The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 6 - Hole in One - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are puzzled when they are assigned to investigate a security leak regarding an early warning satellite.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

My part I think,

Not hard enough,

We're going to try and correct the
orbit at 0900 hours tomorrow.

Using the 2M4 frequency

Good try.

0900 tomorrow?

Who else knows the time
and frequency band?

Noone I'm outside the scientific
control team at control.

Not even the NATO chiefs of Staff.

Would you like to
hold out, general?


I don't have to tell you how
important this project is.

Absolute security
must be maintained.

Nice putt.

It's comes now.

Lovely day, general.
Your honour, I think.

Thank you, Forrester.

I really feel
on form today.

Not hard enough, general.

We're going to try and correct
the orbit at 0900 hours tomorrow.

Using the 2M4 frequency

That's it.
Play it again.

We're going to try and correct
the orbit at 0900 hours tomorrow.

Using the 2M4 frequency band.





Seven minutes to go.

It's up to you and
your team now, Doctor.


Frequency modulation 2N plus
2D frequency, steady.

- Elevation?
- Elevation angle.


Condition seemed just
about perfect.

Let's hope you're right.

If we don't correct
that orbit.

Final phase countdown,
20 seconds.

Here we go!

Ten seconds. Nine,

seven, six, five...

four, three, two...

one, zero!


- That noise?
- It's jamming everything.

Do something!

It's too late!

It's too late.

The satellite passed
the radio window.

- What is happening?
- The signal was jammed.

The satellite still
slipping out of orbit.

But that means it's
still coming down.


Unless we don't do
something in 72 hours...

that satellite will enter the
atmosphere and burn up.

And we can forget the
early warning system.

It also so means,
"Mr. Security",

someone knew the exactly time
and frequency of our signal.


Ball, Mrs. Appleby!

What's that, Father?

An expression used by the
golfing, Mrs. Appleby.

Stand clear of the bucket and I
will try to chip the ball into it.

All right, Father.

Oh dear!

Father Unwin!

- The greenhouse, Matthew?
- Yes. You might say that.

As I feared. I hope
you forgive me.

When I tell you it
was the bishop who

asked me to brush up
my golfing technique.

Oh, well...

No doubt he had
some good reason.

The greens seems a
little slow today, Forrester.

What is the situation?

We've got one last chance to
correct the satellite's orbit.

At 1100 hours on Wednesday.

I assume you'll use a
different frequency band.

No, the same.

There is no time to make the necessary
modifications to the equipment.

And if we fail again?

Four years of work is
destroyed in seconds.

They're going to
boost the signal.

When are you sending
the spare components?

They're be on their
way. Tonight.

Good. Now what's the route
and method of transport?

We will use a
petroleum tanker.

It will turn off the M4 and proceed
along the B-28 to the tracker station.

- Have you got it?
- Of course.

I told you it was foolproof.

Tonight a petroleum tanker,

the M4 then along the B-28
to the tracker station.

That's the situation.
Leave as soon as you can.

Quite, sir. Will the
general be expecting me?

I'll tell the general
myself, out.


- Yes, Father.
- I think we'll adjourn to the library.

As I suspected we have
a golfing appointment,

with a certain
general Brompton.

What the blazes has
been going on here?

- Sit down, general.
- Security, eh?

Did you have to make
sucha a mess?

The opposition knew exactly how
and when to jam the first signal.

They knew the precise
route of the truck.

We are looking for a
listening device.

And what did you find?


Do you mean to tell
me that I...

I mean to tell you there's
a serious security leak.

The G9 satellite, one of the most
advanced ever put into orbit,

it will burn up unless the next
control signal gets through.

I am aware of the situation.

Then you know we must find
how the information...

leaked before 1100
hours on Wednesday.

That's the only time the G9 will be in a
suitable position to correct the orbit.

All right, all right!

What do you propose?

We've covered every
other possibility.

There's only one place left.

The golf course.

I suppose you
must be right.

Good, our operative
will meet you there.

He may appear unorthodox,
but he gets results.

Wait here, Matthew, will you?

I'll go and introduce
myself to the general.

Right, Father.

- General Brompton?
- Yes?

I believe you are
expecting me.

- You mean your...
- Quite so, General.

Won't you join me for a round
of golf, say, two o'clock?

- I, I...
- Good, good, see you at two then.

24 hours to go.

- Is everything ready?
- Checked and double checked.

It's up to your people now.

Is everything hunky-dory
toysi toity, Matthew?

Yes, Father. I haven't
notice anything yet.

Well, eyeballed all sharply
looky how if you old...

You haven't resorted to calling
upon divine assistance, have you?

Heavens, no, General.

But at a time like this
I feel an irresistible

urge to communicate
with someone.

By the buy, general.

What is it?

I've been asked to pass
a message on to you.

I have no idea what it means.

It's Seven ravens
will be flying west.

Seven ravens
will be flying west?

Yeah, oh yes, well, uh.

I'll uh decode it later.

And thank you.

Do you think the bait
has been taken, Matthew?

Well, Father, the General
and Forrester...

use the golf course to
exchange information.

And and there have
been security leaks.

I do not know how.

I have a feeling the
opposition could...

have overheard and
decoded your message.

Two o'clock we'll give them
another half hour, Matthew.

It looks like the opposition are not
going to put in an appearance, Father.

You may have spoken a little
prematurely, Matthew.

There's a car coming.

Are you sure this is right?

Seven and the ravens gave
the great reference.

This is it.

Well, it doesn't look like a
tracker substation to me.

The caravan is probably
packed with electronics.

Get the explosive.

Can you see anything, Matthew?

It's the opposition,
all right, father.

One of them is carrying
something to the caravan.

It could be explosives.

Excellent. Try to secrete
yourself in their car, Matthew.

But be very careful.

Yes, Father.

Who's there?

Kromer, it's set.
Detonation in two minutes.

- I thought I heard someone.
- Come on, let's move.

Matthew, can you hear me?

Yes, Father, I'm in
the boot of the car.

I'll report
soon as I can.

Good, I will return
to Vicarage.

- Get the equipment out the boot.
- Right.

Okay, put the equipment down and
go and check the hinge control.

But Kromer, the satellite transmission's
only a few hours away.

Go and check it! We're
leaving nothing to chance.

Let me know when
you're ready.

We've got one last chance to
correct the satellite's orbit...

At 1100 hours wednesday.

I assume it will use a
different frequency band.

No, the same, there is
no enough time to make...

necessary modifications
to the equipment.

Yes, Commander, we understand.

Yes, sir.

You can rely on us.

- Thank you sir.
- What did he say?

I've confirmed that the final
attempt to correct G9 orbit...

is scheduled for
11 o'clock tomorrow.

Using the same wave band.

And we are going to pull out and
jam the signal from the spy ship.

No, the commandant says that as the
british idiots have no idea of our presence.

We should do it from
here as before.

I told him he could rely on us.

Father Unwin.

Father Unwin!

Matthew, yes. Anything
to report, Matthew?

Father, I found what
we were looking for.

The general's golf balls are
rigged with mini tape recorders.

They recorded everything he
said on the golf course.

Ah, so that's how the
information is beeen leaked.


I will inform the Bishop and the
authorities will round them up.

No, Father, theyve been in
contact with the spy ship.

If we arouse their suspicions, they
could switch the operation to that.

Our only chance is to stop them jamming
the signal at the very last moment.

Difficult, but I think I have
the glimmer of an idea.

Contact you later.

Do you know what time it is?

5:45 a.m I believe.

Bishop, I need a golf ball.

You call me in the early hours
to tell me you need a golf ball?

Ah, but this is a very
special golf ball.

And I need it by ten
o'clock today.

Elevation angle
is now 87.39.


- 87.39 degrees.
- Good.

Let's going check
the transmitter.

Father, they're going to
check the transmitter.

Good, now listen carefully.

I'll let you know when the general
and I near the 15th green.

Pull the controls and the
mechanism will open.

Then your pot, I believe.

Of course, general.

Oh dear, I don't seem
to have found my touch.

Father, I can't get
near the control lever.

But, Matthew, time
is running out.

You'll have to stall.

But do it naturally.

- General?
- What is it?

What club are you using?

A driver.
What else off the tee?

Well, this particular hole's
dog legger is shaped.

What the heather hazard of
that philolophy through.

Look, look, look.

Do you mind if I
still use my driver?

Um, well, yes. I suppose
on second thought

that probably is the
right club, oh yes.

Any lucky yet, Matthew?

No, Father.

It's imperative you open
that control, Matthew.

I'll do it as soon as I can.

Check primary circuits.

- We've just did, sir.
- Then do it again.

Transmission in
four minutes.

Any luck yet, Matthew?

I still can't get
to it, Father.


- General, I'm so sorry.
- What now?

Are you sure that's
is your ball?

Of course it's mine.

Well look, if I were
standing your place...

little shade to the
right load to the gravity

dribbly most out of the
pinnie penny of that look.

- Look, I don't understand you...
- You see, you trickling through...

No, no, no.
You'll listen to me.

Father, he's moved.
Go ahead.


Oh dear, dear me.
You played the wrong ball.

Father, I've got the
controls open,

but you've only
got 90 seconds.

Look father, you'll never
find it, play another.

It's, um, it's in here, I'm sure.
It's here somewhere just uh...

I'm afraid it's absolutely
vital that I find it.

Stanby to transmit.

30 seconds.

20 seconds.

- Standby to jam.
- Right Cromer.

Father, it's too late.

You are too late.

Here it is, I found it.

Father, you haven't a chance.

Less than 15 seconds to go.

We'll see. Get out
of there, Matthew.

By jove, that's such
a good shot.

I'm afraid it had
better be a good one.

Five seconds.
Four seconds.

What is that?

It's now or never,

Zero. Transmission on.

We've done it!
We've done it!

You'll be happy to know, Father.

The transmission was
completely successful.

The satellite is back
in its proper orbit.

Good. Now if you care
to go to a house

just off the 15th green...

you will find two sleeping beauties.

And all the evidence
you'll need to convict them.

The golf ball was extremely
effective, apparently.

Well done, Father.
I'll contacting you.

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