The Secret Service (1969): Season 1, Episode 11 - School for Spies - full transcript

Father Unwin infiltrates a gang of saboteurs posing as priests, but will he be discovered before he reveals their nefarious schemes?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

- All set?
- Yes.

Ten seconds.

Well, congratulations, brother. The
Archdeacon will be delighted.

Now we've got to go.



That's the new assignment,
Father Unwin.

And the most baffling one.

I see. A step rise...

in the number of acts of sabotage
over the last four months.

And you say the file you just sent me
contains all the relevant information?

Yes, indeed.

Personal statements,
eyewitnesses, everything.

But so far nothing
concrete to go on.

Nothing whatsoever.

No clue as to
why it's done.

No lead on who does it.

But it is imperative that
it this stopped.

I'll leave it in your hands.

Quite so, goodbye.


Brother Gregory to Archdeacon,
are you receiving me?

Loud and clear, Gregory.

Project roadway, reporting
completed sucess.

An interesting point
here, Matthew.

When the Mach 4.5 aircraft
was sabotaged...

eyewitnesses mentioned a vicar
seen near the airfield.

Doesn't sound very
interesting, Father?

Another vicar was seen
at the time of the

destruction of the
experimental weapons station.

And now we have
a further incident.

- The army truck?
- Precisely.

And another vicar was
involved in a car

crash a few hundred
yards from the explosion.

I see.

- Is he hurt?
- No not seriously.

He's at Stonehouse Hospital.

I think we should visit him.

Let's call it an errand
of mercy, Matthew.


Come in.

My dear chap, I heard of you dreadful
mishap and I felt I had came at once.

- Now tell me, how are you?
- I am fine.

- You're not from...
- The Bishop, in directly.

Now tell me about your accident,
what happened?

Well, I was driving slowly
along the road.

The next thing I knew,
I'd crashed through a fence.

Open the case, Matthew.

Ah.. case?

Your case, must

I've knew it.

You doze off and crashed,

You've been overworking
overdoing your pastoral duties.

Pastoral duties?

Take care of your flock.

Well, I won't dally any longer.
I'll leave you to get some rest.

Let's hope
we meet again.

Thanks for calling.

It's the least
I could do.

I'm sure we'll meet again.



- Can you talk, Matthew?
- Yes, Father.

The radio is on.

I'm convinced that this
man is an imposter.

I'm not sure he even knows
what pastoral duties are.

Added to which he seems to
prefer pop music to hymns any day.

I think we're on to something.

Matthew, I just saw yet another member
of the clergy enter the hospital.

Is my guess is you'll
have a visitor.

- I understand, Father.
- Be careful, Matthew.

And wait developments.

Brother Thomas.

This is not a Rest Center.

Switch off that radio, Gregory.

Well, who is
a surprise.


What do you think it was to the
Archdeacon when he heard?

But, it was an accident.

Doesn't the Archdeacon knows that.

Your accident could jeopardize
the next assigment.

By far our most
important job to date.

- Operation Fish?
- Yes.

I know you understand the Archdeacon's
attitude to mistakes, Gregory.

And you were a vital
member of the team.

- And I still can be.
- In your state?

But how long is it
before do it?

All the archdeacon
says is soon.

But it'll be over long before
you're out of here, Gregory.

Report a change
of quarters, Father.

A change for the better,

Not utterly, Father.

- Will you follow me?
- Of course, Matthew.

I think we've arrived, Father.

I'll report as soon I can.


What's the news, Gregory?

Oh, it'll be days
before he's allowed out.


That means we'll be without a
demolition expert for operation fish.

You're forgetting the new
recruit from section six.

The Archdeacon says he has
a good record in demolitions.

Brother Jess.

Brother Jess.

The demolition expert.

He's due to arrive
tomorrow morning.

Interesting Matthew.
Very interesting.

I'll wait till tonight and see
what else I can find out.

Father, can you hear me?


Father Unwin.

Who told...

Father Unwin.

- Father!
- Oh, Matthew.

What are you doing?

Opening the safe, Father.

Oh dear, opening
the safe.

You are certainly a man of
many talents, Matthew.

Fortunately I overheard
the combination.




- That should do it.
- Good, good.

Do be careful.
What can you see?

- I may have something here.
- Go on.

A list of fees received.

For the destruction of the Mach
4.5 experimental aircraft.

25.000 pounds.

For the destruction of the
army truck, 15.000 pounds.

You mean this people
are mercenaries.

They do it solely for money.

Looks like, Father.

Well, it seems we
know why they do it.

All we need is enough information
to catch them red-handed.

This could be it, Father.

Operation Fish.

No doubt about it,
this is it.

Fee 75.000 pounds.

Excelent. Now, I think you'll be
advised to remain where you are.

And we'll see what Brother
Jess can do in the morning.

- Good night, Matthew.
- Good night, Father.

Good morning, can I
be any assistence?

Oh, good morning, I'm looking
for Pennyridge Seminary.

My map seems to disagree
with your signpost.

Always a problem.
Always a problem.

Could the signpost have
been tampered with.

- It seems unlikely.
- It is possible.

Pennyridge seminary,
you say, eh?

- Let's have a look at your map.
- No, no, I'll follow the signpost.

Oh well, if you insist.

Brother Jess reporting, Matthew.
I'm on my way to Pennyridge now.

I'll organize you release
as soon as I can.

Someone approaching
the house.

Extraordinary vehicle is driving.

It must be our new recruit.
Brother Jess, from Section Six.

And dead on time.

- May I come in?
- Brother Jess, I presume.

That is the name I seem to be
traveling under at the moment.

- Oh, excuse me.
- Indeed, indeed.


Oh, yes, Archdeacon.

Get into the case as soon
you can, Matthew.

Right, Father.

Yes, it arrived a
few seconds ago.

Right, goodbye.

The Archdeacon coming
through in a moment.

We'd better take
our places.

Is the Archdeacon
usually so mysterious?

The Archdeacon makes his
own rules, Brother Jess.

Our job is to wait.

As long as we are "all"

Very comfortable.
Thank you, Father.

I'm back in the case.

Yes, he is now.

Welcome, Brother Jess.

We are expecting
great things of you.

I only hope I can live up
to your expectation.

Oh, I'm sure you will.
Though of course...

we shall need to be satisfied
that you are completely familiar with

explosives and detonation
equipment and etc, etc...

Any test you like to set me.

You don't seem to lack
confidence, Brother Jess.

Brother Thomas will take
you to the laboratory,

to see if your confidence
is justifiable.

Father, please be careful.

You don't know anything
about explosives.

You like it, Brother Jess?

I can play here
for hours.

All right, brother.
Perhaps you'd begin.

Brother Jess.

Would you identify
these detonators?

Well, question of such
simplicity now, uh...

Let me see.

Welcome back, Gregory.

I discharged myself from the hospital.

I couldn't leave you without a
demolition's expert for Operation Fish.

It was good of you
to concern yourself,

fortunately we were able to
arrange a substitute.

- Substitute?
- Yes.

A new recruit,
Brother Jess.

Let's see how he's getting on.

I think Brother Jess has told
us all we need to know.

Anyone who treats nitro like
that must be an expert.

Explosives should be treated like a
lion tamer treats the big cats.

Show them you're
not afraid.


What is Gregory?

Archdeacon, that man's
an imposter.

He's not the brother Jess?

- Are you sure?
- Positive, Archdeacon.

I know Brother Jess.

This man visited me
in the hospital.

- You'll have to postpone the operation.
- No. I think not.

Operation Fish goes
ahead as planned.

Tonight we will destroy
the Invincible.


- Are we all ready?
- Ready, brother.

All right, brother,
let's get to work.

You forget. I still don't know
what we're going to do.

Just watch this.

You see, brother.
Radio controlled.

Loaded with your explosives and
set on fixed course across the bay.

The end of whatever it hits.
I see.

I'm afraid, brother...

The end of you too.

- Explosives set?
- All set.

Right. All aboard!

And, uh, enjoy your trip,
Brother Jess.

I'll have you untied you
in no time, Father.

Hurry, Matthew. It is
under radio control.

If I can break the link.


Ready to activate control.

Go ahead, brother.


Jump, Matthew!



That's right, Bishop.
An army vehicle.

Heading west.

Leave it to me, Father.

And what's your next move?

First, to bear visit
the Archdeacon.

And then to get
Matthew home to bed.

Who is it?

Brother Thomas is that you?

No, Archdeacon, I'm afraid
It's only me.

I underrated you.

But then,
you underrated me.



I called in at the lab
on the way.

All right, you win just.

Put that flask down.

Ah, the constabulary.

I told your colleagues,

This stuff is like a tiger.

Only dangerous if
you show your fear.


Holly. Oh, dear. It would
appear there are

times when the tiger
takes no notice.

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