The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 7 - Out of the Easy - full transcript

With a dire prophecy looming over them, Klaus and Elijah invite Lucien, Tristan and Aurora to a Thanksgiving gathering in an attempt to negotiate a truce. When Aurora reveals that she has powerful leverage over Klaus, Hayley and Freya take matters into their own hands, leading to a deadly three-way confrontation. Elsewhere, Marcel and Vincent are forced to take drastic measures when they realize Davina may be in over her head, and Cami finds herself face to face with a dangerous new threat.

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Previously on "The Originals"...

If this prophesy is fulfilled,

you will all fall... one by friend,

one by foe, and one by family.

In the moments before you asked me

to flee with you, I saw your brother.

You must only think of him

as the monster that he truly is.

I see him as the monster that he is.

Those remains used to be my mom.

I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna find out how this happened.

Even if we figure out who killed this guy,

it's a vampire.

I think you know exactly
where my medallion is.

Take it. It's in here.

My brother and Lucien want to use it

to lock you and your siblings away forever.

Which is why they sent a legion of Strix

to collect my sister.

I can't find her, her witch body.

It's as if it just vanished.

Two of the men sent to retrieve her

were from my sire line.

They procured your sister's body.

Now come back to bed.

So where is Klaus?

When I told him about Rebekah,

he said he's pursue another lead.

Forget Niklaus.

You will find her.

Now, you sure you got enough juju

for a worldwide locator spell?

She's my family. I won't lose her.

Damn it.

So much for witch GPS.

I assumed they'd cloak her.

I didn't expect a spell this strong.

No doubt conjured by the very witch

who lured Rebekah into this trap.

You should all go.

I have my work cut out for me.

The Strix trust me.

If they know where
Rebekah is, I can find her.

We don't have time.

You need to stop Davina from activating

Lucien and Tristan's weapon.

We need to find Rebekah.

Marcel, I will not rest
until my sister is found.

All right. Fine. I'll handle Davina.

Well, in the meantime, please

tell me that we're gonna kill someone.

Oh, we will kill many someones,

but first, if we're to start a war,

let us determine where our allegiances lie.



You shout loud enough to wake the dead.

Can't pick up your phone?
Your sister is missing.

Well, she's not exactly missing...

And as long as everyone behaves themselves,

you can trust me to tell you where she is.

Hello, Elijah.

Give me my sister, or perhaps I could

pay a little visit to your brother Tristan.

Elijah, please.

Aurora and I have come to an agreement.

Yes. Nik and I find that,

now your vile act of compulsion

has been revealed, there's really

no reason why we can't pick up

where we left off a thousand years ago.

Go on, luv.

I need to have a word with my brother.

Am I to assume that
you've gone completely mad?

You see madness. I see method.

And that method would be what, Niklaus,

to fornicate with the she-devil

who took our sister?

To be clear, The Strix took our sister.

Aurora simply hijacked her.

I will get Rebekah back, trust me.

Keeping Aurora close
garners the goodwill we need.

Well, it is a bold, if
somewhat lecherous plan.

Will you employ the same tactic

when it comes time to
retrieve the medallion

from Lucien and Tristan?

They're not really my type.

There must be another way.

Aurora will always protect Tristan,

and, given that he and Lucien are aligned,

the 3 of them together have

a distinct advantage, unless...

unless we break that advantage.

Now, there's a strategy
I wholeheartedly endorse.

What do you have in mind?

It's Thanksgiving.

Let's invite them for a friendly meal,

systematically turn
them against one another,

and then devastate their pitiful alliance.

I can feel the holiday spirit already.

Perhaps I should apologize.

I know you were expecting
to find Rebekah's body,

but I've got other plans.


What am I to do with you?

Oh, my dear brother, after all this time,

why not simply choose to trust me?

Well, because I know you arrived

in this city days ago.

You've had time to poison Lucien's witch

and see your infamous ex, but you've

all but ignored your own brother.

Well, next time, don't leave me

a prisoner in some stuffy monastery.

Message received,

unfortunately for those poor monks.

May I ask what you did with the head

of your sire line?

Acquiring her was part of my plan.

Oh, yes, that plan, that plan that

you and Lucien were keeping from me.

You were recovering,

and, if you must know, we needed Rebekah

as bait to lure Klaus and Elijah.

She'd have been perfectly safe with us.

- You'd have been safe.
- Yes.

Well, I prefer to be in
control of my own fate.


Should I even bother to ask

what these are?

Call it insurance.

Perhaps you'll trust me now.

You'll need to if you are to join me

for dinner at the Mikaelsons'.

I received their invitation

to this Thanksgiving summit.

It's clearly a trap.

Open the envelope. Put your mind at ease.

You're my family, Tristan.

You have always taken care of me.

Allow me to return the favor.

Oh, don't you look lovely.

Something wrong?

Should I make a list?

You tortured detective Kinney,

gave him a compulsion lobotomy,

not to mention you're
holding me against my will

and using up all of my minutes.

I mean, I appreciate your
dead witch's hand-me-downs

and remembering to feed
me, but did you really think

I was just going to smile and eat up?

Well, think of all the poor people

who are starving in... well, somewhere.

I'd join you, but I've been called

to dine with the Mikaelsons.

Are they going to serve
your head on a platter?

Doubtful. Niklaus and I are allies

now that the evil Tristan is in town.

Um, let me ask, are you more likely

to tell Vincent that you're

drowning in a tub of bourbon

or awash in a sea of chardonnay?

- Go to hell.
- Bourbon it is.

Do you really think
you can trick my friends

into thinking I'm fine?

Someone's gonna notice that I'm gone,

and when they do, they'll track me here.

Well, not within the next few hours,

by which time, you'll be free of vervain,

and I'll be able to compel you

to forget everything, including all manner

of tortures and punishments I might

yet employ should you continue

to prove disrespectful.

That'll be the nanny.

This is Anton, a very loyal

and very dangerous friend.

Tread carefully, oh, and, uh, Anton,

if you should not hear
from my by nightfall,

go on and kill her...

But do it quickly. Oh, and for God's sake,

don't ask if she has any final words.

You'll be here through the weekend.

You said you'd be here 15 minutes ago.

I got held up. What's the problem?

The problem is that there's a new group

of vampires in town.

Oh, The Strix? Come on, Marcel.

You think the ancestors

wouldn't give me a heads-up?

Did the ancestors also give you a heads-up

that The Strix are looking for you?

The Strix want you to help them

take down the Mikaelsons.

Now, if you say no, they will kill you.

If you say yes, Klaus will
do something much worse.

Please, D., let me help
you get out of town.

I'm not going anywhere.

Marcel, you still see
me as this little girl

in the attic.

I'm not that girl anymore.

I don't run from anyone.

Hey, Hope is down for a nap.

I thought if I leave now,

I could be back in time for dinner.

I can't believe you're
seriously considering this.

I want to be here with you and Hope,

but I can't just do nothing,

and, Jack, those sire-line losers

- took Rebekah.
- Yeah.

They also went after you.

Look. Let Klaus and Elijah handle this.

Rebekah kept Hope safe for months.

She's my friend, and she's Hope's family.

I'm not gonna look my daughter

in the eye one day and explain to her

that I sat back and did nothing

while those people just kidnapped

- her aunt.
- Hayley, you didn't do nothing.

You kept your daughter safe.

You let Klaus do things his way.

This dinner is gonna be a bloodbath,

and last time I checked, the Mikaelsons

didn't need any help killing anyone.

Look, babe. It's Thanksgiving.

I... I don't see where
this has to be a fight.

It doesn't. I hear you.

Ah, flowers for me. You shouldn't have.

That's for the lady of the house.

The well-mannered bring a gift

when invited to dinner.

I assume you brought nothing.

Nothing but my deepest respect for you.

Lovely. We're all getting along.

Mm, like a fuse and a match.

I take it Aurora is on her way.

I'm sorry I'm late. Just freshening up.

I did want to look pretty.

Well, well.

If it isn't my old friend Lucien.

Hello, Aurora. It's been ages.

You look...

You look ravishing.

Welcome to our home.

I do wish it was under
better circumstances.

We all face a common threat...

A prophecy warning that my siblings and I

would all fall within a year.

I fear my sister already has.

Only as a precautionary
measure, I assure you.


You see, I would have called it

an entirely unnecessary measure.

We need to unite to prevent

the prophecy from coming to pass,

and since any alliance is impossible

without honesty, let us begin

this evening's proceedings by formally

acknowledging your clandestine alliance.

Now, gentlemen, before...

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Lucien, please.

Let's not ruin the dinner before it begins.

And do try to bear in
mind, we expect an honest

and productive negotiation this evening.


Shall we begin?


Do I look like I need company?

I tracked you down.

Least you can do is hear me out.

Forgive me if I don't feel like drinking

with one of your kind.

I don't care if you don't like me.

Some new vampires are in the Quarter

from out of town, way out of town,

and they want the Regent on their side,

and if Davina says no,

they're going to kill her,

and I want her to leave town,

but she would rather, of
course, stay and fight,

and I'd rather not sit back

and watch her get herself killed.

There might be a way to
get her out of trouble,

but you ain't gonna like it.

It's a bit odd, isn't it,

celebrating an American holiday?

Well, you know, Lucien, I
rather enjoy Thanksgiving...

the turkey, the cranberry sauce,

the lies, the deceit, the betrayal.

Perhaps we should begin
this evening's proceedings

with a little confession,
and do help yourselves.

So this entire dinner is meant to be

some boorish inquisition.

How rude.

Nonsense, luv.

My brother merely wishes to make certain

we're all on the same page,

so who would like to begin?

Well, Lucien and I

have always loathed each other.

Had we arrived as allies
with news of a bleak future,

you would have doubted us.

We sought to remove suspicion

by maintaining appearances.

Oh, my. Dear, these pathetic lies promise

to be as difficult to swallow

as your stuffing this year, Niklaus.

- Walnuts. Honestly.
- Ha ha ha!

The bottom line is, we came to protect you

and ourselves.

We have never wavered on this point.

And the bodies on my streets,

is that your protection, as well?

It's business as usual for The Strix.

An old tactic used often
and to great success...

Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam.

A frightened human populace
is that much easier to control.

If tourism should decline
and the local vampires

are deprived of fresh blood, well,

you saw how quickly
Marcel joined our ranks.


I would've expected more

from such gaudy theatrics.

Well, if one wanted to
obtain a certain item

in, say, a private collection

but one was not invited to the home

where said private collection was located,

police investigation
could come in very handy

to remove these items as evidence.

I take it that you are
referring to the medallion.

I suppose it was my sister

who shared that bit of information.

Don't blame Aurora.

You two are hardly conspiratorial geniuses.

Funny story... it turns out all along

that the medallion was in the
hands of Nik's friend Camille

the bartender-slash-therapist.

Had to get her arrested in
order to search her goodies,

so to speak,

but I would never allow
any harm to come to her,

knowing the great
affection you have for her.

Seriously? Football? You're a vampire.

Shut up and get me a beer.

Razzle dazzle from butch Jones. What a...

Should I find another
way to quench my thirst?

37 yards, Cincinnati back on top.

First of all, where can they go

but up the center?

So the lefty with the dump-off pass,

what a gutsy call and great execution.

I can't kill you, but I can hurt you...

break bones, slice up your pretty face,

heal you, then do it all over again.

Next time, that's how this goes down.

Got it?

Got it.

Drink up.

You ain't going anywhere.

A medallion that could lock us away

hardly seems like a wise strategy

for those come to protect us.

Hand it over.

And release Rebekah.

Uh, just a tick. Aurora has Rebekah, hmm?

No reason why I shouldn't be
trusted with my sire's safety.

Of course,

unless you were to have
one of your episodes.

Easy, Lucien.

My sister sought leverage
to protect herself.

Who among us would do otherwise?

Niklaus, would you politely remind me

why we shouldn't just compel them all

to give us what we want?

Ha ha ha!

I'm sorry. Did Elijah
say something amusing?

We lost a century to compulsion, my love,

and some of us lost a great deal more.

Surely you can't believe
we'd allow ourselves

to come here vulnerable.

My dearest Aurora,

compulsion is not my only party trick.

I do not like these threats.

Our continued existence
depends on the Mikaelsons.

We've known that since Finn and Kol died.

Unfortunately, so does every
other vampire in the world.

Given that the sire lines have declared war

against one another,
you can imagine how many

young upstarts have come
to the same conclusion...

kill an Original, wipe out
an entire line of rivals.

Heavy burden, isn't it,
the lives of thousands

of sired vampires
resting on your shoulders?

In a perfect world, you'd allow us

to seal you away forever,
thus eliminating the threat.

Fortunately, the world is far from perfect.


I can't find the continent she's on,

let alone the city.

Maybe you just need something of hers,

maybe a... a hair brush or...

her blood is in my veins.
That should be enough.

Wait. Hey, Freya,

you can't just give up.

I'm not giving up.

What did you want?

Marcel told me what was going on.

Mm, and you decided to care?

This is witch business, Vincent.

You don't even practice anymore...

And as for The Strix,

if they come after me, I'll deal with it.

I'm not afraid.

Maybe you should be.

You trying to scare me?

No, Davina.

I'm trying to warn you,
but you don't like it

when people disagree with you.

From what I hear, you get pretty mad.

What makes me mad is getting lectured

by the guy who walked
away from being a witch.

Well, then I best be careful,

or else I'm gonna end
up like all the people

you got mad at last time, right?

Kara Nguyen attacked me.

So you had her killed?

You gonna kill anybody who
disagrees with you, Davina?

I took care of a threat.

That's what leaders do,

and if anyone tries to stand against me,

I'll do it again.

Funny thing about a willow hoop...

never know what you're gonna see.

Told you I'd find out what you did.

Now everyone else knows, too.

With all the nauseating
dinner theater we've endured

throughout the centuries,
these performances

are, by far, the worst.

Aurora, my sister...

Aurora is quite aware

of our desire to see Rebekah home,

and I'm sure she'll do everything

in her power to oblige.

We're welcoming our enemies
to the dinner table now?

Convenient, given she's the
one who has the answers I want.

Oh, for heaven's sake,

now I have to deal with
the long-lost sister?

Nik, please spare me your
family's rage and paranoia.

It is exactly this kind of lunacy

which led me to steal
Rebekah in the first place.

What did you do with her?

Oh, I'm sorry, luv, but this prophecy

has you all acting as fools,

and I've no intention of
risking my life to foolishness.

Now, I can't trust Rebekah with any of you,

and I certainly can't trust the silly dear

to endure on her own, so I decided

to put her someplace safe.

Imagine a spot where no
harm could come to her,

where, in fact, no one could
possibly even track her down.

Yes. Rest assured, Rebekah
is perfectly fine...

at the bottom of the ocean.

You're bluffing.

Tell me you're bluffing.

Oh, you should all be thanking me.

Rebekah's never been safer.

She has plenty of company down there.

There's all the little
crabs and octopus and...

Harm my sister, and I'll be
forced to return the favor.

Oh, this all escalated very quickly.

Shut up, Lucien, or I'll tear

your tongue from your head.

Be careful with your threats, Nik.

Anything should happen to me,

I won't be able to
protect your precious Cami.

Ok. That is the second
time I've heard her name.

Just who is this Cami?

You have bigger problems.

- Freya!
- Niklaus...

Which of these two vulgar parasites

would you first like to torture?

Well, it's half a dozen of one

and 6 of the other, isn't it?

Why don't you take the stable boy?

Tristan and I are long
overdue a good catch-up.

Oh, if anything happens to Camille...

Oh, I'm quite certain Lucien's aware,

devastating error.

You all heard her.

She admitted it herself.

Davina Claire is a murderer.

No. I... I was trying to stop a mutiny.

I'm sorry for what happened,
but it was my responsibility...

It's over, Davina.

You kill a witch, you lose your place

among the witches.

For what you've done,
you need to be shunned.

When Aurora wakes, you will convince her

to return my sister.

Oh, would that it were so simple.

Aurora has made it clear she means

to control her own fate.

I presume that includes keeping

her own counsel, as well.

I think she might be more amenable

if she's forced to watch as
I tear you limb from limb.

You could torture me, but even if my sister

decided to return yours as a result,

Rebekah's homecoming would be marred

by The Strix, who would descend

upon the city like a plague of locusts,

killing whomever stood in their way.

Violence is unavoidable, then.

Well, I tried.

Think, Niklaus.

All these threats,

this needless escalation of violence,

we play into the worst possible outcome

of this prophecy.

There's a better solution.

What might that be?

We cannot prevent fate,

but we can take control of it.

Keep your siblings alive

by helping me seal them away.

Let them fall only for the year

and leave yourself free

to stand guard over them.

If you care for them at all,

it really is your only choice.

No doubt you're angry...

Rightfully so.

For what it's worth, I was horrified

by Aurora's thoughtless actions,

but, I assure you,

Cami will be fine, provided I'm allowed

to leave here with my head intact.

Give me Camille and the medallion,

and then we may consider
the future of your head.

Elijah, I have always been consistent.

I only wanted to stop the prophecy

to thereby save myself.

And how do I know that
you're not the author

of this very prophecy?

Alexis was your little fortune teller,

and anything that may have come to pass

could be the result of your own

duplicitous, little games.

Well, you give me far too much credit

for being clever.

Instead consider the rift

between Niklaus and yourself,

made worse, thanks to Aurora.

One shall fall by family.

That does not bode well for you.

What ever differences we have

and how ever smitten my brother may be...

I am certain Niklaus will
always put family first.


Aurora drops your sister
in the bottom of the ocean,

yet Klaus does not seem
particularly inclined

to make her suffer for it.

I wonder why.


Took you long enough.

Oh, are we to play a fun game?

Actually, yes, and now that my spell

has made it so that no one
can hear what happens...

We're gonna have a lot of fun.


the mother of Niklaus' child.

Ooh, I was really hoping
I'd get to meet you.

Feeling's not mutual.

Oh, ok, so then what,

pray tell, are we doing here?

You're gonna tell us where to find Rebekah,

or we're going to kill you.

Oh. Hmm.

"By order of the law set forth

"by the ancestors, in accordance

"to the decree of the nine covens,

"Davina Claire, you are henceforth banished

"from this community.

"Your title is revoked, as is your link

"to those that have come before.

"You will no longer have contact

"with the ancestors.

"To the New Orleans witches, it will be

as though you were never born."

- Traitor! Traitor!
- Murderer!

I'm sorry, Davina.

It's time.

- Uh!
- I'm gonna ask you again...

where is Rebekah?

You're quite strong for an infant.

Ah! Uh...


- Uh! Ah!
- Uh!

Uh! Ah!

- Agh!
- Oh!

Rrgh! Ha!

Ah! Uh! Huh!

Whoo! Ha ha ha!

That actually hurt. Ha ha!

Oh, I haven't felt pain since the 1700s...

kind of tickles...

and for that, I'm gonna make you suffer.

Huh! Agh!

How about a werewolf bite,
you psychotic, little bitch?

By all means if only I can laugh

in your face when Nik heals me.

Uh! Ah!

Maybe Klaus would heal you,

but I doubt he would heal your brother.

Why don't you bite him instead?


No one should dare harm my brother...

Seeing as you're all going to need him

if you want your precious Rebekah back.

It's quite the conundrum, isn't it?

If I kill you, Aurora will be furious,

and she's my sister's keeper.

Not to mention the object
of your depraved desires,

yet, despite all your time together,

you hold no influence over her.

I do, and once Elijah's safety is assured

and, thus, mine, as
well, I'll convince Aurora

to turn Rebekah over to us.

And were I to dagger Elijah,

were I to lock my brother in a box,

that would fulfill 2/3 of the prophecy,

leaving only little, old me.

Perhaps you think I'd be an easier target

if I were alone.

That's not the first time
you'd have let siblings

slumber while you toil
on, and in a year's time

when the prophecy has passed and each

of our fates secure, you may wake them

at your own leisure if you so choose.

That's very bold of you to suggest

I betray my own blood.

Perhaps I should kill you right now.

Well, there is one thing

I know which you do not

with regard to your beloved sister.

You see, while I did ensure that Rebekah

was dropped in the ocean,

I don't know precisely where.

I had some old friends do it for me,

and then I killed them.

Aurora has procured the exact location

of Rebekah's watery grave
in two sealed envelopes.

Hers contained the latitude.

And Tristan got the longitude.

Thus, each of us has one half

of the coordinates you
need to find your sister...

"X" marks the spot.

Assuming, of course,
you keep us both alive.

So tell me, girls...

Who has the advantage now?

Longitude and latitude. Lovely.

Well, despite our differences,

I believe great strides

- were made today.
- Hmm.

Tristan, I can't murder
you this very moment,

but I could just as
easily tear those eyeballs

from your skull and
feed them to your sister.


these are our guests.

Nik, it's so sweet of you to defend us.

You know,

I doubted my brother's
wisdom in bringing us

all together today, but he was right.

We must confront the
harsh realities we all face

and make difficult choices...

To ensure our collective survival...

And I have every
confidence that my choice...

Will be the right one.

Were you anyone else, the servants would

already be mopping your
blood from the floor.

If you do not bring my sister home,

Tristan will die slowly
and in tremendous pain.

You betray me after all
your promises of love.

I meant to keep those promises!

It was you who shattered them

when you took Rebekah!

Now I have your brother,

a sibling for a sibling.

I want Rebekah back.

You will regret this.


After everything today,
you just let her go?

Aurora should be easy enough to control.

We have Tristan now.


You will take me to Camille,

and you will surrender the medallion,

or you will meet an end so cruel,

the devil will weep.

Thought I told you to sit still.

No. You told me to drink,

so I drank, and now I'm cleaning up.

How much do you know about Klaus Mikaelson?

Because the chances of Lucien coming back

are, um, kind of slim.

You better hope you're wrong,

or you might not make it through the night.

Oh, I don't think you want to hurt me.

See, Klaus is the most ruthless vampire

in all of history, and guess what.

He kind of likes me, so maybe you

should be the one worrying about

whether or not you make
it through the night.

You're a bad drunk.



I think I'm a pretty good drunk.


I'm gonna kill you.


Not while the sun's still out.

You must be Cami.


Rrgh! Raagh! Where is she?

I told you. She took my
daylight ring and ran.


This is your fault.

Well, to be fair, if Cami had done

as she was told, she'd still be here,

so technically, it's her fault.

Ah, ah. Now, you may hate me

for involving your pretty friend,

but I needed your full attention.

You certainly don't listen to me,

despite my nonstop efforts

to keep you alive.

If that really is the weapon

that can lock me away for eternity,

why hand it over?

Proof of my loyalty.

Yes. I sided with Tristan,

but it's quite clear his devotion to Aurora

outweighs even the value he places

on his own life.

Take it. It's yours.

Can you help her?

If she lets me.

I'm not holding my breath.
She's been through a lot.

She's alive. That's what counts.


We'll keep telling
ourselves that, won't we?



It's Cami. Leave a message.

I need...

I need to know you're safe.

Call me back, please.

Jack, I am so sorry.

I thought I would be back in time.

Is Hope still up?

Hope's asleep.

She cried a little bit
and finally went down.

The family needed my help.

I asked you for one thing today...

just leave it be.

Don't make it a fight. That's all I wanted.

And I wanted to give that to you, but...

but nothing. I should know this by now.

No matter what Klaus does
to you, to me, to the pack,

whenever the Mikaelsons come calling,

you will always be there to answer.

Where are you going?

Out to the bayou.

I figured I'd spend
the rest of this holiday

with my family.


Have you found Camille?

Not yet, but I will.

Niklaus, do you think it was wise,

allowing Aurora to go free?

With her brother
captured, she has no choice

but to bring our sister home.

Do you love her?

My affections are not the point.

What matters now is that we have

this maddening prophecy under control.