The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 2 - No Quarter - full transcript

After being cured and woken, the Mikaelson siblings join Hayley in an effort to rescue Klaus from captivity, even if they must face Marcel in the process.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This week marks five years

since the fall of the Mikaelsons.

Five years of peace.

And we paid a high price for that peace.

We snatched back our freedom,

we severed our link with our ancestors.

To take back our city,
we backed Marcel Gerard.

Now, since then, we've had visitors.

Vampires from all over the world,

they're coming to see the
suffering of Klaus Mikaelson.

They don't care about our city.

We've managed to keep
our monsters buried.

Now we got to make sure
that they stay buried.

It's Adam.

He never came home.

I've looked everywhere.

I had a bad dream.

Oh, darling. It's all right.

You're safe.

After all this time,

I am this close to getting them back.

I found a cure for Freya's poison,

I got a witch to syphon Rebekah's hex.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Laekna det som er...

There's just one person left.

Let's go get him.

I admit, I do like a good chase.


I am quite famished, so...

Good Lord, that one
has some lungs on him.

He should've been an opera singer.

Might've ended better for him, actually.

Is this absolutely necessary?

That depends. Do you want
us at our full strength,

or do you plan on
rescuing Nik on your own?

Well, death rattles are distracting,

and I'm trying to
break a cloaking spell.

Kol, would you please?!

Thank you.

- You were saying?
- I can sense

Klaus is still in New Orleans.

Most likely somewhere underground.

I can't get a read on exactly where,

unless I'm in the city itself.

Yeah. That's gonna be a problem...

I have contacts in New Orleans.

As you can imagine, the place
is crawling with vampires,

all of whom hate all of us.

- Whatever we do, we need to do it fast.
- Well, I wasn't

planning on a pub crawl.
I don't want to stay

any longer than we have
to. But we need to go.

Whoa. Wait-Wait, we're
not doing this today...?

- Hasn't Nik suffered enough?
- Yes.

And I've died. Twice. I'm not about

to give Marcel a shot at a third.

Now, I say, we draw
that Muppet out of town.

- And when he's gone...
- I have been

away from my daughter long enough.

- If you're afraid...
- It's called being sensible.

Until Freya can make enough
cure with her werewolf hostage,

Marcel can basically chew through

- our bloody throats.
- Enough.

We're all in danger.

We free Niklaus today.

Even if I have to burn
that city to the ground.

So, what's the issue?

Some vampires tracked Hayley Marshall

to Austin, Texas, where she was attacked

while visiting one of the locals.

Well, it's not the first time
someone's tried and failed

to take down Hayley.

True. But this time,

she wasn't the only
one they were tracking.

The other target? Whoever she was with?

She must have been important,
so I did some digging.

Does the name Malraux ring a bell?

The Malraux pack was wiped out

by Lucien over five years ago.

So everyone thought.

But the woman Hayley met with

is in fact the last of the line.

If Hayley found a Malraux,

she could have the venom
from all seven packs.

Which means there's a chance she
could have the cure for my bite.

And if she did... she
can wake the Mikaelsons.

And they could be on
their way right now.

Okay, Will.

Great, man. I owe you.

All right.


Just my buddy from NOLA PD,

and he was saying he's gonna make sure

all the cops keep an eye out.
He also says there's still

no sign of Adam at any of the hospitals.


how are things coming
with the locator spells?

There's no clear reading.

It's as if...

he's everywhere.

I don't know what to do.

Hmm... Maxine, what do your boy

and his friends like to do for fun?

I mean, do they like to
explore abandoned buildings?

Um, old homes?

- Haunted houses?
- I would say no,

he knows better. But lately...

Why do you ask?

My-my buddy, the
detective, he was telling me

that they've been
getting a lot of reports

lately from Old County Line road.

Reports of broken glass,

loud noises at night.

Now, the police did a drive-by,
but they didn't see nothing.

And it's... it's got me wondering.

It's best to be sure. I'm
gonna go have a look, okay?

- I'll come with you.
- No, no, no. The best thing

for you to do is just keep
working here, all right?

I got this.


Take this with you.

It's a protection charm.

I made it for Adam when he was born.

I keep it in his room. He
sleeps with it sometimes.

I thought that maybe,
if you have this...


Every little bit helps.

All right.

Hey. Hey... I got to go.

No, you don't.

Y-You own the place.

Yeah. Exactly. Which
means that I have...

managerial obligations.

Maybe you're doing some
managerial things here.

Sorry. I... just remembered.

I have a shipment of,
uh... stuff coming in.

Plus I-I also have to go
to the bank and get change.

You know, dimes, nickels, pennies.

I mean, can't anyone just
use a credit card anymore?

Um... I will text you. Okay? I promise.

Well, thanks for waiting and
not just, you know, killing him.

We're only monsters
by necessity, Joshua.

Besides, we just ate.

Oh, that's too bad. I
was gonna offer you some

“welcome back” waffles.

Was that your boyfriend? He seems sweet.

And terribly vulnerable,
as humans tend to be.

Okay. Look, just...

tell me what you want and
let's get this over with.

You just had to piss him
off again, didn't you?


Not exactly. I'm a figment
of your imagination, remember?

Your brain's way of distracting
yourself from all the pain,

same as the last time Marcel
stabbed you with that blade.

Your subconscious fabricates

the illusion of my presence

in order to escape unendurable agony.

Like the kind you're
experiencing right now.

I can endure this pain.

Sure, but paired with the solitude?

Your great existential fear

of being utterly alone,
down here in the dark.

Don't speak of it!

Irritability is another
form of sublimation.

You're not annoyed with me.

You blame yourself for
getting into this mess.

It's okay to admit.

Patient confidentiality.

Plus, you know, I'm dead.

I miss you, Camille.

But I'm ashamed for
you to see me like this.

You believed there was a light in me.

That I could be a light for my daughter.

But outside these walls
are legions of vampires

who wish me dead,

and the man I called my
son has left me here to rot.

I'm not a light.

I am darkness... made of flesh.

You are the reason your family is alive.

You bought them

the time they needed...
and now they've woken up.

Come on, you can feel it.

The link you shared with them
is broken, so now they're awake.

And you know they're not
just gonna leave you here.

If they come for me,
they will be caught.

- Marcel will kill Elijah.
- Then it looks like you're gonna have

to find your own way out of here.

All clear, Freya.

This is where you absolutely
had to do a locator spell?

Ah, well, when I first
moved to New Orleans,

I primed this space.

Marked it with my magic, made it mine.

Oh, this dusty bell tower may be yours,

but this is Marcel's city,

- and we're nothing but targets.
- All the more

reason to let her get to work.

The sooner we find Klaus,

the sooner we get out of here.

It won't take long.

I can distract him, Elijah.

I'm the only one Marcel
won't kill on sight.

Don't talk to me about
some ludicrous diversion.

You're walking into a lion's den.

I'll be fine. I just
have to convince him

that I've come alone, and
all I want to do is talk.

You are placing yourself
in tremendous danger.

Wouldn't you agree... Joshua?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Oh. Hey, I was just gonna order a pizza.

You know, if we're gonna
be here for a while.

Fabulous. Yes, I still do have...

a murderous hunger.

Okay. Why do you guys even need me?

Huh? I mean, I know I'm adorable,

but I'm extremely small potatoes.

Well, you are Marcel's trusted friend.

We had planned on learning
everything you know

and then using you as collateral.

But since you know so little...

I would like to try my plan.

Please don't do this.

I want you to consider the risk.

I have.

I won't allow my family
to face that risk.

- Freya found Nik?
- Yes.

You get our brother,
I will handle Marcel.


I wasn't sure you'd show.

I wasn't sure you'd still be you.

I kept wondering if that
hex had eaten you alive.

It would have.

But I was...

Linked... to Klaus.

I know.

I've known about that for a while.

You had endless
opportunities to kill him.

Did you hold off on my account?

Then, please, Marcel.

If some part of you still
cares about me, help me.

For the sake of all
we've been to one another,

for all that we've
shared, I am begging you

to let my brother go.

And if I say no?

You know better than anyone

that my family always
gets what it wants.

No matter if it takes a thousand
days or a thousand years.

Is he really worth that trouble?

Come on... Rebekah.

Did you really think it'd be that easy?

All you have to do is ask nicely?

Keeping Klaus hostage comes
with certain advantages.

He makes a good trophy.

Proof that I took down the
worst monster in the world.

Any of my guys get bitten by wolves,

I can use his blood to fix that.

And, if I need to, I can use him

to keep your family in line.

Besides, if I'm being honest,

he deserves to suffer.

So, yeah.

He is worth the trouble.

Your logic is complete rubbish.

You can stockpile enough of
his blood for all the cures

that you'll ever need and if
it's a trophy that you're after,

then you are not much
of a man to begin with.

As for your pound of flesh,
you have had more than enough.


Considering what your family's done?

We were at war.

Wars have casualties.

Blood is shed, mistakes are made.

The man I loved understood that.

Well, that man is long gone.

Whose fault is that?

All right, sorry, folks.

We'll, uh, we'll get
that gas leak fixed up,

and we'll be back tomorrow
with two-for-one hurricanes.

- Here.
- Oh, thank you.

Great. Please don't steal glasses.

Everyone's out.

- Place is yours.
- See?

Wasn't that easier than us
having to try to kill everyone?


So, what now?

Would you be so kind as
to move that freezer unit,

so that we might be able
to access the tunnels?

Time's ticking, Josh.

Go on.

Are you absolutely certain
we're looking in the right place?

We know this tunnel runs
the length of the city.

Marcel must've carved
out a section to serve

as his personal dungeon.

Ingenious and sadistic.
Well done, Marcel.

Save the compliments for
when he comes to kill us.

Your flattery might give him pause.

Okay, you're all set here.

So, uh, good luck, break a
leg, and I'll just be on my way.

What, so you can rat us out
to Marcel? Not bloody likely.

Oh, just snap his neck. We'll
be done by the time he wakes.

And if he wakes before that?

- Then kill him.
- I'm right here, guys.

We're not killing him.

Yeah, you're probably right.

For some reason, he's
of value to Marcel.

- Kol, would you...?
- Happy to stay

and have a drink and eviscerate

anyone who tries to follow you.

Good, then let's go.

We're wasting time.


If you want to be free,
just pull out that blade.

Mikael could do it.

Do not invoke his name.


What about your daughter's?


She's out there right now.

A fact that weighs upon me
every second I'm in this hole.

But... I can't.

Can't or won't?

For five years, you had to stay put.

In order to keep your family alive,

you had to keep yourself alive.

No matter what the pain

or fear or solitude.

But now you can leave,
and you choose to stay

even though your
daughter's waiting for you.

That makes me think that
blade's not your problem.

Do you want to hear my theory?

I'm sure you're going to tell me.

I think you're afraid to see her.

Now that she's old enough,

she can see you.

What if she sees you as a monster

and hates you for it?

When I see my daughter,

she will run into my arms.

She will look at me and
know that I love her.

I would do anything for her.

That's what every father says.

But in a day-to-day,

what if when she gets
in a fight with a friend?

When someone breaks her heart?

I will kill anyone that harms her.

Oh, lovely.

Then, instead of hating your darkness,

she'll learn by example and
become a monster herself.

Is that what you fear?

You don't want her to fall

into that cycle of violence.

And your fear is eating
away at your strength.

And that's why you can't free yourself.

Okay, I have had
enough of this nonsense!

Klaus, admit it.

Down here, you can't hurt her.

You're just a myth.

This great man who sacrificed

himself to save his family,
but in reality you...

In reality, I would not be subjected

to the ridiculous claims of a woman

who died in my arms!

I conjured you, so I can send you away.


You want to talk about right and wrong?

Your brother killed me in cold
blood and you defended him.

Davina... Davina,

the girl who was like a
daughter to me, was lost forever,

and the only thing
that you could say was

“they did what they needed to do”?

That's all we knew how to do!

Right or wrong, that's all my
family has done for 1,000 years.

Oh, come on!

Is that really your defense?

I have no defense.

I know exactly what I am.

As I know that none of
us are innocent in this.

Least of all you and me.

I was a damn fool to ever love you.

And I could say the same.

Then we are done here.

We most certainly are not.

You gonna use that on me?

Infect me with the same hex
that damn near destroyed you?

I don't want to,

but I will if I have to.

Damn it.

Camille. Camille!

I'm here. But if you're
just gonna keep arguing...

I need your help.

I can't pull out that blade.

Technically, I'm not
even really... here.

You're the one who
has to face your fears.


I will admit the truth.

I do not wish to be the father I had,

nor do I wish to be the father
Marcel has come to loathe.

Perhaps I am better as a myth.

And Hope is better off without me.

Is that enough?

Or do you want more?

Are you satisfied?

Every parent

is afraid of screwing up.

Well, at least the good ones are.

But Hope needs you.

Now more than ever.

Hayley will protect her.

And she'll do one hell of a job.

But don't you think
Hope deserves her father?

Hey. Look at me.

Yes, history could repeat itself.

If you're not careful, it will.

But you owe it to your daughter
to try and change the narrative.

For her and for you.


So this is why you brought me here, huh?

So you could stake me?

You had every chance
to do the right thing.

The right thing?

The right thing according to who?


Or your family?

This isn't about you
and me at all, is it?

This is about Klaus.

Elijah and the others are on their way

to rescue him right now, right?

And your job is to, what, hmm,

keep me here, no matter what?

Let it go.

All right? It's over.

It will never be over.

You will never know peace,

not a day in your life,

so long as you hold my brother captive.

We will stop at nothing...

Sorry to interrupt.

Though, in fairness,
she does talk a lot.

Should I drop her in the Gulf?

Nobody lays a finger on her.

Keep her here.

All right, I'll be back soon.

I just have to go kill her brother.



Let me.


We're here.

This spell is strong.

It's been reinforced over time,

which means it's going
to take time to break.

We don't have time.

I could try brute force.

Overwhelm it.

But I'll need someone to channel.

I'll do it.

Elijah, you keep watch.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.


here's to nobody dying today.

Or was I premature?

Tell me,

what happens when Klaus gets out?

What are you guys gonna do?
Massacre this whole city?

We just want to get
our brother and leave.

I, for one, hope I never
see this filthy city again.

I was with someone.

This guy, Aiden.

He died.

Killed by your aunt, actually.

And afterwards, I hated everything.

And I mean everything.

Even the... sun.

You know? It just kept

coming up every morning,

like it was any other day

and the world hadn't completely changed.

It's taken forever for
me to feel normal again.

How fortunate for you that you do.

You will, too.

It does get better, Kol.


Why are you telling me all this?

I think...

Davina would have wanted me to.


Well, since we're such good friends now,

perhaps you could explain

what “Teutoburg” means.


Look, I'm really not
a part of all this...

Of course you are,

especially when you're receiving

coded messages from the man

that's holding my brother captive.


listen very carefully.

If something has happened to my sister,

or if something is about to happen

to another member of my family,

this city and everyone in it will burn:

you, your boyfriend,

your friends, this bar, your home...

Shall I continue?


tell me what “Teutoburg” means.

It's a battle...

where the bad guys caught
the good guys off guard.

Marcel is warning me
that you're all here

so that I can spread word
to the rest of our guys...

So you can keep us busy

and Marcel can kill us.

You're lucky Davina liked you.


Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.


Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.

Whatever happens, don't
stop until Niklaus is free.

Apne en vrata.

Hello, Marcellus.



You in here?

Revele votre vrai soi.

Revele votre vrai soi.

Revele votre vrai soi.

Protection charm...

it's the protection charm.

A gift given... with a
mother's love for her son.

What am I fighting here?

Show yourself to me.

Oh, no.

You really don't know

when to quit.

We could get a pretty
penny for Rebekah Mikaelson.

Yes, we could.

But if Marcel wants her safe,

then I'm gonna keep her safe.

Well, he won't be taking anyone,

as he is rather indisposed.

But to be fair, you won't
be keeping anyone either.

Welcome back, sister.

Kol! I think you got him.

Can we leave this awful city now?

Where's Elijah?

You find some way to survive my bite

and you have the audacity to come back?

What happened?

Immortality just got boring?

I've come for my brother.

Well, I got something else for you.

You'd have me pay for my sins.

So be it.

Exact your revenge on me.

What is that, huh?

Your version of an apology?

My brother has suffered enough.

He leaves here today.

We'll see about that.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.

Klaus, it's time.

You have to pull that blade out.

Apne en vrata.

I have to get up there.

No, not yet. I'm almost through.

Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.



Apne en vrata. Apne en vrata.

Apne en vrata.

Klaus, you have to pull out that blade.

- Your family will die if you don't.
- I'm trying!

Apne en vrata.

Klaus, can you hear me?

- Hayley, leave us.
- He's right. This is between me and him.

And if I stay, you'll kill me,
too, make my daughter an orphan?

- It's not your fight...
- Yes, it is.

Hope needs her father, Marcel.

Yeah? I had Klaus as a father.

It didn't turn out so well, did it?

Your daughter's better off without him.

Get Niklaus and go.

Oh, he's not going anywhere, Elijah.

And neither are you.

Apne en vrata. Klaus!

Wake up!

I can't.

Hey. You can do this.

I know you can.

Oh, I can't hold it much longer.

Apne en vrata.

Your family needs you.

Hope needs you.

Stop! You win.

Okay? We can't beat you.

I'm begging you, let us go.

Why? Why?

Because you think that would
be justice for your family?

They were my family, too.

And Elijah tore my heart out

and threw me off a bridge.

And his brother just stood by

and watched.

There is only one justice left.



Elijah, this is me not worrying

that you were supposed
to be here 20 minutes ago.

Please call me back.

It's been too long. We should go.

We're not leaving our family.

Marcel could be shredding
our family to pieces

as we speak.

Well, perhaps they simply don't have

cell phone service in a drainage pipe.

They'll be here, Kol.

And while we have a moment,

I wanted to say thank you.

For what?

For coming to get me.

So I could be sitting
here, annoyed at you.


Hey, you can hug him
later. We need to leave.

Marcel's right behind us. Go. Go!

Actually... I'm right here.



I saw something.

I felt... something.

I felt a presence, and
I had to cleanse myself.

Did you see him?

Did you find Adam?

I didn't, no.

But at least now I know
what we're up against.

And it's something
that I've seen before.

What is it? A witch, a spirit?

Vincent, this is my son.

Listen to me.

I'm gonna find Adam, I'm
gonna bring him back to you.

But whoever has him right now

is using some very dark magic.

Some very powerful magic,

and you have to stay away from it.

Promise me that.

No, listen to me, okay, please.

I know that this is tough for you,

but you're gonna have to trust me.


You shouldn't have come
back... none of you.

That's what family does.

We fight for each other.

Yeah, so I've heard.

Though it didn't really
work out for me, did it?

Oh, for God's sake,

you were never a Mikaelson, get over it.

Don't you have a city to run?

Vampires to boot out of town?

If you want to kill one of us,

you'll have to kill us all.

- Hey, don't push me, Rebekah.
- Then get on with it.

- Let's end this once and for all.
- That's enough.

That's enough, Marcel, you've won.

New Orleans was our city once.

Now it's yours.

For good.

Is the great Klaus
Mikaelson accepting defeat?

Or is this all just another distraction?


In fact, despite your
appalling behavior,

I'm offering you a chance at peace.

Attempt to kill us all,

and you will be making a mistake.

Any who survived would no doubt return

to seek revenge,
bringing our enemies back

to your city in our wake.

And even if you did
manage to eliminate us all,

one day my daughter would come for you.

And her daughter after that.

On and on for all your days...

An endless cycle of violence
you will bring upon yourself.


Or we leave and we never come back.

After all that time buried in a hole,

you still got some nerve.

Yeah, well, you stand
there with a straight face

and try to sell this
like it's your choice.

But here's the truth.

I could kill all of you right now.

And tonight I would sleep like a baby.

Hell, that's what you would do.

You've destroyed more people,

taken more lives, ended more families

than anyone who's ever lived.

All because you can.

But here's the other truth.

Despite being raised by you people...

I am nothing like any of you.

In fact, I'm proud as
hell I'm not a Mikaelson.

I beat you all without turning into you.

And now you can live
the rest of your lives

knowing that the only
reason that you exist

is because I am showing you mercy.

Now go.

And don't ever come back.

Remind me,

if I'm ever gonna piss you off,

make sure there isn't
a crossbow lying around.

I appreciate the gratitude,

but I didn't exactly
finish the job, did I?

Rebekah got away, as did Kol.

That's the Mikaelsons.

It's hard to stop one,
let alone the whole clan.

Still, I'm impressed.

Most people who try

to stand up to Rebekah end up dead.

I'm not most people.

No, you most certainly are not.

Speaking of Rebekah...

Oh, there's nothing to speak of.

The only thing that is on my mind

is how we're gonna celebrate.

I'm sure we'll figure out something.

I'm sure we will.

D?blotch? par mon sang.

Hey, it's Marcel, leave a message.


you're gonna want to call me back.

I saw something today and it's
something that I've seen before.

Look, I tell you, this city...

everyone in it is in danger.

And it might just be all my fault.




Uh, wh-what are you doing here?

Uh, you texted me.

You said you were wasted

and needed a ride home.

I... I did?

Did something happen?

Uh... no.

I-I just...

I haven't missed anyone
so much in a long time.

Dare I ask why you still have that?

Just doing a favor for
a friend of a friend.

Now I'm ready for a bourbon.

What is it?

Five years... has never felt so long.

Thank you

for not abandoning me.

Well, we did consider it.

The vote was rather close.

You okay?

Oh, you mean considering
the imprisonment, torture,

and forced isolation?

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

I can't imagine what
you've been through.

Well, I had moments of
solace to sustain me.

It's because of them I'm here now.

So, does that mean you're
ready to see your little girl?

Want me to wake her for you?


Let's let her sleep.