 percent.
-Israelis say 3.

-Ideas on how to break the logjam?
-Too bad Congress isn't here.

They'd just cook the books
and hold a press conference.

-Mr. President, get ready for dinner.

We need some suggested solutions
on security and settlements.

That's tonight's homework.

Okay. Rosebud after dinner.
We solve world peace.

How's it going?

-Are you gonna talk to him?

Somebody better do something. . .

. . .or this time next week, we're gonna
be the ones who lose our right to return.


It's beautiful, isn't it? The Salah.

They have to do it five times a day.


The tragedy is that the Palestinians
and the Jews are so much alike.

How's that?

All through history,
no one's wanted either of them.

Good morning. Let me,
as has become my custom...

...give a generic rundown of what's gone
on since yesterday afternoon 's briefing.

The president had a meeting with Prime
Minister Zahavy sometime after 10 p.m.

This was at the prime minister's cabin.

The president then hosted
Chairman Farad at his cabin.

I won 't say whether they
played a game of Twister.

-Fixed positions won't work.
-How long will they be there?

I don't know. Four years?

Farad's gonna hate it.
Zahavy's gonna hate it.

-You have a better idea?
-Wait till they die.

I'll be free the whole millennium.

Two old paleonationalists who've been
clawing each other's eyes for 50 years.

They don't want a deal.
What are they gonna do for fun?

Swap recipes for Matzoh Brei?

Yeah, I hear the lawn bowling
is great in Tel Aviv.

-With human pins, apparently.
-How's it coming?

You all right?
You're looking a little bit. . . .

Those leftover taquitos
Will found in here last night.

Anybody got an antacid, or maybe
an aunt who knows how to cook?

Keep them. I got more in the room.


Kate has an idea on security.

Israelis pull out of the West Bank,
but keep troops in position. . .

. . .for three or four years.

After that they fall back to Israel, but
keep early warning posts for monitoring.


-Excuse me?
-I said, okay.

-Where were you the last three hours?
-Let's take it for a walk.

-Walking a dog is a perfect analogy.
-Toby's not a fan.

Zahavy may go for it, but every time we
begin to get anywhere, Mazar jumps in.

The defense minister.
Then split them up.

-How we supposed to do that?
-I don't know. You'll think of something.

I've always wanted to try
skeet shooting. You shoot often?

Yeah. You know, once or twice
a week. When it's in season.

Here we are, gentlemen.

So tell me, Toby. How exactly
does this work?

Well, they hurl a couple of
clay pigeons, we shoot them.

Unless they hurl the wrong direction.
Then we duck.

-You know how to fire a gun, sir?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

Ready, Mr. Minister?


-How long were you in the army?
-I still am.

Every Israeli citizen is in the reserves.
Your turn.

-You sure you know how to do this?
-I know back in Israel. . .

. . .you play this game
with Cobra gunships, but I'm fine.

-You may not want to rest like this.

You have to stand, you know, more firm.

Yeah, well, this is the way
we do it in Brooklyn. Pull.

Fixed positions in the West Bank
for four years.

Maybe less. If things go well.

-Then how many monitoring sites after?
-Two or three.

So you can keep an eye on the
Jordanian border and the Palestinians.

It could be more than four years,
if that's what you're--

We would need a mechanism to deal
with emergency developments.

-He'll do it?
-Some version of it. Yes.

-He'll be the last to sign on.

Mukarat will support it
if we get him away from Farad.

-What about right of return?
-Israelis won't do an unlimited right.

-Farad is standing on principle.
-I can work on him.

I think he likes me.

Josh, Will, get back in with Zahavy. . .

. . .before Toby has to start
feeding the clay pigeons.

And get him to commit on security.
Okay, let's go.

We may just have our tennis match.

-You don't think so?
-We haven't got to the tough part.

-We're making progress.
-Yes, sir, you are. And that's laudable.

Laudable. You make it
sound like an honorarium. . .

. . .from some two-bit chiropractic
college in Arizona.

-You planning to discuss Jerusalem?
-That'll be last.

-Because it's the only thing--
-Damn it, don't you think I know that?

I'll go see if I can get Galit to give
us a number on compensation.

Mr. Chairman, I know how difficult
it would be for you to appear. . .

. . .to be abandoning the principle.

It's not reasonable to ask that
Israelis allow an unlimited number. . .

. . .of refugees to return.

I was born in the city of Zefat.
Do you know Zefat?

It's in the mountains of upper Galilee.

I was 8 years old
when the British left.

There were 52,000 Arabs
in Zefat. Only 1300 Jews.

Within a month, the Haganah
had taken over the city.

My eldest sister, Amira, was killed.

The body of my brother, Aziz. . .

. . .was found hanging from
a burned cypress tree.

We fled to Syria. . .

. . .lived in tents, ate United Nations
handouts and surplus American cheese.

I still remember the view of the valley
from the roof of our house.

The smell of the pomegranates.

The sound of children
playing in our orchard.

The home of my father,
of my aunts, my uncles.

They are now art galleries
and bed-and-breakfasts.

Will I get to go home, Miss Harper?

No, sir. Probably not.

But is that worth not having
any home at all?

You got Farad to go along
on right of return?

-I think it's doable.
-I'm taking her next time I buy a car.

That leaves us with the big one.

Any chance we can just give
Jerusalem to the Swiss?

So who goes in?

I do.

Shared sovereignty of Jerusalem
is the only realistic approach.


If anyone led you to believe that
we could agree to anything--

Mr. Chairman, do you want to see your
people oppressed for another generation?

Shared custody of the city,
its holy sites--

Why do you continue to support Israel?

Hatred of America grows because of
this. Not just in the Muslim countries.

I've done more to support
the Palestinian cause. . .

. . .than anyone who's sat in my chair.

Al-Haram al-Sharif,
the Dome of the Rock. . .

. . .stands on the site where
the prophet Muhammad landed. . .

. . .in his journey from
Mecca to Jerusalem.

Mr. Chairman, there isn't
a single member of your delegation. . .

. . .who doesn't think turning down the
U.N. offer of a Palestinian homeland. . .

. . .in 1947 was lunacy.
A colossal mistake.

Please. Do not make
the same mistake today.

He's not gonna do it. Farad's elevated
being a victim into an art form.


Come on. You're not starting
to buy what he's selling too?

-He's a terrorist.
-With some legitimate grievances.

-What, now you're Jewish?

-Don't remember seeing you at temple.

Millions of men, women and children
running for their lives. . .

. . .seeking refuge in any country
that would take them.

Nobody would, including America.

So they settle in a region that still
believes in stonings and harems?

Palestinians are the Jews
of the Arab world.

Even with the bombs, Israel is
the one place it's okay to be Jewish.

-And here.
-German Jews in the '20s. . .

-. . .were mighty comfortable.
-This isn't Germany.

-This is America.
-Home of the KKK.

Where you and I work to make
sure the Justice Department. . .

. . .rips their Jew-hating hoods off.

Bartlet got Farad.

The general principle
would be that Arab areas. . .

. . .are Palestinian
and Jewish areas are Israeli.

Israeli sovereignty
over the Western Wall. . .

. . .Palestinian sovereignty
over the Haram.

There would have to be a commitment
from both parties not to excavate. . .

. . .under the Haram
or behind the Wall, of course.

You have kept us here for five days. . .

. . .negotiating, cajoling us into things
we didn't want to do.

But we have tried, struggled,
to find a common ground. . .

. . .because we value your friendship
and that of the United States.

But. . .

. . .I have taken a solemn oath. . .

. . .before God and my people
not to give up Jerusalem.

I told you that on the first day.
I told you.

And yet you continued to talk and
to talk. You have not been listening.

Mr. President, my. . . .

My right eye will fall out. . .

. . .my right arm will fall off. . .

. . .before I ever sign a document
giving up Jerusalem!

Mr. Prime Minister, please listen.

No, there have been
enough words, Mr. President.

We are going home.

Thank you.

No, no, no.
They're not gonna go for it.

-They might.
-They won't.

We go to Mukarat. . .

. . .convince him to take something less
than sovereignty. . .

. . .over the Arab sections of the city.

-Something less, like what?
-I don't know.

Some sort of custodial arrangement.

How about a floral arrangement?
"Best wishes for the 93rd intifada. "

-State put off the Israelis' departure.
-What'd they tell them?

That the state police needed
10 hours to secure the route.

Call C.J. Tell her there'll be
an announcement in the morning.

Have we started working
on a statement yet?

"A cycle that cannot be broken
overnight. A step toward. . . . "

Insert your favorite platitude here.

There's always "regional calamity. "

All right, everyone. Let's all
get a good night's sleep.

-Thank you, Mr. President.
-Good night.

I'll have C.J. work
on some postmortems. . .

. . .get our side of the story out.

Maybe a one-on-one
with Time or Newsweek?

They weren't ready.

Good night, Mr. President.

Cell phone service sucks up here.

Yeah, not many good spots.
This is usually one of them.

Who are you trying to call
at 2 in the morning?

Someone you hate, I hope.

It's Germany. It's morning
over there already.

-Your assistant doing better?
-She may fly back on Wednesday.

It's a search for two freedoms.

For Israel, the freedom from terror. For
the Palestinians, the freedom from Israel.

That's what Efraim Nachum called it.

His book on
the Six-Day War is pretty. . . .

What? Boring?


Find Toby and Will.
I'll meet you at Aspen.

-Get Toby and Will!

After the Six-Day War, Israelis offered
to give the U.N. diplomatic status. . .

-. . .in the holy sites in Jerusalem.

If they were willing to do it in '67,
why not now?

They give the Muslim holy sites
the status of diplomatic missions.

Israelis can keep sovereignty.

They can't enter without permission
from the Palestinians.

The Palestinians would have a state that
was inviolable. Like a foreign embassy.

Palestinians will love it. It gives them
status over the Haram. . .

. . .that the Saudis have over sites
like Mecca and Medina.

There's only one catch.

When the Israelis offered it the
first time, they wanted peacekeepers.

In Jerusalem and
throughout the West Bank.

The U.N. will give peacekeepers
if it'll solve the crisis.

It can't be the U.N. U.N. peacekeepers
have no credibility with the Israelis.

They let Egypt attack Israel through
the Sinai in '67. It would have to be us.

-How many troops?
-The Israelis have 20,000. . .

-. . .in the West Bank and Gaza.
-The Europeans will pitch in 10 percent.

Eighteen thousand American troops
patrolling the PLO's back yard?

Where the hell is Leo?

How are the other Arab nations
gonna feel about this?

Jordan will put up with new neighbors.

It'll give him peace
in his own back yard.

Folks in the West Bank are gonna roll
out the welcome mat for GI Joe. . .

. . .when he climbs out of his humvee
in Ramallah?

If we're gonna stay up, I'm gonna
order coffee and get dressed.

Is this really our job?

-Sending U.S. teens into that breach?
-What are we talking about?

An American peacekeeping force
in the Territories.

And we think that's a good idea?

Some of us do.

Palestinians want Israelis out. Israelis
don't want Palestinians there alone.

They need an outside force
to ensure a smooth transition.

-Congress won't authorize that.
-They asked for a show of force.

We'd throw ourselves into
a conflict we don't understand.

Give religious fanatics
more to scream about. . .

. . .not to mention political capital,
economic costs.

It shouldn't be our job,
but no one else can do it.

Could I speak to you privately
for a moment?

Fixed positions won't work.

I can't support this decision.

For a short period,
we may be welcome.

But what happens when we have to
declare martial law, enforce curfews?

Once they establish a rule of law and
their economy settles, they'll be fine.

This isn't a romp in the desert.

You're committing American lives to
something that may go on for decades.

How are we not involved now?

-We can't keep having this argument.
-No, sir, we can't.

My counsel is no longer of use
to you. Perhaps it's time--

If I disagree with your advice,
you have to threaten me?

This is your own League of Nations. . .

. . .and it'll ruin you
like it ruined Wilson.


I'll need your successor in place
before you leave.

-I'll get you some names.

Is everything all right?


He's still gonna do it?

You should get back in there.
Find out what the president needs--

You sure you're okay?

I just need some air.



-Just a second. Zahavy?
-Thank you.

-Good morning, Mr. Prime Minister.
-Mr. President.

-Thank you for seeing me.
-Of course.

Can we take a walk?

Eli, I had another thought last night.

The difficulty with Jerusalem. . .

. . .is finding a way to ensure
your continued sovereignty.

Good morning, everybody.
If you could settle down, please.

I'm pleased to announce
that this afternoon at 2:00. . .

. . .Prime Minister Zahavy, Chairman
Farad and President Bartlet. . .

. . .will hold a joint press conference
in the Rose Garden. . .

. . .to describe a tentative accord that's
been reached between the parties.

Congress won't approve it.

They don't have to.
We're not declaring war.

We're not even trying to build one
of those aquatic history museums.

-Still have to fund it.
-Never get that far.

Farad will find some way to trip over
his shoes before we get to resole them.

-No roundtrip on Marine One?
-Yeah. What a shame.

You talk to Leo this morning?

I couldn't find him.
Must have headed back early.

Any idea how he wants
us to handle this?

No. I'll try calling him.