The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Last Chance Raid - full transcript

[ Wind Whistling ]

[ Man On Radio ] You Americans
are wasting your time here in Africa.

You should be back
home in the States,

letting the British
fight their own battles.

Why should you Americans have
to pay the price for Churchill's war...

when Germany is
America's real friend?

Oh, we'll never need an enemy.

Get on the radio.

Tell Wildcat there's an antitank
outfit dug in and waiting for 'em.

[ Moffitt ] They'll
be cut to ribbons.

Sarge. German scout column.

All right! Move 'em out.

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Gunfire Stops ]

[ Troy ] Get Wildcat
on the radio. Right.

[ Hitchcock ] We
lost the scout column.

Tell Operation Wildcat unit
they're heading for a trap.

- There's a German column
waiting for them.
- Wildcat. Come in, Wildcat.

- Wildcat. Come in, Wildcat.
- What's the matter?

Bullet ripped through the side.
We receive, but we can't transmit.

[ Man On Radio ] Think
how it would be back home.

A tall, cool drink.

Ice tinkling in the glass.

All the comforts of home.

[ Man On Radio
Continues ] The Allies are

very much aware that
the war is going badly.

The fact that they haven't given
this information to the troops...

is typical of the way
you men are treated.

While you men are
fighting... [ Clicks Off ]

We can live without that.

Doesn't he broadcast
from El Jebel?

That's why he comes in so clear.
We're only 50 kilometers from there.

Doesn't BBC monitor
his broadcast?


What if one included a
warning for Operation Wildcat?

We'd be home free.

With luck we'd be in
time for his next broadcast.

Right. Let's go.

[ Dog Barking In Distance ]

[ Goat Bleats ]

[ Bleating ]

[ Laughing ]

We'll have to go round.

Maybe not.

[ Typing ]

[ Men Laughing,
Speaking German ]

- [ Man ] Nein!
- [ Man Laughs ]


[ Laughing, Speaking
German Continues ]

[ Conversing In German ]

I don't care what the
Propaganda Ministry says.

I'm doing this
broadcast, and I'm...

[ Troy ] Check it out.

Sorry. I'm afraid your
show's been preempted.

All right. All of you,
against the wall. Move!


- What are you gonna do?
- Wait till it's time
to go on the air,

then we'll give
a little broadcast.

You're all quite mad.
You'll never pull it off.

[ Moffitt ] Famous last
words. [ Door Opens ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

I'm sorry I can't keep the four
of you together, gentlemen.

As you can see, the
rooms are rather small.

Windsor, don't you have
to go back to the studio?

I'm afraid you'll have
to miss my broadcast.

- What a pity.
- Has it ever occurred to you,
you might be on the wrong side?

- No.
- In spite of my broadcasts?

Because of them.

You don't like him,
do you, gentlemen?

Should we?

Tell me.

Do you really think you could sort of walk
in here and take over the radio station?

The thought crossed our minds.

What am I gonna do
with you, Sergeant?

You wouldn't be open for
any, uh, new ideas, would you?

I'll think of something.

What time is it?

It's three minutes to 7:00.
He broadcasts on the hour.

The El Jebel signal
is coming in strong?

Clear as a bell, sir.

[ Men Speaking German ]

[ Man Laughing ]

Compliments of Colonel Windsor,
so you do not miss his broadcast.

Here. Let me help
you. Thank you.

[ Groans ]

Good evening. It was
getting cold in here.

[ Whispers ] Button it!

What time is it?

He's on the air right now.

And furthermore,
in the past week,

German forces in Africa have scored several
notable victories over Allied forces.

Most recently,
American troops found

themselves deserted
by the cowardly British...

and left to carry
on the war alone.

Deserted. Same old fairy tale.

I do wish he'd change his tune. [
Windsor ] Germany is America's real friend.

Therefore, American...

- [ Grunts ]
- I'll take that.

Control room.

I'm not getting anything.
Were those shots?

[ Alarm Blaring ] Schnell.

[ Alarm Continues In Distance ]

- Have you got it?
- In a minute, Sarge.

- Use your heads. Give yourselves up.
- Try it now, Sarge.

Emergency. This is an emergency.

BBC, this is an emergency.

This is Sergeant Troy,
Long Range Desert Patrol,

attached to
headquarters, 2nd Corps.

Alert. British 8th Army
headquarters, scrub Operation Wildcat.

Scrub Operation Wildcat.

BBC, I repeat: scrub
Operation Wildcat.

Notify British 8th
Army headquarters to...

[ Alarm Continues ]

- Want to say anything more?
- If they haven't got the message
now, they never will.

Sarge, it's clear.

[ Alarm Blaring, Machine
Gun Fire On Speaker ]

Captain Rogers here. Give me a
clear channel to headquarters, 8th Army.

[ Alarm Continues ]

[ Alarm Continues ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Machine Gun Fire
] [ Alarm Continues ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

Roger. [ Static On Radio ]

Roger and out.

- They get the message?
- They got the message.

[ Static Continues ]

Knock it off. We've had
enough. [ Static Stops ]

♪♪ [ Big Band ]

That's more like
it. Let's shake it.

[ Roars ]