The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 6 - Beautiful Mistake - full transcript

When Elijah and Freya realize that Rebekah may be the target of The Strix's latest plan, they do whatever it takes to protect her. Klaus spends time with Aurora to figure out where her loyalties lie, while a dangerous run-in with a member of The Strix leads Hayley and Marcel to make an unsettling discovery.

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Freya: If this prophecy
is fulfilled,

You will all fall--

One by friend,
one by foe,

And one by family.

I suspect niklaus
is with your sister.

Wherever you go,
aurora follows.

I knew you
would find me.

Hello, my sweet love

I'm here for the same
reason lucien and tristan are,

To protect my sire.

I need to know--

Where in the hell
is rebekah?

Rebekah: I will use
the advantages
this body has

While i search for a way
to bring back kol,

And then who knows?

Marcel: My guys stayed
on tristan's trail,

Followed him
to a secret storehouse,

And you'll never guess
who just bought

That storehouse.

One lucien castle.

They've been working
together the whole time.

In the wrong hands,
this stuff could
destroy the city.

Property of nola pd.
Evidence in
a murder case.

From the forensics
from tonight's
crime scene,

Only prints
on the victim
are yours

Cami o'connell,
you're under arrest.

Aurora: In the moments
before you asked me

To flee with you,
i saw your brother.

He's lied to us all.

And yet i love him.

You must only see him
as the wretched monster

That he truly is.

What you did
to aurora, to me.

You set my course!

You want a fight,
so be it.

What are you doing
over there?

Come closer.

I think it's best
you remain

Out of arm's reach.


So i take it you've
heard about the busy day

Everyone's had.

Let me take away
that scowl.

I'll tell you
everything i know.

[church bells ringing]

I told you this was
better than exchanging

Stuffy, old letters.

Well, a drink
with my sister beats

Sire line drama any day.

Lucien's always been
a pain in the ass,

Though he pails
compared to that
stuck-up twit tristan.

Oh, and don't forget
about the strix.

There's more of them
in the quarter every day.

I may yet join you
here in the flesh.

Well, i would love
the company,

But i might not be
here much longer.

I have a meeting
with a santeria witch

Who may know the key
to bringing back kol.

We may unite the family
after all.

Now tell me, how are
you managing with them?

Oh, niklaus and elijah
are on intermittent
speaking terms,

Which i've decided
to consider progress.

Just wait, luv.
The weather will change.

Now i am off
to a witch rendezvous.

Stay safe.

Here's to family,

Every bloody one of us.

A warning, sir.
If you're looking
for trouble,

You might want
to think twice.

That's the problem
with a witch's body.

You can't put up
much of a fight

When the real monsters
come out.




May i ask what happened?

We had a little chat
about the past.

I politely informed
niklaus that i'm
not his enemy,

And though they
entered the city

Under the guise
of peace,

Tristan and lucien
in truth

Are allied
against us,

A fact that required
a little bit

Of gentle

And so i reminded
our brother

Who angered them
in the first place.

And after all of this
civil discourse,

What understanding
did you come to?

That we expose
and destroy
our first sired.

Couldn't agree
with you more.

You see, gentlemen
know when it's time

To call a truce
and turn our fury

In a more pertinent

Will: Come on.
For someone always
giving me an earful,

That was
a very quite ride.

What do you want me
to say, detective?

Well done! The streets
of new orleans are safe.

What i'd love to hear
is a confession.

It would make
my job easier.

I am not a serial killer,
and while you're

Wasting time with me,
the real murderer
is still out there.

Well, if i'm missing
something, show me.

Prove to me
you're the victim,

And i will protect you.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

A cold-blooded killer?

Camille, what a shocking
turn of the cards!


You should rest.

We've got a big day
ahead of us.

There we are.

Hey, davina.
It's me.

I, um--i'm running
a little late.

I should be there soon.

On second thought,
i'll be a little longer.


You're not very good
at tailing, are you?

My talents lie






Ah, yes.

Drinking with rebekah.

Always an adventure.


You seem more annoyed
than usual.

It's aurora.

Her influence
frightens me,

And yet our
deluded brother

Seems to believe
that she might
be the key

To ending this
wretched prophecy.

If she's aligned
with her brother,

What chance
does nik have?

None. Still, niklaus
believes that she
can be swayed,

Although his perspective
of family loyalty

Is schizophrenic
at best.

Well, i don't get
why lucien and tristan

Are working together.

Aren't their sire lines
direct enemies?

Well, a mutual lack
of goodwill

Toward our family
might not be
entirely unjustified.

Hatred's a hell
of a thing, freya.

Why? All you did
was sire them.

They don't seem to be


What exactly
did you do?

I compelled lucien
to believe that
he was niklaus,

Aurora to believe
that she was rebekah,

And tristan myself--

After i'd sired him
of course.

This had been a period
of mayhem for us.

It was the 11th century,

Father was hunting us

So i compelled them,

And then i told them
to run.

You made them bait.

Not the kindest thing
i ever did,

If i'm perfectly frank
with you, freya.

So while we found respite
in the sleepy, yet charming
vineyards of tuscany,

Father hunted the decoy
mikaelson children

To the far reaches
of europe for the better
part of a century.

Then we were
inconveniently daggered.

The compulsion was broken,
here we are.

How's the head?

I don't think
it's the hangover.

Freya, something you must
understand about this family.

Under threat,
we take action,

For better or worse,

Whatever it takes
to protect our own.

So you're telling me
their days are numbered.

If indeed they're
working against us, yes,

Without question.

Perhaps a little hair
of the dog

Might be more effective,
wouldn't you say?

What is it?

Something's wrong.

We need to call
rebekah now.

[jazz playing]

What a lovely

That emerald would
really flatter my eyes,
don't you think?

I think my necklace
would flatter your eyes.

Thank you.
You shouldn't have.

Will you be
taking candy

From a toddler next?

If i should happen
to be in the mood

For something sweet.

Come with me.

And don't worry.

I promise
i won't bite.

Aurora: So am i to receive
a stern talking to

For my poor behavior?

On the contrary.

I've cleared my calendar
for the day.

I want to show you
my city.

Is this your attempt
to discern whose
side i'm on.

I'd love to know
whose side you're on,

But it would be rude
of me to ask

Such blunt discourse
from so beautiful
a woman

Without first buying
her lunch.

Wouldn't you agree?

Well, it does seem like
most men have lost
their manners these days.

That shall be lovely.



Lucien: I took the liberty
of removing your handcuffs--

Unless you're the type
that likes to be restrained.

Please take it.

Consider it an apology
for the rough start
to our day.

I see no reason
we cannot begin anew.

I only drink
with friends,

And, unless this
isn't abundantly clear,

I don't like you.

Fair enough.

Later on, i hope
you'll remember

This all could have gone
so much easier.

Detective kinney,
come on in

And start cutting up
the mirepoix.

You compelled him?

What the hell
is going on?

Why don't you focus
on the cutting?

We don't want you
to lose any fingers
while we talk.

Did you know that
will's mother's side

Is full of chefs?

He's going to make us
his grandmother's

Grillades and grits

I took the liberty
of texting your nosey friend

Vincent on your behalf.

After leaving police care
without incident,

He believes you have
a date

With "the real housewives"
at home in your pjs.

What the hell kind
of point are you
trying to make?

Detective, do me a favor.

Throw your blade
at her pretty face.


Now that i have
your attention,

My point is simple.

I'm looking for
a particular dark object,

A small bronze medallion
with runic markings.

Since you're on vervain,
i'm going to ask nicely

That you help me
find it.

Should you refuse,

The parlor tricks
will get increasingly
less fun.

Carry on.

There's a girl.

She's still not answering.

Touve mon se kavo.

Touve mon
se kavo.

There's nothing
to connect to.

She's gone.

What do you mean
she's gone?

I can't find her,
which means her witch body,

Her connection to magic,
it's as if it just vanished.


Bloody hell.

Not only did you slit
my throat,

You stole my bloody phone.


Hello, rebekah.

Aya, of course.

Elijah's little protege.

Let me guess.
You were tasked

With finding
my original body,

You couldn't do your job,

So you did this
to my other one
to lure me out.

Clever but ill-advised.

You see, i needed
that body,

And now you owe me
a hell of a lot more
than an apology.

I don't owe you

I'm here to claim
the unattended

I only had chains
enough for one
of you.


Is that all you brought?

I met your
special friend--
marcel gerard.

It's been amusing
getting to know him.

Maybe i'll send him
one of your heads
as a souvenir.

Enough with
the idle chit-chat.

Are you gonna throw
the first punch or what?

Respect my elders.

You first.

Mmm. I find
the cajun cuisine

Almost as delicious
as their people.

Well done, william.

Not like i had
a choice.


The moment i do,
i'm gonna use this knife,

I'm gonna stab you
in the heart.

You couldn't
if you tried.

been compelled

To do everything
he says.

It's like hypnosis.

Vampires use it
against humans to
do their bidding.

We're using
the "v" word now?

Great. Might as well
embrace the insanity.

What else you gonna
force us to do?

Well, camille here
consumes vervain,

So i can't force her
to do anything,

But in exchange
for preventing
future bloodshed,

I'd ask that you find me
that pretty, little medallion.

Like i've told you,
i have cataloged

What you're looking
for is not here.

It's there.
Just hidden,

Built into something else.

-Find it!
-And then what?

Some shiny ornament
helps you get your
revenge on klaus?

Don't tell me this
is all because he
stole your girl.

He did a lot more than
steal my girl, camille.

He stole 100 years
of my life.

Now that gives me
a thought.

Loss is a great motivator.

Slice open your
arcuate artery.




That's a nasty wound.

He'll bleed out
if that's not treated.

Ticktock, camille.


That was delicious.

I aim to please.

No. Darling, you aim

To suck me dry
of information,

But you fed me well,
so i suppose i owe
you a favor.

What would you
like to know?

Well, it's
quite simple really.

I find being
in your company again

Wonderfully intoxicating.

So my question is

Do you feel the same?

Nik, i am not
your enemy,
nor rebekah's.

After all,
she's my sire,

But i do hate

Given what he's
done to me
and to you.

So you choose
to ally with the brother

Who locked you
in a prison

And the stable boy
who, until now,

Was always so far
beneath you?

You know,
the 3 of us spent

100 years working

And running together,

Believing we were
the mikaelsons,

And you knew
your father.

It was no easy task
to avoid him,

And yet we survived,

And when
the compulsion ended,

It was as if someone
had peeled off our skin.

We lost everything
of who we were

And what we'd become
in a single moment,

And even though
we now knew

We were little more
than an elaborate
red herring,

Mikael was still
after us,

So tristan swore
he wouldn't rest

Until we made you pay.

So the 3 of us swore
a pact of vengeance.

For centuries,
we scoured the world

Looking for weapons
that would kill
the lot of you,

But lucien and tristan
never quite got over

Their hatred
of one another.

Seems a little

If my family dies,
so do all of you.

Well, that's
the beautiful
mystery, isn't it?

I--i think
i'd like dessert.

Perhaps you can take
me for a walk,

Show me what it is
you like about this
strange, little city.

Hayley: You might remember
him from that pretentious
excuse for a party.

Shen min.
800 years old.

According to tristan,
he was a torture consultant
for genghis khan.

I don't care if he's
a gemini

Who likes long walks
on the beach, marcel.

Why was he
following me?

I don't know.

You don't know,
or you're sworn

To the code
of silence.

Hey. Easy. We're on
the same side here.

Then prove it.

Mikaelson blood
tracks mikaelson blood.

I should be able
to find her.

I don't understand.

Why bring rebekah
into this?

They want all 3 sires.

Tristan and lucien kept
us occupied here

While they hunted

She's strong.

She cannot be

The prophecy says

Sang bis najitt

Sang bis najitt trouver.

Sang bis najitt

Sang bis najitt trouver.


You're a bit out
of sorts.

Been in a coffin
for 6 months.

I'm just getting
warmed up.

Besides, i think
i'm in the lead,

Not that anyone's
keeping score.

I guess i should
be flattered.

I can't leave you
alone for 5 minutes.

Menedek qual

[necks snapping]

Not bad.

Now what?


Hasn't yet.
The hunt continues.

How you holding up?

Well, i'm gushing blood
into a bucket

Because the vampire
who kidnapped us

Doesn't want to
stain his floor,

So pretty great.

I got you
into this mess.

The least i can do
is stop the bleeding.

No. Don't beat
yourself up.

I'm tenacious.
Would have gotten
into this mess

With or without you.


I have a feeling you
shouldn't come any closer.

More tricks
from mr. Transylvania.

This is what happened
to your brother, isn't it?

Your family got mixed up
in the supernatural world.

Someone made him do
something he never
would have done.

No one should have
to go through that.

Listen. I--i have
a sister.

If i don't make it--


We're walking
out of this.

At this point,
limping out of this

Is gonna be
a challenge.

I still have

I'm the only one
who can find what
lucien needs,

So let's find it.

Why would you
bring me here?

It's so morbid.

They call these graveyards
the cities of the dead,

Elevated mausoleums
meant to honor those
who've passed on.

It's a very human attempt
to overcome fear

Of mortality
by celebrating death.

Morbid, certainly,
but pure.

Oh. Pure. Like
your intentions.

My intentions are
quite the opposite.

How about yours?


You know...

Over the long centuries,

I would dream of you,

My bright light
in an ocean of darkness,

A kindred whose despair
mirrored my own

And whose love brought
me a joy i had not felt

And have
never felt since.

But if only
it were real,

This charming stroll
through your melancholy

But i know it's really
an interrogation

Under the guise
of pleasantries.

My desire for answers
is only fair.

We are on the brink
of war,

But if you doubt
the veracity

Of my feelings
for you...

Then our tour has
one final stop.

She can't stay there.

Rebekah cannot fight
them alone.

I tried.
She's of no mood
to listen.

Perhaps you'll have
better luck.

[cell phone vibrating]

It's marcel.

Your timing's
perfectly horrendous.

Yeah? Well,
i need your help.

Hayley caught one
of tristan's guys
tailing her,

Knocked him out,
brought him
to the gym

For a little q&a.

Problem is,

It's shen min.

Marcellus, do i need
to remind you

That shen min was know
as the red sorrow
before he was a vampire?

You execute him



So what, you gonna
sleep all day?

Elijah: Before he wakes,
tear that heart
from his chest.

Sang bis najitt

Sang bis najitt trouver.

It's good to see you,

Even if you're not
flesh and blood.

It's time to
come home, rebekah.

No. I'm too close
to bringing kol back.

You're even closer
to bringing about
your own destruction.

I'm not leaving
without that spell.

Kol will have to
wait, sister.

The strix are
making their move.

What happened?

Hayley had
an encounter

With shen min.

She and marcel are
dealing with this
matter accordingly.

What the hell are you
doing here?

Go and save them
before that lunatic
gets free!

Give me your word.
Come home now.
No detours.

Fine, but my niece's mum
and that handsome fool

Better be alive
when i get back.

You make certain
she returns.

I'll see you tonight.

Hmm. About time.

Now we can get started.

Yes, we
certainly can.

There's still time.

If you talk, maybe
i'll even get you healed.

Why were you
following me?

Because we have
a use for you,

Or is it
some other reason?

You'll never know,
and it won't matter

Because when
i get free,

I'm going to break
your jaw as you
did mine

And slowly pull
your intestines out
from your body.

Hey. How about we
just calm down?

And you. The others
were so pleased

When you joined
our ranks,

But i knew
from the start
you were filth.

You've proven it by
siding against us.

For that, i will
end you,

But not before you
watch her die,

Right. Well, ok.
That's about
enough of that.

Sorry, hayley.
Your turn's over.

He's got to die.

Unh! Take him.




How poetic.

Two warriors fighting
side by side

Dying together.



Are you ok?

Oh, i'm fine.
Thank you for asking.

Marcellus, next time
i ask you to take
out the trash...

Try not to dally.

Rebekah, we have
to go.

I'll get you
on the first
flight out.

I can't give up now,

Not when the answers to
bringing out brother back

Are just a few
streets away.

You promised elijah.

And what about
my promise to kol?

I've already lost
my witch body.

I can't go home
with nothing.

Well, i suppose
arguing with you

Would be a waste
of already
precious time.

See? You're fitting
into this family
like a glove.

So is this
your family home?

Please forgive
the detritus.

My brother and i had
a slight disagreement

Over you,
as a matter of fact.

Oh! A duel
in my honor.
How chivalrous,

But i'm afraid if this
is what you wish
to show me, it's--

If you want to know
what's been in my heart

For the past
few centuries,

Come with me.

Life is like a city,
built in layers.

No matter what new
experiences come along,

The foundation remains.


What is this?

200 yeas ago,
it was my art studio.

It became a tomb
for my memory of you.

I thought if i painted
what haunted me

I could free myself
of you forever.

In all my years,

I have never been
more wrong about anything.

Between blood loss
and that bite,

I'm not sure you have
enough time to get answers.

Then let's make
the most of it.

I have questions.

I want answers.

Why were you
following hayley?

I was ordered to
remove her from
the playing field.

She is an obstacle
to the thing
we truly want.

Which is what?

Davina claire.

What do you want
with davina claire?

Tristan needs her
to activate a weapon

To use
against your family.

What weapon?

Forgive me. I'm having
a little difficulty
hearing you right now.





[daylight ring clatters]

Have you found it yet?

Because as far
as deadlines go,

Well, yours seems
almost dead.

You've made your point.

You win, humans lose.
Now let him go.

So you have
found it?

Maybe. I'll only show you
if you heal him now.

Show me first.

Heal him.

It's ok.

You can drink it.
It will heal you.

I've checked
everywhere else.

This is the only place
it could be.


Ohh! Ohh!

I can see why nik
is so fond of you.

You do have spirit,

But your heart
skipped a beat

Just before i healed
your friend.

I think you know exactly
where my medallion is,
you crafty girl.

Knife to your throat, mate.

No. Don't do this,

Are you trying to appeal
to my merciful side?

I hate to tell you,

I don't have one.

Don't give him
a damn thing!

Oh, enough!

Go on. Slit your--


Take it.
Just take it.

It's in here.

Heh. Had it all along.
How about that?

Turns out we make
quite a team.

[moroccan music playing]

There it is.
This has got to be it.

Freya: If you were told
to meet this witch here,

Where is she?

Doesn't matter to me
as long as i get
what i need.

This is it.
This is the spell.

It makes perfect sense.
Now all we need

Is kol's ashes
and the blood
of two siblings.

Rebekah, we need
to go now.

[door opens]

Took you long enough.

Mithil rata dans hofos.

Mithil rata
dans hofos.

Mithil rata dans hofos.

What the hell
is going on?

A fitting end
to a spoiled bitch.


Clearly you didn't get
the hint earlier.

You can't beat me!

Maybe not,
but she can.

Lem duree mohana.


Gratuit fra loke!

[voices whispering]

Aya: Your magic
has no power here.

Only our witch
can cast spells.

How tragic, that
you and your sister

Must say your
farewells like this.

I can't decide.

Should i make
you watch

As she screams
for mercy

Or leave you

Just how badly she

If you hurt her,
i will rip
your l--unh!

You lured me all this way,

And the whole time,
it was a lie.

Not at all.

The spell is very real.

I wanted to enjoy
the look on your face

When i took it
from you.

Not to worry, luv.
This won't kill you.

It's just meant to put
you to sleep

For a very, very
long time.

And when i wake up,
you will be

The first person
that i kill.

I won't hold my breath,

But you're more than
welcome to try.


Now time to get you
back to new orleans.

He cooks,
and he cleans!

He's a real keeper,
this one.

Aw. Sadly, it was
not meant to be.

Now you will go and tell
your superiors

You arrested
the wrong suspect.

You can compel me
all you want.

I will find you.

No, you won't.

Instead, you'll keep up
this wretched failure
that is your life.

You'll continue with this
pitiful investigation,

Never quite connecting
the dots

Or making any progress

After a time, you'll
grow to hate yourself

For your mediocre talent,

All the while knowing
there are things lurking
in the shadows,

And in the face of these,

You are nothing.

Don't do this.

Oh, don't look
so chagrined.

Eh, once the vervain's
out your system,

I'll compel you
to forget, as well,

But like him,
i will leave you
with one lesson.

Against vampires,

Humans always lose.

[perfume genius'
"i decline" playing]

♪ i can see for miles ♪


♪ the same old line ♪


There was a time
when all i wanted was
to find my family.

It consumed me,

And then once i did,
as crazy as it is,

All i wanted was a home,

And new orleans
is that home...

And the strix are
trying to take
that, aren't they?

No. We won't
let them.


Might be harder
than you think.

Where is rebekah?

We need to call klaus.

Perfume genius:
♪ that's all right ♪

♪ i decline ♪

What are you doing
over there?

Come closer.

I think it's best
you remain out
of arm's reach.


So i take it you've heard
about the busy day

Everyone's had.

Let me take away
that scowl.

I'll tell you
everything i know.

I suggest you
speak quickly.

There is a weapon
in play,

A dangerous,
cursed device

Called the serratura.

It is capable of producing
an unbreakable boundary.

My brother and lucien
want to use it

To lock you and your
siblings away forever

So that no one
may harm you,

But to do so,
they need all 3
of you in one place.

Which is why they
sent a legion of strix
to collect my sister.

But not to worry,
my love.

I took measures to ensure
that rebekah isn't held

By those nasty strix
for long.

What measures?

While they did acquire
rebekah's body,

I wasn't about to let
them keep it,

So i enacted a plan
of my own.

Unbeknownst to my brother,
two of the men sent

To retrieve her
were from my sire line,

Loyal to me...

And on my behalf,

They procured
your sister's body.

So don't worry, my love.

Rebekah is perfectly safe.

You have my word.


Come back to bed.