The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 5, Episode 22 - Memorial Day - full transcript

The President finds himself at odds with Leo, and the entire country, on his position regarding retaliation for the bombing in Gaza.

Previously on The West Wing:

You're going on a CODEL to the
Middle East. No presidential handholding.

You're gonna see what's going on.

- Explosion in Gaza.
- What about Donna?

She was in the car that...

Andy saw people put in ambulances.
That's all she knows.

Three dead so far, sir.
Congressmen DeSantos and Korb.

And we just got word,
Admiral Fitzwallace.

I asked Fitz to go.
The people responsible...

...will be found and brought to justice.
- Don't promise that.

I know the world.

Fitzwallace told me,
when he was a kid...

...his dad took him sailing
on the Long Island Sound.

Scared the hell out of him,
so he joined the Navy.

- Kate Harper.
- The president.

It's Leo.

- Hello.
- How's Gail?

Not great.

Sir, there's been an Israeli
missile strike in Gaza City.

I'm on my way.

But before we go to
the president's address...

Chairman Farad, I need you to do
all you can to prevent retribution.

No, Mr. Chairman,
we had nothing to do with it.

No, sir. Israel did not discuss
the missile strike with us.

You don't wanna make this difficult.
We need access to the site in Gaza.

And I will urge the Israelis
to hold off on further attacks.

Most strongly, sir.

And to you, Mr. Chairman.

- Get me the Israeli prime minister.
- The ambassador's on her way.

We're their closest ally on the planet.
You'd think they'd pick up the phone.

Is that the statement?

- Anything from the FBI?
- I was just about...

- Go.
- Thirty seconds, please.

Carol's circulating
the draft already.

"Tyranny of terror to deathmongers"?
What is this, Tolkien?

- The stronger your language now...
- I'm not saying it.

- Ten seconds.
- I'll put a hold on the draft.

- Mr. President.
- I'm fine.

In five, four, three, two...

My fellow Americans, good evening.

This morning, we lost three
distinguished Americans... a despicable act of terror
in the Mideast.

I come before you shocked
and saddened by our loss.

And angered, as we all are,
by the tragedy thrust upon us.

The search is under way
for those responsible.

I ask for your patience
while we hunt for answers.

And as we pray
with those who grieve...

... let us resolve to search
not only for justice...

... but also for a just end...

... to this senseless
cycle of violence.

Thank you. Good night,
and God bless America.

From the Oval Office,
Josiah Bartlet, president of...

He should be right out.

Ambassador Galit.

I'm glad someone from your
government could spare a moment.

I'm asking for restraint. What
the hell do you think you're doing?

This has nothing to do with you. We've
been tracking this man for months.

You couldn't take three minutes
to think through the ramifications?

Ramifications? A terrorist responsible
for dozens of Israeli deaths is dead.

As are 11 innocent civilians.

This is inflammatory.
It endangers our investigation.

- Israeli intelligence is doing all they can.
- Damn it, Shira.

If I'm gonna find the people behind this,
I need access to the bomb site.

Access to evidence and the cooperation
of the Palestinian Authority.

Three things I cannot get
if you keep firing missiles into Gaza!

Mr. President, we received information
on the whereabouts of a man...

...responsible for the repeated
killing of our citizens.

We had a specific location
and little time.

Would you have done differently?

If you'll excuse me.

The FBI's received an anonymous
tip through Israeli intelligence.

They found bomb-making equipment
in an apartment in Gaza.

They think it's linked
to the bombing of our CODEL?

They believe they've located one
of the men responsible for the murders.

The president offered condolences to
the families of those murdered in Gaza.

It was a strong speech,
but I'm surprised the president...

... didn 't raise the possibility
of greater military...

I'm all for white roses
and black veils, but:

"An end to this cycle of violence"?
What's the president suggesting?

- Palestinian population.

But whatever he says, he's got three or
four possible targets he's considering.

- including the body
of Admiral Percy Fitzwallace...

.... who will be buried
Wednesday at Arlington.

Were President Bartlet's departures
from the draft text planned?

Part of the standard process
for a speech of this importance.

The cuts aren't reflective of his attitude
on military response in Gaza?

They reflect that Toby Ziegler's never
written a five-minute speech in his life.

They're talking about a congressional
resolution in support of military action.

The president is meeting with the
leadership. They'll have a discussion.

I've got a report the FBI's working with
Palestinian Authority security forces... the site of the bombing.

The investigation's in Gaza.
The Palestinians speak the language.

I have an announcement.

James Holtman, a legal aide
to Congressman DeSantos...

...died today of head and neck injuries
sustained in yesterday's bombing.

He was 26 years old.

His name is Khalil Nasan.

He's a founder of a splinter
group of the Khanjari Martyrs.

He recently fled Gaza City...

...and the equipment in his
apartment bore traces of RD X.

Same stuff used on our Suburban.

- Where is he now?
- The FBI's tracked Nasan... his headquarters
in southern Gaza.

Sir, there are several military options.

Any not mentioned
on television this morning?

We're focusing on two.
A commando raid on Khan Younis... us a chance to bring Nasan
in alive, but his organization is armed.

There's a substantial risk to our
soldiers and the mission could fail.

A missile strike from the U.S.S. Carney
carries a higher likelihood of success...

...and zero risk
to U.S. military personnel.

And the risk to civilians?

We launch the Tomahawks
in the next four hours...

...we can minimize collateral damage.
- In the next four hours.

In the middle of the day,
children are still in school...

Where exactly is this headquarters?

It's located in an
apartment complex, sir.

- How many people?
- We're still evaluating.

- Ballpark it.
- In a daytime strike...

...we'll see 15 to 50 casualties
depending on the building collapse...

...and whether fire
spreads to adjacent buildings.

- Fifteen to 50.
- lf we strike in the next four hours...

What are my other options?

- Sir, I'm sorry...
- I'm not risking 50 Palestinian lives...

...and the stability of our
relationships over there.

So I'm asking you again,
what are my other options?


What are my other options?


You don't have any options, governor.

The president's decided to follow
Fitzwallace's recommendation.

This is just a courtesy briefing.

So with less than three months
left in office...

...the president and Fitzwallace
are gonna saddle me...

...with a war in the Philippines.

I've been president-elect
for 72 hours.

The brass is already laughing at me.

It's a limited
peacekeeping mission, sir.

Military training, assisting the
Filipinos with logistics, intelligence.

No more than 1000 troops.

Sounds like a lot, but since I haven't the
vaguest idea what I'm talking about...

Wilson didn't know a battalion
from a battery when he took office.

And he did a heck of a job
with the Treaty of Versailles.

Admiral Fitzwallace thought
you might find it reassuring.

He did, did he?

Alan, thanks for coming up.

We'll start the full
security briefings next week.

Sir, congratulations again...

...and good luck with the conference.
- Thank you.

Admiral Fitzwallace.
Remind me to fire that guy.

We could ask the Israelis
to go after the suspect.

- We don't want them fighting for us.
- We don't want them fighting at all.

- There's the Palestinian Authority.
- Chairman Farad?

- He's offered assistance.
- You're kidding.

He's asked for the opportunity to
arrest suspects identified by the FBI.

Sir, we share our intel with him, he's
as likely as not to tip off the suspect.

The chairman has no love for Nasan's
organization, and we can give incentives.

- Guns and bombs to fight Israelis?
- International legitimacy.

Agreement to recognize him as the
representative of the Palestinians.

You wanna get back on the
merry-go-round with this guy?

Let's see what he has to say.

- Leo.
- Yeah.

- You know, the Israelis have tried this.
- Yeah?

Two years ago. They identified the
men behind the discotheque bombing...

...gave the intel to the Palestinians.

The chairman made them write:

"I will not kill innocent children,"
and sent them home.

He won't treat us like Israelis.
We have power to bring him to the table.


The country wants action.
Bringing Farad back to the table...

I'm not saying it's Camembert and
wine, Leo. I'm saying it's what we got.

Find a way to get Nasan
without taking out a city block...

...I'll launch the damn missile myself.

Hi there.

- You just wake up?
- My mouth is dry.

Let me get you some water.


What happened to you?

To me?

You need to shave.

- I haven't really had time.
- Where am I?

You're in Germany.

It doesn't look like Germany.

- You're actually in a military...
- Here you go, honey.

- She's not German.
- This is true.

Just squeeze that clicker if it hurts.
It's a morphine drip.

It's gonna take some time
to orient yourself.

He needs to shave.

Wouldn't hurt.
I'm just gonna draw a little blood.

If you need to step outside...

I'm fine.

I'll be right back.

Did you find his notes
on the speaker's...?

I'll check Donna's files.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How's she doing?
- About the same.

But she's awake, at least.
Kind of. What's going on there?

Well, other than the legion of
congressmen demanding retribution...'s been pretty quiet.
- The end of his address...

- It was an improv.
- The Europeans loved it.

So did The Times.
Of course, in about 15 minutes...

...every other editorial page will be
calling for Hamlet to get off the dime.

So, what are we doing?

- I'll put the Joint Chiefs on the line.
- Toby.

You really want state secrets
on a collect call?

- We could use code names.
- Yeah.

We gotta make a call
on Camden Yards.

It's Memorial Day. He's scheduled to
toss out the first pitch at Camden Yards.

Cancel it. No.

We can't cancel.
It sends the wrong message.

Ask for a moment of silence.
And, Toby...

...he's gotta... You need to take him
out with gloves and a ball.

It's a 6-foot toss from the stands.
It's Little League.

FDR threw from the stands,
beaned one of his photographers in '37.

Extended the Depression
another four years.

I can't stress enough the importance
of an immediate and forceful response.

- And, Mr. Speaker, we fully intend to...
- Really?

The president's speech was...

We're making every effort
to identify those responsible.

We can't get caught up in politics.
Whether it's the religious right...

...or the folks funded
by the AIPAC lobby.

Israel is a black-and-white issue.

There was little sympathy for the
Palestinians before this incident.

But a resolution on swift military
action sounds like a winner.

These lunatics are willing
to sacrifice themselves, their children.

The only way to ensure the safety
of this country is to respond in kind.

- "In kind."
- I think the speaker's trying to say...

- I got it, Bob.
- Do you?

We lost two U.S. congressmen.
I got 200 members of my conference...

...screaming for Farad's head.
There's an obvious course of action here.

And on that, we stand firmly
behind the president.

And Bob's right.

Politics aside, Leo...

...he's gotta do this.

I will do all in my power to help
you bring this man to justice.

- Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
- We will do our very best, Mr. President.

We need more than your best, sir.

We're disconnected, sir.

If you wanna apprehend Nasan
without escalating the conflict...

Of course, the chairman has
consistently chosen violence over peace.

He's walked from offers that would've
given his people a Palestinian state.

The Israelis aren't likely to ever sit down
to the negotiation table with him again.

He's not the answer
to the greater problem.

- He may be the answer to this one.
- I wouldn't bet on it.

Things went well with the leadership?

- What?
- A bus in Jerusalem. Suicide bombing.

Ten to 20 dead.
Over 100 wounded.

- Getting creamed there.
- Yeah.

CNN's running a piece on the edits
to the president's address.

They're not praising
his sensible moderation?

Not so much.
What's happening on the Hill?

They're putting the military
action resolution to a vote.

- It's gonna pass?
- I'm hoping it's not unanimous.

What do you think?

The country is waiting
for the president to bomb Gaza.

I think that's a good sign
he hasn't done it yet.

- Hey, Toby.
- Hey.

- What's that?
- It's for the game.

Secret Service says
he's gotta wear a vest.

- Have you seen him throw a baseball?
- Yeah.

I'm not sure he could throw it
60 feet without the vest.

- We have to...
- We pull out a couple of gloves...

...and throw him in the vest between
his call with the chairman...

...and the Egyptian ambassador meeting.
- Yeah.


Number two bus is a bus
that runs from the western wall...

... to an ultraorthodox neighborhood
in West Jerusalem.

- Both its passenger sections were full.
- What are you watching?


How do you feel?

They left a lunch tray earlier.

- I'm not hungry.
- German chocolate cake.

- Really, I'm kind of nauseous.
- Okay.

Your mom's on the way to New York.
She's gonna take the redeye.

- How long are you staying?
- I don't know.

I figure, I hang around long enough, a
nurse is bound to give me a sponge bath.

- Leo doesn't need you to...
- I'm here as long as I need to be here.


- I don't wanna talk to anybody.
- Okay.

- Hey, C.J.
- How is she?

She's fine. I mean...

...she was singing tunes from My Fair
Lady, but it was just the morphine.

- Can I talk to her?
- We're actually at intermission right now.

But she really is all right?

She's doing this whole
Julie Andrews thing.

Have you seen the news?

Donna Moss?

You think we need to...?

Come out fighting. Leak a force depletion
report and blueprints for the invasion.


Okay, that may be a little bit...



Mr. Chairman, when we agreed to
work with you on our investigation...

- Yes, I appreciate your trust.
- What's going on there?

We assumed your people...

We trusted you wouldn't do anything
to make that investigation more difficult.

Our security team
has been cooperating.

The Jerusalem bombing, Mr. Chairman.

Five children slaughtered
in the last Israeli missile strike.

How am I to stop
my people from reacting?

Mr. Chairman, I agreed to work with you
despite the way my people are reacting.

You must control your people.

- What's going on? Is he still on the line?
- The connection's been lost.

- Can we get him back on the phone?
- Sir.

Does he not understand
I'm trying to help him here?

- Can you get him back on the phone?
- You may have some difficulty with that.

The Israeli army has deployed
150 armored vehicles...

...and two armed squadrons
to the eastern sections of Ramallah.

They've surrounded
the chairman's compound.

I can't get these guys
to keep their hands off each other.

The Israeli special forces have created
a perimeter around the compound.

- They cut off electricity, phones.
- We noticed.

The Israelis probably figure now's
a good time to neutralize the chairman.

- Neutralize?
- Cut him off.

Prevent him from possibly
orchestrating further bombings.

Or they've decided to forcibly
remove Farad from the territories.

That would make it
difficult to work with him.

Actually, the Palestinian
security forces in Gaza...

...are refusing to proceed
into Khan Younis.

- They're not gonna arrest Nasan.
- They can't reach the chairman.

And without his approval,
they won't go in.

Mr. Secretary, where are we?

We've been working
on a third military option, sir.

Two F/ A-18s dropping
air-to-surface guided missiles.

These are a third the size
of the Tomahawks.

The damage would be substantially less.

How many?

Thirty casualties, maximum.

That's substantially less than 50?

Night has fallen in Gaza.
You're looking at an evening raid.

- lf we wait till tomorrow morning?
- Fifteen to 20.


A thousand American kids.

Excuse me?

The soldiers heading off
to the Philippines.

He's sending them into a war zone.

- It's a peacekeeping mission.
- Yeah.

Training and logistics.
And handing out chewing gum.

You're entitled to comment
if you feel that strongly about it.

Some of them aren't coming back.

You get the best information.
You consider all your options.

You look at the potential good.

And you do what you think is right.


U.S. action at this time could be seen as
an implicit sanction of the Israeli assault.

Sir, Nasan's not likely to stay put.

If we don't act now, we will lose him.

And if the U.S. engages in the same type
of missile strikes the Israelis resort to...

...we may need to evacuate
our embassies.

We could destabilize moderate
regimes in Jordan and Egypt...

Nasan's contributed to the murder
of three senior government officials.

We've reduced the collateral
damage numbers substantially.

It's like taking out a Super Bowl spot for
every anti-American terrorist network.

Failure to act,
especially in the Middle East.

- It's appeasement.
- Leo, this is not 1938.

We aren't fighting Fascists
with armies and tanks.

It's terror cells. An individual
can take out a small city...

...with a briefcase of plutonium.

- The F/ A-18s, they're in position?
- Yes, sir.

I want a full collateral
damage assessment report...

...for a daylight assault
on my desk within the hour.

Thank you, sir.

- What do you think you're doing?
- Excuse me?

We don't push agendas here.

I don't believe I am.

He has a process. He likes
to reflect, consider his options.

But at the end of the day, when it's time
to make a call, he's gotta stay focused.

- I'm trying to give relevant info.
- This isn't the U.N.

He's not the secretary-general.

He's president of the United States...

...and our job is to make sure
his priorities are clear.

Today's priority is not world peace.

Haffley wants to schedule
another meeting.

Doesn't think we got it the first time?

I've got the damage assessment
report for the F/ A-18 strike.


There's a summary on the last page.

I've been on the phone
for the past three hours.

I've barely moved the needle.

I got the Israelis to agree
to hold off the raid.

But they say the chairman is harboring
terrorists and refuse to pull back.

The Egyptians did me a nice Cassandra
routine over tea and papyrus.

The Syrians were a ball of laughs,
and the Saudis had this neat idea...

...about forking over terror suspects
to the International Criminal Court.

But I don't know how
I'm supposed to sell that one.


The F/ A-18 strike
is a reasonable response.

Maybe in Yemen, Leo,
but this is Gaza. The peace process.

The stability of the region.
We need to think long-term.

The peace process?

The Israelis handed the chairman the deal
of the century in Taba five years ago.

He started smuggling Katyusha
rockets into Gaza on fishing boats.

There is no long term.

The Israelis are right. There's only
one way to bring stability to this region.

We should be there with them, digging
ditches and putting up barbed wire.

- The fence?
- It's a realistic solution.

- It's a landgrab.
- There's no alternative!

- There's no partner for peace.
- You're gonna find a Palestinian leader...

...after the Israelis have
swiped half the Jordan valley?

After the United States has taken out
15 to 20 innocents in Gaza?

We're not a neutral arbitrator.
We've got skin in the game.

When the sun comes up in Gaza, you're
gonna have to launch those planes.

- that we condemn this aggression...

... and call upon the world
to stop Israel...

... from putting our beloved
Chairman Farad in jeopardy.

Bullets will bring bullets.

- Violence will bring violence.
- Yeah. They do get it, you know.

Despite the rhetoric...

...Palestinians realize that if they've
got any chance of peace...'s with you guys as brokers.

It'd be a shame to see that blown.

So you two spend a lot of
time together over there?


Pretty long flight
from Gaza to Germany.

Not really.

It's nothing compared
to the flight from D.C.

Look, she didn't mention anything.

- lf this is gonna be an issue, then...
- No. No issue.

You all right?

- Where's the...?
- The what?

- Here it is.
- Morphine.

I think it only works the first time.

You're leaving.

Yeah, just... Just for a little bit.

But I shall return before first light.
Don't go anywhere.

- Josh.
- Yeah. Nice to meet you.

And you.

Isn't he charming?

Sure, in a bodice-ripping,

sort of way.


- More admirers.
- Really?

How many photographers
did you meet over there?

Who are they from?

- Okay, this is sort of weird.
- What?

"Wishes for a speedy recovery.

Father of the baker.
Father of the light."

"Son of the sword."

The flowers sound like pomegranate,
the national flower of Palestine...

...and the names on the card
are translations...

...of Abu Ferran, Abu Siraj
and lbn Husam.

And we've heard of Manny,
Moe and Jack?

- The Palestinian prime minister's sons.
- Mukarat? What's the Arabic?

A date, time and restaurant not
far from the hospital in Landstuhl.

What the hell are we
supposed to do there?

Somebody has a message
they couldn't phone in to State.

Somebody who knew that a
senior aide was in Germany.

A domestic policy aide
who refers to Italy... the one that looks like a boot.
- And doesn't draw much attention...

...on the international scene.
- Yeah. So, what is this?

It could be information
about the bombing.

A message from Prime Minister Mukarat
related to the current situation.

I gotta call in the CIA director?

We'll put agents on it.

But they've already picked
the guy they wanna talk to.

You want me to have a secret meeting
with the Son of the Sword?

I must be high from the morphine.

You know, stealth isn't
exactly my strong suit.

He's very clumsy.

Josh, just sit down with the guy
and see what he has to say.

- Yeah, but technically, I'm gonna be a...
- It's a diplomatic meeting.

- Do I need to carry a piece?
- Josh.

Why aren't you sending, I don't
know, someone more like you?

Because they didn't
send me the flowers.

They sent Donna the flowers.

Donna can 't walk. And they
were angling for you.

If I sent a professional,
it would just spook the guy.

- So to speak.
- Is this dangerous?

No, it's a diplomatic meeting.
It's not dangerous.

Donna wants to know
if it's dangerous.

You flew Lufthansa.

You've been wandering alone.
If someone wanted to kill you... would have happened already.
- That's not reassuring.

I'm sending someone from the embassy.
We'll have someone there...

...if you run into trouble.
Maybe try to keep a low profile.

Should I switch cabs?

- You wouldn't rather wait in your office.
- I enjoy your company.

I enjoy a good slug of gin at lunch,
but I've learned to do without.

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

He's only been hovering here
like a jaybird for the last 40 minutes.

- What's that?
- The vest for the game.

Why is it here now?

When you wear the vest,
your throwing motion...

I've worn the damn thing before.

You'll be on national TV.
The people will be watching.

Given their state of mind...

...I'd rather not have you walk
into a stadium...

...of 48,000 and hang
a curve ball over the backstop.

- He's right, sir. Everyone agrees.
- Everyone?

Leo. Josh. C.J. Your wife.
The Notre Dame Athletic Department.

You got 15 minutes.
Give me the vest.

I speak English.

Okay. Good. I'm...
I'm meeting someone.

Mr. Lyman?


I can walk you to your table.

Kate Harper. Quickly.

- Harrison. McKinley.
- Nope.

McKinley did throw the first pitch at
a Senators game, but only as governor.


First one to throw out the first pitch.
William Howard Taft, 1910.

Well, I hope they made fatty practice.


We figured you'd rather not share
this moment with history.

You don't think the China Room
would be better?

This has gotta be
one of the highlights.

Remember to follow through, sir.

Not a word, Ziegler.

A guy was sitting at the table.
I sat down, he left.

He's probably just checking
to make sure you weren 't followed.

- This is a diplomatic meeting.
- Yes.

Because it's feeling a little
Nick Danger.

- Try to relax.
- You got a guy here, right?

Yes, Josh.

Is it the guy with the toupee?
Because he looks pretty obvious.

- Josh...
- I gotta go.


- Okay. That was better.
- I hit the wall.

Distance was good. Now just aim
for the guy with the mitt.

- Why didn't we cancel?
- I was just wondering the same thing.

I could write 100 speeches,
and we'd never come close... the sight of you up on that mound.
- Yeah, that's me. All-powerful.

Bending the will of the world
by my mere presence.

Hamas grows stronger every day.

Because of frustration with Israel.

Yes, but even more because of what
Hamas can offer the Palestinian people.

Education, food, health care.

Doesn't the Palestinian Authority...?

The Palestinian Authority lines
their own pockets.

Chairman Farad cannot,
will not change.

And he's willing to pull the
temple down on his own head.

But there are others, reasonable men,
who, with help, could effect change...

...challenge Hamas.


I tell you this in the strictest
of confidence.

I bring word from
Prime Minister Mukarat of Palestine.

He's concerned about the ongoing
situation and feels the time has come...

...for opening a new line of dialogue
with Israel and with your country.

A line of dialogue that does
not include Chairman Farad.


- You all right?
- Abbey.

What can I do for you?

I came to offer up my services.

Your services?

I look pretty good in a bulletproof vest.

- Okay.
- Not to mention, I was quite...

...the intramural softball player,
and let's face it, Jed's no Cy Young.

Toby and Josh think it's important
he goes out there tonight.

What does Ron Butterfield think?

We've had a dozen Secret Service at
Camden Yards for the past two weeks...

...disassembling the air conditioners.

They'll have men in every
janitor's closet, every bathroom...

...up on the roof. That and the
other 240 security guys the ballpark...

You look tired.

It's been a long day.

It's been a long year.

You want him to do something.


- Seems to me he's trying to.
- He's tilting at windmills.

Tilting at windmills in the Middle East.

Is there a better place for that?

You think historians will judge me...

...because I can't stand
the national pastime?

We'll make sure it's
a well-kept secret, sir.

In 50, 60 years, some guy
with a camcorder...

...will track down some old codger
who worked here on the kitchen staff...

...and tell the story of how I thought
Stan Musial was a pediatrician...

...from Abbey's medical school class.
- It's a pretty common mistake.

I'd really like to bomb
the whole damn place.

- Gaza?
- Gaza, the West Bank.

Take out the whole Arabian Peninsula
while we're at it.

It's what the country wants.

Sure. Hell, it's practically
the American way.

And who cares if it's exactly
what those lunatics want?

They push, we push back and
they've got the holy war...

...they've been praying for, with
1001 recruits to fight...

...the big kid on the other side of the
Atlantic. Like bad Shakespeare.

They're waiting for me
to play my role...

...and chuck a big fat one
right down the middle.

Mr. President.

Let me get this straight. Josh met
with some guy over bratwurst?

Information checks out.
This has all the hallmarks...

...of a back-channel overture.
- I thought Mukarat was in Farad's pocket.

So did we. Seems he realized
unilateral Israeli action...

...will leave his people with less
than negotiating will.

We're talking about kingmaking.

About a leader with
whom there can be no peace.

- The Israelis won't sit down with Farad...
- How would this work?

We broker secret talks
with the Israelis.

Show them Mukarat's credible.
They pull back...

...bolster Mukarat
by releasing prisoners...

We're grasping at straws. This kind of
intervention into Palestinian politics...

American intervention is responsible
for propping up nearly every dictator... the Middle East.
- And look where that's gotten us.

Sir...'s time to focus on the terrorist
elements who've declared war on us.

We're at war with jealousy and hatred.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is
the index patient.

Shouldn't that be our focus?

Do we have any files on Mukarat?
Writings? Personal history?

We could pull that together.

Governor, only you would decide
to hold a press conference outside... zero-degree weather.
We'll all freeze to death.

- One way to avoid too many questions.
- I'd prefer to avoid hypothermia.

I'm gonna get clobbered.

- You're not gonna get clobbered.
- We should ask for a re-count.

You got 303 electoral votes.
I think you're stuck with them.

- Who are all those people?
- Press conference wasn't a secret.

Apparently you have fans.

What do they want me to do,
run the country?

It's a little surprising, isn't it?

You heard me today. Hell, the general
could barely keep his lunch down.

You don't think he and Fitzwallace are
gonna have a great laugh over that?

- We have some things to learn.
- I can't do this without you.

You think I'd let you?
There's a reason I've stayed sober.

Any way to gauge the reaction
of the Arab world...

...or the Israelis?

We have a number of contacts
we could reach out to quietly.

Let's do so. And keep the
F/ A-18s on ready alert.

Sir. This is a waste of time.

- We've tried elevating...
- Thank you, Leo.

- You need to...
- Thank you.

Where's Donna Moss?

- Excuse me?
- Donna Moss.

- She's not in her room.
- Are you related?

I work for the president of
the United States.

I have the diplomatic rank of a
three-star general. Tell me.

You spoke with Ambassador Galit?

The Israelis are willing to sit down
with Mukarat, privately... long as Chairman Farad
won't be involved.

- Okay. Where are you on this?
- Both options have risks.

Give us a moment, would you?

Oh, you can't go in there.

- What's...?
- A complication.

- She's developed a pulmonary embolism.
- It's a blood clot.

We're trying to remove it now.

You know, on May 13th, the day
before Israeli Independence Day...

...the TV stations in Israel
screen the name...

...of every soldier who's
fallen for the country.

A name flashes for a second or two,
then the next name appears.

You go to bed, you get up, the names
are still flashing. It takes 24 hours.

That's how they observe Memorial Day.

Yeah, and they keep lobbing
missiles into Gaza.

We start encouraging it, how long
until that broadcast lasts 48 hours?

Or 72?

How often have we
tried negotiation?

- We're not negotiating with the chairman.
- Your priority...

...should be the security
of this country.

I think you're gun-shy, sir.

The most important moment of
your presidency...

...and you're gonna blow it
because you're human.

- You're a father who almost lost...
- You think this is about Zoey?

You're damn right it's about Zoey.
And Ellie and Elizabeth and Mallory.

It's about bombs in Macy's and
Penn Station and Starbucks.

Bombing Gaza could be the most
dangerous move this country...

...has made in two centuries.
- Or not.

In 75 years, we'll know if
we're right or wrong...

...but nobody today can tell
me with certainty.

I'm the guy in the office, Leo.

I'll be the one who's judged.
Do you hear me?

It should be you, Leo. You. Not me.

You got the ball?

- Yeah.
- The chairman's on TV.

He's accepted our invitation
to the negotiations.

- What?
- Chairman Farad. He's on TV.

He's thanking us for inviting him
and Prime Minister Mukarat...

... to a summit with the Israelis.

We didn't invite him! We haven't
even formally invited Mukarat.

He's publicly accepted our
invitation to Camp David.

Now time for our ceremonial first pitch.

Tonight, we are pleased to welcome
the president of the United States.