The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 16 - Alone with Everybody - full transcript

When rumors begin to spread about the remaining white oak bullet, dangerous foes descend upon New Orleans in an attempt to take down Klaus once and for all. As the threats continue to grow,...

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Previously on The Originals...

If this prophecy is fulfilled,

they will all fall.

One by friend, one by foe

and one by family.

The spell you used
brought me back

as I was when I died
in this body.

When you were a vampire,
you were...
A psychotic maniac.

But you're worth
being good for.

I love you, Elijah.

And Jackson knew that.

Out of respect for him,

I have to let you go.


There was never any hope
for you, brother.


Vampires are coming
for the last of the white oak.

And now my sire link is undone.

Those very foes
will come for me.

You're going to run.

Don't stop driving

till you're absolutely certain

that you are safe.

You don't have to remind me

how precious my cargo is.


(lively music playing,
crowd chattering)

You can bet the competition's
gonna be fierce.

Not if I get to 'em first.

I've waited long enough

for my shot at Klaus Mikaelson.

If anyone's
taking him down,

it's gonna be me.

♪ ♪

(dishes shattering)

♪ ♪


Come on, Elijah.

I thought we agreed.

The compelled waitress dumping
those drinks was a nice touch.


But you're the one
who wanted

to keep the Strix
around for security.

As long as we have a legion
of Mikaelson enemies in town,

how 'bout you just
let 'em do their job?

You know, Marcel, I was just
looking for a little me time.

Well, as soon as they know
you're safe and sound,

they'll be more than happy
to give you

all the "me time"
you want.

In the meantime,
if you stayed put,

maybe they could devote
more of their energy

to finding out
who's got their hands

on that missing
white oak bullet.

Can I help you?

I believe you already have.

So, if you're looking
for an easy target,

you're looking
in the wrong place.

Some free advice, Mr. Griffith?

Know when you're outmatched.



(starts to chant, stops)

I was expecting more of a fight
from the regent of New Orleans.




Who are you?

I'm just a hired gun.

Unfortunately, you're in my way.

♪ ♪

Absolutely not.

You need to blend in.

We could start by losing
the $1,000 jacket.

Tell me again why
we're on a scenic tour

of methamphetamine country,

not compelling a jet

to some far-off, preferably
tropical, destination?

Look, I'm not the one with

an army of pissed-off vampires
coming after me.

Can I have the keys?

On a scale of one to ten,

exactly how much
am I going to despise

this little plan of yours?

I'd say a solid 85.

Oh, good.

I don't care

if he turned into
a cloud of smoke.

Your job is to be
Elijah's shadow. All right?

Don't let him
out of your sight again.

I remember when you used
to bark orders at me like that.


Those were the salad
days, weren't they?

Come on in, Josh.
Have a drink.

Take a load off.

Tell me, how have I wronged you
this time?

Well, you said

that the Strix
were as good as gone

once we figured out
who was killing their guys.

Turns out I still need 'em.

Mm. And in
the meantime,

me and the rest
of your benchwarmers

are supposed to do... what?

Besides keep the bench warm?


But I've got
a better idea.

How's that saying go?
"If you can't beat 'em..."

(snaps fingers)

You want to join the Strix?

Not gonna happen.

But if it makes you

feel any better,

they're only staying
to protect Elijah.

So I guess they know
about the auction, then.

For the last existing
white oak bullet.

Wait. You mean your army
of fancy-pants vampires

didn't tell you
about this? Weird.

Though, that's the thing about
ancient vampires, isn't it?

They don't pay attention
to modern things,

unlike your friend here,
who minored in computer science

and wrote a paper
on the Dark Web.

Bottom line it for me,

I ran down some online rumors.

Turns out someone claiming
to have the white oak

is offering it up
to the highest bidder.


Could be a fake.

I wouldn't bet on it.

I had the white
oak bullet,

palm of my hands, and then
some ancient vampire lady,

she rang my bell to get it.

Now, I think old vampire,

I think you
and your new friends,

but it sounds like this one
ain't one of yours.

Ah, Freya.

Would you mind telling
your security team

that I'm a dear and beloved
friend of the family?

Well, that might be
overstating it.

For now, let's go with
"necessary acquaintance."

Hmm. Flattery will
get you everywhere.

What do you want,

Question isn't what
I want, it's whom.

See, I've known the Mikaelsons
for 1,000 years,

but you, Freya,
are a new variable

and I can't help
but find myself intrigued.

Don't tell me you haven't felt
the spark between us.

Uh... this really
isn't a good time.

Are you quite sure?

I saw him with my own eyes.

Finn must have come back
when Davina resurrected me.

The spell was tied to the blood
of the Mikaelson line.

Either it worked on him, or
he found a way to hijack it.

Either way, the only "how"
I care about right now

is how long I'm going to make
him suffer before I kill him.

Restraint, brother, for now.

Why? Finn is clearly
the one spreading rumors

about missing white oak.

He's luring Nik's enemies
out of the woodwork.

It's all part of his tedious
revenge fantasy.

You're wrong.

Those rumors began
before either of you returned.

Finn's innocent.


Pardon me, luv,
but Finn has tried to kill

the rest of us
more than once.

He's an enemy of our family.

He is our family.

Finn's return is
an opportunity

to mend old wounds
and fix what's broken.

He didn't just drop
a bloody vase!

He murdered me!

You seem certain.

Are you honestly
siding with her?

Time and again,
Finn has demonstrated

nothing but contempt towards
his family, so you tell me:

How can you be so certain

that he would return
to us in peace?

Our sister knows me well.

Though perhaps you're right
to doubt my intentions.

By all means,

let's discuss
our family quarrels.

I believe we're long overdue.

♪ Turned my life ♪

♪ Into this country song ♪

♪ I got nobody to blame... ♪

Well, I can see why you
wanted to come here.

I feel safer already.

We're closed.

You don't look closed.

We are for you.

Well, perhaps you failed
to notice the hat.

I'll take a bourbon.

Unless Hollis is still serving
that moonshine of his.

Well, I'll be damned.

I got this.

It's been a long time

since you danced on my bar,
Hayley Marshall.

HALEY: It's been a long time
since I danced on any bar.

(both chuckle)

I get in a different
kind of trouble these days.

Hollis, meet Hope.


Look at her.


City boy, huh?

Wouldn't have
guessed that.

Never underestimate

the allure of
indoor plumbing.

Hollis, this is Klaus.

He's my...
daughter's father.

It's a long story.

♪ With my old six string ♪

♪ Took all my good whiskey... ♪

We just...

need a place to lay low.

♪ And poured it
down the drain... ♪


You picked a pretty rough time
for us around here.

A lot of folks are giving up
on the pack altogether.

♪ I got nobody to blame
but me... ♪


for the reigning dart-throwing,

champ of Willoughby Lake?

I just wish there were
a few more people here

to give you a proper homecoming.


You guys settle in,
I'll pour the moonshine.

Baby drinks for free.

Looks like we got

a good news/bad news situation
on our hands.

Marcel, I simply
don't have time for this.

I got a bead on the bullet.

Whoever found it is offering
it up to the highest bidder.

Of which there are
more than a few.

This is your idea of good news?

The bad news is word spread.

The Strix are, uh, spooked.

And they're usually
such a laid-back bunch.

Well, with that bullet
out there,

half of them
want to bury you alive.

I can't blame them.

You die,

they die, too.

Tell them that the Mikaelson
compound is quite secure,

and with the addition
of their own forces,

absolutely impenetrable.

No one will leave here,
no one will enter.

Do you understand?

Maybe this will stop
their infernal bitching.

Giving me enough time
to win that auction.

Or kill the guy who does.

Godspeed, Marcellus.

KOL: Take a swing
at me, huh?

All these sidesteps and
parries-- even the way

you fight is boring.
It's an odd critique,

considering all
your flair and flourish

couldn't keep you
from being bested the last time

we faced each other.

Perhaps we should
let them fight.

After all, they can't
actually kill each other.

Behave yourselves.

Particularly considering
we'll be confined

here together
for the foreseeable future.

What does that mean?

I believe the term
is "staycation."

You see, Niklaus
isn't the only one

who's inspired
revenge fantasies.

Right now, we
are all at risk.

So... while
Marcel works

to retrieve the white oak,
I recommend

we dispense
with all of this posturing.

Get down to some good
old-fashioned family bonding.

♪ ♪

KLAUS: I'm quite sure this
glass hasn't been washed

in the past decade,
which makes it

the cleanest thing
in this establishment.

And you have hit

your complaint quota
for the day, congrats.

(phone rings)
You are officially the worst.

KLAUS: I seem
to remember you knocking

on my door to join
this little road trip.

No one had a gun
to your head.

What was it-- couldn't bear
to spend another day

giving Elijah the
mournful doe eyes?

(clears throat)

That is none of your business.

It's only my brother and
the mother of my daughter

in my house in--
oh, yes-- my city.

Weird. It's almost like
you're making this

all about you again.


If you're trying
to be discreet,

start by turning down
the volume on the lovers' spat.

Is everything okay?

Someone tried to rob the
Gas n' Save down by the highway.

Kayla was there.

I heard it went bad
for the bad guy.

Kayla McInnis.

Her first.

Wait, isn't she,

like, nine years old?


A girl I used to babysit for.

The last time I saw her,

she was playing with dolls.

Now she's killed someone

and triggered
her curse.

Where is she?

The cops let her go home.

Little trailer
down by the creek.

Where do you think
you're going?

Klaus, I remember
when I triggered my curse.

Now Kayla is going
through the same thing.

And that's your problem how?

I used to take care of Kayla
when her mom was drinking.

If ever she needed someone
to talk to, it's now.

In case you've forgotten, we're
supposed to be keeping a low

profile-- it's hardly the time
to go play youth counselor

to a bunch of
misguided wolves.

It's just down the road.
I hardly...

In fact, I think this
little experiment is over.

I hope you enjoyed
your trip down memory lane.

But my life,

our daughter's life,

takes precedence-- a fact
you've clearly failed to grasp.

From now on,
we do things my way.

Do we know this guy?

Random enemy of Klaus.

Elijah spotted him
in the St. James.

If he's here for the auction,
they must've sent him a login.

Check his texts and e-mails.

Uh, I got it.



That's her.

You are the lucky few,

chosen for your
extensive resources

and extreme prejudice
toward the Mikaelsons.

Whomever's bid proves
most alluring to my employer

will become the sole owner
of the last piece

of white oak in existence.

Opening bid is $5 million.

Shall we begin?


A fleet of oil tankers?

A dozen casinos
in Monaco?

Yeah, these guys
are not playing around.


Type "Aliquid sub sole."

It's Latin for "anything."

An infamous Strix rite.

It means the whole order pledges
to fulfill any one command.

You really think
that's gonna work?



(phone vibrating)


4:00, 318 Toulouse Street,

Suite 1.

All right.

Let's go get our prize.

I think they reacted
as well as can be expected.

Given your history.

I know you've had
your disagreements.



Such a quaint way
of describing it all.

So you are listening.

There can be no reconciliation
between me and my brothers.

You told me
that things would be different.

They already are.

Your presence here
has assured that.

Look, when I said
I wanted a change,

I think you've
misunderstood me.

I'd still rather die than be
part of this wretched family.

ELIJAH: Freya, would you excuse
us just a moment, please?

Believe my brother and I
have some catching up to do.

So tell me,

how was hell?

Is it warm this
time of year?

You always had a penchant
for idle chat.

Well, perhaps
we could discuss something

a little bit more constructive.

Do you intend to threaten me
into being a better brother?


Why are you here?

Could you believe me if
I told you I'd changed?

Have you?

And no.

All that time trapped alone
in Freya's pendant,

I was able to reflect

on what we've become
over a millennium.

I'm still sickened
by what you are.

But I'm done trying
to atone for past sins.

It is curious

the way you speak
as though you and I

are not the same.
We are not the same!

You see,
I still have a chance

at some small happiness.

And I'm gonna take it.

My proposal is simple.

Allow Freya to put me
back in a witch's body.

Let the two of us go,
and I promise

never to look back again.

Congratulations, Mr...?


Aldus Charlamaigne.

And the pleasure

is all mine.


Joshua, isn't it?

Tell Marcel Gerard
he cannot stop the inevitable.

I answer to someone
who wants

the Mikaelsons to pay
for their sins.

And so they will pay.

In the meantime, make it hurt.


Always a good girl.

Let's get out of here,
shall we?


There is a scared kid out
there, and I can't just

turn my back on her.
And tragic as that may be,

it's not my problem;
neither is it yours.

Get in the car.

We're leaving.

We're not going anywhere.

And I suppose
you're going to stop me?

Perhaps you'll get
Cletus and your other

friends to help?

Those friends of mine
are helping us, Klaus.

No questions asked.

Despite the fact they have
problems of their own.

And all you have done
is insult them.

You don't get it,
do you?

This is the exact reason
why we're here.

Maybe if you hadn't
been a dick to--

I don't know--

then we wouldn't
even be on the run.

I have always done
what I needed to do

to protect our family
from numerous enemies.

I make no apologies
for my methods.

Do you even
hear yourself, Klaus?

You're incapable
of even pretending

to be a good person.

And you can justify it
all you want with

strategy and us versus them,
but at the end of the day,

the enemies that you have
are the ones that you made.

Is that what you want
for your daughter?

Is that how you want her
to see the world?

I'm not just gonna stand back

and let you raise her
to be just like you, Klaus.

If it's your impulse

to trust in the kindness of
those outside the family,

all the more reason
you need my protection.

I am gonna go speak to that
girl, because she needs my help.

You're gonna stay here
and shut up!

I've earned at least that.

Hayley, listen to me!

There is a very good chance

that one day our daughter
will be dealing

with the same thing that
Kayla is dealing with.

And if that day comes,
I hope that someone

makes it their business
to help her, too.

Being kind doesn't
make you weak, Klaus.

KOL: Elijah's just
going to go for it.

Uh, let Finn steal a body
and start a new life.

You need to calm down.


You know,

I've never been in a guy's
actual bedroom before.

Are you even
listening to me?

I am.

But you raging about Finn
when you're stuck in here

and can't do anything about
it isn't going to help.

What you need

is something
to take your mind off it.

It won't work.

Is that a challenge?

I just want Finn to suffer
for what he did to me.

For what he did to us.

He will.

I promise.

(both panting)

(heart beating faintly)


Don't you guys know
bullies never win?

Cutting it a little close on the
rescue there, aren't we, boys?

Had to give you enough time
to do your thing. So...

did you?

Oh, yeah.

She's gonna have one heck
of a dry cleaning bill.

You're sure you can track her
using his blood?

(chanting a spell)

You'll be pleased to know things
are going just as you said.

Sorry, road's closed.

About to get a second
line through here.

Hold tight.

(window rolls up)

You're certain?

Then of course,
consider it done.

(knocking on window)

MARCEL: I don't think
we've met yet.

The name's Marcel Gerard.

Free piece of advice.

Know when you're

I don't get paid enough to die.

The person who pays you
got a name?

All right, then.

I have a feeling
we can jog your memory.

You don't understand.

If I give you his name,
I'm as good as dead.

And now that you've gotten
in his way...

so are you.

♪ ♪

All right, Finn.

Let's see how you like
a taste of your own medicine.

ELIJAH: Whatever it is
you're planning, don't.

He cursed me to die, Elijah.


In front of her.

If nothing else,
I owe him for that.


And perhaps the best revenge
is simply

to expel him from
our lives altogether.


He doesn't get to live
happily ever after.

I haven't made
my final decision.

I only ask you stay your hand.

That's not
your decision to make!

Control yourself.


Unless you can't.

It's worse than I remember.

The rage.

The hunger.

I'd like to blame
my anger on Finn,

but it's been growing worse
since I came back.

I never did learn
how to keep it in check.

I never really cared to.

But now you do.

I couldn't live with myself
if I hurt Davina.

But hurting the ones we love,
whether we mean to or not,

that's just what we do.

Isn't it?

♪ This heart lay down... ♪

It is who we are.

♪ On the ground ♪

♪ Faint glimmer ♪

♪ Once steady ♪

♪ Where are you now? ♪

♪ Someone tell me
how to feel... ♪


♪ What is real ♪

♪ And someone tell me
how to feel... ♪

I am so sorry, kiddo.

♪ Someone tell me... ♪

I heard there's not
much of a pack left,

so I thought you might
need someone to talk to.

♪ Oh... ♪

But here's the thing that
you need to remember

as you deal with
all of this.

You are a lot tougher
than you think you are.

And no matter
how awful you feel,

you're not alone.

♪ So slowly ♪

♪ My feet can't
carry me now... ♪

Come on.

There's someplace
I want you to see.

♪ Sweet glimmer of hope ♪

♪ Where are you? ♪

FINN: If you're
searching for Kol,

just follow the screams
of the innocent.

You'll find him close by.

Actually, I was looking for you.

Poor naive child.

You don't know it yet, but
you're on the wrong side.

Did my brother ever tell you
about the Novice Dulcina?

You remind me of her.

Innocent girl,
beautiful voice.

She promised herself to God,

till Kol caught sight
and found her pretty.

Within days, she'd broken
her vows of obedience

and chastity.

Within a week, she was dead.

He'd grown bored.

I don't believe you.

I think you do.

It doesn't matter.

Kol's changed.

But you're still the monster
you've always been.


(chanting a spell)


Hear you're looking
to steal the body

of some unsuspecting witch.



What have you done to me?!

Get comfy, Finn.

I just locked you in that body
that you hate so much.

You're stuck

as a vampire for the rest
of your pathetic life.





Kol, stop.


This isn't your fight.

I told you to stay your hand.


I'd rather take my chances
out there with white oak

than stay here with you lot.


He'll be fine.

Marcel has paid
us a visit.

The last remaining
white oak in the world.

Right here.

Sister, if you would be so kind.



Little witch has condemned me.

To this.

To remain a beast.


I can't bear an eternity
with no hope of escape.

Can you?

♪ How can this happen?
How can this be? ♪

♪ There is no ending,
there is no peace ♪

♪ The darkness is so close ♪

♪ The light so quickly goes ♪

♪ And now it's all gone ♪

♪ Now it's all gone... ♪

What is this place?

The pack used to come here

when someone triggered
their curse.

Not to ask for forgiveness,

to accept what they had done.

To honor the dead
in order to move on.

♪ How'd it come to this? ♪

♪ How'd it come to this... ♪

I don't even know his name.

♪ How'd it come to this? ♪


This was his.

I have an old friend
at the sheriff's department.

He used to get me out of trouble
back in the day.

I called in a favor.

♪ Do you feel the pain... ♪

Look, the turning
is gonna hurt,

and your first full moon
is gonna be a real bitch.

But like I said, you're tough;
you can handle it.

You'll never forget
what happened, but... can't let the past
define who you are.

♪ Ooh, oh ♪

♪ Darkness keeps its grip ♪

♪ Ooh, oh ♪

♪ How'd it come to this? ♪

♪ How'd it come
to this? ♪

♪ How'd it come to this? ♪

Finn, give it to me.

Give it to me.

Come on, then.

After all this time,

go on and destroy it.

Elijah, forever is a burden
that nobody should have to bear.

You cannot keep that white oak
in this house, Elijah.

It is already a beacon
drawing your enemies to you.

Perhaps the best solution
is obvious.

Entrust it to the one
who loves each of you most.

I can cloak myself.

If it has to exist,
at least I can take it far away.

Hide it under a thousand spells,

somewhere where no one else
will ever find it.

Until the day comes when...'re ready for release.

♪ ♪

Man, I really thought
asking nicely

would totally do the trick.

Now, your boss is jonesing real
bad for some Mikaelson blood,

and I just want to know
who he is.

Ain't no need for this
to get nasty.

You poor fools.

I let you take that bullet.

He wanted you to have it.



(wind whistling)




I understand.

(neck snaps)

The ancestors...

(laughs softly)

...they don't want me
to kill you.

They want me to help you.

They want me
to help him.

And may God have mercy
on us all.

Where's Hope?

With Hollis.

You trust him,

I trust you.

Baby steps,

as it were.

Seems I owe you an apology,

little wolf.

I've given you a thousand
reasons to abandon me,

but you haven't yet.

So... thank you,

for my sake

and for our daughter's.

Perhaps you're right.


it is time

to start living
not by my decisions,

not by yours, but by
what we together decide.


For Hope.

What's wrong?

This was no random attack.

These wolves aren't
just disappearing.

They're being hunted.

You think I should've burned it,
don't you?

It's your call, not mine.

I sure as hell don't
envy you though.

I think the phrase
"sibling rivalry"

is about to take on
a whole new meaning.

I can handle my brothers.


The rest is gravy, right?

We'll get a name out of
our new lady friend soon enough.

And without a weapon, all the
rest of the revenge seekers

are just a bunch
of buzzing flies.


Did it not seem... too easy?


Maybe I'm just that good.

(clicks tongue)

(phone vibrating)

(phone beeps)

We got the white oak.

Time to come home.

Well, at least one of us
has something good to report.

Because Hayley and I
have just made

a rather unsettling discovery.

Seems our friends
at Kingmaker Land Development

are still targeting wolves.

What we don't know is why.

This whole time,

we've been so consumed
with everything out there.

This auction,
this swarm of old enemies--

what if it was
all a distraction?

Niklaus, I'm beginning to fear
that the real threat

has been in front of us
all along.



Something wrong?

Very much.

♪ ♪

Hello, luv.



A Mikaelson witch,
a white oak bullet.

Throw in a dash of wolf venom
and a case of champagne,

and I'd say we have a recipe
for some real fun.