The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - Savior - full transcript

When a dangerous affliction threatens to expose one of her siblings, Freya searches for a way to reverse the crippling curse, even as she finds herself the target of the Strix's latest plan...

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Freya: If this prophecy
is fulfilled,

You will all fall--

One by friend,
one by foe,

And one by family.

I'll find you.

You won't.

There are things lurking
in the shadows,

And in the face of these,
you are nothing.

Aurora: The serratura.

My brother and lucien
want to use it

To lock you and your
siblings away forever.

Klaus: Which is why they
sent a legion of strix
to collect my sister.

I decided to put her
someplace safe--

At the bottom
of the ocean.

Elijah: Records show
the very night our
sister was taken.

All we need to do
is match the path.

With the latitude
I plucked from aurora.

You presume to know me?

I will end you
for what you did
to camille.

Tonight, I'd like you
to stay here,

Where I can protect you.

Rebekah, voice-over: Marcel
once asked me what it feels like

Being daggered.

I told him it's like
a deep, dreamless sleep,

But this is
no ordinary dagger.

This stake ensures
I feel everything--

The aching cold,

The suffocating darkness,

The burn of my veins
crying out for blood,

And the long agony of waiting.

Right where he
said it would be.

Open it.

This mr. Elijah smith

Paid big money to have
this dredged out of the gulf.

What's ever in it,

It's got to be worth
a fortune.

I say we renegotiate.

Elijah: I'm afraid that.
Was my final offer.





Hello, sister.

Tell me I didn't
miss christmas.


[elise legrow's "you, me,
and a christmas tree" playing]

Do they, like,
pay you?

Klaus: Handsomely
and with a generous
christmas bonus.

Isn't that right?

Legrow: ♪ this christmas ♪

So you just compel her
to nod and agree
with whatever you say?

I compel her
to feed me

And to hang
the occasional
christmas ornament.

She can say whatever
the hell she wants.

You seem better.

Yeah. Thank you
for letting me stay here

For the past
couple days

And giving me space
to not talk. Heh.

♪ trust me, baby, I... ♪

Why didn't you go
with elijah to
help rebekah?

I hope it's not to stay
and baby-sit me.

It's not a good idea
for he and I to spend

Hours together
in confined spaces,

Given that
the prophecy foretells

One family member
felling another.

You don't think he
would hurt you?

I don't know
what to think...

♪ on a christmas eve... ♪

And that damn
fortune teller's
predictions continue

To unfold despite
all our efforts.

[cell phone vibrates]

It's vincent.
I have to go.

Taking over my bar.

You don't really strike
me as a jazz fan.

You're a strix now,

What's yours is our
and vice versa.

You should be grateful.

You need my help,
as I imagine

The mikaelsons still
want your head.

This venue is brilliant.

A neutral space
where magic is useless.

It should do nicely,
at least until I install

A suitable regent
to shepherd

The local witches.

Well, that might
take a while.

See, the last
regent was shunned

And the one before
that murdered.

No one's really
eager to step up.

As a member
of this organization,

You should know that
we do not wait for men
to step up.

We step them up.

Ok. So we install
an ally as regent.

Good plan if you
can find a witch

Willing to do
your bidding.

In fact, I have
a candidate--

Young, malleable.

His name is van nguyen.

It seems someone
killed his mother.

As it is christmas
and I am, despite

A charitable man,
I made an offer.

He'll use his powers
to do as I ask.

[brass band playing
"hark! The herald angels sing"]

[cami gasps]

You're jumpy.

Maybe that's
from being jumped
so many times.


I haven't been out
since everything.

What's up?

I need for you to
make a house call.

Kinney got fired
last week.


No, but he--he's
a good cop.

Yeah, he was
a good cop

Until he started
having blackouts,

Going mia when he's
supposed to be
on duty.

I mean, there are
gaping holes
in his reports,

he can't explain,

Missing evidence
he can't explain,

And now he's isolating,
he's not coming out
of the house,

He's not taking
my phone calls.

I'll go see him.
There has to be
something I can say.

Thank you.

I know you needed
space, jack,

But I kind of eventually
thought you would come home.

Right. To the apartment
elijah compelled
somebody to rent us

And the bedroom that
looks in on his library.

-Do you love him?

Just tell me
the truth for once.

You knew--you knew
when you married me.

It's been a year.

I have stood by you,
I have fought for you,

I have loved you
and you daughter,

And do you know
what the worst part is?

Coming out of those
woods just now,

Seeing you
sitting there,

I'll be damned if it
wasn't the best thing
I had ever seen.

Even when I'm pissed
as hell,

I would rather be near
you than anywhere else.

Now what kind of fool
does that make me?

My feelings for elijah
are complicated...

But that doesn't mean that
I love you any less, jack.

I chose you,

And I choose you again
every single day.

Can't that be enough?

It's our first
christmas together.

I've never had
a happy one.

I just want a quiet night
with you and hope,

Our family,

And I don't care if
their house is on fire.

For one night,
I will let it burn.

Just please, please
come home.


I'll meet you there.


Go on.

How many days
has it been?

Please go relax.

I'll be up shortly
with your next dose.

No, no.

Let's try to avoid
another episode.

No, no.
I will not relax

Until niklaus is
buried alive.

We need to get back
the serratura

And lock them all
away in a pit
of fire.

It's being taken
care of, darling.

Here. The sister
has been researching

The medallion since
it's been

In the mikaelsons'

By end of day,
we'll have what is ours,

And we'll have taken care
of the only witch

Willing to protect them.


I think I prefer
the bottom the murky sea

To that restroom.

Still hungry,
are we?

I'm not hungry,
I'm angry--

Staked your ex,
drowned by nik's.

You two need a lesson
in women.

Could the lesson
not be yours to
learn, rebekah?

Didn't you damn one
of them to eternity,

Viciously antagonize
the other?

Those lunatics actually
believe the prophecy.

You don't, do you?

You'd be foolish
to ignore

The manifestation
of these omens.

We can't be killed,

This prophecy does state
one of us will fall
by family.

Well, I would never
harm you,

You killed half the navy
rescuing me,

Freya hates traitors.

Yes. Freya.
Let's not forget her
allegiance to finn.

I do want to trust her,

So that leaves nik.

Do you think he's
learned his lesson

About backstabbing
his family?

Oh, I think he
learns that lesson
all the time.

He's just
a terrible student.

Do you ever want to
just rip out his heart

And see how long
it takes to grow back?

Unh! Ohh.

What is it?


What do you get the girl
who has everything
this christmas?

A cure to a magical mark
growing on her bloody arm.

[brass band playing
"god rest ye merry gentlemen"]

[car beeps]


I'll warn you--
I'm armed.

Aah! Aah!





[knocking on door]

Will, you in there?
It's cami.

I assume you
called first.

I've been told
turning up

At someone's home

Could be
considered rude.

Are you seriously
following me?

Klaus, I don't need
a bodyguard

Or some white night
trying to protect me.

I'm here
as your friend.


Vincent said
he'd be home.

Shh, shh.

[heart beating]


Oh, my god! Will! No!


Will: You shouldn't
have come here!

Will, it's gonna
be ok.

Just drop the gun.

Insert empathetic
psychobabble here.

It's not ok!

Put the gun down!

Or what, you'll
save me the bullet?

I am the definition
of worthless!

I try and try to
make a difference,

But there are things
lurking out there
in the shadows,

And--and in
the face of them,
I am nothing.

Do you understand?

It's lucien's compulsion.

Is there anything
you can do, klaus? Please.

Invite me in.

Hey! I got your text.

What happened?

She got jumped.

3 vampires all dressed
like yuppies.

The strix.

Yeah. She needs
your blood.

You ok?

Kind of hard to
ignore it when someone

Needs your help, huh?

They took it.

The serratura.

I was meeting
with a witch

From the bloodline
who built the lock.

I was hoping she could
help me destroy it,

But it's not possible.

She said the only way
to get rid of it

Is to use it.

We have to get it back
and lock something else away,

Anything but my family.

Great. Why don't
we pay tristan a visit

And ask him
really, really nicely?

I'm afraid we
have a far more
urgent problem.

Well, to be fair,
I am the prettiest

Urgent problem
you have ever seen.

Marcel: I opened
this gym for warriors.

You're not welcome

Excuse me.

Van nguyen, the kid
whose mom went
after davina--

Family business
got shut down.

He can't put food
on the table
for his sisters.

Life's a bitch
in the ninth.
What else is new?

Today, tristan
transferred 50 gs
into van's account.

Tonight, van will ascend
to the regency.

The leader
of the witches
will be some kid

With a debt
to the strix.

Meanwhile, you're here,

Fighting shadows.

Marcel, you got no idea
what I fight.


Whatever it is,
it's gonna be a lot worse

When you have the blood
of your people on your hands,

All because you sat back
and let it happen.

Since when have
you given a damn
about my people?

I'm new orleans
born and bred.

So are you.

Yeah, witches
and vampires

Have been fighting
for power

Since this city
was a swamp,

But we are all
new orleans,

And now you're gonna hand
over 9 powerful covens

To some outsider!

Witch business ain't
your business.

I think you should
back off.

Or what?
You gonna get another
little teenage girl

To do your dirty work?


I have been holding
back my power
for a long time.

Today that stops.

See, I came here
for a little bit
of clarity,

And I think
I just got that.

I'm gonna take back
the regency, marcel,

But you ain't gonna
like what I'm
gonna do with it.

While I cannot take
away the feelings
of worthlessness

That haunt you now,
I can tell you

You will learn
to live with them.

I certainly have.

I have also come
to find

That the very thing
you believe is
worth the least

Matters most of all.

There is beauty
in the courage

Of the fragile

Those who persevere

Despite all they've
been through,

Those who still
believe there is
good in the world.

Us dark things
often find we need

That light the most.

What you do not see
in yourself

Others see in you.

You do matter.

Have you a family?

Yeah, a sister.
Baton rouge.

Go to her.
Enjoy christmas.

In the new year,
you will return
to your captain,

And he will welcome
you with open arms,

And, detective,

You will remember
today as your
darkest day.

will be better,

The day after
better still.

You will go on.

Give me the bad news, doc.

Freya: Aya's stake
was cursed.

It infected you.

As this mark grows,
you will go mad.

Left unchecked,
you will become

A relentless,
unstoppable ripper.

Aya always was thorough.

Strix always employ
a safeguard.

In the event that
we were successful

At retrieving
your body,
you were cursed.

You see, if one is
on a rampage,

One is not
difficult to hunt.

Can you fix this?

The spell is carved here.

I can--I can reverse it.

I just...Need some time

And a hell of a lot
of magic.

Jackson: She was fine.
Hayley healed her.

This scratch
is not healed.

This is poison.

This is an assassination

She's waking up.

You ok?

I feel weak.

Jackson: Those vampires
must have stabbed
her with something.

So the strix
are fond of this
slow-acting poison.

There is
an antidote.

If I can get
my hands on it.

For this, I'll need
a pure silver knife,

Some white muskroot.

I'll get the knife.

I'll track down
the root.

Freya, you can barely
float a feather right now,

Let alone save
the world.

I'll channel finn.

Oh, lovely.

My fate rests in the hands

Of our black sheep
of a brother

That we have trapped
in a necklace.

I'm sure he's just
leaping to help.

Well, he's the only
other powerful
witch here,

And you and I are
out of options,

He's packing.


What you did--

Was nothing.

It was not nothing.

[cell phone vibrates]




Finn: The pain you
endure for these

You call family.


It isn't worth it,

It is.
It has to be.

The ingredients
are complicated.

Klaus: I don't need
the recipe.

I know exactly
where I can find
the antidote.

I'll be quick.

If the strix have been
using this poison
for centuries,

Then lucien has a cure,
I guarantee it.

Probably keeps it
tucked away

Next to his cure
for werewolf bites.

I'm sure he won't mind
if we break in
and borrow it.

You go.
I'll be fine.


If I'm going to
save my sisters,

I can't be worried
about you.

Right now,
the safest place
for you is with me.


[hope crying]

Don't fret.
I haven't gone
full hellion yet.

No more than usual.

Well, that's good.
I wouldn't want to

Have to kick your
ass before I got
to hug you.

You know, we need to talk
about your sartorial choices.

This is positively

That is not mine.
That is cami's.

She has been staying
here the past
few nights.

Actually, jackson
and I have our
own place now,

Although we still
can't manage to stay
out of mikaelson drama.

You don't seem to mind
the family drama

When you need
something from us,

Like a decent dress
or a babysitter.

Excuse me?

But when you're looking
for someone to blame

For your unhappiness,

We seem to be
the enemy.

Rebekah, you're wrong.

This--this isn't you.

I am wrong.

I believed
we were friends,

Nearly sisters,

But the last time
we spoke,

You were planning
on taking hope away

From this family

So where do you
stand, hayley?

Are you a friend,

Are you family,

Or perhaps...

[gags, coughs]

You've been a foe
all along.



You are dying
for her.

Let rebekah go.

Let them all go.


It will just be
the two of us again.

I will save her.

If I am at all important
to you, brother, help me.

Freya, stop,

No! Don't touch me!

Do not stop me.

Listen to me.

We must help

But we must not lose
you in the process.

Help me or get out!


This will
strengthen you.

As will my power

Just this once, sister,
for you.



Be honest. You want
klaus dead, don't you?

Rebekah, I have been
busting my ass,

Trying to fight
this prophecy

At the expense
of my own family.

Ha ha! You mean
that fake husband

You've been parading
around in front of elijah?

Do you know the agony
it causes him?

Perhaps you like it,

Knowing you still have
the power to break
his heart.


Ugh! I can't do it.

I can't focus.

She's burning up.
I guess a hospital's
out of the question.

A hospital won't
help her.

You're wrong.

It kills me
to hurt him.

Well, it hasn't
yet, luv,

But it might today.

You tore
my brothers apart.

If they turn
on each other,
as the prophecy suggests,

It's because of you!

Where's hayley?

[coughing and gagging]

You stay with her,


Listen to me.
Listen to me!

Rebekah, look at me!

Control yourself.

Dear brother,
I have control.



Ha! Yaah!

Unh! Aah!

Klaus: Rebekah!


Not her.

Not her either!

Rebekah: Aah!

Rebekah: Dear, sweet cami.

You're so afraid
that you'll ruin her,

You keep her
behind glass

Like some
breakable object.

She's not precious.

Nik, every woman
that you and elijah

Bring into our lives
turns to poison.


She'll grow toxic, too.


I'm ok.

In her heart.


Did you get
the muskroot?




No! No! Aah!

Freya: Hold her!




Well, that was annoying.

[brass band playing
"joy to the world"]

You ready to go?

Am I the world's
worst mother

For letting my
teething toddler gnaw

On something
that's been around
for a millennium?

Hope's tough.
I think she can take it.

Are you ok?

Oh, you never get used
to the feeling

Of a fist
around your heart.

I'm really sorry.

I know I promised
that we'd spend
the night alone.

I even had this
really dumb plan

That we were gonna
drink hot whiskeys

And watch "it's
a wonderful life"

Yet here we are.

You don't need to

Today, it was me

That saw their house
on fire and decided

Not to let it burn.

Why did you decide
to help them

After everything?


I don't know.
I felt like one of my pack

Was in danger,
and I acted.

I mean, don't
get me wrong.

My in-laws
really suck...

But, hey, they fought
like hell to protect
each other today,

And I respect that.

I was born to love
you, hayley,

And if that means
I have to deal
with the mikaelsons,

Then ok.

I'm in.

If we leave now,
we could still catch

The end of "it's
a wonderful life"
before her bedtime.

I got a better idea.

[denmark + winter's "merry
little christmas" playing]

♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ have yourself
a merry little christmas ♪

Said you wanted
a happy family

Well, the family's
all here.

Merry christmas,
little one.

♪ next year, all... ♪

Klaus: Thank you
for helping freya.

Unfortunately, we're
all out of mason jar

Ha ha ha!

Rebekah: Well, nik, you
are positively merry tonight.

All that therapy
must be paying off.

Oh, no.

Yes, I know it's not
exactly a bonfire,

But I improvised.

Come on. It's tradition.


We write our wishes
and then burn them for luck.

Strangely, I don't recall
wishing for an influx
of enemies,

And yet year after year--

Elijah: How odd.
Forever on santa's
naughty list.

♪ merry christmas ♪

♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ merry christmas ♪

One of us is still meant
to fall by family.

Right now, what
concerns me is
our enemies.

They have the weapon
they intend to use
against us.

They cannot know
that we found
you, rebekah.

Our best advantage
is if they believe
you are lost at sea.

Then I can't stay, can I?

[hope babbling]

It's ok.

My wish already came true.

We have this moment.

Rather lonely place
to spend a holiday.

Have you no special
love to spend it with?

Oh. Right.

Don't tell me.

You planning on taking over
the gym, too?

Hardly. I can't
stand churches.

I need your
expertise, marcel.

I've been informed
that our chosen

The young
van nguyen,

Has been rejected
by the ancestors.

Rejected, huh?
Well, nola witches

Aren't easily manipulated,

Especially the dead ones.

And yet there's
a rather dramatic
ceremony happening

In the cemetery
right now.

Someone is ascending
to the regency
as we speak.

I assume you've had
your ear to the ground.

Who is it?

Uh, his name's
vincent griffith.

Ah. The witch who
was once inhabited
by finn mikaelson.

Yeah, that's him,
and he isn't gonna be
so easily bought.

You have
a merry christmas now.

Woman: ♪ we wish you
a merry christmas... ♪

[hayley laughing]

[bicycle bell dinging]

♪ we wish you
a merry christmas ♪

♪ and a happy new year ♪

♪ and a happy new year ♪

Rebekah, so soon.

Rebekah: Take care
of our brothers, freya.

God knows they need it.

Bye, baby.

I'm so sorry about
what I said, hayley.

It's fine.

You know,
when I left last,

I thought for sure
you'd hate klaus forever.

Oh, I will, but even
when you hate him...

always leaving.

And I always come back.

Run far and fast,
stay on the move,

And should you
happen to meet
some handsome fool,

Know your weaknesses.

Ha ha!

Well, perhaps it's time
our roles reversed.

I'll run away from love

If you run toward it.

Freya: 100 years
ago, I snuck into

A christmas ball

I wanted so much
to be a part of it,

But I thought I was
forever fated to be
an outsider,

Always looking in.

I know this hasn't
been your most elegant
family christmas,

But, well, it's already
been the best one
I've ever had.

I suppose some things
are worth the wait.

You look--

Don't say tired.

You've lived long enough
to know you should never tell

A woman
she looks tired.

I was going to say


A penny
for your thoughts.

I was thinking
about you

And what rebekah said.

Is she right?
Do you see me

As this fragile thing
that needs to be kept
behind glass

To protect me
from aurora--

Don't. Please.

When I think of all
the ways she could
have hurt you--

She didn't.

Klaus, she didn't...

Because of you.

I've lost count
of the amount of times

You've been there
for me

And everyone
you care about,

But today, you saved

Who doesn't mean
a thing to you.


Because you
wished it.

Because what's
important to you

Is important to me.

What makes you happy
makes me want to
keep you so.

What scares you
I want to tear apart.

I do not wish
to watch you from
behind glass, camille.

What do you wish?


No. No, no! Finn!

All right. Y'all wanted me.
You got me.

You got me,
and I ain't in the mood

For pomp and circumstance.

Our city is collapsing,

And I'm gonna need all
the guidance I can get.

Tristan: Congratulations,
mr. Griffith.

The regent witch
of new orleans--

How grand.

Let me guess--

Lord tristan de martel.

You know, I've always
despised churches,

But cemeteries I love.

Churches celebrate
fairy tales,

Guardian angels,
patron saints,

But cemeteries hold
concrete proof

That not one of those
things can save you
from the inevitable.


So your strix vampires,
they've been watching me,

Tailing me,
listening to me,

So they know I'm not
an easy target,

And I'm sick and tired
of good people

Falling victim
to the trash

That the originals
bring to town.

Now normal people can't
enforce justice on vampires,

But I will.

I can, and I will,


You guys keep watching me,

But know for sure

I'm watching you, too.

That's very brave.

A vigilante witch
that fears
no vampire?


Or so it seems,

But I know someone
you do fear.

So if you don't do
as I ask,

I'm certain
finn mikaelson will.


Man: ♪ dark days riding
on a stone cold heart ♪

I got your message.

♪ break my will,
tear us apart ♪

♪ there's a lone
candle burning... ♪

I was halfway
to the airport

When I suddenly
got the urge to

Rip out my taxi
driver's jugular.

I only
just resisted.

♪ there's a calm to knowing when
your back's against the wall ♪


I'm afraid so.

♪ will you make
your peace... ♪

Freya can try
something else.

What if we've
run out of time?

I already went
after hayley.

Who's next--
freya herself, hope?

And even if she

You don't want to run.

You know I always
hated it.

♪ ya ooh... ♪

Hide my body.

Don't tell a soul,

not niklaus.

Let him be happy
just for once.

This is our
burden to bear,
yours and mine.

♪ ya ooh ♪

And when the year
that the prophecy
foretold is over,

Have freya work out
a cure, wake me up,

And throw me
a hell of a party.

-I can't.
-Why not?

Maybe the only
way to stop

This stupid prophecy
is to embrace it,
control it.

If we can control it,
then maybe we can
change it.

When I am buried,
the family part
of the prophecy

Will be over.

You will be over
to trust them again--

Freya, hayley,

You can stop anyone,
friend or foe, that
comes at you,

So do it, elijah!


-Do it!
-Shh, shh, shh.

♪ these are dark days... ♪

Elijah, do it!

♪ dark days ♪

♪ these are dark days ♪

♪ dark days ♪

[piano playing
"god rest ye merry gentlemen"]


You should play more.

Oh, I never stop

[stops playing]

I compose whole sonatas
in my head, brother.

You had a good day
then, my love?

Mmm. Yes.

A beautiful day.

And here's to an even
better tomorrow.

[playing "god rest ye
merry gentlemen"]




No, no, no.
No! No! No!


[last note plays]