The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 27 - Take Me to Your Leader Raid - full transcript

Visitors? Yeah, a
German staff car.

At last. Let's try and
take 'em still breathing.


All right. Hit it!

[ Gunshot ]

Hello, there.

Hello, Major. Sergeant Troy.

Well, you boys happened
along at the right time.

I was hoping some sort of diversion would
develop so I could make a try at escaping.

- Looks like you made
a pretty good try.
- Lansing, 34th Armored.

I'll check this out
with headquarters...

soon as we get within radio
range. Very good, Sergeant.

Now we'd better move out of here.
There was a Kraut convoy behind us.

- We like Kraut convoys.
- I'll bet.

Unfortunately, there's a more
pressing matter we'll have to consider.

Shall we go, Sergeant?
All right. Let's go.

Hans. [ Speaking German ]

[ Man On Radio Speaking
German ] Herr Hauptmann.

[ Man On Radio Continues ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

They've taken the bait.


[ German ]

[ German ] [ Engine Starts ]

This is the way
it lays out, lads.

Four days ago, I was on my way to meet
Colonel Carver when the Krauts grabbed me.

Carver was supposed to take me to
a meeting at Division Headquarters...

A very important meeting.

Carver mentioned
something about it to me.

There's a rumor the
Old Man might be there.

I've heard that rumor
too. Of course, I'm not

at liberty to discuss
any of this with you.

Suffice it to say, I must have you take
me to Division Headquarters immediately,

wherever the devil
it is at the moment.

Well, Major, our orders are to
pick up a prisoner for interrogation,

preferably a
high-ranking officer.

I can appreciate that, Sergeant.

However, I must insist that
my mission has first priority.

Of course, I'll take full responsibility
when you make that radio call.

What do you think? [ Sighs ]

It's okay.

The sooner we get him to Division,
the sooner we get on our way.

All right, Major. You
got your ride to Division.

[ Device Beeping ] [ German ]

[ German ] [ Beeping Continues ]

[ German ]

[ German ] [ Engine Starts ]

We surrender!
Camerati, we surrender!

[ Shouting In Italian ]

Cover me. Tully.

Please. Please, I
have wounded men.

In the truck.

There was a field
hospital near here.

When we arrived, it had been
moved. Then we broke an axle.

My men are very much in
need of medical attention.

Our nearest hospital
is Benghazi. Oh, so far?

And we're heading for
Division Headquarters.

You can get a truck there, come back,
pick up your men and take them to Benghazi.

I will do whatever is necessary.

Fine. Then you come with us,
and you can lead the medics back.

Uh, we're very low on water.

All right. I'll give you
some of my canteens.


[ Speaking Italian ]

We're wasting time.

Major, I don't
think five minutes...

figuring a way to save a
few lives is, uh, wasting time.

Sergeant! Now, perhaps I
shall remind you my rank...

deserves certain respect.

Now let's move.

I am ready.

Hitch, you ride with Moffitt.
Put the prisoner in the front seat.

Major, do you mind
riding in the back?

Not at all, Sergeant.

Major Lansing.

Colonello Centis.

Fine, fine. Let's go.

We're low on water, and we're
still a ways from, uh, Division.

If we were that low on
water, Sergeant, why

did you give the
canteens to the Italians?

It's only a two
mile detour, Major.

It'll be a lot longer than two miles,
Sergeant. That sign's a phony.

What's up? That sign is a phony.

I don't follow you. [ Scoffs
] The Germans put it there.

You head out that way, you'll
drive yourself into quicksand.

How do you know this?

Our boys from G-2 made
us aware of it five days ago.

I, myself, was made aware
of that sign only two days ago.

Then it is phony? Yes.

Your intelligence system
is very thorough, Major.

That's why we're
winning the war.

I'll have to make that
identification call to headquarters.

Let 'em know we're in the
area... also that we have you.

You are a German. What
are you talking about?

I think I saw you at the
liaison meeting only last month.

You could not possibly
have known about the signs.

Keep your voice down.

What are you doing
in that uniform?

General McClean is at
their division headquarters.

We have men in
half-tracks following us.

When we reach our destination,
they'll move in for the kill.

That is insanity. Do you think that
McClean will not be very well guarded?

The element of surprise
will be in our favor.

It is still a suicide mission.

McClean's death
is worth the price.

I will not be party
to this. You are!

No. I promised my men
to bring back Allied medics.

Also, we have surrendered.

As an Italian officer, I
will not be party to this.

As an Italian coward.

I am not impressed by
such words any longer,

as I am not impressed by
your stupid, senseless war.

[ Gunshot ]


He made a grab for
this. I had no choice.

He's still alive.

Sergeant, you can't do
him any good out here.

Now, as you said, there
will be medics at Division.

We can't move him till we
stop the bleeding, Major.

You've done that. Now put him
in the jeep and let's get moving.

Five or 10 minutes either way
can't make that much difference.

I'm already four days late, Sergeant! That
meeting might be over when we get there!

There's a man's life at stake
here, Major. He's the enemy!

He's a wounded prisoner, and
he's our responsibility, enemy or not.

Sergeant, listen to me.

He surrendered. Then in the
next moment he tried to kill me!

He doesn't deserve your concern.

I've done all I can.

He needs a surgeon
very badly. [ Sighs ]

All right. Help me get him in the jeep,
then finish the call to headquarters.

Tell 'em what happened.
We're comin' in. Right.

Easy, Colonel. Easy.

If you'll just prop him up,
sir, to keep him from falling.


[ Beeping ]

Herr Hauptmann. [ German ]

[ German ] Ja.

[ German ] [ German ]

Division Headquarters,
about two miles head.

- What happened?
- I don't know. He threw
himself out of the jeep.

Boy, I don't
understand him at all.

First he surrenders to save his wounded
men, then he tries to shoot the major.

And now this.

You know, Tully,

I'm still not sure he
tried to shoot the major.

What? Sergeant.

Yeah, Colonel?


Why'd you take a
dive out of the jeep?

The major...

What about the major?

What's he trying to say?

I don't know.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna try a bluff.
What kind of a bluff?

I'm not quite sure.

But if he didn't try to escape,

then Lansing had another
reason for shooting him.

And if Lansing thinks
Centis told us that reason...

[ Gun Cocks ]

Ah, it's just a nick.
He's a Kraut! What?

We led him right to the Old Man.
Hitch, you stay here with the colonel.

We've got to get him before he
lets every German in the area know.

[ German ]


[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ German ]

This is what they
used to track us with.

What about my men?

Well, we have to be heading back that way,
so we'll, uh, direct the medics to 'em.

Grazie, Sergente.
I'm very grateful.

Good luck, Colonel.

Ciao, my friend.


Hey, Sarge. There's the general.

Nice to see the Old
Man's still around.

[ Roars ]