The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 2 - You Hung the Moon - full transcript

After discovering that poachers have begun taking out werewolves in the bayou, Elijah and Jackson grow concerned for Hayley's safety when she fails to show up during the full moon. Meanwhile, Davina, the only one with the answer to Hayley's whereabouts, plots ways to use that to her advantage. Elsewhere, Cami approaches Klaus with her theory on who is behind the series of murders in the French Quarter, while Lucien delivers to Elijah an unsettling warning about the war brewing among the sire lines. Finally, after receiving a dire prophecy about the future of the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus takes extreme measures to determine the validity of this potential impending threat.

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Previously on "the originals"...
She is exquisite.
As her brother is wicked.
The lord tristan and his sister the lady aurora.
Cami: Right now, people like me are out there getting killed
By people like you,
Conveniently timed with the arrival of your old acquaintance.
-What happened? -I was attacked.
Kara, do not walk away from me.
I'm regent. They should respect me.
The target on your back, it comes with the job.
You got to respond with a show of force.
What are you doing to us?
Klaus: Because of the crescent curse,
Now you will be trapped in wolf form.
Man: You're trespassing.
This whole area is now property
Of kingmaker land development.
My team and I are animal control.
Elijah: Hayley!
Jackson: Where is she?
Where the hell is hayley?
[hayley screaming]
Davina, let me out of here right now,
Or I swear I will kill you.
You can try,
Or we could have a polite conversation.
You magically kidnapped me
On the one night that I can see my daughter.
Do not talk to me about polite.
I drew you here to help you.
Elijah asked you months ago to break the curse,
And you said no.
The regent of witches can't be seen doing
Favors for the mikaelsons,
But maybe we can help each other.
Look. I have access to the witch ancestors.
I can channel the power of the one who created
The spell used to curse you.
You can be free, hayley.
Under your terms, I'm guessing.
There's a witch in the ninth ward
Who hates that I'm regent.
She tried to kill me.
If I retaliate, I'm starting a civil war,
And I don't want to do that.
Just tell me who you want dead.
Ergh! Unh.
Take my blood.
I'm good.
We need to find hayley.
There's still no sign of her.
I've seen the bodies.
Hunters set up traps all over the bayou
And mowed us all down with gunfire.
Any wolf that wasn't taken out scattered.
Elijah, how many bodies?
A trap wouldn't hold hayley after she turned back.
Nothing would stop her from seeing that little girl.
Something's wrong.
Where are you going?
I'm taking my niece home.
Then I'll continue the search.
You stay here, you tend to your dead.
No, no. Look. I got 5 hours
Until I'm a wolf again.
Elijah, she's my wife.
[dance music playing]
Need a break from family drama?
Thank you.
You see, I've been trying to get my brothers
To mend fences, but elijah remains bitter,
And klaus remains obstinate,
Thus tequila!
Thing is, it's almost midnight.
Well, I'm not wearing glass slippers.
Do you have to turn the best club in town
Into your personal blood bank?
We feed on tourists, compel them to forget,
Locals turn a blind eye.
That's how nola works,
Has been for a long time,
So unless you want to become an appetizer...
-I'll pass. -Good.
This one's coming with me.
[music playing]
Woman: ¶ I'm gonna lose my faith ¶
¶ I'm gonna burn it out ¶
¶ I'm talking to myself ¶
¶ the walls are coming down ¶
¶ and every breath that I take ¶
¶ feels like the last, and I'm tired ¶
¶ every time it's a shot in the dark ¶
¶ and I don't know why ¶
¶ I'm feeling brave tonight ¶
¶ I never won, I don't know why... ¶
Lucien: Listen to the advice of your superiors,
Then do better.
Study the weaknesses of those who outrank you
And eliminate them from your own experience.
Authority is meant to be challenged.
Great achievers refuse to stand in shadows.
¶ I kept it to myself ¶
¶ I learned to turn it down ¶
¶ and I've been living with the memory... ¶
I need you to delete that.
Freedom of the press, officer.
It's detective. How about a little decency?
That kid's got a family.
I'm not instagramming it. I'm with the "sentinel."
Would you care to comment on all the rumors--
Behind the tape, please.
[sirens, radio chatter]
¶ I never won, I don't know why ¶
¶ I never won, I don't know why ¶
¶ whoa ¶
I thought I smelled swamp.
What'd you do with hayley?
Tell me what you know.
Has jackson misplaced his bride?
Come to think about it, I did read
That global warming has disrupted migration patterns.
Try georgia.
I just left the bodies of people
I care about to rot in the woods
Because you left them defenseless against poachers
Sent by kingmaker land development.
That ring a bell?
Yeah. The ceo is lucien castle.
Elijah tells me that you two go way back.
So I will ask you once again--
What do you know?
As it happens, I just came back.
From a romp with our good friend lucien.
You can find him in the penthouse
Of the gawdy new construction on canal,
And while you two are catching up,
Be sure to ask him about the prophetic vision
He showed me of our family's spectacular downfall.
You could use a good laugh.
Stay here.
Niklaus and I will deal with this.
Actually, as long as hayley is prowling about
On two legs and unaccounted for,
I am staying with my daughter,
And should I discover that this is yet
Another cockeyed scheme
For hayley and you to abscond with her...
The paltry remains of your beloved wolf pack
Will be sniffing at your entrails come morning.
This doesn't frighten you, brother,
But one day, your daughter will know
Exactly the kind of man that her father is.
If anything should happen to hayley,
You mark my words, no one will have to take hope from you.
She will without question leave you of her own accord.
You're completely cloaked.
No magic will be able to track you.
The witch's name is kara nguyen.
She runs the café chim lac
In the lower ninth ward.
She'll be there before dawn.
As long as the candle burns,
Your curse won't be active.
And when a strong wind comes along?
My magic will protect the flame.
Of course, you'll have to work with me.
-Err. -Unh!
I'm doing this for my pack.
If I turn into a wolf tonight before seeing my daughter,
I will come for you, davina,
And I will tear you apart.
When the sun comes up tomorrow and you're still you,
You'll owe me an apology.
You have two hours.
Get it done.
Klaus: Freya, I'm aware that 21st century technology remains a mystery to you,
But when you see my name pop up on your phone,
You answer it.
Come home immediately.
Mere hours after you lecture me about boundaries,
And here you are at my house
In the middle of the night.
I came through the front door.
You appeared through the window like a creeper.
Besides, this is a matter of life and death.
Oh, how novel.
Call it a hunch, but I think your friend lucien
Is torturing and killing humans in the quarter.
There have been two victims so far,
But I've constructed a psychological profile
Of the killer, and I don't think it's going to end there.
Lucien would never be so sloppy.
Although I admit there is a familiar method
To this particular madness.
You want to prove to me you're turning over a new leaf?
Make sure this latest victim is the last one.
Heh. Are you suggesting I prove my redeemability
By killing my oldest friend?
Such irony.
Look. Nola pd can't take down
A thousand-year-old psycho with vampire powers,
But you can.
You're the smartest and the strongest
And the scariest, so make him stop.
[biting sounds]
[doorbell rings]
Elijah, what a glorious pleasure.
I do apologize for the hour.
Eh, it's no matter.
I've long been nostalgic for the days
When vampires conducted business in the dark.
It's a boundary spell.
No vampire from another sire line can enter
Without an invitation--
Ahem--given the circumstances, you know.
Lucien, I didn't come here to chinwag.
Your little corporation has been butchering wolves
In the bayou lafourche.
It's population control.
There's viable land out there,
Viable, that is, once the sudden influx
Of mangy wildlife has been eliminated.
I take it you are alluding to the crescent pack.
Hayley kenner, one of the alphas, is missing.
The, uh, hybrid nik knocked up?
Heh. Surprised by your concern, elijah.
When your family left her to prowl the woods all these months,
I just figured the tramp was persona non grata, fair game.
Aah! Aah!
Now he asked you what your hunters did to my wife.
Answers now.
I'll have them inspect the road kill in the morning.
Jackson, your time is short.
You go to the compound, fetch the chains from the carriage room.
My darling lucien, I'm quite happy
To stand here and watch you die,
Or you can invite me in.
The choice is yours.
[indistinct chatter]
Aah! Ohh!
Hey. Hey. It's just me.
Maybe not the best time to be sneaking up on people.
Oh, sorry. It's been a long night.
I saw you walking in.
Thought you might not mind pouring me a drink.
You'll find bourbon on basically every horizontal surface.
Or we could skip to the fun part.
Freya! It is about time you brought a gentleman home
To meet the family.
I'm freya's brother, and you are?
No. Don't tell me. Let me guess--
Brad, chad, brody? Let's go with brody.
What are your intentions for my sister?
Shall we discuss a dowry?
Bro, what the--
Leave now.
Well, he was drunk.
No one will believe his story.
Not 3 months ago, you utterly despised me.
Now you're playing protective brother.
I'm sure you're quite capable of protecting yourself
From the scourge of fraternity row.
I need you to perform a locator spell.
Hayley's missing.
You're worried about her.
I prefer to know the whereabouts of my enemies.
Besides, hayley has a history of taking what's mine.
No. You're afraid she's truly lost.
I'll need the best connection to hayley.
You'll have to wake hope.
So any progress on the killer's profile?
I know vincent said that I could help,
But you should probably consult someone
With a little more experience.
Yeah. True.
I've seen you around town before
With klaus mikaelson,
A mysterious philanthropist/artist
With no past on record.
Is he a friend or a patient?
You know, I think we should call it.
I'm not allowed to discuss my clients.
I know who you are.
My brother murdered a church full
Of seminary students, so my name must be
Familiar to the local pd.
It is.
But after vincent brought you around, I did further research.
For example, your uncle kieran's death last year,
That autopsy report was just full of plot holes.
He had a heart attack.
Perfectly rational explanation.
There's always a perfectly rational explanation.
Your family has a whole century of strange deaths,
Unexplainable behavior,
Grave robberies, beheadings,
Missing persons,
Police reports with entire sections blacked out.
Whenever there's a problem in the quarter,
There's an o'connell either causing it
Or cleaning it up.
Are you accusing me of something?
I just think your whole good catholic family thing is a cover.
I just haven't figured out what you're covering yet,
But I will.
[whispering chant]
[whispering chant]
I can't find her.
It's like she doesn't exist,
Or sh--
Or she's dead.
Jackson: No, no.
No. You have to find her.
No. No. Please.
Please. You need to listen to me. Please.
[bones crack]
Oh! Ohh!
Oh, klaus, the chains.
Please. I know you don't want to help me,
But hayley can be used against klaus.
She's the only one that he truly fears.
[bones crack]
Ohh! Freya, please!
Please do the spell again!
I can't go a month with--agh! Unh!
Davina: Please, please.
I need you to listen to me.
It stopped.
Aah! Aah!
[neck snaps]
My contacts will get back to me
If they have any information about a wolf
Matching your description.
You're going to need niklaus' blood for that wound.
Just fyi.
I'm sure he'll respond favorably
Once the mother of his child has been...
Oh, feel free to have a drink.
She's not dead, just mouthy.
I compelled her quiet.
You can spare me the counterfeit camaraderie.
So you say that you're in conflict
With those of my sire line.
Am I to assume that the lord tristan du martel
Is up to his usual tricks?
This is no quarrel, elijah.
We are on the brink of war.
Tristan knows that if he kills klaus
He will eliminate all his enemies.
And so wait. By this logic,
Am I to assume that I am your ultimate target?
If I kill you, then I trade all of the money,
The women, the jets
All for an eternity on the run
From nik and rebekah.
Leave this city.
No one needs your protection.
The white oak was destroyed.
We cannot be killed.
You're wrong.
Talk to nik.
He's seen the prophecies.
Visions of darkness surround your family.
You are not immune to death, elijah,
And you don't seem particularly fazed.
Well, I'm no stranger to death, young lucien.
Or third-rate prophecies, for that matter,
Or perhaps your immortality has finally soured you.
After all, you've abandoned your eternal effort
To save nik's soul.
What's left for the legendary elijah miakelson
Without that single motivation?
We got a problem.
Marcel: 11 bodies, a lot of pissed off loved ones.
They thought it was a vampire thing,
But all my guys were accounted for
At the abattoir last night.
Where's my mom?
Where is she?
Oh, no! No, no!
I taught you better than to leave your leftovers
In the streets,
My streets.
You'll have to elaborate, mate.
Two bodies were found sporting rather memorable lacerations.
Are you exorcising your demons
By carving up the innocents of new orleans.
Ha ha! Your family's full of unfounded accusations today,
And if I was the culprit, why would you care?
We used to make fantastic messes together.
There is a delicate balance in this city.
There are rules.
Ahh. And people you care about.
You can't afford weaknesses like that right now.
Speaking of weaknesses, there is a wolf
Chained to my wall who claims he took a chunk out of your arm.
Come see me. I'll give you my blood
In exchange for your word that these killings will stop.
I'm afraid your family dog missed the mark friend.
Barely a scratch. No venom reached the skin.
You listen carefully, friend.
My city has enjoyed months of relative peace.
If that peace is any way disrupted,
The next gruesome murder will be yours.
Heh. Now there's the klaus I know.
Can I get you some water
Or something?
Let me out.
It's dawn. I haven't turned back yet.
It doesn't make any sense.
I need to find hayley.
I can feel the curse in your blood.
Something's restraining it,
But you could transition at any moment.
Where the hell is that bastard?
Versailles witches, this is an unbearable tragedy.
In the wake of such sorrow, please allow me
To bring you under the protection of the ancestors.
Whoever did this was strong
And, for all we know, might return.
If you follow my rules,
I promise to keep you safe.
Nothing like this will ever happen to you.
Not again.
Hayley, what happened?
Klaus: Hayley.
Come to apologize for all your transgressions?
Do you have any idea what you have taken from me?
The very thing you sought to take from me--
The chance to raise our daughter.
Your punishment fits your crime.
Your family was ruining her life.
My family saved her life
While you were off playing hide-and-seek
In the forest!
Aah! God.
Let me go. He'll kill her!
He'll kill you!
There's a very short list of people
Who've tried to take hope away from me,
And you're the only one left breathing.
Are you that delusional, klaus?
You cursed all of us, every wolf that I fought for,
Everyone that stood up for our daughter.
You took all of them away from their families.
Yes, yes. Your precious pack,
That family you chose over us,
And in doing so, you chose over hope.
Is that what you were planning on telling her
When she got older and asked for me,
That I abandoned her?
My parents left me! Yours turned their backs on you!
Look at us now, klaus! Aah!
She deserves something better than what we had,
And all I have ever wanted for her is something better!
Fight back! Fight back!
She's walking.
When did she start walking?
I missed it.
I missed everything.
[hope crying]
Hayley. What happened? Is the curse broken?
I'll explain later. We're safe for now.
Klaus: Good for you.
I'll have your bedroom made up.
The only way that I will stay under your roof
Is if I'm in a coffin.
If you think I will allow hope out
Of my protection for a second--
What you'll allow doesn't matter, klaus.
Welcome to a 21st century custody battle.
Moms win them now.
Elijah: If I may.
The apartments across the street
Have recently been renovated.
I might pay a visit to the management.
The fact that hope will never be out of earshot
Should assuage your incessant paranoia.
So we are to listen as my daughter
Is raised by savages?
Because everyone here is so damn civilized?
Brother, you created the problem.
This might well be the solution.
Put the place in jackson's name.
Klaus won't be invited in.
You're gonna need to take care
Of those bodies discreetly.
I know. Keep everything covered up,
Keep it out of the papers.
Tell me you didn't do this.
You're the one who told me I had to use a sign of force.
Against the one who went after you.
I did not suggest a massacre.
Are you really gonna lecture me about dead witches?
This is new orleans!
We're always at war, and collateral damage happens.
I learned that from you.
Guess who I learned it from.
You're not gonna get the better of klaus by becoming him.
All right? You need a break.
Get out, live a little, have some fun.
Vincent should have never gotten you into this.
You're too young to have that kind of blood on your hands.
I'm a french quarter witch.
I was born with blood on my hands!
And you're not supposed to be in the cemetery, marcel.
[knocks on door]
Are you ok?
I'm fine. Come in.
Jackson's gathering the pack to tell them
To go back to their families,
What's left of them.
You should be quite comfortable.
Thank you for this.
You know, there was a moment at the bonfire last year
When I thought we would be ok,
That hope could be raised by a real family.
For the first time, I was happy.
I hate klaus for taking that away from me.
These belong to you.
I recovered them after you turned.
I thought only of you.
Every day, I fought for your return,
Searching for a way.
You were not forgotten.
Those remains used to be my mom.
I'm so sorry.
Spare me.
She went after you.
We had our differences, but--
Look. I'm gonna find out how this happened,
And I'm gonna expose you.
Then you'll be shunned,
Unable to practice, exiled from the city.
I'm gonna erase you.
Oh. Come on in.
The woodbine sessions: ¶ walking shadows ¶
¶ tracing silhouettes ¶
Not quite as luxurious as the airstream, but...
Eh, we'll make it a good home, hayley.
Hope will be surrounded by people who love her.
She'll be happy, you'll be happy.
¶ snapped beneath my step ¶
¶ I'm still walking out... ¶
¶ in thin air ¶
I just missed you.
¶ will I go far? ¶
¶ however I go, oh, I know ¶
These were found in the junkyard.
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
Well, you saved us again.
Mmm. For now.
Davina's not gonna let us forget
She's the reason why we're here.
Our freedom comes with a price.
Everything does in this town,
But the worst is over,
And so just for today,
Why don't you let me take care of you
For a change, huh?
Just this once.
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ standing in the shadows ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ I go on ¶
¶ standing in the shadows ¶
Staking out my apartment now.
Something else you want to steal?
All the interesting stuff was password protected,
But I knew vincent wouldn't just pull you in for kicks.
You're not an amateur.
I finished up the end of that video you were watching.
Lucien castle. Highly motivating.
Feeling like my best self already.
So he fits the profile, right?
What, narcissistic personality disorder?
I should report you.
You definitely should,
Yet you haven't
Because you know I was right about your family.
You're not a suspect, cami.
I'm actually looking out for you.
I think you're mixed up in something much bigger than you realize.
Trust me. I realize.
Woman on radio: Possible serial killer in the quarter.
Wait. Turn up your radio.
Man on radio: While police refuse to release information,
Sources allege that a manhunt is on for a possible serial killer.
Two violently mutilated bodies entirely drained of blood
Have been recovered.
How the hell did they know about the blood?
Hmm. You're welcome for the tip.
I suppose I was misguided to believe
Hayley's return would ease tensions in this house.
Misguided, delusional,
Refreshingly optimistic.
You're new.
What is it?
I received some unsettling information.
From lucien castle.
I don't trust the source, but I...Trust you.
If you fed on this prophetic witch,
Her blood is still in your system.
If there's a weapon that can kill you,
We need to know.
Freya? Stop!
It's true.
You have a terrible shadow over you.
Rebekah, too.
If this prophecy is fulfilled,
You will all fall.
One by friend, one by foe,
And one...
By family.
[swords clanging]
You're distracted.
My time with you is limited, tristan.
I'm thinking only of you, sister.
I'm told there was an incident here yesterday.
Well, as I recall, I was awaiting your visit
When I received a letter informing
Me that you were unavailable.
Can you imagine my dismay?
I had so hoped you would handle it better.
I get better every day.
And you always say, "it won't be long now."
Well, it's time.
I'm fine.
Let me out!
You know I can't do that
While you're in this state.
I will miss you, though,
My sweet aurora.
Miss me?
You're leaving?
No. No! Why?
Tristan, no. No, please.
-Shh. -Please.
-I'll be better. -Shh.
Please take me with you.
-Shh. -Take me with you.
Shh. It's all right. It's all right.
Tristan, please.
Increase her dosage while I'm gone.
She may be a danger to others,
To herself.
Tell her I'll be back soon,
And I'll bring her a gift,
A lovely little souvenir...
From new orleans.