The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Feathered Spies - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are sent to plug a security leak for a top-secret project.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Well there it is. She's
represents years of hard work.

Now he can sit back and
enjoy the first flight.

Just so long as
security isn't relaxed.

You people are all the same.

They always look for hidden
cameras and microphones.

And funny little foreign
agents in black hats.

I wish they were
like that.

There's been no security
breach so far...

and I intend to make sure there
isn't one at this late stage.


Yes. DeGroot I ask you
never call me here.

All right, all right.

I'll be there as
soon as possible.

Yes, goodbye.


Go let him in.

Good evening
Mr. Masden.

Good morning would be more
correct, DeGroot.

It's 2 A.M.

While you pick these unearthly hours
for our meetings escapes me.

Maybe it is to try and
retain a little intrigue.

Espionage isn't
what it used to be.

You make me sick,

Yes, I believe I do.

But then we all have
our problems.

Mine is the XK-4.

Do you have the photographs?


Ah, magnificent.

- Are you satisfied?
- Of course.

We will contact you
when we need you.

Goodbye, gentlemen.

Good morning,
Mr. Masden.

He seemed his
usual heavy self.

It's understandable, no one
likes being blackmailed.

Look at this.

A perfect shot of a
top secret aircraft.

Taken in broad daylight.

From a couple of
hundred feet.

Above the maximum security
air base.

And you say that
someone is taking high

definition aerial
photographs of the XK4.

There is no possible doubt.

They are being offered on the
international espionage market.

But Caryfield has
restricted airspace.

No unauthorized aircraft of any kind
is allowed to fly within a 50 miles.

And if one did stray into
the area the radar

would pick it up immediately,
I know all that.

Nevertheless our man in
Beirut was offered a perfect

shot of the XK-4 taken from
no more than 250 feet.

I just can't see how
it can be done.

It's certainly baffling.

Have you any leads at all?

Well, the Central control
tells me the man

peddling the information
is named DeGroot.

Oh, DeGroot.
I know him.

One of the old school.

But he would only
be the contact man.

I don't mind telling you
the Air Force is worried.

He has to be stopped.

Leave it with me.

I understand the situation.

What do you intend to do?

I think I know just
the man for the job.


Yes, yes, of course.

The whole thing is
perfectly clear to me.

Yes, your wishes
will be carried out.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, did you say, Father?

Oh, Mrs. Appleby.
Yes, very goodbye.

10 pounds for a grandfather
clock in working order.

I'd say there was excellent
value for money.

Call Matthew for me, will you,
Mrs. Appleby. We're going out.

All right, Father.
Going out.

He's only just come in.

But if they know where
the group operates from,

why don't the authorities
simply arrest him.

Because Matthew we're
after the big fish.

A fish with a camera.

- Matthew, are you all right?
- Yes I'm fine.

Can you see the house?

Yes, there is just one light in
the downstairs window.

Well, make yourself
comfortable, Matthew.

It may be a long vigil.

"While nightly sings
the staring owl."

"To it to woo a
merry note".

I see you know your
Shakespeare, Matthew.

I know, I'm getting cramp.

Hold on, delivererance
may be near.

Father, there's a car pulled
up outside the house.

A silver green Mercedes.

A visitor at 2 A.M?

Can you see the registration?

No, I can make it up.
The angle is wrong.

No matter.
Come down, Matthew.

We'll wait at the end of the road and
follow our night bird when he leaves.

This is better be
important, DeGroot.

It is.

We've been given an assignment.

To destroy the XK-4 prototype.

- Destroy it?
- Yes.

We need more pictures,
as close as possible.

You have to organize another
run over the base.

I won't do it.

Someone could be
injured and killed.

I've paid for my mistake,
over and over again.

This is the last
favor we will ask.

Do this and you're
off the hook.

I give you my word.

I know how much that's worth.

I know, but then you don't
really have a choice, do you?

It will take time.

You have three days.

Don't lose him, Father.

Have no fear on
that score, Matthew.

They don't build cars like
Gabriel today.

He does seem to
have a very slight

advantage acceleration-wise,
marginal I'd say.

I took the precaution of writing
down the registration number.


We can get the address
from that tomorrow.

Good work, Matthew.

Hold on, I'm taking her up
to 50 miles per hour.

Yes, Father.

I rang to tell you that the
first flight of the XK4

has been brought forward
to the day after tomorrow.

I see.

And I'm still worried sick
about the security leak.

- What's your operative doing?
- He has made a little progress.

A little progress?
Time is running out.

Are you sure you're the
right man on the job?

I'm sure we have
the right man.

In fact, I'd go far as to say
that he's is "a man and a half".

Are you ready Matthew?


Splendid. Now, do you have the
address of the owner of the Mercedes?

- Yes, Father, I have here.
- Good.

Then, we're ready to begin
our little investigation in earnest.

In the case and
we'll be on our way.

You're nearly there,

What was the name of
owner of the Mercedes?

John Masden, Father.

He is a respectable
figure in the city.

Plenty of money.
No criminal record.

He appears to be unlikely
candidate for espionage work.

However, we shall see.

- Ah, someone is answering the door.
- Right, Father.

- Mr. Masden?
- Yes.

Good morning, my name is
Unwin. Father Unwin.

I'm afraid I'm not
a religious man.

I also hapeens very busy.
Maybe some another day.

One second please.

My business concern
your Mercedes.

I had hoped not to
involve the police.

Well, you better come in.

Thank you.

- We'll go in here.
- Oh, thank you very much.

Now what a charming
residence you have here.

All right, Matthew.
The coast is clear.

Now what is this about?

It's about the
demon speed.

I happen find myself behind
you on the road last night.

And I'm afraid you've exceeded
the speed limit, my son.

I know how easy it is...

Nothing so far, father.

I'll going try in the garden.

- Yes, Father.
- Think of a person of advanced years.

An old lady taking a
little dog for a walk.

There's someone in the
garden. Excuse me.

One moment. You're forgetting
the message of my visiting most.

More haste and less
speedy, you follow me?

Frankly, no.

Let me put it
to you this way.

I really not got time.

As you speed it along
the road surface,

they're all gritty swerve
emotion upside down...

I've must go.

All over the road all terrible
and disastrous craven.

Yes, yes. I know.

Plaster lippers all broken eardrums.
Oh, folly terry bold.

I agree.
I've must go.

- Are you all right, Matthew.
- Just about.

The great dane looks pretty big
and frightening when you're my size.

I'm sure it does, Matthew.

Now listen, Masden is coming
out into the garden.

I'm going to take the opportunity
to have a look around upstairs.

As soon as you can,
get back into the case.

What is it, Trugger.

Heal, Trugger.

Into the house, Trugger.

Miniature cameras.
So that's what he uses.

But how he does it,
that's the problem.



How much did you use?

Half a cc.

On the real attack we'll
using 10 cc in each bomb.

Did you give the
harness to Masden?

Yes. And I told him on
no account to open the

cameras, as they are fitted
with a very special film.

Well, Matthew. I think we're a little nearer
solving the mystery of the photographs.

But we still have
a long way to go.

Yes, Father. The only
thing I seem to have

established is that
Masden is a bird lover.

He has everything
out in that garden.

Doves, pigeons,
canaries, bunches.

Yes, Matthew, all we can
do is think an plan.

As I'm sure
others are doing.

Yes, we have completed
the ground trials.

Tomorrow morning's it.

And are your security
arrangements are finalized?

Yes, we've doen everything we can.
this end it's up to your men now.

Don't worry, he won't rest
till he comes up with the answer.

How, Matthew, how?
There must be a way.

We've been sitting here
all night, Father,

and I still have absoluted no
idea how anyone could...

fly over a top secret
airfield and not be spotted.

And if they flew under the radar...

but then would be easily
seen from ground.

Two hundred feet It's so low.

"Tu-whit Tu-who,
a merry note".

What did you say, Father?

It's nearly dawn.

That old owl is going home
to sleep, the homing instinct.

That's it!


Father, we've solved it.

These photos were
taken from pigeons.

Pigeons with cameras.

Masden has a loft full.
It wouldn't be difficult.

Yes, but with special cameras.

Very careful plotting of
their homing flight.

- Remote controls shutters.
- Released form a position.

Where their homing flight would
take them over the airfield.

I knew this moment had to come.

Blackmail, my son?


I've suspected
something of the kind.

The point is, what does De Groot
have planned for this morning?

They've taken the pigeons to
get more shots of the XK-4.

But why? They already
have more than they need?

There must be something else.

One of the pigeons hurt his wing.
I have one camera spare.

What's this inside?

Oh, some special fast film.

De Groot fitted it to the mold.

Fast film my eye!

I think, Mr. Masden, you had better
tell us everything you know.

And quickly, if
you don't mind.

Let's just hope we're
in time, Matthew.

Bombers airbone.

Yes, BISHOP, that is
exactly the situation.

The XK-4 is under attack
from a flock of pigeons.

Well, if you said so. I will
pass the information all.

There's DeGroot's car.
He must be up on the hill.

You did say pigeons?


Get the XK-4 back
to the hangar.

And see if you can find
a flock of pigeons.

They're about to attack this
airfield with high explosives.

And he's supposed
to be from intelligence.


Who are you?

I'm afraid I must insist you
hand over that control unit.

Over my dead body.

That will not be necessary.


He's getting away, Father.

Let him go, Matthew.
The police can pick him later.

Quickly, get the
control box.

Hurry, Matthew.
Here come the leaders.

I found it!

Good work. Matthew!
Now this will take careful timing.

Wait, wait...


Here comes another batch.

Stanby, steady.


If I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes.

I think you'll find
this contains the

documents that enabled
DeGroot to blackmail.

I haven't opened it.

I do not know what to say.

It was a silly, stupid mistake.

Please say no more.

I believe every man is entitled
to at least one mistake.

But he should try to learn from his
mistake and be a better man.

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