The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Other Girl in New Orleans - full transcript

After learning that Cami's life is in danger and Aurora may be to blame, Klaus is forced to engage in another one of Aurora's devious games and follow a series of clues she's left behind for him. Meanwhile, Elijah, Freya and Hayley take drastic measures against Tristan when they discover he holds a valuable piece of information they need. Elsewhere, Aya gives Marcel an ultimatum that leaves him with a difficult decision to make, while tensions between Hayley and Jackson cause her to reevaluate her involvement in Mikaelson family matters.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

His prophesy
is fulfilled.

You will all fall...
One by friend,

one by foe, and one by family.

We are called The Strix,

the oldest society of vampires
this world has ever known.

Marcellus, you would do well
to be selective about the company

you keep in future.

Aurora has procured
the exact location

of Rebekah's watery grave
in two sealed envelopes.

Hers contained the latitude.

And Tristan got the latitude.

If you do not bring
my sister home,

Tristan will die slowly
and in tremendous pain.

You must be Cami.

Aw, poor dear.
Still sleeping?

Well, you have a big day
ahead of you.

We should get started.

- Hah!
- Oh!

That was not nice.

Ok. You and I
need to have

a little heart-to heart

Come along.

What are we doing here?

I heard a rumor
these men train here

hoping to be made
into vampires,

so I'm going to Grant
them their wish.

Wait. Please.

I don't know who you are,

but if you have
a problem with me, fine.

Just let them go.

Huh, I assumed
you knew who I was.

No matter. Allow me
to introduce myself.

I am Aurora de Martel,

long-lost love
of Niklaus Mikaelson.

He and I are having just
a little bit of a spat

at the moment, as he
took my brother captive.

Now, it's come
to my attention that you

are quite precious to him,
so I'm taking you,

and these lovely, delicious,
delightful specimens

are going to
provide incentive.

Once they're in transition,
they'll need to feed,

and since you will be the
only human blood available,

well, Nik had better
give me what I want.

Huh! Uh!

Gentlemen, come down.

Quick, quick.
Off you pop.

Thank you.

You two, come on.


You have all been
selected to receive

the highest honor bestowed
upon your pitiful species.

Don't do this.

- Uh!
- Uh!


the spell is complete.

Tristan cannot
cross the boundary

of his own will,
but we can enter

and leave as we please.

I took the Liberty
of injecting him

with hibiscus and mugwort

to counteract any
vervain in his system.

All you have to do
is compel him

to give you the longitude
of Rebekah's location.

He says he's immune.

Well, I'll find some other way
to make him talk.

Will you?

You're still upset
I tortured Aurora

without your permission?

Oh, Freya, I'm obscenely
fond of torture, but, yes,

when I'm entertaining,
I like to be the one

to choose precisely when

and how we violate
the guests.

Fine. How should
we proceed?

Devastate the body,
infiltrate the mind,

and steal the
information we need.

To that end,
I invited a friend.

I got your text.

Unless she's
violently teething,

I don't recommend
this as a day care.

Jack's gone, and I don't
know if he's coming back.

I also really don't
want to talk about it,

so which one of you
will take hope.

While I take my anger out
on this pompous dick?

Come here, baby girl.

Bon appetit.


Not a fan of
knocking, are we?

I afford courtesy to
those in my good graces.

You've fallen short.

Which is why I've
called you here.

The whole Cami situation
has gotten a tad out of hand.

Out of your hand.
You put her in danger.

I put her in
protective custody.

Her decision to leave
was rather ill-advised.

See for yourself.

I would say this
does not bode well

for your friend Camille.

Aurora is upset

because I have
her beloved brother.

She took Camille as leverage.

Well, it'll be the last
mistake she ever makes.

Might I suggest you
pause just a tick

and think this through?

Move now.

If Aurora is upset with you,

might she just be
leading you into a trap?

Aurora has neither
the means nor the will

to harm me.

So you say, yet she is

a vindictive lunatic.

The prophesy said
you and your siblings

would fall...
One by foe,

one by family, one by friend.

What is Aurora to
you if not a friend

with certain benefits?

Perhaps I should
murder my friends,

starting with you.

You are my sire.

I have a vested interest
st keeping you alive.

That means I won't
sit back and watch

while you walk
half-cocked into a trap.

I'm coming with you.

Just stay out of my way.

It's odd
you'd be his therapist.

Isn't it true Nik
killed your beloved uncle

right about... here?


It was a mercy killing.

"Mercy." That is such
an odd, little word.

Tell me, was it
difficult to watch?



This church hasn't
been much luck

for your family, has it?

You know about my brother?

I confess, when I first
heard your name,

I was intrigued.

Nik cares for so few people,

so I looked you up.

The Internet,
it is such a marvel.

I learned all about
your storied past.

The insane twin brother
slaughters 9 seminary students

and then does himself in.


Are you enjoying this,

bringing up the
tragedies of my life?

Do you get off
on being cruel?

Maybe I'm looking for the ways
in which we are alike.

See, Nik's been obsessed
with me for centuries,

and now he's
infatuated with you.

What do you think
the overlap is between us?

Is it crazy brothers?

Yours was quite mad,
and mine, well...

Tristan, I love him,

but he can be
a bit daft sometimes.

You know, he likes
to have me committed

every so often,
hoping to cure

my more eccentric

Thanks to him, I've been
plunged into ice baths,

bled for melancholia,
and exorcized for demons 5...

No, 6... 6 times,

and my latest diagnosis
is bipolar disorder.

I imagine with
your credentials,

you're familiar with it.

And there have been
great strides in...

Shut up, Cami.

I prefer not to be
condescended to

by someone who only
just got her degree.

Now tell me a bit more
about you,

starting with how
you feel about Nik,

and do bear in mind,

I am a stickler for honesty.

Yeah. I know exactly
how big the quarter is.

Stop whining and find her,
and when you do, you call me.

in Crescent city?

Nothing I can't handle.

Such hubris, surprising,

given your lack
of accomplishment.

Tell that to
your boy Mohinder.

Oh, that's right.
You can't. He's dead.

Your boss killed him
right after

I made him look like a chump.

Is that how you recall it?

Yeah. That's pretty much
how it went down.

You are a skilled

Why not tell me your
version of another tale

about the witch regent
who was shunned

by her own people?

I don't know that one.

Witch politics
isn't my thing.

You were once guardian
to Davina Claire,

and just as she's
about to be recruited

by a consortium
of the most powerful

vampires in the world,
her status as regent

is revoked, making her
all but useless.

You have to admit,
that's quite a coincidence.

The covens hate me.

You really think
that I got them

to impeach their regent?

It would be foolish
of you to defy

the very organization
that had so recently

granted you membership.

After all, you
and your menagerie

of downtrodden vampires
have only just begun

to reap the benefits
we provide.

The Strix have no tolerance
for insubordination.

Oh, well, I guess I
better pay my dues.

Funny you should
mention that.

We do have a favor
we require.


Don't be such a baby,
or I'll give you

something to
really cry about.

You mistake me, milady.

I cry out only in grief.

I was so struck
by your beauty

when I saw you at the gala,

and now, after this
affront to my person,

I'll be forced to pluck
those lovely almond eyes

from your
perfectly shaped skull.

My goodness,
I could watch this forever,

if only my sister
wasn't trapped

in the bottom of the ocean.

Let me ask you again,

The coordinates, please.

Hmm, if I tell you,
you'll just kill me.

The alternative is
significantly less pleasant.

I think I'll hold off
on any confessions,

at least until The Strix
arrive to free me

and burn your home
to the ground.


I think the pompous dick could
use a little more persuasion.

You want to go to war
with the Mikaelsons.

The Mikaelsons declared war

when they took
Tristan captive.

I'm calling on you as a Strix

to come to the aid
of your brethren.

By going on
a suicide mission.

I assure you, Marcel,

I have no suicidal

What I do have is a weapon,

one that can take down
even an original.

It won't kill them,

but it will subdue
them indefinitely.

I used one much like it
on your darling Rebekah.

That thing can take
down an original?

You'll take this,
go into the Mikaelsons' home

under the guise
of friendship,

and then you will drive
this stake into Elijah's heart.

We will free Tristan
and imprison the head

of our sire line,
all in a single evening.

Do this, and you
will have proven

your loyalty to The Strix.

Fail, and we will
revoke your membership

and your life along with it.

You must be
the sister. Freya?

- And who are you?
- Name's Mary.

I'm a Crescent,
closest thing your niece

has to a

- Figure she's napping.
- That's right.

And Hayley?

She's across the street
helping with a family matter.

Was that Elijah's idea?

Yeah. She's fine.

She's a little rough around
the edges, but she's family.

Don't worry.
I'll be there soon.

Is everything ok?

Just fun with
the in-laws.

Jackson's grandmother
just showed up,

which is very strange,
considering that

he's out sulking
in the bayou,

not that I can really
blame him, considering

I didn't try to stop him
or run after him,

mainly because I figured

that you would need me here.

You've done more than enough.
Go to your family, please.

It's typical
of Aurora, forcing us

to look for one
of her needles

in a rather vile haystack.

Yes. It's quite
the undertaking,

made all the more onerous
by your incessant chatter.

I speak so that I
might be listened to.

Aurora clearly has
some devious plan in mind,

which begs the question,
given how vindictive she is,

why bother playing her game?

I'm not playing for her.

Ah, then...
Then tell me,

what's the best-case

You save Cami today,
Aurora will just

kill her some other time,

and you can't very
well kill Aurora,

given she alone has
the information

needed to find Rebekah.

I'm quite aware of
the dilemma, thank you.

Oh, yet you're still
determined to rush

into this harpy's trap.

What for? Why do you
even care about Cami?

I trust her,

which is more than
can be said for you.

Now, if you're gonna
help me, then help me.

Otherwise, bugger off.

All right.

Ha ha ha!

You really said that to him?

"People are not awful.
They want to be good."

Wow, a bit saccharine, no?

Why don't you ask
your boyfriend?

You feeling jealous?

It seems as though you are,

and yet you and Nik
are not lovers.

You admitted so yourself.
You've never even kissed.

We're not romantically
involved, no,

but I do care about him.

I see that he wants to
be more than what he is,

and I don't think
you would do much

to help him get there.

You see the good in Nik.

Tell me, are you the one
to bring it out of him,

the frail, little human
that he has manipulated,

abused, and compelled
to be everything

from stenographer to spy?

He doesn't care
about you, darling.

You're just a thing that
he uses from time to time.

That's all.

You can say
whatever you want...

I can't stop you...

But I do find it interesting

how angry you are.

I think you're worried.

If there's anything that
Klaus likes about me,

it's my mind, that
I can understand him,

and you,

you are beautiful,
and you are powerful,

and you do have a long
history together,

but you're worried
he doesn't love you,

that maybe he does
see the truth...

That your mind,

it's a bit damaged, isn't it?

- Ah!
- Uh!

I gave this to
Camille as a gift.

Ah, so now Aurora
has you attending church.

Have you not had enough
of her leading you

on a leash like
some lovesick imbecile?

Ok. I've had enough.
Now let's just...

Let's shine the light
back on you, shall we?

Tell me your deepest,
darkest secret,

and if I sense that you
are holding back, well,

you might not live long
enough for Nik to get here.

Will you please
listen to me?

All I suggest is that
we find another way

to deal with Aurora
than follow blindly

along her
bread-crumb trail.

You know, even as you talk,
I cannot help but recall

you were the arrogant wanker

who endangered Camille
in the first place.

Well, better arrogant
than foolish.

Your judgment
is off, my friend,

and all because
of this mortal girl.

Well, I say, let Cami die.

All of your secrets
and vulnerabilities

can die with her.


He's as weak
as I can make him.

If I push further,
I might kill him.

Weak as I am,

you still won't take
from me what you seek.

It's an unpleasant thing,

delving into such
a depraved and repellant mind.

Tristan, unless you'd like me
to fetch the chainsaw,

I recommend you
give me what I seek.

What did you see?

Just flashes.

He's resisting,
but still, Th...

There's something else.

It was a word.
What was it, Tristan, hmm?

What is Cepheus?

What's next, charades?

While you guys host the world's
most messed-up game night,

you got bigger problems.

Freya, would you mind dealing
with this situation, please?

Oh, no offense to
your lovely sister,

but you and I need to talk.

I'm here on behalf
of The Strix,

and I'm not leaving
without Tristan.

Elijah, look.

The way I see it,
you don't have a choice.

Is that so?

How long before The Strix
decide to come get their guy?

And if they destroy half
the quarter in the process...

I can handle The Strix.

Oh, you can't even
handle Tristan.

He's about to O.D.
on wolf venom,

and the only thing
that you can get

out of him
is... is Cepheus,

whatever the hell
that's supposed to mean.

The guy has been around
for a millennium.

He can withstand all
your vampire mind games,

and if you end up
killing him,

we lose Rebekah for good.

So what are you
suggesting here, Marcel,

I simply hand over
this wretched fiend

and stand idly by
as you set him free?

If I take Tristan,
make it look like

I busted him out,
I get in tighter

with him and The Strix.

I can find out
where Rebekah is

and keep them
from declaring war

on the quarter
if you trust me.

I will not
release that filth.

Jack is my grandson.

I love him,
stubborn as he is,

and I know he loves you.

Then where is he?

Drinking whiskey,
chopping wood,

shooting arrows,
gets that way

when he doesn't
know what to do,

and... and right now,

he doesn't know
how to help you,

which makes sense,
seeing as how

you don't know how
to help yourself.

What's that supposed to mean?

After all the Mikaelsons
took from you,

you're still over there
playing right along

like you was one of them.

They're my family, Mary.
They're hope's family.

And when you got married,

Jack became your family,

and maybe they need you,

but your husband
needs you, too.

There really is
no need for this.

You and I have
much in common.

For one, we both
adore our sisters.

Whatever we have
in common, trust me,

it's outweighed by the fact

that I want you dead.

I must have spent centuries
looking for your family,

only to find animals,
treacherous savages

who betray even one another.

Were you disappointed?

They're my family, my blood.

Such devotion,
it is admirable.

I wonder, why does
it not extend

to your poor brother Finn?

What do you know about Finn?

We were acquaintances
a thousand years ago.

He was the most noble
of your siblings,

and he knew me
as a man of my word.

Why not ask him yourself,

assuming that he
will speak to you

after what you've
put him through?

I will not
ask again.

Your greatest shame...
Admit it and do not

bother lying because
I will know

and then I will end you.

Junior year of college,
I was arrested

for assault, battery.

Ooh, fabulous.
Now, that's more like it.

Now do go on.

It was some guy.

He was dating my roommate.

She tried to break up
with him, so he hit her,

broke her nose.

I tried to get her
to go to the police,

the Dean, anybody,
but she was too scared.

I hated that he was just
getting away with it

like nothing ever happened.

I saw him one night at a bar

hitting on a freshman...

So I took a beer bottle,

and I smashed it in his face.

The next thing I knew,
I was kneeling

on his chest
and pounding his head

into the floor,
and by the time

they pulled me off of him...

Well, he wasn't laughing.

You're not ashamed
that you did it. Huh.

You're ashamed
that you enjoyed it...

And that's why you
study psychology,

to understand
your own dark impulses.

Here, I thought
I was the shrink.

Ha! Well, I see why Nik
is so taken with you.

The trouble is,
my burgeoning respect

for you is overshadowed by
my somewhat puerile jealousy,

so I suppose we've
reached the inevitable,

wouldn't you say, my love?

Stop this game.

This is not a game, Nik.
This is an intervention.

You're in danger of losing
the love of your life...


We're finally together
after so long apart,

all the world before us,
if we can just dodge

a few minor obstacles... like
this nuisance of a prophecy,

my brother's internment,

the insufferable influence
of Elijah...

But what I cannot overcome
is your affections

for someone else.

I've waited far too long
to share you now.

Call me jealous.

I remember full well the
extent of your jealousies,

but what surprises me
is that they extend

to the, uh...
The lowly therapist.

Aurora, you can't believe
she means anything to me.

But I do believe it, Nik.
I see it, the fear in your eyes.

Do you actually love her?

You know I love you.

I'm so glad
you admitted that.

I wanted Cami to hear it...

Before I rip out her throat.

Honestly, Aurora,
these petty displays

are so far beneath you.

Wild scavenger hunts,
threats against

innocent acquaintances...
They cast you

in a very unflattering light.

Jealousy's more my game.

Oh, would that I didn't
have the need for it.

Why should you?

Camille is no rival to you.

Your fears are ridiculous.

Nik, I have no doubt
that you love me.

I was just hurt to learn
that you would

lower yourself
to this distraction

and particularly
when she constitutes

a rather fiendish lie.

You were drawn to her
under the mistaken belief

that she is pure,
and she tells you

that people want to be good,
but she's not quite

the ray of unwavering sunshine
that you believe her to be.

No. There is
a darkness in her.

Why else would she
be drawn to the darkness?

Why else would she be
drawn to you?

See, I might have
my own imperfections,

but at least I am not a fake,

whereas Cami here,

well, she's...
She's just an illusion.

- Aurora...
- She's right.

Klaus, everything
I ever said to you

is a lie.

Oh, poor, frail,
little thing.

How sad you involved
her in all of this.

I'm not finished.

Why don't you run along
to your little friends

and remind them
that any attack on me

is a really bad idea.

That's not gonna work.

They're as stubborn
as you are.

So stay away
from them, Marcel,

before I interpret your behavior
as an act of betrayal.

That's the thing, Elijah.

See, I betrayed you
before I even got here.

♪ lay your head down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ lay your head down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪


♪ my love's
gonna pull you down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ One shot,
and you're 6 feet down ♪

You sister put up
more of a fight.

♪ down, down ♪

Took you long enough.

♪ bang, bang, bang ♪

♪ Whoo ooh ooh ♪

♪ Whoo ooh ♪

♪ I'd do you where you stand ♪

Ok. I think
I have everything.


‭♪ I'd do you where you stand ♪

♪ Where you stand ♪

There's something
going on over there.

Hayley, no.

Whatever trouble that is,
it ain't yours.

♪ oh, ho, bang, bang, bang ♪

♪ Bang, bang, bang, ooh ♪






- Huh!
- Ah!

Agh! Ah!

- Agh...
- Agh...

Oh, Freya,

things might have
been different.

Alas, you chose poorly.

Hey, you need to
get him out of here.

Are you giving me an order?

Look. He's too
weak to fight,

and Elijah's cavalry
just got here.

Go now.

Your brother's gonna
wake up mad at me.

When he does,
be sure to remind him

who his friends are.

Oh, you're quite
cross, aren't you?

I haven't seen you this mad
in a thousand years.

If you don't behave yourself,
you'll see a lot worse.

I don't much like that tone,

although, given what
I did to Rebekah,

I suppose it's to be expected

unless the source of your ire

is the threat I made
against your little pet.





I'm so hungry.

You really do care
about her, don't you?

Well, now I suppose I
shall have to kill her.

Oh, ooh, are we
to play rough now?

Foreplay's changed
in the last millennium.

Tell me, can
your pathetic Cami

excite you the way
that I can?

Can she allow you
the Joy of giving in

to your most wicked desires?

Listen to me,
all right?

You're in transition.

You're gonna have
to feed on blood.

I know the rules.
Marcel told us.

If I don't feed, I die.

I tire
of this fantasy.

You were someone
I left behind long ago.

There is nothing
between us now.

You're angry.

We say things to hurt
each other when we're angry...

That's what lovers do...

But I know that
I'm the one for you,

as I know that you
will thank me eventually

for killing your
little, human pet.

Back off right now!

You presume
to know me?

Then know this.

I will gladly end you

for what you did to Camille,

but first, I'm gonna
make you suffer

in ways your
spoiled, little mind

cannot possibly imagine,

and when it's over,

when your sweet recollections

have been rendered obsolete,

you will associate
my name with fear

and pain and perhaps
the dull realization

- that you...
- Ah!

Are nothing to me.

You went into my mind.

And took the only thing
I needed from you,


What's to stop me
from killing you now?

I said, get back.



But I love you,

and I know that you love me.

Oh! No.

This stake was imbued
with dark magic.

It's strong enough
to take down even you.

So apparently, The Strix have

no shortage of weapons.

Well, at least they
don't have Marcel.

I'm not so sure about that.

Look. I know
he attacked you,

but he could've
used that thing on you,

and he didn't,

and, for what it's worth,
he did save me.

And healed me.

A few minutes more,
and I would have been dead.

Do I need to remind you that
because of your beloved hero,

Tristan is free,
Rebekah is lost.

This prophecy threatens
to devour us still.

Klaus' blood.

I got it from him
a while back,

only thing I know
that's guaranteed

to heal a wolf bite.

Aye, you've proven
quite helpful, Marcel.

You have my gratitude.

We should go.
There's much to do.

Marcel, we'll be in touch.

Wait. So, what,
that's it?

You were expecting
something more?

Yeah. You're
damn right.

Your deputy here
came into my home,

threatened me,
gave me no choice

but to declare war
on the most dangerous

vampires in the world.

Now I'm a marked man.

You talk a lot about
my loyalty to The Strix.

How about your loyalty to me?

We have every intention
of making good on...

Don't give me that.

Today was proof you
need me on your side,

but if this is how
you treat your friends,

I might not be there.

He's right.

Marcel, you've earned
a place at our side

and everything that entails.

Come with us.

Are you ok?

Yeah. I'm doing a lot better
than the other guy.

Well, then you're damn lucky

along with being
damn foolish.

The Mikaelsons are
a thousand years old.

You're, what, 25
and with a baby?

The way you risk your life
for those people,

it ain't right.

We all risk our lives, Mary.

That's just the world
that we live in.

Well, maybe, but you go out
of you way to help them,

and every time you do,
you're tempting fate.

I fight to protect
the people I care about,

and if Jackson loves me,
then he would be here

doing the same thing.

He needs time.
I get it.

Just tell him that
when he wants to talk,

he should come home.

Strix have numerous
corporate assets,

including private airlines.

One of them specializes
in cargo jets.

Now, according to Marcel,

a vessel they favor the most

has the codename Cepheus.

Records show this flight here

left Marrakech to Miami

the very night
our sister was taken.

Now that we have the course,

all we need to do
is match the path.

With the latitude
I plucked from Aurora.

"X" marks the spot.

The very moment we have
our sister once again,

Tristan and Aurora no
longer have any leverage

whatsoever, and we are
free to deal with them

however we choose.

I recommend something
delightfully gruesome.

Just make sure you
leave Aurora to me.

If you ask me, Niklaus
is an utter fool,

always has been.

Can I get you anything?

I'm fine.

I mean, my head is throbbing,

but, all things considered...

Well, for tonight,
I'd like you to stay here,

where I can protect you.

Camille, I want you to know,
what happened today...

Hey, forget about it.
It's not your fault.

♪ fall ♪

♪ Fall to the battleground ♪

I have to ask,

right before you showed up,

did you hear what Aurora
and I were talking about?

♪ soon the sun
will be turning away ♪

Your incident
at the university,

the man you assaulted.

♪ leave me no promises ♪

I've already
compelled some people

to go and kill him.

That's a joke, right?

Doesn't have to be.

♪ I won't stand
to keep watching you stay ♪

Don't kill anyone
for me, please.

♪ ooh, go ♪

Whatever you want.

♪ run through the arrows ♪

♪ Let the reins
fall behind you ♪

♪ Race to the shadows ♪

It's been a lousy
couple of days.

Do you mind if
I just close my eyes

for a second?

♪ lighting up
all around you ♪

♪ Ooh hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh
hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh
hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo ♪

♪ Feel the weight
of your hand in mine ♪

♪ What's left ♪

♪ If we're only stealing time? ♪

♪ No, I won't stand
to keep watching you stay ♪

♪ Ooh, go ♪

♪ Soon the sun
will be turning away ♪

♪ Run through the arrows ♪

♪ Let the reins
fall behind you ♪

♪ Race to the shadows ♪

♪ Hold your breath
till your heart blooms ♪

♪ Ashes to ashes ♪

♪ Lighting up all around you ♪

♪ ooh hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh
hoo hoo ♪

♪ Ooh hoo ♪


Finn, my brother,

I believe it's time
we had a talk.