The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 21 - The B Negative Raid - full transcript

[ Phone Buzzing ]

Message coming in.

Bottle babies coming in.

Mississippi River, not Danube.

Northeast. Blackbar.

All right. Let's roll.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Machine Gun Fire ]

[ Gunfire Continues ] [
No Audible Dialogue ]


Bad enough. But we
stopped the bleeding.

You know, we're over two
days from the nearest hospital.

Can he hold out?

He's lost too much blood.
We can't take a chance.

- Hitch, what's your blood type?
- 0... 0-positive.

- Tully?
- Same. O-positive.

I'm A-positive.

Moffitt's B-negative.

Tully, you stay with
him. Let's go, Hitch.

Where you goin'?
To find a blood donor.

Like Tully said,
it'll take two days.

There are people closer... right
where that convoy was going.

- Dietrich's camp?
- Yeah.

We'll be back.

[ Engine Revs ]

We gonna wait till dark?

No. We can't waste the time.

I'm gonna circle around
back, this side of camp.

You get around to that truck.

When I let go, you hit that
truck. Then find the gear we need.

Where'll we meet?

Let's try headquarters.

But, Captain, I was fortunate
to save as much as I did.

Fortunate to lose
an entire convoy?

Towel, please.

They came from nowhere.

A German convoy armed against
two jeeps and four Americans,

and you consider it fortunate
that five of you got away?

Don't you think
that's ridiculous?

Please assist me in making
a report on the casualties.

[ Explosion ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Speaking German ]

[ Conversing In German ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Shouts In German ]

[ German ] Jawohl.

[ Man Speaking German ]

[ German Continues ]

[ Man Speaking German ]

You want a light, Captain?

I need your help.

I need your help!

- A rather unusual way
of asking for it, Sergeant.
- I'm not asking.

- Do you know what happens
if I shout?
- Do you?

- What do you want?
- One of my men needs blood.

This is not a medical unit,
Sergeant. We have no blood supplies.

[ Man Speaking
German ] I didn't think...

[ German Continues ]

Very, very careful, Captain.

Don't move.

He's not going anywhere. Get it?

I found a cooperative
medic. Yeah, I bet you did.

- This'll do.
- I told you we don't
have any blood, Sergeant.

You got troops,
you've got blood.

- It's a live donor?
- That's right. Type B-negative.

That's rather
uncommon, Sergeant.

You expect me to know all
the blood types of my troops?

No. But I expect you to have
personnel cards that show it.

[ Engine Revving,
Vehicle Departing ]

All right.

Close the flap.
Keep him covered.

The file's in that drawer.

You don't read German, do you?

It's Blutgruppe for blood type,

B-negativ for B-negative.

[ Man Speaking German ]

[ Engine Revving ]

Did you find anything? No, no.

You can stop looking, Sergeant.

There is a man in
camp with the right blood.

Get him.

Just him.

Hauptmann Dietrich
hier. [ German ]


- [ Handset Settles In Cradle ]
- Take over, Hitch.

- Captain.
- No tricks, Sergeant.

- You're learning.
- I have a very good teacher.

- [ German ]
- [ German ]

[ German ]

What's this all about, Captain?

Sergeant, this is
Corporal Pennell,

an American deserter...

But certainly no
ordinary deserter.


What are you guys doing here?

One of my men
needs a transfusion.

Not me.

Look, you got the
wrong guy. I'm a deserter.

That doesn't change
your blood type.

- No, I... I can't go back.
- Why'd you desert?

Why don't you tell them
what happened, Pennell?

The first time he was in battle,
he ran like a rabbit, Sergeant.

Look, I'd like to
help you fellas,

but I can't go back.

Some guys are built for
combat... That kind of thing. I'm not.

I'm not the hero
type. I'd crack.

How do you know? You weren't
around long enough to find out.

I know. I know.

Listen, Pennell.

This is a second chance
most guys never get.

Don't waste it on me.
I don't have it in me.

There's a man out there dying.

You can save his life.

- I'm sorry.
- So am I.

We're taking him
with us, aren't we?

- Yeah.
- No!

[ Grunts ]

- [ Shouting In German ] -
All right. Let's get out of here!

Move! Move!

[ Shouting In German ]

[ German Continues ]

How do you know your
boy is still alive? We don't.

You know, you can't make me
give blood. I don't think I'll have to.

Yeah, well, you're a
lousy judge of character.

We'll see.

[ Engine Cranking ]

Come on, baby!

[ Cranking Continues ]

Will this help you, Sergeant?

Get out.

You know there's a
man out there dying.

I wouldn't want something like
that on my conscience, Sergeant.

You just tell me where he is,
and I'll take your deserter to him.

Don't tell him anything!

- Drop your guns.
- This is no time
to be a hero, Corporal.

Now, you give that thing to me. Do
you hear? Before you hurt someone.

I said, drop your guns.

And stay where you
are, or I'll let it go.

You're not gonna pull that
lever, are you, Corporal?

I'm not kiddin'.
I'll let 'er go.

- You fool! It's alive!
- Throw it!

Now let's get out of here!

[ Engine Starting ] [ Gunfire ]

Listen, I just want
you to know that, uh...

Forget it.

- I don't know
what happened back there.
- Well, I do.

Don't get me wrong.
I was plenty scared.

Everybody's scared out
here. You learn to live with it.

Yeah, but there's no guarantee
that I'll react the same way next time.

Nothing's guaranteed. Wait
till next time, then find out.

I think we can move him now.

What are you gonna do with
him? Return him to his unit.

He's not the first guy to get
separated from his unit in combat.

- Is he?
- [ Chuckles ]

No, he isn't, Sarge.

Let's get outta here.

[ Roars ]