The Originals (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 15 - An Old Friend Calls - full transcript

When Klaus learns the Cortez arrival to vendetta against him, Klaus finds himself dealing with the new threat. Meanwhile, Cortez begins threatening the lives of innocent residents, Vincent ...

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Previously on The Originals...

FREYA: If this prophecy
is fulfilled,

you will all fall,

one by friend,

one by foe, and one

by a family.

Till death do us part.

My husband died...

...because he loved me.

Davina is in over her head,
and Aya knows this.

She will let Davina
desire both brothers,

then test the spell's success
by firing a white oak bullet

into Klaus's heart.

My sire line is broken.

Please, Nik, just kill me!

Behinds walls
is where you belong.

Just know,

it was I

who took everything from you.

What's wrong with me?

You hemorrhaged an enormous
amount of mystical energy--

enough to create
a nexus vorti.

Where did the energy go?

The blood of two brothers,

the ash of their dead.


I never doubted you
for a second, Davina Claire.

You collect trophies

from all your victims?

Letters to their loved ones,
to be specific.

It was a phase.

A phase in which we were forced

to learn a different kind
of stealth.

You see, over time,
Niklaus's enemies grew

so numerous, we
had no choice

but to artfully withdraw
from the world.

And then...

Well, I wouldn't
exactly describe

our presence in this city
as discreet,

wouldn't you agree, Niklaus?

We all saw

the white oak destroyed.

Plus, this city

was crawling with vampires,
all of whom had no choice

but to shield me
from potential foes.

Were I to die,
they would die, too.

I couldn't have been more safe.

And now my sire link is undone,

and those very foes

will come for me
like never before.

It's only been a few days
since the link was broken.

Must you jump into
crippling paranoia already?

It's a default setting.

And with good reason.

Well, Niklaus, if it offers
you any solace whatsoever,

we've ransacked
Aya's belongings,

torched Aurora's hunting ground,

and obliterated every last
splinter of the white oak.

I would be mad
to believe that.

Perhaps you should see
a therapist.

Every last splinter?

You're sure?



Come on, now, defense.

Keep your hands up.

I'm at least a foot taller
than Aurora.

Not that that'll stop her
from kicking my ass!


I thought Klaus
took care of her.

According to Hayley,
he said he condemned her

to a fate worse than death.

Translation: not dead.

Which means,
sooner or later,

I'm screwed.

She turned me, thinking it would
make Klaus run back to her arms.

It didn't,
so once she gets out,

wherever she is,
ripping my heart out

will be number one
on her to-do list!

Whoa there.


I figured he'd rip her head off.

He didn't.

So are you scared
that she's gonna come for you

or that there's a reason
that Klaus didn't kill her?

Or we can not talk

and keep hitting things.

KLAUS: I'd prefer
we use our words.

I have a few matters
I wish to discuss with Camille.

Matters of a
personal nature.

To be discussed

within appropriate
professional boundaries,

of course.

Shall we?



You've been asleep
for three days.

Regenerating from ash
takes a lot out of a man.


You have no idea how badly
I want to kiss you right now.

So what's stopping you?

Well, I can
take the heat...

(grunts softly)


...if it means I
get to kiss you,

but letting the church burn down

to ashes may be considered

But y-you were a witch.

The spell you used
brought me back as I was

when I died in this body.

Kol, I've heard the stories.

When you were a vampire,
you were...

A psychotic maniac.

But I didn't have you.

You're worth being good for.

I promise you can trust me.

At the risk of
sounding too forward,

I need you to put a
ring on this finger.

(chuckles softly)

A family reunion
is in order.

Kol, about your family...

I'm pretty sure
Klaus wants me dead.



(bottles clinking)

O-negative and tequila.

For when you wake up
all kinds of wrong.

Looks like I missed
one hell of a party.

At my loft.

It's not every night
you get to celebrate

having your supernatural link
to a murderous psycho

broken by a blood spell.

He said without irony.
Yeah, well, it wasn't

a party at Strix HQ.

We might be free of Klaus,

but they are still
linked to Elijah.

How long do we have
to care about the Strix?

You've played
undercover leader.

Why can't you just Pied Piper
them the hell out of town?

The Strix are thinning out.

It is back
to NOLA business as usual.

I'm afraid our plans to
vacate have been put on hold.

Three of our upper-level
circle are missing,

including Fukuda,
Bailey and Flynn.

In the wake of Aya's death,
you can understand our concern,

though you don't
seem to share it.

Tell me.

How do the Strix punish

insubordination, hmm?

Or should we check the charter?

All right, then, let's go see if
we can find our missing friends.

Thought you were
in the bayou.


I just came home to feed Hope,
put her down for a nap.

I'm heading back out soon.


What is this?


I just got caught
on a thorn.

You've been spending a lot of
time with the Crescents lately.

Oh, they need me,
ever since Jackson...

Do you need something, Elijah?

I came to check on Hope.

Niklaus is a little overwhelmed
with everything.

Well, maybe he's right
in being paranoid.

Seems like every time we
pause to catch our breath,

someone ends up dead.

She'll be asleep
for another hour.

Do you mind?
Of course not.

Thank you.

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh... ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
(bell clanging)

♪ Oh, oh, oh... ♪

You can't prove all of the
white oak was destroyed,

and you can't live
in fear of something

that might not
even be there.

I despise feeling so helpless.

A few decades ago,

in the midst
of his incessant pursuit of me,

Mikael disappeared
without a trace.

No witch could locate him.

Of course, I lived as though
he lurked around every corner,

until one day,
I, too, disappeared.

Just cut all ties and vanished.

And Elijah?

I told him I disposed
of our siblings' bodies.

To call it an estrangement would
be a bit of an understatement.

But you don't want
to be that man again.

I have more to lose now.

I can't be
your therapist anymore.

Are you afraid
vampirism makes you less astute?

Because, honestly...

I can't counsel you
to let go of your paranoia

when I have issues of my own.

You left Aurora alive.

She compelled me to slit
my throat, and you let her live.

In unending torment.

Camille, you are the reason

I will not grant her the mercy
of a quick death!

She has to suffer

for what she stole from you.

I'm okay with who I am now,

I think you're more concerned
about what she stole from you.


It was him.
It was Gaspar Cortez.

I assume this is someone
from your box of letters.

The youngest son
of a particularly vile family

of warlords I dealt with
in the 17th century.

Didn't they burn that Philistine
pigsty into the ground?


Belaga was my favorite
artist retreat.

Someone had to pay
for that, so I murdered

Gaspar's brute of a father.

And one or two...

...five of his
bloodthirsty brothers.

Don't forget the mistress.
That was an accident!

The point is
that Gaspar was but a footnote.

Until he became a vampire,
hell-bent on hunting me.

Thank you.

See to it my friends
are taken care of, won't you?

He's a cunning deviant, known
to compel hoards of the helpless

to aid him with his tasks.

You see, this is exactly
what I was concerned about.

Devils of all kinds,

crawling out of their crevices
to strike at me.

(footsteps approaching)

Speaking of which.


Rather foolish of you
to come here alone.

She didn't come alone, brother.

KOL: Now, Nik, I mean,
you did go after my girl.

It can't be.
It's Kol.

When I broke
your sire link,

it created a surge of power.

You stole the nexus vorti.

And brought your brother
back from the dead.

You should be
thanking her, really.

(chuckles softly)

Hello, Elijah.

You haven't aged a day.

And you.



older sister.

Speaking of twists and
turns in our family tree,

where might Rebekah be?

That's a long story.

And one reserved
for family.

Davina can see herself out.
Uh, are you...?

As per usual, our family faces
a multitude of threats.

The sooner you become acquainted
with them, the better.

I won't have you distracted.
By Davina?

You know, if you could only
pull your head out of your...


It's okay. I'll go.



You can make it up to me.

And I will.

Dust off that fancy dress.

'Cause tonight
we're going dancing.


(playing gentle melody)

I'd offer you a drink, but
I see you helped yourself.

I'll leave a generous tip.

A favor.

I need to make
absolutely certain

that not a splinter
of that white oak remains.

Get your best men on it.

That's not gonna happen.
My best men--

Fukuda, Bailey-- M.I.A.,
as of three hours ago.

And I get the impression
that ordering the Strix to do

anything other than
find their missing men

would be, uh, very
bad for my health.

It's very bad
for everyone's health.

Do you have any leads?

Mm, the city's full of people
who want the Strix out.

For good reason.

Bring them the head
of the culprit

before they burn this city
into the ground.


Are you Vincent


I've been looking for you.


Who gave you this?

Look, man, I ain't going
with you nowhere

until you tell me
what this is all about.



Well, isn't this
the welcome home.

Already at the mercy of Niklaus,
and just in time

to help the rest of us
clean up his mess.

Do you miss being dead yet?

Keep up your ceaseless whining,

and I'm sure he will.


I compelled the housekeeper.

Next time, a blood bag
will be fine.

I'm meant to be
off the fresh stuff.

Attempting to be a better man
for your girlfriend?

I'd rather be
with that girlfriend,

but since your enemies
have returned seeking vengeance,

I suppose they ought
to be murdered.

So remind me,
who is this Cortez?

His family decimated Belaga.

Ugh! Belaga.
That place was hideous.

Thank you, Kol.

No taste.

Either of you.

All right, calm down.

I know exactly
how to find your enemies.

As long as our new sister
doesn't chafe at me

for teaching her a quick spell.

Mind if I burn these?

(trumpet playing
lively jazz music)


I prefer utter silence
when I eat.

Helps me to think.

And I think you must be
Vincent Griffith...

Regent of New Orleans.

And you must
be the psycho

who compelled somebody
to die in my arms.

See, that sort of thing
ain't gonna fly in my city.

I'm really gonna enjoy
killing you.


I knew you'd be difficult.

That's why I compelled these men
to murder their fellow patrons.

You can see how this could
become a bloodbath, yes?


What do you want?

I'm looking for something
that was lost in this city,

and I bet your witch ancestors
know where it is.

Since you are the Regent,

you're gonna ask them
to find it for me.

No one saw her taken?
Go to all their hotels,

grab their things.

No one travels alone!

FYI, there's a girl still asleep
on your bathroom floor.

Couldn't bring myself to wake
her; she looks so peaceful.

Josh, another Strix
member has gone missing,

and I need a favor
from Davina.

Now, I'm not exactly her
favorite person right now, so...

Is it a favor for you
or the Strix?

It's not that simple.

Look, I know you had
your reasons for joining,

but, no offense,
I'm starting to think

you're not undercover anymore.

Kind of feels like
you're just... in it.

Well, once you're in,
the only way out of the Strix

is to die,
so I can't just walk away.

You gonna help me or not?

For the record,
I'm only doing

the locator spell
because you asked.

Look, I know
Marcel's been

a total absentee
dad lately, but...

he always comes
through in the end.

I hope.


Hot date tonight?

If he shows up.

Kol spent the day
with his family.

He's a vampire again.

An original vampire.

I think when he was dead,
it was easy to forget

that he was a Mikaelson, but...

watching him and the way
he fits in with all of them,

it's... it's pretty weird.

Well, hey, if I learned anything
in the last year,

doesn't matter what he is,
it only matters who he is.

So... who is he?


I'm still figuring that out.

(chanting in foreign language)


good news is
I found Marcel's friends.

The bad news is they're dead.

KOL: Mixing the ashes of these
letters with your blood, Nik,

will show us
where your enemies are.

With feeling now.

(chanting in foreign language)

(chanting continues)

Behold your
greatest hits, Klaus.

All over the world.

But only one is here.

Which means the legion of
enemies you were worried about

is an army of one.



What the...?

Disturbing him would end
very badly for everyone here.

I take it you're the guy
behind the mess at the gym.

You're a vampire.

Well, maybe
I can't compel you,

but I have other ways
to make you do what I want.

Those men don't want
to kill their friends.

If you behave,
they won't have to.


Leave her out of this.

I'll gladly release you both

once you find
what I'm looking for.

I will find you
the white oak, man.

Just leave her alone.


I assure you,
this is your Gaspar Cortez.

(phone vibrates)




Did you see the white oak?
Aurpra hid it

The ancestors
aren't saying where.

But it exists.

Look, man,

they are not going to help you.

Ask them again.

This time, I strongly suggest
you don't take no for an answer.


L'objet que perdu

est petis in civitate...

Went to the
wrong Dumpster.

Of course,
I have nothing better to do.

Davina found
our missing Strix.

Wolf bites.

They were tortured
and then torn apart.


Jackson was killed just around
the corner from here.

The Strix are still gonna want
the head of whoever did this.

Burn the bodies.

(panting, groaning)


What do you think you're doing?


L'objet perdu que petis

est in civitate,
in qua non dico.

L'objet que petis
in civitate...

L'objet que...


You're not gonna get
what you want if he's dead.

Shut up. Vincent,
I grow impatient.

Where is the white oak?



Welcome to New Orleans.

Long time no see.

You've come all this way.
You must be tired.

Please, allow me the courtesy
of putting you to rest.


Make a move,

and everyone here will die.



you can wait for us all to learn

the whereabouts
of the white oak.

Choice is yours.

Either way, I win.

So here's how this works.

Everyone lives...

...once you let me leave.

So you expect me
to let you live,

knowing you seek white oak?

It's a shame how some vampires
grow so dim with age.

Killing you will be a mercy.

Kill me, and this quaint eatery

turns into
a slaughterhouse,

shining a light

on your town's
more repulsive activities.

You know...

...I really liked Belaga.



(Cortez gasping)

No. No, he
was innocent!

You'll be okay.

Just drink this.

It won't help.

Come on.


(Cortez grunting)

(door closes)







This has to stop!

Why are you defending
these people, Elijah?

Oh, that's right,
because they're

the only ones that can
protect you from the white oak.

Well, guess what,
I don't need their protection.

This is a list.

Of all the Strix who took
down me and my husband.

The ones responsible

for his execution, which
I was forced to watch.

The Strix will consider this
as an act of war, Hayley.

Now, I beseech you
to think of your daughter.

Do not use Hope in an attempt
to tame me, Elijah.

Now, I have taken
risks for you.

It is about time that
I do right by Jackson.

I'm sorry
if that inconveniences you.

I appreciate your patience.

Now that your victims have gone,

compelled by me to remember
nothing of this night,

you and I can take our time
catching up.


So before I end you,

I just have one

teensy little question.


How did you know
about the white oak?

There's no shortage of vampires
who loathe you.

Over the years, we've found ways
of staying connected.

The world evolved,
and those connections

became simpler...


and instantaneous.

It started as a rumor
on a private message board.

Now I've confirmed

the truth for everyone.

So go ahead.

Kill me.

But I will die
filled with joy.


Your sired are coming, Niklaus.

It never stops.


They will destroy
everything you love.

And then they will use
the white oak to kill you.

And at last,

you will get the
retribution you deserve.


(body thuds)

So this might only be a fraction
of your potential enemies.

In hindsight,

could've been nicer to people.

Or at least left
fewer survivors.

KLAUS: We don't know
all their motivations.

Half of these people could want
to put the bullet in your heart,

end the sire war
with the pull of a trigger.

I have an army devoted
to keeping me alive.

The only people that
care to protect you

are standing in
this very room.

As you well know, Niklaus,
there is another way.

You're going to run?

There was a time
when the name Klaus Mikaelson

was little more than a rumor.

A shadowy figure
who cast fear

into the very bones of any
who heard whisper of him.

I don't run,


I disappear.

And tonight,
the three of you

are going to make that possible.

Gaspar Cortez.

From Klaus's line.

We crossed him once,

in the early days
of the sire line war.

Clearly, the truce between the
two lines has come to an end.

before I got to him, there were

a few more Strix casualties.



(bones crack)

Cortez burned the bodies.

But he got his,

and he won't be bothering
your sire line anymore.

So go on, make this
the centerpiece for the wake.

But before we mourn,
just remember

that this guy wasn't the
only one with an ax to grind.

All right,
rumor has it,

vampires are coming in
from all over,

looking for the last
of the white oak.

So, we want to protect
your sire line, we need to know.

This ain't over.

It is just getting started.

♪ ♪

We'll just get Nik
to bleed into that chalice.

Add some oleander
and a spotted owl feather,

I'll give you the incantation,
and we'll be good.


You created this spell?

Well, there's no witchcraft
on this planet

that I haven't studied.

But we both know
you're well aware of that.



♪ If I fall... ♪

You and I met
a century ago, didn't we?

You were the only witch
in town

I couldn't charm
into doing my bidding.

Honestly, I just figured
you fancied the ladies.


Oh, because
that's the only reason

a woman wouldn't swoon for you?

Well, either that,

or you're my long-lost,
not-so-dead older sister.

I'm glad you're back.

You should know,
Rebekah kept her promise

to fight for you,

before the curse.

I suppose we're all lucky
Davina never gave up on you.

♪ Where have you gone... ♪

She did right by me, didn't she?

And I have to do right by her.

You mind
if I write the spell down?

♪ I just need to know... ♪

There's somewhere I ought to be.

♪ Won't forget about me ♪

♪ Where have you gone... ♪

Is Cortez dead?


I know you're not pleased
about the innocent lives lost.

I'm sorry you
had to see that.

I get it.

Three lives taken to spare 30.

I've seen you kill
before, Klaus.

Did you expect me
to just fall apart?

I'm not that girl anymore.

This morning, you said

that Aurora stole something
from me; you were right.

Aurora turned you because,

in her twisted little
maze of a mind,

she believed my affections
for you would grow cold.

She was wrong.

She wasn't wrong.

♪ Where have you gone... ♪

Your feelings may not
have changed, but mine have.

♪ How, how, how... ♪

I've been lying to myself,
trying to hold on.

But the part of me that

loved you,
the part of me that hoped

for your redemption--

that part was human.

And it's gone.

I'm sorry.

♪ How, how, how, how? ♪

♪ How, how, how, how? ♪

♪ How? ♪

♪ ♪

Everything okay
with your family?

Course not.

Don't they need you?


But for the moment,
they'll be fine.

And in the meantime,

I prefer to be here with you.

I love you, Elijah.

I always have
loved you.

And Jackson knew that.

And he died loving me,
despite it.

And now every time
I look at you,

it's like he's right there
and I'm...

hurting him
all over again.

He died because of me.


out of respect
for him...

...I have to let you go.


Well, that seems like
the right thing to do.

You know, I tried
that myself.

Didn't work.

(music playing faintly)

(music playing clearly)

You taught me that.

I will miss the magic.

♪ Every day... ♪

But tonight,

I'm just happy
to be back.

♪ Is just for you ♪

♪ It was love at first sight ♪

♪ I couldn't bear it
one more night ♪

♪ Without you... ♪

Can you control it?

The hunger?

I can control it.

And it wasn't the magic
that made me better, Davina.

It was you.

♪ Heaven only knows
how much I care... ♪

And as for the magic,

if you ever get the urge...

there are other ways.

You don't have to do magic
to feel it.

♪ You know that
I'll always be there ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ Oh ♪

(zipper unzipping)

♪ For you ♪

♪ For you, for you ♪

♪ For you... ♪

Davina Claire.

You are the best thing
about being alive.

♪ For you. ♪

You ain't mean what you said
to him, so why'd you say it?

Klaus kills people all the time.

For rational reasons,
irrational ones.

He knows what happens
when enemies

are left to fester
in their hatred.

Today proved that.

But he couldn't kill Aurora.

You think he still loves her.

I don't know.

I used to think he could protect
me from anyone until her.

Okay, look,
you're a survivor.

You can protect yourself.

Well, I'm going to have to.

If history's
taught us anything,

Aurora will be back.

She'll get out.

And she'll come for me.

And when she does,
I can't be wondering

who Klaus loves or doesn't love.

I can't be worried about
whether he's going to protect me

or kill her.

If I don't want to be
another victim,

I have to kill her myself.

I'll see you
tomorrow, Vincent.

(faint whispering)


(whispering continues)

(whispering fades)

Is it done?

Yes. And now any witch
who does a locator spell

will believe you're
right here in New Orleans.

You know,
for all of his mischief,

Kol truly is
a master of his craft.

Yes, well, drawing
trouble is his forte.

You'll thank him for me.

Don't stop driving
till you're absolutely certain

that you are safe.

You don't have to remind me
how precious my cargo is.

♪ Undo this storm... ♪

Keep him line,
would you, sister?

♪ Undo this storm ♪

♪ And wait ♪

♪ I can't control ♪

♪ Withering wonders ♪

♪ Flowers that lose ♪

♪ Their shape ♪

♪ I lie awake and watch it all ♪

♪ It feels like thousand eyes ♪

♪ I lie awake and watch it all ♪

♪ It feels like thousand eyes ♪

♪ I'll be a stone ♪

♪ I'll be the hunter... ♪

I trust you've said
your good-byes.

Something like that.

We may be gone
for quite some time.

It's worth it
to keep Hope from what's coming.

Besides, there's nothing
here for me anymore.

Well, then...

perhaps we have more in
common than we thought.

♪ I lie awake and watch it all ♪

♪ It feels like thousand eyes ♪

♪ I lie awake
and watch it all... ♪

It's going to be quiet
around here.

I wouldn't bet on it.

♪ ♪

(woman grunting, moaning)


There was never any hope
for you, brother.

No self-control.


♪ I am the storm, so wait. ♪