The Originals (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 1 - Gather Up the Killers - full transcript

On the fifth anniversary the Mikaelsons defeat, Marcel is king of the city and welcomes the unsired vampires to New Orleans, only to find they pose an unexpected threat to his rule, leading him to seek counsel from an unlikely source.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's a beautiful day outside.

Streets are packed with tourists.

They're drinking beers,
they're chasing beads,

headed out on the vampire
walking tour of New Orleans.

They think it's just a myth.

Just part of our city's charm.

Well, we know better.

Just like we know... that
there's a storm coming.

This week marks five years

since the fall of the Mikaelsons.

Five years of peace.

And we paid a high price for that peace.

We witches...

we earned that peace.

We snatched back our freedom,

we severed our link with our ancestors.

To take back our city,
we backed Marcel Gerard.

Now, since then, we fought
hard to build this community.

And in the next week,

as we celebrate our independence,

that community will be challenged...

because every year we get visitors.


Vampires from all over the world...

They come here, and they
want to see firsthand

the suffering of Klaus Mikaelson.

Now some of those vampires...
They're gonna be well-behaved.


not so much.

You see, out-of-town vampires...

They don't care about our city.

They don't follow our rules.

They will instigate trouble.

They will attempt to upset our peace.

And the only way that
we're gonna get through that

is if we get through that together.

Now, this ain't the first
time that we faced conflict.

Each and every single one of us here

has faced their fair share of monsters.

I swear, I feel sometimes

the city just has evil
lurking in the shadows.

For a long time,

we've managed to keep
our monsters buried.

And now we've got to make
sure that they stay buried.

Otherwise, we will lose

everything that we've built.

We will lose it...


To five years of independence.

And old enemies who became new friends.

I thought you said this was
strictly a business meeting.

Oh, you didn't mind last time
we mixed business with pleasure.

You pay me for information,

and I have quite a bit to share.

As predicted, Klaus'
enemies are flocking

to New Orleans to celebrate.

However, some are seeking
allies among your witches.

No doubt they want to befriend

the very covens that still resent you,

start conflict, undermine your power,

and perhaps steal your prize trophy.

Klaus himself.

Oh. How diabolical.

It's a good thing I called
a truce with the witches.

Vincent wants peace as much as I do.

So you've said, but

I'm hearing that the
covens are up to something.

Sigil markings on the walls,
secret midnight meetings.

Maybe Vincent doesn't know,

or maybe he's planning a power grab.

I will ask him myself.

Better make it fast, because
you have bigger problems.

Oh, if you're talking
about Hayley Marshall,

I said she's off-limits.

Fine, but there are others

who will stop at nothing to find her.

Alistair Duquesne for one.

He and his allies believe Hayley

is the key to finding the
rest of the Mikaelsons.

So Alistair's going after Hayley?

Alistair is here.

Ostensibly for the
independence celebration,

but I believe he will demand
you give him Klaus' blood,

which he will then use
to track Klaus' siblings.

Or his child.

No one has seen or heard from
the Mikaelsons in half a decade.

Alistair's hunted down
members of the Strix.

He offers them as proof:

if Elijah's sire line
is alive, so is Elijah.

Which leads people to wonder

if Hayley is somehow trying
to bring the Mikaelsons back.

Is that her?

Let me check.

Stay inside.

Well, now,

aren't you a sight?

You're sure no one followed you?

I've been avoiding trouble
since well before you were born.

Now, where's that little girl?

Did you find it?

Mary, please.

After all this time, I am this
close to getting them back.

I found a cure for Freya's poison,

I got a witch to syphon Rebekah's hex.

So you're really gonna do it?

Cure 'em and then wake 'em up?

Did you ever stop to think, Hope
might be better off without 'em?

I made a promise.

To who? To Elijah?

To my daughter.

I promised her a home
where she would feel safe

and protected by the
people that love her.


she's a Mikaelson, too.

She's inherited all of their enemies

and a power that... I don't understand.

She needs someone to
teach her to control it.

I can't do this on my own.

You told me to wake the
Mikaelsons you needed

to find all seven werewolf packs.

You found six.

The last one... the Malraux...

I thought they'd been killed off.

According to this,

there might be one left.

Hayley. You looked for five years.

You found nothing.

Suddenly, I get word of a lead.

What if someone else found it, too?

What if it's a trap?

Your royal highness.

And to what do I owe this great honor?

All right, all right,
take it down a notch.

- Is he here?
- In the back.

He was just raving about
your awesome punctuality.

Good crowd.

Witches, vampires.
Everyone getting along?

We're like Switzerland, right
smack in the heart of the city.

Everything Cami wanted.

Okay, I got to run.

Spinning records all week.

You know...


Appreciate you coming.

You're a little late, but I
guess you got a city to run.

Yeah, it'd be a lot easier if I
knew the witches were in check.

The cauldron will stay in line,

provided you keep the vampires out.

So why am I hearing
about secret conclaves,

sigils scribbled on the walls?

Sounds like someone's
stirring up trouble.

Marcel, these out-of-town vampires

got you a little bit paranoid, man.

All right, look, I'm asking you,

especially this week,
handle your community.

Keep them in the cauldron.

Find out who's stirring up
trouble, and when you do,

get 'em to stop.

As far as our out-of-town friends go,

if they act up, I'll handle 'em.

Have you come to taunt me, Marcellus?


I came to have a nice,
civilized conversation.

I think we're overdue.

Not much to say?

And here I thought
you'd enjoy the company.

What I would most enjoy...

is for you to rot in hell.

Look, there's two ways this can go.

The nice, easy way...

or the other way.

You know, once I figured

you suffered enough, I pulled this out.

And on that day you said a word

that I've never heard you say.


Why not just kill me?

Because I'm not like you.

I'm stronger than you.

My life is no longer linked to you,

and the city that you like to say

you built... it's mine.

Did you come here seeking my approval?

I came for a little information.

See, an old friend of yours
just arrived into town.

Alistair Duquesne.

Word is... might even
cause me some trouble.

Now, I could kill him.

But who knows what kind
of war that might start.

I would rather convince
him to get into line.

You're gonna tell me how.

So, how do you want this to go?

Pride was always Alistair's weakness.

Even before I turned him
he was a vain aristocrat,

throwing feasts in his own honor.

Just show him more of the same.

You'll find him quite malleable.

Do you have to go?

I do.

But I'll be back very, very soon.

And I won't be alone.

I'll call you every
night before bed, okay?

In the meantime,

you listen to Mary. Deal?


Keep your guard up. Stay moving.

You smell trouble, you run.

Those folks back there,
they had plenty of life.

What you need to do is stay
alive for your little girl.

Everything I do is for her.

Adam, get back here.

What's up, little witch dude?

Whoa. You're a vampire.

I know. And I got the
teeth and everything.



Say you're sorry. Now.


It's okay.

Maxine, let me help you with that.

He doesn't listen.

Maybe I should stick
him in a boundary spell.

He'll grow out of it. Just
give him a couple decades.

That's optimistic.

Anyway, uh, thank you.

For all of this.

Oh. Well, just trying to make
sure everybody's stocked up

so they'll stay in their
home and out of the Quarter,

at least for the next week, you know.

Yeah, just until the,
uh, Eurotrash vampires

are done Eurotrashing the city.

Well, it means a lot,

you looking out for the covens.


Hey, Casanova,

uh, I may be going
out on a limb here, but

- she's into you.
- Maxine?

Fun, cool, ridiculously
gorgeous single mom?

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

But, hey, if you'd rather be a monk

the rest of your life...

Um, Maxine.

Look here, um,

over the next week, if you
need anything, I-I could...

I don't know, that is to say that...

Well, I'm definitely gonna make a mess

out of all these groceries,

so if you want to help with that...

...come by for dinner tonight.

All right.

Very nice.

I took that from a sultan.

It is a blade meant for a king.

Given in gratitude for your generosity.

Alistair, I like your style.

Now, allow me to return the favor.

70-year-old Scotch,

in honor of your native
Scottish Highlands.

To be enjoyed along with our feast.

Now, that...

that is a kind gesture.

Though I don't believe

one can be free

if one's oppressor still lives.

Niklaus turned me

and then he compelled me to
slaughter my entire estate,

including my wife and my child.

All so that I could
serve as a distraction

to lure away his vile father.

I spent a century hiding in the shadows.

Where is my justice?


Now, five years ago,
you made him suffer.

And you tell us

that he suffers still, and yet

we have no proof.

And now the only thing that prevents him

from returning to wreak untold havoc

is your word.

I have him right where I want him.

He's not going anywhere.

Then I want to see his suffering

with my own eyes.

And perhaps procure just

a drop of his blood.

If only to test a theory.

See, we've known for some time

that Elijah Mikaelson
somehow still lives.

My witch advisors suggest that his life

is linked to some
powerful, immortal force.

Now, I believe that to be Klaus himself.

Well, that's an interesting theory.

Klaus' blood will allow
us to confirm that link.

And, if true...

well, surely that would
be cause to kill him

and eradicate his
abominable family as well.

You kill Klaus,

it will ease the minds

of all of your brethren.


it will prove you to be a sympathizer.

Well, I don't know about a sympathizer.

But I do know

that I don't take ultimatums.

You know, it's bad form

to deny your guests.

It could sour their mood.

And it would be an awful,

awful shame if I

or any of my followers
were to go into your city

with a soured mood.

A bloody awful shame, indeed.

Well, now, Alistair...

I never meant to be rude.

How about we settle this tonight?

The Mikaelson compound.



All right, ladies, do
not slow down on me.


Ooh! I'm getting the next round.

Just take a sec, pull
yourselves together.

Another round, please. Thanks.

Beer, please.

You look like you're having
fun. What's the occasion?

I just finished my residency,

which makes me an official ER doctor.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Does it help with the
guilt, given what you are?

What did you say?

Keelin, you need to listen to me.

- How do you know my name?
- Got it from a friend.

She said your grandma's
maiden name was Malraux.

You better back off. Right now.

I wish I could.

I need a favor.

Five minutes. Outside. I can explain.


Do not do that again.

- I'm not going without a fight.
- Would you relax?

I'm not here to fight you. I need you.

You're the last of your
pack. That makes you special

for reasons that are too
complicated to explain.

- I don't care about your problems.
- You should.

Because there are others who
know how important you are.

And they will come for you.

Look, I have a life, a
career, relationships.

Someone tries to take that,
they're gonna have to kill me.

Where is she?

I'm sorry.

We don't have time for this.


Can I assume your soiree for
Alistair was a raging success?

Alistair doesn't give a damn
about having his ego stroked.

He used the party for the audience,

so he could throw down a challenge.

Or is that what you intended?

How difficult to be king.

An outsider has the gall
to question your rule

and you have no one to offer counsel.

You think I don't know.

The day after I bit
Elijah he should have died.

But his sire line is still out there.

So I had Vincent cast a spell
to figure out how that could be.

It turns out the lines of your
siblings are anchored to you.

Now, I don't give a
damn about the others,

but I'm not gonna let
anything happen to Rebekah.

Lucky for me, my sister
still holds your fancy.

You may have no choice
but to kill poor Alistair.

Ah, well, heavy head, heavy
crown, et cetera, et cetera.

If I kill Alistair, his
theory gains traction.

The vampires turn against
me. They storm the city.

And if they find you, all they
need is a drop of your blood,

and then their witches
can track your family.

Even Hope.

But, hey,

I guess that's my problem, right?


You don't know Alistair.

To defeat him, you need me.

You're offering me a deal?

One you cannot dismiss.

Alistair and his ilk loathed
me because of my strength.

Now they loathe you.

Creatures such as they
respect only one language,

and I speak it fluently.

Release me, and I will lay
waste to the lot of them.

Relax. I'm not your enemy.

If I left you where you
were, you'd be dead already.

Let me guess, we're on
the run from vampires?

You have the same stink they do.

I'm special. I'm a hybrid.

Half-vampire, half-werewolf.

And considering that I saved your ass,

you should show me some respect.

How do I know you weren't the one

- that led them to me?
- Does it matter?

They know who you are
and they want you dead.

The only way to survive is
to do exactly what I tell you.

It's not like I have a choice.

Hey, look, I don't know what
kind of pervy stuff you're into,

but I am not that kind of girl.

This is a device to extract your venom.

And before you ask, yes,

it will hurt.

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm trying to save my family.


the people in there are dying.

The only thing keeping them alive

is a sleep spell, and the only
one that can cure them is her.

She's a witch, and she
left me instructions

on how to wake her up early.

The only thing I'm missing

is your venom.

Once she gets on her
feet, I can give her

the ingredients I got.

And, with any luck,

no one has to die.

So if I give you what you want...

will you let me go?

You have my word.

Appreciate you coming on short notice.

Marcel, just tell me what you need, man,

because, um, I-I kind of
got someplace I got to be.

Whatever your plans are, I got
to ask you to put 'em aside.

- Tonight I need you here.
- What is that?

Is that a decree from the royal throne?

All right, look, it would be
best for everyone in this city

if you're here for what's going down.

If you need me to say
"please," Vincent, I will.

What have you gotten
yourself into, Marcel?

- You about to start a war?
- No.

If this goes the way I expect,
I won't have to lift a finger.

All I need from you

is a boundary spell.

Anyone can enter,

no one can leave.

And it's got to be strong.

Well, how strong?

Original strength.

You got my venom. When do I get to go?

As soon as I know it works.

And when will that be?

Believe me,

you'll know when you see it.

You have to wake up
Sleeping Beauty, right?

How do you do that?

You know, you ask a lot of questions.


Are you okay?

Did you get the ingredients?

Good, I need to begin.

If I can't turn all that into a cure...

Elijah and Kol are going to die.

How much longer do we have?

Maybe an hour.

Assuming they live that long.

Do you have everything we need?

Venom from the seven packs,

along with Klaus' blood.

Infused by my magic and
magnified by the Dark Objects.

It's going to take all of my strength

and more than a little luck, but...

it should be enough to fashion
a cure to save my brothers.

"Should"? What do you mean "should"?

We got company.

Hayley, let me go, please.

If it's vampires, they're gonna kill me.

They must have been tracking her.

Hayley, I need more time.

These guys are sketchy.

- Stay close.
- What are you gonna do?

You gonna protect me?

No, I'm gonna use you as a shield.

Just so you know,

Alistair is in a mood.

He has his men positioned all
over town awaiting his signal.

Greetings, Marcel.

I had hoped your decision

to meet in this... ruin had
meant you'd come to your senses.

And yet I don't see
Klaus' head upon a spike.


I have been a discourteous host.

You wanted him,

you got him.

Oh, Niklaus.

How the mighty have fallen.

Pretty pathetic.


Beaten. Half-starved.

I should just kill him.

After all, a wise man said,

"One cannot be free if one's oppressors

continue to live."

And what I've learned is,

the best way to end your fear

is to face it yourself.
So, for you, a gift,

the sword that you gave
me, now laced with my venom.

One slice

will draw Klaus' blood

and deliver the slow, agonizing death

that he deserves.

It would be... highest honor.

Took a long time,

but we finally caught you.

Or maybe I just stopped running.

Do you suffer, Niklaus,

as my wife suffered?

As my child suffered?

Yeah, you do.

But I do believe, at
long last, your suffering

is at an end.

Kill him!

Do you hear that?

The people have spoken.

Now, honor would dictate a
request for your last words,

but you deserve no such privilege.

Instead, I want the
last words you ever hear

to be my solemn vow.

I will find your daughter.

And when I do, I will eradicate

your malignant bloodline
from... this... earth.

Well, who's next?!

Oh, come on.

Meet... your... maker.


That is a nasty bite.

The good news is, we have the cure.

You see, keeping Klaus
alive does come in handy.

I keep him for his blood,

in case the wolves get out of line.

I keep him as collateral,

in case his family comes back.

I keep him, because I can.

I put him down, I kept him down,

and I am the only one that can stop him

from coming after all of you.

New Orleans is mine.

But you are all welcome to visit.

Enjoy yourselves.

But you follow my rules.

You behave.

And you never,

ever question me.

Does anybody have a problem with that?

All right then.

Well, let's go celebrate.

Laekna det som er

toxicatus. Laeknadet som

er toxicatus.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Close your eyes, you
blood-sucking punk-ass.

You just...

You waved your hand
and his brain melted?

Well, that's what happens
when people annoy me.


Your bite is nasty.

But you're outnumbered.

Give up now and we'll end this quick.

I have a better idea.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Laekna det som er toxicatus.

Did it work?

You want more?

Come on!


You handled that rather well.

Alistair's a corpse.

Klaus is a prisoner.

And every vampire in this town
either loves you or fears you.

Now all you need to worry
about are the covens.

Occult graffiti popping
up all over town.

Not just the Cauldron.

The Ninth Ward,


the Quarter.

Beware the sleeping giant,

for when he wakes,

the earth will shake.

Here's to holding off earthquakes.


I never figured you for Marcel's lackey.

I'm nobody's lackey, Klaus.

As far as I'm concerned,
this is justice.

And will it be justice when I
escape and come for you both?

Oh, Klaus, we could
have handed you over.

Instead, Marcel fed you blood.

I took the spell off them chains.

We gave you a fighting chance.

And what chance will you have?

While I remain here,

my enemies will flock to New Orleans,

causing all manner of mischief.

One day, most likely as a result

of some fool's effort to reach me,

I will escape,

and I will seek my own justice.


I had a friend once, Cami.

She, uh...

she believed with all her heart

that you had some good left in you.

And I don't understand

why it is you are so
hell-bent on proving her wrong.

You let me go.

I gave you people what you wanted.

I barely had enough
to make the anti-venom.

If any of my family
are ever bitten again,

we'll need more.

Which means we'll need you alive.

Count yourself fortunate.

We had a deal.

You had a deal with Hayley.

Not me.

You see, when it comes
to my family's safety,

I don't negotiate.

And they say romance is dead.

I'll take it.

Your infection's gone.

You saved us.

All of us.

I guess Kol and Rebekah
couldn't contain their hunger.

Elijah, after all this time, I...

Me, too.

Now, please tell me...

how is my niece?

She's amazing.

She's healthy. Happy.

She's the perfect little girl.

And she made me promise that one
day she'd get her family back.

All of them.

A child after my own heart.

Then there's just one person left.

Let's go get him.

Don't know when to stop,

do you?

Perhaps when I've buried
you in a dungeon like this.

Oh, you should just say thank you.

After all, I could have
thrown you to Alistair

with this in your heart.

You're welcome.

Do you lie to yourself

and say you helped
me to protect Rebekah?

Truth is, you could
never allow me to die.

After all, I am the source
of the approval you seek.

All the time down here
is rotting your brain.

You'd be adrift without me.

Utterly lost.

Why else keep me in
such close proximity?

You need me.

If only to keep from
becoming the monster

you fear yourself to be.

For all your power,

you remain in my thrall.

You still cannot escape
the shadow I cast.

That is how I know you'll be back.

You need me, Marcellus.

Because deep down inside

you are weak.


What you doing here?

I saw the lights on, Vincent.

It's Adam.

- What?
- He never came home.

I've looked everywhere.


Sweetie, are you okay?

I had a bad dream.

Oh. Darling, it's all right.

You're safe.

I'm not going anywhere.