The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 5 - Last Train to Bufflers Halt - full transcript

£1 million in used bank notes is traveling to London by express train. One attempt to steal the notes has already been made, so the Bishop assigns Father Unwin and Matthew to protect the train's cargo. After the train is hi-jacked, Unwin finds himself unable to stop the vehicle as it hurtles towards London at 80mph.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Must be an important shipment
foy you to come along, Mr. Reed.

Every shipment's is important,

But this one especially.

How far are we
from Cranford?

We'll be there in
about fifteen minutes.

That car behind. I
think It's following us.

- Put you foot down.
- Right.

It's still with us.
Can't we go any faster?

I'm flat out now, sir.

There's something
ahead, pull up!

No sir, it looks
like a ambush.

Break, man. Break.

Are you all right,
Mr. Reed?

Yes I'm fine.

Well, we showed them,
All right, Mr. Reed?

They couldn't stop us.

You certainly did it, McGrath.

You certainly did.




Are you ready, Matthew?


Yes, I've realized the
predicament it places you in.

Yes yes. One of my best

is at this very moment on
his way to my office.

I can assure you, He'll
be here just as...

fast as the marvels of modern
transportation will allow.

42 miles per hour.

We've made excellent
progress, Matthew.

We certainly are.

The mind boggles when you remember
not so long ago the law demanded

that a motor vehicle be preceded
by a man with a red flag.

Yes, Father.

And nowadays speeds of 40
or 50 miles are commonplace.

As you said, Father.

The mind boggles.

One moment.

That will be all, Blake.

Have that report ready
for me in the morning?

Yes sir.

You can come in now.

Father Unwin and...

Please come in
and sit down.

Thank you.

I hate to spoil an all too infrequent
visit with a sense of urgency.

But we must get down to the
job in hand immediately.

We quite understand.

- Will you join us, Matthew?
- Of course.

Pray go on, Bishop.

Well, last night an unsuccessful attempt was
made to hijack an official security truck.

What was the truck carrying?

Nearly a million pounds worth of used
banknotes, on route to London.

A million pounds?

A veritable fortune.

The money is at present in
a vault at Cranford.

But we must ship
to London tomorrow.

By security truck?

No, by train.
A non-stop express.

And as I feel certain the
hijackers will try again...

I'd like you, Father Unwin,
to be on that train.

What about me?

As always, my dear Matthew,
you'll be in your case.

I don't know what a
mess look at this here.

Core what are they doing then.

Just leave
the talking to me.

Look that tank.

Who could that be
at this time of night.

Who is it?

My name is Calow from
the railways board.

Open up.

- Albert Hobson?
- As up.

I'm authorize to inform you
this station is to be reopened.


The first train will arrive
here 0900 hours...

tomorrow morning.

Sign here.

Six mailbags security.

Shield's unbroken.

Well, they're all yours.

Don't look so
worried, Reed.

You'll make sure they go to
London. All right.

Let's get the doors close.

Excuse me, gentlemen. This is the
train for to London, is it not?

- We're going to London.
- Oh, good.

But I'm afraid this isn't
a passenger train.

I realize that.

I don't expect the usual comforts.

Just an odd corner wherever
you can fit me in.

This is a security shipment.

Under no circumstances will
you be allowed aboard.

Not even under these

But, I don't understand.

How did you get this

I was given it by the
Bishop. Will it suffice?

Just about.

It's from the Prime Minister.

Yes, all right.
You'd better going.

And good luck.

- Do you mind, Father.
- Of course not.

Give it a game with us, Father?

No no. Try to keep the
stakes in moderation.

We were thinking a play
for matchsticks.

Well, in that case it may
help to pass the time.

I think I will
participate if I may.

This is four, she's just passed,
right on schedule.

The train has just passed
chekpoint four, sir.

Good, good!

Over halfway to London and
no sign of opposition.

Well, with checks every 10 miles,
she should be safe now, sir.

Thanks, Joe, out.

This is all official business,
is it, sir?

My dear Albert, I thought you'd be
glad to have a train at Bufflers Halt.

Well, I'm, sir.

But there hasn't been a train
here in over four years.

And one is coming now.

Your turn, Father.

Well, now, let
me see.

If you got the king,
play that.

Neither of the guards
have got the ace.

I wish you wouldn't
inform me of the handy

deal, Matthew, and
folly for your eyeballed.

What was that, Father?

Well, I happen to know that neither
of you have an ace in your hand.

Well, that's right, but how
did you know that?

Well, let's say just a
little voice told me.

We'll have to start again.

And keeply quite low this time,
Matthew. If you won't.

Your deal, I think.

Safely through checkpoint six.
Very satisfactory.

8:42 now.

On your way.

Well, I'm afraid you are
not allowed in here, lady.

This usually makes people
change their minds.

Hey, what are you doing?
What do you want?

There's a train due trough
here in eight minutes.

I want you to stop him in
the Blackmore Tunnel.

But that's impossible...

Do it.

Good work, Jackie.

This is the station for the leader.

The train will be stopped
at the Blackmore Tunnel.

As planned.

We're slowing down.

Are you certain?
Yes yes.

- All right?
- Well?

Oh well, sir...

It appears the train
has vanished.

- Vanished?
- Yes sir.

It started to slow down
into the Blackmore Tunnel and...

didn't come out the other end.

I see.

Now sir, before you lose your
temper, sir, I just want to...

Lose my temper, Blake?

- Why should I do that?
- Well, sir, you...

The hijackers may find the
contents of that train...

more than they bargained for.


Yes, yes, the situation
is very clear to me.

Yes, yes, I understand.


Well gentlemen, it would appear
the train has been hijacked.

Are you it, I could tell
from the sound of the

rails we weren't on the
main line, but you.

You seem to be talking
to someone, Father?

Yes, a voice from afar, my son.
A voice from afar.

Yes, yes, I see.

I knew this had to
come, Mr. Calow.

I knew the railways board
wouldn't forget Bufflers Halt.

Yes, yes, Hobson, the train
will be any minute.

But remember, just do
exactly as you are told.

You can rely on me,
Mr. Calow.

Bufflers Halt!
Bufflers Halt!

- Is the truck ready to move in?
- He's on his way.

All right.
Open it up.

All right, Joe, as soon as they
open the doors, let them have it.

Gentlemen, please.

I'm sure they
will have firearms.

Let's avoid violence.

Allow me to handle
the situation.

- Good morning.
- Who's this, Reed?

I forgot about him.

Oh, Mr. Reed, you're looking
a little peaky today.

But then you have a
lot on your mind.

I never suspected that you were
the "inside man", as they say.

All right. Take them all into the
station and tie them up.

On change!
On change!

And get that imbecile Hobson...

in there as well.

That should do it.
Where is the truck?

It will be here in five minutes.

Perfect timing, right let's go
and check the... shipment.

Right, Albert, keep
an eye on them.

You can rely on me,
Mr. Calow.

- Albert.
- Hobson is the name.

Mr. Hobson.

Oh yes, well, Mr. Hobson.

You just sit quiet.

The railway police will take
care of the likes of you.

Uh, quite, sir.
Quite, sir.

You obviously have the good
of the railway at heart.

55 years, never
missed a day.

Exactly, but I must explain.

You are a victim of deception.


I have a note
in my pocket.

If you care to
have a look at it.

As soon as the truck arrives,
we'll load the money.

It's working like a charm.

But this is signed by...

Exactly, one of the
highest in the land.

All right, Father.
I'm in your hands.

What do you want
me to do?

Well, first things first.

Release me from these
bonds if you will.

Right, over and out.

The rest of the men in the
truck are a mile down the road.


Father Unwin, the rest of the
gang will be here any minute.

I understand, Matthew.

Can you create a diversion while
I lock the security garage door?

I'll see what I can do.

Now, Mr. Hobson, can
you drive this train?

After 55 years service,
it will be an honor, sir.

Good. Excellent, Albert. Now you
make your way to that driving cab.

And I'll join you after I've incarcerated
Reed and his henchmen.



What is that?


Over here!


It's coming from that case.


It must be a tape recorder.
Pry the lock open.

The door!

It must be that
old fool Hobson.

You should have tied
him up with the others.

Ah Albert. We must be on our way
before the rest of the gang arrive.

Right, sir.

Get open that door open.

Stop this train!

We're locked in the
security carriage.

Get to the level crossing
and stop this train.

I think that truck is endeavoring
to beat us to the crossing.

- Full speed, Albert.
- Right you are, sir.

Well done, Albert.

I think we can
reduce speed.

Well, that's just it.

You see, I never handled one
of these newfangled devices.

How do you stop it?

It seems we are on the main
line heading for London.

I'm doing, I'm doing!
Oh, well.

Yes, Matthew, I understand
the situation.

The forces of law and order
will close in.

We'll all be killed.

A million pounds.


I wish you would find out, Bishop,
and reasonably quickly.

After all, we are
on the main line.

Leave it to me.

Never thought I'd get
on the main line.

Yes, right.

I understand, Bishop.
It's simple as that.

Right, goodbye.

My dear Albert, to stop you simply
take your hands off the controls.

I just hope we haven't
left it too late.

Well, Matthew, I think this is a
slower but a much safer speed travel.

I couldn't agree more, father.

two inches from
the end of the line

was cut in a bit fine.

It certainly was Matthew.
It certainly was.

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