The Shivering Truth (2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Magmafying Past - full transcript

The only thing hotter than the future is the present, and the only thing wetter than a present is the itchy glass of molten absolution that just quenched the thrust of Tessa's face.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Nevertheless, if you mashed
together every soul on Earth,

it would weigh less
than one flea.

Ryan Regrt scratched
so religiously

that the sore on his arm

grew into the shape
of a small church.

The more fanatic he scratched,
the deeper the itch became,

until Ryan was more church
than child,

wholly swallowed
by the swell, gone.

His grieving parents
were grateful

for the tragic loss
of their beloved boy,

as it gave them
the perfect place

to mourn the tragic loss
of their beloved boy.

Luckily, the church pastor

taught them how to repent
for this perverse pleasure.

Pastor: That's good.
A little to the left.

Right there. Ah, don't stop.
Yes. Ahh, ahh. Yes! Oh!



But as man evolves,

war itself must become
increasingly sophisticated.

You puny maggots need me
to break you into men...

'cause you're maggots!
What are you?

I'm a maggot, sir!

I can't hear you!

I'm a maggot, sir!!

I don't understand!

Sir! I am -- I'm saying I --
I'm saying a maggot!

But I'm confused -- how are you
a maggot of some kind?!

Just 'cause you told me I was,
so I'm a maggot, sir!

But how is that
physiologically possible?!

Huh, maggot?!
It just is!

I can't explain
the biology of it,

but I am a maggot,
I swear!

Are you playin' mental games
with me, maggot?

No, sir!
Am I playing

mental games
with you, maggot?

I really don't know.
I-I really don't know, sir!

[ Sobbing ]
Do I look like
I'm playing mental games?

Look me in the eye.
What do you see in there?

[ Sniffles ]

God, I hope he can't
really see inside me --

how fragile I am...

how I can only feel big
by belittling others...

how I'd crumble were I not
held whole by his fear of me.

Can he tell that
I'm the real maggot?

Hey, now,
I'm not gonna let you

beat yourself up like that.

Wait. How did --
I can hear your voi--

Shh! It's okay.
I genuinely respect you,

not because of your performance
of masculinity,

but in spite of it.

But...I'm toxic trash.

You know what I see behind
all your emotional armor?

A real cool cookie.

For real?

Triple sugar
shine real, real.

I've waited my whole life
to hear someone tell me that.

Now that it happened, why do
I still feel so alone inside?

You're not alone.
I'm in there with you.

You're my tough
little guy, okay?

Who's my tough
little guy?
I am.

I can't hear you.

I-I'm your tough
little guy!


I'm your tough little guy!

God, I feel so appreciated
for the first time.

How can I ever
thank you, guy?

How 'bout, uh, maybe --

I don't know --
a -- a little kiss?

That's not what I...

That -- That would make me

After all
I've done for you?

One quick little kiss
inside of our minds.

No one has to know.

Um, okay.

Um, well, o-okay,
just -- just one.

[ Smooches ]

That wasn't
so bad, was it?

I guess not.

Gimme a little more.

Mmm. Mmm.

This is all
happening so fast.

[ Growling ]

What was that?

Be still, my cookie.
This'll be over quick.

[ Crunching ]

Where'd I go?
Where am I?

You're in the realm
of love eternal.

Isn't it beautiful?

I-I don't know.

Just kidding.
You're in my tummy.

It's beautiful.

Oh, boy.
I gotta go to the bathroom.

[ Groans ]

[ Plopping ]

I feel like you're taking
advantage of me, Private.

Aw, that's all
in your head.

[ Horn honks ]

Which reminds me --
I-I forgot to wipe. Hang on.

Well, we better
get back to it

before the guys
notice anything.

And don't you dare squeal
about what I done did to you.

Well, do I look like I'm
playing mental games, maggot?!

No, sir!
You're not, I swear!

Then answer this question,
maggot --

why do you treat me like dirt
when all I ever wanted

was to bask
in the light of your love?!

[ Sobbing ]

Great! You're ready!

[ Fanfare ]

This was all a part

of a covert elite
psychic training program.

You are now
the perfect soldier.

Really? Thanks.
W-What an honor.

Yep. Go on now. The big war
is right through there.


[ Laughter ]

Well, that takes care
of that dildo.

Announcer: Private Ray Pontle
simply did what was required

to get out of his
dangerous combat obligations.

Now he was free to pursue
his true calling --

a life of secretly watching
women purchase underwear.

-He knew Sarge would be fine.

Sergeant Pat Mounder, on behalf
of the U.S. Armed Forces,

it's my duty
to inform you

that we're gonna have
to let you go.

[ Robotic voice ]
You are firing me?

It's not your fault.

It's just you're not a good
fit for our organization.

You're more like a piece of meat
that just keeps on living.

But your war made
me like this.

Now, w-we could
get into all that

"he said, meat said"

but you'd be better off
trying for a job

as a raisin or a maggot.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill everyone!


You passed your cyborg
warrior training.

You're ready!

What an honor.

[ Music playing ]

Announcer: Tessa Doinel had
wasted enough of her life

doing whatever men
wanted her to do.

She decided to take a stand
and buy the blue ones this time.

Find what you're
looking for?

Did you see these underwear?

Yes, all the panties on this
rack are self-bleeding.

But why?

They bleed
so you don't have to.

Ooh, these would
look sexy on you.

No, I-I don't like it.

Not your color?

No, it's the blood.

Well, there are other fluids.

These ones here
are self-snotting.

[ Coughs ]

that's hot on you.

You looking to spice up
your marriage?

Well, I'd like
to have kids, so...

You should've said so.

These ones are crotchless
for know.

Go on, push.


Don't be shy.
[ Grunts ]

[ Moans ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Moaning ]

Here it comes.

Harder. Harder!

[ Grunting ]
[ Moaning ]

[ Water splashes, baby cries ]

Ooh, that's sexy.

You broke it,
you bought it.

I don't know how to take
care of it.
Gotcha covered.

Just feed the goddamn thing

till it moves out
or goes to jail.

Truth is, I-I don't actually
have a husband.

Not a problem.

We carry a wide selection
of wifebeaters.

I knew I'd find love if o--
Oh, oh, oh!

He dumped me!

I'll never bask
in the light of love...

Announcer: Private Pontle
had found his soul mate.

He just had to speak to her

and begin his new life
of perfect joy.

Wait! Miss!

[ Horn honking ]

Woman's voice:

You have activated our

automated insecurity system.

I didn't take anything.
Go on -- check.

There's nothing missing.

Oh. I see.

You're saying that there's
something missing in me,

is that it?

Like there's a hole
in my soul or something?

How dare this thing attack me!
Trying to make me feel guilty?

Judge me? I'm a good guy.
So maybe I'm not perfect.

But I'm expected to what --
search inside of myself

and confront
the bad things I've done?

Okay, fine! I made him suffer
in a really bad war!

I'm a monster!

How can I pay
for what I've done?!

You can be forgiven for how you
treated Sergeant Pat Mounder

if you seek absolution
from above.

And Sarge is probably fine,

Right? Right?
Right? Right?

Announcer: Sergeant Mounder
was thrown into war after war

until every shred
of his flesh was blown up.

They managed to keep
his essence alive,

though he was stripped down
to pure consciousness energy --

the perfect killing machine.

Private Pontle prostrated

before his higher power,

begging for holiness
to bright his life.


It is often said

you should never give a man's
pure consciousness

a clear shot
to exact vengeance.

But the yucks was on
the sergeant again

because, when you're tormented
by the itch of guilt,

there is only one path
to relief.

Oh, that's good. Yes, yes.
Right there. To the left.

Ah, yes. Right there, yes.
That's good.

I'm free!

[ Gasps ]

I'm basking in love.

I'm basking in love!
Oh, I'm basking in love!

And if you spend your life

praying for the light of love...

-I'm basking in love! magnify it in your head

until it can caress the stuff
between your atoms...

-...that gunk in there

that makes them
all stick together as one whole.

Tessa: Aaaah!

♪ There's blood in the kitchen ♪

♪ There's blood in the hall ♪

♪ There's blood in the parlor
where my lady did fall ♪

♪ Long Lankin was hanged
on a gibbet so high ♪

♪ And the false nurse was burned
in a fire close by ♪