The Rat Patrol (1966–1968): Season 1, Episode 19 - Two for One Raid - full transcript

There's no sign of any
tracks around the house.

That means the
convoy hasn't arrived yet.

So the ammunition
must still be in there.

Let's go.

We've got until
1800 according to the

intelligence report. The
report could be wrong.

That convoy could be coming over that ridge
right now, and they need that stuff bad.

But we're not yet certain this is the
right place. Looks too easy to me, Troy.

[ Sighs ] Well, let's find out.

If the ammunition
had been in there,

it would've been blown sky-high.


Tully, hold it!

[ Moffitt ] He's only a boy.

How is he? Well, he's
very badly bruised,

but otherwise, nothing too
serious, as far as I can make out.

Did you get anything out of him?

He's either mute, suffering
from shock or simply frightened.

He hasn't uttered a word.

- Anybody else alive?
- No. German firepower and
supplies all over the place.

[ Sighs ]

But no ammo.

Obviously, Intelligence was wrong
about the site of the parachute drop.

It must've been somewhere else.

[ Hitchcock ] Even if we did find the spot
where that stuff is being parachuted in,

we'd probably be too late to
knock it off before that convoy gets it.

Maybe not. This is where we are.

About five miles north
there's another compound.

These two are the only
ones within a 50-mile radius.

You think it might
be the other one?

Let's find out.

Did you try a different dialect?

Everything. From
Kabyle to Swahili.

Here, take this.

Everything's gonna be all
right. No one's gonna hurt you.

It's no use, Troy.

He can't or he won't communicate
with us. He's pretty shaken up.

[ Sighs ]

Can't say I blame him.

[ Hitchcock ] What are
we gonna do with him?

We can't just leave him
here 50 miles from nowhere.

[ Troy ] Put him
in the jeep, Hitch.

We'll take him to the next village
after we... hit the compound.

Come on. Come on.

[ Engine Sputtering ]

Sounds like the fuel line. But everything
checked out all right this morning.

You better check
it again. Hurry up.

[ Troy ] How's it look?

[ Pettigrew ] Just a
minute. I'll tell you.

[ Engine Cranking ]

[ German ]

[ German ]

He's German.

[ Sighs ]

You can say that again.
Right up to his neck.

[ German ]

What's the damage?


[ German ]

Ja. [ German ]

[ German ]

Peter Seidner.

[ German ] [ German ]

[ German ]


His name's Peter Seidner.

Sixteen years old and
apparently on his own.

Ask him what he's doing
here. I'm looking for my father.

We learn English
at school, you know.

That's not all you learned. Like
how to clog fuel lines with sand?

I'm sorry, but you are my enemy.

My father once told me... I
remember his words very well...

He said, "You have to strike at your
enemy wherever and whenever you can."

- Father knows best.
- My father's a hero.

That his? [ Peter ]
It was given to him...

by the high command
for valor in action.

- What are you doing with it?
- He sent it to me...

because he thought
he would die out here,

and he wanted me to
have something left of him.

Why are you looking for him?

My mother's dead.
He's all I have left.

I don't want to have
just a medal for a father.

How did you get here?

It's a long way from
Germany to North Africa.

My mother was French.
We lived in Algeria.

Arab friends brought
me to that farmhouse.

Arab friends brought
you there, huh?

Did they think your father
was gonna be there?


Looks like they got the
wrong information too.

Could your father be
Colonel Friedrich Seidner?

No, no. That is not my father.

Of course. Seidner.

Colonel Seidner is the
commander of the convoy.

That's right. The convoy
assigned to pick up the ammo.

You're going to kill my father!

- Tie him up.
- No.

You can't. You can't! Come on.

Please! You can't!


Get in.

[ Engine Starts ]

All right. Let's shake it.

[ Whistles ]

You were right.
That's the place.


Only one problem. We're late.

Come on. Let's go.

Looks like the
convoy's already there.

Well, now, two
for the price of one.

[ Sighs ] Is my father there?

Yeah. Looks like
your dad's there.

[ Shouting In German ]

When you work with someone for a
long time, you get to know how they think.

[ Sighs ] I
wouldn't do it, Troy.

I lost my father when I
was about that boy's age.

It was the worst day of my life.

This could be the worst day of your life,
if you risk it for that boy and his father.

If I'm not back in a half
hour, come on in. Troy.

You're doing what
you wouldn't let me do...

Risking the whole mission.

I can't kill that boy's father.

Get him out. Let's get ready.

[ German ]

[ Grunts ]

I had to knock him
out. He'll be all right.

All right. Let's go!

[ Peter ] Vater.

Peter! Vater.

You are all right? They
have not harmed you?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

[ Laughs ] What
you are doing here?

How did you get here?
I don't understand.

Father, Mama is dead.

I came looking for
you. I needed you.


The Americans...
They saved you for me.

You saved me for my son?

You can sit out the
duration... together.

[ German ]

I thank you.


[ Roars ]