The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 17 - Behind the Black Horizon - full transcript

When its discovered that Freya has been kidnapped and is in the hands of a dangerous new threat, the Mikaelson brothers are forced to put aside their differences in order to save her before...

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Previously on the originals...
Freya: If this prophecy is fulfilled,
They will all fall.
One by friend,
One by foe, and one by family.
But now my sire link is undone. You're going to run.
Elijah: Don't stop driving until
You're absolutely certain that you are safe.
Klaus: You don't have to remind me
How precious my cargo is.
The spell you used brought me back
As I was when I died in this body.
It's worse than I remember.
The rage, the hunger...
It's been growing worse since I came back.
There was never any hope for you, brother.
And the spell decreed
That the white oak tree that gave us life
Could also take it away.
The ancestors...
(eerie whoosh)
Vincent: They want me to help him.
Hello, luv.
A mikaelson witch,
A white oak bullet,
And I'd say we have the recipe for some real fun.
After all that flirtation,
This is your idea of a first date?
(lucien laughs)
Think of it as a date with destiny, luv.
Though I admit, three is a crowd.
Vincent is a necessary evil, I'm afraid,
Here to keep you in check should you misbehave.
Vincent: Yeah, you're leaving out the part
Where I ain't exactly here of my own volition, man.
The ancestors must have lost their damn minds.
Quite the opposite.
I've never dealt with a saner bunch.
See, when I arrived in new orleans,
I made them a deal.
Upon my request, they would grant me access to the regent,
And in exchange, I'd provide for them
A world without the originals.
Ah... Didn't take much convincing.
They do despise your family.
We're here.
Yeah, but where the hell is "here," man?
How disappointing!
Two powerful witches who cannot sense
When you're treading on hallowed ground?
Welcome... To mystic falls.
The place where it all began.
Where esther mikaelson created the vampire species.
Under the shade of the infamous white oak tree,
She crafted the spell that turned each of her children,
And I mean to replicate that spell.
I have everything I need
To become what I deserve to be.
You want to become an original.
Do I look like the sort who'd settle
For some shoddy original model?
I intend to be an upgrade.
You're insane
To think I'd ever help you craft any spell.
Oh, no, no, no, you misunderstand.
Vincent will handle the spell.
From you...
I need something a bit more intimate.
Seems your friend stood us up.
Vincent's not exactly my friend.
Well, since we bothered to be the only ones who turned up,
It would be a shame to leave empty-handed.
Why not head back, get up to no good?
(quiet laugh)
Something's not right.
Vincent said we were up against a "common threat."
Now he's missing.
St. James is the one place in new orleans
Where magic doesn't work.
Why would a regent want to meet somewhere
Where he can't do magic?
Davina, I'm trying to warn you.
This is his.
Vincent (on phone): Davina, listen-- I know we are not
On the best of terms, but I need you to listen to me, okay?
Um, we're in serious trouble.
Now, I'm recording this here because it's...
It's free from magic,
And magic is our enemy.
The ancestors got me on the hook
Doing some pretty twisted magic and I want no part of it,
But they're forcing me to help lucien castle.
And if you don't help me,
Freya mikaelson's gonna die.
They forced me to take her,
Then they had me put up a cloaking spell,
So we can't be tracked.
Now, lucien's taking us out of town someplace,
I don't know where...
But there's a loophole.
(video clicks off)
Just how am I the loophole?
Last year, when esther first brought us back,
I got put in the body of a gormless twit,
But you got housed in one of the most powerful
Witch bodies in the city: Vincent's.
And even after all this time, there's still an echo
Of a body-soul connection between you two.
Vincent: ...And davina, that's where you come into play.
I need a powerful witch that's off the ancestors' radar.
I want you to find
The thread
Between me and finn.
Have you ever done anything like this?
I don't even know if it's possible.
But I do have vincent's blood.
If I can take finn's blood
And do the spell right,
I should be able to track vincent down.
Finn: I should have sensed
Something was wrong when freya didn't call.
Now lucien has a head start.
(sighs) go, witch.
Tend to your spells.
I won't rest until she's found.
Behold, the selfless martyr.
First, he wants to rip davina's head off
For trapping him in his body.
Now he can't wait to be spelled.
You and I shall go together.
Kol, you stay here with davina, please. You're going with him?
So the two people responsible
For not destroying the white oak when they had the chance,
Thus putting us in this bloody mess,
Are now off to try and fix it.
That's just marvelous.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
Davina: Kol, look at me.
I don't know this magic.
I need your help.
Come on.
Let's go.
We should get started.
Do not give me orders, brother.
And make no mistake.
I do not look to you as an ally,
Or even family.
The only reason I tolerate your presence
Is the hope of finding freya.
Good luck, brother.
Hayley: Hope's down for the count.
She fell asleep as soon as mary started the car.
I doubt she'll miss either of us over the next few days.
Which of these kingmaker offices should we hit up first?
There's ten of them.
Lucien has revealed his true nature.
He's taken freya.
And now it seems her rescue depends
On elijah working with my ever-reliable brother finn.
And you want to go back to new orleans to head up the hunt?
You should go.
I'm sticking with kingmaker, though.
Lucien's working very hard to cover up these wolf kidnappings
And I want to know why.
The wolves, freya's abduction--
It can't all be coincidence.
We'll let my brothers pursue the obvious path.
You and I... Will pursue this one.
No doubt all roads...
Lead to the same treacherous bastard.
(freya whimpering)
Okay, man, that's enough!
Hmm, right you are.
That should just about do it.
Here, let me see it.
Lucien: Enough!
There is a spell that needs doing.
Lest the ancestors melt
That precocious little brain of yours.
What's that?
That's not exactly need-to-know.
This part's all you.
This is it.
This is the spell that created the originals.
Took an entire coven ages to reverse-engineer it.
And then I had to get my hands on this.
No way, man.
I'm not doing this for you.
Wh... Ah! Ah...
Seems the ancestors beg to differ.
(screaming in pain)
Now get to work
Like a good chap.
They should keep heading northeast.
What, northeast?
They've been driving northeast for an hour, luv.
We need to get a tad more specific
Before they hit the atlantic ocean.
The soul-blood connection
Is not as strong as a locator spell.
The most I can narrow it down to
Is virginia; northern virginia.
You're bloody joking.
We were born in northern virginia.
There's a one-horse town there now called mystic falls.
We were turned into vampires there.
That's too much of a coincidence.
Can you please be a little more precise?
No. I need to boost the signal somehow.
Maybe some black cohosh...
Black cohosh won't do it!
Look, I have a better idea.
A blood rider.
A tibetan singing bowl
I had cast into a dark object in the 1800s.
It's like an echo chamber.
With finn's blood, we can amplify
The connection he has with vincent.
But, like everything of mine, klaus's ex has it now.
I guess I'll just have to pry it out of her hands.
Cami is my friend.
Now, if you can't play nice,
You're gonna sit here and I'll go get it.
I'll behave.
Let's go.
(vincent chanting)
All this effort
To become a sad copy of an original?
You think you can just
Wake up one day
And become top of the food chain?
(chanting continues quietly)
It did not happen overnight, I assure you.
The truth is,
I used to think your siblings gods.
Until my love was stolen
And our lives taken by their compulsion.
Once free, I realized
They were not worthy of all that had been gifted them.
I decided, then,
That I would become, in flesh,
What I have always been:
Their better.
I have engineered every second since
Into achieving this moment.
You faked the prophecy.
Oh, no.
When I found the prophecy foretelling your family's end,
I knew it was true...
And that I was its living embodiment.
It is my rise
That shall be their downfall.
(crossing bells clanging)
(train whistle blows in distance)
Of course.
Mystic falls.
Birthplace of all our sorrows.
(train whistle blows)
So are we to drive around this entire pathetic town,
Hoping to run into my sister before lucien murders her?
Kol has a plan.
Kol and his ridiculous gambits.
900 years in a box...
And zero patience.
It's all a joke to you, isn't it?
"900 years in a box" just rolls off your tongue
As if the time passed without consequence.
I assure you, it did not.
What are you suggesting?
We never experienced anything,
Least of all the passage of time.
Being daggered for decades
And being daggered for centuries are very different things.
It starts off as a dim pinprick of light,
Growing brighter year after year,
A slow consciousness
That I was paralyzed.
Entombed in my own mind.
That despair...
Utter loneliness...
All amplified and made endless.
I know it's here somewhere.
Hard to keep track of all your stolen goods?
Kol, my family did not steal these.
They just kept the very deadly toys
You left strewn about this city
From falling into even deadlier hands.
You know what, luv? I'm here now.
So maybe I should take back what's mine.
Let's see what happens if you try.
Oh, that sounds like fun to me.
Get out.
I am sorry.
I think he's getting used
To being a vampire again.
I'm sure you can relate.
If that's his problem.
What does that mean?
I've seen that look before, davina.
My uncle...
After he was cursed.
Kol's not cursed.
I'd be able to tell.
Would you?
Look, maybe I'm wrong.
Just... Be careful, okay?
Thanks, cami.
(indistinct conversations)
How will we know when or if
This magic trick of kol's works?
He's says you'll know.
It's strange.
The birthplace of our very misfortune,
Beyond that hill.
Do you recall the first time we fled together, finn?
We were but children.
Nothing but the clothes on our back,
Desire we had no idea how to control
And a father hell-bent on erasing us from the earth.
The first of many times we ran together
Over the next 100 years,
Till you all left me entombed for nine centuries.
You were a danger. Danger?
Yes. Klaus and kol killed everything that moved.
Yet I was the one considered too dangerous to undagger?
Despite their blood-lust, you were the poison that crippled...
I anchored us.
You despised us.
You despised yourself.
Terrified of everything that we became.
You threatened our very survival, finn,
Just as you have every time
We made the mistake of freeing you from that box.
I was made that way because of that box!
Every time I close my eyes,
I go back to that black horizon,
That place where I was abandoned and forgotten
By my own family.
So, yeah,
I came out mad.
And I remain so.
Does he just build these from a kit or something?
It's the exact same for the last five offices.
Same windows, same plants...
And inside,
Same generic abstract art,
Same compellable receptionist.
Are you sure you wouldn't be better off with your brothers?
I can do the leg work.
And split up the team now?
Just when I'm discovering your carpool karaoke skills?
I think not. (laughs)
No, lucien is playing a game here.
Each unassuming little office building we search,
The more sure I am of it.
We keep going.
Even if we have to scour 100 of these poxy places.
I hate it here.
This place birthed all our pain and sorrow.
I refuse to let it be the place where our sister dies.
Let us not wait for kol and his witch's tricks--
Let us simply tear this town apart and find her.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
♪ old man go to the river...
See, I just ran every single vampire out of this town, so...
Visiting hours are, well... Never.
♪ if god don't follow me
(vincent chanting) ♪ down this road
(chanting) ♪ if god don't follow me
♪ down this road
(chanting loudly)
♪ when you try to live
♪ and you wanna die
♪ when everything
(shouts, then chanting stops)
♪ you feel collides
♪ god don't follow me
(lucien laughing)
♪ down this road
♪ you want to die
♪ when everything you feel collides ♪
♪ god don't follow me
♪ down this road...
♪ down this road.
Ah, hello, luv.
We're here for a spot of search
And potentially destroy.
Do tell, where are the areas off-limits to general staff?
You just wait right here...
And I'll have someone out here
To help you with your inquiry.
(guards shouting, alarm blaring)
Shall we?
Ladies first.
(gunfire continues)
(alarm continues blaring)
(alarm blaring)
(neck snaps)
They're all wolves.
Klaus, they're still alive.
This one's a vampire.
What the hell is lucien up to here?
Elijah mikaelson.
Matthew donovan.
How adorably inconvenient.
Unfortunately, we don't have time to play right now.
I'll pass your regards along to rebekah.
Finn, isn't it?
Sorry, I suck at names,
But I never forget a face.
Especially when it's someone I've already killed.
That was right over there, right?
Did you come back for some more?
Do you expect to scare me
With that crude little toy?
Why are you here?
My sister freya has been taken.
Yes, we have another.
Option one:
You go about your business like a good little boy.
Option two:
Violent disembowelment.
What's it gonna be?
I'm gonna go with option three:
This is my town.
My business.
Especially when it comes to anything with fangs.
Now, you, me and these ten wooden hollow points
Can stand here and argue that fact, but...
How much time does your sister really have?
With finn's blood,
We can amplify the connection he has with vincent.
All right, let go of everything.
Feel the vibration.
(tone sounding)
Now, harmonize with the cadence of the drone.
(davina humming)
And once they're both in harmony,
It should continue by itself.
And it's up to you to concentrate.
To amplify it.
I know where they are.
Freya, I'm so sorry.
Can't let you do that.
You're making a mistake.
No one has to die today.
Oh, oh, sweet freya.
Today is the beginning of an awful lot of death.
Starting with yours, I'm afraid.
You and I could've been quite the thing.
Elijah: Lucien?
Just in time for the party, lads.
Let the fun begin.
Can either of you get to me
Faster than I can rip your darling sister's head off?
(chuckles) didn't think so.
Oh, you clever bastard.
Hold her. Hold her head.
Help me with this one.
No vampire blood.
That's okay.
The others drank.
I'm a hybrid.
Go on.
Go on.
He needed their venom.
Lucien's cure for werewolf bites.
He harvested the venom he needed,
Then reverse-engineered a vaccine.
Clever stuff.
And her?
The dead vampire?
It was the wolf venom that killed her.
Just lucien testing his cure.
Why does he need to test out something
He knows already works?
(gasps) it's okay.
You're okay. (coughs)
(gasps) where is he?
That guy? Freya: No...
Listen to me.
It's done. It's over.
You don't understand.
He drank the serum.
He wanted you to kill him.
You helped him take the final step.
Poor show, poor show. Come on, gents.
You can do better, surely.
What do you think, elijah?
This new power, it suits me, no?
I've pondered this--
Whom to end first:
You or klaus?
Thought him.
But now that I'm here,
I think it should be you.
A barrier spell.
How delicious.
I do appreciate a bit of spice being thrown into the hunt.
It's not very fun if the quarry just rolls over
And offers its neck, is it?
I can keep this up as long as I need to.
I don't doubt it, you little minx.
Never mind.
I have waited a thousand years.
I can wait a tad longer.
I'm gonna enjoy
Making this last a long time.
(trumpet playing jazzy melody)
Davina: Well, at least your sister's safe.
Kol: And the man that pretended to be a family friend,
But actually hated us for an eternity,
Has turned himself into some creature.
Here which, for all we know, could be the bloody beast
The prophecy said would end us!
Davina: Hey...
All of this?
I don't think it has anything
To do with you being a vampire.
Cami said it might be magic-related.
And I think she's right.
Kol, you're not yourself.
Not myself?
And which self am I supposed to be?
I have been a witch,
A vampire,
A ghost, a witch in somebody else's body.
And now,
I am a bloody vampire again.
Now, you think that I'm cursed.
But I think it's everybody else
Getting into my bloody business
And not knowing when to back off.
(shuddering breaths)
(shuddering gasp)
Freya's safe.
What about the others?
Well, finn's in a bad way.
Suffering the past eight hours from lucien's bite.
Elijah thinks I should return home and heal him.
Ease his pain.
Klaus, you should go.
As soon as these last few recover,
I'll get them home, gather what I can and
Torch this place.
Finn can purge it himself.
He's earned the agony.
Besides, you know how much
I love burning things to the ground.
Klaus, when you said that you wanted
To work together for hope's sake,
I wanted to see what that looked like.
And now I do.
I appreciate
You helping me rescue the wolves,
But if there is any chance of making finn an ally,
You should take it.
Don't leave me in here!
Don't leave me alone!
Put him down.
Freya: Hey, hey, hey, you're not alone, finn.
I'm here.
(gasping weakly): Don't leave...
Why is he talking like this?
It's hallucinations
Of our betrayal.
It's his nightmare.
Well, he looks
(grunts) ...Awful.
Werewolf bite.
That's got to hurt, mate.
So, lucien's a bloody hybrid.
We don't know what he is.
His venom seems to work twice as fast.
That's good.
Maybe it'll work through his system twice as fast.
Or it's twice as lethal.
Now, if niklaus doesn't get here in time,
He might die.
With a bit of luck.
What is wrong with you?
Elijah: Behave yourselves!
Both of you.
Sibling squabbling.
How familiar.
Although the teams seem to have changed.
Someone care to tell me why?
Our brother needs us.
(moaning, wheezing)
Go outside and tell the others
To keep their eyes peeled for trouble.
As soon as this place burns,
I'll take you back to the crescents.
I'm not from there.
One was.
He died last week.
We're from the seven packs:
Deep water, malraux, basroq,
Barry, poldark...
I'm a paxon.
He had to look long and hard to find one of you.
They wanted our venom.
They kept...
Pumping it into her over and over and over again.
Then they'd heal her with some drug.
Except the last time.
They shot her up with something so powerful...
...There was no saving her.
I'm gonna burn this hell hole.
(finn shudders, gasps)
Thank you, brother.
How are you feeling?
I feel...
Strangely euphoric.
I've been known to have that effect.
(clapping slowly)
What a precious family moment.
Pardon me, while I go and gouge out my eyes with a hot poker.
I thank even you, kol.
Your little witch actually came through.
(sighs): Today...
(clears throat)
...I saw a glimpse
Of your coveted always and forever.
And... I... (coughs)
Finn! Finn!
Oh, what's happening?! What's happening?
(finn shouts)
What's wrong with him?
His body, it's dying.
No, no, it's not possible!
I cured him!
(shouts hoarsely, gasps): Freya...!
Hey, it's going to be all right, brother.
(finn gasps, coughs)
We'll fix this, you'll see.
Okay? Get my pendant.
Kol: It won't work!
Davina fused his soul to his body.
We've got to try.
There's no other side, no ancestral well if he dies.
No, get your bloody girlfriend back here
To undo what she's done. Finn, you will
Drink from the source until freya can move you.
Finn: No.
Don't leave me alone.
Elijah: Brother?
Hey, brother, we're here.
We are here.
I'm here, brother.
You are not alone.
I am here.
I am here.
I am with you.
I'm with you.
Oh, no...
(crying, sniffling): Oh, damn...
♪ is it war if you're fighting ♪
♪ is it love when you don't
♪ there is more when you let go ♪
♪ of the fear...
You fought against what time and circumstance made you.
♪ as we burn in the fire
♪ slowly learning to breathe
You're free now, finn.
♪ just keep calm in the falling ♪
♪ and always looking for an underneath ♪
♪ imagine it's a world inside... ♪
I loathed you for centuries.
Even now, it remains unabated.
♪ darling, don't you close your eyes ♪
♪ keep listening
♪ are you listening?
But I know torment, brother.
So I hope you somehow find peace in the abyss.
♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh-ooh...
♪ but come down with me...
When you were born,
You gave me a gift.
You were my first friend.
Today you gifted me
My life... (sniffles)
...And my brothers
Even if for a moment.
I love you.
♪ the day the smoke starts rising... ♪
Always and forever, brother.
Till forever ends.
♪ I want to see the sky when it hits the ground ♪
♪ imagine it's so warm inside
♪ I don't want to lose more time... ♪
Just know...
That you will be avenged.
♪ are you listening?
♪ I'm sorry we don't have forever ♪
♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh-ooh. ♪
Got your message.
I don't know what's more surprising--
You saving my ass today or wanting to see me afterwards.
I need your help.
Davina, I don't know if I'm your guy.
Outside these walls,
The ancestors have a, uh, a pretty strong say
In what I can and cannot do.
They're manipulating kol, too.
I tested his blood.
It's infused with their magic,
Which means they corrupted the spell
I used to bring him back.
They couldn't get to me,
So they're making him lose control.
I don't know what to do.
Davina claire.
You know, I used to respect them.
The ancestors, I mean...
The more and more I watched them,
The more I saw them just using people
For their own needs.
Then when they're done, they just...
Toss them aside.
Like they're trash.
And if you disobey 'em-- whoa, right?
If they disobey 'em, then they're gonna shun us.
If we disobey them,
Then they're gonna cripple us!
They're gonna kill us!
They've got to be stopped, davina.
They've got to be stopped.
And it looks like it's just gonna be on us to do it.
♪ I adore life
♪ I adore life...
Lucien did all of this to become like his maker,
And yet my bite cannot kill an original.
What are we up against here, brother?
I truly don't know.
Hayley: I might.
Klaus and I found lucien's r&d lab full of werewolves.
He is harvesting venom, but not to find a cure.
He's trying to create a more lethal strain.
Well, that must be what he added to the spell
To make him whatever the hell he is now.
He kept boasting about having something
That would make him better than an original.
Klaus is descended from one of
The seven original wolf bloodlines.
I am descended from another.
Lucien's venom...
Is derived from all seven packs.
Giving him a bite that not even I can cure.
There were two vials of serum and he only drank one.
Maybe it's because the spell will wear off eventually
And he'll need another dose.
Or he made enough for two.
♪ I adore life
♪ do you adore life?
♪ I adore life
♪ do you adore life?
♪ I adore life
♪ do you adore life?
♪ I adore life...
She's gone.
♪ do you adore life?
♪ I adore life.