The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 12 - Mayday! Mayday! - full transcript

Father Unwin is assigned to protect the King of Muldovia from his brother's assassination attempts. When the flight crew of their plane is incapacitated, Father Unwin ends up having to pilot the plane himself!

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My mind is made up.

I will go to london and
sign the oil concession.

I think you are wrong.

The money will be used
for schools, hospitals,

irrigation schemes.
How can this be wrong?

I still feel luckily for our people.

While I live the
decision is not yours.

Are you all right.

Yes. It's...

It's just a flesh wound.

The price of leadership
in this modern age,

I'll cancel the arrangements
for your flight.

No. The oil rights agreement
is too important.

We go to London
as arranged.



The Moldovan oil concessions
are very important to us.

Now that the king has arrived
I've arranged for you to

join his retinue tobe at
hand watching for trouble.

Nothing must happen
to him here in britain.

We understand, Bishop,
will carry out your plan.

Remember, we're responsible until
he finally arrives in New York.

And there have already been
four attempts on his life.

Yes, indeed, we must remember
that, goodbye Bishop.

Well, let's get started.

It's most kind of you to let me
join your retinue, your majesty.

Well, now the oil agreement
has been signed,

I am glad to have a man
of intellect to talk to.

Oh, most kind.

Brit now has the
concession to our oil fields.

And we leave for New York
in the morning, your majesty?

To visit my four-year-old son.

We can have a longer
discussion on the plane.

I will retire now since
we start early tomorrow.

Of course your majesty.

Good night.

Good night, father Unwin.

You can come out
now, Matthew.

Uh, you take the first watch
and I'll relieve you at 2 A.M.

- Right, father.
- Good night, Matthew.

Good night, Father.

Right, the king's bedroom
is two floors down.

Father Unwin.
Wake up.

Father Unwin?

Father Unwin,
can you hear me?

Yes, Matthew.

A man outside the
king's bedroom.

Do what you can.
I'll be right there.


A demon!

Be careful,
were a long way up.

- Your majesty, are you all right?
- Uh?


Father Unwin...
What happened?

Well, uh, there was an
interrupters in my sleep, snort,

came through and I simply
came through to help you.

Interrupters, I...

I am not certain I understand.

Oh, it's all right, your
majesty may sleep again.

I'm sorry you've been disturbed.
Oh, sleep peaceful now.

I think you are very lucky
for me father Unwin.

Very lucky.

I am glad you'll be on the
flight to New York, tomorrow.

- It is just as you ordered.
- And you've timed it for three hours?

Yes. Just pressed
the button to set it.


Let's see if the
dimensions are correct.


I, uh, didn't expect you
to put it in a teddy bear.

- Didn't you?
- No.

It's the sort of thing used in...

Well, uh, a time bomb,
for instance.

- Is it?
- Yes.

- During the war I...
- Ahmed will pay you.


Yes, well then, uh...

- Goodbye you...
- How much?

Our friend is a little
nervous, I think.

- Arranged to have him watched.
- Yes, highness. And?

If he tries anything foolish,
have him taken care of.

- You understand?
- I understand, highness.

It will be done.

The king, a man who
has narrowly escaped

assassination on
several occasions,

prepares to go aboard
the royal plane.

- What time's the big match, Joe?
- A couple of minutes.

Hang on.

I have a small
present for your son.

A teddy bear for my
favorite nephew.

That chap,
it's the same box.

- Down the teddy bear.
- What are you talking about?

If it was for the bomb
they'll all be killed.

- I've got to tell somebody.
- Tell him what?

Hey Joe,
where are you going?

I'm pleased you've
arrived father Unwin.

Thank you, majesty.

Ah, captain.
Everything ready?

Yes, majesty, uh, we take off as soon as
my co-pilot brings the weather charts.

Stewardess. Please put this back
into the luggage compartment.

Would you like her to take
your case, Father Unwin?

No, no, no, please. Now I
prefer to keep it, thank you.

- You fix the canister in the cockpit?
- Yes your highness.

To the automatic pilot.

When they switch it off it
activates the device for 10 seconds.

- That will be long enough.
- Good work.

If the bomb fails to detonate,
we will still succeed.

Bishop to father Unwin,
do you receive me?

Loud and clear, Bishop.

We suspect a time bomb
aboard your aircraft.

- A bomb?
- I'm afraid so.

Time to detonate at noon,

just one hour from now.

Any clue as to
its whereabouts?

Our informant was shot
and only semi-conscious.

His last words were "sewn
into", and that was all.

Your pilot has been informed.

He says nearest landfall is iceland,
about two hours flying time away.

But we only have one
hour until 12 noon.

What is the pilot's plan?

Unless you find the
bomb in 30 minutes,

He'll ditch in the sea and
take to the life rafts.

He's already in touch with the
weather ship in your vicinity.

Good. Meanwhile we'll
search for the bomb.

Where do I start, father?

All the luggage is in the
rear compartment, Matthew.

Search everything.
It may be quite small.

I understand, Father. I'll use
the mine detector from the case.

Royal Moldovia flight one
calling weathership Markham.

Markham here,
Master speaking.

Ditching impossible.

You set feet high.

We have no alternative.

Switch off the automatic pilot,
we'll start our descent.

RM1 to Markham.

Request you stand by
to assist, if possible.

I will be...

Did not receive you RM1.
Please repeat.

Come in, RM1.

Weathership Markham
to play control.

Lost contact with RM1,
please advise.

Yes bishop, I'm on my way to
the flight deck to investigate.

- Oh, dear!
- What's happened?

Oh, this is awful.

The pilot and co-pilot both
appear to be unconscious.

I'll turn you over to air
traffic control in iceland.

They'll give
you full instructions.

Listen carefully.

You're now level at
twenty thousand feet.

I want you to try a
gentle left bank.

- Ready?
- I'm ready to try.

Pull back!
Pull back the stick!

Well, control, we are
now at 15.000 feet.

And flying more or less
straight and level again.

Well done, keep her like that.

Father Unwin.
I found it.

It's in the teddy bear.

Can the hatch be opened
and the bomb thrown out?

Negative. At that height you'll kill
yourselves by depressurization.

Descend to 5.000 feet before
opening the hatch.

All right, but you'll
have to instruct me.

Matthew, when I bring
the plane level.

Open the hatch and
discharge the bomb.

I'm all ready.

Matthew we're at five thousand feet.
I'm going to level off now.

- Be prepared.
- I'm ready now, Father Unwin.

But I'll have to
watch the slipstream.

What's happening?
We're climbing again?

Oh, dear.
I over controlled.

I'm correcting it now.

Bombs away, father.

The king's coming up to
the flight deck, Father.

This is my chance to
get back in the case.

Very well then, Matthew.

What's happened, father Unwin?

I'm afraid your majesty
there was a bomb on board.

But it's been located
and disposed of.

A bomb?
But if you are here...

who found the bomb?

I didn't work it loudly.

Oh, no. I had a very great
helper surprising saucy most.

Surprising saucy most?

- I don't understand you.
- Well, it's easy, majestic.

I have a helper deep joy of
the miniaturization all tiny tiny.

Very invaluable.

Tiny, tiny help.

I must soon attempt
to landing, your majesty.

Would you please go back
and pass your seat belt.

All right.

Somehow I...

I find I can trust
you, Father Unwin.

- All secure, Father.
- Esplendid.

Wish us luck, Matthew.
Probably we'll need it.

Control to RM1.

- Do you read me?
- Yes control, come in.

You're wondering
slightly off course.

Make a gentle left bank to a
compass reading of 0-7-9.

That's fine.

Hold that and
you'll be all right.

If you look straight ahead,
you'll see airfield.

Keep to you present heading
and we'll talk yoy down.

You are now flying
at 5.000 feet.

Start a gentle descent
to 1.000 feet.

Please acknowledge.

Thank you, control, starting
to descend to 1000 feet.

You are coming
down too fast.

Easy back, just a little.

You're too far to the right.

A little left bank.

No more than two degrees.

I've got them in
the binoculars.

Oh, yes.

I see them now.


We have you on both
binoculars and radar now.

You're doing well.

We'll have you down on the ground
in just another couple of minutes.

Emergency, full power.

Take off again.
Full power.

Pull back the stick!

What happened, controller?

You almost landed
with your wheels up.

Oh, deep falling.

You'll have to circle the airfield
for another attempt.

And I'll give you instruction
about luring the undercarriage.

There's a single lever ahead
of the power controls.

Pull that all the way back.

And it will release
your undercarriage.

Wheels down, sir.

All right, RM1.

We're ready to bring
you in again now.

You're positioned right
on the runway.

Less than 200 feet up.

Deeper align and stay at level.

You're now only 75 feet
above touchdown.

Watch that right wing sag.

You're almost there.

Your wheels are on the ground.



- Something's going wrong.
- She's out of control.

He's made it.

For a novice that was magnificent.

Are you all right,
your majesty?


Thank you, father Unwin.

I was right to place
my trust in you.

For my text today I have chosen
a quotation from the book of Jo.

Chapter 36,
verse 13.

The hypocrites in heart
heap up wrath.

The people who hurt
us most are those

who profess to love us and yet

deliberately deceive us
for their own ends.

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