The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 18 - The Devil Comes Here and Sighs - full transcript

As the city celebrates its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joins forces to take Klaus hostage. Leading the charge to get their brother back, Elijah and Freya face off ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on the originals...

If this prophecy is fulfilled,
you will all fall.

One by friend,

One by foe, and one by family.

Please nik, just kill me.
Not with the only one
who loves you

Rotting at the bottom
of the ocean.

You kill a witch, you lose
your place among the witches.

For what you've done,
you need to be shunned.
I'm sorry, davina.

St. James is the one place
where magic doesn't work.

Vincent: Davina, I'm recording
this here because magic

Is our enemy.

The ancestors are forcing me
to help lucien castle.

I have everything I need
to become what I deserve to be.

You want to become an original.

I intend to be an upgrade.

Lucien's venom

Is derived from all seven packs.

Giving him a bite
that not even I can cure.

He wanted you to kill him.

You helped him take
the final step.

The ancestors are manipulating
kol. They couldn't get to me,

So they're making him
lose control.

There are two vials
of serum,

And he only drank one.

He made enough for two. Aurora.

She's gone.



Enjoying yourself, luv?

I feel like a brand-new woman.

what a lovely choice of words.

This setting reminds me
of the time we were in paris.


La belle époque.

Peace, prosperity.

Oh, so is this
your intention?

Ply me with champagne and then
entice me with nostalgia?

I simply desired
an auspicious location

For us to begin a new adventure.


Centuries from now,

You and I will look back
at this bucolic scene

As the beginning of our chapter.

And what does that chapter




Men are such good talkers,

But how rarely they produce
more than words.


And they call me delusional.

Your wit is as sharp as ever.

Nik is the fool
who let you slip away.

And while that loss
is punishment enough,

Rest assured, I will heap
more suffering upon his head.

You cannot defeat niklaus,

He is and always has been
your better.


I am altogether different now.

Blood of a mikaelson witch,

Imbued with dark magic.

This has transformed me
into something new

With a power unlike anything
the world has ever seen.

My bite is lethal,

Even to a mikaelson.

Is this more
of your boasting, lucien?

Oh, no. It can all be verified
easily enough.

Just ask poor finn.

Oh, wait. You can't.
I killed him.

The rest of his brothers

Shall follow soon enough,

As the prophecy has stated.

But first...

I wanted to make you this offer.


My proposal is simple.

Join me, aurora.

Drink this, become what I am,

And let us spend the rest
of our mortal lives together.

In exchange, you will have

My undying love.

And all the revenge
you could desire.

I would accept your offer,

But I fear
I could not enjoy your love

Or my revenge
as long as my brother suffers.

Then allow me
this further promise.

Say yes,

And by the end of day,
you shall have tristan back.

Or I will relieve his suffering
by killing elijah.


You're hovering.

I'm supervising. How else
to speed up your endeavors?

Let's see. Perhaps
I should bring vincent here.

Force him to aid you
by removing his legs.

Vincent doesn't know
how to kill lucien, either.

Besides, if he leaves
the st. James,

Who knows what the ancestors
will make him do next.

Ancestors are thoroughly
occupied, according to davina,

our brother kol.

What a surprise.
Another day,

Another witch-inspired vendetta.

Well, davina can take care
of kol for now.

Let us focus our energies
on lucien.

How do we demolish that rodent?

I'm working on it.

Yes. While we all
have our roles to play,

Elijah can stay here and oversee
whatever it is freya's doing.

I'm going to actually
accomplish something.

Elijah: Brother,
accomplishing something...

The time for talking is done!

(loud crowd chatter,
blues music plays)

♪ well, I know sometimes

♪ the world can be so hard

♪ but reach down to find

♪ the good in your heart...

(heartbeat echoing)

Oh, I can't be here, davina.

This is a bad idea.

Magic won't affect you in here,

So step inside.

And take your mind off it.

Feeling better?

♪ the world can be so hard...


Seems I owe you again.

You must be growing tired
of saving my ass.

Mm, actually,
I kind of like it.


And what would you
say if I told you

I had a way to fix
all of our problems?

What do you have
in mind, darling?

(applause and cheering)

♪ I got lost,
I been gone ♪

♪ yeah, I woke up
with a ticket home... ♪

(door opens)

It appears
I'm unable to enter.

So is every
other vampire.

I put the lease in my neighbor's
name, compelled her to forget.

I can go get her
and have her invite you in.

No. You were wise
to take precautions.

No one should be invited in,
not even me.

I only came to see
that you were safe.


I haven't had the chance

To tell you
how sorry I am about finn.

Losing a sibling is awful.

Yes. Well, I'll find solace
when lucien is dead.

And what about aurora?

It's bad enough

That lucien's bite
could kill you.

By now, she could be
just as powerful,

And if you still
harbor feelings for her...

I don't care about aurora.

I care about you.

But then, you've made
your feelings perfectly clear.


(lively rock music plays)

♪ side stepping over my feet

♪ I can feel you, baby

♪ stop sweating, I know that
it's time we reveal it, baby ♪

♪ wine glass
in the palm of your hand ♪

♪ well, I'm walking
through the blistering sand ♪

♪ I think...

(music plays in the distance)

(groans, panting)

Hello, nik.

Not bad.

Perhaps I'll return the favor.


(distant screaming)

Do you see now, old friend?

You cannot beat me.

Defeated at the hands
of a stable boy?

I sincerely doubt it.


I'll have my moment.

Yet, you still have a role
to play

In the prophecy
I aim to fulfill.

You're gonna help me
get elijah.



I'm not gonna let you
hurt my brother.

Sadly, you don't have a choice.

(bone crunching)


(crunching, groaning)

Shh. Shh.




♪ the man makes me cold...

Try to remember.

Your spirit was trapped
with the ancestors.

Did they say anything?

Yeah, well, it's hard to recall
what anyone is saying

When there's a boot
in your face.

Imagine when davina
brought you back.

Did you hear voices,
spells, chants?

I don't know. A threat?
There wasn't any talk.

All right, they hate me
because I'm a mikaelson.

What's the point
of these questions?

The ancestors made a deal
with lucien.

That's an act of war.

Now they're coming after kol.

If I knew why, then maybe
I could convince them

That's there's a better way.

Maybe I could talk
some sense into 'em.

You make them sound like
they're a committee of sort.

Reasonable people.

The dead were once the living.

All the living
really want to do

Is avoid trouble
and protect their own.


I remember coming to music days
when I was a kid.

I-I remember all the covens
gathering together.

And no matter what your beef was
with somebody else,

Well, that one day
it was all good.

And you could feel
the presence

Of all those that came before.

You could feel 'em watching.


Now, ever since vampires
took over this city,

Those same spirits
have been restless.

And the covens will never
know peace

With the mikaelsons living here.

Now, my guess is the ancestors
see lucien as a weapon.

Use him on vampires, right?

Use him on the family
that begot them.

And if we're gonna stop that,
somebody's gotta

Convince the ancestors
there's a better way.

Why would you

Ever help me?
This isn't about you.

It's about davina.

I figure I owe her that much.

Are we any closer?

A sigil is
a complicated magical symbol,

Weaponized and condensed
to its most potent form.

If I combine the right elements

We'll have a chance
at stopping lucien,

And if I don't...

cami: Elijah, somebody!

What's wrong?

It's klaus-- lucien has him.

Invite her in.

Yeah, come in, you're invited.

Tell us what happened.

Lucien ambushed him.

He knocked him around
like it was nothing.

Did he bite him?

No. I think he wanted him alive.

I followed them.

Lucien took klaus
back to the penthouse.

(phone buzzing)

Lucien is demanding
my presence

At the whiskey cask.

Alone and immediately.

He says if I delay,

Niklaus will die.



That does look uncomfortable.

Is it too tight?

No, I think it fits

Just fine.

Those chains and that wood

Were crafted
by ancient egyptians

Keen on suppressing
all sorts of evil.

Nothing supernatural
can escape.

Not even you.

You see,
I've been stockpiling

Such items for a long,
long time.

Planning this moment
for centuries.

Tell me, how does it feel,

Knowing you've been outdone
by your better?

You think you're my better?

I think your upgrade

Has infected your head,

Made you as delusional as her.

At least now
you're truly a pair.

I'll be sure to scatter
both your ashes

In the same patch of bog.


Is that a hint of fear
in his voice?

Usually your taunts and threats
are so much more convincing.


I think he's beaten, my darling.

Just not yet broken.

But then we're just
getting started.

All I have to do...

Is take this

And then I too
shall be your better.

Have you any idea what torment
you'll endure then

For what you did
to my brother...

...And to me?


I will take

Such exquisite joy

In killing you myself.


Well, clearly,

You two have much to discuss.

So, if you'll excuse me,

I have business

Now, darling,

You may have your fun.

But please keep nik alive.

I would so hate
to miss his death.

(door opens)

Are you seriously
going out there?

I'm seriously going out there.

Elijah, the whole point of
putting the deed to the compound

In freya's name was to
make this place impenetrable.

Now you're gonna pick a fight
with a guy who can kill you?

Yes, when you put it that way...

It does sound a little reckless.


Be careful.

All right, I know
you're listening to me.

You wanted me to be the regent
of the nine covens.

You believed that I could
lead our people.

But how am I
supposed to be a leader

When you keep jerking me around
like I'm a damn puppet

Or something?

I need you to talk to me.

They won't answer you.

Van nguyen.

All grown up, I see.

Not that it matters, man.

This ain't got
nothing to do with you.

Actually, it does.

Seem, my mom's
one of the ancestors now.

Dead, thanks to your friend

You know, the traitor
you've been sneaking around with

Even though she was shunned?

Some regent
you turned out to be.


No wonder the ancestors
want you out.

Oh, so, you speak for the
ancestors now, is that it?

Why don't you ask the ancestors
why they trust lucien castle,

A vampire who's done nothing
but lie and kill ever since

He set foot in new orleans.

He killed a mikaelson,
which is more than you ever did.

Oh, come on, man,
I'm trying to keep the peace.

And what the ancestors
want to do will start a war.

A war that the covens
are gonna win, thanks to me.

Your time as regent is over.

The witches are gonna
take back the city.

Step one:

New management.

Passus doulè trt...



Starting now,

I'm the regent!

I wonder, when you decided

To brick me into
that dreadful tomb,

Did it ever occur to you
that our roles

Might one day be reversed?

We both know
that I buried you alive

Because I could not
bring myself to kill you.

no doubt you intended to free me

After a suitable period of time.

In fact, my methods were not
unlike tristan's, after all.

Did he not hide you away

In a mountain monastery?

The truth is
I still had hopes for us.


Your affections for me
must run deep, indeed.

Tell me...

If I were to kiss you now,

Would you feel
those affections stir?

Because I would feel nothing.

Are you so certain?

We are flames

In the darkness
of each other's worlds.

We burn brighter together
than we ever did alone.

And I would
forgive everything

If you would only forgive me,

My love.


Wow, you really are quite
desperate, aren't you?

I mean, it's quite pathetic,
seeing you

Resort to this failed seduction.

I mean,
it's comical, even.

And yet you would entertain
lucien's brazen advances?

Do you really think you could
ever love that imbecile?

Oh... Poor, sweet lucien.

After all these years
he still remains

Such a dedicated suitor.

Such a shame
I'll never see him

As more than a means to an end.

But if he wants
to save my brother

In a bid to win my heart,
why shouldn't I let him?

Wouldn't be the first
of his gifts I've accepted.

After all...

He gave me this.

The means to remake myself.

So that I might become
a creature of such pure

And unbridled power

That I can kill even you.

Whatever has passed between us,

Whatever hatred

You're holding on to,

In me you see the kindred
you have always

Longed for.

To spend an eternity
without me--

It would be a curse your
frail heart could not endure.

You're wrong.

You see, nik,

Whatever terrors
may await me

In the endless time to come

Pale in comparison

To the joy I will take

In ending you.


♪ left wing chickenheaded
cotton fields ♪

♪ over the line
all the time ♪

♪ and I can't win

♪ with you under my skin...

Such a treat, being in

New orleans this time of year.


But, alas,
for all today's talent,

Nothing quite compares

With watching ella and louis
perform live.

Yes, what a wonderful world
that was.

Give me my brother

Before your world becomes

Significantly less wonderful.

Mm, I'm afraid I need
something from you first.

A brother for a brother,
as it were.

Let me guess,
your fantasy sweetheart wants

Her beloved tristan back.

Hmm. Or your death,

To relieve his suffering.

So, either tell me
how to find him

Or I'll kill you.

Darling, how would you like
to watch me burn?

That way you have the thrill
of watching me rise

From the ashes
like a phoenix, reborn.

A lovely image.

But I think you might ruin
lucien's carpet.

Wouldn't you rather
torture me a bit more

Before you end yourself?

Are you stalling me?

Perhaps plotting

Some strategy
for escape?

But even if you got free,
what then? Kill me?

Enact the serum,
make me into lucien's equal?


Not the wisest strategy
for your survival.

Is this what you want?

You do realize that
becoming like him

Will only add to
your already substantial misery.

Lucien cannot save you
from yourself,

Nor could tristan, nor could I,

For that matter.

You've spent centuries
trying to cure your madness,

And yet you're still no closer.

You hold your wicked tongue
or I shall pluck it

From your wicked skull.

Yes! More threats.
So go on then.

Tear me apart a bit at a time.

I may die by day's end,

But you will live forever,

Unloved, pathetic.

Your life a perpetual slog
of soul-crushing despair

And you unable to end it.

Talking, talking,
all this talking.

Well, if I'm to suffer
through it,

So should you.


(chuckles, pants)


Here's the problem:
I haven't been invited

Into lucien's penthouse.
So you can wave
your dark objects

In the foyer, and I'll
do all the dirty work.


Are you up for this?
What if I'm
a liability?

I've been training,
so I can punch a bag, but in

A real fight?
Cami, here's the thing
about being afraid.

If you have to do the thing
that you're afraid of,

Then all this fear
is for nothing.

Either turn it into anger
or leave it at the door.

But either way,
you control your emotions.

Which means you're already
one step ahead of aurora.

Hey, I have an idea.


I've asked you
a rather important question.

our current circumstance,

You'd be wise
not to test my patience.


Tristan's resting place...

You carefully craft yourself
into this abomination

Purely to become...

...An errand boy
to that banshee?


Oh, you mikaelsons.

Your arrogance
truly knows no bounds.

Do I need
to remind you

The prophecy is on my side?

Your family is doomed.

So if you'll give me
tristan's location,

At least I could make
your death quick.

I have no idea where he is.

But, you know, lucien,

The thing is that I suspect

You don't even
really care.


I never really liked him.


But at least
I can tell aurora I tried.

♪ and give me
a dream or two... ♪


We're gonna be okay.

We've already made it
through so much.

Once we deal with the ancestors,
we'll have that date you wanted.

♪ this game

♪ that we play
(heartbeat echoing)





You said
that magic doesn't work in here.
The ancestors

Are breaking through the spell.
We don't have much time.


Sorry to interrupt date night.

What are you doing?

I'm preventing a bloodbath
in the middle of my city,

And I'm freeing you up
to help vincent.

He's in trouble
at the cemetery. Go.

I'll clear
this place out.


You give me my brother.



I won't ask you again.

Please, elijah.

Know when you're beaten.


(grunting, panting)

Oh. That looks like it hurts.

that's what I was going for.

What... Did you do to me?

The sigil will bind you,

Weaken you.

The boiling blood
I added myself.


Maybe I can't kill you,

But I can make you wish
you were dead.


(panting, groaning)

That's it? Nothing more to say?

No more taunts tripping
from your tongue?

Well, then I suppose
it's time I finish this.

what are you doing?

I'm gonna drive this
into my heart,

Die, and be reborn.

And then, with the aid
of my newfound power...

...I'm going
to silence you permanently.


(elevator bell dings)

(elevator doors open)


It appears we have company.





This day just gets better
and better.

Cami, it's been a while.

How's vampirism treating you?

As a matter of fact,
I'm enjoying it.

That's why I'm here,

To express my gratitude.

Ooh, you cheeky little minx.

Have you come to
have a go at me?

Get out of here, camille!

Shut up, nik.

This is between us girls.

Though I suppose
I will let you

Listen to her cries
as I tear off

Her limbs like the wings
of pretty little butterfly.

I'd like to see you try.

Ooh! You're

Your antiques at me.

I suppose I would be scared

If I thought you were
quick enough to use them.


You really did not
think this through, did you?

Actually, we did.

(elevator bell dings)




She drank the serum.


(grunts, laughs)




(aurora panting)


That should help.

I suggest
you drink up,

Before you do something
you'll regret.


Davina! No!

Don't touch that.

What is it?

That is a very dangerous spell,

Courtesy of your
old friend van nguyen.

The ancestors made him regent.

And they're about
to make their move.

They're coming after kol next.

Once all six
candles are lit,

We can kiss
our neutral zone good-bye.
If they get to kol,

He won't be able
to control himself.

We need to stop this now.

Davina, I don't have access
to the ancestors' power anymore.

Neither do I.

But we can channel
each other.


Anpae kata sispann dife.

Anpae kata
sispann dife.

Anpae kata sispann dife.

thanks for the appetizer, mate.

Now I best be on my way.

Oh, I can't let you do that.

My family is under attack.

Davina might be in trouble.

I am not letting you
anywhere near her.

All right?
Not while you're like this.


Anpae kata sispann dife.

Anpae kata sispann dife.

Listen to me, kol. All right?
I never much liked you

On a good day, but you are
clearly not yourself.

Tell me you can't feel that.


Anpae kata sispann dife.

Anpae kata sispann dife.

The ancestors are doing this to
you, and they're not gonna stop.

All right, you have
to get out of this city,

where they can't reach you.

The longer you stay, the more
dangerous you are to everyone.

Including davina.

Anpae kata sispann dife.

Anpae kata sispann dife.

Anpae kata
sispann dife.




(both panting)

You have to believe me, marcel.


I would never,

Never hurt davina.

If that's true,
then do the right thing.



And don't come back.


(screaming, moaning)


Whew! (chuckles)

Well, I admit, freya,

This is
a truly valiant effort.

Inspired, I assume, by
your grief over finn's demise?


Pop goes the weasel!

Oh! (chuckles)

A rather potent aneurysm spell.

You never fail to impress.

Oh, I have all kinds of tricks.

We even brought an audience

To enjoy the show.


Oh, come now,
my darling sister.

The strix are the show.
Well, the first act.

Act two, lucien's buried
beneath 1,000 tons of cement.

Act three--
spoiler alert--

You're a parking lot.

oh, even after 1,000 years,

You've never managed
to curb your hubris.

You still wander through a smog
of your own self-importance.

I can kill anything.

Even them. Even you.

And since the ancestors
have made me their champion...


...They will not allow me

To be detained.

(indistinct whispering)

Nik, what a conundrum.

Mother of your child over here,

Woman of your dreams over here.

Which one should I kill first?

I'm the one who betrayed you.

I'm the one you hate.

And they're the ones
you care for.

So what a pleasure
for me to watch

Your face
as I rip them apart.

Hey. I'm right here,
ready and waiting.

Oh, cami, the hero
was never a good look on you.

Trembling and helpless
is more your style.


(sharp breathing)


Cami, did nik ever mention
to you what happens

When a vampire goes into a room
without being invited?

(screams, panting)






Is that the best you got?

Delfan eoten cor.
Delfan eoten cor.

Delfan eoten cor.

Let her go!

Hush, nik! Don't make
her final moments any worse

Than they need to be!

Delfan eoten cor.

Delfan eoten cor.

Delfan eoten cor.


(indistinct whispering)





I almost feel sorry for you.

Blinded by love
as I once was,

Ready to give everything,
even your life, for one who is

And always will be unworthy.







Good night, sunshine.


(footsteps approaching)

Where's kol? Is he okay?

He's gone, d.

What? Why?

I-I stopped van's spell.
It's safe for him here now.

But it's not
a permanent solution.

You'll find one.
I know you will.

But until then, kol had
to leave to keep you safe.



I have known the guy
for almost two centuries,

And this is the first time
that he has ever done

The right thing.


It's okay.

I know.


(hissing, panting)

(heartbeat echoing)

(phone ringing)


(moaning, shouting)

(tires screech)

(groaning, panting)


(heartbeat echoing)


(panting, growls)

(elevator bell dings)

Do you really think you
could ever love that imbecile?

Aw. Poor, sweet lucien.

After all this time, he remains
such a dedicated suitor.

Such a shame I'll never see him
as more than a means to an end.

Mission accomplished.

And it only took you
the better part of a day.

Do you want the chains back on?

Elijah: You'd be doing
us all a marvelous favor.

Perhaps you could fasten
something to his mouth.

Aurora's still out cold.

What are the chances
of keeping her that way?

Oh, my spell will keep her down
long enough to use the serum

In her blood to figure out
how to kill both her and lucien.

I must say, I'm rather
looking forward to it.

You're welcome.

I suppose I ought
to be thanking you as well.

You can thank me
in diaper duty.

Although, while you're
on the grateful train,

You should probably hit up cami.

I believe camille prefers
I leave her alone.

Oh, please, klaus.
Did you see

What she went through
to save your ass?

Cami may tell you that staying
away is best-- and maybe it is--

But it doesn't stop
how she feels.


You were quite the hero today.

I'm sorry,

Did I get in the way
of your big, bad revenge scheme?

You can't come in.

No, of course not.
You're a vampire now.

The lease would be
in someone else's name.

Good night, lucien.

Of course, you'd want
that person close by,

In case...

A friend popped by for tea.

Neighbors are close by.

Of course, it couldn't
just be any neighbor.
It'd have to be someone

Whose presence was reliable.

Perhaps someone
who worked from home.

Not gregory on the fourth floor.
He's moving out next month.

Or laticia, 7-b.
She's agoraphobic.



Just down the hall...
You leave her alone.

Well, that's going
to be difficult,

as I've already killed her.

So, you see,

I can come in.