The Shivering Truth (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - Tow and Shell - full transcript

If one holds one's mother against the ear and listens closely, one's dead father's voice can be heard softly crying "my child has gone bananas".

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[ Dialing ]

Operator: 911.
What's your emergency?

Lyle: Oh, God!
An intruder.

This guy --
He broke into my house,

and he tied me up,
and -- oh, God --

he made sure I had to watch
as he w-woke up my -- my wife!

And he -- he charmed her.
Made her laugh.

Then he made it so they
found little similarities...

ways their world views

and, over time, he made her
fall in love with him.

In love?

And now they're
in a committed relationship

where they look out for
each others' emotional needs

with a maturity I'll never
be capable of achieving.

Okay, sir, I'm going
to tell you what to do.

But you have
to remain calm.

Please, hurry.

Now. You're not going to be
able to compete with this guy

on fulfilling her needs.

So you have to made
a drastic show of indifference,

play on her insecurity.

Stoke her latent desire
to have her inner sense

of worthlessness reinforced.

Can you do that for me?

I don't know how!

Just ignore her, sir.

Then when she looks to you
for validation,

treat her like dirt.
Oh, God.

Degrade her.

It's -- It's working.

Don't let up.
Keep it going.

It worked.
We're back together.

Ah, thank you so much.

No need to thank me, sir.

I'm just doing my job.

[ Ominous music plays ]


And then.

For show and tell,

Pauly Dindin showed
and told his class

that if you hold a seashell
to your ear,

you can hear the roar
of the very ocean itself.

But some seashells
work too well.

Some children hear too much

of what is happening
on that fated shore.

Woman: Oh, just take in
that salt air.

The sunset is radiant today.

Angus: Not as radiant
as you, my love.

Oh, Angus!

What if your wife finds out
about us? And your kid?

Little Pauly and his mother
will never find out about us.

How can you be sure?

This is how.

[ Gun cocks ]

Where did you get that gun?

Put that down.

I'm sorry, but I can't
risk losing my wife.

I don't mind losing Pauly,

but that's neither here
nor there.

What are you gonna do?!

Nothing I haven't fantasized
about a thousand times.

usually it wasn't you.

It was my kid, Pauly.

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]

You did it, Angus.

Your problems are over.
[ Laughs ]

I mean, you still got
a crap-ass son

with crap
all over his face.

ya can't have everything.

All right, let me just see

if she's got any cash
in her wallet.

Ooh! Grape gum!

Okay, ready?
[ Sighs ]

You can do this.

[ Dialing ]

Here we go.
911. What's your emergency?

I was jogging on the beach,

and I found the body
of a stranger

who I've never seen before
in my life!

Is the person dead?

Oh, she better be.

I-I mean, she looks like
she's been shot by a lover.

Can you describe the victim?

Uh, let's see.

Uh, well, she's not
the kind of woman

that I
would be attracted to.

Just not my type.

Besides, I'm married.

I got a kid, too, but that
wouldn't be a deal breaker

'cause he's such a chode.

In fact, when I dropped
my kid off at school today,

he's whining at me, like,

"Oh, I hope have embarrass
myself at show and tell today."

I seriously had to stop
myself from blasting

a snot rocket
in his frickin' mouth

just to see the tweaked-out
look on his stupid puss.

This kid of your
sounds like a real piece

of garbage.
[ Laughing ] Yeah.

Sounds like
you've met the boy.

No, but I hope when he's
in front of the class today

he wets his pants.

Oh, yeah, lady?

Well, I hope
he solids his face.

[ Laughs ] His classmates
oughta call him "Solid Face."

Seriously. They should
start doing that today.

Anyway, I'm sending
an emergency vehicle to you

right away, so --

Oh, the body!

It's -- It's not dead!

She's got my gun.
A gun.

She must have found it.
I-I don't have a gun.

Please, honey.
Okay, just put that down.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Dial tone ]


Oh, God,
something terrible happened.

This job sucks.

Every call
tragedy after tragedy.

Calm down, Sheryl.

It's the only job
you got.

At least you're not
an absolute turd

like that kid Solid Face.

What a turd.

Take it easy.
Take the next call.

I can't save 'em all.

[ Beep ]

What is your emergency?

Elderly woman's voice: Oh,
I don't want to be any trouble.

Never mind.

If you need some help --

No, I shouldn't
have bothered you.

I shouldn't have.
No, no, no!

It's -- It's no trouble.

What is it?
It's nothing.

I'm sure you're too busy
to save a little lady's life.

Ma'am, wait!

You can tell me what is wrong,
and I will help you.

Don't waste your time
worrying about me

and my unfolding
personal emergency.

How are you?

Are you seeing anyone,

I'm married.

Oh, that's nice.

D-Does he hit you?

Not at all.
Is that what happened to you?

Did your husband hit you?

Oh, no.
I never married.

I didn't want
to trouble anyone.

It's just me and the cats.

Okay, if you're lonely,
I can transfer you

to elderly services --


Good heavens!
I'm 24!

Do I sound elderly
to you?

I just thought with the cats --

Oh, a young woman
can't keep a few dozen cats.

I get it.
Good one.

You got me.
Really tore me down good.

No, I didn't mean to --

[ Voice breaking ]
If you're done having your fun,

then why don't you go back
to your fancy husband,

who doesn't hit you
for some strange reason?

It's fine.

The cats have eaten
most of my body by now.

I didn't want
to be any trouble,

and I don't have the heart
to shoo them off, so...

they're really digging in.

Okay, I'm sending
animal control out now.

But what will
the kitties eat?

Someone will be there
within the hour.

They've eaten
up to my throat.

I'm inside them now.

I live through them.

One in flesh,
one in soul,

one in -- Meow.

[ Meowing ]

[ Yowling ]

Excuse me, Mr. Darpi.

I think there's something
wrong with this seashell.

Lyle Darpi suddenly wondered

if he had wasted his life
teaching for a reason.

[ Gasps ]

Perhaps this miracle

was finally
the treasure he deserved.


[ Engine starts, tires screech ]

Now that he was rich,
he was free to live life

to the fullest possible --

[ Crash ]

Oh. Oh, oh. Oh.

[ Beep ]

Operator: 911.
What is your emergency?

I'm trapped upside down
in my car. Losing blood.

Please, send someone quick.
I'm -- I'm rich.

I'll pay whatever.

What's that?

I-If you can get someone here
faster, money is no object.

Oh. I didn't realize
you were wealthy.

You should have said

I'll transfer you
to our luxury line.

Luxury line?

One moment, please.

[ Click, classical music plays ]


[ Beep ]

Charleston: [ British accent ]
Good evening. 9-1-1 Deluxe.

My name is Charleston.

To whom do I have
the pleasure of speaking?

My name is Lyle Darpi.
Please help.

Right away, Mr. Darpi.

What is the nature
of our emergency this afternoon?

I'm trapped in my car.
I think my leg is gone.

Oh, wonderful.

Well, we have
a superb fleet of ambuli

for you to choose from --


Would you prefer
standard stretch,

that comes
with a stocked wet bar;

with hotted tub...

Whatever's fastest!


which comes with
a personal blood butler --

It doesn't matter!
Just hurry!

Wolves are closing in!

Oh, excellent, sir.

And what is your Platinum
Elite Plus member number?

I don't have one!

Oh, God,
there are wolves coming!

It's perfectly fine, sir.
No need to yell.

This is the luxury service.

I can just give you
a new account.

Losing blood.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Wolves howling ]

I'm losing blood and...

Losing blood.
Losing blood.
Yes, sir.

Losing blood.
Losing blood.

This is all that kid Pauly's
fault -- Solid Face.

Uh-huh, and...yeah.

There we go.

And your confirmation number
on the new account

is YTR583836839027FRTH85779.

Dash B.

Now go ahead and give me
that confirmation number,

and we'll be good to go.

I-I don't remember it!

You've lost
your confirmation number?

Please send help.

The wolves are licking
blood off the hood.

You know what, sir?

I'm really not supposed
to do this,

but I'm going to get you
an ambulance

the confirmation number.

Thank you!

So, would you prefer
standard stretch,

which, again, comes complete
with a fully stocked wet bar;

with hotted tub;

super-dupra-double-dog-lupra --


The wolves!

Aah! Aaahhh!

[ Wolf snarling ]

[ Wolf growls, children scream ]

But when a boy girds his hatches
for a wolf attack,

he lowers his guard
against the true threat.

[ Growls, chomps ]

Because certain fangs
inject into the child

a recognition that every object
in the physical realm

is a shell for something,

faintly sounding its source
into the ear of the air.

He could hear the embarrassment
of things around him.

He could sense
how one particular pen

knew somewhere inside...

[ Pen screeching ]

...that, due
to certain circumstances,

it would one day be responsible
for more deaths

than a Nazi Holocaust
with a side of Nagasaki.

Pauly could hear it knowing.

He became the greatest hero
the world has ever not known.

[ Laughter ]

And that was the moment

Pauly Dindin
first came out of his shell.


[ Seashell ringing ]

What is your emergency?

But after being robbed for ages,

the sea
had taken its sound back

from all the shells
that had stolen it.

It's broken.

And the ocean's throat
was finally free

to share
its innermost reflections.

[ Waves crashing,
people screaming ]

[ Pulsating tone, wailing ]

[ Screaming continues ]

So little Pauly
solidified his face

and did what
a good boy would do.

[ Screaming continues ]

[ Gun cocks ]

[ People gasp ]

[ Screaming stops ]


To this day,
he remains at vigilant arms.

None of us know it,
but he stays there for us.