The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 2 - A Question of Miracles - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are sent to investigate the sabotage of several desalination plants with the help of Agent Blake.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Saltwater input

One one. Pumping right 530.

- One, two, 438.
- Check pressures.

Pressure normal
Flow rate stable.

- Fresh water outlet.
- One one. A thousand gallons per minute.

One two. 980 per minute.



Well, we are coming
to our first...

250 hours of service and
no sign of troubles.

Did you cross your fingers,
knock on wood or something?

I don't see why.



Yes, go on, continue.

These are advanced water
purification plants.

A lot of foreign companies would be very
happy if they ran into more trouble.

Some of them may even
go so far as to make sure they do.


To try to stop anybody
buying the british plant.

It is possible.

If anything else goes wrong.

I want you to be ready
to act immediately.

Already an important american order

for 10 plants is believed
to be in danger.

You are the vice president of
this company, Mr. Nielsen.

But as an engineer I say that
our order to

British water purifying plant
should be canceled immediately.

You don't believe in
the sabotage theory?

All I know is that the plant exploded
after only 250 hours in service.

It may been sabotage, I guess,
but we can't afford to take the risk.

I'ts mine risk Hartley,
not yours.

I say we'll go
ahead and buy.

Unless anything happens
to the others

experimental plants
British in operation.

Port Trennick and Burgossa.


- How's the pumping rate?
- 358.11.

- 476 on two.
- Good.

Coming up to 250 hours.

There was no need to
flown out from London, sir.

My money's on a
quiet evening.

I wanted to be on the spot.

I'm pretty sure it was sabotage
in North Africa.

So Am I, sir.

Unless it was a
design fault.

Unless the plant does
overheat with 250 hours.

But these plant's too well guarded
for anything to go wrong.

Like I said, we're in
for a quiet evening.

Five, four, three, two, one.

We made it.
250 hours.


The third and last experimental
desalinating plant here in England,

In Port Trennick.

I take it we're working on
the basis of sabotage.

Yes, the engineers cannot find nothing
wrong with the basic design.

But there are a lot foreign companies
that would like to slow down...

british sales of
desalination plants.

To give them time to
catch up themselves.


And I presume our job is to
find out how it's done.

I'm sorry, Tom, I'm sorry.

I know how much you personally put
into that desalination plant.

But you believe.
It's sabotage.

I am convinced of it. I told my
Vice President so in New York.

And what did he say?

His answer is: Maybe.
But we couldn't take risk.

So we've as good as lost
your company's order.

I'm afraid so, Tom. Will you be
shut down your last plant?

- No, definitely not.
- But why not?

Because the one slim
chance we have

of still getting order is
to keep the plant going.

Prove that it can pass
250 hours in complete safety.

Well, the perimeter seems completely
protected against infiltration.

Yes, first an electrified
wire fence.

Patrolled by mobile guards,
an electronic alarm system.

And what did you call them,
random infrared checks.

Throughout the grounds.

It looks foolproof.

Then you must be
right, Matthew.

- There is only one way.
- One crack in the armor, Father.

Finding out how they
do it is one thing,

stopping them is another.

Quite so, Matthew, and for that
we shall need some assistance.

Assistance to the undercover
team, handling this assignment.

That's is your mission, Blake.

But how can I assist them if I don't
even know who they are, sir?

According to the scheme outlined
to me, that won't necessary.

Very well, sir.

I arranged for you to
report immediately

to Port Trennick
desalination plant.

- I see, I'll be contact there.
- No.

I'm sorry sir, I don't

What are my instructions?

These, and they are to be
followed to the letter.

First, the cross.
Wear it until further orders.

Secondly, this capsule.

You're to take it at precisely
7:30 pm tomorrow evening.

- And then?
- That's all.

- All? Nothing else?
- Nothing.

Except to wish you
the best of luck.

Is the equipment
checked, Matthew?

- Checked and stowed away.
- All ready then.

Yes, Father.

- Matthew.
- Quickly, Matthew, conceal yourself.

Excuse me Father, but I'm
looking all over for Matthew.

He's gone again.

Really? Well, I saw him
only a moment ago.

If he's not here, I can't
think where he can be.

Rest assured, Mrs. Applebee,
he must be about somewhere.

Matthew? Matthew?

Well Matthew, I think this
will suit us admirably.

A lovely spot,
don't you think?

You forgot, Father, my view
is a slightly limited.

Ideal for a picnic.

Sandy beach, the dunes
and the sea itself.

Looking particularly peaceful,
today I would venture.

All clear, take it down.

Another sandwich, Matthew?

No, thank you, Father.

This one's more than
enough for me.

Ah, Matthew, I was forgetting
your diminutive stature.

More tea then?

If you really think
we've got have time, Father.

All the time in the world, Matthew.
All the time in the world.

- Mr. Blake?
- Yes sir.

I was warned to expect you.

Straight to the control building.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Nothing like a well-brewed cup
of tea on a hot day, Matthew.

I must remember to put a
egg cup in the case.

Flow rate normal.

Pressure stable.

- Input rate?
- Normal.

- Pressure?
- Everything's as it should be sure.

Yes, so far.

I'll feel more confident
when that clock

passes two hundred
and fifty hours tonight.

I've doubled the perimeter guards,

Had all alarm
systems rechecked.

And this time we've
covered everything.

I hope.

Flood decompression chambers.

Open hatches.

"Tempus Fugit", as
they say, well Matthew,

I suppose you must think
about getting along.

- What is the situation?
- Mission accomplished.

Good work, return to the submarine
we must prepare for stage two.

Time check, Matthew.

Five, four, three, two, one.

7:29, precisely.

Correct, now remember the plant
registers 250 hours...

at eight o'clock this evening.

That gives me just...
half an hour?

And just half an hour for whoever's
in the water with you.

7:30. In half an hour we'll know
if there's been any sabotage.

There's no technical reason why it
shouldn't pass the 250 hour mark safely.

This is our last

What's wrong with
that man?

He's collapsed, get
the doctor, quick.

- Come in Matthew, report progress
- I'm follow the pipe out to the sea.

It should reach the mouth
any time now.

Good work. I'm be leaaving
here in four minutes.

- Any sign of opposition.
- No so far.

But if we're right, they
can't be too far away.

Initiate decompression

Flood chambers..

Pulse failing. The heart
beats weak.

I'm afraid he's dying, Mr. Williams.

Dying? Is there nothing
to be done?

Not by a doctor.
I did all I can.

But this man needs
a priest.

It's 7:45. Time
to move on.

Hello, there!

Matthew, I might be
slightly delayed.

Excuse me, I was just
pulling onto the road.

What we have here,
a genuine Model T.

- What year?
- 1917.

I'm delighted to see you
are an enthusiast too, sir.

But I'm in a terrible hurry.

Hang on, old boy, the headlamps,
well surelly they're not authentic.

Oh yes they are you'll find
that metrics is so wish

Henry Ford did use it
of that, oh yes.

Well, you see the
color. That's wrong.

Any color just as long as it's black,
old Henry Ford used to say.

Now I must insist sir when you are putting
a finger load on whatever your mission

thread for this and guiding people does
this is always removing the apple, right?

- Well, I was just.
- I always enjoying the time for a chat,

but must strictly how on the mission
load off that oh yes goodbye, goodbye.

Ten minutes to go, sir.

How long is your patient, doctor?

It is hard to say.
He's not responding.

SHore, get onto the gate, please.

Redouble their efforts
to find a priest.

Right away, sir.

I thought all hospitals
had priests.

No, we've got a doctor.
We have several, a matter of fact.

What we want is a priest.

- Anyone at home.
- No, you did not understand.

I haven't lost a priest,
I'm looking to find one.

Excuse me.
Anyone there?

You hold on a moment.

This is urgent.

I just wanted to know if I was
right for Port Trennick.

Straight on,
left at the crossroads.

Thank you, my son.

Yes, a priest I'm
asking about.

A priest. A priest?

Father, one moment, Father!

Did you want me for
something, my son?

Report position.

Approaching target.
course true.

Estimated release, 60 seconds.

Hurry, Father,
there's no much time.

I'd like complete
seclusion, please.

Matthew, are you hear me,

Transmit the message.

- Are you in position?
- In position, Father.

And I think something
is happening.

Bomb secure, Father.
But it's still dangerous.

Almost certainly
time fused.

Matthew, can you get it
out of the pipeline?

Not unless the inflow of
water is turned off.

The pumps are too strong.

Gentlemen, I have a request.

Anything you need, Father.
Just let us know.

In that case, would you kindly
arrange to shut down the pumps?

The pumps? What have they
got to do with it?

Time is short, Father. I've got have
these pumps shut down.

Gentlemen, I promisse you.
I've just had a warning,

a premonition, if you like,
concearning an explosion.

He's mad.

Maybe, but we can't risk it,
look at the dial.

It's not good, Father.
I can't shif it.

Don't take risks, Matthew.
Get out of there.

You have already saved the plant.

If necessary, the pipe
can be repaired.

He couldn't have known. It
is too much coincidence.

Shut down the pumps.

- Number one pump close, sir.
- Number two pump close, sir.

- Number three close, sir.
- Number four close.

All pumps closer.

Ten seconds.

Seven, six...

Father, how did you know?

How does ever know, my son.

- Where am I?
- How do you explain that?

I don't believe.

I think they're coming
up now, Father.

Perhaps you can arrange
a reception committee.

All taken care of, Matthew.

I still don't believe it,

half an hour ago this
man was on point to death.

It's incredible.

Now is breathing and his pulse
rate are back to normal.

It's a miracle.

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