The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 3 - To Catch a Spy - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are put on the case when enemy spy George Grey escapes from a maximum security prison and disappears over the estate of Sir Humphrey Barton.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Get some men over
the D-block.

Swing that light over here!

Over here!

Get the emergency
lights on.


- There he is.
- Stop or we'll fire.

Open fire!

Helicopter to base, we're
landing in three minutes.

Good, good, how it go?

Operation complete success.






It's impossible. Utterly

Yes, impossible.
But It's happened.

Norx x-manstone is a top
secure chair.

Officially designates by
experts as escape proof.

Then Grey has made fools
of our experts.

He didn't do it alone.

Just how important
It's Grey?

He knows the secrets of entire
anti-missile defense systems...

and the secret location
of all our reprisal bases.

We've got to get him back,
Patterson. And Quicly.

I thought all top
security prisoner...

had a radio homing device
woven into the prision uniform.

They have. Grey and the helicopter
were tracked for 50 miles.

- and the signal ceased...
- Ceased?

Then Grey either changed clothes.
or entered a radio screen.

Exactly, but we can't waste any
more time in guessing games, Patterson.

That's a job for


Uh, most urgent message.
Top priority.

We have a assignment for you.


I see. And you say they lost
contact 50 miles from the jail.

We have plotted the position.

It was directly over the estate
of Sir Humphrey Burton.

Sir humphrey? We should have to be very
careful before accusing him of anything.

That's why we've must
to be discreet.

His staff have been questioned.

And none of them remember
seeing a helicopter in the area.

- Is there anything more you can tell me?
- Nothing.

But remember. Grey must be
prevent from leave the country.

At all costs.

- Good morning, Matthew.
- Good morning, Father.

Still having trouble
with slugs?

Yes, but I think we've
got them run now, Father.

There's someone else on
the run, Matthew.

- I just heard from the BISHOP.
- A mission, Father?

An urgent one.

I think we better
go inside, don't you?

- Ready, Matthew?
- Ready.

That's it Matthew.
Climb aboard.

The BISHOP emphasized on the importance
of this assignment, Matthew.

So we must do
our best.

Ready when you
are, Father.

Good, radio all right?

- Loud and clear.
- Right, let's be on our way.

First I think we'll pay a call
on Sir Humphrey Burton.

It seems incredible that he should have
anything to do with Grey's escape.

On the ways of the world
I have an open mind.

Now hold tight I'm
increasing the Gabriel speed.

Someone approaching
the house, sir.

Who is it?

Looks some some sort of
clrgyman, sir.

Hmm. I'll go and handle this
myself, you stay here.

- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.

- My name is Unwin.
- oh yes always glad to meet, a pleasure.

Come in over. May I
take your case?

No, I prefer to
keep it thank you.

Well, let's go into
the conservatory.

Ah, I see you're interested
in botany.

Yes, oh as an
amateur of course.

Well, what can I do for you?

Well. I've been given a special
mission by the BISHOP.

He suggested I
should call on you.

Oh bishop.
Well, this is a present surprise.

Outed case, Matthew.
Snd quickie-lookie hat.

I'm sorry i didn't
quite catch that.

Oh, forgive me. The Bishop suggested
I came down here and had a little chat.

All clear now, Father.

- Why is this, of course.
- Shut case then, Matthew.

I don't...
I don't understand you.

"Shut the suitcase, Matthew?"

Oh, yes. Openly shut case Matthew all
beloved evangelod goodly bookery like it.

Marky, Luca and Johnny, oh yes.

Ah yes, the
good book.

Very clever.

What exactly does the BISHOP
want us to to discuss?

Well as far as I know, I think you would
want me to say read it between the lino.

- Oh, yes.
- You know.

All kind it sort of subtly
mean through the goodly

bookery and good luck Matthew
as you follow my meal.

Oh, I do.
Yes and I do indeed.

Good luck Matthew!

Well you must forgive me. I'm,
um, I'm very busy today.

Yes of course. Must keep your work.
I'll see you in church, no doubt.

Of course, of course.

Let me show you out,
old chap.

Nice meet you, Father.

And um you must give my
regards to the BISHOP.

Most certainly.
Most certainly.

Matthew, are you there, Matthew?

All quiet here, Father.

Nothing happened so far.

Keep your eyes open, Matthew.
Report if you find anything.

Sir Humphrey is coming back.

I'll call you later.
Over and out.

There's certainly something
very odd going on, Father.

Sir Humphrey must have some
of secret room under the house.

Don't look so worried, Grey.

Who is that?

Just some stupid clergyman,
don't worry about him.

You won't be
here much longer.

When do we leave, tonight?

No, dawn in tomorrow.

How do you propose to
get me out of the country?

I'll let you know when the
details have been finalized.

You certainly seem to have
things well organized?

I have the advantage in
holding a certain position.

Nobody suspects.

- Have you been able to get down there?
- Not yet.

I'll try tonight when Sir
Humphrey's out of the way.

All right, but be careful.

Hello, Father.

Come in, Father.

Oh yes...

Hello Father.
Come in, Father.

Great heavenly bird. Who's talking
in the mid-light load.

Hello, Father.
Come in, Father.

Oh yes Matthew.
What there it?

I'm in the secret room, Father.

I found the helicopter and the
escaped prisoner, Grey.

Now, Matthew, we want to
catch the whole crowd.

Where is Sir Humphrey?

Don't worry. He must
be fast asleep.

Grey, Grey. Wake up, man.

What's that?

It all arranged. We leave by
helicopter at at 5:30...

for our first rendezvous and my
car to the second contact.

and finally by launch to
the waiting submarine.

And then, freedom.

Yes. When you've settled the
little matter of one million pounds.

Don't worry, you'll
get your money.

I'm so glad.
Remember we leave at 5:30.

So that's it.

They're flying him
out in the morning.

But we don't
know where to.

Matthew, you have to get
aboard that the helicopter.

Don't worry. I'll be
on that helicopter.

Ready to takeoff, Matthew.

I see. Good.
I'll be with you soon.

I still don't know why you decided
to get up so early, Father.

Work to be done, Mrs.
Appleby. Work to be done.

It's a pity Matthew doesn't
think about things like that.

Do you know his bed's
not been slept in?

Heaven knows
what he's up to.

Judge not, Mrs. Appleby.
Judge not.

Yes, I hear you.

I'll should be on the road
in a minute.

One minute, Father. but you
haven't even had your breakfast.

I'm sorry, but as you can see
Mrs. Appleby, I've had been called.

Oh, I understand, Father.

I understand.

Hello Matthew.
Hello Matthew.

- Are you receiving.
- Loud and clear, Father.

- Where are you?
- Leaving Chelsy, heading South.

- Where are you, Matthew?
- It's difficult to pick out a landmark.

Oh yes, there we are.
Gilfford Cathedral.

Yes, we're west
of Gilfford.

- Heading northwest.
- Good.

I'll should be able to see it when I
reach the Portsmouth road.

Keep in touch.

We're in Portsmouth now.

South of Richard.

We're going down.

Ah, the first rendevous,
no doubt.

I think you're right, Father.

There's a car waiting.

All right, Matthew.
Don't loose them.

I'll be there in two minutes.

Okay, let's go.

We'll be there in five minutes.

I'll just check contacts.

We're just entering Kew
Gardens, Father.

Not surprised, Matthew.

I recall Sir Humprey is very
interested in botany.

Where exactly are you?

Just coming at
the main hot house.

Stay with then, Matthew.
I will join you shortly.



Where the dickens has our
contact got to?

I thought you said everything
was under control.

He will be here.

Good morning, sir.

- You are botanist?
- I have the honor.

Then you may be
the man I want.

I am interested in the
genus "grey vulgaris".

What keep you?

There was a suspicious character
wandering about outside.

Well, the quicker we get
out of here, the better.

- This is Grey.
- Good.

Well, let's get the
boat immediately.

Off you go then, Grey.
Good luck.

I see you're mixing with very
dubious companies, Humphrey.

You again? I don't know
what you mean.

George Grey, an escaped spy,

and I now too that you are
a traitor to your country.

Then you know too much.

And I'm afraid I can't
let you leave here alive.

A firearm, uh?

Come on, you know the commandment
"thou shalt not kill".

I'm afraid you and I live
by different codes, Father.

What's that book?

What's in it?

What is that noise?

That light.

What are you doing?

What's happening to me?

What have you done?

What have
you do to me?

- Are you there, Matthew?
- Over here, Father.

I think I've cut Sir Humphrey's
down the size, Matthew.

- I leave it to you.
- Right, Father.

I can see you, Sir Humphrey.

Who's that?

Who's there? I know
you're there, who is it?

I'm over here.

It's no use, you're
wasting bullets.

You're going the wrong way.

You're firing in
the shadows.

No, Sir Humphrey,
over here.

Let's be sensible,
Sir Humphrey.

The gun's empty,
there's no escape.

Give up.

Not that way,
Sir Humphrey.

Looking for me,
Sir Humphrey?

I don't believe.
It's just a bad dream.

No, Sir Humphrey.
It's not a bad dream.

Let's go out to the police car
and join your friend, Grey.

You were right, Father.

I think we have to
cut him down to size.

Summer plants coming
on all right Matthew?

Very nicely,
thank you, Father.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to
have a word with you about that.

I'd rather not to plant
Antirrhinum this year.

- What, Snapdragons?
- That's right, Father.

They have a sort of
hungry look about him.

If you see what I mean.

I quite understand, Matthew.
I quite understand.

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