The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 28 - The Double or Nothing Raid - full transcript

Sgt. Moffitt is wounded, taken prisoner and about to be executed by the Germans. After the Rats initial rescue fails, Moffitt learns from a doctor that he is being used as bait to trap the rest of the patrol and eliminate them.

[ Speaking German ]

Herr Hauptmann.

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ Clattering ]

Halt! Halt!

[ Gunfire ]

[ German ]

[ Alarm Blaring ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

"Prisoner Moffitt, in accordance
with the Geneva convention...

"and the articles of war
of the German Army,

"you have been tried and found guilty
of espionage against the Third Reich...

"and have been sentenced
to death by firing squad...

on this day, the
7th of March, 1942."

Are you ready?

[ German ]

[ German ]


[ German ]

[ German ]

Amerikaner! Amerikaner!

[ German ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Troy ] Can't get to
Moffitt! Get the captain!

Any headaches? Dizziness?

Yes. Which?


It's not surprising. You
got quite a nasty jolt.

You know, it would
not be a bad idea...

if you were to take it easy
for a couple of weeks...

Even confine yourself to bed.

I'm afraid that will
not be possible.

Arrangements have
been made for a trade.

What kind of trade?

In exchange for you, the Americans have
agreed to return our Hauptmann Rostov.

Frankly, I think it's a
bad bargain on both sides.

Although there are some
people here that seem to believe...

that Hauptmann Rostov
can still be of value to us.

In any case, we
move out before noon.

This man has had a concussion,
to say nothing of a fractured ankle.

My dear doctor, the English
are noted for their stiff upper lip.

All I require is that he
can walk for 50 yards.

[ Scoffs ]

I can't even guarantee that he'll be
able to walk 50 feet without collapsing.

Shall we leave it
to the sergeant?

Where is the
exchange to take place?

The Hassi Messaoud Oasis.

Questions, gentlemen? I just wish
we could have gotten Moffitt out.

Don't worry about it. You've
got Rostov for bargaining power.

Why are they letting
Moffitt off the hook...

when they know he's been taking
pictures of their coastal installations?

Because they don't know
how long he's been taking them.

So to play it safe, they're going to
have to make some pretty big changes...

Enough to set them
back six months anyway.

Who's in charge of the
exchange for the Germans?

Colonel Voss,
Rostov's superior officer.

Guess the Germans think we
might try to pull something off.

What makes Rostov so important?

Everything... and nothing.

Troy, negotiations for the exchange
of Allied and German prisoners...

have been under
way for some time.

This is the first one.

So it's particularly important it
comes off without any wrinkles.

Get it off your chest, Troy.

Since when can we afford
to trust the Germans, sir?

Because they can't afford not to
trust us. We have their Sergeant Moffitt.

But they have Hauptmann Rostov.

That's the difference
in our positions.

As far as we're concerned,
Hauptmann Rostov is expendable.

All this to wipe out a splinter
unit of two American jeeps?

Mm-hmm. Splinters have
sometimes been known

to cause infection if
they're not withdrawn.

Won't Berlin say you're
overstepping your authority?

How else do you think
I became a colonel?

Now, you get the
armor ready to move out.

Sir. Dorf, the
limestone cliff area...

at Hassi Messaoud should
provide excellent cover.

Two hours after I
move out with the armor,

you meet me there with
the English sergeant.

I'll be waiting for you.

Yes, sir. Ja.

You know, of course, Sergeant,
you're a very foolish young man.

Am I? A concussion...
even a minor one...

Is nothing to
dismiss so lightly.

Why risk your health...

Possibly your life... to
make Colonel Voss a hero?

I didn't realize
Captain Rostov was...

so important.

I'm not talking about
Captain Rostov.

Then what are you talking about?

[ Clattering ]

It's a trap, isn't it?

That's what you're
trying to tell me.

It's a trap.

And I'm the bait.

Isn't it? Isn't it? I'm the
bait! Guards! Guards!

Isn't it? Tell me,
tell me! Guard!

That's far enough, Sergeant.

Use your head, Captain.
You're only 50 miles from home.

Why take a chance on
going back as a corpse?

Better a corpse than to
be returned like a stray dog.

[ Troy ] What's the matter? Afraid the
colonel will send you to the Russian front?

Not when I bring him three such
esteemed prisoners as yourselves, Sergeant.

- It'll never happen.
- Oh, it will happen, Sergeant.

Shall I tell you why?

Yeah. Yeah. Go
ahead and tell me.

Because in any contest with
you, I have one great advantage.

I'm your bargaining power
to get back your comrade.

Without me, your Sergeant
Moffitt is as good as dead.

He's dead.

[ German ]

[ German ] Schnell!

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

The way some people
dress their children.

All right.

Come on, Tully.
What's bothering you?

- I'm trying to think
of another way.
- Well, there isn't.

Listen, Tully. We didn't tell
Rostov to get himself killed.

No, but no matter
how you cut it,

you're promising something
you're not delivering.

We have no alternative.

Unless we come up with
something or someone,

Moffitt's had it.

It's as simple as
that. Play or pay.

What happens when
the Germans catch on?

They won't. Not at least till after
Moffitt and I pass in exchange.

- Okay. Then what?
- Then I bend my shoes and
take off in a cloud of dust.

With the Jerries
banging away at us.

What do you mean "us"?

Really, Sergeant. You're
in no condition for...

Come on.

Let's go.

- Sergeant, I'm telling you.
- I'll manage.

- This is foolish.
- I'll manage!

Tell them to keep back
and drop their guns.

[ German ]

All of them. [ German ]

[ German ]

- [ German ]
- [ German ]

[ German ]

All right, Sarge?


Tully. Yeah.

It's all ready. Are you?

The prisoners will be escorted
by a guard for the first 15 yards.

Thereon they will proceed
alone until they pass each other...

and are escorted the remaining
distance by their own guards.

Prisoners, proceed.

[ Conversing In German ]

[ German ]

[ Whispers ] Moffitt!


[ Shouts In German ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ German ]

[ Indistinct ]

Hi. Hmm.

He suffers so nicely.
Fortune favors the brave.

One hundred and two.

I'm afraid you're gonna have to put
up with me just a little while longer.

Hmm. What is your secret?

Clean living and a pure heart.


- Yeah?
- Thanks.

Piece of cake.

[ Roars ]