The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 13 - More Haste, Less Speed - full transcript

Father Unwin and Matthew are sent to retrieve two counterfeiting plates from the devious sibling duo of Lord Edward and Lady Martha Hazlewell.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Be careful don't smudge it.

It's this filthy ink.
I'm covered in it.

Here sister dear,
let me try.

- Yeah let's have a look.
- Impatience, my dear Spiker.


I'll have to examine it
under the glass,

but it looks perfect.

It is, the perfect forgery.

Yeah, where's the
plate for the back.

Ah, that's the snag.

We don't have it.

- And what say is...
- It does exist.

But tell him, dearest sister.

- Our late lamented father...
- In his infinite wisdow.

Procured the plates his accomplice
was a man named Mullins.

A long felow.

- No offense, Spiker.
- Go on.

They decided to hold a plate
each till the heat cool off.

- Clerical expression.
- I know what it means.

Get on with it.

Mullins was arrested.

Fortunately he managed to hide
the plate just beforehand.

But where's this,
uh, Mullins now?

- In star.
- In jug.

In short.
In prison.

And you brought me all
the way down here...

My dear Spiker. Mullins is due
to be released tomorrow.



- Counterfeit dollar plate say?
- Yes, Father Unwin.

You realize the international
implications if they are not recovered.

Of course.

Your assignment is to follow Mullins
until he leads you to the plates.

I think I know where
he'll be going.

But on no account, must he discover
you have him under observation.

It will require a very
unorthodox approach.

I realize that, Bishop. I think I
have the glimmer of an idea.

It'll never work father,
we'll be stopped.

Arrested, maybe.

Look, Matthew. Our assignment is
to keep the ex-prisoner Mullins

under discrete observation until he
leads us to the counterfeit plates.

And I think our present
stature will enable us to

do just that without
being observed ourselves.

Well we'll find out when we reach
Lord Hazelwood's residence.

Well, Mullins,

our proposition is a
very simple one.

I have the plate for the
front of the one dollar notes.

- We have.
- That's right we have.

All right, we have
the front plate.

And my father
told me that you,

my dear Mullins, have
the plate for the back.

I know where it is.

Which amounts
to the same thing.

Which means we're in business,
as they say.

All right.
What's your proposition?

Well, we, we don't want to get involved
in the tedious business of printing.

We sell the two plates
to the highest bidder,

and split the proceeds
the following way.

Twenty percent
to you, Mullins.

Twenty percent to Spiker.

Ten to dearest Martha.

Leaving fifty percent for
myself, very fair, I thought.

Fifty percent for you?
You must be joking.

- I'm appalled!
- What should you get off?

I've got one of the plates.
I want fifty percent.

You three can spit the rest
any way you want so.

- I demand a half share.
- I see.

Greed rise its ugly head.

Greed? You offer me
a twenty percent...

- I see it all.
- I demand my part.

Quiet! Quiet!

Yes, it sounds like a car.

Can you see anything?

That's funny.

I could have sworn
I heard a car.

Well, it's been a tiring day.

I suggest we sleep on things.

Tomorrow I'm sure we can
come to some agreement.

All right, Matthew,
we'll wait until it's dark,

and then go inside the house.

I thought they'd
never go up to bed,

But the Bishop's
information was correct.

- Mullins is here, all right.
- Yes but I think they're still awake.

We better go upstairs and
see what we can find out.

You're so devious.

Don't you trust me, eh?

I refuse to trust
Mullins or Spiker.

There I agree, but once
we have that's plates.

We don't need to trust them.

I'd take your point.

Ah, dearest Martha.

Let's move on to Mulin's room.

Right, Matthew.

20 for you and 80 for me.

Very stuck rats.

- Yeah, you can't trust them.
- I don't trust anybody.

But you and me, Mullins.
We're the same soul.

- We could do it to you.
- Maybe.

Fifty- fifty?

I'll think about it.

Someone's coming, Matthew.
I think it might be wise to hide.

You'd better get back
to your own room.


Spiker, talking to Mullins,
making a deal.

I don't trust him.

Neither do I.

What would you say to, uh...

- Sixty-forty?
- What?

Keep your voice down, man.

All right.

Fifty-fifty, but first we must find
out where he's hidden that plate.

When we show him our plate
in a dungeon tomorrow,

I'll make him talk.

Good night my dear Spiker.

Well, Father,

It seems Mullins is
going to be made to talk.

Yes we'll take it
in turns to sleep.

But we must be in the dungeon
tomorrow to hear what he has to say.




All right, all right.
I'll tell you.


We're waiting.

The plate's hidden in an old barn on a
deserted farm just outside Eastfoot.

- Green acre farm.
- Thank you, my dear Mullins.

All right, spiker,
to the farm.


Going somewhere?

Uh, Martha.

I thought we had an
arrangement Edward.

Of course.

- Let me explain.
- Yes, I know.

Even as a child was despicable.

I'll take our plate,
if you don't mind.

But, hand it over?

I said, hand it over.

Thank you.

What do you intend to do?

Go to the farm and
collect the other plate.

Goodbye, gentlemen.

Hey, you come back!

It's now, good Spiker.
I'm afraid she's gone.

- We've got to get out of here.
- Impossible.

That door's a foot sick.

I know how I could do it.

Unchain me and I'll tell you.

All right, Spiker.

Untie his bonds.

What have
we got to lose?

I think it's time for us
to leave too, Father.

You're right, Matthew.
Somehow we must

get to greenacre farm
before lady Martha.

Let's get after
her, Matthew.

Keep up the speed, father.
We've got to get to that farm first.

- If the cannon doesn't work, Mullins?
- It will.

Stand by.

That wasn't loaded properly.

He's right, we have
to use more powder.

More powder?

You'll blow us all to pieces.

There's a fortune slipping
through our fingers.


I'm afraid lady Martha seems
to have a commanding lead.

Don't be pessimistic, Matthew,
we may yet gain the advantage.

Don't be such a card, Spiker.

- Fire!
- It's all right for you two.

Here goes, sir.

Oh, well done, Spiker,
dear chap.

- I think I've broken my arm.
- Oh, stop quibbling, man.

- Let's get moving.
- We haven't got a car.

Don't worry.

I know where we can
still get there first.

It is the open road for me.

When I won the
fancy and free.

Look out, father.

Oh, what clever.

Am I feel circumstance, Am I?

- There's only two seats.
- Don't worry, dear chap.

You and Mullins can
squeeze in the back.

- Uh, give the propeller a turn.
- But I've hurt my arm.

Must you always argue.

Use the other one.

Climb aboard.

This is where we leave our
argumentative friend.

- Fifty-fifty?
- Why not?




Wait for me!

We're in our way, Mullins.
Nice and stable.


I thought the pilots
always sat in the back.

But you are.

- I'm what?
- The pilot.

I've never flown in my life.

Neither have I.

Well, Father, we seem to
have lost the opposition.

Quite so, Matthew, but we
mustn't underestimate them.

They're a devious batch,
especially lady Martha.

She's a smasher, Pete.
Here what could she do.

But tom plus 20
with two up.

How long have
you got it in?

Two days.


What's going on?

- 20 miles to Eastwood, father.
- Yes, Matthew.

Let's hope we can
maintain our lead.

I did said, be careful, man.
I'm in the front, remember?

Look out!

Well, thanks for
fixing the arm.

- And the lift.
- Are you in some sort of trouble?

No, no. I'm a male nurse.
I'm trying to recapture a patient.

Uh, soft in the air,
do you know?

- Tracey no was , sir.
- Oh well...

He had a gun.
A cannon.

A cannon?

Raving, you know,
absolutely raving.

Uh, if you'll just drop
me off at Eastfood.

I'll see sir, yes.

It's lady Martha.

On a motorcycle.

You're right. I'm afraid we
cannot match up with speed.

We're almost there.

You can cut across the
field to greenacre farm.

Thanks for the lift.

Let's get inside, Matthew.

That looked like the farm.

- Yes, uh, turn her off.
- How do I do that?

Oh, pull the stick or something.


At last.

He's got a parachute.

Now where would that
plate be hidden?


I think I've broken my leg.

Never mind about that.

Now you're here you can
tell me where that plate is.

And then I'll help you down.

Oh, found it.

Thank you.

I'll take that.


It's, it's seems
we've all arrived.

But I've got a gun.

Put the plate down,
lady Martha.

Now the other one.

- I know you've got it.
- My dear Spiker.

- Can't we discuss this?
- No, we can't.

Put it down with
the other one.

Let's be reasonable
about this, old chap.

Now I'm going to
walk out of here.

Nice and slowly.

And I don't want
no one following me.

- Got it?
- The plates.

They've gone.

- Home, Father?
- Home, Matthew.

Brethren, you all know the story
of the tortoise and the hare.

And in the hustle and
bustle of this modern age,

an old proverb comes to mind.

"Slow and steady
wins the race,

not the one that
sets the pace."

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