The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 26 - The Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid - full transcript

The rats discover Troy is carrying a radioactive vial.

[ Gasps ]

[ Twig Snaps ]

[ Key Turns ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Muffled Shouting, Straining ]

I'm gonna find out what
he was trying to hide.

Get the others.

[ Engine Racing ]

[ Klaxon Blaring ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ Grunting ]

[ German ]

Jawohl. Jawohl.

Gentlemen, you had
better decide where

Sergeant Troy has gone
with Dr. Schneidermann,

because he's carrying two
ounces or pure radium with him.

All right, Doctor. We'll
probably stay here a while.

Sit down, Doctor.

[ Exhales ]

You know who I am, apparently.

Yeah. Dr. Erich Schneidermann.

Well, you will not deliver me.

This I promise you.

You're not in any position
to make threats, Doctor.

I do not threaten.

I merely state facts.

Most men of medicine deal
only in known facts, Sergeant.

Like your brand of
medicine, Doctor?

Oh? And what is that
supposed to mean?

You know what I mean.

Experimenting with animals is
good enough for some scientists.

But not you. You
prefer human beings.

You mean you think
this is somehow evil?

You don't see anything
wrong with it? Certainly not.

And I'm quite sure your own
doctors are doing the same thing.

Man, we don't even
speak the same language.

Doesn't it occur to you to wonder
why you were sent to kidnap me?

Obviously, your superiors do not
share your attitude toward my work.

They would like to,
uh... How do you say...

To pick my brain,
would they not?

I think they intend to... to make
use of my knowledge for their ends.

They intend to... I'll tell
you what I intend to do...

Gag you again...
if you don't shut up.

Very well, Sergeant.

[ Knocking ] [ Man
] Herr Hauptmann.

[ German ]

I hope, gentleman, that you realize
that the further you delay information,

the closer you bring
Sergeant Troy to death.

I have told you
about the radium.

Since it is not here,
Sergeant Troy must have it.

I say he must, because Dr. Schneidermann
would not carry it on his person.

It kills.

It destroys tissue and is very
carefully controlled and used,

and probably is killing
at this very moment.

All right, Sergeant. I will
make a bargain with you.

If you help me find
Dr. Schneidermann,

and above all, the radium,

you can all go free,

including Sergeant Troy...

If that isn't too late already.

I'm sorry, Captain.
I can't help you.

You're a fool, Sergeant.

[ Lock Turns ] You think
there really is radium?

It's a very good story. Put
yourself in Dietrich's shoes.

If you wanted us to help
you find where Troy was,

what better way than to
pretend his life was in danger?

[ Pettigrew ] I don't know.

We mustn't underestimate
Herr Hauptmann.

This box is lead-lined.

Do you think Dietrich
was right after all?

We've got to get out of here.

Tell me, Doctor. I'm curious.

What's so special
about this vial?

Well, even if I were to tell
you, you would not understand.

Try me.

Well, let us say
it is just a, uh,

harmless vaccine of
no military consequence.

Then why did you
keep it locked up...

if it had no military

Oh, ja, that was
merely a precaution...

against, uh, overly
curious eyes.

Too many guards
to go out that way.

These walls must
be a foot thick.

[ Hollow Thudding ]

Hey. [ Hitchcock ]
What are you doin'?

Help me move the table.

- Check it out.
- Righto.

I see light...
About 20 yards out.


Let's go.


[ German ]

Now, they're going to their
jeep on the other side of the hill.

Inform Operations that everything
is going well. We will follow them.

In case they should attempt to
transmit, inform me immediately.

Understood? Jawohl. Yes.

Almost 3:00.

- They just stopped. Have they
used their transmitter yet?
- Not yet, Captain.

- As soon as they do, start
using the jammer immediately.
- Yes, sir.

- Nothing.
- Perhaps he doesn't
think it's safe to transmit.

It may not be too safe
for us to transmit either.

They can trace
us just as easily.

We'll have to take that chance.

If Troy is listening, we can
tell him about the radium.

I'm sure no one else will.

[ Mutters ]

I'm jamming them, sir.

[ Static ]

[ Exhales ]

Do you hear anything?


He was here about a couple of hours
ago. There's tracks and a warm fire.

I guess he didn't get our radio message.
How does this stuff act, this radium?

You mean, does it
affect his judgment?

I don't know.

- He's had it about 15 hours now.
- How long does it take
to kill a man?

The fatal exposure for rabbits is
something like 30 or 40 minutes.

Come on. Let's go.

Sergeant, how long is it now
that we have been together?

About 12 hours, is it?

- You in a hurry, Doctor?
- Oh, no.

- Now, what have you there? Your Bible?
- No, just a codebook, Doctor.

Oh, codes.

Secret messages.

All the little
childish tools of war.

Someday there will be no more
wars. You know that, Sergeant?

What a fine world
it will be then,

especially from the
scientists' point of view.

All the impurities will be gone.

Are you talking about
soap or people, Doctor?

- There are plenty of people.
- But you're working on that,
aren't you?

You Americans
are too sentimental.

Ultimately, the few must be
sacrificed for the welfare of the many.

You might feel different,
Doctor, if you were one of the few.


[ Rumbling In Distance ]

[ Transmission
Beeping ] It's Troy.

It's in code. Do
you have the book?

It's someone else...
Another American, I think.

Further away.

No, no. Don't jam. Don't jam.

He's the one we are after. Let's
find his direction. Let me see the map.

- He's stopped.
- Right.

"Enemy behind you
on ridge to the right.

"I'm staying on air long
enough for them to R.D.F. me.

Stand by. More coming."

This is where the new
transmission is coming from.

It's in this area,
to your right.


[ Transmission Continues ]
In code like before, Captain.

All right. Let's
lose this one here...

and follow the
second one over here.


[ German ]

[ Transmission Beeping ] At
compass course 225 degrees now.

That means they'll be
coming up parallel to us.

Right. Let's go.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Vehicles Rumbling ]

What are you doing, Sergeant?

Stick around
and you'll find out.

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Gunfire Continues ]

[ Gunfire Stops ]


Get rid of that
radium! The radium!

Get rid of the radium!

- Get rid of it, Troy.
- Get rid of what?

The radium. You took it
from the German camp.

Radium, Doctor?

Yes, Sergeant. Radium.

By way of a postmortem,

I don't understand how you've lasted this
long with that vial in your shirt pocket.

Perhaps because it's
not in my shirt pocket.

- When I dropped the vial. Remember?
- Yes.

You barely could keep
your hand from shaking.

When you handed it to me, I didn't know
what was in it, but it made me nervous...

So nervous I put it in
the glove compartment.

Sorry about that
postmortem, Doctor.

Well, I'm back among you. I wasn't
exposed long enough to do any real damage.

Perhaps that'll
teach you not to steal.

[ Hitchcock ] What about your
prisoner? Who? Dr. Schneidermann?

Well, he's telling them everything
they want to hear and then some.

- Is he all right?
- He's a little

but he wasn't exposed
long enough either.

For members of the master race,
they make a lot of mistakes, don't they?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Engines Revving ]

[ Roars ]